All My Children Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on AMC

Arlene discovered that she was pregnant. Greenlee's grandparents decided to ship her back to California when they found out about Wade. Gillian learned that Jake might never be able to have sex again.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2000

Joe Martin wheeled Jake into the hospital in his wheelchair. He was greeted by a group of nurses and they all welcomed him back. Jake went for his physical and asked Gillian if she would stay there until he finished. She agreed and while she was waiting one of the nurses handed her the Pine Valley newspaper about Jake's return. She read the headlines and then turned to the next page. She saw an article about Ryan being arrested on embezzlement charges.

Ryan was in jail waiting for Jackson to show up and get him out. Adrian came to see Ryan and told him that Jackson had to go out of town because his brother Travis died. Adrian told Ryan that he was instructed what to do until Jackson returned. But first, they had to go to a press conference about Incredible Dreams and clear Ryan's name. Adrian told Ryan that he had arranged a press conference with Jake and Ryan. He wanted Ryan to get the press to understand that the rescue would not have been possible if not for him. Adrian also told Ryan that he wanted the press to see a lot of hand shaking. Adrian told Ryan that he did the wrong thing by taking the money but he did it for all the right reasons. Adrian left the jail to get a fresh set of clothes for Ryan. After he left, Gillian came in. Gillian asked Ryan what happened and he told her that Greenlee turned him in. Ryan told Gillian that he missed her and when he gets out of jail, they will finally be together. He asked Gillian if she told Jake about them. She said that it was not that simple any more. Ryan wanted to know what changed since they left Germany. He asked Gillian what she was waiting for because she was supposed to tell him as soon as they got home about the two of them. Gillian told Ryan that it was not the right time and he was not ready for this yet. Ryan asked Gillian if "he was not ready" or was it "she was not ready." Ryan asked Gillian if she still loved him and she told him that she loved him but Jake needed her. Ryan said that he also needed her. Adrian came in and told Gillian that the way she could help Ryan was to make herself scarce. Reporters were all around and they didn't need to see them together. Gillian left calling Ryan's name but he would not acknowledge.

Leo was at the boathouse waiting for Greenlee. He had a feast prepared for her including champagne, caviar, strawberries, assorted breads and his leather pants. Greenlee came into the boathouse complaining about how he woke her up from an incredible dream about Ryan. Leo told her to stop complaining and see what she was missing. Leo told Greenlee that he put all of the food together just for her. Leo wanted to do this to take Greenlee away from all her troubles. She told him that she was ecstatic because Ryan was in the slammer and she put him there. She told Leo that she hates Ryan to the bone and she would spend as long as it took to make him pay for what he did to her. Leo asked Greenlee to forget about Ryan and she replied by saying that he broke her heart and she would never forget him. Leo then kissed Greenlee. Greenlee told Leo that no one had ever done something like this for her before. Leo offered her some champagne and toasted "to them." Greenlee told Leo that Erica would go ballistic if she found out he took one of her finest vintages. Greenlee asked Leo to dance with her and first requested that they stay out of the water this time. They danced a little, kissed a little, and then danced some more.

Marian and Liza carried Arlene down the stairs. They had her locked in the attic and she complained she was nauseous and sick after eating the soup that was left for her. Arlene passed out and Marian said that her pulse was slow and she didn't look too good. Marian asked Liza if she poisoned her. Liza and Marian took Arlene to the hospital to have her checked out.

Adam was in his hospital room packing his suitcase when Mateo came in. Adam told him that he was being discharged this morning and was looking forward to going home. Adam said that he was given another chance and he planned to use all his time to win Liza back and be a father to his children. He told Mateo that Arlene was history. He planned to give her $500,000 to forget they were ever married.

Jake finished with his physical with his dad and another doctor named Tom. He still has a lot of swelling but he does have improvement. Tom told him to spend the time at home with his wife and family. Joe could sense in Jake's voice that he was worried.

Liza and Marian show up at the hospital carrying in Arlene. The interns put her into a wheelchair and rushed her into a room to see a doctor. Adam was in the emergency room with Mateo. He was looking for Jake when he saw Liza come in. Adam asked Liza what she did to Arlene. Liza told Adam that she and Marian locked Arlene in the attic for the night and gave her a cup of soup along with a box of rat poison. The rat poison was for special effects. Liza asked Adam if he was upset with her and he replied by telling her that he was flattered because she went to all that trouble for the man she loved. Adam told Liza that he wanted to "start over" with her and Colby. Liza said that there was so much that happened that she could not forget. Adam told her that he was a new man because of the things that happened and he would spend the rest of his life proving it to her. Adam asked Liza to have a cup of coffee with him. He had nothing up his sleeve and would not pull any tricks. They left to get a cup of coffee. After they left, Arlene came out and Mateo was with her when the doctor told her that there was no rat poisoning in her system. As Mateo and Arlene left, Gillian was coming back from visiting Ryan in jail.

