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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, September 25, 2000

Lucinda and Iva try to convince Lily that she should put everything aside and accept her sister, Rose. Lily says that she will never accept that home wrecker. Rose pipes up and says that she knows that she will never accept her, because then she will have to admit that she owes her. Lily tells her that she doesn't owe her anything. Rose says that if she wasn't sick when she was born, the lawyer would have taken her and she would have lived like a queen. She goes on to say that she would have eaten off of silver platters and went to the best schools and had the best clothes. Lucinda tells Rose that she should not concentrate on Lily's wealth, which is not what this is all about. Lucinda tells Lily that if she had known she would have taken both the girls. Lucinda begs Lily to drop the charges against Rose. Lily says that Holden had her arrested, so it is up to him. Lucinda says that she should talk to Holden about it and Lily informs them that Holden has moved out and back to the farm with his mother. Rose turns her head and her mouth drops open. Lucinda says that she will fight her on this and Lily gets fed up and starts to leave when Corrine, the DA comes in. Lily asks why is she there? Lucinda tells her that she called her to come over so Lily would formally drop the charges. Lily, standing at the door, says that she is officially announcing that she has washed her hands of Rose D'Angelo. She tells Lucinda and Iva and Rose that she hopes they will be very happy together and she leaves.

Carly is sitting in the restaurant, the Lakeview and she is looking in the want ads for a job. Craig comes up to her and tells her to put her search aside, he is cashing in on their deal. He tells her that he wants to take her to dinner. Carly says that would be great. Is he in the mood for Chinese? He tells her that they will be dining at the Lakeview and they will be having a five-course meal. He tells her to run along and put on a nice dress.

Julia has just received flowers from David Stenbeck. His card says that he is congratulating her on her recent marriage to Jack Snyder and he knows that Jack doesn't know what she did to Carly to get him to the alter, but he does. She stares at the flowers in horror. She goes over to the flowers and throws them in the trash. Jack walks in and sees the flowers in the trash and he says that he thought that you were supposed to let them wilt a little before you throw them away. Julia laughs nervously and hides the note from David behind her. She makes up an excuse that they were making her nose itch and she thinks that she is allergic to them. Jack apologizes to her about the baby thing and he says that she should be able to bring up any subject in their house for discussion. He says to make it up to her; he wants to take her to dinner at the Lakeview. She says that she thinks that would be lovely.

David has escaped from prison and is sneaking around outside of Molly's house. He starts to pick the lock and Abigail opens the door. She asks if she can help him. He asks if Molly is at home. Abigail tells him that she is with her boyfriend, Jake. David explains that he is an old friend of Molly's and was in town on business and thought that he would stop and see her. Abigail offers to call Molly at Jake's house, but David tells her that won't be necessary. He tells Abigail that he has been traveling all day and has a headache. He asks if he could impose and ask for an aspirin. Abigail leaves to find him an aspirin. David goes to a bookcase and moves it to find an air duct. He takes off the cover and takes out a wad of bills. He says, "Oh yes, it is a rainy day." He moves the bookcase back and Abigail comes back with the aspirin and a glass of water. David says that he just remembered that he can't take aspirin because of his stomach and he has to be going. He says that when he sees Molly, he will tell her what a beautiful daughter she has. He adds, "Even more beautiful than she is." David leaves and Abigail closes the door.

Jack and Julia arrive at the Lakeview and are seated at a table. They start discussing their life and Jack says that he should have married her the first time and then they would be celebrating an anniversary. They start play-acting that they are celebrating their anniversary and they go back and forth about how their life has been. Julia brings up the children and Jack goes silent. Julia tells him that it is his turn and he says that he is going to order a glass of wine. Julia asks why he doesn't want to talk about children? She says that he told her that she could bring up any subject. She adds that she is not trying to rush him into having a baby. Jack asks why does she keep bringing it up, then? She says that she is wondering if he never wants to have children or is there a time frame. Jack's cell phone rings and when he answers it, it is the station, they need him to come in. When he hangs up, he tells Julia it was the station. Julia says that she gathered that. He says that if they have children, they will have to deal with times like this and he walks away. Julia follows. As they get to the door, Carly walks in and sees the Snyder's. She says hello and asks if they are celebrating something special. Julia tells her that they are just an old married couple out having dinner. Craig walks up and asks Carly if she is ready to be seated? Carly introduces Jack Snyder and Julia.....Snyder. Craig says hello and then they walk past the couple to sit at their table. Carly turns to look back and so does Jack. Julia takes a few steps and then says, "Let's go, Jack." Jack turns and walks past her. Julia rolls her eyes and walks out the door.

