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Blair Cramer
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Actor History
Mia Korf
October 19, 1991 to January 29, 1993 [contract, on One Life to Live]
December 15, 1993 to January 13, 2012 [contract, on One Life to Live]; March 2, 2012 to March 13, 2012; July 18, 2012 to July 24, 2012; November 27, 2012 to December 3, 2012 [recurring, on General Hospital]; April 29, 2013 to Present [on One Life to Live]
Other Names

Raised as Blair Daimler


Owner of Shelter nightclub

Former owner of Capricorn nightclub

Former co-editor of The Sun newspaper (with Todd)

Former publisher of Craze

Former editor of The Sun newspaper

Former co-CEO of B&B United

Former reporter at The Banner

Former reporter at The Sun

Former owner of Melador Cosmetics


La Boulaie, located on Lincoln Street in Llanview, Pennsylvania

Formerly 17 Corinth Street (Penthouse)

Marital Status

Married to Todd Manning (Revealed Aug 5, 2013)

Past Marriages

Asa Buchanan [June 16, 1992 to 1992; divorced]

Todd Manning [February 1995 to August 1995; annulled]

Todd Manning [November 1995 to June 1997; divorced]

Max Holden [June 17, 1999 to February 2nd, 2001; divorced]

Todd Manning [December 2001 to September 2002; divorced]

Victor Lord Jr. (Believing he was Todd Manning) [November 2003 to January 2004; annulled]

Victor Lord Jr. (Believing he was Todd Manning) [September 28, 2007 to July 2, 2008; divorced]

John McBain [March 27, 2009 to July 20, 2009; divorced]

Elijah Clarke [Married: Aug 27, 2010; Dissolved by his death: Oct 26, 2010]


Addie Cramer (mother)

Lou Cramer (grandfather; deceased)

Sonya Roskova (grandmother; deceased)

Dorian Cramer Lord (maternal aunt)

Melinda Cramer (maternal aunt; deceased)

Cassie Callison Carpenter (maternal cousin)

Kelly Cramer Buchanan (maternal cousin)

Adriana Cramer (maternal cousin)

Langston Wilde (maternal cousin via adoption)

Paul Cramer (maternal cousin; deceased)

William Sloan Carpenter (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

William Sloan "River" Carpenter (maternal first cousin, once removed; via adoption)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Zane Buchanan (maternal first cousin, once removed)


Unborn child (with Todd; miscarried, 1995)

Starr Manning (daughter; with Todd; born 1996)

Brendan Thornhart (son; with Patrick; born 1997; stillborn)

Jack Cramer Manning (son; with Todd; born 2001)

Sam Manning (adoptive son with Victor; born 2006)

Unborn child (with Victor; miscarried, 2006)

Hope Manning Thornhart (granddaughter, via Starr; deceased; born Nov 2008; died Feb 2012)

Flings & Affairs

Asa Buchanan (deceased)

Cordero Roberts

Max Holden

Todd Manning (lovers)

Patrick Thornhart (deceased)

Sam Rappaport (deceased)

Kevin Buchanan

Spencer Truman (deceased)

Cristian Vega

Victor Lord, Jr.

John McBain

Ross Rayburn (kissed)

Elijah Clarke (lovers)

Tomas Delgado (lovers, 2011)

Todd Manning (lovers, Jan 2012)

Tomas Delgado (engaged; Jul 2012)

Todd Manning (lovers, Jul 2013)

Crimes Committed

Withheld Asa's medication while he was having a heart attack

Blackmailed Dorian Lord into giving her money and a job [1993]

Accidentally ran over Luna Moody [1994]

Faked a pregnancy to trap Todd [1995]

Conspired with Aunt Dorian to steal Kelly's inheritance from Ian Armitage

Pushed Téa Delgado through a window

Conspired with Max to make Asa and Renée believe that Max was their son

Shot Max Holden

Assaulted and held Mitch Laurence at gunpoint [Apr 2003]

Kidnapped Jessica Buchanan [May 2003]

Agreed to drop kidnapping charges against Ross Rayburn if he would help her disrupt Todd and Téa's wedding [2009]

Copied Téa Delgado's medical file from hospital [2010]

Shot Elijah Clarke after discovering he was a killer [Sep 2, 2010]

Health and Vitals

Suffered a miscarriage after being attacked in Angel Square [1995]

Delivered a stillborn baby boy after being in a car accident [1997]

Had a severe stroke after losing baby [1997]

Suffered from a brain tumor [2004]

Fell off a warehouse roof during fight between Todd and Spencer and lost Todd's unborn child [2006]

Stabbed multiple times in shower [2009]

Fell out of a second-story window during argument with Téa Delgado [2009]

Survived a warehouse explosion [2010]

Brief Character History

Blair blew into town get on revenge on her Aunt Dorian because she believed Dorian had hurt her mother, Addie (who Blair was hiding in her attic). To help pay for her mother to get into a good facility, she quickly schemed to break up Asa's marriage to Renee and succeeded. Then she met Max Holden and sparks flew. She even went so far as to make love with Max on her wedding day, on her wedding dress! Asa eventually saw through her and hustled her out of town. Blair left town for about a year, and when she returned, she still pined for Max. Max however, was happily married to Luna Moody; whom Blair at one point accidentally ran over and then fled the scene. Blair also loved true-blue Cord Roberts, but the relationship ended when Cord broke up with her. Blair then began to associate with Todd Manning, who was her equal in town pariah status. When she found out that Todd Manning was an heir to the Lord fortune, she schemed her way into his heart and life by faking a pregnancy. She was forced to take a pregnancy test, which turned out positive. After she and Todd got married, she lost the baby. She and Todd split up and then got back together for real. Before their honeymoon, Todd left for Ireland on a quest to help Marty Saybrooke, the women he had raped in college, and was presumed dead after being shot when he was mistaken for Marty's lover, Patrick Thornhart.

While Todd was gone, Blair gave birth to a baby girl, Starr. She then took up with Patrick to get back at Marty and became pregnant by him. By this time Todd had come back from the dead and spied her with Patrick. He was repulsed at her carrying Patrick's baby, but Starr needed a bone marrow transplant and the unborn baby was a match. A few weeks before delivery, Blair and Patrick were slammed into head-on by another car driven by Blair's cousin Kelly, and Blair lost the baby. Blair woke up long enough to cast Todd from her life, then had a severe stroke. While recuperating, she lost custody of Starr to Todd.

