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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on GL
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Monday, September 18, 2000

At the Country Club:
Claire and Alan are dining and seem to be a having a good time. They are both discussing how their children hate them. Claire says that Michelle only hates her half the time, which is alright because she is tired of being hurt. Claire asks Alan about Harley. Alan says that Phillip has married beneath him and he prefers Beth who is a classy lady with a desire to please. He wants his grandchildren home. James is a Spaulding and deserves to be raised as one. Alan pours some champagne while Claire asks him if Phillip hates him. He says sometimes hates him and sometimes they are rivals. Claire tells him that she admires him. He flatters her and says she is sexy and intelligent.

Rick and Michelle come in and are seated and notice Claire and Alan. Michelle says she doesn't know what to do with Claire. Michelle is talking to Rick and says her marriage is over even if she thinks about Danny all the time. She tells him that school has started and she is happy she can concentrate on that now.

Harley and Phillip enter the club and see Claire and Alan. They ignore them and walk over to greet Rick and Michelle. They go on to their table and Harley brings up Susan confronting her about the adoption and how it hurt her but she feels it may have been even worse for Buzz. She feels that it may have brought up a lot of the past and how Buzz dumped her and Frank as kids. Phillip tells her that Buzz will be okay and that what Susan said may have been for the best. Phillip tells her that these things have been brewing since Susan first came to Springfield and now that it is out in the open things should only get better. He tells her that it isn't like his relationship with Susan, since she likes hating him. Harley thanks him for supporting her through the whole situation. He tells her that he loves her and wants to help her. Phillip and Harley are wondering if Claire and Alan are a couple. They figure it is a match made in hell. Harley tells Phillip they can leave now and can eat somewhere else. They walk over to Rick and Michelle's table and say good night to them. Michelle tells Rick she feels queasy and then faints. Claire rushes over as Rick picks Michelle up in his arms.

At the LeMays':
Beth offers Susan something to eat. Susan wants to know if she poisoned it. Beth tells her that she resisted the temptation. The doorbell rings and it is Edmund. He walks over to Susan and asks where she has been. Susan puts a pillow over her face. Edmund starts to tease her. He wants to know all the details telling her that he may want to find a decent hiding place in SF sometime. She says she was in the lighthouse and he tells her he will keep that in mind. They talk about Phillip and the fistfight and Susan wondered why he didn't hit Phillip back. He tells her your best weapon is often your intelligence. Susan listens to Edmund explain his theory. Edmund says that punching out is an expression of a lack of intelligence; it is better to use one's brain and use restraint. You should find your opponent's weak spot. It is more effective and more fun. Susan says she wishes she would have known that sooner. Edmund says you learn from your mistakes and suggest she read, "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli. He tells her that the pope banned the book and Susan perks up. She figures it must be good then. He tells her it is a book is about hardball politics and that Machiavelli sees that it is better to be feared then to be loved. Edmund says that being skillful is better than being trustworthy. Susan laughs a little and says she wants to read the book and goes to look it up on the Internet. Beth says that is the first time she has seen Susan smile in weeks. Edmund says there is no woman he cannot charm. Beth brings out some tea and asks Edmund why he is there. He told her that he had some business and had hitched a ride on the royal jet with Richard and Cassie. They discuss the construction accident and Josh and Reva. Beth thanks him for talking to her the other day and that said that it all ended up just as he said it would. She wants to know what kind of business Edmund is there for. He tells her he will talk to her about it when it is over. Jim walks into the house and sees Edmund who says, "Here I am again." Jim says he comes home and finds him alone with his wife again and though he would love to belt him he won't because he has learned from past experiences and won't get upset. Edmund says he will leave while he is ahead and tells Beth he will be in touch. Jim doesn't want any details since he already has to deal with a depressed daughter. Beth says that Edmund made Susan laugh. Jim is shocked. Beth brings the baby down and she and Jim play with him. Susan comes down and asks her dad if she can borrow his credit card to order a book. He tells her that she can get on the bus and go to the bookstore and buy the book. She asks if that means he trusts her again and he tells her he trusts her to go to the bookstore and back. He hands her $10. Susan hugs him and leaves. Jim tells Beth that he hopes they are out of that book. Beth tells him that Edmund recommended it. Jim says that the book is probably Edmund's Bible.