Gillian ran into Tad and he asked her if Jake was still in with the doctors and Gillian said that she didn't know. Tad sensed that she had left and she made an excuse that she left to get some fresh air. Tad told her that Jake really needed a lot of loving now and hoped she would not upset him. She told Tad that she would not upset him. She went into the room where Jake was and asked him what the doctors said. They told her that they were pleased with his progress and then Joe left the room. Gillian wanted to take Jake by the "welcome home" banner in his wheelchair. Jake wanted to walk instead. Gillian helped him up and then he kissed her and said that they make a great team. Gillian walked him out of the room and saw Adam and Liza. Adam apologized to Jake about Colby and how he treated him. He was sorry for the pain he caused and asked Jake to forgive him. Jake told Adam that Colby was his life and he took her away from him and then he and Gillian walked away. Liza gave Adam a big hug and told him that "there may be hope for him yet."

Hayley brought Arlene home and asked her if she could get her anything. Arlene looked over at the liquor on the table and Hayley commented that she meant something like tea or ginger ale to settle her stomach. Arlene told her that there was nothing wrong with a little "pick me up." Hayley then told Arlene that she realized that she was hung over and the trip to the ER was to get Adam's sympathy. Arlene started to argue that she was locked up in the attic all night and didn't have a drink. She said that she saved Hayley's dad and then she was poisoned and has not gotten any thanks from anyone. She wanted to know what she has to do to get any credit around here. Hayley told her to "leave." She told Arlene that her dad had asked her to leave. Arlene said that she could not leave, she was sick. She said that she could not go back to Georgia and Hayley reminded her that there are other states to go to. She will be getting $500,000 from Adam and she could start over. Arlene told Hayley that she had changed and she could make it up to her. Hayley said that it was too late and she had done too much damage. Hayley told her mom that she did save her dad by bringing Stuart back to him and she was proud of her by doing that but not proud of her enough to stay in town. Hayley told her that Adam did not love her and it would be best for every one if she left. Hayley left to pack up Arlene's things. Arlene's suitcases were packed and Hayley and Mateo left. The taxi started blowing its horn for Arlene and she started to leave. As she walked toward the door, the phone rang and she answered it. It was the doctor with her test results. He told her that nothing was wrong with her. Arlene then asked him what was causing the nausea. The doctor told her that she was pregnant.

Greenlee's cell phone rang and it was a call telling her that Ryan was bailed out of jail. She was upset and walked away from Leo telling him that she is going to make Ryan pay for what he did to her.

Back at the hospital, the press is looking for a statement from Jake about his rescue. They question him and asked him questions about Chechnya. Jake told them that he was feeling better since he was back with his wife. They asked Gillian if she was afraid to go to Chechnya to rescue her husband. They commented that she must really love her husband since she went to a combat zone to rescue him. The press asked Gillian to give her husband a kiss to show the world how much she loved him. Just as she kissed him, Ryan walked in. The press asked for another kiss as Ryan painfully looked on.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

At the hospital, Adam informed Liza that he wanted her to move back into Chandler Mansion "today... now!" Liza bowed her head slightly and reminded Adam that they had promised to take things slowly. Adam followed his order up with a statement that he would stay in the gardener's shed --- just as long as Liza was back in their home. Liza smiled slightly and assured Adam that she would not be far away from him; she planned to continue living at the Gatehouse. Adam grumbled that Stuart and Marian needed privacy and again asked Liza to move into the main house. "You are dangerous to my mental health," Liza replied, explaining why she was hesitant to move back under the same roof as her former husband. Adam vowed that he would change and be a joy to live with. Liza pointedly noted that this was not the first time Adam had pledged to change. Adam nodded his head and backed down. He extended a dinner invitation to Liza and Colby. Though reluctant, Liza agreed to the dinner date and asked that Adam make sure that Arlene wasn't around the house. Adam smiled broadly and told Liza that Arlene was in a cab bound for parts unknown.

A look of disbelief fell over Arlene's face. The doctor on the other end of the line once again told Arlene that she hadn't been poisoned --- she was pregnant. According to the hormone levels, the doctor determined that Arlene was about seven weeks into the pregnancy. Arlene chirped that this was "the best thing" that has ever happened to her.

