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Passions Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on PS
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Monday, September 18, 2000

Outside Chad's Apartment

Chad was informed that his apartment building was condemned. The apartment super tells him that someone called in to lodge a complain that the abide was unsafe and unfit for anyone to live in. With no place to call him, questioned Kay and Simone about who might have placed the call to the city. Simone wanted to invite Chad to stay with her family, but Kay is afraid that Chad might talk to Whitney and find out about the lies she told to keep them apart! When Simone extended the invitation to Chad, Kay desperately tried to figure a way to keep Chad from moving in. Kay talked Simone out of inviting Chad to live with them, claiming his pride wouldn't let him. So Simone offers her family's help in finding another place.

At the Russell Home

Whitney tells her parents she is glad Chad is finally gone and that she didn't trust him. T.C. and Eve take up for Chad bragging about his overwhelming accomplishments in his life. Whitney flashbacks to Kay telling her some girl at the coffee shop is pregnant and they think Chad is the father. Whitney is disgusted and leaves the room. Later Simone, Chad and Kay arrive and tell the Russell's what happened. T.C. offers to help Chad financially but Chad refuses charity! He's complaining and wondering why someone would do such a thing! Whitney walks in and finds out what happened only to admit to everyone's disbelief that she called on the building! A shocked Chad is crushed and goes off on her. She apologizes to him. T.C. and Eve caution Whitney to think of the lives she may affect before making decisions! Simone announces she has the perfect solution, "Chad will live here with us!" Everyone chimes a resounding, "NO!"

Outside Sheridan's Cottage

Hank gets a phone call from Roger! Roger informs Hank to carry out his orders to kill Sheridan or he will destroy his family! Hank is upset and orders Roger not to call him anymore that he couldn't hurt her or his best friend! Roger tells him if Luis is a problem to take him out too! Hank hangs up on him. Inside, Luis begs Sheridan to tell him what he did to make her run off to Paris? Sheridan claims, "It doesn't matter!" Luis reminds her of their first date and first kiss and that it did matter! She tells him that it wouldn't make any difference, soon the FBI would be letting him go and it would all be over! Luis promises her that he would stay out of her life forever if she would just tell him so they could go on with their lives. Hank walks in as they are arguing and begs to leave. Sheridan wants him to stay and hear her out and proceeds to tell them. "I overheard Luis on his cell phone telling someone , saying he was only using her to get to the Crane family fortune!" Luis is in shock and asks, "What, use you?" She begs Luis to give her an explanation and she will believe him! Luis says he doesn't know what she's talking about that he swore on God's honest truth that he never said anything like that to anyone! "Something is all wrong!" Sheridan complains now, "Now I'm the liar?" Luis says no, whatever she heard, he would never say anything like that and he was being straight with her! Sheridan upset asks Luis if that is his excuse, He doesn't know? She tells him he's not man enough to admit it and she knows it was true, that he's a liar! Sheridan tells Luis that she's leaving for awhile and when she comes back she wants Luis out of her home and out of her life! Sheridan runs out to the gazebo crying she'll never love Luis! Luis and Hank step outside in disbelief as Hank's cell phone rings Luis asks him if he was going to answer it?

At the Crane Mansion

Pilar confides to Theresa that she's worried for her family as Ethan prepares to tell Gwen he's calling off the wedding. Julian gets a call from Alistair and excuses himself to the library. Gwen stops Ethan from telling her as she has to show off the Crane heirloom Pearls to Theresa bragging how lucky she is! Ethan is warned by Pilar to see the pain it will cause to rethink his decision! Alistair informs Julian that the mergers are all set to be signed right after the wedding takes place and warns Julian of Luis and Sheridan getting too close again. Julian plays with the impostor's mask and tells his father he has nothing to worry about and it was time to pop the cork to celebrate! Alistair worries Luis and Sheridan might discuss why they stopped their relationship and make the connection with the imposter. Julian tells him he'll check on them. Julian puts Alistair on the speakerphone as he welcomes Gwen to the family. Theresa asks Ethan if he thinks his grandfather will be as nice to her as he is to Gwen? Pilar tells her not to count on it! Just as Ethan tries to get Gwen's attention again, Rebecca Hotchkiss drops in to go over more wedding plans. She calls Ethan her son and welcomes him into the family! She then apologizes to Theresa and Pilar for being suspicious and that she was wrong not to know a Crane man always keeps his word! They all applaud as Pilar warns Theresa and Ethan of the storm to come! Gwen tells Ethan he now has her undivided attention and they leave. Ethan tells Gwen he must speak to her now before anything else happens!