Blair, desperate for money for a lawyer, tried to steal The Sun newspaper from Todd with the help of Ian Armitage and Max. She also tried to woo Ian for his millions, but he loved Kelly. Then Ian was killed in a plane crash. Blair tried steal Kelly's inheritance from Ian but later gave the money back. Around this time, she and Todd decided to share custody of Starr. Blair went back to work for Todd as a reporter at The Sun and decided to go by the name 'Blair Cramer'. She seemed to be in a healthy relationship with Sam Rappaport, when she and Max got trapped in a wine cellar and made love. Max then betrayed her by spying on her for money. She dumped him and went back to Sam for a while, but Sam dumped her due to her deceiving him about Todd faking split personalities. Max eventually won her forgiveness.

Blair started having fainting spells, but refused to go to the doctor. Max finally convinced her to go by agreeing to have an MRI at the same time she did. Blair's problem turned out to be only an allergy, but they learned that Max had an aneurysm. Blair tried numerous times to have Max see a doctor, but he refused. All he wanted to do was to get enough money to secure his children's future, so he and Blair came up with a plan to make Asa and Renee believe he was their long-lost son. Renee found out the truth and Blair worried that she would tell Asa. Blair also worried about Max, who had an operation after his aneurysm burst and had been acting strangely ever since.

A few months passed and Blair found out Max was sleeping with Skye Chandler and faking his brain damage. She tried to get revenge by destroying Max and Asa using the company B&B United, which she formed with Ben Davidson. But Blair didn't leave Max until Todd Manning showed up back in town. Just as Blair had started to forgive Max for sleeping with Skye and they were reconciling, Todd made sure that Max found out about Blair's plot against him. Max threw Blair out and she went crazy, literally "seeing red" and shot Max in the back. Todd helped Blair hide the evidence of the crime and pinned the blame on Skye. Blair accepted Todd's marriage proposal and they made love. Todd rushed Blair's divorce through by bribing a judge and the couple planned to marry in the near future.

But Max set them up, making it appear that Blair slept with him the night before the wedding by drugging her and making sure that Todd saw them together. Todd didn't let on that he thought Blair cheated on him until the wedding itself, when he announced to everyone that he couldn't marry Blair because she'd shot her last husband in the back. Blair was stunned at Todd's betrayal and couldn't understand why Todd would do this. She later forced Max, at gunpoint, to tell her what he had done. Blair went to Todd to tell him the truth, but it was too late. Todd had already made a deal with the DA and had turned in the clothes she wore the night of the shooting in return for a deal where he got no jail time. Blair was arrested for shooting Max and was put in jail. Blair lied and told Max that she was pregnant with his child in the hope that he would testify on her behalf to keep her and the baby out of jail. What Blair didn't know was that she really was pregnant, which was discovered when Max dragged her to the hospital for a pregnancy test. Max did agree to testify on her behalf, but Starr locked him in Asa's wine cellar on the day of the hearing so he never made it there. Instead, Todd testified that Blair was totally out of her mind the day that she shot Max. The judge sent Blair to St. Ann's instead of to jail and she saw her mother there. After talking with Addie, Blair realized that Todd had actually been trying to help her by keeping her out of jail. Blair wondered if she should try again to tell Todd the truth.

Blair went back to Max and they planned on marrying since Blair believed she was carrying Max's baby. But Blair found out the child was actually Todd's. Blair flew down to Mexico to have the child, since she was afraid Todd would take the baby away the way he took Starr. But Todd followed her to Mexico. There, Todd delivered her baby, since no one else was around. Todd thought it was Max's and arranged for Paloma Sanchez, the woman who owned the hacienda, to "get rid" of the child. The child was given to David Vickers, who took the baby and gave it to a rich couple in Texas.

Todd told Blair the baby had died, and Blair initially did not tell Todd the baby had been his. When Blair admitted the truth, Todd brought the baby home, telling her it was an "adopted" child. Gabrielle Medina, whom Blair hated, found out the child was alive, and blackmailed Todd into giving her a job. Blair thought that Gabrielle was blackmailing him because Todd had gone through some illegal procedures in adopting their baby. But Todd's deception was discovered when baby Jack developed aplastic anemia, just like Starr had, and Todd had to bring Alex Olanov to town to be the bone marrow donor. Sam, learning from Nora that Alex had been Starr's bone marrow donor too, put everything together and told Blair the truth, that Jack was her biological son that Todd had told her was dead.

Blair was furious with Todd. She hired bodyguards to keep Todd away from the baby and she and Sam secretly took the family away to Hawaii to get away from Todd. But the bodyguards were working for Todd and he followed them to Hawaii and planned to kidnap the kids. However, he ran into Téa Delgado, who warned Blair about Todd's plans. Blair brought Starr and Jack safely back to Llanview, while Todd was stranded on the island. She then decided to repay Sam for his help by getting his "true love", Nora, back for him by seducing Troy MacIver and making Nora break up with Troy.

Blair's planned failed and Troy and Nora found out what she had been trying to do. Sam was angry at first, but then forgave her because she only did it to try to help him. Sam and Blair grew closer during Todd's absence and she began to depend on him more and more. He helped her through signing her divorce papers from Todd. When Todd returned to town, Blair was worried that he would try to steal her children again and called the police when she found him alone with Jack, but she struggled with her feelings about Todd.

Blair ran an expose of a mob family in The Sun, which brought death threats against her. She didn't take them very seriously until one day in the park, her daughter's nanny, Suzanne, was shot and killed by a hitman who thought she was Blair. The hitman came face to face with Blair when she rushed to Suzanne's side, but the sound of approaching sirens caused the hitman to flee. Blair was taken to a local police station, where Sam, Cassie and Todd went to see her. They came up with a plan to protect her: they would tell everyone she had lost her mind and was sent to a clinic in Switzerland, but in reality she went to stay in Todd's penthouse where she could hide and still be with her children. Sam and Blair grew closer, but eventually she realized that Todd was the only one she really loved. After Todd saved Blair from the hitman, who was arrested, Blair and Todd admitted their feelings for each other and Todd surprised Blair by calling Andrew Carpenter to come over and marry them right away. But Sam was suspicious about Todd "saving" Blair and decided to investigate further into Suzanne's death. During the middle of Todd and Blair's marriage ceremony, Sam showed up at the penthouse with a very much alive Suzanne in tow and interrupted the wedding.

