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Bo was selected to receive the Man of the Year award after Clint's fall from grace. Carl praised Jeffrey for sticking to the plan. Téa was shocked to learn that Blair and Todd were married.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Episode 51

David met Jo and Leo at the studio. Jo asked David to show the world the real David Vickers. She thought that reenactments of what had happened in David's life to show what had gone wrong would be key.

"What about Rama?" Jo asked after David stated that he refused to smear Dorian. The pair agreed that Rama was the real villain in David and Dorian's breakup, with David declaring that Rama was a cross between Lady Macbeth and Medusa.

Jo advised Leo that he should consider himself working for her and not David. She promised to give him a producer credit and to make him a star. She also whispered in his ear.

Blair found Cutter and Diego standing outside of Shelter, and she learned about Diego getting punched. She wanted him to press charges until Cutter informed her that Clint had been the culprit. Cutter thought that Blair might want to reconsider.

Outside the coffee shop, Michelle attempted to make small talk with Dani about the gala . Dani really wanted no part of Michelle, and she walked away mid-sentence. "Bitch," Michelle muttered at Dani's back.

Viki showed Clint a video of his assault outside of Shelter. She explained that Jeffrey had obtained the video from a witness. Clint's thought was to offer the witness money in exchange for the video. However, Viki didn't think that was the proper way to go about it. She noted that Clint had done great work for the Veterans' Association, and she thought that he should step down from his Man of the Year award.

Clint believed that Viki only wanted to ruin him, and he refused to heed her advice. The conversation was over after Clint received a call from Matthew to get to the hospital. Clint picked up his jacket and ordered Viki to get out of his office as he stormed off. She asked about the problem, and he snapped that it was a family affair and therefore none of her concern.

Matthew, Bo, and Nora sat in the hospital waiting room. Matthew admitted that he'd been mean to Michelle, and Nora wondered if her son were serious about the young woman. Nora stated that she didn't want Matthew to desert Destiny, but Bo thought Matthew was being mature when he got up to phone Michelle to apologize.

Nora was curious to learn how Michelle and Matthew had met, especially if Michelle turned out to be "the one." "Mom," was all that Matthew could muster. Clint arrived and announced how proud he was of Matthew for being there for his son. Matthew replied that he wouldn't be anywhere else.

Bo and Clint began to argue about Clint's assault, but Nora grabbed Bo and left the waiting area. She didn't think it was the proper place or time for discussion. Jeffrey showed up, and Clint advised him to give the witness to the assault a message. Clint wanted to buy the video, and he wanted the witness to call him. Jeffrey argued that he wasn't a messenger, but rather a journalist.

Michelle made her way to the waiting room and told Matthew that things would be looking up; Drew would get better, and Clint would get his award. Bo and Nora walked in as the two kissed. Destiny joined the group and announced that Drew was better and was able to go home.

After Michelle and Matthew left, Nora questioned Destiny about Michelle. Destiny didn't know a whole lot, but she told Nora that Michelle had been unaware that Matthew even had a son until they'd met at the coffee shop earlier in the day.

Dorian paid a visit to Viki and noted how disturbed she was that Clint was still in line to receive the Man of the Year award. Viki showed her the video, but she explained that Clint had threatened to pull his large donation from the organization if he didn't receive his award.

Dorian said that she and Viki were on the same side "this time," and Dorian refused to allow Clint to make fools of them. Dorian suggested that Viki post the video, since it was bound to appear somewhere, anyway, and she thought that they should play dirty just like Clint.

Natalie paid a visit to Viki after Dorian was gone, and Viki explained that she'd thought about posting the video before the Sun got hold of it. Viki added that she partly blamed herself for Clint's behavior because she'd broken off their engagement. She felt that maybe the award would help to get Clint back on track. Natalie felt that Clint had done it to himself. They wondered which Clint would show up at the gala.

Later, Dorian met with Jo and Leo at La Boulaie. Jo explained how she wanted to tell Dorian's story of a struggling woman who had wanted it all. Dorian replied that she had been excited at first and then exhausted. She noted that David had spent her money and had basically done nothing but sit around, but she loved him.

Not getting the dirt that she wanted regarding Dorian's feelings for David, Jo changed paths and asked about the Senate scandal. Dorian looked at the camera and tried different tones and attitudes as she talked about the humiliation and sabotage.

Blair and Téa hung out at Téa's house with large glasses of wine. They both bemoaned the fact that they had men who were great lovers who had left them. Téa was shocked to see Blair's wedding ring. "Idiot," Téa shouted at Blair. Téa didn't want to discuss Victor, who had left her and Dani alone, and she wanted to hear about Todd even less. Téa pulled a blanket over her head.

