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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Passions made its debut. Ethan Crane and Gwen Hotchkiss awoke after spending the night on the beach at Dune Point, making love, but the local police soon interrupted their happiness. In Paris, Sheridan Crane prayed in church for the chance to live in happiness. Grace was troubled by an angelic childlike figure who warned her about nearby trouble. Theresa told Whitney she had plans to marry Harmony's most eligible bachelor -- even though they had yet to meet. Tabitha materialized in the Bennetts' garden after sensing danger ahead. Gwen encouraged a reluctant Ethan to get out and start meeting the "ordinary" people of Harmony instead of hiding in his family's ivory tower. Theresa leaned against a ladder and accidentally spilled paint all over Ethan's head; however, she didn't know that it was Ethan. Sheridan's car crashed in the same tunnel where Princess Diana had died. Alone in the bedroom, the slumbering Grace was suddenly levitated into the air and whisked out the window.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Sheridan insisted on leaving the hospital to rejoin the love of her life. Tabitha presented "Timmy" to Grace. Luis forced Theresa to get a job at the Burger Hut. Ethan mixed with the local people at the carnival, and there was an accident. Tabitha set up a fortune-teller stand. Charity begged her mother to allow them to stay in one place for a change. Sheridan was elated that Jean-Luc asked her to marry him, unaware that he had another woman in his life. The little girl appeared to tell Grace that it was time "she's coming." Jean-Luc's partner in crime gave him a warning.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Sheridan was unaware of danger from Jean-Luc. Gwen got a proposal. Eve and T.C. worried about their pasts. Julian and Suzanne narrowly missed being discovered, but later they were, and gunshots rang out. Faith went to the carnival and just barely missed running into Grace. Miguel met Charity, and it was love at first sight.
July 26 to 30, 1999
Kay was determined to win Miguel's heart. Roger was not convinced that Sheridan had been killed in the car bomb. Tabitha and Timmy put Charity's life in danger. Theresa got a job offer. Miguel waited for his mystery date, as did Reese.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Tabitha created a strong wind to keep Grace and Faith from meeting. Sheridan barely escaped from Pierre and Roger in Paris. In Harmony, she was stopped for speeding and tried to run away. Tabitha and Timmy tried to kill Charity. Julian and Ivy fought. Gwen had regrets about turning Ethan down. Kay discovered that her date wasn't with Miguel but with Reese.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Theresa found a way to keep her job with Ivy Crane while avoiding Ethan. Ethan hired Frank, a P.I., to find the stalker. Charity returned to Harmony to see Miguel. Eve worried that T.C. might be pushing Whitney too hard as far as her tennis was concerned. Sheridan was haunted by unpleasant memories.
August 16 to 20, 1999
There was a large party to celebrate Pilar's birthday. Ethan and Sheridan, unaware of the party, decided to drop by with gifts. Luis and Sheridan did a sexy tango. Tabitha crashed the party and unplugged the clock, making Charity late for her bus. Faith called Grace, looking for Charity, and had a nice conversation with Grace. The next day, it seemed that Sheridan and Luis had reached an understanding, but both of them received information that changed their minds. Theresa gave Frank some information. Sheridan's sentence was handed down.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Ethan called an end to the search for the stalker. Frank was disappointed and vowed to search until he found the stalker. Grace and Faith talked via the Internet; Faith said that evil was stalking their family. Kay vowed to keep Charity from meeting Grace. Ethan told Gwen that it wasn't the time for marrying. Hank asked Sheridan out on a date.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Sam and Grace desperately searched for Charity, hoping to find the truth about Grace's past. To Kay's dismay, Simone told where Charity was. Grace prayed at the church, and the angel statute came to life. Miguel dropped Charity off, hoping to see her mom, but Faith told Charity to send him away. Tabitha talked to the evil forces in the basement while Timmy looked on. The evil forces threatened to take Tabitha's powers away. Sam managed to find Faith's phone number. Grace and Faith shared a phone conversation. Grace and Faith finally talked face-to-face over the computer. Frank Lomax refused to give up on the stalker case. Theresa once again dodged him when Whitney caused a distraction. Sheridan continued to have horrible flashbacks of her childhood. Hank passed Ethan's test. Luis and Beth shared the same reservations with Hank and Sheridan. Luis rescued Sheridan from a magic act but got no thanks in return. Timmy was horrified when a bracelet-wearing German shepherd emerged from the basement.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Frank went after Whitney, knowing that she was the weak link in the Whitney/Theresa alliance. Theresa and Ethan shared an intimate moment. Grace told the priest about the "angel." He gave her a dire warning. Charity's life was in danger while she dreamed of Miguel. Tabitha and Faith fought. The house was aflame. Kay sneaked in Miguel's bedroom window, wearing sexy lingerie, but she was caught.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Father Lonigan stopped Tabitha on her way to Faith's and threw holy water on her, draining her of her powers. Miguel went into the burning house and saved Charity, who had passed out from a falling beam. Faith could not be found. Sheridan wished to leave Harmony. Luis was determined to discover what Sheridan was hiding. Frank learned who the stalker was and was on his way to the Crane mansion.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Ethan learned who his stalker was but refused to press charges. Frank was angry that he had to add a lost case to his perfect solving record, and he took it out on Whitney. Tabitha tried to murder Charity. Charity woke up, but she couldn't remember Miguel. Kay was afraid Charity would remember Miguel, so she had a plan that she put into motion. Sheridan and Luis continued their battle, with Sheridan winning one round. Chad Harris, an angry young musician from the big city, was introduced