Blair moved back into the Cramer mansion and recoiled from Todd's latest betrayal. She demanded that he stay away from her and their children. Soon after, the reprehensible Mitch Laurence attempted to kidnap Starr in order to have a hold over Todd. Blair caught him in the middle of the act and begged him to take her instead. He did, chaining her up in an abandoned theatre. Todd rescued her, but she was still ambivalent about their relationship. Before she could come to a decision, Todd mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, her confidante and close friend Sam Rappaport was shot and killed while watching over a sleeping Blair. After initial speculation towards Todd, the blame shifted to Blair. Blair sensed immediately that Mitch was involved. Frustrated beyond the breaking point, Blair knocked Mitch out, dragged him to Llanfair and planned to shoot him as payback for all he'd done to her and Todd, but a just-back-in-town Dorian stopped her. Blair was cleared when she, Troy MacIver and the cops realized that Mitch must have manipulated unstable Lindsay Rappaport into killing Sam, because she thought he was Troy. Lindsay confessed and was sent to St. Ann's. Dorian (whose only reason for marrying Mitch was to bring him down and get his money) and Blair worked with her to kidnap and use Jessica as bait for Mitch. Mitch fell off a cliff while attempting to get her back.

Blair breathed easy for a brief moment, and had Todd legally declared dead to free up his funds. She learned she would co-own the Sun with Viki and act as editor-in-chief until Starr was in her 20's. She also turned down Troy's romantic overtures. Blair was jarred when a mysterious stranger showed up in town claiming to be Mitch's brother, Walker Lawrence. Blair and Dorian both took a shine to him and Blair agreed to make him a reporter at The Sun. Blair found herself the prime suspect in yet another murder when Mitch was killed days after his arrest.

Jessica was discovered to be the killer, but she was not prosecuted after Walker came to her defense. Walker and Blair grew closer and closer. Blair was also being pursued by Kelly's husband, Kevin Buchanan. Not wanting to break up their marriage or give in to her lust for him, Blair flung herself into a relationship with Walker. Walker surprised her by rushing a wedding. She initially hesitated, but finally agreed. Todd was finally gone from her life, she felt...not realizing that Todd was standing right beside her! After being brutally beaten and left near-death by Mitch's goons, Todd convinced doctors to make him over to resemble Mitch's brother, Walker. As Mitch hadn't seen Walker in several years, Todd fooled him, along with all of Llanview. Kevin was the first to discover the secret, but kept quiet for Blair's sake. When Blair realized Todd's scheme, all hell broke loose. She refused to let him near their children and divorced him. Extremely drunk on New Year's Eve 2003, Blair had a sleazy roll in the sheets with Kevin. Disgusted with herself, she prepared to leave the Palace Hotel. Todd spotted her, realized what her rumpled clothes meant, and followed her back to her room.

A short time later, Todd fled. Blair claimed she had been raped. She filed charges as well as custody papers. Throughout the trial, Todd went easy on her, and Blair stuck to her story, even as old nemesis Marty returned to town to testify and said she felt Todd was innocent. Soon after Todd was convicted, Blair passed out. She was suffering from a brain tumor! She realized that she may have been wrong about what happened that night with Todd. Todd got a retrial due to a juror's hearing aid not working, and Blair pondered changing her story, not knowing of Todd's plan to tear her credibility and life to shreds. After a fire at the community center, Blair finally realized she still loved Todd, and the two again began to plan their lives together.

Todd disappeared on the eve of their wedding, leaving Blair devastated. At first she was furious with herself for falling for his lies again, but it wasn't long before she realized he was kidnapped by an insane Margaret Cochran. Blair set out to rescue Todd, but ended up being taken prisoner herself. She thought she had been rescued when Asa appeared, but Asa was still angry about Blair and Todd trying to take his home from him a few months earlier. Asa had her committed to a mental institution, where Todd found her as she was standing on a window ledge. He took her back to Llanview, where a newly nervous Blair has spent most of her time in their apartment, bonding with new next door neighbor Ginger Foley, and trying to help Todd get over being raped by Margaret.

Blair got to meet new doctor in town, Spencer Truman, when Jack needed to have an emergency tracheotomy performed. Blair and Spencer became fast friends, and their friendship helped her deal with Todd's arrest for the murders of Margaret Cochran and their unborn child. She and Todd eventually split over her growing belief that Todd had committed the murders, which also strained her relationship with her daughter Starr, who believed Todd was completely innocent. Blair and Spencer eventually became lovers, but Blair couldn't let Todd out of her heart, and was heartbroken when he wouldn't speak to her shortly before his execution. Blair watched as Todd was executed for the murders of Margaret Cochran and their infant son, and was as shocked as everyone else to learn Margaret was alive and well. Todd was brought back to life. Blair felt horrible for believing, even for a moment, that Todd had been guilty, and begged him to forgive her.

Todd refused to forgive Blair, but Blair refused to give up on Todd. Determined to prove her love and loyalty, she embarked on a plan to prove that Spencer was the one behind everything. While Blair was searching for incriminating evidence against Spencer, he was falling more in love with Blair and even proposed to her in front of everyone. She accepted his proposal and used it as an opportunity to get closer to him for more evidence. Eventually, after having gathered enough evidence against him, Blair turned over the evidence to the police and Spencer was arrested. Blair immediately went back to Todd and they reconciled long enough to make love and for Blair to propose to Todd. He declined her offer stating that he couldn't forget the time she spent with Spencer.

At Spencer's trial, Blair passed out and was rushed to the hospital. She delayed the tests as long as she could as she believed that her brain tumor had returned, but it turned out that she was pregnant! Blair was horrified at the chance that she was carrying Spencer Truman's baby and immediately had a paternity test. The test came back and it was confirmed that the baby was Todd's.

As Spencer was transported to the prison, Todd had the truck stopped and kidnapped Spencer. He then proceeded to hold him hostage and torture him for information on the whereabouts of his son. Blair found out where Todd was holding Spencer and went to him and somehow got in the middle of a fight between the two men and was pushed off the roof of a warehouse. She was rushed to the hospital and went into surgery immediately. Upon waking up in the hospital, Todd broke the news to Blair that she had lost her baby. Blair told Todd that the baby was his and the two grieved for their child together. Todd, finally realizing what he wanted in life, asked Blair to marry him... again. This time, Blair said no to him. Spencer, who was also in the hospital, had become clearly delusional and saw visions of Blair in his hospital room. He eventually killed his lawyer and escaped from his room and went to Blair's. He drugged her and then started his "wedding" he had planned. Just as he was about to rape Blair, someone came into the room and killed Spencer.