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Chad has a difficult time finding another place to live after Whitney inadvertently had his building condemned. Simone pressures Eve to ask Chad to stay. Eve and TC question Whitney as to why she doesn't want Chad to live with them. Kay worries Whitney will tell her parents the story she made up about Chad. Later, Whitney asks Kay to help her get in touch with the girl Chad supposedly got pregnant.

Ethan prepares to tell an oblivious Gwen about his love for Theresa. However, Gwen's sorority sisters arrive and interrupt him. Theresa begins to worry Ethan won't ever get a chance to tell Gwen the wedding is off.

Alistair orders Julian to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, or he'll have the Harmony PD search the gazebo. A worried Julian interrupts his sister and Luis just as she comes close to believing him. Luis pleads with a torn Sheridan to trust he never said he was using her. Julian whisks Sheridan out of the room. Meanwhile, Roger calls Hank again and orders him to kill Sheridan.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

The Russell House:
Chad has agreed to live in the apartment the Russell's have over their garage. Wanting to make it official, Chad signs an agreement with TC and Eve. Whitney is not at all pleased that Chad is living at the Russell household again but Simone is dreaming of the day when she and Chad will soon be a couple. She figures they will have no more obstacles to stand in their way! Kay Bennett who is a scheming liar, knows she is going to have to work hard to keep Whitney away from Chad. Simone is full of plans, but Chad tells her he wants to chill and be alone. He reminds Simone that living in the Russell apartment is only temporary and as soon as he can find his own place, he will again be gone. Simone is excited when that day will arrive as she figures she will move in with Chad when that happens! Kay tells Simone she will continue to help her keep Chad away from Whitney but she is going to have to help her get Miguel. The three girls are helping Chad move in. When Simone leaves to get more boxes, Kay wants to stay behind, as she does not trust Whitney being alone with Chad. Simone drags her away saying she needs help bringing Chad's things in the apartment. Alone with Whitney, Chad tells her it seems she just cannot seem to get rid of him. Whitney tells him the apartment is self-sufficient so they have no reason to see each other. Returning, Simone tells Chad that the wall of his apartment is connected to Whitney's room. He reassures Whitney not to worry; he does not have x-ray vision so there is really nothing to worry about! Kay's eyes grow to huge proportions when Whitney tells her that she is going to tell Eve about the girl that Chad supposedly got pregnant. Kay persuaded Whitney not to tell her mother because she is sure the Russell's would put him out on the street. Kay tells her that since their walls join, Whitney will be able to hear everything Chad does, including playing his love songs. Whitney informs Kay that she does not want anything to do with Chad so she is not too worried if he does play his love songs or not! When Chad is finally all moved in, he thanks the girls for all their help. Wanting to be alone with Chad, Kay tells Simone to go to the kitchen and bring Chad some food. Chad tells Kay he really feels out of place in the Russell's neighborhood. Kay tells Chad that Whitney hoped Chad would leave Harmony when he was kicked out of his apartment and that Whitney has her eyes fixed for a "perfect man" whom she can control. The rift between Whitney and Chad grows wider as Chad says he is not the kind who can be controlled. Kay fills Chad's head with lies and tells him that everything she told him was the way things were really around the Russell household. When Chad is alone, he starts to set up his apartment. He is removing boxes from his closet and one of the boxes is full of pictures. He turns on his music and sits on the bed looking at pictures of Whitney. You can feel his true emotions for Whitney in the way he looks at and holds the pictures. Simone enters Whitney's room and asks her to please be nicer to Chad. She again tells Kay she is so lucky to have Chad living at their house and as soon as they are a couple, she will help Kay get together with Miguel. Chad continues to look at the pictures as the song "You Are My World" plays. Chad is hammering nails in the wall to hang up pictures. Whitney, on the other side of the wall, puts her hands on the wall and closes her eyes ... knowing Chad is only next door!