Later, Carly is wolfing down an ice cream sundae. She tells Craig that the old saying goes, "Time heals all wounds." But she thinks that ice cream does. She tells Craig that they couple she introduced him to, well she was engaged to Jack less that a year ago and Julia is his new wife. Craig understands. Carly says that it is getting late and she needs to retire. Craig says that it isn't that late. Carly stands up and says goodnight and leaves Craig sitting alone.

At Julia and Jack's house, Jack is getting ready to go to the station. He apologizes to Julia for leaving her alone. She comments that she has been alone most of the night. Jack wants to know what that means? She says that when Carly walked in, he got quiet and she knows that he is not over her yet. He informs her that he didn't say anything because he would go off on Carly and tell her what he thinks about her. Julia doesn't buy it. Jack says that he has to go and he is tired of discussing Carly. He tells Julia that if she needs him to call him on his cell phone and he leaves. Julia is disturbed with Jack and after he leaves she looks over at the desk and the flowers that she threw away earlier are back in the vase. This startles her and she looks around the room. From behind her, there is a shadow of a person coming down the stairs. The phone rings and it is Jack calling her. He tells her that he found out that David Stenbeck escaped from prison tonight. He tells her to keep the doors and windows locked and to stay awake. She says that she will and behind her David is sneaking up on her. She hangs up the phone and wrings her hands. David says, "Lover's quarrel?" Julia screams and turns around and sees David standing there. David says that he is sorry to drop in on her like this, but he was in the neighborhood and was just dying to see her.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

by CBS

Things are strained between Chris and Emily after their kiss. She threatens to fire him if it happens again and an annoyed Chris quits. As Chris is packing his things, Emily gets a call that David has escaped! At first, she's thrilled about getting the scoop, but later she realizes that she could be in danger. A frightened Emily begs Chris to stay with her and offers him his job back. Lily visits Simon, who has been out looking for a job as a mechanic. She reveals that Holden has moved out and he's shocked to hear that she and Rose are "supposedly" related. She admits she's confused and is leaving town with the kids to try to get her thoughts together. She asks him to stay in Oakdale until she comes back. Simon agrees, on the condition that when she returns, she chooses between him and Holden. Rose goes to the Snyder farm and offers Holden a heartfelt apology, but he's not interested. She refuses to take responsibility for breaking up his marriage; Lily's attraction to Simon is what wrecked it. She tells him that Lily is her twin and he accuses her of a brand new con. She admits that she's in love with him and asks him to drop the charges against her. Holden refuses to discuss it with her and leaves to verify Rose's story with Lucinda. David informs a terrified Julia that he needs her help to escape tonight. David keeps Julia in check by threatening her with a newspaper photo of Julia - with Winston Lowe! He taunts her with being the person who tipped Lowe off to Carly's whereabouts and threatens to tell Jack. Julia weakly denies, but David has her trapped. Julia obeys David, filing his handcuffs and cleaning his wounds. David demands that he drive her out of town now!

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Craig catches Katie trying to pry apart the earrings Winston gave Carly. Denise asks Isaac why he thinks Andy can walk. Jake tells Molly he's leaving on a trip that morning. When David threatens to show Jack the photo of Julia and Winston, Julia agrees to go with him. Craig shows Katie the microchips hidden inside the earrings. Emily worries when she can't get through to Jake to tell him about David's escape. Jake tells Molly he's going to Seattle on newspaper business, but Molly learns he has reservations to Pittsburgh.

Julia encounters a police roadblock while driving David out of town. Isaac lays out his case to a still-skeptical Denise and insists Andy did it because he wants her. Julia is stunned to see Hal manning the roadblock and tells him she's going to visit a sick friend, begging him not to tell Jack about it. David later praises her for her skill at lying.