Throughout his time of need, Todd had been slowly getting closer and closer to his friend, Evangeline. This was making Blair extremely jealous. Cristian, Evangeline's ex-boyfriend, and Blair erroneously believed that Todd and Evangeline slept together, and they exacted their revenge by sleeping together as well. This strained Todd and Blair's relationship even more. Todd got a tip from Miles' that his son was in Chicago, and he and Blair went to the Windy City to find the toddler. Promising to do all the searching together, Todd took another tip from a woman at an adoption agency and went off to find his son without Blair. Once she woke up and found that Todd was missing, Blair made it her mission to find Todd. Months later, Blair finally got an anonymous call from Chicago saying that Todd was injured but still alive. She flew to him immediately but he had been moved back to Llanview by his captors. Finally, Blair found Todd, who had been set up in a sleazy motel with a hooker. Blair brought to the hospital and stood by his side throughout his recovery.

In 2007, Blair remarried Todd for the fifth time, in exchange for $5 million, to help his bid to win custody of his biological son Sam Manning (then known as "Tommy McBain"). Todd's child with Margaret Cochran, Sam had been kidnapped by Todd's nemesis Dr. Spencer Truman shortly after birth and had been presumed dead. His son's existence revealed, Todd was desperate to take him back from his adopted parents, Dr. Michael and Marcie McBain. Todd was awarded custody, but Marcie fled Llanview with the child. After Marcie was found and Todd was given the baby, Todd re-named him Sam and he and Blair brought Sam home to Llanview. Blair initially struggled to adjust as the surrogate mother to Todd's baby with another woman and was unsure whether she would be able to raise Sam as her own. Blair admitted her issues to Todd, who told Blair he loved her and wanted a real marriage with her.

However, the marriage quickly unraveled in 2008 after it was discovered that Starr had sex with Cole Thornhart, the son of the woman Todd raped in college. Starr and Cole run away but are later found by Blair, John and Todd. Todd punched Cole and accidentally pushed Starr down the stairs. Blair then discovered that Starr was pregnant and got a court to issue a restraining order against Todd, to keep him away from his children.

In May 2008, Blair was awarded custody of Sam after Todd and Sam were in a car crash and Todd failed to put Sam in a car seat. Todd had divorce papers drawn up and delivered to Blair, who signed them in July 2008. In August 2008, Todd took Blair back to court to win back custody of Sam but was denied. The judge said Todd could try again in another year.

Blair tried to move on with her life without Todd and found her friendship with John grow into a romantic relationship. The two tried to keep things casual at first, but both found themselves becoming more attached with each other. Blair's relationship with John became strained after John broke into Todd's home and discovered that Marty was alive and living with Todd, unaware that he was the man who had raped her back in college. Blair at first tried hard to be understanding about what Marty had been through, and sympathized with Marty for being kept from her son and lied to by Todd. But Blair soon grew jealous of the time John spent looking after Marty, who still had no memory of her old life and was struggling to readjust. John assured her that he had no interest in Marty, but Marty's mere presence began to drive a wedge between John and Blair.

John offered to take Blair away for a quiet vacation on St. Blaze's, the island once owned by Asa Buchanan, but Blair said she couldn't leave her family behind. Instead, she and John planned a romantic evening for New Year's Eve at Rodi's Tavern, which John had just purchased after resigning from the police force. But then John was called away by Cole after Marty turned up missing. Marty had begun to research everything about Todd's life, and John figured out that she was planning to lure Todd into some sort of trap. He tracked Marty down at the Palace Hotel, where she had booked a room, but neither Marty nor Todd were there. Blair got fed up waiting for John and went to the Palace Hotel on her own. Blair and Todd's ex-wife Tea Delgado were arguing outside when they heard a splash and realized that someone had jumped from the roof of the hotel and into the river below. John jumped in and pulled the man to safety, only to discover it was Todd. Blair gave Todd CPR and revived him. Marty, who had goaded Todd into jumping from the roof, hissed at John and Blair for rescuing him.

John began exhibiting his own jealousy issues, wondering if Blair saved Todd because she couldn't stand to live without him. But Blair insisted she only saved him because she didn't want her children to grow up without a father. But their relationship continued to be strained by Marty, who used a new friendship with former Navy SEAL Wes Granger to make John jealous. Marty confessed to John that she was drawn to him but didn't want to get closer to him, and John responded by telling Marty to "forget about Blair." Blair overheard the conversation and later told Marty to back off. Blair attempted to push Marty into the very river that Todd had jumped into, only Blair ended up taking the plunge. When Marty tried to help her out, Blair dragged her in.

John took Blair to the Go Red Ball but after a melee between Todd and Wes, who took out a knife and held it to Todd's throat, John publicly accused Wes of killing Janet Ketring, the nurse who had treated Marty and was found stabbed to death in Todd's home. Blair, stung once again by the attention John was paying to Marty, proceeded to get so drunk she was unable to drive home. Todd took her back to his place, and Blair was horrified to wake up in bed the next morning next to Todd - albeit fully clothed. Marty, meanwhile, woke up to find Wes lying next to her, stabbed to death with his own knife. John busted into the room when he heard Marty screaming, and Marty said she didn't remember what had happened. John believed her and was reluctant to call the cops. But when Blair walked in on the scene, she called the cops and Marty was taken into custody and arrested for the murder. When Blair later found John back at the scene of the crime, searching for anything that could free Marty, Blair told him that he was still in love with Marty and broke up with him. Blair later called the sleazy tabloid, The National Intruder, and provided them a photo of a blood-soaked Marty that she had taken with her cell phone. John was livid to learn what Blair had done and had it out with her, but their anger turned to passion and they ended up in bed, ready to make love. They were interrupted by Marty, who called John's cell phone because she was worried about Cole, whom she had discovered was abusing drugs and flunking out of school. John went after Marty, and Blair told him to not ever come back. As Blair was taking a shower, someone snuck into her room and stabbed her multiple times. Dorian and then Todd showed up and found her clinging to life, and Dorian accused Todd of doing the crime. As Blair was in the hospital recovering from her injuries, Todd went to court to get custody of his children.

