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Wyatt decided that the only thing between him and the top was Liam Spencer. Bill left Katie and flew to Monte Carlo to be with Brooke, but Brooke insisted that they face Katie before moving on together. Maya forgave Rick for missing the premiere, but after a night with Maya, Carter decided that he was in love.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on B&B
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After a fight with Katie, Bill jets to Monte Carlo to see Brooke

After a fight with Katie, Bill jets to Monte Carlo to see Brooke

Monday, August 12, 2013

While Rick was hemmed up in Los Angeles traffic on his way to the theater, Rafael was telling Maya that they couldn't wait for Rick any longer. Rafael decided to start the show, and Carter whispered to Maya that she couldn't let anything ruin her big night.

As a web series episode played, the audience laughed at the funny bits, but Maya stared at the empty seat beside her. The show ended, and she received a text message from Rick about the traffic. Rafael asked Maya and Carter to speak, and tonelessly, she thanked the crowd for being there.

Carter urged the guests to attend the afterparty, and Rafael told Maya that she was supposed to be dazzling the guests. She apologized. He instructed her to buck up and go to the party, but the tearful Maya replied that she couldn't do it. Carter watched as Maya ducked out of the theater.

When Rick arrived, the theater was empty. Pam walked up and said he'd missed the whole thing. She chatted about how cute Carter and Maya had been together, but Rick cut in to ask where everyone was. Pam explained that the guests had gone to an afterparty, but Maya and Carter had left. Pam suggested that Rick give the upset Maya some space, but Rick took off in search of Maya.

At Dayzee's, Maya stomped in with Rafael hot on her heels. He was trying to reason with her about Rick, but she was upset about Rick "working late" with Caroline. Maya was unhappy that the premiere hadn't been important to Rick, and she strode upstairs to change her clothes.

Rafael noticed that Maya had left her phone behind. He pocketed it as Carter arrived. Rafael suggested that Carter talk to Maya and take a bottle of wine with him. Rafael feared that Rick was causing problems, and Maya might lose interest in the show. Carter replied that his first concern was Maya, and he left in pursuit of her.

Rick arrived next, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Rafael said Rick had missed a great premiere, and Rick guessed that was why Maya wasn't answering her phone. Rick asked where she was, and Rafael lied that she'd left with Carter.

Upstairs, Carter located Maya, who was still fuming about Rick missing the premiere. Carter asked what it would take to make things better for her. Upon seeing the wine he was carrying, she quipped that it would take more than a glass of wine. Carter noted that he had a whole bottle.

Carter advised Maya to forget about Rick, and she said Carter had been nice to check on her. He murmured that he wasn't that nice, and Maya stated that he was always a gentleman. "Only if you want me to be," he responded and swept her in for a kiss.

On the Spencer jet, Bill reflected on the argument he'd had with Katie earlier, and he took a gulp of scotch. He remembered telling Brooke that sometimes he believed he'd married the wrong sister.

In Monte Carlo, Brooke went window-shopping. She made her way to an overlook at the yacht-lined marina before heading back to the hotel, where Donna excitedly explained that some rich gentlemen at the bar had invited her to a yacht party. Brooke decided to explore the city while Donna was at the party, but Donna thought that if Brooke were alone, she'd only think about Bill.

Brooke responded that nothing would ever become of that, and no one wanted the Spencer marriage to work out more than she did. Even though nothing would happen between her and Bill again, Brooke figured that didn't mean she couldn't think about him and remember.

Brooke left to explore the city, and Donna received a call from the distressed Katie, who informed Donna that Bill had found the spy cameras. Katie told her sister what had happened and asked what she should do. Donna asked if Katie had tried to call Bill. Katie replied that his phone was off, and she didn't know where he was.

While Brooke explored the city further, she found herself by the marina again. She recalled Bill saying that she could use his yacht, the Stella Maris. She took a smaller boat out to the yacht, and the staff welcomed her aboard. Unbeknownst to Brooke, Bill was combing the city, trying to find her.

Later, Brooke was at the bow of the yacht when she heard Bill call to her. Astonished, she asked what he was doing there and if everything were okay. Bill explained that Katie had done something unforgivable, and he'd decided that the marriage was over. Brooke asked what had happened, and he replied that all she needed to know was that he wanted to be with her.