Beth and Jim are discussing the baby's christening. She wants to have coffee and cake either there or at a restaurant. Jim says whatever she wants. He has mixed feelings about inviting Phillip but knows it's the right thing to do. Beth hopes he won't show, but if he does, Harley will keep him in line. Jim still thinks of Phillip as a threat. He says he is like Tarzan. Beth loves that about him and makes her feel safe. Jim says that whatever magic Edmund is working with Susan is fine with him. They need to talk about godparents. Beth suggests Susan as the godmother since Harley and Phillip isn't such a great idea. Jim is happy that she would think of Susan. Beth says that she needs to ask Phillip but he should be okay. Beth walks away, and looks pensive while Jim plays with the baby.

At Company:
Blake tells Selena that Ross is in Chicago on a case and he still doesn't want to be married. She tells her that she can't stand it and would marry him anywhere. She says she will gather her energy and plot a new strategy. Selena wants to talk about the novel. Blake asks about Susan. Selena says that she has seen young girls run off and get taken in and put on drugs so they would turn tricks. Blake says that would never happen to Susan but Selena says she has seen it happen more times than she cares to remember. They talk about the novel again and Selena starts to tell a story. She says she worked as a dancer in a 40's club years ago and she met a guy there that she will call "Mike." She tells her he came in all the time and they started dating. She later found out he was married but it was too late. She had already fallen from him. He protected her from a stalker and was someone who she could share everything with but he was involved in organized crime, a mob boss. She tells Blake that he had to have been the most incredible guy in the world. Selena says after the stalker thing happened, she and Mike became lovers. She knew he was married, but she felt like she could tell him anything. He said he was unhappy with his wife, who had a bad temper but with her he could relax and be happy with her. The years went by and it finally fell apart when he wanted to leave his wife and he couldn't because of the wife's threats. Selena said she never got to say good-bye to him and some people picked him up one night and took him to a hotel room and beat him so badly that his mother couldn't recognize him. He died in his wife's arms. Selena didn't go to the funeral. She is upset and Blake hugs her. Blake says she has a lot of admiration for her and this will make a good book. Selena says that no one can know that the story is hers. The secret is very dangerous. Blake reassures her that everyone will think it is pure fiction.

At Millennium:
Danny is showing Tony the plans for the casino. There will be buttons to hide all the equipment in the walls in case of a police raid. Marah enters the place and Tony asks who she is. Tony is "in love" with her. Danny says that is Marah Lewis and her father; uncle and cousin will come after him if he tries anything. Marah is only 17 and he should leave her alone. Tony insists Marah wants him. Marah mentions Ray to Danny and asks about him. Tony wants Danny to introduce them but Danny refuses and Marah laughs. Marah introduces herself to Tony. She says that her cousin Bill is dating Pilar. Tony says Danny thinks he would be a bad influence on her. Danny tells Tony, "Let's go" and pulls him away. Danny wants to know why Tony doesn't understand him. He wants him to stay away from Marah. Tony agrees, but then walks towards the door when Danny leaves.

Outside the club, Tony calls to Marah. She is playing around and hiding from him. She is flirting with him. He says she is a little girl who likes to play games. She says that is his hang up. He tells her Danny wants him to stay away from her. Marah says that they could meet up at the movies and Danny wouldn't have to know about it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Rick tells Michelle that she has to go in for a checkup that morning since she fainted last night. She refuses to go and Claire comes in with her medical bag. Claire gives her a little exam while Michelle tells her that she is just stressed out. Claire takes some blood as she realizes Michelle's symptoms are lightheadedness and nausea. Claire gets the tubes and gives them to Rick. He is going to drop them off at the lab. Michelle tells them to get lost so she can have some peace and quiet. Claire starts to leave and Michelle asks her to stick around. Claire is shocked that Michelle wants her to stay and says that she is now lightheaded. She sits down at the table with Michelle.

Claire offers to help Michelle study if she needs it. Michelle thinks that may be great. She asks Claire how everything is going at the hospital. Claire is happy there and said that there are a lot of nice people there. Michelle asks about Alan Spaulding and Claire tells her that there is nothing going on there, yet. Claire tries to change the subject but Michelle wont let it drop. She tells her that Alan has a very bad reputation. Claire tells her that she does as well. She offers to fix her a bite to eat and then leaves.

