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January 1 to 5, 2001
Rebecca stumbled upon the file on Ethan and discovered Ivy's secret. Ravens attacked the Bennett home. Sheridan and Luis shared a quiet New Year's Eve together. Ivy arrived at the Bennetts' and, in private, pulled an unwilling Sam into a passionate kiss. Grace happened upon the couple and was startled by what she saw. The Bennetts and the Russells were puzzled as red liquid seeped through the Bennetts' walls. Rebecca copied the file from the laptop onto a disk. Pilar caught Rebecca in Ivy's bedroom before Rebecca had a chance to take the disk out of the drive. Rebecca attempted to retrieve the disk, but was thwarted when Pilar noticed the laptop and took it downstairs to Theresa.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Rebecca got the disk of Sheridan's hypnosis session, the one in which she confessed to killing Martin Fitzgerald. A mystery man stole the tape of Sheridan's confession from Eve's office. Rebecca and Gwen printed out a copy of the papers that proved Ethan was Sam's son. Hecuba ordered Kay to get Miguel away from Charity. Sheridan and Luis went on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. Eve worried when Alistair informed her he had the tape of Sheridan's confession and planned to use it to his advantage. Alistair threatened to tell Eve's family about her baby with Julian if she tried to interfere. When a poster-sized cover of her book arrived, Tabitha admitted that being an author was a dream come true. Rebecca gathered the Cranes for a shocking announcement. Hecuba pushed Charity towards the depths of hell. At Gwen's urging, Rebecca decided not to reveal that Ethan was Sam's son. Chad distracted Whitney during a tennis match. Hecuba and the angel girl faced off. Rebecca set her devious plan in motion.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Alistair put in motion a plan to destroy Sheridan and Luis' romance. Charity had a premonition that she was going to die that very night. Gwen worried someone would discover they were the ones who had sent the tabloid newspaper the proof that Ethan was Sam's son. Whitney admitted to Chad he'd changed her life for the better. Whitney and Chad shared a kiss. Ethan arranged for makeovers for Theresa and Pilar before the party. Charity warned Grace not to go to the engagement party. The tabloid reporter arrived at the Crane mansion to show Julian the shocking headline. Eve was horrified when she overheard Alistair and Julian discussing their latest scheme to break up Luis and Sheridan. Tabitha and Timmy made plans to get out of town.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Tabitha and Timmy fled town to escape Hecuba and the potential backlash from Tabitha's tell-all book. Ivy warned Eve not to let Whitney and Chad grow too close, since she suspected Chad was Eve's son with Julian. Eve continued to insist that her baby had died. Ivy was stunned to learn that Grace was pregnant. Tabitha and Timmy arrived at a creepy motel. Sheridan opened up to Luis about her lonely childhood. Tabitha and Timmy headed to a bookstore after learning Hidden Passions had hit the stands. Julian met with the tabloid reporter but blew him off. Sheridan tearfully confided to Luis she was afraid that Alistair and Julian would try to get rid of him. Kay and Hecuba became nervous as Reese turned on the machine he had designed to suck up evil. Ivy told Grace the story of a rich girl and poor boy who were in love. Tabitha autographed copies of Hidden Passions. Eve thwarted Alistair's plans to play the tape of Sheridan's confession.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
The reporter showed the headline to Julian, and he learned that Ethan was really Sam Bennett's son. An axe-wielding Norma attacked Tabitha Psycho-style in the shower. Charity was pulled into the fires of hell. Sheridan and Luis took a romantic bath together. A torn Kay finally decided to help Charity and tried to pull her cousin out of the portal to hell. Rebecca enjoyed the mayhem at the party. Timmy was horrified when he found a lifeless Tabitha. Julian revealed the truth to Ethan. A worried Theresa called Sheridan in case Ethan needed support.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Ethan learned that Sam was his father. The little girl angel warned Grace that evil was going to attack her family. Tabitha and Timmy disguised themselves as a nun and a rabbi to elude Norma. Ivy admitted the truth to Ethan. Hecuba prepared to throw Tabitha and Timmy into the basement. Ethan confronted the tabloid reporter and demanded to know who had sent the information. Father Lonigan sensed evil in Charity's room and believed it was connected to her disappearance. Grace fell down the stairs after overhearing Ivy confirm Ethan was Sam's son. Sam told Ivy he would never forgive her. Julian privately broke down over losing Ethan as his son.