The press continued to feast upon Gillian and Jake's smooching. They asked for different angles so that they'd be sure to have more than enough photos of the happy couple. In the background, Ryan continued to fidget uncomfortably. Adrian was called to the microphone to talk about how he'd located Jake and the orphaned children. Adrian roped Ryan into the discussion by proudly announcing that the rescue mission would not have been possible without Ryan's help. Ryan quietly walked to the microphone and admitted that he'd used $3,000,000 of Incredible Dream's money to finance the rescue mission. A reporter asked Ryan why he was willing to go through so much trouble to help Jake, a man who was married to his ex-wife. Greenlee was about to shout out something from the back of the pack, but Leo quickly put his hand over her mouth and pulled her into a nearby room. Joe stepped forward and called an end to the press conference so that his son could get some rest. The reported honored his request and promptly filed away. Dixie arrived and immediately wrapped her arms around her brother-in-law. She invited Jake over for dinner, but Jake explained that he was still not on American time just yet. Tad interjected that the dinner would have to wait because he was headed out of town on business. Tad tried to get Dixie to go on a little vacation with him, but she declined because of her work at the Andrassy Foundation. Tad looked over to David, but the doctor quickly noted that he was not about to order Dixie to take a few days off of work. Tad nodded understandingly and asked only that David not take advantage of Dixie's kind nature. Ryan told Adrian that he didn't think his appearance at the press conference did any good. Adrian was confident that things would work out. Adrian, however, had to leave Ryan because he'd learned from someone at the club that Tina had pulled "a disappearing act." Jake, his arm around his wife's waist, asked Gillian if she was ready to go home with him. Gillian's eyes widened slightly as she tried to figure out what to say. Before she could answer, Joe told Jake that he wanted him to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Jake complained about needing to spend more time in a hospital bed and insisted that Ruth's cooking was much better medicine. Joe agreed, joking that Ruth would never give him any peace if he kept their son away from home any longer. Gillian finally got a chance to answer Jake's question. She told him that she needed to do a few things, but assured him that she'd meet him at the Martin home later. Jake nodded his head and went on his way. Ryan wandered over to Liza, who had joined Tad to discuss his business trip. He brief Liza on his money and legal troubles and asked Liza if there was any way that she (or Chandler Enterprises) could give him so money to wash away his troubles. Liza told Ryan that she had already invested a sizable amount of money into his business and that it did not seem likely that she would part with any more money. Liza had to leave to make a few calls. In her absence, Ryan turned to Tad to continue his plea for help. Tad listened to Ryan's tale of woe --- his desire to help rescue Jake, Greenlee's involvement with Wade Randall and the revelation that Greenlee's grandfather was a major shareholder in Incredible Dreams. Finally, Tad broke his silence, telling Ryan that he didn't buy his sympathy act. In his gut, Tad said, he knew that Ryan and Gillian were having an affair. Ryan said nothing and left. Later, Jake sat down with Tad and learned of Ryan's request for financial and legal help. Surprisingly, Jake told Tad to do whatever Ryan wanted. "He saved 16 people --- and me. I don't want to owe this guy anything." Jake vowed that his return to Pine Valley meant that he was going to fight for his wife.

In a nearby hospital room, Leo warned Greenlee of her obsession with Ryan. He explained that Greenlee's loose lips could end up hurting herself. The press, he explained, could track her remarks to Wade and then back to her grandfather. Greenlee nodded slightly, but insisted that she wanted to make Ryan suffer. Leo requested that Greenlee lay down on the hospital bed in the room and relax. As she did, Leo gave her a head massage. David happened upon the couple and scolded them for using the hospital as a "flea bag motel." Greenlee bowed her head and scurried out of the room. Leo, meanwhile, became enraged when David referred to Greenlee as a tramp. Leo couldn't bear to hear David dispense love advice in the wake of his failed relationship with Erica. Leo blasted his brother and stormed out of the room.

At the boathouse, Gillian waited nervously for Ryan to show up. When he did, she apologized profusely for having to kiss Jake at the press conference. Ryan added to her fears by announcing that Tad knew of their relationship. Gillian ran her fingers through her hair and sighed deeply. She told Ryan that she was going to go to the Martin home to ask Jake once and for all for a divorce.