Claire comes back in and tells Michelle that she is pregnant.

At the Lewis's:
Noah shows up. He and Reva talk about the sweatshop and Reva tells him that she is going to get to the bottom of things ASAP. Frank comes over and tells Reva that he just went to the factory and the whole thing was cleaned out. Reva was ticked off. Frank tells her that there isn't much they can do and that the situation is typical. Frank tells her that he has a friend, Charlie Myles, that is on the case and may be able to find out something. Reva is ready to go and Noah asks to go too. They all leave, Noah looks nervous.

At Cedar's:
Olivia is feeding Josh. He is being ornery. He doesn't like the food and is tired of being in that place. Olivia tells him if he isn't going to eat they are going to exercise. She tells him to get up so they can walk down the hall. He groans and says he can't get up. Olivia tells him she will give him an incentive and starts unbuttoning her shirt. Josh cheats and moves the bed up into a sitting position to kiss her. Marah stands in the window staring at them. Josh tells Olivia to smile and act normal. Marah comes in and tells them that there is a big window providing them with an audience. She asks when Josh is coming home and he says in a few days. Marah said she is going to get ahead in her assignments so she can move in with him and take care of him. Josh and Olivia look shocked. Josh tells her that it is a generous offer but he will be able to manage. Marah tells him that she will rearrange her schedule and will be there to help out. He tells her that she won't do that for him. He tells her that she is welcome to come over and bug him any time but she can't move in. Marah mentions Reva and Josh said that Reva hadn't even had time to visit him. Marah tells him that Reva had been there yesterday for over an hour. Josh turned and asked Olivia why she said Reva hadn't been there. Olivia tells them that she had to leave for a while that morning and maybe Reva was there when she was gone. Marah couldn't believe that Josh doesn't remember Reva being there. Josh tells Marah to go to school and be a good girl. Marah leaves. Outside the room she says she doesn't want to be a good girl. She calls Millennium and asks if Tony Santos is there. She finds out he is there and leaves.

Josh tells Olivia that he thought it was strange that Reva wasn't there and is glad to know she was there. Olivia apologizes. He apologizes to her for going on about Reva again. She tells him that it is okay but they have to get working on his exercises. They kiss again.

Claire comes in and runs into Alan. He tells her that he is there to try to keep out of a legal battle. He is scared Josh may sue him. So he brought a few contracts to make things more appealing to him. He asks about Michelle and Claire tells him that she will be fine. She tells him that she hated cutting their date short and hopes they can make it up later. They flirt a little and Alan invites her to dinner that evening at his house. She agrees and they part.

At the factory site:
Charlie comes out and yells at Reva. He tells her that they don't have the resources to be going around looking at empty buildings. Reva tells him that things were there just the day before. She said, she was told of the place by Diego, who said he and his wife were brought there in cages to work. Charlie tells her that she should have told him before going over there scaring off people and now there is no case. He tells her that he has a mind to arrest her for wasting the federal governments time. Reva starts yelling back and Charlie leaves. Frank goes after him and apologizes. He tells Charlie that they are friends who do each other favors. Charlie tells him they don't anymore. Reva comes out and says that she thinks they should talk to Charlie's superiors. She said she wills call Congresswoman Stone and ask her for help. Noah tells her that may not be a good idea and Frank tells her that is a good way to make more enemies. Noah tells Reva that she can't go over a pro like Charlie. Noah gets Frank to back him up. Reva can't believe that he is suggesting that they forget it after what they know. Noah tells Reva that the people who treat people like animals aren't people that she needs to go after. He said it isn't a game and those people will make her disappear. He tells her that he refuses to tell her kids that she was killed because of a man she didn't even know. Reva sees what he means and tells him she will drop the whole thing for good. Noah thanks her. Reva tells him to go on to work and Frank will give her a lift home. Noah leaves. Frank knew that Reva was lying about dropping things. Reva offers to let Frank back out of helping but he says that he is in it for the long haul.

