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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 9, 2012 on OLTL
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Three women stood together in Heaven and looked down on Llanview, where various family members and friends still resided.

In the church, John shot Mitch, and the evil man fell to the floor. John ran over to Natalie, and the couple embraced. They shared a long kiss. "He saved her life. Ah, how romantic," Gabrielle Medina sighed. "Well it's about time. Stubborn as a couple of mules, those two. How long have we been waiting for them to get together?" Luna Moody chimed in. "Almost as long as we've been waiting for Mitch Laurence to get what he deserves," Megan Gordon Harrison summed up.

The women watched as doctors at Llanview Hospital worked over both Ford and Cole. Starr and both of her parents grieved as they waited for news of Cole, while Jessica and James were anxious to hear about Ford. Luna was glad that Marty wasn't around to see what was happening to Cole, though Gabrielle acknowledged that the young man still had others around who loved him. "She's a good girl, Starr. In spite of who her parents are. What Todd did to Marty Saybrooke is unforgivable," Luna declared.

"And as for Blair, I'm not sure I can forgive her either. She tried to steal my Max," Luna recalled. "He was my Max for a while, remember?" Gabrielle replied. "I loved him too," Megan proclaimed. They changed their focus and watched as Troy, along with Nora's help, worked continuously on Bo. The women noted that Bo's life depended on Troy.

Next, they found Viki, who had been shot, unconscious on the floor at Llanview. Clint grabbed his chest and fell to the floor next to her, before he'd had a chance to call for help. "Oh, my poor mother. She needs me. She needs us," Megan said. "They all do," the women said together. "We have our work cut out for us, girls," Megan announced. The women joined hands.

As Natalie and John finally separated, Natalie asked if Mitch were really dead. John advised her that it was true, but he offered to check. "It's Mitch," Natalie reminded him. John put his gun down beside Natalie and walked over to Mitch. As John leaned down, Mitch grabbed him around the throat. The men began to tussle, but suddenly, a shot rang out. Natalie shot Mitch several times with John's gun. "Burn in Hell," she said.

"He's not coming back this time," John informed Natalie. "Only in our nightmares," Natalie replied. She was glad to have been the one to pull the trigger, and she'd done it for Jared. Natalie rushed off to phone Jessica.

As the doctors continued to try to save Cole, Luna appeared. She reached out, and Cole grasped her outstretched hand. He turned and looked at Starr one last time as he followed Luna out of the room. They arrived at their next destination, but Cole didn't know Luna. "I was a friend of your mama's back in the day," Luna explained.

It dawned on Cole that he'd seen Luna's resemblance in the statue in Angel Square, and Luna was happy and certain that Cristian would be proud of the statue he'd created. Cole wondered if he were dead, and Luna advised him that he was "between Heaven and Hell."

Cole noted that Starr and Hope didn't need him, especially since he'd been in jail. After his escape, he would only be in jail longer anyway. He'd screwed up Starr's life, and he was certain that Hope would be ashamed of him when she grew older. Starr didn't love him. Out of the blue, and without notice, Cole ran for a set of doors.

In the hospital, Cole flatlined. The doctors were frantic as they all gathered around in order to save his life. All was quiet as, one by one, all of the doctors finally left Cole's side. Starr pleaded to be able to talk to Cole, and one of the doctors relented. Starr and Cole were left alone. Starr begged him to fight, because she knew he was strong and could win.

"Cole Thornhart, you cannot be serious. Do you really want me to walk you through that door into the next world?" Luna asked. "Isn't that your job?" Cole wondered. She advised Cole that he had to be ready, and she couldn't stand someone willing to give up without a fight. Cole wondered why he should fight. Suddenly, Luna told Cole to listen closely. Cole heard Starr crying. She was begging him to fight, and she told him how much Hope loved her daddy. Starr admitted that she loved Cole and she'd never stopped.

Bo called out Gabrielle's name as Troy and Nora frantically tried to help the wounded man. As Troy announced that he couldn't feel Bo's pulse, Bo grabbed Gabrielle's hand and followed her. They arrived at their intended location, and Bo asked where they were. Gabrielle told him he'd been shot, and Bo remembered the events at the cabin. He also recalled that he'd tried to save Gabrielle before she'd died.

"That's life. Your life is over now, but I'm here to guide you to the next one," Gabrielle responded. She danced around Bo and draped herself all over him. Bo admitted that he had believed that he would have had more time to get his affairs in order and to say goodbye. Gabrielle confessed that she'd had the same thought when it had been her time. She informed him that she'd been with Matthew on Thanksgiving, but it hadn't been Matthew's time to leave. "But it is yours," she added.

Bo was in denial, as Gabrielle indicated that he should look at it not as an ending, but as a beginning. "For you and me," she purred.

Back on earth, Troy advised Nora that there was nothing more that he could do. He headed for the door, as Nora begged for him to keep trying. Troy told her that it was too late, and he was leaving. He was saying goodbye if Nora couldn't love him, and he would give her the privacy to say goodbye to Bo. Nora leaned over her husband and began to sob. She begged him not to leave her.

Gabrielle continued to dance around Bo. She advised him that they would be able to pick up where they'd left off. "We have infinity now," she told him. They would be able to get married, just as they almost had before she'd died. Bo gently noted that he was already married. "We can have so much fun together. Come with me," Gabrielle kept repeating. She urged him to follow her through the doors. He started to obey, but suddenly he heard the faint sound of someone crying.

Bo understood that it was Nora, and she needed him. Gabrielle was adamant. She wanted Bo to remain where he was. "She needs me," Bo said insistently. "I adore you, and you adored me once," Gabrielle reminded him. Bo confessed that Nora was the one who was the love of his life, and he had to get back. Gabrielle leaned over to him, but he broke away before they shared a kiss. He headed through a set of doors.

As Nora cried over her husband's body, Bo stirred. He gasped and woke up. "You can't get rid of me that easy," he informed his wife. Nora's heartrending tears turned into tears of joy.

Clint arrived at his dark destination and was surprised to find Stacy Morasco waiting for him. "And I want my damn heart back," she snarled at him. Clint wondered why Stacy had her old face back. "They make you wear your old face here," she explained. It took Clint awhile, and he needed Stacy's help, to finally realize that he'd ended up in Hell.

Clint thought it was ridiculous that he'd ended up in Hell, but Stacy began to list all of Clint's most recent dirty deeds. "You're a completely horrible person. Which is why you're here. With me," Stacy said. She pointed to their way out of the room, which was through the fiery flames. "Come on, cowboy, time to head out to your last roundup," Stacy announced. Clint refused; he wasn't going anywhere with Stacy. "I need to get home," he said.