Brooke was astonished. Bill stated that he and Brooke had been denying it because they loved her sister, but Katie knew the truth. Brooke defiantly shook her head. "Yes! I love you," he declared. Bill announced that he was there in Monte Carlo because he wanted to spend his life with Brooke. "Forever, ma chérie," he said, and he kissed her.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

by Pam

On the yacht, Bill and Brooke discussed that Katie had had cameras set up throughout the house to watch Brooke and Bill's every move. Brooke justified Katie's insecurities with the fact that Katie wanted Bill back, but Katie had wanted to be sure that Bill wouldn't cheat on her again with Brooke.

Bill claimed his marriage couldn't go on without trust. He said it was over. Bill added that he wanted Brooke, but Brooke pushed him away. Brooke shouted that they both had a lot to lose if Bill chose to be with Brooke. Brooke pressured Bill to return to Katie for his marriage and for Will. Brooke refused to hurt Katie, but Bill said the surveillance cameras had been the last straw for his marriage. He threw his wedding ring overboard, and Brooke told him to stop.

At Maya's apartment, Maya shunned Carter's advances. She warned Carter that she was in love with Rick, but Carter noted that Maya could sulk about Rick or enjoy the evening with him. Carter added that someday, if she received an Academy Award, she would look back on the event that had jump-started her career. Carter wondered if she wanted to remember herself sulking or having a good time.

Maya agreed she didn't want to sulk. She and Carter shared a few glasses of wine and kissed. Maya wondered if Rick would show up at her apartment. Carter reminded Maya that Rick hadn't shown up for the premiere. Maya wondered if she had just been a charity case all along to Rick. Carter advised Maya to forget about Rick. He kissed her passionately.

At home, Katie tearfully regretted that she had installed the surveillance cameras. She heard the door open and thought it was Bill, but it was Liam looking for his dad. Katie admitted everything that had happened. Katie acknowledged that Bill had told her their marriage was over because she had spied on Bill and Brooke with the surveillance cameras. Katie admitted she was not sorry she had planted the cameras, but she was sorry she had been caught.

Liam understood her issues, and he suggested that she let Bill calm down. Katie agreed. She confessed that she had loved Bill blindly and trusted him blindly, but after he had broken her heart, she would no longer trust him. Katie left a voice message for Bill. Later, Katie scanned through photos of their wedding, and she worried that she had lost her husband.

After the premiere of Room 8, Rick had shown up at the studio and grilled Rafael about where Maya had gone. Rafael said he had no idea, but he hoped that Maya and Carter had celebrated, because Rick had caused Maya a lot of pain. Rick left, and Caroline entered. Rafael shared the news that Maya had been deeply disappointed that Rick had never shown up for the premiere.

At Carter's apartment, Rick mistakenly believed that Maya and Carter were inside, but no one was home. Later, at his own home, Rick called Maya and left a message that he loved her and knew he had screwed up by missing her premiere. He apologized on the phone.

In Monte Carlo, at the hotel, Brooke and Bill discussed that Katie had spied on Bill and Brooke. Brooke warned that Katie had been mistrustful of Bill, and Bill had to get over it and get his family together. Bill refused. He said that he could no longer trust Katie.

Bill said he wanted to spend his life with Brooke, but Brooke refused. She said she would not betray her sister again. Bill said Katie had betrayed him, but Brooke disagreed. Bill recalled that he had stood by Katie through all of her hard times, depression, and everything, but she had betrayed his trust.

Brooke warned that Bill needed to reunite his family, but Bill said he would be a good father to Will without living with Katie. Brooke reminded Bill that she would not let her sister down again. Bill insisted that he wanted to start over with Brooke.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

by Pam

In Monte Carlo, Donna entered Brooke's hotel suite. Brooke was dressed in a figure-hugging red evening gown, and Donna told Brooke that she would turn heads in Monte Carlo. Donna wondered about Bill. Brooke insisted that she would not allow Katie and Bill's marriage to break up over her. Brooke was convinced that Katie and Bill would reunite.

At Katie's, Katie stared at the surveillance equipment she had uninstalled. She called Bill and left another message that begged him to return home. Katie tearfully regretted that she had installed the surveillance cameras.

Brooke called Katie and advised Katie to get on a plane and join Bill in Monte Carlo. Brooke admitted that Bill had followed Brooke there, but Brooke had not asked Bill to do so. Brooke advised that Bill loved Katie, but he was hurt.