At Millennium:
Marah walks in and goes over to see Tony. He tells her that she can't be there with him or Danny will get him. He tells her that she has to leave. She tells him that she isn't going anywhere. He tells her that if she is there when Danny gets there he will tell him that she came there on her own and she better back him up. She tells him that he is scared and all talk and no action. He grabs her and kisses her. She walks out in a daze. Outside, Marah can't stop smiling. Marah is still smiling when Danny gets there. Danny goes in and asks Tony about Marah. He laughs at Tony when he acts stupid about not knowing who Marah is. Danny hands Tony a one-way ticket back to Chicago and tells him that he is glad he held onto it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Michelle questions Claire about the pregnancy and she tells her that it is definitely sure. Claire suggests she tell Danny but Michelle tells her it is too late for that, Danny is with the Santos now. Claire asks her if this changes how she feels about Danny and the divorce. Michelle said it doesn't and now she has to protect more then herself. Claire is glad. Michelle says that she has to tell him though. Claire tells Michelle that she doesn't have to tell him because medically it is just a few multiplying cells and she can sever this last tie with Danny once and for all. Claire thinks she should have an abortion. Michelle says that she can't and thinks Claire wants her too. Claire tells her that Danny will use the baby to tie her to the Santos family forever. Michelle tells her he wouldn't do that and the baby will be a Bauer not a Santos. Claire said that the mob families would use the baby to get to Danny and put the baby in danger. Michelle said she would be worried if Carmen was still alive but she isn't. Michelle tells Claire that Danny will let them go and be safe. Michelle tells her that she is trying to tell her the only way to protect the baby is to deny it life and she doesn't want to do that. Michelle is upset and wants some time to think but Claire tells her that she doesn't have time and needs to decide now. Michelle is crying. Claire tells her that she will not be happy or fulfilled with Danny and then there is med school. Claire tells her that she has to think of these things now. Michelle wonders why Claire wants this and wonders if it is because Abortion is legal and smothering a screaming baby isn't. Claire is stunned. She apologizes and says that she just wants to be part of her life now. Michelle tells Claire that it is convenient because she is all grown up now. But unlike Claire, she wants diapers and crying. She wants a baby. Claire tells her that she wants that for her just not with Danny. Rick comes up and Claire leaves to meet Alan. Michelle asks him if he also thinks it is a terrible thing. Rick tells her that he thinks it is great and they could really use a sweet little baby around the house. He hugs her and tells her to take vitamins and drink juice and milk. She hugs him and tells him that Claire just spent the longest time telling her to get an abortion. Michelle tells him that Claire was talking about Danny and his rights. Rick said she will get sole custody and he and Meta and her will raise the baby together. Michelle thanks him and he fixes her a snack. He leaves to go take a shower and Michelle pulls off her wedding ring and looks at it. At the same time, at Millennium, Danny is looking at his but leaves it on his hand.

At Millennium:
Danny tells Tony to pack his things and he will take him to the bus stop himself. Tony asks to explain and tells him how Marah comes in and starts coming onto him. He tells Danny that he ignored Marah because of Danny and that she left and then Danny came in. Danny tells him that he will go take a look and look at the videotape. He pulls the surveillance tape out and puts it in the VCR. Danny plays the tape and sees the kiss. Tony says that it looks like he is kissing her but she is kissing him and is stronger then a wrestler so he couldn't break the hold. Danny is buying it. Tony keeps talking and tells Danny that he couldn't help it, she is beautiful. Tony promises it wont happen again and Danny gives him another chance. He picks up the ticket to Chicago and says he will hold on to it. Reva and Frank walk in, Danny points out Marah's mom to Tony who leaves. They sit at the bar and ask Danny if they can talk to him. Reva and Danny talk about Josh a little and then Reva tells Danny about Diego. Reva thinks with the Santos ties Danny may be able to help Reva find out something. Danny goes to make some calls and Reva and Frank go have a seat. Reva tells Frank that she hopes Danny's family has nothing to do with it.

Danny goes into the next room and calls Abuela and asks her who is supplying illegal immigrants to Springfield. He asks her if they are in on it. Danny tells Abuela that Reva and Frank are there and he wants to help them out. Abuela apparently lied to Danny and said that they had nothing to do with it. Danny asked her to put the word out and see if she can find out anything. He goes out and tells Reva and Frank that he is looking into it but it wasn't a Santos operation. They leave and some strange man that was sitting at the bar follows them out.