Megan reached out for Viki. The women embraced, and they were transplanted to Heaven's door. Viki looked around and mentioned how much she'd missed her daughter. Viki realized that she'd been there before, but she was anxious to find out what had happened to Clint. "Someone else is attending to Clint right now," Megan answered. Viki remembered what had happened in her home. "Who's taking care of him?" Viki asked. Her family was in a crisis, and she needed to be there for them, Viki stated.

Megan couldn't answer, but she assured her mother that both Jessica and Natalie were safe from Mitch. Viki was relieved. Thank God my girls are both fine," Viki exhaled. "Natalie is fine, but Jessica..." Megan trailed off.

Jessica told James what had happened to Ford, and she blamed herself for it. She cried that Ford had saved her from her father, and James had no idea what it had been like to have such an evil father. James quickly disagreed. He knew all about it. As the doctors tried to save Ford, a cloaked figure picked up Ford's prone body and carried him away.

The person removed the cloak. "Wake up, Bobby. What's the matter. Ain't you got nothin' to say to your old man?" Ford was in Hell, and he was horrified to see his father, Eddie. At first, Ford thought he was dreaming, but Eddie assured him that it was real. Ford insisted that he had to get back to Jessica, but Eddie advised him that there was no exit.

Ford was confused, and Eddie opened a set of doors to reveal the flames of Hell. "You're stuck in H-E-double hockey sticks with me," Eddie announced. Ford was sure he didn't belong in such a place alongside Eddie. He hadn't done the awful things that Eddie had done. He accused his father of nearly raping Nora. Eddie reminded Ford that Ford had actually gone through with the action with Jessica.

Ford denied raping Jessica, but Eddie advised him that he'd taken advantage of the girl when she hadn't been herself. Ford confessed that he would never do that kind of thing again, and he had been ashamed of himself. He had been lucky to start over after his son had been born, and Jessica had forgiven him. She'd allowed Ford to be a real father to Ryder.

Eddie put his arm around his son. Ford thought he knew everything there was to know about being a father, Eddie accused. Ford quickly pushed Eddie into the flames outside of the door and locked the door behind him. Ford cried for help and ran through another set of doors on the other side of the room.

Natalie and Jessica spoke on the phone. Natalie revealed that she'd killed Mitch. Jessica was panicked, and she indicated that she had no clue about Ford's condition. Natalie declared that she and John would get to the hospital quickly, but Jessica asked her to stop at Llanfair instead. She'd been unable to reach Clint or Viki. Both sisters said, "I love you."

Natalie and John arrived at Llanfair and found both Viki and Clint lying on the floor, unconscious. John called for an ambulance, as he and Natalie did their best to revive the pair. Viki had no pulse, and Natalie cried for her mother to wake up.

Clint advised Stacy that he was making amends, thanks to Viki. He was doing it for her and because of her. He wanted to finish what he'd started. "Too late cowboy. Viki's toast," Stacy stated. Clint called her a liar, though Stacy advised him that Viki couldn't live forever. "What do you care? You're dead too," Stacy informed Clint. "I can't die," he replied. He suddenly recalled that Allison had said something about Jessica's parentage.

Viki recalled that Allison had said that Clint, and not Mitch, was really Jessica's father. Suddenly, Viki grew weak, and she was no longer able to stand up. Megan advised her that it was okay to let go, but Viki replied that she didn't want to. Megan was aware that it was difficult. She recalled how hard it was to want to stay behind, and she remembered lying in Jake's arms, and the tree that he'd planted with the hearts. Megan told Viki that love would keep her safe, and she should let go. Megan opened a set of doors. "Are you ready?" she asked her mother.

"Viki, stop! Don't do it!" Clint shouted as he ran into the room. Clint declared that their children needed them, and they loved each other again. They had beaten the odds before, and they could do it again, he continued. "I'm not ready," Viki informed Megan. Viki ran into Clint's arms, and Megan smiled.

James walked in on Starr and Cole as Starr was telling Cole that she'd never stopped loving him. Frowning, James turned around and headed back to be with Jessica. Starr never noticed that James had been in the room with her. Jessica noticed that something was wrong though. "James, are you okay? Did you find Starr?" Jessica asked. James thought it would be a better idea for them to just focus on Ford.

Starr left Cole's room and encountered James. He was cold to her, and he advised her that he was waiting for news on his brother. Blair and Todd showed up to support Starr. Jessica joined them, and they gathered in the hallway.

Luna asked Cole if he were staying, but before Cole could answer, Ford ran into the room. "Will you help me?" Ford asked.

A tied-up Mitch appeared to arise off of the church floor. "Heavenly Father, your messenger ascends. I'm prepared to serve you for all eternity," he recited. A cloaked Stacy and Eddie arrived to escort Mitch to his next destination. "Are you God's couriers?" Mitch asked them eagerly. "Not exactly," Stacy replied as she removed her hood. "Come on, messenger boy. You're coming with us," Eddie announced. The pair grabbed Mitch's arms and dragged him out. Stacy advised Mitch that Jessica was not really his daughter, and Mitch screamed, "No, no!"

The emergency squad technicians worked over Viki and Clint at Llanfair. Natalie assured her mother that everything was okay. Clint woke up, and then Viki. The couple looked at each other fondly.

The three women congregated again in Heaven. Megan and Gabrielle noted that their charges had decided to return to earth. "I could only save one," Luna said regretfully, as doctors met in the hallway with those waiting for news on both Cole and Ford.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starr read a copy of the Sun, which had a headline that said, "R.I.P. Cole Thornhart." Todd put his hand on her shoulder, and she cried on his shoulder. The doorbell rang, and Starr answered it to Dani. Dani hugged her sister, and expressed her disbelief that Hannah had killed Cole. "She didn't. Cole's alive," Starr whispered in her sister's ear.

Dani thought that Starr was in shock. Starr told Todd that she couldn't lie to Dani. Todd wondered if Starr would lie to her brothers. Starr knew that Dani would take the secret "to the grave." Todd didn't want the secret to go any further than the room they were in. Todd told a confused Dani that Starr would fill her in on the details, hugged Starr, and left.

Starr admitted to Dani that Cole had survived, and had been doing so well that he was to be transferred to the infirmary at Statesville. Starr remembered telling her parents that Cole couldn't go back to prison. She'd told them that he wanted to be with his parents. She'd admitted that Patrick was alive, and with Marty. She'd reminded her parents that Cole had saved her, so they had to help him. Blair had told Starr that Cole had killed Eli, but Starr had countered that Todd had killed someone as well.