September 27 to October 1, 1999
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Kay was still out to win Miguel away from bedridden cousin Charity. Charity had amnesia but had become afraid of Miguel thanks to Kay's subliminal messages. Kay and Simone had invited the men in their lives over to Simone's house for dinner. Simone was infatuated with the new Chad Harris, fresh in from L.A. Simone sold him her father's leather jacket for only five dollars and was helping him look for family ties to Harmony. Chad and Whitney got off to a bad start after he knocked her down and tore her new pants. She couldn't believe that her younger sister thought Chad was so hot. Ivy had invited the Bennetts and the Russells over for dinner. Ivy was up to something and was thinking of her old flame, Sam Bennett. Grace had no idea that Ivy and her husband had once been involved with each other. She was very excited to be going to the Crane Mansion for dinner with her husband and friends. Sam and T.C., along with Eve, were not, however, so thrilled. Sheridan had hired a pro ball player to teach her to play basketball to beat Luis on a bet. She did, and the two of them almost made up for the past between them when Luis delivered her a trophy he had engraved for her to celebrate her victory. When he saw her speaking to the pro ball player, he went off, and they butted heads once again. Hank tried to keep peace between these two, but soon saw he was fighting a losing battle. Theresa had won her battle over the stalking matter, and she and Ethan were becoming fast friends. Gwen was not amused at Ethan's covering for Theresa. Ethan and Theresa discussed future wedding plans, and she learned that he was serious about marrying Gwen. Gwen was pleased to overhear this, and she and Ethan invited Theresa to help plan their future wedding. Ethan decided to order Gwen an engagement ring, which seemed to please Ivy more than anyone. Theresa did not give up hope because Ethan commented that he thought she was beautiful. She was in dreamland again despite her mother Pilar's attempts to discourage her from daydreaming of being Mrs. Ethan Crane.
October 11 to 15, 1999
October 18 to 22, 1999
October 25 to 29, 1999
Kay was furious at Charity for stealing her bedroom and paid a visit to Tabitha twice; Tabitha influenced Kay to manipulate Charity. Gwen and Ethan made up after all of the mess between Ethan and Theresa. As they proclaimed their love to each other, Theresa hid so that Gwen would not see her. Whitney finally spoke to her father about how upset she was that he had hired Chad to work at the athletic department in school. Simone went against her family's will and invited Chad to be the disc jockey at the Halloween dance. Sheridan was fed up with Luis talking about her family and gave him a piece of her mind. She decided to chaperone the Halloween dance with Hank so that her community hours at the Youth Center would go by quicker.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Sheridan did a lot of covering up for the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. First, Sheridan covered up for Luis so he wouldn't get fired from the police force and second for Theresa so Luis wouldn't find out that she'd really been going against his will and working for the Cranes. The Halloween dance went well for Miguel and Charity. They danced together the entire night, and Charity wasn't afraid of Miguel anymore. Kay, on the other hand, got an unpleasant surprise at the dance when she found out that she was dancing with Reese the entire night and had ended up kissing him instead of Miguel. Charity got a flashback from her past, and Kay was determined to keep her as far away from Miguel as possible. Gwen was still upset that so many coincidences kept occurring between Theresa and Ethan. Whitney found out that she had poured her heart out to Chad instead of her father, and got very upset. Back at the Crane mansion, Ethan had been appointed by his father to be the liaison between the Harmony Police Department and Crane Industries. Ivy fainted when she found out the news and almost let everyone know about her past with Sam Bennett.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Charity and Miguel set up a journal program on the computer for Charity. She remembered something from her past. It was about her mother fighting with a vicious dog. While Charity, Miguel, Kay, Simone, Reese, and Tabitha were playing board games, Charity happened across more evil. The word that her tile spelled out meant evil. It was Tabitha's name, but luckily for Tabitha, no one found out. Charity paid Tabitha a visit and thanked her for being so great. Charity found an old picture of Tabitha and swore that she had seen it before. Ivy wanted her past back with Sam, but Sam intended to forget all about the past. He took Grace out to dinner at the Lobster Shack. Sheridan kept remembering her past and was convinced that it wasn't just a bad dream. She and Ethan finally went to the funeral home to see if there had been a coffin delivered to the Crane mansion the night of her nightmare. The funeral director covered up because Julian told him to. Luis was determined to look for his father. He found Ethan in his house and got very upset. He finally approached Julian to question him about his father's disappearance.