Following advice from Téa, who had been hired by Dorian, Blair and John got married in the hospital room so John could be presented in court as the children's loving step-father. Although Todd told the judge that the marriage was a sham, the court agreed to give John custody of the children. Later Todd returned to court and won back custody of his kids. When Blair heard the news, she checked herself out of the hospital and went to Todd's house, insisting on staying there with her children. Todd, Blair and Téa were all at Todd's house when they received invitations to a "spring fling reunion" and promptly collapsed from the laced invitations. They woke up along with Marty at the KAD house, where Powell Lord had reconstructed the room in which Marty was raped in a twisted attempt to make Todd pay for his crimes. When Powell urged one of the women to kill Todd to give even with him for all of his past crimes, Téa said she would do it. But when Téa tried to kill Powell instead, Powell locked her and Blair downstairs in the boiler room and turned on the gas. As Téa and Blair prepared to die, Téa admitted to Blair that Todd was the love of her life, and Blair said Todd was the love of her life too. Téa told Blair that she had been keeping a secret and prepared to tell Blair, so she could do something with it after she was gone, but Téa passed out before she could say anything to Blair. After they were rescued, both women called a brief truce and agreed not to say anything about what they had shared in the boiler room.

Blair was shocked to learn that the baby everyone thought was Jessica's child in fact was her own granddaughter Hope, who was believed dead. After a tense period in which Jessica's alter Bess kidnapped the child, Hope was returned safely to Blair and Todd, who delivered her to Starr and Cole. After Blair took Todd back to court to regain custody of the kids, Téa forced Blair to admit that she had confessed that Todd was the love of her life. Blair turned the tables on Téa and revealed that Téa had said the same thing, and that she was keeping some keep dark secret. Todd was overjoyed to hear that both women loved him and tried to forge a real relationship with Téa. He even invited Téa to stay at his place while he was court-ordered to stay with Blair and the children at La Boulaie. But Blair was jealous of Téa and threw herself at Todd, and the two ended up having sex in the cabana beside Dorian's pool. When Téa walked in and saw them in the act, she became livid and tearfully told Todd that she was out of his life for good. Blair told Dorian that she didn't want to be with Todd, but that she didn't want Téa to have him either. Téa forgave Todd for sleeping with Blair and the two appeared to be closer than ever, which propelled Blair to hire Rex Balsom to dig up Téa's secret so she could break up the lovebirds. Todd discovered what Blair was doing and told her to get a life, saying he didn't care about what Téa had done in the past. Rex told Blair that Téa appeared to have vanished after she and Ross were rescued from the island back in 2002, and later discovered that Ross apparently was living with an unknown woman until about the time when Téa resurfaced in Llanview.

Blair flew to Tahiti and came face to face with Ross, who told Blair that he and Téa were married. When Téa called Ross, demanding a divorce so she could marry Todd, Blair told Ross to sign the divorce papers but to make sure they were never filed. Blair then talked Ross into coming back with her to Llanview, promising that she would drop the kidnapping charges against him once they exposed Téa's lie to Todd. But on the day of Todd and Téa's wedding, Ross kidnapped Blair before she could interrupt the wedding and kept her on a boat all night, where Blair admitted to Ross that she still had feelings for Todd. The next day, Blair overheard a conversation between Ross and Dorian and realized that Dorian had paid Ross to keep her from spoiling Todd and Téa's wedding. Livid, she marched over to Todd's and revealed to him that his marriage was invalid. Blair was confronted by Téa the next morning and made Téa so agitated that Téa revealed the other secret she had been keeping from everyone: that she had given birth to Todd's child. As Blair tried to leave to tell Todd, she and Téa began struggling and Blair ended up falling out a second-story window, landing on a pool cover in the middle of a press conference by mayoral candidate Dorian Lord. Blair's injuries were minor, but she was unable to remember what she had wanted to tell Todd before she fell.

Blair remembered what Téa had told her after being hypnotized by Marty, but she kept the truth from Todd because she was afraid it would bring Todd and Téa back together. Blair instead told Todd that Téa and Ross were after Todd's money, and Téa went along with the lie after seeing how easily Todd believed it. Todd couldn't get Téa out of his head however and began tailing her, tracking her movements from Llanview to a private boarding school in London and then to a hospital in Seattle. Blair told Ross where Téa had gone and tried to get Todd to forget about Téa, but she realized he was still stuck on Téa and eventually urged him to go to her in Seattle. After hearing that Todd had been arrested, Blair flew to Seattle herself and was confronted by Ross, who had kidnapped Danielle at gunpoint and forced Blair to help them escape. In a police standoff at the Canadian border, an armed Ross tried to convince Danielle to jump off a bridge with him. Todd, who by this point realized Danielle was his daughter, grabbed a gun and shot Ross, who plunged into the icy water below and was presumed dead. Blair forged an uneasy truce with Téa, who was devastated by what had transpired, and assured both Téa and Todd that Danielle would come around to them in time.

Blair was stunned to walk in on Danielle holding a gun on Todd at La Boulaie. Blair talked Dani out of shooting Todd, and Todd breathed a sigh of relief. Blair realized that Todd would always love Téa and turned her attention to Ross's brother Elijah Clarke, who had flirted with Téa but also realized that Todd and Téa were meant to be together. Blair decided that they could console each other and threw herself at Elijah, and the two began a no-holds-barred, no strings attached sexual relationship. When Todd propositioned Blair after Téa moved out on him, Blair turned Todd down and said she had moved on.

Blair's cousin Kelly returned to Llanview in February 2010 after Dorian feared that her family was in danger from Mitch Laurence. Kelly got an icy greeting from Blair, who obviously still harbored resentment against Kelly for the car crash that killed Blair's unborn son Brendan many years earlier. After learning the tragic news that her mother Melinda had died, Kelly planned to return to London but then got a tempting offer from Todd to join the Sun. Kelly initially turned down the offer, but after realizing how much it bothered Blair, she took the job. Blair opened up to Eli about her dead son, showing him a bracelet she wears with charms for Brendan and her other children. After Todd was nearly beaten to death by Cole, who believed Todd had pushed Marty down a flight of stairs, Blair and Kelly got in a heated argument at the hospital and Blair admitted to Kelly that she had never forgiven her for causing the death of her child.