At the LeMay's:
Harley comes upon Susan who is still reading, "The Prince." Harley tells her she is bringing some of her things over and wanted to talk to her a minute. Susan is ignoring her best she can but Harley keeps trying. Susan tells Harley that everything is lousy and that she doesn't really care to talk about it. Susan asks if they can just forget about what she said at Company about wishing Harley had an abortion. Harley tells her that she can't forget it and thinks they need to talk things through. Susan tells Harley that she didn't mean any of that and she knows better. Harley tells her that she loves her and is beyond proud of her. Susan tells her that she used to think about what things were like for Harley and how she did what she thought was right for her. Harley tells her that she didn't know what she should do. Harley tells her that there are things she wants to tell her and wants to be honest with her. Harley told Susan that when she was pregnant she pretended that she wasn't pregnant. She knew she was but thought if she pretended long enough it wouldn't be. She tells her that Frank was working in a chop shop to support them and it would have been too much for him. She said she pretended she was sick and cut school to hide her condition but Frank found out anyhow. She tells Susan that Frank loved her and took her to a clinic that asked her what she wanted to do. She said she didn't know and they asked her about adoption and Harley told her that was fine. Susan started crying thinking that Harley never cared. Harley said that she has to believe her when she tells her that after she was taken from her she felt so empty and alone and missed her more then she thought she could. Susan said she is relieved that Harley was honest with her. She asked when Harley started missing her. Harley tells her that she really felt it when she was pregnant with Zack. They were both honest to each other and crying. Harley tells Susan that she is stuck with her.

At the Lewis's:
Tony is ringing the bell. Marah answers and he walks in. He tells her that if anyone asks, she kissed him at Millennium. Marah tells Tony that he is full of himself and a liar. He tells her that he only told Danny because he saw it on the club surveillance video. She agreed and tells her that he owes her. He asks her where they can go so she can collect. She tells him about a roadhouse down the road. She tells him that she would meet him there but he said he would take her and escort her like a gentleman. She goes up to get dressed.

In Frank's car:
Frank and Reva are talking about the INS and immigrates coming in illegally. Reva feels she owes Diego for helping Josh and she thinks his wife has a right to be at the funeral and know that he thought of her in his last moments. A car comes up behind them with their lights on very bright. Frank asks Reva if she has her seatbelt on and points out the car behind them. seconds later the car behind them slams into them several times.

At the Spauldings':
Vicky is filling Alan in on what is going on with the PR. He thanks her and tells her that she did well. Claire walks in and tells Alan to fix her a drink. She greets Vicky slightly and then snubs her.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

In Frank's car:
Frank drives the car out of the ditch and asks Reva if she is okay. She says she is fine but wants to know who forced them off the road. Frank follows them to find out. He tells Reva that whoever it is, they made a big mistake messing with them. Reva says maybe they are jumping to conclusions. Frank calls in an APB on the car telling David that they were rear ended and pushed off the road. He wants the police to meet him at Reva's. She wants Noah there too. Frank tells Reva this may not be safe for her and her kids. Reva wants to keep her promise to Diego.

At the Spaulding Estate:
Claire is sitting down in the study with Alan smoking a cigar. Alan tells her it is nice to see a woman that appreciates a good cigar. She tells him that she has always had a taste for the finer things in life. Alan tells her that he has a house full of the fine things for her to discover and appreciate. They are flirting back and forth pretty heavily. Claire kisses Alan and Vicky walks in. She is looking for some papers and Alan is trying to get rid of her so he can continue his date. She starts complaining about work and how under-appreciated she is there. Alan tells Vicky that business can wait while he is entertaining but Vicky disagrees. She tells him that she is only trying to cover his assets and he shouldn't have hired the negligent demolition crew. Finally, Vicky leaves and Alan apologizes to Claire for her behavior. Claire tells her that her family problems are a lot worse then his ever thought of being. He goes toward Claire to get back to their evening and Richard walks in. He asks for a few moments of his time. Alan introduces Claire and Richard and she leaves to wait in the garden. (Claire seemed very taken with Richard.) Richard apologizes to for interrupting Alan's date but wanted to talk to him about Spaulding. He tells Alan that he feels he must cancel the deal Spaulding has with San Cristobel because of all the problems the crew is having including the recent death of a worker. Alan tries to appeal to Richard for another chance but Richard feels it is the only way to go. Vicky is listening by the door and finally goes in talking about the charity's Alan is donating to. She sees Richard and acts like she didn't know he was there. She tells him all about the safety measures Spaulding has came up with for the construction in San Cristobel and offers to let him look at the papers. Richard tells her that he has to be at the Lewises' and doesn't have time to look over it right now. Vicky tells him that she will send the specs over to him in the morning. Richard thanks her and leaves. Vicki tells Alan that he needs to thank her for saving his bacon. He thanks her and she leaves telling Claire that Alan is all hers. Alan says, what is left of him. Claire wants to salvage his evening but Alan is cranky and needing to concentrate on business. He tells her that he has to work all night to save the SC contracts. He tells her that Vicki put out the PR but Alan has to follow through with the actual proposals. Claire says she has never had her evening interrupted by royalty. Alan promises to make it up to her.