Dani wondered why Starr had fought so hard for Cole, when she was with James. Starr maintained that Cole was Hope's father. Dani thought that Starr was leaving something out, but Starr continued her story. Starr had reminded her parents that Cole had saved her life. "It's time for us to save his," she'd pleaded.

Starr had visited Cole in his room, and Cole was disappointed to be going back to prison. Starr had revealed that he was going to get to be with his parents "because of mine." She'd told him that Todd had made phone calls and bribes, and was going to get Cole back to his parents. She'd revealed that the catch was that everyone had to believe that he was dead.

Cole had asked if that meant that he could never see Starr or Hope again. She'd assured him that they would see each other again. Todd had entered the room, and told them that it was time for them to say goodbye. Cole had thanked Todd, and Todd had left.

Dani wondered if Starr really believed that she would get to see Cole again. Starr admitted that she wouldn't have been able to say goodbye if she'd thought that she would never see Cole again. She remembered telling Cole that he had to leave before the cops showed up. A crying Starr had turned to leave, but an equally upset Cole had grabbed her hand.

Cole had thought he'd remembered Starr say that she loved him, but wondered if he'd been too "out of it." "I do," she'd replied. "I always have. I never stopped. I love you Cole Thornhart," she'd told him. She'd squeezed his hand, and left the room. Dani observed that Todd wasn't such a bad guy. Dani wondered where Todd had taken Cole, but Starr didn't know.

Dani wondered where Starr's love for Cole left James and Starr's relationship. Starr only knew that James needed her. Dani offered to drive. Before leaving, she hugged Starr, and hoped that the previous night wasn't the last time that Starr would see Cole. "Me too," Starr declared, and left the house.

James read the Sun, and remembered hearing Starr tell Cole that she loved him. James angrily threw the newspaper across the room. Nate arrived, and hugged his brother. James assured Nate that Ford had died a hero, because he'd saved Jessica from Mitch. Nate informed James that Inez was making all of the funeral arrangements by herself, because she still felt horrible about leaving Ford and James behind with Eddie. Nate related that he'd thought he'd have his entire life to bond with his brothers.

James thought Ford had been a good brother, and he loved Ford. Becoming upset, James revealed that he'd only told Ford for the first time the previous night, but too late, that he loved Ford. Nate assured James that Ford knew, and could hear James. Nate wondered how Starr was, and James angrily replied that he hadn't talked to her. Nate asked if something had happened between James and Starr. James replied that something had happened between Starr and Cole.

Nate urged James to tell him what had happened. James admitted that he'd overheard Starr telling Cole the previous night that she loved him. Nate rationalized that Cole was the father of Starr's daughter, and that she'd probably thought that Cole was going to die. Nate wondered how James felt, but James couldn't think straight.

There was a knock on the door, and Nate answered it to Starr and Dani. Nate had to see Inez, so Dani offered to go with him. Nate urged James to call if he needed anything, and he left with Dani. Starr wanted to do something for James, but James didn't need anything. She wondered what was wrong with him. "It's over," James stated. Starr was confused, so James continued, "We are, Starr. We're over."

Natalie and John wheeled Clint into Viki's room at the hospital. Viki was surprised to see them, and said that she was ready to go home. She wanted to be there for Jessica. Viki asked about Starr. John told her that Hannah was in custody, and Allison was the only escapee that hadn't yet been caught. John wondered what Allison had said to Clint and Viki, because she might have said something that would make her easier to track.

Clint and Viki lied that Allison had only ranted on about nothing, because she was crazy. John urged them to call if they thought of anything. Viki thanked John for saving Natalie, and expressed how happy she was to see John and Natalie together.

Outside of the room, John figured that he would have his work cut out for him at the station. Natalie mentioned the kiss they'd shared the previous night, and reminded John that they still needed to talk. John promised to make time for it, smiled, and walked away from a smiling Natalie.

In Viki's room, Viki couldn't believe that she and Clint had lied to the chief of detectives. Both agreed that they wanted to be hopeful, but they couldn't get Jessica's hopes up. Clint knew that they needed to find out the truth about Jessica's paternity before they said anything to anyone. "And I know just the man for the job," Clint stated.

A short while later, Vimal entered Viki's hospital room, and reminded Clint that he no longer worked for Buchanan Enterprises. Clint promised that it was nothing illegal, but Vimal wasn't convinced. Viki backed Clint up, which reassured Vimal. Vimal agreed to help, as long it had nothing to do with "DNA tests, paternity results, or the need for absolute secrecy." "Actually, it involves all three," Clint revealed.

Clint handed Vimal a check for his trouble, and Vimal stared in disbelief at the amount of money written on the check. Clint believed that he owed Vimal, since Vimal had gone to jail for Clint. Clint made sure that Vimal knew what his task was. "To compare your DNA to your daughter Natalie's," Vimal stated. When Clint and Viki yelled troubled corrections at him, he revealed that he was joking. "Too soon?" Vimal asked, smiling.

Jessica played with Ryder while she looked at the newest copy of the Banner. She tearfully told Ryder, "That's your Daddy. He's never coming home," and looked at the small article about Ford's death. She told her son that Ford had "fought a bad man to save Mommy." She remembered the previous night, when the doctor had told her and James that Ford was dead. She related that Ford had still looked handsome when she'd gone in the room to see him.

Jessica had apologized to Ford, and had demanded to know what he'd been thinking going to the church. Sobbing, she'd wondered why he'd wanted to save her, and if he'd known how dangerous Mitch was. She'd added that she'd wanted to kill Mitch herself for hurting Ford. Jessica apologized to Ryder, and told him of Ford's heroism. Just then, Natalie entered the room, and sat with Jessica on the floor. She put her arm around Jessica, who cried on Natalie's shoulder.

Jessica wondered how Clint and Viki were doing. Natalie answered that they were fine, but worried about Jessica. Jessica was glad that Mitch was finally dead, and only wished that she'd been there to see it. "I hope he burns in Hell," she added.

Natalie and Jessica discussed Allison, and Jessica couldn't believe that Ryder had slept through all of the commotion the night before. Natalie offered to get Jessica something, or to drive her to see Clint and Viki. Instead, Jessica told Natalie to go be with the man she loved, and to not waste any more time.

Viki told Clint that the results of the paternity test would never change who he was to Jessica. Clint would be happy to erase Mitch from their lives. Jessica entered, and wondered what they were talking about. Viki only wanted to make Jessica happy. Jessica was only glad that Ford would be the last person Mitch hurt. Ford had given Ryder the best gift he could have, because Ryder would be free of Mitch. Jessica vowed that Clint would be the only grandfather Ryder would ever know.