Teresa tells Ethan she is not happy about having to go to lunch with Gwen and her sorority sisters! Ethan assures Teresa he can understand why. Gwen comes get Teresa and she is giddy with delight. She refers to the three of them as the three Musketeers! She even asks Teresa to be the Godmother to their first child. She tells them when Teresa finds a man and gets married, they will be forever best friends. She tells Ethan she knows he is dying to talk to her and as he tries yet again to tell her the wedding is off, they are interrupted by the excited giddy group of sorority sisters. Ethan reintegrates his need to talk to Gwen but the girls whisk her away. Teresa tells Ethan not to give up on faith. He decides he will talk to Gwen before the party given by the Crane's later this evening. Ivy tells Teresa to go with the girls as they are throwing a surprise bridal shower for Gwen. Teresa tries to get out of going, but Ivy insists she goes. The surprise shower elates Gwen. The sister toast the new bride and they make Teresa an honorary member of the sorority. The girls tell Gwen they were suspicious of Teresa working so closely with Ethan but she calms them. The girls want to know how Ethan is in bed. Gwen tells them when he makes love to her it is the best and she is sure he will never sway from her. Ivy and Rebecca are going through the wedding gifts. Pilar and Ethan talk and he told Pilar he has not changed his mind about calling off the wedding. He knows he is not being fair to Gwen as he loves her but he hopes his family will understand his reasons for calling off the wedding since he is in love with someone else. He knows the longer it takes to tell Gwen, the harder it will be on everyone. Ivy tells Ethan how very proud she is of him and that he is the most wonderful son in the world. Rebecca also tells Ethan is will be the most wonderful son-in-law in the world. Poor Ethan gives Pilar a confused look. At the shower, the girls have Gwen pull a ribbon from the bridal bouquet. The longer the ribbon, the longer the marriage will last. Gwen pulls out a piece of ribbon so short; no one can believe it. Teresa has that look in her eyes again ... can this be a sign?

Luis tried to convince Sheridan he did not say the things she heard him say at the wharf. He told her he would not have brought her on a date, flown to Paris and risked his life had he said those things. Luis begged Sheridan to believe him. He swore on his mother's life that he was telling the truth and he wants Sheridan to believe him. Julian and Alistair are worried. Julian is standing in the bushes listening to Sheridan and Luis' conversation and talking to Alistair on the cell phone at the same time. Sheridan tells Luis she believes him but her eyes are very sad. I know I heard you say those things she told Luis. Sheridan said if he did not say those things, he must have a twin! Alistair tells Julian the Crane's will be in a bad position if Luis and Sheridan fall in love. He is sure they will find out everything so he orders Julian to stop Luis and to get rid of him right away. Alistair ordered Julian to stay put and make sure Sheridan does not say anything to Luis. Sheridan explained to Luis that she was so happy when they were together all those months ago and she wants things to get back the way they were. She wants that desperately but she has to hear the truth and to know that she is not going crazy. Alistair told Julian Luis is the right type for Sheridan, as he would never tell a lie. Luis tells Sheridan she is giving him a way out by admitting to her that he said those things. He tells her that would be a lie and he cannot lie to her. Sheridan is confused and does not know what to do. Luis begs her to let her heart tell her what to do. He asked her to trust him. Julian is still in the bushes waiting to hear what answer Sheridan will give Luis.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

The Bennett House:
Charity and Miguel try to concentrate on their project, but they end up kissing instead. Meanwhile the drawer opens by itself revealing a glowing pendant. When they get back to work they discover that there has been a Tabitha Lenox in Harmony since the town began. They decide they must have passed the name down and they decide to ask Tabitha. They also decide to check the old ruins to see what they can find.