Blair walked in on Téa ransacking Dr. Evans' office and didn't buy the argument that she was upset about Todd's injuries. Blair read Téa's medical file and learned that she had a malignant brain tumor and only had months to live. Blair copied the file, and later Eli read it by accident. Blair made Eli promise not to say anything to Téa and he agreed. Blair then confronted Téa with what she had learned and an unlikely bond soon formed between the two, as Blair encouraged Téa to undergo treatments so she could stay alive as long as possible. Blair caught Todd searching for Téa's medical file at Greg's office and, under pressure, Blair told Todd that Téa was dying and called Téa to warn her just as Todd appeared at her door. Blair later confessed that Elijah knew as well. After celebrating July 4th at the country club, Blair stopped by Téa's hotel room and discovered her unconscious. It turned out to be a false alarm, but Dani discovered Téa was there and Téa was forced to tell Dani that she was dying. Téa asked Blair to look after Dani once she was gone.

Eli told Blair he wanted more than a casual relationship with her and raised the idea of getting married, but Blair told him she wasn't sure she was ready to get married again. While at the country club for the July 4th celebration, Eli and Blair made love in a cabana and then Eli proposed to her. Blair asked for more time and left to think about it. The next day, Blair told Eli she would marry him and they broke the news to Todd and Téa, who had also gotten engaged. After Eli and Todd got into an argument, Téa revealed to Eli and Blair that Ross Rayburn hadn't died when Todd shot him and that he was living in Tahiti.

Blair was about to fly to Las Vegas to elope with Eli when Kelly showed up and told Blair that Eli was suspected of having killed Rodney, a patient at the same sanitarium. Blair refused to believe it, even after John confirmed that he was investigating Eli as part of an ongoing case. But with the seed of doubt planted in her mind, Blair called off the elopement and told Eli she wanted to marry in front of her family instead. Meanwhile, Blair bid a tearful goodbye to Téa, who had decided to spend her final weeks alone in a hospice, and told Téa she would serve as a surrogate mother to Dani.

Blair was about to fly to Las Vegas to elope with Eli when Kelly showed up and told Blair that Eli was suspected of having killed Melinda and fellow resident Rodney. Blair refused to believe it, even after John confirmed that he was investigating Eli as part of an ongoing case. But with the seed of doubt planted in her mind, Blair called off the elopement and told Eli she wanted to marry in front of her family instead. Meanwhile, Blair bid a tearful goodbye to Téa, who had decided to spend her final weeks alone in a hospice, and told Téa she would serve as a surrogate mother to Dani.

Blair and Eli agreed to marry in Llanview in a double wedding ceremony with Dorian and David. But on the day of the nuptials, Eli surprised Blair by saying he would rather have a private wedding with her away from Llanview. Blair flew with Eli to Tahiti, where they were soon joined by Eli's brother Ross. Blair was nervous about being away from Dani and wanted to leave, but Ross convinced Blair to stay so he could see them get married. Just hours after Eli and Blair exchanged vows in Ross' cabana, Blair got a call from Kelly telling her that the cops now had proof that Eli had changed his name after killing his first two wives. Blair confronted Eli, pulling out a gun and threatening to shoot him. Eli initially denied it, then tried to pin everything on Ross before eventually admitting that everything was true. Eli told Blair he wanted to build a new life with her and said he hoped that could still be possible, but Blair would have none of it and threatened again to shoot him. They struggled for the gun and it went off, sending a bullet into Eli's stomach. Eli fell to the ground, in the process knocking over candles that soon set the cabana on fire. As Blair struggled to pull Eli from the growing fire, John McBain appeared and got Blair to safety. John was unable to rescue Eli, who was trapped under fallen debris, and Blair told John she had shot him. At the police station, Blair identified Eli's badly charred body, although she admitted to John that Eli was so badly burned he was unrecognizable. Blair questioned how she could have been so blind, but John assured her Eli could never hurt her again.

When Blair returned to Llanview, she was devastated to learn that Téa had died while she was out of town. When Ross returned to town with Téa's will, which named him as Dani's custodian, Blair assured Dani that Téa wanted her to live with Todd and that the will was a fake. Blair was devastated when the judge awarded Ross full custody of Dani. Blair then was horrified to learn that Eli was in fact alive and had kidnapped Starr, Hope and Dani.

Eli called Todd and demanded $50 million in exchange for the girls, but everyone worried when Eli would only let Todd talk to Dani and not Starr. Todd balked when Eli demanded Blair in exchange for the hostages, but Blair said she would do anything to get the girls back. Eli came out of the warehouse holding Dani at gunpoint, and Blair got into a waiting van as Eli let Dani go. But as Eli threatened to blow up the warehouse, Blair snuck out of the van and went into the warehouse herself to search for the girls. Blair was stunned when she came face to face with Téa, who was tied up inside. Téa told Blair that Eli never had Starr and Hope, and Blair told Téa they needed to get out of the warehouse because Eli had rigged the place with explosives. The warehouse exploded, trapping Blair and Téa underground. As the women struggled to find a way out, Todd and John broke through an adjoining wall and pulled Blair to safety. Blair said it was a miracle and told Todd to brace for another one as he turned to see Téa staring back at him. The foursome escaped the warehouse unharmed, and Blair was grateful to learn that Starr and Hope had survived their own ordeal.

Blair became Eli's widow for real when Cole shot and killed him in the aftermath of the warehouse incident. Blair received a locked box that had belonged to Eli and was reluctant to open it. When she eventually did, she was shocked to find inside a painted portrait of her dated 2003 - years before Eli ever knew her. With Cristian's help, Blair tracked the origin of the painting to Paris, France. She met Tomas, the reclusive artist who had painted the portrait. Tomas said he used a picture he had found in a flea market as inspiration for the portrait. Blair was stunned that the picture was from her second wedding to Todd, when he showered her with gold balloons. Blair explained that it was a time when she was very happy, and said that maybe she was on a journey to find that happiness again. Blair wanted to find out how the picture had ended up in Paris, but Tomas said the man who sold him the photo had died several years earlier. Blair kept the photo but told Tomas to keep the portrait since he painted it. When she returned to Llanview, Todd handed her their wedding photo album, saying Téa wanted it out of the house. Blair realized the picture had come from the album, but Todd claimed to know nothing of how the picture went missing.