Blair was reading the newspaper when Téa entered. She expressed her sympathy about Cole. Blair added that she'd never thought that Hannah would shoot Cole, even though she'd been aiming at Starr. Todd had been making arrangements for Cole, but had lost his phone at the hospital the night before. Blair wondered what Téa's problem with Todd had been, because Todd had been great in crisis. Blair wanted Téa to know that she and Todd had been getting closer.

"What about Tomas?" Téa wondered. Blair wondered why Téa would want Blair to have anything to do with Tomas. "I have to tell you the truth, and I have to tell you right now," Téa said. She wanted to tell Blair the truth about Todd, but just then, Todd approached the women.

Blair shooed Todd away for a minute so that she could talk to Téa. Téa lied that she wanted to apologize to Todd, so Blair called Todd back over. Téa explained that her hormones had been going crazy, and with all that had been going on, she'd taken it out on Todd. Todd understood, and Téa walked away. Blair suggested that Téa had finally listened to Blair about Todd.

Téa bumped into John in the hallway, and admitted that she'd almost told Blair about Todd being Victor's killer. She'd covered by apologized to Todd for taking her anger out on him. She wondered if he were any closer to arresting Todd. "Actually, I am," he informed her.

John pulled Todd's phone out of his pocket, and admitted that he'd had someone take it the previous night. The police department had downloaded the contents of the phone, and implanted a bug into it. John had gotten a warrant for it, so Téa was happy that she could use it against Todd in court.

John wanted to get the phone back to Todd without Todd seeing John, so Téa offered to turn it in to the lost and found. He handed the phone to her, and she begged him to "nail Todd." "I count on it," he replied. Téa told her unborn child that John was finally going to arrest Todd for killing Victor. "And Todd is gonna rot in jail for what he did to your father," she added.

A short while later, John arrived in his apartment building. On the phone, he discussed Todd's phone. He hung up, and unlocked his apartment door. When he entered, he was surprised to see Natalie sitting on the couch.

Blair was stunned at how "above and beyond" Todd had gone for Cole. Todd reminded Blair that Cole had taken a bullet for Starr, and Todd would do anything for his children. Blair wondered if Todd was going to keep stepping up, and being a better man than he had been before. Todd admitted that he'd been trying.

Todd and Blair hadn't found Todd's phone, so Blair wanted to check on Starr, and urged Todd to visit Viki. Todd was worried about his phone, but Blair said that they could just get him another one. Just then, a nurse entered, and handed Todd a phone that had just been turned in to lost and found. "You owe someone," Blair told him. "I guess so," he replied, inspecting the phone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

At the hospital, Shaun greeted Destiny, as she walked out with Vivian. After Shaun asked about Destiny's condition, Vivian announced that both Destiny and the baby were doing fine. Shaun was uncertain that Destiny could ever be fine, since Matthew had just walked out on her. However, Destiny did not want to discuss Matthew. When Destiny claimed that she had the best Lamaze coach in the world, Vivian agreed that Shaun was the best.

Destiny then asked Shaun for twenty dollars, so that she could buy "Mr. B" flowers, while he was in the hospital, and Shaun handed her the money. Destiny stressed that Vivian had the best boyfriend, and that she had better hang on to him. After Shaun chased Destiny out of the hospital lobby, he asked Vivian if he should call her when Destiny started to have labor pains, but Vivian hoped that Shaun would call before that.

Shaun wanted to talk about his marriage proposal and the ring, but Vivian insisted that Shaun should have never given her a ring, since Shaun had known that she did not want to get married. Vivian vowed that she would never get married to anyone, but she claimed that she still loved Shaun. However, Shaun believed that if he were lucky enough to find a woman like Vivian, they should get married.

Shaun stressed that he would not force Vivian to have the same kind of marriage that her parents had, however, Vivian maintained that she did not want marriage. Shaun then realized that he and Vivian wanted different things, and he wished her good luck. Shaun kissed Vivian and said that he would miss her. After Shaun walked away, Vivian stated that she would miss Shaun too.

In the hospital room, Nora told Rex on the phone that Bo was doing well, as Bo lay in his hospital bed. Nora insisted to Rex that Bo was the world's worst patient. Once she got off the phone, Nora informed Bo that Rex, Gigi, and Shane would visit him in the hospital. Nora then insisted that Rex, Gigi, Shane, and the whole town loved Bo, when Matthew walked in and added that he did too.

Nora hugged Matthew, who announced that he had always intended to return to Llanview. Matthew apologized for leaving, because he felt that none of it would have happened if he had been there. Nora stressed that it had not been Matthew's fault, however, Matthew believed that he could have fought off Troy. Bo claimed that Troy should be the last person that Matthew was thinking about. Nora hugged Matthew and exclaimed that she was glad that he was home, when Destiny arrived with the flowers.

Destiny expressed her surprise to see Matthew, and Matthew explained that his parents needed him. Destiny wondered if Matthew's parents were the only ones who needed Matthew, as she handed Nora the flowers, and she thanked Bo and Nora for being there for her. Matthew apologized to Destiny and indicated that he had not meant to hurt her feelings, but that he had needed to tell her the truth. Matthew explained that Destiny was his best friend, and that he cared about her, but that he was not ready for a baby.

Destiny pointed out that the baby was already on its way, and that a lot of other people, who had not been ready either, had gotten ready. Destiny noted that Matthew's folks had already set up a nursery, that Nora had helped her fill out college applications, that Shaun was her Lamaze coach, that Vivian was a phenomenal doctor, and that all of her friends had volunteered to babysit. Destiny exclaimed that she did not need Matthew, and that she would raise their baby by herself.

At La Boulaie, Jack answered the door to Neela, who claimed that she had just heard about the shooting. Jack noted that Neela hated him, since she had turned the tape over to Shane, but Neela denied it and said that she cared about Jack. Neela insisted that she was there to apologize. Jack pointed out that he had almost gone to jail and then explained that he would still need to do community service, which would have to be put on his college applications. When Neela feared that she had ruined Jack's chances at attending college, Jack said that he would find a way to get in.

Jack explained that he had been wanting to tell someone about what he had done for a long time, and that he had finally trusted Neela with the truth. Jack pointed out that Neela had then turned him in, and Neela regretted that. Jack suddenly picked up Neela's purse and searched for a tape recorder. When he did not find one, he threw the purse down and demanded that she get out. As Neela walked to the door, she claimed that she had not meant to give the tape to Shane, but that she had seen how upset Shane had gotten, and that she had feared he would try to kill himself again. Neela admitted that she had given Shane the tape, and that she was very sorry.