Katie was furious. "He went straight to you, " Katie cried. Katie blasted her sister and told Brooke that there was never an option for Katie when Brooke was involved. Katie said it was time she grew up. Katie said that Brooke could have Bill. "Congratulations, he's yours. You've won, but then again, you always do," Katie cried. She hung up on Brooke.

Someone knocked on the door of Brooke's hotel room, and Donna answered. Bill entered and accused Donna of knowing about the surveillance equipment. Donna admitted she had known, but she advised Bill there was nothing she could have done. Bill asked her to leave.

Alone with Brooke, Bill told her she was stunning. Bill wanted to start over with Brooke. "No," Brooke said. Bill claimed his marriage was over. Bill added that he had tried to pass every one of Katie's tests, but there was always another one that he couldn't pass. "I want you, Brooke," he said.

Brooke admitted that she had called Katie. Bill said his marriage was over. Brooke told Bill to leave. Bill knew that Brooke loved him. Brooke agreed but said their relationship would never work. Bill said he wanted to spend his life with Brooke, and he tenderly put his arms around her, but Brooke pulled away and ran out the door.

Bill chased Brooke through the streets of Monte Carlo. Bill caught Brooke and told her she couldn't run away from his love. They wrapped their arms around one another and shared a passionate kiss.

At Maya's apartment, Maya made coffee for herself and Carter. She recalled kissing Carter the previous night. She awakened Carter, who had slept on the couch. Carter complimented Maya as something wonderful to wake up to. He thanked her for spending the evening with him, even if she hadn't let him into her bed.

Maya thanked Carter for the wine. Carter and Maya joked that he would have shown up with Champagne instead of wine if he had really wanted to seduce her. Carter reminded Maya that Rick had stood her up the night before, and Rick had to know how much the night had meant to Maya. Carter wondered if Maya was worried about Caroline. Maya didn't know what to think.

Maya heard a noise and noticed that someone had slipped her phone under the door. She checked her phone and saw numerous text messages from Rick. Maya prepared to leave and told Carter she didn't want to be rude, but she wanted to see Rick.

Carter warned that Rick hadn't been there for her when she'd needed him. Maya said she needed to see Rick to get answers. Maya thanked Carter for being there for her. They hugged.

At Rick's, Rick awakened and wondered where Maya had been all night because she hadn't returned his calls or any of his text messages. Maya showed up. Rick apologized and promised to make it up to her. Rick explained that he had tried to get there. Maya told him that she knew his job had prevented him from arriving on time. Rick and Maya started to make out, and they made love.

At Maya's place, Carter had bought a rose for Maya and used the empty wine bottle as a vase. He left a note for Maya and fondly recalled their kiss the previous night.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

In Rick's bed, Rick cuddled with Maya and asked if he were forgiven. She said he'd made things up to her, and she was sorry for not believing in him. Rick remarked that he'd looked everywhere for her the night before, including Dayzee's. Maya asked why he hadn't gone to her apartment, where she'd been all night, and Rick wondered why Rafael had said that she'd taken off with Carter.

Rick and Maya assumed that Rafael had been confused, and Maya expressed how much she'd wanted to arrive at the premiere on Rick's arm. She understood that he'd had to save his job but wished anyone but Caroline had been helping him. Maya joked that he could find a frumpy, old assistant, and he said he would do that right after she found an old man to replace Carter in the web series.

Maya flashed back to kissing Carter. Her phone chimed, and she saw a message from Carter, which stated that Rick had been with her long enough. "Now it's my turn," Carter had written.

Cuddling with Rick, Maya remarked that love was the most difficult thing to find, to realize, and to not mess up. She said she'd messed up many things in her life, and Rick admitted that he had, too. "We're not going to mess this one up, are we?" he asked, and they hugged.

Later, Maya arrived home with her bouquet from Rick. She spotted a drawing of a rose on her table. Carter appeared, saying that, even though it wasn't Picasso, it was the thought that counted. Maya said that Rick couldn't know that Carter had been there the night before. Carter, however, didn't understand why she cared about Rick's feelings after Rick had stood her up.

In defense of Rick, Maya said Rick had been there late, he'd had flowers, and he'd looked for her all night. Carter wasn't interested in excuses for Rick because he'd already lost respect for Rick. Carter admitted that he'd also fallen in love with Maya, and he refused to back off. He promised that the previous night wouldn't be their last night together.