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha tries using her tea leaves to try to get the pendant back. When unsuccessful, she says they aren't good for anything, not even for making a decent cup of tea. She tells Timmy without the pendant Evil Charity holds all the cards and all is lost. Timmy is on the phone ordering supplies. Tabitha tells him that they are down to their last few dollars. Timmy tells her he needed limes, lemon, cherries and the little umbrellas (Martimmy ingredients). She scolds him for wasting their money but Timmy says that life is not worth living without his Martimmys. She tells him that they won't live for much longer if they don't get the pendant back. When the supplies arrive, Timmy whips up a batch of Martimmys. While they drink Tabitha tells him how bad their situation is without pendant and her powers. Tabitha checks her spell book for an answer to no avail. She then tries to summon the pendant and fails at that too. She then climbs on top of the table to try but she falls off when Timmy comes up behind her.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis denies saying what Sheridan overheard, but she tells him that she heard him say it. Outside Alistair tells Julian on the phone that he better hope that Sheridan and Luis don't figure out that they hired the fake Luis to break them up. Julian tells him not to think the worst, but Alistair says that the worst thing is if they get together and start digging up the Crane family's secrets. Alistair tells Julian to do something to stop them. Inside Luis tell Sheridan that she has to believe him, he didn't say what she heard. She tells him she wants to believe him and Julian comes in and interrupts. He takes Sheridan outside and tries to talk her out of believing Luis. He tells her Luis is lying. Inside Luis gets a call from Hank and he tells him what is going on. Sheridan comes back and tells Luis they need to go for a walk, alone! They walk to the Gazebo and Sheridan tells Luis she wants to believe him because he sounds so convincing. She tells him she has been lied to by men so many times before. Luis tells her he's not like them, but she asks him how can she be sure. He reminds her that he has never been interested in her money and that he has never lied to her before. Sheridan tells him how bad what she heard made her feel. Luis tells her to look in his eyes and she if she sees a liar. She says she doesn't know what to believe. Luis wants to know what he can do or say to convince her. She tells him that she doesn't trust her own judgment because of the way she was raised. Luis says that in his family they didn't have a lot of money but they always had the truth. Luis also says that Julian is the problem. Meanwhile Alistair tells an eavesdropping Julian that he wouldn't have a problem using Julian as a scapegoat. Luis tries to warn Sheridan about Julian but Sheridan doesn't believe Julian is up to no good. She tells him that Julian isn't the only person to warn her against him. Luis deduces that she is talking about Ethan. Sheridan won't listen to anything bad about Ethan. Luis asks her for a final answer, is there a chance for them or not.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan comes out the house saying he can't let things go on like they are, he has to tell Gwen the truth. Chad arrives and tells him they need to pick out music for the wedding. Ethan tells him their isn't going to be a wedding. Chad tells him that he is glad he finally made up his mind. He asks Ethan what Gwen said when he told her he loved Theresa. Ethan explains that he hasn't told her yet. Ethan says that he wishes he had listened to Chad and then maybe he could have avoided the mess he's in. Chad wants to know why he hasn't told Gwen yet and Ethan tells him about all the interruptions. Chad tells him to just tell Gwen the truth pure and simple. Ethan doesn't want to hurt Gwen. He reminds Chad that they had a deal and wants to know when he's going to tell Whitney the truth. Chad tells Ethan that things are not good between the two of them. He says he just wants to find out who his parents are. He doesn't care about Whitney.

