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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on GH
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Monday, September 18, 2000

As Zander prepared to shoot his way out of the clinic, Emily convinced him to remain calm. The police officer at the clinic was there to pick up his medicine, but he questioned Emily and Zander. Taggert told Gia that their mother had a heart attack and wondered how Gia heard the news and got to Port Charles so fast. When Lucky asked Helena about his missing memories, she told him he should try to forget what happened. Helena used her catchphrase to keep Lucky under control. Bobbie comforted a distraught Liz and later shared a happy reunion with Roy. Luke tried to bluff his way out of an arrest, but the agents weren't buying his act. Jason went upstairs to console Carly while Sonny reiterated to Alexis that he wasn't going to force Carly into marriage. Emily made up a story that the police officer believed and she and Zander were relieved when he left. Juan told Hannah everything he knew about Gia. Gia, meanwhile explained to Taggert that she was listed as their mother's next of kin and lied that she sped to get there. Bobbie received a phone call from London and was told that Luke had been arrested. Hannah spilled the truth about Gia to Taggert. Jason tried to persuade Carly into believing that Sonny really wanted to marry her. Sonny overheard her say that she would marry Sonny, but only because Jason wanted her to. Nikolas worried that Luke's arrest would ruin everything he and Lucky had built. Bobbie and Roy informed Nikolas of Luke's arrest. Lucky told Roy to make sure Luke didn't get Roy arrestd as well. Taggert felt responsible for the trouble Gia was in because he left home and the pressure was transferred to Gia. After Jason calmed Carly down, she and Sonny exchanged vows at last.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Chloe asked Stefan to help her find her special bracelet when she lost it searching for an escape route. Stefan warned her again to stay away from the cliffs. Taggert yelled at Gia for all of her criminal manipulations and Gia dared him to arrest his own sister. Worried about Luke and scared about Roy's safety, Bobbie asked Roy to promise her not to go off on any more wild adventures. Zander and Emily escaped out of the clinic's window when the sheriff came back. Roy asserted that Bobbie had to trust him because he wasn't going to settle down into a boring, predictable life. Bobbie called Mac to get info on Luke's trial and Felicia picked up instead. Officially married, Carly and Sonny directed Jason and Alexis to stay for a small celebration. Sonny later thanked Jason for persuading Carly to go through with the wedding. Jason said he did it because he knew Carly and Sonny would be happy together. Stefan reiterated to Chloe that instead of trying to find a way off the island, they should concentrate on using her dreams to defeat Helena. Gia mouthed off to Hannah when Hannah tried to intercede in her argument with Taggert. Felicia delivered the news to Mac about Luke's arrest and Mac immediately went into cop mode. Alexis and Carly had a frank talk and Alexis told her that she believed Carly had deeper feelings for Sonny. Carly respected her opinion because she knew that Sonny did. Stefan questioned Chloe about her feelings for Jax and was amazed that she was so forgiving. Mac asked Felicia what her plans were now that Luke was arrested. Even though everyone left, Sonny told Carly he would give her whatever kind of celebration she wanted. Emily tried to convince Zander to let her get in touch with her family, but he refused. They came to a strange understanding of each other. Taggert, Hannah, and Juan ganged up on a defensive Gia. Later, Gia and Taggert shared a warm moment when they got news that their mother would be okay. Felicia told Mac that she and the girls were going back to Port Charles with him as planned. Chloe cried as she remembered her happy days with Jax. Sonny cooked a meal for Carly and they managed to get through a nice evening together.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Bobbie patiently waited at the Police Station for the chance to see her brother. Finally she ran into Hannah who Okayed her visit with him. Bobbie told him how worried she has been over him. Luke told her not to worry because he is innocent and it would be proven. After all there is no weapon, no body, and no evidence. Bobbie just shook her head. She told Luke that she had left word for Alexis so that she could represent him in this situation. Luke asked about Lucky. He asked Bobbie to tell Lucky first that he had been captured and not to find out in the papers. She said consider it done. She asked if Luke wanted to see Lucky. He responded yes, but only if Lucky wanted to see him of his own volition.