Blair was surprised when Tomas showed up at her door in Llanview. Blair questioned why he was there, and after some lame excuses he admitted he wanted to see her again. While it was obvious that Blair was happy to see Tomas and had been thinking about him, she let him know that she was being cautious because of the trouble she had gotten into for trusting other men in the past. Blair suggested Tomas rent a room at the Angel Square Hotel, which he did. Tomas showed up at Capricorn and surprised Blair by offering to play the piano for her after her normal pianist cancelled at the last minute. He later admitted he had gone to school at Juilliard. Blair ran into Tomas at the Buenos Dias Café and he informed her that he was returning to Paris that day. During their discussion, Tomas mentioned that he spoke five languages and originally hailed from Puerto Rico. Blair mentioned how she knew many friends in town who came from Puerto Rico, including the Vega family and Téa. Tomas tensed up at the mention of Téa's name, and Blair explained that Téa was married to her ex-husband, Todd. Tomas quickly said his goodbyes and headed off, leaving behind a pencil sketch of Blair's face.

Blair was surprised to learn from Todd that Téa had a brother no one knew about and that he was in town, causing trouble between Todd and Téa. Blair went over to the house to talk to Téa and came face to face with Tomas, who as it turned out was Téa's older brother. Téa was surprised to realize that Tomas was the artist that Blair had spoken about. Tomas later showed up at Blair's house, explaining that he was staying around for a while because he was worried about Todd's influence over Téa and Danielle. Blair politely turned down his invitation to go out on a date, explaining that she was just not ready to date anyone after the year she had gone through.

Blair was stunned to learn that Todd had been shot by a sniper and was in a coma. While Todd lay comatose, Blair learned that Jack had been bullying Shane Morasco and had even taken a video of him naked and posted it on the Internet. Jack showed no remorse for his actions and even said that Shane asked for it, just like Marty asked for Todd to rape her, prompting Blair to smack him across the face. John warned Blair that Tomas could be dangerous, telling her that the police found a Euro coin in the location where the sniper fired at Todd. Blair asked Tomas if he shot Todd, and Tomas convincingly denied it. Blair was horrified when Jack got beaten up by a pair of thugs at Capricorn. She and Tomas were making out at Capricorn when she got the call that Todd was awake. Todd named Tomas as his shooter, and Tomas was arrested after his fingerprints were found on a syringe that was left in Todd's room.

Todd later recanted his accusation against Tomas, but Blair remained suspicious that she wasn't getting the whole story about Tomas. After Tomas was called away supposedly to meet a potential art buyer, Blair followed him to New York and discovered that Tomas was married to a woman named Yvette Moreau. Tomas explained that he had been asking Yvette for a divorce for years but that she refused to give him one. Tomas said Yvette had even fathered a child by another man while they were married. But Yvette stunned Tomas by revealing that the child was actually his. Tomas had a tense reunion with his son, a teenager named Sebastian who preferred to go by "Baz." Yvette granted Tomas a divorce and encouraged Baz to move to Llanview to get to know his father. Blair called out Tomas for keeping his marriage a secret but was glad there was nothing more going on.

Starr told Blair that Sam had an imaginary friend who he claimed had a line on his face, just like Todd used to have before his plastic surgery. When an unidentified man turned up murdered on the grounds of Dorian's house, Blair thought Sam might know about the man and brought Sam to see John. Sam told John that the dead man had tried to kill him but that his friend had stopped him. He then identified his friend from a photo of Todd with his original face. On Sam's 7th birthday, a man hired to play Spiderman kidnapped Sam from the house. Blair was frantic until Sam was found unharmed. Sam claimed that his friend had needed his help to stop an enemy who was after Spiderman.

During a movie premiere, Tomas told Blair, Téa, Starr and Jack that Todd was an imposter. Just then, a man with Todd's original face appeared and claimed to be the real Todd Manning. Blair didn't know what to believe, even after the man with Todd's original face gave her a passionate kiss. Blair demanded answers, and Tomas revealed that he was a former CIA agent who had been sent to Llanview eight years ago by a rogue CIA agent named Malcolm Baker to kill Todd. Tomas said he had been presented with phony evidence implicating Todd in terrorist activities. Tomas said he found Todd bound and gagged in Victor Lord's crypt, where he had been left by Mitch Laurence, and he delivered Todd to Baker. Todd had a photo of his wedding to Blair in his possession and Tomas kept the photo, later fixating it to the point that he began painting image after image of Blair on her wedding day. Tomas told Blair he had no idea which man was the real Todd and had tried to get a blood sample from Todd after he was shot to test the DNA, but he was stopped before he could draw the blood. John stunned everyone by revealing that both men were a match for Todd.

Blair, along with everyone else, was shocked when it was revealed that the man who had recently returned to town was in fact Todd, and the other man was Todd's twin brother Victor Jr. Their mother, Irene Manning, had faked her death and had been holding Todd captive for years. Victor Jr. had been raised by Irene but had no memory of that time, since he had been brainwashed by Irene to think he was actually Todd. As Téa stood by Victor, Blair struggled to cope with Todd's sudden reappearance in his life. Todd blamed Blair for allowing Victor into their lives and Blair challenged Todd to kill Victor, although she was shocked when Todd seemed to accept her phony offer of Dorian's gun. Later, Blair was horrified to realize that the gun had been stolen from the safe. Blair warned Victor that Todd could be after him. Later that night, Jack was found unconscious outside the hospital emergency room and he admitted that he had been at Victor's home. John stunned the family by revealing that someone had shot and killed Victor in cold blood.

The police arrested Todd after Jack accused him of hitting him over the head and then murdering Victor. Todd escaped from jail with Starr's help after learning that Irene planned to kill his family. Blair was furious that Todd got Starr into trouble but later asked Tomas to find Todd when he vanished as the police arrived. Irene turned up dead and Tomas claimed to have done it, but Blair and Téa knew he was covering for Todd. Blair found Todd near death from a gunshot wound at Viki's cabin and managed to get the bullet out and save Todd's life. Todd confessed to killing Irene to prevent Tomas from being sentenced for the crime, but Blair was furious at Tomas for being willing to go to jail for something he didn't do. Tomas told Blair he loved her and wanted to be with her. Blair allowed him into her bed and they shared a passionate night together.