Neela also wanted to make a confession, before she left. Neela informed Jack that she was supposed to have married "that frog" in an arranged marriage, but that she had always had a dream to marry a boy with wavy hair, who was tall, strong-willed, and ambitious. Neela exclaimed that she "could not go through with" the marriage. Neela then declared that she had never thought that she would meet that boy on her first night in Llanview. Neela added that she had wanted to be honest, and that even if Jack did not feel the same way about her, she was glad that she had told him. After Neela left, Jack closed the door.

At the Fords' apartment, James told Starr that it was over between them, and Starr wondered why. James explained that they would not find what they needed from each other, but Starr was still shocked that they were breaking up. Starr exclaimed that she wanted to be with James, since Bobby had just died. James appreciated that Starr was there. However, James also insisted that he had meant what he had said, because he had heard Starr tell Cole that she still loved him.

Starr tried to explain that Cole was the father of her child, and that he had been dying, but James asked for her to be honest. James pointed out that Starr had never looked at him like she had looked at Cole. James felt that even though Cole was gone, and that James and Starr had felt something together, Starr would still never feel that way about James. However, Starr insisted that she loved James, and she refused to compare James and Cole.

James agreed that it was a bad time for both of them, since she had just lost Cole, and he had just lost Bobby, but James did not want to be second best. James realized that Cole would always be first in Starr's heart. Starr admitted it was true and cried that she would miss James, and that she was sorry. Starr stated that if James ever needed her, to call her, but James claimed that he needed a clean break. James added that he would never forget his Twinkle, and Starr kissed him and walked out.

Outside of La Boulaie, Rick grabbed Starr and explained that he had heard that her baby daddy had died. Rick claimed that Starr was "a PR gold mine," and that Starr should be glad that, as her manager, Rick was trying to capitalize on her life as a drama queen. After Rick insisted that Starr should treat him with more appreciation, Starr asked him if he was serious. Rick replied, "As serious as a funeral. And since you have a couple to go to, and I have been to my fair share, listen to Uncle Rick. It is time to move on, Starfish. grab that rainbow in the sky and haul in that pot of gold, because I have some news that is going to rock your world."

Starr looked surprised at Rick's plans, and Rick informed her that he would make all of the arrangements and take care of all the money. Rick told Starr to sleep on it, and to give him her decision in the morning. When Starr was surprised that she had to decide by morning, Rick stressed that she had to grab the opportunity, and to start the next chapter of her life. Rick claimed that "fame waits for no woman," before he walked out the door. Starr sat on the staircase in shock.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rex asked Gigi how "Morasco" was doing, and Gigi reminded Rex that she was a Balsom, since they had gotten married. Rex almost regretted that he would be unable to call her Morasco again, but he was thankful that Gigi was alive. Gigi insisted that she was "not going anywhere," and they kissed. Roxy ran into the room and told them to cut it out, because the honeymoon was over.

Roxy explained that they needed to plan a party for Fraternity Row, since the last episode would be airing that week. Roxy added that she would be throwing a huge bash for the S.O.S. Committee, and both Roxy and Gigi explained to Rex that the initials stood for "Saving Our Stories." Roxy exclaimed that the committee had almost saved Fraternity Row, but that "the empty suits" had already made up their minds.

Roxy pointed out the party favors and the costumes in the bags and announced that Rex and Gigi could be anyone they wanted to be, except for Brandon and Briana, because that was who John and Natalie would be. Roxy explained that John and Natalie were "the star-crossiest lovers" that she had ever met, and that she would be taking odds that they would have a happy ending. Roxy then admitted that, of course, she would be Lorraine. In the lobby, Shane discovered an envelope addressed to him marked "Urgent."

Shane found his parents and Roxy in the living room and announced that a very prestigious cartoon and graphic arts school in Great Britain was offering him admission, and that he was to start in January. Shane disclosed that the school would give him a full scholarship with living expenses, while he attended. Shane knew that it was the best art school in the world, but he was confused, since he had not applied for it. Shane then realized that Gigi had sent the school his portfolio.

Gigi explained that she had searched for another school the year before, to get Shane away from Jack and his friends, but that she had also looked for a school that would appreciate Shane's special talent. Gigi stressed that Shane had gotten the offer because of his work. Shane then noted that his bad situation was not all that bad anymore, so he really did not need to leave Llanview. However, Rex saw that the offer was a dream come true.

Shane claimed that Llanview was his home, and that he did not want to leave Gigi. However, Gigi realized that although she had been trying to find Shane a safe place, the truth was that she had just been trying to run away from the problem. Gigi felt that Rex and Shane might have been lucky that she had been gone, because Shane had grown up into a strong, confident guy. Gigi expressed that she was proud of Shane. When Gigi insisted that she did not want to leave Shane either, but that it was "a dream come true," Rex announced that they would just have to move with Shane. As they hugged in excitement, Roxy looked sad and lost.

John found Natalie in his apartment and greeted Liam, who was playing on the floor. When John asked Natalie about Jessica, Natalie claimed that Jessica was not good, but that Jessica insisted that Natalie see John, so that they could have their talk. Once John got Liam's approval for the talk, he instructed Natalie to turn off their phones, as he carried Liam out of the room. When John returned, he thanked God that Natalie was okay, and that Liam was happy and healthy.

After Natalie thanked John for saving her, John insisted that Natalie had saved him. Natalie then admitted that she had heard John tell Roxy that he no longer love Natalie at Rodi's, so Natalie had left the bar. She added that she had driven straight to Brody, so that she could accept his proposal, and that she had not found out from Roxy, until later, that John still loved Natalie. When John wondered why Natalie would not let him tell her, she explained that she was mad at him, because he would have let Natalie marry someone else.

Natalie insisted that she needed to know that John would fight for her, and she admitted that she had been hurt. Natalie also claimed that she had been scared, because she had lied to John, and she was uncertain if John would forgive her. Natalie realized that she had been stubborn and scared, but that she had also been willing to marry John even with the lie between them. Natalie knew that she had been afraid that she would lose John, so he could just add "coward" to her list also.

When Natalie asked if John could forgive her, John requested his chance to talk. John admitted that he had been angry, because Natalie had lied. However, even though Natalie had made a serious mistake, John could have handled it better. John felt that he had drunk too much, and that he had made a big mistake by sleeping with someone else to hurt Natalie. John claimed that he had not been able to bear to think that Liam was not his son. John was ashamed of how he had acted, and he realized that he had failed Natalie, Liam, and himself.

When John asked Natalie if she could forgive him, she replied that of course she could. After Natalie wondered if John could forgive her, John claimed that there was nothing to forgive. When John asked if Natalie still wanted him, she cried out that she did. John and Natalie kissed, tore off clothes, kissed, kicked the toys on the floor aside, kissed, and made love.