Garcia reported to Hannah their observation of Sorel. Garcia told Hannah that Sorel had been keeping his nose clean and he only had one meeting with Emily's brother. Hannah asked did Jason try to hurt Sorel, but Garcia interrupted to say it was the other brother AJ. Hannah told him that was not possible. Garcia said that AJ had been positively identified during surveillance. Hannah decided to go and try to convince AJ to stay away from Sorel. She arrived at his suite and to her surprise AJ actually tried to get rid of her. He told her that he had a meeting that could not wait. Hannah continued to converse with him saying how much of a change this is that she was trying to convince him to stay. AJ was becoming quite agitated because Hannah would not leave; finally Hannah opened his brief case to see a bundle of money. She asked AJ if he was trying to buy off Sorel. AJ said yes he had money, Sorel was greedy, and he needed to do what ever was necessary to bring Emily back. Hannah tried and tried to keep AJ from leaving but he refused and let her standing in the suite. Hannah was stumped, but she made one last attempt. She went to see Jason and begged him to help his brother. Jason refused at first, but Liz convinced him to make the effort to save his brother from the uncertain danger of Sorel. Jason came upon AJ at the pier waiting for Sorel. Jason began to talk to AJ and point out all the reasons why he should not give money to the man who wants both Emily and Zander dead. Finally a light went off in AJ's head. AJ conceded and agreed not to meet with Sorel.

Jason and Liz were talking at Kelly's. Jason was telling Liz about Carly and Sonny's wedding. He even went into details about how Carly really is beginning to love Sonny and vice versa, even though the wedding did occur out of convenience (is there friendship growing or what?). Liz then went on to tell Jason about everything Nikolas, Lucky, and she were doing to gather more information about Zander. Jason warned Liz about them offering money to get information because there are some unscrupulous people out there who would lie just to get the money. She told Jason that they had discovered one lead about Zander partying at Raves in Albany and that the group was planning a trip there to search for Emily. Jason warned her again not to go about things in this manner, but Liz told him that they were going to continue. Next Lucky and Nikolas showed up at Kelly's to talk to Liz. Jason voiced his opinion again to the group, he told them he was not going to ask them to stop looking for Emily, but just not to continuing offering money. After Jason left, Bobbie arrived and asked to talk to Lucky alone. She told him that she had been to visit her brother. Lucky told her she could speak in front of Nikolas. She told Lucky that Luke had been caught and is being held in Port Charles. She also mentioned that Luke would like to see him. Lucky refused. Liz jumped in and pointed out a couple reasons why Lucky should visit his father, but Lucky remained unchanged. Bobbie left and then Nikolas, Lucky, and Liz sat down to discuss the trip to Albany. Nikolas volunteered to stay in Port Charles while Liz and Lucky went to Albany. He said that they would do better if they split up and one person stayed behind as a control. All agreed. Lucky said he had to go so he said his good-bye for now. Liz thanked Nikolas for offering to stay behind and give her and Lucky a chance to be alone and given a chance to be together.

Ned went to the penthouse to visit Alexis, only to find that Eddie's Angel's popularity had grown exponentially. Alexis' place was filled with flowers from all her admirers. Ned apologized again for the problems, but Alexis told him not to worry she is handling this and he should be concentrating on Emily and his family. Ned told her he could really use a distraction of any sort. The two of them played around for a while and then Alexis decided to check her messages. She received a voice mail from Bobbie asking her to represent Luke. Alexis was apprehensive, but appreciated the fact that people still thought of her as an able attorney. She met with Luke at the station. He was glad to see her. Luke asked her straight away if she thought he killed Stefan. Alexis told him no because she knew it was Helena's doing. Alexis then decided she had to tell Luke about Eddie's Angel. Luke was quite tickled by her story, but he was not bothered by it in the least. He was comfortable with Alexis being his attorney.