The Country Club:
Gwen's friends tell her to pull a ribbon out of the bouquet. This will signify how long her marriage will be. Gwen pulls out a very short ribbon. Everyone is surprised because it has never happened before. Gwen is very upset but they tell her it's just a silly old tradition and that it doesn't mean anything. Gwen says she didn't believe it anyway. She is sure of Ethan's love. She asks Theresa to tell everyone how much Ethan loves her and how happy they are going to be together. Whitney overhears. Theresa says she know Ethan loves her. Gwen's friends say they know Ethan would never leave her for another woman and that Ethan is not like the other beasts. Whitney scolds Theresa for being at a bridal shower with Gwen and her friends. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan is still going to call off the wedding. Whitney doesn't believe it. She tells Theresa she needs to leave before Gwen finds out she has stolen her fiancÚ. Gwen walks up behind them and asks Whitney what she said, but she didn't here the whole thing. They tell her they were talking about something else. Whitney again warns her what will happen when Gwen and the Cranes find out about her and Ethan. Theresa tells her they will eventually understand and that one day she will be wearing they Crane family pearls. Whitney asks her if Ethan has said anything about marriage. Theresa says no but she is sure that they will marry when he calls it off with Gwen. Theresa reminds Whitney that she was going to tell Chad how she felt. Whitney tells her she is glad she didn't because he is not who she thought he was. She doesn't want to discuss it either. She tells Theresa that Chad is moving in the apartment over her garage. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows Chad still gets to her and that she hopes she realizes her true feeling sooner that Ethan did. They rejoin the shower and Gwen and her friends are talking about the Crane family. Gwen's friends say that their families would insist that they get married even if they weren't in love. Gwen calls Ethan to prove to them that he does love her. She tells Ethan to tell her what he wanted to say earlier while she has him on the speakerphone. Ethan tells her that he wants to talk to her alone. She agrees to get rid of everybody. She tells them Ethan is a private person. When they protest she tells them they could hide in the bushes and eavesdrop. Theresa tells her that it isn't a good idea but Gwen insists. Whitney prepares to leave and tells Theresa if she is smart she will too. Chad arrives and offers Whitney a lift on his motorcycle. She doesn't want to. He tells her to suit herself and he leaves. Theresa goes back to Gwen and tries to warn her against letting them hide in the bushes. Gwen says there is nothing to hide. Ethan arrives and says to himself he's glad Theresa isn't there because Gwen would tear Theresa to pieces. Gwen sees him and makes sure everyone is well hidden. Ethan asks Gwen if they are alone and she says yes. Ethan says, "good" because he doesn't want anyone to hear what he has to tell her.

Friday, September 22, 2000

While standing atop a table, Tabitha tries to levitate the pendant from the Bennett's kitchen and will it to her living room. Timmy breaks Tabitha's concentration, causing her to fall through the table. At the Bennett's, Charity picks up the pendant and becomes affected, but Miguel doesn't notice. Miguel and Charity hear Tabitha shouting. Charity puts down the pendant, and the two rush over to Tabitha's house. Tabitha breaks out of the table, but lands on top of Timmy. From outside the house, Miguel thinks he hears a boy shouting and when he and Charity arrive on the scene, he's astonished to see Timmy moving.

Knowing Ethan plans to call off the wedding, Theresa begs Gwen not to let her friends eavesdrop on Gwen's conversation with Ethan. Gwen insists she wants her sorority sisters to hear how romantic Ethan is. Theresa and Gwen's friends hide when Ethan arrives. After several interruptions from Rebecca, Ethan finally begins to tell Gwen he loves Theresa. Theresa tenses while Gwen's friends eagerly anticipate what Ethan has to say.

Luis asks Sheridan to make a decision as to whether she trusts him or not. Sheridan says it's over unless Luis will admit he said he was using her. She refuses to begin a relationship with a lie. Luis admits he could easily say he did say those things so they could move forward, but he won't lie to her. Sheridan runs off in tears while Julian and Alistair celebrate. Luis rips into Julian. Julian reminds Luis he made a deal to stay away from Sheridan. Meanwhile, an emotional Sheridan seeks comfort in Hanks' arms.

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