Adam returned home to Chandler Mansion and instructed Winifred to flood the house with floral arrangements. Winifred smiled warmly as she learned that Adam and Liza were having dinner together. However, she wanted to know if Mrs. Chandler would be joining them at the table. Adam scrunched his face and informed the housekeeper that Arlene was no longer under his roof. Winifred frowned slightly and explained that Arlene had sent the cab away and never left the house. Adam's eyes bulged and he screamed out for Arlene. Arlene wandered downstairs sporting on of Adam's shirts. She cooed merrily about who she will need to wear Adam's clothing once she starts showing. The remark whizzed past Adam without any effect. Adam ordered Arlene to take of his clothing, but fearing that she'd disrobe in front of him, he told her that she could keep the shirt. Arlene reached for one of Adam's cigars and presented it to him as a gift. "You're going to be a papa again," she proclaimed. Adam laughed in Arlene's face, calling her "pathetic" for trying to pass herself off as pregnant. Arlene, however, saw her situation totally differently. She touted the pregnancy as "another miracle child." When Adam refused to believe that she was pregnant, Arlene called out for Winifred. The housekeeper dutifully reported to the parlor and listened to Arlene's demand that she go to the drugstore and pick up a home pregnancy test. Winifred waited for Adam to second the order before hurrying off. Arlene grumbled about Winifred's pokiness until she returned from the drugstore. Adam ordered his housekeeper to follow Arlene to the bathroom to make sure that Arlene didn't rig the test. Winifred flashed a look of fear, but grudgingly agreed to honor Adam's request. Time passed and a giddy Arlene returned with Winifred just behind her. Winifred confirmed that the test was positive --- and that Arlene had not done anything to alter the test results. Adam dismissed the housekeeper. Winifred scurried over to Adam and whispered, "I'm sorry," in his ear before leaving the room. Adam now admitted that Arlene was pregnant, but he refused to believe that he was the father. Arlene angrily announced that he was the father and that in a few weeks she'd be having a DNA test to prove that he's the proud daddy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Erica, Jack and Bianca returned home after Travis' funeral. Bianca immediately went upstairs to her room. Erica was concerned because Bianca hadn't eaten, but Jack told Erica to back off. Leo came in and asked if he could speak with Bianca. Erica turned him down, certain that Bianca didn't want to talk to anyone. But when Bianca saw Leo, she ran into his arms.

Dimitri and Alex worried about the bad feelings between Dimitri and Edmund. They reminisced over the close relationship the brothers once shared. Alex blamed herself for coming between them. Dimitri was hopeful that, in time, Edmund would come around.

A bedraggled Edmund joined Brooke at the Valley Inn, complaining about problems at Tempo. Brooke knew he was covering his pain over losing Alex and offered to help.

Ryan rushed over to Millicent and Woodruff Greenlee's table at the Valley Inn and offered to pay back the money their granddaughter invested in Greenlee inadvertently spilled the truth about borrowing money from the loan shark Wade Randall.

A loving Jake and an uncomfortable Gillian came home to Jake's old room at the Martins. Jake apologized for the past mistakes he made in their relationship. Jake asked Gillian what she wanted.

Ryan explained to Greenlee's grandparents that he had been charged with embezzlement after using money to go to Chechnya, but he always planned to return the money. Greenlee accused him of lying and told her grandparents that she borrowed $3 million from Randall to cover Ryan's butt. Millicent and Woody, shocked, chided Greenlee for doing something so dangerous as to deal with the mobster. "But I did it all for Ryan," Greenlee explained, "and now I realize that I was a total fool."

Brooke reminded Edmund that he initially came to Pine Valley for a story, but stayed when he found his brother, Dimitri. Brooke warned him that he would have to deal with his resurfacing feelings of hatred. Edmund, thinking about his brother and Alex, squeezed the glass in his hand until it broke. The blood gushed.

Alex warned Dimitri that someone had destroyed his mausoleum plaque. She asked Dimitri about his recent fight with Edmund but he brushed off her worries, calling it "a slight misunderstanding." "Will you let this go?" Dimitri asked. "I will," Alex said, "but will Edmund?"

Leo offered to go for a walk with Bianca. While Erica thought they should stay in, Bianca jumped at the chance to get out of the house. Erica felt Bianca's rejection. "She sat next to Barbara at the funeral," Erica moaned. Jack responded that Bianca had lived with Barbara most of her life and liked Barbara, but pretended not to for Erica's sake. "Does Bianca have to love you the way you expect her to or is she allowed to think and act for herself?" Jack asked Erica.

Outside, Bianca talked about the funeral and about Travis and Leo comforted her.

Ryan confirmed to the Greenlees that their granddaughter was trying to help him out when she borrowed the money from Wade. Greenlee tried to convince them that everything was fine since her relationship with Ryan was over and Wade was in jail. Millicent expressed her disappointment with Greenlee and threatened to send the girl back to her parents in San Diego. For once, Woody was unmoved by Greenlee's pleas to let her stay in Pine Valley. When Ryan returned to the table after taking a phone call, Greenlee screamed, "You bastard, do you have any idea what you've done to me?"