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Ethan told Theresa he needed time alone. Sheridan asked Luis to promise that nothing would ever get between them. Kay was burned by Father Lonigan's holy water. Grace was shocked when she saw Sam and Ivy embrace. The demons in the closet grabbed Kay. Ethan vowed to make whoever had sent the information to the tabloid pay. Grace lost the baby. Rebecca filed for divorce. Ethan asked Chad for help in finding out who had known the truth about his paternity. Kay refused to save Charity. Ethan turned away from Ivy.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Charity pleaded with Miguel to help her. Ethan decided to leave the Crane mansion but later reconsidered. Theresa was tormented as Ethan claimed he wouldn't be able to handle it if he found out another loved one had lied to him. The angel warned Kay that everyone she loved would be destroyed if she didn't help Miguel find Charity. Tabitha and Hecuba hesitantly admitted their admiration for one another. Luis and Sheridan shared romance at the park. Theresa asked Chad not to tell Ethan the truth. Kay told Miguel where Charity was. Hecuba transformed Kay into an evil creature. Sheridan and Luis made love for the first time.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Trying to rescue Charity, Miguel was attacked by demons. Julian turned his back on Ethan. Ivy found Rebecca and Julian in bed. Pilar urged Theresa to be honest with Ethan. Ivy was furious when Rebecca arrived at the mansion with decorators. Tabitha was horrified when she found people at the Book Café reading Hidden Passions. Ivy insisted she'd never divorce Julian, while Rebecca remained confidant she'd soon be Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa gave back the Crane jewels. Miguel attacked Hecuba. As Hecuba cried out for help, Tabitha and Timmy decided to let Miguel kill Hecuba and watched nonchalantly as Miguel appeared to squeeze the life out of their nemesis. Julian demanded that Theresa return her engagement ring. Pilar learned that Miguel was trapped in hell.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Hecuba tried to kill Reese, but Kay intervened. Ethan and Theresa decided to get married right away. Sheridan was fearful that someone was plotting against her and Luis. Ivy threatened to reveal the truth about Martin Fitzgerald if Julian divorced her. Ivy offered Theresa her wedding dress. Grace got strong vibes that her children were in trouble. Ethan opened the door to the secret Crane family archives. Sheridan asked Julian for her mother's diaries. Eve told Grace about her past.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Theresa told Ethan she had the security card to the Crane archives. Ethan gave Sheridan and Luis the security card. Alistair ordered Julian to destroy Katherine's diaries. Sheridan and Luis found her mother's diaries. Hecuba decided to torture Miguel and Charity by orchestrating a brief reunion between the two -- right before eliminating them. An unstable Grace lashed out at Sam. Charity begged Miguel to make love to her before they died. Sheridan and Luis were locked in the Crane archives. Ethan, Theresa, Whitney, and Chad waited for the computer to match Chad's DNA results. Kay was forced to watch Charity and Miguel begin to make love.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Chad realized Julian could be his father. Kay and Miguel were trapped below a deadly pendulum. Luis was electrocuted and had an out-of-body experience. Julian raced over to the Crane archives. Eve began to fear she would be revealed as Chad's mother when the DNA match results arrived. Eve was stunned when she witnessed the attraction between Whitney and Chad. Timmy saved Miguel and Kay. Julian realized his mother's diaries were missing. Ivy dumped a can of paint on Rebecca. Luis nearly found the file on his father, but the two were forced to hide when Julian and the guards arrived. Sheridan confronted Julian. Hecuba was zapped by the golden light.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Sam and Grace shared a short-lived emotional reunion. Eve was pained by memories of the baby she had lost and wondered if Chad could be that baby. Chad and Whitney expressed their feelings for one another. Julian remained conflicted over Alistair's instruction to kill Sheridan and Luis. Theresa told Whitney she had a feeling Whitney was going to be pregnant. Father Lonigan warned Ivy that her actions would destroy the lives of those close to her. T.C. realized that Chad could be Eve's son. Julian went to Sheridan's cottage with a gun. T.C. told Eve he wanted to see the results of Chad's DNA tests. Tabitha and Timmy taunted a tiny Hecuba, who they had trapped in a bottle. Grace and Ivy faced off. Luis and Sheridan each wondered if the other was the person they'd spend their life with. T.C. and Eve saw Chad and Whitney kissing.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