Blair announced that she had to host the Man of the Year award, and she insisted that Téa get dressed and join her. She thought they had to help each other through their latest crisis. Téa refused; she thought that Blair just reminded her of everything. Téa yelled that she wanted Blair to leave her house. Téa added that she was "full of rage."

Blair walked out, but not before she declared that Téa was still going to the gala. The door slammed, and Blair was gone. "What are you gonna wear?" Téa called out weakly.

Clint returned to his office and found himself face-to-face with Cutter, who asked that Clint not sue the club. Cutter felt that they had already had too many bad news incidents at Shelter, and he wanted to settle out of court. Clint replied that he would not be handing out any money.

Cutter responded that he'd wanted to be nice but would get the best attorney he could find. Natalie walked in as Cutter was leaving. Clint muttered that the con man was up to his old tricks. Natalie stood up for Cutter and explained how Cutter had persuaded Diego not to sue Clint. She and Cutter were friends, she acknowledged.

Clint urged Natalie to pick better friends. He admitted that he'd had a terrible few days, but he was no longer drinking. He'd accept his award, and he also wanted to stop the video from getting out. Jeffrey called and advised Clint that his source refused payment for the video. "Viki's gonna regret this," Clint growled. Jeffrey felt that Viki was doing the right thing.

Rama and Nikki chatted as they readied the club for the gala. Blair advised them not to fraternize with the patrons.

Matthew apologized to Michelle for his behavior. Michelle replied that she'd just found out about his son, Matthew was her "first," and he was important to her.

Jeffrey returned home and picked up a note with the curious-looking tattoo imprinted on the front. "Kudos on a job well done," he read. He put his feet up on the coffee table. The tattoo on the bottom of his foot matched the stationary.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There was a knock on Clint's office door. After no reply, Jeffrey entered the empty office, locking the door behind him. He opened one of the drawers in the desk and pulled out a bottle of pills. He poured them onto the desk but was startled by Matthew knocking on the door. After a moment, Matthew walked away, and Jeffrey quickly counted the pills. He poured them back into the bottle and left.

Later, Clint had returned to his office. He took a call from Christopher Stone from the Llanview Veterans' Organization. Christopher explained that the board had stood behind Clint until the video of Clint punching Diego had been released on the Internet. Christopher admitted that Clint was "out." Clint yelled about how much money he'd given the organization and slammed the phone down in anger.

A short while later, Clint was at Llanfair, ranting to Viki about the Veterans' Organization dumping him as Man of the Year. He threatened to pull all of his donations out of the organization, but Viki in turn threatened to write about it on the cover of the Banner if the "selfish jerk" did that. Clint blamed Viki posting the video for him losing the Man of the Year award. She informed him that it had been what was on the video, not the video itself, that had gotten Clint into trouble. She reminded him that it could have been worse -- the Sun could have gotten a hold of it.

Clint believed that Viki was out to destroy him to get back at him for the Pellegrino Fund disaster. She insisted that he was destroying himself by getting drunk enough to punch out a doorman and get arrested for it. "By my traitor brother," he spat. Viki thought Bo had been trying to help. She continued that Clint was constantly lecturing Matthew about being a man, but that Clint should take his own advice. Clint glared at Viki and left. Viki's phone rang, and it was Christopher from the organization.

Carl Peterson and Jeffrey arrived at Carl's hotel room. Carl expressed his appreciation for all the hard work Jeffrey had done. He continued that everything had gone perfectly ever since he'd sent Jeffrey to London to befriend Matthew, including getting himself into Viki's good graces with the paper. The only thing that had gone wrong, Carl continued, had been the "Victor Lord snafu." He added that his sister had Victor, and that there was "no way Allison will let him go."

Jeffrey informed Carl that Clint was no longer Man of the Year. Carl had known that the combination of alcohol and the drugs Jeffrey had replaced one of Clint's prescriptions with would make Clint "go nuts." "Why now?" Jeffrey wondered. Carl replied that Clint had threatened to blow their organization wide open. Jeffrey asked if it was really possible that Todd and Victor knew nothing about the organization. Carl couldn't believe that they didn't as children of Victor Lord and Irene Manning.

Carl continued that Todd thought he was going to find Victor, but he would be walking right into a trap. He knew that his sister could be volatile, but she had an "army of supporters" behind her. He was happy to have the twins together, right where he wanted them.

Nora answered the ringing phone to Christopher from the Veterans' Organization. He wanted to speak with Bo. Bo got on the phone and was shocked that the organization wanted to give Bo the Man of the Year award. He wanted time to think about it, and Christopher agreed.