Gillian explained to Jake that what she wanted was for everybody to be happy. "You and me," she started. "And Ryan?" asked Jake. Jake told a surprised Gillian that everything would be all right. He then informed her that she should sleep in the guest room, as he had not been sleeping well.

Alex explained that she once had loved Edmund and that he had been very good to her. Dimitri suggested that maybe they should leave Pine Valley.

Leo confided that he never knew his father. Bianca's wondered which was worse -- to never know your father or to love him and then lose him as she had. Leo asked Bianca if she was afraid of Erica.

Erica said she was worried about Bianca because she wouldn't confide in her. Jack told Erica that being her daughter was not an easy thing. Erica realized her shortcomings as a parent while Bianca lived so far away in Seattle, but suggested that their relationship had worsened since Bianca came to live with her.

Bianca denied being afraid of Erica. "Well, I am," Leo said. "She's scary." Bianca was more frightened about what it would be like to live with Erica full-time and worried that Erica wouldn't like the real Bianca.

Greenlee told Ryan that he would be nothing if not for her. Ryan told her they were finished. "We're dead," he said and marched away.

Edmund returned to the table after cleaning up his hand. Brooke tried to convince Edmund that with Dimitri and Alex living at Wildwind things were less than fine. "What do you want me to do?" Edmund asked.

Gillian begged Dr. Martin to tell her what he and Jake were keeping from her about Jake's condition. At first, Dr. Martin refused to answer, but then he explained that they feared Jake's injuries might impair his sexual function. He swore Gillian to secrecy.

Erica suggested that she, Jack and Bianca go out to breakfast in the morning before enrolling Bianca in Pine Valley High. Bianca shocked them all by announcing that she plans to drop out of school.

Dimitri and Alex agreed to wait to renew their wedding vows. Dimitri swore their family would be reunited.

Brooke couldn't believe that Edmund blamed anyone for his heartbreak, unless it was Charlotte. "I blame Dimitri." Edmund murmured. "I wish he had stayed dead."

Gillian, alone in the Martin's living room, reflected on Jake's words of love and Dr. Martin's plea that "Jake needs you now more than ever." She collapsed into a chair, buried her face in her hands and cried, "What am I going to do now?"

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2000

Hayley reeled from the news Arlene was pregnant. Adam still wanted Arlene to leave town immediately, but Hayley argued that Arlene could not raise a child on her own. Hayley worried that Arlene would not be able to stay away from alcohol during her pregnancy. Arlene came downstairs and Adam asked her if she would stop drinking. Arlene responded that she was not sure she could. Meanwhile, as Liza readied for her date with Adam, Marian questioned how she could still have feelings for her ex. Liza told Marian that she and Adam loved each other and had resolved that nothing would ever get in their way again. Adam decided that it would be in the baby's best interests for Arlene to stay. After Hayley left, Adam warned Arlene that he was only letting her stay because of the baby and Arlene said she understood. In the midst of Adam and Arlene's conversation, Liza walked in. To welcome Adrian home, Tina brought Adrian's parents, Frank and Alice, to Pine Valley. As a surprise Tina also arranged for BBMak to perform their hit "Still On Your Side" at SOS. Bianca told Erica that she wanted to drop out of school and travel. Erica objected and Bianca ran out of the house. Leo went after her and Bianca confided that she felt pressure to be someone else when she was around Erica. A talk with Jack prompted Erica to compromise with Bianca on the school issue. Jack later informed Erica in private that he had learned from Barbara that Bianca fell in love with a boy at rehab, but that the two of them broke up afterwards. Erica then attributed Bianca's strange behavior to her broken heart.

Thursday, September 29, 2000

Liza showed up at the Chandler home and was surprised to see that Arlene had not left yet. She asked Adam why Arlene was still there. Arlene jumped at the chance to make Adam squirm. She smugly told Liza that she had been on her way out, but a special package had arrived. Liza was determined not to let Arlene get to her and simply told her to take her package and leave. Arlene told Liza that Adam had a vested interest in the arrival as they were in a joint venture. Liza told Arlene that she must be drunk if she believed that Adam would involve himself in any business dealings with her. Arlene happily told Liza that she was now off the sauce - Doctor's orders. She continued with her sly remarks alluding again and again to her "condition." Finally, Arlene started to tell Liza straight out about her pregnancy, but only got as far as "You see Liza I'm- before Adam cut her off. Arlene grabbed her purse and said that she was off to find Hayley for a little mother daughter bonding. Liza figured that Arlene was just holding out for more money from Adam. She urged Adam to give Arlene as much as it would take to get her out of their lives. Liza told Adam that she wanted her, Colby and Adam to be a family again, and she didn't want to wait. Adam grabbed her and they kissed.