A vengeful Hecuba tormented Timmy by transforming him into different animals. Tabitha lost the bottle with Hecuba inside. Julian found Hecuba's bottle. Hecuba plotted to use Julian to carry out her evil plans. Alistair cut the power in the hospital. Eve broke down when the results of Chad's DNA test came up empty. Sheridan was distressed after her and Luis' "love noodle" broke, indicating their love wouldn't last. Kay confided to Simone about selling her soul to Hecuba. Hecuba dashed the hopes of another Harmony couple when she caused Theresa and Ethan's "love noodle" to break. Hecuba sent messages to Julian to kill Luis and Sheridan. Eve resolved to tell T.C. the truth.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Hecuba tried to get Julian to uncork her bottle. Before Eve could confess her past with Julian, T.C. admitted he suspected she and Julian were Chad's parents. Hecuba put a curse on Harmony's happiest couples. A serpent from hell attacked Miguel. Grace summoned supernatural powers to save Miguel. Sheridan told Luis she'd like to get married...sooner rather than later. While attempting to steal the bottle, Timmy witnessed Julian and Rebecca's sex games. Hoping for a double wedding, Theresa urged Luis to ask Sheridan to marry him.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Ivy learned that Ethan was in danger and rushed to the Bennett home to save him. Julian tried to hide his concern for Ethan, whom he had raised as his own son. Chad and Whitney's mutual attraction continued to flourish.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Ethan thanked Sam for saving his life, and Sam suggested they put the past behind them. Hank returned to Harmony and was taken by surprise when Theresa announced that she and Ethan were getting married in a double wedding with Luis and Sheridan. Chad decided to tell Simone he was in love with her sister. Timmy was torn between saving Charity and staying loyal to Tabitha. Grace grew nervous as she watched Sam and Ivy together. Rebecca discovered the mask of Luis' face and questioned Julian about it. Sam, T.C., Luis, Hank, Chad, Ethan, and Reese entered the house, where they met face-to-face with an army of damned souls led by Damian the demon. Julian and Rebecca decided to set up Luis and Sheridan. Charity, Kay, and Miguel finally escaped from hell. The house exploded.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Sheridan and Theresa found themselves in danger as they fell into the widening fissure. The walls fell in on Kay, Miguel, and Charity. Timmy called upon the little angel girl for help. The Bennett house imploded into the earth. Everyone began to pray for God to send back their children. One by one, the children reappeared. Theresa had fears that Ethan would go back to Gwen. Whitney and Chad discussed telling Simone about their relationship. Father Lonigan warned Kay she needed to confess all if she hoped to get her soul back. Tabitha fainted when the Bennetts showed up on her doorstep to accept her offer to stay at her house. Theresa announced she planned to sleep with Ethan as a way to hold onto him. Luis prepared to propose to Sheridan.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Whitney and Chad's passion grew. Grace told Sam she didn't want him to stay at Tabitha's house. Julian and Rebecca eavesdropped on Luis and Sheridan. Ivy learned that Sam and Grace wouldn't be living together. Reese kept a close eye on Timmy as he remained convinced Timmy was not just an ordinary doll. Luis pledged to fulfill Sheridan's romantic fantasy. Miguel and Charity talked about marriage. Gwen walked in on Theresa in her wedding dress. Gwen promised Rebecca she wouldn't expose Theresa until the wedding, but a vengeful Gwen remained a loose cannon.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Luis asked Sheridan to marry him. Sam, Grace, T.C., and Eve tried to dissuade Miguel and Charity from getting married so young. Kay revealed she was planning to seduce Miguel and get pregnant. Sam made arrangements to meet Ivy. Ethan attacked the tabloid reporter and renewed his determination to find out who had sent the email. Rebecca and Julian offered to throw Sheridan and Luis an engagement party. Grace discovered the pictures Ivy had given to Sam. Gwen had a fantasy of exposing Theresa's lies. T.C. felt Sam might still have feelings for Ivy.