Isaac provokes Denise's fury when he accuses her of staying with Andy for his money and family. Craig tells Katie he's looking for a buyer and warns her to stay away from the microchips. When Molly confronts Jake about his lie, Jake admits he's going to Lassiter, the town where he and Vicky grew up.

Emily arrives at Jake's at informs Molly that David's escaped. Molly decides not to tell Jake. Julia drops off David, but now before he grabs her and kisses her. He leaves behind a bloody rag in the back seat of Julia's car. When Craig questions Katie's loyalty and ability to keep silent, she reluctantly produces the earring she'd pocketed. An angry Craig tells his sister she has 5 minutes to convince him why he shouldn't throw her out.

Denise reluctantly agrees to Isaac's suggestion that she observe Andy at home and try to trick him into making a mistake. Craig is amused by Katie's pleas and agrees to let her stay. Alone, Katie vows revenge on the town. Julia breaks down when she returns home and frantically tries to clean it of all traces of David. Molly freaks out when she receives a phone call from someone singing "Beautiful Dreamer."

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Craig blackmails Isaac into hiring Bryant as a bartender. Craig orders Isaac to make sure that Bryant never knows how he got the job. Lucinda informs Bryant that their bet is over and he lost! He's starting in the City Times mailroom today. He compares her to his father. Lucinda threatens to throw him out if he doesn't report to work. Bryant takes off, but returns and agrees to take the job. Later, he gets a call from Isaac, offering him the bartending job. Molly is freaked out by the creepy phone call from a man singing, assuming it's David. When Abigail informs Molly that David was there, Molly calls the police. Molly comes clean about her relationship with David and apologizes for not confiding in Abigail. Abigail tells Hal that David told her he was visiting another friend in Oakdale. Molly and Abigail spend the night at Jake's to hide out from David. Lisa comes to check on Julia after hearing about David's escape. Julia finally admits that she helped Stenbeck escape. Lisa urges Julia to confess, but Julia reveals David knew of her connection to Winston Lowe. After talking to Molly and Abigail, Hal is certain that David's next stop was to visit Julia. Hal questions Julia, who fabricates a story about why she didn't see her friend last night. He tells her that he doesn't buy it.

Friday, September 29, 2000

Isaac informed Ben of Denise's visit and her willingness to consider that perhaps Isaac was right about Andy faking his paralysis. When Denise arrived home from her talk with Isaac, Andy was suspicious about where she had been, what she had been doing, and with whom. Denise lied to him and told him that she had trouble sleeping and went for a walk. Andy asked her point blank if she had seen Ben on her walk and sarcastically inquired as to whether or not Ben had helped her to relax. Denise told him that no, she did not see Ben, but that she had been thinking about their marriage and had come to a decision. She told Andy that she had decided to hire a physical therapist to come to their home to aid in his recovery. Andy then grabbed Denise and surprised her with an impromptu kiss just as John arrived at the house. After Denise left, John told Andy that Ben's hearing was set for next week and that he needed to be prepared for his testimony.

A distraught Holden arrived at Jake's apartment to check on Abigail. He berated Molly for not telling him about David Stenbeck's visit to Molly's place and his subsequent interaction with Abigail. Holden convinced Molly to let Abigail come home with him for her own safety. Abigail balked at leaving her mother, but eventually gave in and left with her father.

Jack visited the park next to his childhood home and ran into two children, a boy and a girl, who reminded him of he and Vicky when they were kids. Jake sat on a swing in the park and had a long, solitary talk with his dead wife. He told Vicky that he had found someone else and wanted her to give him a sign that she was happy he was moving on with his life.

Hal told Julia that he was having a tough time believing her story. Jack was horrified to find a bloody rag in Julia's car while moving it into the garage. He ran into the house thinking the worst, and found Hal grilling his wife. After Hal left, Julia nervously tried to convince Jack that everything was fine. He confronted her with the bloody rag and demanded to know what was going on and where all of the blood came from. Julia lied to him and told him the blood was hers from a cut she received a long time ago. Jack told her the blood was obviously fresh and looked to be from a serious injury. He begged Julia to tell him the truth. Julia finally admitted that the blood belonged to David Stenbeck and that Stenbeck had forced her to drive him to Chicago the previous night. At that moment, Hal called to give them the news that David Stenbeck was dead.



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