Hayley stood at the bar at S.O.S looking stressed and worried. Mateo wanted to know what had his wife so upset. Hayley groaned as she told Mateo that her Mother had dropped the mother of all bombs on her and her dad and had announced that she was pregnant. Mateo shook his head and didn't believe the news, but Hayley assured him it was true. Hayley sadly told him that she was beyond scared for the baby Arlene was carrying. At a nearby table, Leo reached Greenlee on his cell phone and invited her to come to the club and hang out with him. Greenlee curtly told him that now was a bad time because she was taking care of some unfinished business and she hung-up abruptly. Leo looked disgusted as he muttered to himself "pathetic." Bianca returned to the table after placing a quick call home and getting Erica's permission to stay at S.O.S a little longer. She thanked Leo for being such a good friend to her during the loss of her father. Bianca could see that Leo was upset and guessed that it had something to do with Greenlee. Leo told her about how Greenlee had given him the brush-off and attributed it to having something to do with Ryan.

Ryan was at the getaway where he and Gillian had been meeting secretly. He was thinking of Gillian and remembering all of the tender, romantic times they had shared there. Ryan was tidying the place up and reminiscing about his true love when Greenlee barged in and shattered his peaceful reflections with accusations of his having ruined her life. She blamed him for her grandparents' decision to cut her off financially and send her back to live with her parents. "To Hell with that and to Hell with you!" she yelled. Gillian sat in the living room of the Martin's and drank a cup of tea. She wore a painful expression as she replayed Joe's words in her head. Her father-in-law had reluctantly told her that Jake's accident may have resulted in a loss of sexual function. "I have to call Ryan", she said to herself. As she reached for the phone, she knocked some of Jake's things off a table. A letter addressed to her fell in the floor and she picked it up and read it. It was a beautiful letter Jake had written about the joy he had felt the first time they made love. Jake walked in as she was reading the letter and told her how much he still loved her. He tenderly told her that she was his whole world and that he lived to love her again.

Adam and Liza continued to profess their love for each other. Adam asked forgiveness for all the hurt he had caused. "Love forgives everything, and I love you very much." Liza told him. She went on to say that while her pride had kept her from taking Adam back before, she had come to realize that she had no joy in her life without him. Adam was overjoyed and asked her to repeat the words "I love you" she did and he took her in his arms and they fell on the couch kissing passionately.

Ryan told Greenlee that he was not about to go another ten rounds with her. She refused to leave. Ryan told her that when she tired of being a Prima Donna, she knew the way out. Greenlee grabbed and vase that Ryan had just placed a flower in and smashed it against the wall. She looked wild and was out of breath with anger as she told him that she would not be ignored. Greenlee told Ryan that that she had paid for his mistakes. Ryan told Greenlee that he had owned up to his mistakes and that Greenlee shouldn't have expected to be able to buy his love. Greenlee looked around the room taking in the surroundings, candles, flowers, pillows, etc... and slowly realized where she was. "Oh my God, this is where you and Gillian rendezvous on Jake. You expect her to drop her husband and meet you here tonight!"

Gillian's voice trembled as she told Jake that the letter was beautiful. Jake said that the letter didn't even come close to expressing how much he loved Gillian. He apologized for leaving Gillian and for being so confused about his feelings. Jake told Gillian that she gave his life purpose and that he wanted to start over. Gillian carefully told him that so much had changed. Jake said that he understood, but that he felt that the two of them could get past anything.

Hayley and Mateo continued to discuss Arlene's pregnancy. Hayley told Mateo that Adam had wanted to kick Arlene out, but Hayley had convinced him that in order to protect the baby, Arlene should stay for the time being. Mateo agreed that they needed to protect the baby. Hayley worriedly said that Arlene would do whatever she wanted regardless of the baby, including drinking and shaking-up with different men. Hayley was very sad about the fact that she had taken such good care of herself and tried to lead a good life and was still unable to get pregnant, while her mother lead such a reckless life and ended up pregnant anyway. Just then Arlene showed up with a big smile on her face and in a chipper tone asked "What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?" Hayley and Mateo both looked at her as if they couldn't believe her stupidity. Bianca asked Leo about his relationship with Greenlee. Ryan told Bianca about the fact that Greenlee once claimed to love Ryan with all her heart and now claimed to hate him completely. Bianca remarked that it sounded like a case of Shakespeare 101 - "The lady doth protest too much." She asked Leo if he planned to go after Greenlee. Leo said that he was tired of jumping through hoops for her and that Greenlee could have Ryan.