Afterwards, as John and Natalie lay in bed, John stated, "I'm not going to do this perfectly," and Natalie responded, "I don't know about you, but uhm...that was pretty perfect." John laughed and said, "Yeah, I was...I was sort of talking about everything else." Natalie observed, "I'm not going to do everything else perfect either, but I do know that I don't want to do this without you. It's not the same." John was thoughtful and replied, "No. Me either. Natalie...."

When Natalie insisted, "You don't have to say it," John remarked, "I know I don't have to say it, but you know, once in a while, you're going to have to shut up. I mean, you did this to me, you know. You got me started." Natalie promised, "I'll be quiet." John announced, "Natalie, I love you," and Natalie revealed, "It was really worth it." They both laughed, and John spoke, "Yeah...yeah." Natalie declared, "I love you too." John and Natalie kissed.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As everyone in Llanview watched, Blanca opened her "Farewell to Fraternity Row" show. She announced the first guest, creator Agnes Dixon. Agnes talked about how much she'd cherished the show, and the characters. She'd always loved that anything could happen, and that nobody was ever safe, but it was always made believable.

Blanca then went to a video of Viki, who talked about Megan, and the impact of Fraternity Row. Viki started by saying that Megan had passed away twenty years before, but people still stopped Viki on the street, and asked whether or not Megan would return to the show. She praised the loyal, passionate fans. She believed that the show had been about family and friends, and thought that the characters had become the family and friends of the viewers over the years.

" I remember the first time I tuned in to Fraternity Row. I was hooked instantly," Viki recalled. "I needed to know what would happen next to these fascinating people. Would the hero and heroine find their way back to true love? Would the villains get their comeuppance? Or would their crimes go unpunished? Would loving families overcome their obstacles or would their troubles prove too difficult to surmount? Ultimately, that's what soap opera is about -- families. Close families. Rival families. Even families that are unexpected. Or the ones we choose for ourselves. And when a show is lucky enough to be on the air as long as Fraternity Row has been on, these families become extensions of our own. The audience might be upset when a favorite actor leaves... but they're always willing to welcome a new one, even when that new cast member is quite different than the one being replaced. After all, this is a place where people come back from the dead, go off to grade school in the morning and come home from high school in the afternoon. Because for every new face, every new couple, every new family, there are long-familiar faces... some who have grown up before our very eyes and a few more we hope to watch grow up. We know them so well. They've become our friends. We yearn for their happiness, especially when it's hard-won. We laugh as they laugh. We cry as they cry. And we can't imagine doing without them. And when things are at their very worst on the show, that's when we seem to enjoy them the most. There's just one thing we have to do to keep them in our lives. Tune in tomorrow."

On the phone, Todd informed Baker that John and Téa were onto them. He wanted Tomas moved as soon as possible, because he refused to lose everything he'd worked so hard to get back. He hung up and entered La Boulaie. Starr stood in front of her entire family, and announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to record an album.

Blair quickly cited James, Hope, and school as reasons not to leave, but Starr had worked everything out. Looking at the glum looks on everyone's faces, Starr wondered if anyone was going to be happy for her. Addie chimed in that it was great news, and Dani congratulated Starr. Starr only wanted support from her family. "You're not gonna get it," Todd called out. "You're going to L.A. over my dead body," he stated.

Todd explained that he'd missed practically all of Starr's life, so he didn't want her to go away. Starr assured him that it had been a hard decision, but she'd been relying on her family for too long. She needed to learn how to rely on herself. Blair hated to admit it, but agreed that "she's not our baby anymore." "Speak for yourself," Todd replied.

Natalie asked John why they hadn't gotten together sooner. John cited that they were stubborn idiots. Natalie had to go to Llanfair to watch the last episode of Fraternity Row, and wondered if John wanted to tag along. He figured that every story would end in a happy ending, so he didn't need to see it. John wondered if she'd be back home afterward. Surprised, she nodded, and left with Liam. When Natalie was gone, John's phone rang. He wanted to know everything the bug on Todd's phone had caught.

Megan's Daisy Award sat on top of a copy of the Banner, which had a headline reading, "Fraternity Row, Thanks for the Memories." Clint and Viki were watching Blanca's show when Rex, Gigi, and Shane entered. Rex explained that they were leaving Llanview for England. Clint offered for them to stay at the Buchanan compound, as long as Natalie would let Rex leave.

The Balsom family had to go to Roxy's party, so they began to say goodbye. Gigi promised to see them soon. Clint advised Shane to keep an eye on Rex, and then made sure that Rex had enough money. Clint wondered if hugging Rex would be strange. "A little, but we can do it anyway," Rex said, smiling, and hugged his father.

A short while later, Clint paced around the room, anxious for a call from Vimal about Jessica's DNA test. Viki agreed that she hadn't thought of anything else since Allison had dropped the bombshell. She assured him that Vimal would call soon. "What DNA test?" Jessica said as she entered the room. Clint covered that the "idiot writers" at Fraternity Row would probably end the show with a crazy, sudden paternity bombshell.

Roxy, Nigel, Destiny, and Shaun recited the Fraternity Row theme song as they entered the Buchanan mansion. Shaun expressed sympathy for Roxy having to say goodbye to Fraternity Row and Rex in the same day.

A short while later, Shaun let Vivian into the house. She offered to leave if her presence would make him uncomfortable, but he invited her into the living room. Inside the living room, Rama marveled to Vimal over how glowing Destiny looked. Rama wished she were pregnant and glowing.

Roxy thanked Richard for helping Schuyler during the prison break. Richard was happy to help, since Schuyler had helped Greg with those injured in the breakout. Phylicia hoped that the parole board would remember the men's actions. Roxy related that their sons were good people who had just made some mistakes.

The show was about to start, so Roxy announced that everyone needed to silence their phones, and not talk. Nigel wanted to dim the lights, and unplug the landline. Just then, Rex, Gigi, and Shane entered. Rex knew that Roxy was upset, but begged her to pretend that she wasn't in order to enjoy their last afternoon together as a family.

Matthew and Nora walked a cane-wielding Bo towards their apartment. Nora warned him to be careful. "It'll take more than a bullet to stop me," Bo replied. However, Nora was worried because David was waiting for Bo in the apartment, and he always yielded surprises. The three slowly entered the apartment, and found David with his head down on the desk.

David wailed that he was "box office poison," because The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo had bombed. Bo assured David that there would be other projects. David replied that his life would have been fine if he'd only tried to save Fraternity Row. Bo related that, when he'd been producer of Fraternity Row, the press had criticized him all the time. However, after his time as producer had ended, it had been called "The Golden Age" of the show.