Bobbie and Felicia met to catch up with one another. Bobbie immediately asked Felicia about Mac and how the vacation went. Felicia confessed that Mac wanted to take it slow, but he is willing to give them a 2nd chance. Felicia indicated that she still felt torn and confused because of Luke. Felicia feels that she should stand by Luke because he needs her, but since she and Mac are starting to reconnect, she does not know what to do. Bobbie was quite stunned by her friend's comments. But she advised her to what would make her happy, because ultimately Luke wants her to be happy. Felicia reached down for her purse to show Bobbie pictures of her trip when she realized that she had Mac's pager. Immediately she jumped up and said she had to get down to the station to return the pager. Bobbie thought it was odd, but did not comment to Felicia. When she arrived at the station she was unable to locate Mac right off. She chatted with Dara for a moment and thanked her for her! support. The Dara said that she would go and find Mac for Felicia. Once Dara left, Felicia turned around to look in the interrogation room. Her eyes spotted Luke and right after that instance, Mac showed up. He took offense and said she was at the station to see Luke. Felicia quickly regrouped and showed Mac the pager and said that was why she was there. Mac apologized for his assumption. Felicia said it was okay and invited him for dinner with her and the girls. Mac accepted the dinner invitation and also invited her for lunch now. As they left the station together Luke spotted Felicia leaving with Mac and was hurt she did not visit him.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Ned and Lila talked about Alexis and how marriage might solve the whole thing, when Edward walks in with Eddy's Angle on the front page of the town newspaper. Meanwhile, Stephen learns some disturbing news about Chloe putting her life in danger. Stephen has a talk about Chloe's near death experience. Liz informs Tammy of her trip and they begin to talk about Lucky and his feelings for Liz. Felicia and Maxie have a talk about Felicia's feelings for Luke and that Felicia told Maxie she will not run out on her and Georgie ever again. Alexis informs Dara that Mrs. Corinthos will not be deposed for the case against Sonny Corinthos. Dara then threatens to prove this marriage a fraud.

Monica tells Dr. Townsend that she would like to stop the fertility treatments and wants to wait. Edward then tells Monica that stopping the treatments was a bad idea. Monica & Lila thought he was out of his mind and that something was wrong. Alexis also informs Luke that Mac brought the search warrant up alone, which would take Luke off the case.

Ned tells Alexis about the paper and is about to tell Lila's story and propose to her, but at that moment she leaves in a hurry to the station for Luke, where she learns that the judge of Luke's case has disposed her off the case. Lucky and Nikolas share their good-byes and Lucky goes to pick up Liz and they run into Helena at the pier. Mike walks into Kelly's and he congratulates Carly on the not-so-shocking news. He then tells Carly that she makes Sonny calm, happy and that she will be the one for Sonny. As Mike leaves, Bobbie walks in and they have a talk about Carly's ceremony and feelings for Sonny. Bobbie convinces Carly that Sonny does really love her and Carly decides to try to tell Sonny that she has feelings for him. Roy visits Luke and covers up the microphones so the police won't hear their conversation on how Roy tried to help Luke come back.

Friday, September 22, 2000

Zander apologetically ties Emily up and leaves her near a stable while he goes searching for fresh supplies. At the hospital, AJ offers Hannah his support but she reminds him that she needs no help looking after Taggert. Luke grouses to learn that Alexis will no longer be able to represent him. Chloe awakens from a dream to find Stefan staring down at her. An indignant Liz intervenes when she spots Helena working her wiles on Lucky yet again. Angry with the girl's interference, Helena later makes plans to prevent Liz from ruining her master plan. As he waits for news about a possible lead on his sister, Jason is forced to play marriage counselor once more for nervous newlyweds Carly and Sonny. Zander returns to the stable and is surprised to discover that Emily had a chance to escape but elected not to take it. Lucky finally breaks down and confesses to Liz how he's been having memory lapses and other mental problems. Nikolas lends Gia an understanding ear when she bemoans her lifelong inability to please her demanding mother. Sonny and Carly manage to find the perfect wedding gifts for one another.

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