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Grace convinced Sam to go to Luis and Sheridan's engagement party without her. Tabitha informed Timmy the night was going to cause pain and heartache for everyone. Simone believed she was Chad's date for the party. Charity had a vision of herself as a bride...but there was no groom. Tabitha used a voodoo doll to try to keep Reese from going to the party. Charity had a vision of Sam and Ivy kissing. Ethan explained the legend of the maze on the Crane estate. Ivy lured Sam to her bedroom. T.C. heard a tape of Eve singing. Timmy spilled a potion that would cause mayhem in Harmony.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Sheridan confronted Luis about the woman she had seen him with. Timmy accidentally released a potion that would wreak havoc on Harmony's couples. Charity had a vision of Miguel with a naked Kay. The fog played tricks with Eve's mind, and she had a shocking vision of a man stealing her baby. T.C. was stunned when his dead father appeared and urged him to kill Julian. Whitney was horrified when she found Chad kissing Simone. Sam succumbed to the strange effects of the fog, told Ivy he loved her, and pulled her into a passionate kiss. As Julian, Rebecca, DeeDee, and the Luis imposter approached the mansion, Sheridan heard DeeDee's voice and recognized it from the phone call. She rushed out to find her, but was confused when she ran into Julian and Rebecca.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Sheridan saw "Luis" in bed with another woman. T.C. strangled Julian. Ivy told Grace that soon Sam would be hers. An unsuspecting Luis arrived at Sheridan's cottage. Rebecca began to fear marrying into the Crane family. Grace told Sam she couldn't forget what she had seen. Sheridan tore into Luis. Ivy demanded that Sam face the truth about his feelings. Luis fought to prove his innocence. Julian and Rebecca reveled in their success. Whitney couldn't shake the feeling that she needed to stay away from Chad. Theresa worried about the fate of her wedding to Ethan.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Julian and Rebecca were stunned when Luis and Sheridan announced that they hade reconciled. They conspired with the Luis imposter and DeeDee to break up Luis and Sheridan for good. From the street, Simone looked up at Whitney's bedroom window and was shocked to see her sister and Chad locked in a passionate kiss. She then ran off and got hit by a car. Charity found Miguel in bed with Kay. Whitney was overcome with guilt. After her disturbing phone call with DeeDee, Sheridan rushed over to the woman's house. DeeDee urged Sheridan to leave before Luis returned. As "Luis" returned, she was floored as she watched "Luis" get rough with DeeDee. Sheridan was stunned when she was confronted by two Luises. Luis ripped off the imposter's mask. Luis and Sheridan revealed Julian as he walked right into their trap. Having been discovered, Julian and Rebecca were forced to confront an angry Luis and Sheridan. Luis revealed he wouldn't kill Julian, but warned Julian he'd wish he had once he took down the Cranes. Charity reached the conclusion that Kay had no soul. Theresa was shocked when Whitney said she could never see Chad again.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Alistair arrived in Harmony. Chad was stunned when Whitney said she couldn't see him anymore. The cord attached to the vial containing Kay's soul continued to strangle Tabitha. A panicked Timmy found an old sword to cut the cord in two but accidentally cut off Tabitha's head. Tabitha finally got Timmy to give her head to her body so she could fix herself. Gwen called the tabloid and told them that Theresa was the one who had sent the e-mail. Sam and Grace woke up in each other's arms after a night of lovemaking. The two made plans for the future and noted that nothing could get between them ever again. Timmy gave Kay back her soul. A mysterious man looked at a photo of Grace in a magazine. Alistair plotted to use Sheridan's need for love and acceptance to destroy her relationship with Luis. The mystery man made plans to head to Harmony in search of Grace.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Tabitha told Timmy that it was possible that the young folks on Warlock Island could awaken the sleeping warlocks. Alistair watched happily as Julian coated Sheridan's wedding ring with an undetectable poison. Hank realized that he was developing feelings for Gwen. Grace had a feeling of danger, as a mystery man named David kept a watchful eye on her.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Tabitha's friends in the basement threatened her if she did not destroy the forces of good. Gwen got news that another scandalous story was about to be published in the newspaper. Ivy told Pilar that she would make sure Julian never divorced her. Sheridan collapsed after removing her ring. Chad agreed to break into the office that had published the tabloid ruining Ethan's life.