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Whitney tried to help Chad look for his family over the Internet, but there was no trace of Chad in Los Angeles or Harmony. An old man named Orville thought that he knew Chad and that Chad was from Harmony. As Orville went to make a phone call, he disappeared. Chad and Whitney found him the next day, and with some help from Whitney, Orville remembered that Chad had a birthmark and was linked to a secret. Charity saw Tabitha's painting and recognized it. She said that it looked like Tabitha. Tabitha explained that it was one of her ancestors. As Tabitha tried to kill Charity with a fire poker, Miguel and Kay happened along. Miguel thought that he noticed the painting also. Sheridan thought that she might have killed Martin Fitzgerald and booked a plane to New Mexico to find out if he was really there like Luis said. Julian got upset when he thought that Pilar might have heard about Sheridan going to New Mexico. Pilar and Luis had a huge fight about Martin Fitzgerald. Luis was upset that his father had stolen money from the Cranes. Pilar didn't want to believe that and knew that there was a good reason for Martin to have left. Luis thought that his father was in New Mexico, but wasn't positive of it. Theresa was very upset over the information about her father. While she was crying by the pier, Ethan happened to walk by and see her. He hugged Theresa and comforted her. Just as that was going on, Gwen walked by and saw the whole thing. Gwen was fed up with all of the coincidences. Ethan wanted to take Gwen away over the weekend to make up for it, and she agreed. However, Theresa was very upset and let Ethan know that she didn't want him to leave. She covered herself up just as Ethan started to realize Theresa might have feelings for him.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Ethan had planned a romantic getaway at Crane cabin for him and Gwen. Julian asked Theresa to take some papers to the cabin so that Ethan could sign them. Ethan kissed Theresa passionately, and Theresa was overwhelmed that Ethan wanted to be with her. Ethan's car battery was dead, and no more cabs were being sent out in the snow, so Theresa needed to stay at the cabin. Gwen phoned Ethan to tell him that the road was blocked on the way up to the cabin and that she couldn't make it. Sheridan was going to fly her jet plane to New Mexico to find out if Martin Fitzgerald was alive. As she was ready to take off, Luis arrived and told her that he was going with her. Sheridan and Luis arrived in New Mexico and went to the place where the man using Martin's social security number worked. The place was empty, so Luis and Sheridan decided to go to a hotel for the meantime. Julian overheard Pilar's conversation with Hank at the high school and was afraid that Luis and Sheridan might have gone to New Mexico. Kay wanted to get the lead in the pageant very badly so she could be opposite Miguel. Orville was injured in a hit-and-run accident. Simone, Whitney, and Chad took him to the hospital. Eve took care of him in the emergency room, and it turned out that she knew Orville from the past. Chad thought he heard them talking to each other about a secret and confronted Eve. Eve told Chad that Orville was delirious and wasn't doing well to cover up. Chad was suspicious.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Luis and Sheridan stayed in separate rooms at the hotel in New Mexico. The first night in the hotel room, Sheridan woke up screaming and crying from a bad dream. Luis kicked down the door between their two rooms and held her to comfort her. On their way up to Martin's cabin, Sheridan and Luis got in a car accident. They were okay, but had to walk the rest of the way to the cabin and got caught in a mudslide. Sheridan began to drown in all of the water, and Luis rescued her. Sheridan remained unconscious. Charity was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after Tabitha set fire to the stake she had been tied to. Charity began to remember things from her past, like when Miguel had saved her from the fire at her old house. Sam Bennett thought that Tabitha had something to do with the fire. Gwen was very suspicious of Theresa and called her a gold-digger. Orville told Chad that if he kept searching for his past, he would die. T.C. was also curious as to why Eve was so uptight about the hit-and-run with Orville. At Orville's apartment, T.C. found blue envelopes addressed to Orville.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
After learning that Charity's powers would grow through the love of a young man who saved her from two fires, Tabitha and Timmy realized that they would be destroyed if they could not keep Charity and Miguel apart. Luis tended to a delirious Sheridan. Gwen walked out on Ethan, leaving Theresa determined to win his love. Charity was shocked by what she found in the church basement.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Ivy overheard Sam tell Grace that he loved her. Julian managed to create a diversion before Martin could answer Luis and Sheridan's questions. Despite Pilar's warnings, Ivy decided to try to win Sam back. Tabitha and Timmy saw the church's angel statues speaking to Charity. Later, Tabitha concocted a plan to have Miguel and Charity killed at the tree-lighting.
December 20 to 24, 1999
December 27 to 31, 1999
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