At the Lewises':
Marah has changed clothes and is getting ready to leave with Tony. He thinks they should stay there awhile and get to know each other. Marah wants to leave but Tony says they have plenty of time. He strokes her arm and Marah asks what he is doing. She tells him that she shouldn't be alone there with a stranger. Tony insists that he respects her and when she reminds him of the kiss he reminds her that she enjoyed the kiss. He mentions Danny again and shipping him back to Chicago. Marah tells Tony that she would tell Danny that she kissed him if he asked. He kisses her again and Marah seems to be enjoying herself. They heard police sirens outside and ran out the back door.

David, Frank, Noah and Reva arrive. They talk about the car running Frank and Reva off the road. David is worried that there may be a Santos connection. Frank is sending a squad car to watch the house and asks Noah to stay with Reva. Noah tells her these people are sending her a message and she needs to back down. Reva refuses. He tells her she is in over her head. Reva wants to know why he is so worried. He tells her he cares about her and doesn't want her at risk. He teases Reva about her still being suspicious of him. She laughs and hugs him.

Cassie comes in with Richard and talks to Reva about the construction accident. Reva tells her about the divorce papers being signed. Cassie asks why the police car is there and Reva starts telling her what had happened. Noah tells Cassie that Reva needs to quit while she is ahead. Cassie agrees but Reva tells her that she gave her word to a dying man. Reva changes the subject and asks about the flight over and her life as a princess. Richard takes Noah aside and asks him about Reva's safety. Richard tells Noah that he wouldn't listen to reason and had to do things his own way and now this happened. He wants to know what he plans on doing next and if Reva is in real danger. Noah tells Richard that things are complicated but yes Reva is at risk and he will take care of it. Back inside, Reva tells Cassie that being a royal agrees with her and asks if she is happy. Cassie says she is very happy. She tells her that she has a gift for her and gives Reva some pictures of Jonathan. Cassie says he is doing well and is very happy. She tells her that Richard keeps an eye on him to see that he is okay. Reva wishes they could have handled things differently. Cassie says he is fine and she did what she had to do. Reva misses him even though they did the right thing.

At Company:
Rick and Phillip sit down for a drink. Rick gives Phillip a cigar and tells him that Michelle is pregnant. They are both excited and Rick tells Phillip how he wanted to talk to Abby but she wasn't at home and he didn't leave a message. He said that sometimes he calls her just to hear her voice but her voice isn't the same and it seems like a strangers. He misses her. Phillip tells him it will get easier. Rick says he is better at being the funny guy, than being the miserable guy. He wishes he and Abby were the ones having the baby but says he will have to deal with it. Phillip tells Rick he was very brave letting Abby go. Rick asks him if he does everything right and Phillip does everything wrong then why is it that Phillip always get the girl? Phillip asks Rick if he thinks Harley shouldn't have taken him back and tells him that he doesn't feel like he cheated on her because it was a moment of craziness. It was adultery but what he did that was wrong was to not 'fess up to her as soon as he could. That was the conscious part of it all. Rick says they look like they are getting along. Phillip says he isn't patient, and Harley isn't an easy person. Rick says Phillip isn't either. Phillip tells Rick that somewhere down the road he will have kids and be a wonderful father.