July 9 to 13, 2001
The Face in the Pool rejected Tabitha's plea to learn how she would meet her demise. David carried a fallen Grace to his room after she fainted. Chad and Whitney learned that a tabloid was going to publish a story about Theresa and her plot to expose Ethan's paternity secret. Rebecca and Ivy each received envelopes with advance copies of the article.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Whitney kissed Chad. Gwen collapsed after trying on Sheridan's poisonous wedding ring. Luis got nervous when Tio Francisco teased him about marriage. Grace confronted David. Norma headed for Harmony...with her axe! The double wedding began. David shocked Grace when he declared they were married. Sheridan and Theresa recited special vows to Luis and Ethan. Ivy arrived at the church and declared that it was Theresa who had leaked Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. David talked to Grace about their connection. Alistair warned Julian that Sheridan had to die that day -- one way or another.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Chad showed Ethan proof that the email had been sent from Theresa's computer. Julian wrote Sheridan's obituary. David offered details of their life together to jog Grace's memory. Pilar shoved Rebecca into a fountain and warned her not to mess with her daughter. Theresa admitted the truth. Luis and Sheridan decided to go on with their wedding. Charity continued to sense death. Reese told Kay a story about Warlock Island -- involving two girls who were in love with the same boy. Eve offered to do a psychological exam on David. Pilar's friendship with Ivy was strained as they argued about Theresa. Grace and the kids decided to see what was in Tabitha's basement.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Kay's plans to seduce Miguel didn't go as expected. Grace was stunned when she viewed a faxed copy of a marriage license that proved she and David were really married. David passed a lie detector test as well. Sam complied when Grace insisted that David be released from prison. Julian took a flight to Bermuda to finalize his divorce from Ivy. Theresa followed Julian with the hopes of getting Julian to take Ethan back into the family. Timmy and Tabitha headed to Warlock Island, followed by Norma.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
Julian offered Theresa unlimited champagne in an effort to seduce her. Luis and Sheridan showed up and put a kink in his plans. Ivy celebrated when she learned that David was Grace's husband. David claimed to have intimate information that would prove that Grace was his wife. Tabitha and Timmy's boat caught fire, and Miguel raced to save them. Miguel carried a weakened Tabitha to safety, but she unknowingly dropped her doll into the flames.
August 13 to 17, 2001
The teens discovered that Warlock Island was out of range for all modern technology, such as computers and cell phones. Julian had Theresa hide when Luis showed up at his hotel room. Tabitha and Timmy vanished shortly before the boat explosion. Theresa dreamed of Ethan. Luis and Sheridan took a boat ride, unaware that it was rigged to explode. David continued revealing information that stunned Grace. Grace told Sam that she wanted David to remain in Harmony.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Sheridan found the bomb on the boat. Grace asked David to stay in Harmony. Ethan told Theresa he wanted to marry her right away, and Theresa agreed. Simone lit into Kay for her part in stranding the group on the island. Grace told Sam that she needed to know the whole truth about David. The warlocks called out to Charity. Whitney urged Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. The wedding ceremony of Theresa and Ethan began. Sam contacted the priest who had supposedly married Grace and David and set up a meeting. The priest recognized neither Grace nor David. Charity followed the call of the warlocks straight into the campfire as they promised to help her. Simone grabbed Charity before she walked into the fire.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Luis, Chad, and Ethan headed out to search for Sheridan. Kay distracted Reese from keeping an eye on Charity. Grace and David reenacted their alleged wedding. Julian had second thoughts about ending his marriage to Theresa. An intrigued David met Ivy. Rebecca and Gwen arrived in Bermuda. Julian planned to console Theresa if Ethan didn't make it back alive. Ethan found a dead body in the water. Rebecca was suspicious when Julian rescued Theresa. Miguel discovered a piece of Charity's shirt in the cave. The army captain announced that the boat with Ethan, Chad, and Luis had no survivors. Grace and Sam had an intense argument about David.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Rebecca grilled the justice of the peace about Ethan, Theresa...and Julian. Timmy cast a spell. Julian got into bed with Theresa. The hurricane changed course and headed straight to Harmony. Grace accused Ivy of waiting around for Sam to be free, since David had arrived. The gang was able to enter the cave where Charity was. Kay fell into a deep abyss. Rebecca was furious when she learned of Julian's tryst. Norma sent a huge boulder Tabitha and Timmy's way. David took off after Grace...while Ivy followed Sam. Kay hung on for dear life...but the ledge gave way. An angry mob headed for Julian's room to see if the lothario was with Theresa. Fearing for his life, Julian attempted to hide Theresa. While Julian was distracted, an out-of-it Theresa moved to open the door. Grace and Sam wound up trapped in the shed together.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