Téa arrived at Blair's house on Thanksgiving Day to tell her that Tomas had gone missing after leaving to follow a lead into Victor's killer. Blair refused to believe it when the police found a gun hidden in Tomas' room and proved it was the same gun that had been used to shoot Victor - and also was the gun that Todd had stolen from Dorian's safe. Blair received a video call from Tomas, who confessed to Victor's murder. Distraught, Blair sought comfort in Todd's arms and slowly began to get close to him again. Blair was furious when the police arrested Jack on Christmas Eve for Gigi Morasco's murder, but was relieved when Téa got the charge reduced to kidnapping after Gigi turned up alive. Todd and Blair consoled each other after Starr moved to Los Angeles to record an album and took Hope with her. Blair told Todd that she trusted him like no one else and took him to her bed. What Blair didn't realize, however, was that Todd had kidnapped Tomas and forced him to confess because Todd believed he had killed his own brother. As soon as Tomas was rescued, John McBain got a warrant for Todd's arrest. While Blair and Todd were basking in the afterglow, the police barged into Blair's bedroom and announced that Todd was under arrest for Victor Jr.'s murder. Little did everyone know, however, that Victor Jr. actually was alive and was being held captive by deranged prison escapee Allison Perkins.

In February 2012, Blair raced to Port Charles, New York, after learning that Starr had been in a car accident while heading back to Llanview. Blair was devastated to learn that Cole and Hope had been killed in the accident. While Starr lay unconscious in the hospital, Blair met the young man who had rescued her, Michael Corinthos. He told Blair that the accident was caused when a car driven by Anthony Zacchara veered into oncoming traffic after his back tires were shot out. When Starr awoke, Blair broke the tragic news to her that Cole and Hope were dead. Blair phoned Tomas, whom she was dating again, to tell him the news. Todd showed up at the hospital, having heard that Starr had been in an accident, and Blair greeted him by slapping him in the face. Blair couldn't believe that Todd would show his face after everyone had learned he had killed his own brother and kidnapped Tomas. Blair told Todd to leave, but later learned that Todd had snuck into Starr's room to see her. Blair was furious, but Starr told Blair that Todd was going to make things right by going after the man who had shot out the tires on the other car -- Sonny Corinthos.

Blair then went to the Metro Court, where Todd was staying, and warned hotel owner Carly Jacks that her ex-husband was a dangerous man. When Blair learned that Todd knew Sonny was being arraigned for murder charges, she told Carly that Todd probably went to the courthouse to confront him. Sure enough, Blair and Carly arrived to find Todd pointing a loaded gun at Sonny. Starr and Michael soon arrived, but Todd ignored Starr's pleadings for him to drop his weapon. Llanview Police Detective John McBain stormed the courtroom and fired a warning shot. John took Todd into custody and prepared to bring him back to Llanview to face charges for murdering his brother. Starr agreed to return to Llanview with Blair, but promised to return to Port Charles to testify at Sonny's trial.

After Starr returned to Port Charles for Sonny's trial, her recording contract was bought out by Johnny Zacchara and she decided to stay in Port Charles to pursue her music career. Todd also took up residence there and took over the local newspaper. Blair was reunited with both Todd and Starr when she attended Starr's musical performance at the opening of a nightclub. Blair arrived without Tomas and she and Todd attended the event together to show their support to Starr. Afterwards, Todd surprised Blair with a romantic dinner and he proposed to her. Blair turned down his proposal and explained that she was not free to marry Todd because she was engaged to Tomas.

Todd accused Blair of still being in love with him despite her engagement to another man and he claimed the kiss that they had shared proved it. Blair admitted that she still loved Todd but every time they tried to be together, he did something to ruin it and she could not go through that again. Blair visited Starr the next day and shared the news of her engagement to Tomas. Afterward she returned to Llanview.

In November 2012, Blair's plans to marry Tomas were disrupted when Todd showed up in Llanview with Carly and Skye, who both told Blair that Tomas was the spitting image of a believed dead man they had been involved with named Lorenzo Alcazar. Blair and Téa were incredulous, believing that this was another one of Todd's schemes to destroy Blair's happiness. Blair reached Tomas by phone and asked him to stop by Téa's house, but Skye snatched the phone out of Blair's hand and screamed out the name Lorenzo. Tomas later texted Blair that he was on the way, but a CIA agent showed up at the door instead. He explained that Tomas had been recalled to the CIA for a sensitive mission and would not be returning and would not be able to marry Blair. The CIA agent refused to answer any questions. Blair, Skye and Téa decided to work together to find their answers and set out to find Tomas.

As Blair's wedding day approached, she received a surprise visit from Carly Jacks and Skye Quartermaine. The women claimed that Tomas was actually a man they had each been married to in the past named Lorenzo Alcazar. Blair and Téa dismissed their claims and awaited the arrival of Tomas so they could prove that Carly and Skye were wrong. However, a CIA agent arrived instead and announced that Tomas had been recalled for duty within the CIA. Blair, Téa, and Skye set off to search for him.

Blair returned to Llanview and hired Cutter Wentworth to manage her new club named Shelter. On the club's opening night, Téa and Todd's daughter Dani overdosed on oxycodone as Todd arrived and rushed her to the hospital. As they waited for word on Dani at the hospital, Todd's twin brother Victor arrived and revealed that Todd had not killed him. As Todd battled Victor for his place in the lives of Dani and Jack, he reached out to Blair. She recommended that Todd leave Llanview and their family in peace by returning to Port Charles.

Todd remained in Llanview and informed Blair that Dani's overdose was intentional and that all of their children were in danger. Blair was reluctant to believe Todd until he showed her a hit list on stationary that matched Victor's tattoo. A blackout at Shelter and gunshots fired while she spoke with Todd convince Blair to believe him. Todd explained that no one would be safe until he dealt with his brother. As Blair spent more time with Todd, her family noticed and warned her not to fall for him again.

Blair continued to grow closer to Todd while they conspired with Téa to locate Victor. Todd was instructed to kill Victor in order to protect his family. Blair, Téa, and Todd planned to pass off a deceased body as Victor until Todd learned that the person who generated the hit list also had Victor. During this time, Blair and Todd reunited and declared their love for one another. Blair was devastated when Todd received a message ordering him to disappear in exchange for his family's safety. Before Todd left, Blair secretly married him.

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