At the roadhouse:
Tony and Marah get to the bar and he orders them a few drinks. She is talking to him and he is staring at a guy across the bar who is ogling Marah. He says the guy is challenging him. Marah tells Tony to lighten up and tells him the guy didn't say anything he is just looking over there. Tony says that in his world, it is all about respect. Marah says Tony doesn't own her and she wants him to ignore the guy. He tells her that Tony Santos doesn't back down. Marah laughs and doubts that he is related to Ray and asks if they get along. He says sometimes they do but he always loves him. Tony doesn't know why Ray made some of his choices. He walks over to the guy across the bar to teach him a lesson. Tony goes toward the guy and Marah tells him to stop. He takes the guy outside. Marah is worried. Later, Tony comes back with blood on his hands. Marah asks what he did. She is upset and tells him she is leaving. Tony follows her out and asks her what he did wrong.

At Millennium:
Danny tells someone on the phone to stop the hammering downstairs. David and Frank enter the club and ask him about the incident and the construction workers. It could be a coincidence or it could be something else. Danny says his family is not involved but he will call them if he finds out anything. David is not pleased and dumps a bowl of nuts onto the bar.

At the Santos house:
Danny gives Abuela a rose. He tells her about the immigrant situation and the cop's questions and about Reva and Franks accident. He asks her what the hell is going on. She thinks he doubts her but he says he trusts her. Abuela gets upset and goes in leaving Danny outside in the garden.

Friday, September 22, 2000

At Company:
Blake is talking to Selena about seeing Cassie later. Selena seems a little down and Blake asks if she is feeling all right. Selena tells her that the memories she has been sharing with Blake have gotten to her and that they are very painful. Selena tells Blake that she will go ahead and answer a few more questions before Cassie arrives. Selena tells Blake that she feels that something she may have inadvertently said could have lead to Mike's death. She tells her that he left them some money after his death but it ran out quickly. Blake picks up on Selena statement that there was more then just her that used the money and she asked her about it. Selena tries to cover and tells her that she was talking about her investment manager and that he had ended up putting the money into his own pocket. She said that the money wasn't exactly clean money so she couldn't go to the police. From there she went from one bad man to another and finally from girlfriend to hooker. Harley comes over and talks about Cassie. Just then Cassie comes in and a photographer runs up and snaps some photos of her. Rourke is there in front of her checking things out making sure things are stable. Cassie goes over to her pals and they ask about Rourke. He is standing by acting like he isn't paying attention to the girls. Cassie is happy to see the gals and they hug. She tells them how great her life is with Richard and how she gets lonely sometimes when he is busy. She asks what they are up to and Blake tells her a little about her book. Reva starts to come over and Rourke tries to stop her. He finds out that she is Cassie's sister and lets her through. Meanwhile, Selena tells Blake not to discuss her book anymore. She tells her that a few more facts and everyone would have guessed who the story was about. Blake tells her that they couldn't have because what Selena told her wasn't true. Selena tells her it was but Blake tells her that the timing just doesn't match up. She says that if her story was correct that would make Drew about 11 years old. Selena gets upset and tells Blake she wants Drew left totally out of it. Blake tells her that she has to tell her the truth so when she fictionalizes the story she won't accidentally run into the truth. Selena tells her that there is something's that she hasn't been straight about but she will tell her later.

At another table, Frank, David and Harley are discussing what happened to Reva and Frank. They suspect that the Santos family was involved. David is talking about the Santos brothers, Miguel, Federico and Hernando. He said Miguel was beaten badly 12 years ago and died in Carmen's arms. Hernando was killed before him, and Federico died just last year. By process of elimination he feels that Maria Santos, (Abuela), must be in charge now.

Outside Company:
Susan sees Sam. She tells him that school started and hopes to see him there even though he is a senior. She invites him to meet her friends at Company later. Sam has to meet his sister's boyfriend first. Susan figures out that he is Olivia's brother. Later, Susan, Max and Marah are outside talking. Susan wants to tell her about Sam, but Marah isn't listening. She tells Marah that Sam is a great guy but is Olivia's brother and she wants to introduce them. Just then, Sam arrives and realizes he had met her at the hospital. He says something about Reva being a cold person and Marah says something about Olivia being a snake.