David wondered how he would face Dorian. Matthew promised to face her with David, but Nora objected. She told Matthew that he needed to face the consequences of his actions in Llanview. Bo and Nora were going to Roxy's party to say goodbye to Rex, and invited Matthew along because Destiny would be at the party. Matthew didn't want to go, so David made an excuse for Matthew.

When Bo and Nora were gone, David wondered where Matthew's brain was when the subject was Destiny. Matthew didn't want David to lecture him, but David was doing it because he regretted his own actions in the past. David knew Matthew was scared, but urged Matthew to step up. David wondered what kind of Buchanan Matthew wanted to be, because "the way you're acting, I don't wanna be around you, Buchanan or not."

Baker yelled into his phone that he needed a transport as soon as possible. Baker hung up, and told Tomas that he was going to be relocated where no one could ever find him. He warned Tomas to stay quiet, because Fraternity Row was going on. As Baker was being distracted by the show, he was hit over the head, and knocked unconscious. Tomas looked up and saw John.

Blanca returned to the air, and announced the end of the final episode of Fraternity Row. It had been filled with laughter, tears, and suspense, she said, and it had even ended with a shock.

At Roxy's party, every person had a confused or shocked facial expression. Roxy jumped up and exclaimed that she couldn't believe that Lorraine was a man. They discussed how ridiculous, yet brilliant the story had been. Just then, Vimal took a call, and Rama wanted to know who it was. When the call was over, Vimal revealed that it had been the genetics lab about some test results.

Shaun turned to Vivian, and admitted that the show had gotten him thinking. He apologized for trying to force her into marriage. He realized that he didn't need marriage, and only needed her to love him. The two shared a kiss, much to Phylicia and Richard's happiness. They were only sorry that Destiny wasn't as happy.

Jessica and Natalie noticed that Clint was crying when the show ended. He admitted that it was a shame the show was over, but when he looked at Viki and his daughters, he realized that "our story is just beginning." He was grateful to have his two beautiful daughters, and "the woman I've always loved."

A short while later, Vimal arrived, and handed Clint the envelope with Jessica's DNA test. Clint sincerely thanked Vimal, and Vimal left. "This is it," Viki said, and grabbed Clint's hand.

Rex wanted Roxy's blessing before he left with his family. Roxy gave Rex her blessing as Natalie entered and asked if Roxy had convinced Rex to stay. Rex revealed that he'd gotten Roxy to "see the light." Natalie became upset, and wondered what she'd do without him. He replied that she would do the same as always: "Kick ass and take names."

Rex declared that he would miss everyone. "We'll miss you too," Bo said as he entered with Nora. Destiny looked behind them for Matthew, but was disappointed to find the foyer empty. Bo told Rex that Llanview would be worse off without the Balsom family. He was proud to call Rex a friend, and advised him to take good care of his family. Rex, Gigi, and Shane hugged everyone, and walked from the house as Roxy and Natalie watched sadly.

Nora wondered who had put the picture of Asa on the mantel, and was surprised to learn from Nigel that Rex had put it up. Bo thought the house felt empty with Rex gone. Nora related that Asa probably wouldn't have liked his family spread out all over the world. "Not all of it," Bo said, looking at Destiny. Suddenly, Destiny asked her parents to help her to the car. Phylicia wondered what was wrong. "Nothing, but my water just broke!" she exclaimed, and everyone fussed around her.

The Manning clan discussed the surprise ending of Fraternity Row. "What's a sex change?" Sam asked. Blair assured him that she would tell him when he was older. Todd told Starr that he'd liked when Moon had decided to stay with her family instead of chasing Eternity.

Starr admitted that there was nothing that could make her stay, but reminded her family that she would only be one phone call away. Todd warned her to take all of his calls, because there would be a lot. "Only as many as Statesville will allow, Todd," Téa muttered to herself. Crying, Starr hugged everyone in her family, and walked out the door as they sadly watched.

A short while later, Todd found Blair looking at an old picture of her and Starr. Blair invited him into the room, and he sat down next to her. "This sucks," Todd stated, crying. He could have said so many things to make her stay, but he'd realized that it was Starr's time. Blair stared at Todd, and told him that he'd finally proven to her that he was a better man. She admitted that there was nothing holding her back, and laced her fingers through his. "If you want me, I'm yours," she told him.

Téa entered John's apartment, and wondered if he'd found Tomas. John motioned towards the back of the apartment. Téa was ecstatic to see Tomas, and embraced her brother.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Allison Perkins read out loud from a final draft of a script she'd written, titled "One Life to Live." She read to an unknown person lying in a bed, and she started with her main character, Viki, who had a family and entire town who loved her. Viki had five children, including twins, even though she hadn't known about the one twin for years.

Clint held the results of the DNA test, hesitant to open the envelope. Viki grabbed his hand and assured him that he had been Jessica's father all along, no matter what the test indicated. "You've been my rock ever since I met you," Clint advised her. He admitted that it had held true, "even when I couldn't stand you." Viki's feelings were mutual.

In the next room, Natalie offered her support to Jessica. "Mitch is not your father," Natalie declared. It was true, even though she'd said otherwise when they'd been fighting, Natalie added. Natalie was adamant that Clint was the father to both of them, no matter what.

Unable to stand the suspense, Clint handed the envelope to Viki, who opened it and began reading slowly. "Cut to the chase," Clint demanded. Viki gasped. "Am I Jessica's father?" he asked nervously. They were interrupted when Natalie and Jessica walked into the study. The girls wondered what was going on.

"Your dad has something to tell you," Viki announced. "Uh-oh," Jessica replied. Clint revealed what Allison had shared with him and Viki regarding Jessica's parentage, and the fact that he had arranged a DNA test. He assured Jessica that she had always been his daughter, but it was official. He was really Jessica's father. Jessica began to cry, and the others were moved to tears as well. The family was overjoyed as they hugged each other and cried.

John looked on as Téa and Tomas reunited in John's apartment. Tomas revealed how he'd been treated, and he wanted Todd to pay. Tomas also wanted to be present when Todd was arrested. John advised him that it wouldn't be possible. Tomas reflected back to the look on Blair's face when he'd confessed to killing Victor, and he noted how awful it had been. Tomas couldn't wait to see Blair, and he wanted to call her.

Téa admitted that Blair wasn't familiar with the truth regarding Victor's real killer. John stated that they needed to wait for the evidence to be confirmed. "And your name will finally be cleared," Téa declared. Tomas wondered why Blair hadn't been told about Todd, and Téa made it clear that Blair would have tipped Todd off.