The warlocks caused an earthquake when the kids refused to turn over "the one" they wanted. Tabitha, Timmy, and the kids got trapped in the cave. Sam took care of Ivy, who was close to death after getting hit by lightning and falling off the side of the lighthouse. At the hospital, Ivy refused to have surgery until she talked to Sam. While trapped in the shed, Grace got to know David better. Sam arrived and found Grace asleep in David's arms. Several angry Harmony residents searched the entire Bermuda resort for Julian and Theresa. Whitney helped Julian avoid getting caught with her sedated friend. Luis waited anxiously when he heard a woman had been found at sea and was being taken to shore.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Charity watched in horror as her friends were swept into torrential waters when the dam collapsed. A tree informed Charity that she had the power to save her friends, but would have to give up Miguel's love in exchange for using her powers. T.C. and Hank arrived on Warlock Island to save the kids. Norma publicly accused Tabitha of being a witch. David's accusation that Sam still loved Ivy stirred up trouble in the Bennetts' marriage. After her surgery, Ivy was losing the will to live, so Sam claimed he still loved her. After Sheridan's medical and dental records were faxed to Bermuda, the doctor confirmed the body found at sea was indeed Sheridan. Luis was devastated. Rebecca warned Julian if he didn't marry her right away, she would tell everyone that he'd had his sister murdered. Kay pledged to be good from that point on. The townsfolk of Harmony rallied against Tabitha. The justice of the peace decided to tell the truth about Julian and Theresa.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
A grief-stricken Luis struggled to accept Sheridan's death. Julian and Theresa struggled to keep their marriage a secret as Rebecca and Ethan pushed for a double wedding ceremony in Bermuda. After hearing of Ivy's accident, everyone boarded a plane back to Harmony. Charity feared she had promised to give up Miguel in exchange for using her powers. Ivy fought for her life as Sam stayed by her side. A tormented Grace worried about her future with Sam as David planned to win her back. A fisherman named Brian fell for an unconscious Sheridan. Brian's friend, Liz, warned him against getting too attached to her.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Hank tried to help Luis deal with his grief over Sheridan's death. Pilar was enraged to find out that Theresa had married Julian. Julian tried to move forward with the annulment and came under attack by several of Harmony's citizens. Charity worried about losing Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy were called to task for their failures and begged for more time. Sheridan was plagued with memory loss, but found a friend in Brian. Ivy was enraged when she learned she'd been barred from the Crane mansion. Ethan moved forward with plans to marry Theresa.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Tabitha and Timmy celebrated when Kay gave up trying to be good and refocused on winning Miguel. Ethan decided to start a law practice. Theresa offered to be his secretary and suggested he use the living room as his office. A distraught Pilar erupted, destroying Theresa's wedding gown. Still unable to remember who she was, Sheridan read a newspaper article about Sheridan Crane's "death" and wondered if she could be her. Luis had a fitful night of sleep as he dreamed of Sheridan returning to him. In the dream, she gave him a rose and told him of her love for him. Luis returned to work only to be swamped and was ecstatic to find a rose. Certain that was sent by Sheridan, he declared her as alive and began his crusade to find her.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Kay set her sights back on Miguel. Theresa talked fast to explain to Ivy, Rebecca, and Ethan why she had signed papers annulling a marriage to Julian. Still suspicious, Ivy sent an investigator to Bermuda to uncover Julian and Theresa's secret. Chad realized what Theresa was hiding while an oblivious Ethan made wedding plans. Julian anxiously waited for the annulment papers to arrive while getting ready for his wedding to Rebecca. Sheridan was saddened by a memory that misled her to believe the man she loved had died. Ivy promised Rebecca a wedding gift people would be talking about for ages.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Jessica caught David spying on Sam and Grace. Luis arrived at Liz's hotel and had many near misses with Sheridan. Sheridan confided to Brian she felt the man she loved was close. A tree warned Charity that certain people, including Kay, were trying to break up her and Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy struggled to get onto the Crane estate to reach Hecuba's underground lair. Julian and Theresa prayed their annulment papers arrived before Julian was forced to marry Rebecca. Julian was unnerved by Timmy, who was disguised as a rabbi. Ivy confronted Theresa when she learned of her marriage to Julian. Despite being stuck in her bedroom after Theresa disabled her wheelchair, a seething Ivy vowed to expose Theresa's deception to the whole world.