"Clint will hate you," Nora said after Bo hung up the phone. Bo knew that the organization would lose money and credibility if they cancelled the entire evening, so he suggested that they just drop the award part of the night. Nora didn't think that was a good idea. Nora thought taking the award was the right thing to do in order to help the organization. "Why is the right thing to do always such a pain in the ass?" Bo wondered as he started to call Christopher back.

Cutter informed Diego that Clint refused to give Diego any money. Just then, Natalie walked up and hit Cutter with her purse. "You tried to shake down my dad?" she asked him in disbelief. He insisted that he'd only done it on behalf of his employee. Diego informed her that he had medical bills and no insurance. He added that he was going to speak to a lawyer. Natalie thought Clint would agree to pay as soon as the scandal blew over.

Diego walked away, and Natalie apologized to Cutter. She admitted that she was really worried about Clint, especially since they'd dropped him as Man of the Year. Cutter wondered if she needed him to pick her up for the gala, but Natalie told him that she'd text when she got there. On her way out of the club, she passed by Blair putting up the new Man of the Year sign with Bo's picture on it. Blair commented that Bo had saved the party. "At whose expense?" replied a stunned Natalie.

Matthew arrived at Clint's office to check on his uncle. Clint informed Matthew that he was no longer Man of the Year. Matthew wondered who the replacement was. "He'd better had deep pockets," Clint replied. He handed Matthew a file folder and told him to take it to the fourteenth floor. Matthew left, and Clint poured himself a tall drink. Matthew returned and asked who to give the folder to as he eyed Clint's drink with concern.

Matthew told Clint that he didn't care about the gala and suggested that the two of them should go out. Clint insisted that he was fine and that he was "toasting myself if no one else will." He told Matthew to give the folder to a man named Raymond and then instructed him to go home and get ready for the gala. Matthew left, and Clint raised his glass. "Here's to me," he said.

A short while later, Viki entered Clint's office and found a drunk and disheveled Clint. She had wanted to check on him because she loved him. "And you want me back?" he asked hopefully. She declined, citing that she didn't want to get hurt again.

Viki demanded that Clint give her the bottle, and he did. He asked who he'd been replaced with. She admitted that Bo was the new Man of the Year. "Bo who?" he responded.

Viki instructed Clint to go home, eat, and go to sleep. She promised to talk to him the next day and left. Clint hit his desk in anger. He rifled through his bookcase and found another bottle behind some books. "No wonder he had me arrested," Clint said, taking a swig from the bottle. "This ain't over."

At Shelter, Diego welcomed the guests walking up to the door. Cutter exited the club, looking for Natalie. He found her as Téa walked up on Dean's arm and Bo and Nora arrived. Natalie wondered if they'd heard from Clint, but no one had. Cutter and Natalie, and Téa and Dean went inside. Nora fixed Bo's tie and reminded him that he was doing the right thing.

Inside the club, Téa found Blair and wondered how she was holding up. Blair was just trying to get through the day. Téa admitted to not feeling great, either, but confided that she was putting up a façade. Bo and Nora entered, and Blair welcomed the gala's "savior." Bo wondered where Todd was. Blair told him that Todd had business out of town.

Téa and Dean got drinks from Nikki at the bar. Nikki referred to Téa as Dean's date, but Téa insisted that she wasn't. As the two walked away, Dean wondered if she would be opposed to a date someday. She was opposed for two reasons: "You're my client, and you're a drug dealer." "Here's to never dating," Dean proposed, and the two clinked glasses. He wondered if they could be friends. "Maybe," Téa said and walked away.

David and Jo arrived. David ordered Leo around and pushed people out of the way to get a good shot. He introduced Jo to Bo and Nora, who introduced Jo to Natalie, Blair, and Cutter. David took the opportunity to assure Bo that Bo deserved the award more than Clint did.

Outside the club, Dani made sure that she and Arturo had their story straight. Dani reasoned that Téa couldn't "freak out" anyway with so many people around. She added that she and Arturo couldn't keep their friendship a secret forever. Destiny and Jeffrey walked up just as Carl did. Jeffrey proudly introduced Carl to his friends.

Matthew and Michelle arrived, and Dani and Michelle were horrified to see that they were wearing the same dress. Dani glared at Michelle. As Matthew and Michelle started to walk towards the club, Dani grabbed Michelle's arm. "This isn't finished," she growled, and she, Arturo, Jeffrey, and Destiny followed Matthew and Michelle inside.

Dorian arrived on the arm of a man in uniform. She stopped to pose for pictures and thanked the man for seeing her to the club. Carl introduced himself to Dorian, and both expressed their admiration for each other. They realized that they were both there alone. Carl offered his arm to Dorian, and they entered the club together.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Friday, August 16, 2013

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