Greenlee continued her verbal assault on Ryan. She informed him that he had no class or scruples. Ryan retorted that Greenlee wasn't exactly pristine herself, nor was she without guilt. Greenlee criticized Gillian for being unfaithful to her husband. Ryan defended Gillian, saying that she was going to come clean with Jake about Ryan that night. Greenlee responded in a sarcastic tone: "Welcome home from the trenches, by the way, I'm dumping you for my ex." Then she told Ryan to get a clue. Jake wasn't going give up his wife that easily. She threw the press conference in Ryan's face, reminding him of how Jake had looked at Gillian. Greenlee reasoned that if Jake were willing to fight so hard for the orphans in Chechnya, he would certainly do the same for his wife.

Gillian told Ryan there was no one like him as she gently touched his cheek. With a heavy sigh, she recounted the way Jake had taken care of her when she had been in the car accident. She talked about how patient Jake had been and how he had taught her to talk again. Jake laughed softly and said that he had taught her too well because he really liked the funny ways she would confuse the English language. Gillian told him that he had protected her and been so good to her that she had felt marrying him was the right thing to do. She talked about how after they had gotten married, everything had suddenly fallen apart and Jake had lost Colby. "We lost Colby", Jake corrected her referring to the fact that she too had suffered. Gillian reminded Jake that he left her without even saying goodbye leaving her to feel as though he no longer loved her. Jake apologized and said that he had not expected her to put her life on hold. Gillian emphasized to him that she really thought their marriage was over when he left. Jake said that experiencing all the suffering and tragedy in Chechnya made him realize that he and Gillian belonged together. Gillian didn't know what to say and Jake pleaded with her to just hold on to him not let go. Gillian looked at Jake with sadness and concern.

Back at S.O.S, Mateo offered Arlene a glass of milk. She turned her nose up to the offer, saying that she couldn't be paid to drink "moo juice." "No one is going to pay you to take care of your baby." Hayley replied dryly. Arlene insisted that there was no need to worry because she was going to take good care of herself and her little girl. Hayley told her that it was too soon to tell what the sex of the baby would be. Arlene, still smiling, said that she hoped she would have a girl. Hayley continued her jabs by replying, "Right, the daughter you never had." Mateo laughed at the way Hayley put her mother in her place. Arlene responded "Sweetie, I know I missed a lot of your growing up." Hayley was unmoved as she told her mother that "Blackouts will do that to you." Arlene changed the subject by telling Mateo to skip the milk and give her a diet soda. Hayley accused Arlene of planning to slip some booze into her cafienated beverage and asked if she had ever heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Arlene said that she was going to do this pregnancy by the book. "What book would that be, the bartender's manual?" Hayley asked Then Hayley wanted to know why Arlene wasn't home resting and Arlene told her that Adam was entertaining Liza and telling her the great news of their unexpected visitor. Hayley said not to expect Liza to throw a baby shower. Arlene couldn't wait to get home because she hoped to see the look on Liza's face when Adam gave her the news. She reached into her purse to pay her bill and Hayley pulled out the whiskey flask remarking about how it must have a honing device. Arlene argued that she just hadn't had a chance to dispose of it yet. Hayley's face showed her disgust as she tossed the flask to Mateo. Arlene looked guilty and quickly excused herself to leave. Hayley confided more of her sadness and worries for the baby. Mateo offered a solution to the problem - he and Hayley would adopt the baby.

Bianca tried to offer a positive thought to Leo, saying that maybe Greenlee had gotten Ryan out of her system. Leo said that there would just be more games because Greenlee made an Olympic event of playing mind games. He old Bianca that he was ready to leave and offered to take her home, but Bianca wanted to stay. She asked if Leo would be okay and Leo assured her that he was fine. After telling her that Greenlee didn't know what she was missing, Leo kissed Bianca on the cheek and told her goodnight.

Ryan told Greenlee that he and Gillian belonged together. He said that Greenlee and the Martins would just have to accept that fact. Greenlee continued to insist that Jake would fight for the woman he loved. Ryan said that Jake would lose her because Gillian was in love with Ryan. Greenlee said that Jake had saved Ryan's life. Ryan told her that he had saved Jake's life as well, so they were even. "Except you're trying to steal his wife", Greenlee pressed. Ryan said that he and Gillian hated for Jake to be hurt, but they loved each other and wanted to be together. Ryan went on to say that it was unfair for everyone involved, especially Jake, for Gillian to pretend to love Jake. Greenlee had a sudden realization. She said that she and Ryan were a lot alike in that they both continued to reach for the unreachable and hurt others in the process. Ryan said that he had never meant to hurt Greenlee. Greenlee said that she no longer felt the need to hurt Ryan because Jake Martin would do that for her and she only regretted that wouldn't be there to see it. She left.