Todd and Blair had grown closer while Tomas had been gone, Téa informed her brother. Tomas ran for the door; he needed to get to Blair right away. John ordered him to stay put, and Téa maintained that Tomas would jeopardize the investigation. She didn't think that her brother was thinking clearly, and he was too emotional. Todd would disappear if he knew that they were onto him.

John stepped out and returned home. The warrant was in, and though Tomas was chomping at the bit, John wanted to follow procedure. "Let John do his job, Tomas," Téa urged her brother. "Then Blair will know the truth," she added.

Todd and Blair made it up to Blair's bedroom as they kissed passionately. They began to remove their clothing, but Todd stopped suddenly. "I can't do this," he said reluctantly. "Why are you pushing me away?" Blair inquired.

Todd recalled how Blair had tried to stop him from going to Ireland, as she'd been afraid that she would lose what she had. He had wanted to get back to his family for years. "And here I am," he said. Blair wondered if he were the one afraid of losing her this time, and she assured him that he wouldn't. Todd remembered that he had said something similar.

There were no guarantees that something wouldn't happen, Blair continued. Todd maintained that people did stupid things all of the time, and they were unreliable. He had done stupid things, he said. "There is nobody in the world that I trust more than you," Blair told him. She wanted him to tell her if there was a reason for them not to move forward. She knew he was scared, and so was she, but it was worth it for them to give it a try.

The couple headed to the bed, and Todd gave in. Finally, the couple made love. Afterward, Blair wondered if Todd were still afraid that he might lose her. Todd stated that it had always been the two of them.

Starr arrived in Los Angeles with Hope, and knocked on an apartment door. Markko and Langston were ecstatic to see their old friend, and Starr was just as happy to be there. She settled Hope for a nap and eagerly pointed outside. "You can hear the ocean from there," Starr exclaimed. She spotted an old photo album that her friends had been looking through, and she decided to reveal the truth.

Langston and Markko were astonished to hear that Cole was still alive, though Starr admitted that she might never see him again. At least she knew he was safe, Starr concluded.

Allison turned to the person in the bed. She knew that the person was waiting to hear her finished product, and she promised that there would be many twists and turns. She proceeded to talk about Starr.

Markko received a phone call, and he stepped away. Starr convinced Langston to share her feelings about Ford. Langston admitted that she had been upset to learn of Ford's death, and she'd had real feelings for him at one time. They just hadn't been right for each other, Langston admitted. She was glad that Ford had found a family in Jessica and Ryder, and he would live on through his son.

As soon as Markko returned, there was a knock at the front door. Starr answered it, and there was a man standing there. "Your father sent me," the man said. He was sorry, but Todd had wanted his daughter to have a bodyguard. Starr began to protest, and the man assured her that he wasn't the bodyguard. He stepped aside to reveal Cole.

The Buchanan and Evans families had been congregated at the Buchanan mansion for Roxy's party. Suddenly, Destiny announced that her water had broken. "I'm about to have my baby," she shouted. Everyone began to rush around frantically, and Vivian did her best to get their attention after she checked on Destiny. "This baby is coming now," Vivian finally managed to proclaim loudly.

There was no time to get Destiny to the hospital, Vivian informed the gathering. Destiny was in labor, and Vivian assured the teen that it wasn't the first time that Vivian would be delivering a baby outside of a hospital. The doctor sent everyone to gather various supplies.

It was a surprise to everyone when Matthew walked in. He walked over to Destiny after he found out what was happening, and he grabbed her hand. Both teens admitted that they were scared. Destiny began to scream, and Matthew asked if she were okay. Destiny just couldn't believe that Matthew was there. "Why are you here?" she asked. Matthew admitted that his brother had convinced him to be with those he cared about the most, and Destiny and the baby were those people.

As the photograph of Asa faced out to the group, Vivian continued to urge Destiny to push, and finally, the baby arrived. "Say hello to your son," Vivian pronounced. Everyone oohed and aahed as they gathered to look at the baby.

Bo called David with the news, and to thank him for talking Matthew into "stepping up." Bo thought it was the greatest thing that David had ever done for the family, and he promised to ask the new parents to name the baby David. Bo assured Matthew that he wasn't in it alone, and Richard agreed. There were lots of family members to lean on.

"What are we going to name him?" Nora asked. Destiny admitted that she'd thought she'd have a girl, and she'd planned on naming her Yolanda. Bo suggested David, and Matthew thought that naming the baby for his brother was a good idea. He suggested that they name the baby Drew, and Bo was touched. There were tears all around.

"Another generation of Buchanans," Nora proclaimed. Bo couldn't believe that they were grandparents. "Life really flies by, doesn't it?" he asked. "I love you Red," Bo declared as he departed to get the car to take Destiny and Drew to the hospital. His voice had cracked. "I love you," Nora replied.

Allison continued to read and comment on her script. "The story of Llanview is ending one chapter while beginning another."

Jessica thought that she had the best parents in the world. The doorbell rang, and Jessica went to answer it. It was Brody. He revealed that he had been released, and he had wanted to tell Jessica how sorry he had been to hear about Ford. Brody explained that he had been talking to his Navy buddies, and there was a possibility of work for him. Jessica told him to take care, and Brody advised her that he would be there for her if she needed anything. He would always care about her. "Anytime. I mean that," Brody said as he left.

"For some, there is still a long way before the happily ever after. For others, it's right around the corner," Allison stated.

Clint advised Viki that he'd wasted "too much damn time," and he wouldn't do that again. He got down on one knee and grabbed her hand. He asked Viki to marry him.

Starr couldn't believe that Cole was actually standing there. Markko and Langston were elated. Starr asked about Cole's parents, and Cole replied that he had seen them. His mother was doing better, and his father was alive. Cole wanted to be with his family members, and he considered those to be Starr and Hope. "That is if that's what you want too," Cole said to Starr. She readily agreed that that was her desire.

"Some are starting new families," Allison continued. "Some will finally find justice."

Tomas was bent on destroying John's apartment after the detective left to look for Todd. Téa assured her brother that things would be over soon. "And Todd Manning gets what's coming to him," Tomas said.

John walked into Blair's bedroom while she and Todd were in bed. There was a cop with John, and the cop trained his gun on Todd. John apologized, declaring that he'd knocked, but some of his men had been quite eager. John advised Todd that he was under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord, Jr.

"Why spoil what happens next? You of all people should know things are rarely what they appear," Allison said as she tossed her script onto her prisoner's bed. The prisoner couldn't say anything because he was tied up and gagged. It was Victor Lord, Jr.

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