At the Santos house:
Ray tells Danny that he hasn't seen Abuela that angry in years. Danny tells Ray about the construction accident and the questions from Reva and Frank and mentions how he had questioned Abuela about it and she got angry then. Tony walks in and says that Danny "dissed" Abuela. Ray started thinking and he also wondered if Abuela was involved. Tony says Danny better make it up to Grandma or he should go to Chicago. Ray wants to know how close to the truth Danny came.
Ray asks Danny for details about the conversation with Frank. Danny insists he didn't know anything but Ray wants to know why Frank would think that. Tony wants to take care of it. Ray goes to talk to Abuela in the garden. He asks her why she took Danny's questions so personally. She is still angry and tells him when she wants to go to confession she will see him at church. Ray tries to continue pressing and Tony tells him he already knows the score. Ray says that maybe he should call himself a Santos. He tells them that he loves his entire family but is unable to stay there any longer. He is going back to the rectory so he can get out of the snake pit and avoid getting bitten. Abuela tells Ray that he worries too much.

At the hospital:
Olivia is fluffing Josh's pillows as Marah enters. Josh asks Marah if something is wrong and she tells him what happened to Frank and Reva. Josh is worried and asks for more details and if Reva was all right. Marah says she is fine but she isn't talking much about the incident. She wants him to call Reva but hesitates to ask him. Josh said that he will call but Olivia thinks it is a bad idea. Marah gets upset and tells Olivia that things would work out great for Olivia if Reva were hurt. Olivia tells Marah that she isn't that selfish and petty and that she only wants everyone to be happy and doesn't wish Reva ill. Marah says that her parents were married and that was supposed to last forever until Olivia came along. Marah walks out. Josh goes to use the phone and Olivia tries to stop him. She says that Reva is addicted to Josh and he isn't helping her. He has to leave her alone. Josh says this is different and he doesn't want Reva getting hurt. He goes ahead and calls Rev! a and asks her to come see him.

Marah runs into Sam who is rollerblading in the hospital hallway. She keeps walking out and Sam goes into Josh's room and introduces himself and asks for Olivia. They make conversation about Sam's arrival. Reva comes into the room and Josh introduces them. Reva says she is surprised to see Sam in the room when Olivia was restricting visitors and didn't let Marah see him until a few days ago. Josh says that he knows what happened with Olivia and Marah. Sam decides to leave since Reva was talking down about Olivia. Josh says that Marah is now taking Reva's attitude toward Olivia. Reva starts joking and tells him to table this discussion. She has flowers for him. Josh wants to talk about what happened to her and Frank. Reva says maybe the guy was drunk or on a cell phone. Josh says maybe it was because of her story and wants her to back off. Reva says no. Josh says he is the only casualty and he wants to let it go. He doesn't want her to get hurt. Reva says there is more to it than a story. He says yes, it is about Reva's problem with letting go. Reva says Olivia has been talking to him. This is about a man named Diego and tells him that Diego was the one that rescued him. Josh thought it was her. She tells him how Diego helped her and what all had happened. Josh said he would like to meet Diego and Reva tells him that he died in the accident. She tells him about it and starts crying telling him about his last words and Diego's wife and the sweat shop. She tells Josh that Diego asked Reva to find his wife and tell him how much he loved her. Reva promised him she would and then he died. She feels like she owes him for saving Josh. Josh takes Reva's hand and says he is sorry, he didn't know. He wants to know what he can do. Reva says just get better. Josh said he would be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Reva tells Josh she has made funeral arrangements for Diego and Josh agrees to attend. He thanks her for the flowers and tells her to be careful. Reva says she will do her best, and leaves his room.

Olivia comes back in and sees Josh's flowers and says, I take it Reva was here. Josh says yes. Olivia says she won't apologize for what she said but she really believes it. Josh said he believed it too, until he talked to Reva. She had a reason greater than he had imagined. It would be good for both of them to take on the same kind of attitude. Olivia gets sarcastic and says they should all emulate Reva. Josh says Reva has the courage to do what is right, no matter how it will effect her. Olivia thinks that is what she does. Olivia says something is wrong because Reva and Josh aren't going their separate ways; it is not over. She can't accept this; it is not okay with her. Olivia walks out of the room.

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