Jake told Gillian goodnight as he kissed her head. After Jake went upstairs, Gillian began to cry. Joe walked in and Gillian ran to his arms for comfort.

Leo was at the boathouse holding a rose and remembering his last encounter with Greenlee. Greenlee interrupted his thoughts and said that she hadn't expected to find him there. Leo told Greenlee that he wasn't waiting for her and asked how Ryan was. Greenlee wanted to know how Leo knew she had been with Ryan. Leo told Greenlee that if there was one thing he had learned about her, it was that she always made a play for the obvious. Greenlee admitted to following Ryan to Wildwind and said that she realized that she was finally completely over him. Leo didn't believe her. Greenlee said that she didn't blame Leo for not believing her but that it was true. She said it really didn't matter what Leo believed because she would be out of life soon. Leo asked why and Greenlee told him that her grandparents had found out about the mess she had gotten herself into with Wade Randall and were sending her back to California. "Is this a joke?" Leo asked. "No, it's goodbye" Greenlee replied.

Hayley asked if Mateo was sure about adopting Arlene's baby. Mateo reasoned that he and Hayley would give the baby a lot of love, a wonderful home, and brothers and sisters to grow up with. Mateo said that he had been blessed with a very happy childhood and that his life continued to improve because of Hayley and he wanted to share that with the baby. Hayley looked adoringly at Mateo and told him that he was amazing. She held on to him tightly and smiled broadly, but her smile faded and she looked as if she had just remembered something or had a new concern.

Liza and Adam were still passionately embraced. Liza breathlessly asked Adam to take her upstairs. Adam stopped himself and said that he had something he needed to tell Liza - something that involved Arlene. Liza was caught up in the moment and didn't want to hear about Arlene. She told Adam that whatever the problem was, they would discuss and deal with it later. Liza and Adam lied back down on the couch and continued kissing. Arlene walked in and quietly snuck up on them. She looked jealous and angry as she told Liza not to start something she couldn't finish, otherwise she would end up like Arlene had in the "family way." Liza scoffed "Bluff away Arlene" as she buttoned her blouse and straightened her hair . Arlene told Adam to tell Liza the truth, but before he could open his mouth she blurted out "We're expecting." Liza looked to Adam to deny, but Adam wearily confirmed the news. Liza looked shock. Arlene had a very satisfied look on her face and she told Liza that Colby could be a big sister to Arlene's little baby.

Gillian cried to Joe that she hated Jake's situation and all that he had endured, saying that it was unfair. Joe told Gillian that he had not told Gillian about Jake's condition to make her feel guilty. He said that before Gillian, Jake had no direction in his life and made no future plans. Gillian, Joe said, gave Jake's life purpose and that she was what he had been searching for. Gillian said that she felt powerless. Joe told her that Jake was in for a real fight and he needed her. Gillian looks sad and stressed.

Liza asked Arlene who the father of her baby was. Arlene told her that Adam was the baby's father and that she was staying at Adam's insistence. Adam quickly told Liza that it was Hayley who had convinced him, that for the baby's sake, Arlene should stay for the time being. Liza told Arlene that she would do anything to keep her claws in Adam. Arlene took great pleasure in informing Liza that it was Adam who found her - in bed, and they had been too involved to worry about birth control. "You're beyond contemptible", Liza sneered. Adam told Liza not to let Arlene get to her. Liza told Arlene that if she thought that having Adam's baby was her ticket to ride, she would get what she had coming. Adam tried to stop Liza, but she stormed past him and left his home. Arlene made herself comfortable on the couch and remarked that she hoped Winifred had gone grocery shopping because she had a sudden craven for pistachio ice cream. Adam glared at Arlene.

Leo told Greenlee that she wasn't going anywhere without him. He rambled on and on about the two of them coming up with a plan for her to stay in Pine Valley or hitting the road together and surviving on their wits. Greenlee interrupted him with a long sensuous kiss. Leo asked what that was for and Greenlee smiled and said "For being so wonderfully, ultimately reachable." They continued to kiss as Creed's "Arms Wide Open" played in the background.

Joe told Gillian that she would have to make her own decisions and he didn't want to pressure her. He told her that his son needed her and asked her to do what she could to help him heal. Joe left Gillian alone. Arms Wide Open continued to play and we were left with glimpses of a very sad Gillian, Jake lying in bed unable to sleep, and Ryan surrounded by candles alone with his thoughts also.

PHOTO: Melissa Claire Egan is pregnant, and it's a [SPOILER]


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