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Luis and Sheridan were plagued by memories of one another and had several near misses on the island. Brian courted Sheridan. Charity was plagued by more visions. While trying to cast a spell to break up Charity and Miguel, Kay accidentally transformed herself into a panther. Convinced the panther was sent from evil forces, the kids rushed out after the animal. Before Ivy had the chance to expose Theresa and Julian's marriage, she passed out and ended up in the hospital. Theresa feared Ethan would discover her secret as Ivy held the fax of Theresa and Julian's marriage license in her clenched fist. Julian set a deadly plan in motion to get rid of Ivy, Theresa, and Rebecca.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Kay managed to escape unscathed from her adventure as a panther. A near-drowning almost reunited Sheridan and Luis. Tabitha told Timmy about Luis and Sheridan's tragic past-life romance aboard the Titanic. Luis recounted the same story to Liz. David raised more doubts about Sam's feelings for Ivy as he undermined Grace's confidence in Sam. An explosion at the hospital nearly killed Ivy, Theresa, and Rebecca. Ivy exposed Julian and Theresa's marriage. After learning about Julian and Theresa's marriage, an enraged Ethan attacked Julian. Whitney tried to comfort a devastated Theresa. Theresa was certain she'd lost Ethan forever. Ethan struggled to deal with what he'd learned.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Ethan expressed his feelings for Theresa, but told her that he could not be in a relationship where there was no trust. Ethan later agreed to forgive Theresa if she promised not to keep any more secrets from him. Theresa tried to tell Ethan that she had slept with Julian, but she was interrupted. David announced that he planned to stay in Harmony, shocking both Sam and Grace. Kay cast a spell in an attempt to win Miguel. Luis and Sheridan both dreamed of their past lives together.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Tabitha and Timmy planned to secretly help Kay find the right spell to win Miguel. Brian, Liz, and Sheridan all reacted when they learned Beth's boat needed to be returned to Harmony. "Diana" suspected she may have had a connection to Harmony and decided she wanted to accompany Brian when he sailed the boat back. Luis returned to Harmony in a murderous rage after he learned of his sister's marriage to Julian. Theresa lied to Ethan once again and then had to work frantically to prevent Julian from accidentally revealing the truth. Sam tried to convince Ivy to lay off Theresa. After an exam, Eve had shocking news for Theresa. Theresa was stunned to learn she was pregnant.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Kay cast a spell to make herself look exactly like Charity and proceeded to hit on Miguel. The real Charity met face-to-face with her doppelgänger, and a search began for the evil in Tabitha's house. Tabitha and Timmy secretly tried to help Kay out of her mess. Sheridan was excited when Brian reluctantly agreed to sail Beth's boat back to Harmony. Liz and Doc suspected Brian had a connection to Harmony. Theresa dealt with the news of her pregnancy. Ethan was kept in the dark yet again. Pilar learned the truth and wanted to tell all. Sam warned Ivy to stay out of their son's relationship, but Ivy was determined to find out what Theresa was hiding. Theresa and Julian ended their marriage.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Grace stunned Sam when she had a premonition of him kissing Ivy. Sam assured his wife it would never happen. Charity summoned Father Lonigan to the house to protect them from evil. Thanks to Kay's spell, Grace mistook David for Sam and kissed him. Kay was shocked when she found her mother and David in a compromising position and was horrified to realize she was to blame. Timmy longed for a normal life. Brian confided in "Diana" about his past. Luis continued to mourn Sheridan and was rocked by a letter from his lost love. Luis was stunned when he heard Sheridan's voice on the other end of a phone call.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Theresa ignored Whitney's advice and decided that she would go forward with her decision to have an abortion. Chad spotted the two women leaving an abortion clinic. Kay got help from a zombie version of Charity. Brian became increasingly uneasy when Sheridan's desire to go back to Harmony soared. Grace wanted to tell Sam about the kiss, but decided against it. Miguel was furious when he saw "Charity" plant a passionate kiss on Hank.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Tabitha and Timmy came across a prediction of trouble for the couples of Harmony. Sheridan began having memories of Luis' family. Meanwhile, Antonio remained hesitant about returning to Harmony and seeing his family. Ivy's plot to destroy Julian and Theresa continued. The little angel girl appeared to Timmy and gave him hope that his wish to become a real boy would come true. Pilar tried to stop Theresa from going through with her plans to have an abortion. Ivy learned that David was in love with Grace. Tabitha and Timmy helped Antonio and Sheridan on their journey to Harmony.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Theresa panicked when Ethan was able to notice that she was pregnant. Luis and Sheridan were close to running into one another, but repeatedly missed crossing paths. Ivy made plans to have a party where she'd cause more trouble. Pilar prayed for Antonio's safe return. Brian -- who was really Antonio -- visited Pilar while she slept. Timmy's wish to become a real boy was granted.
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