Maya noted that Carter was pretty confident. Carter insisted that Rick wasn't half the man that Carter was, and Carter and Maya had a lot in common. Carter didn't plan to tell Rick about what had happened, but Carter was sure there would be more nights like that. He quipped that Maya wasn't about to give up the best kisser she'd ever had.

Carter tried to kiss Maya again, but she turned her head. He stated that it would be their secret, and he left. When Carter strode through the café downstairs, Rafael spotted Carter heading for the exit.

At Katie's house, Katie apprised Liam and Hope of Bill's whereabouts and Brooke's suggestion that Katie get to Monte Carlo immediately. Liam offered to take care of Will, but Katie said she wasn't going. Liam and Hope figured Brooke wanted the marriage to work out, and Bill just needed time to cool down. Katie murmured that she hadn't taken Bill's word, so he'd chosen to confirm her worst fear.

Katie decided that Brooke understood Bill, and he and Brooke belonged together. Liam and Hope tried to convince Katie not to leave the door open for Brooke and Bill to unite. Katie insisted that it didn't matter what she wanted because Bill had flown halfway around the world for Brooke.

Liam cited that Katie had gone back and forth too much about what she wanted, and Hope said that if Katie wanted the marriage, she had to fight for it. The conflicted Katie reasoned that Bill's actions had proven that she'd been justified to set up the cameras.

Liam asked Katie not to lose sight of the fact that she was the best thing to ever happen to his father. Katie said she'd told Brooke that Brooke could have Bill. Liam thought part of Katie meant that, but the other part of her didn't. He advised her to get her feelings straight for herself and for Will.

Outside the palace in Monte Carlo, Brooke and Bill kissed. Bill asserted that there was no more running for either of them. He refused to spend the rest of his life without her, and he assured her that he got what he wanted. Bill declared that, at that moment, they'd start the rest of their lives together. Brooke nodded. "That's my girl," he uttered, and they nestled against each other.

Brooke and Bill went to the hotel, where he swept her into another kiss. Brooke wanted to slow down, but he insisted that she'd already said that she loved him. "My sister...this can never happen," Brooke whispered. Brooke refused to hurt Katie again, but Bill asserted that the marriage was over.

Brooke began to think about Will, but Bill stated that he didn't want his son growing up in a home with a loveless marriage. She didn't think that would be true, but Bill insisted that it was true for him. She urged him to give it another chance, but he bellowed that he was done.

Bill asked Brooke why she was fighting it. He beseeched her to let him love her the way he wanted to and the way she needed. Brooke held her ground, but Bill asked how many times he should go back to Katie. He said it wasn't fair to anyone, but Brooke felt that their love wasn't fair to Katie.

Bill made it very clear to Brooke that no matter what she decided, his marriage was over. He felt that he and Brooke had a chance at an incredible life together. He suggested that they forget Los Angeles, board his yacht, and sail the Mediterranean.

Tears fell from Brooke's eyes as she agreed to go with Bill; however, she wanted them to return home to talk to Katie first. Bill said that if facing Katie would make things okay for Brooke, then that was what he and Brooke would do. With a kiss, he asserted that he and Brooke would move on together.

On Bill's jet later, Brooke ended a call regarding Donna taking the Forrester jet back to Los Angeles. Bill remarked that he and Brooke wouldn't be in L.A. for long once they'd spoken to Katie. Brooke was certain that seeing Katie would snap Bill out of it, but he was persistent about the new path he'd chosen. Brooke urged him to think about Will. Bill responded that he always thought of his son.

Brooke felt that everything was happening too fast, and she noted that the other week, Bill had been willing to do anything to repair his marriage. Bill replied that, since then, he'd learned that Katie wasn't the woman he'd married, and she'd destroyed his trust. Bill no longer saw Katie the way he'd once seen her. "I only see you. You're the woman I want...always," Bill responded, and he kissed Brooke.

Friday, August 16, 2013

On the jet, Bill figured it wasn't too late to turn the plane around or direct it to Aspen. He offered to buy an island so that he and Brooke could really be alone, but Brooke wouldn't hear of it. She was determined to go home, where they'd speak to Katie.

Bill was willing to hear Katie out for Brooke's sake, but he asserted that his mind had already been made up. He intended to tell Katie exactly how he felt about Brooke. Brooke asked him not to do that. He kissed her, and she pulled away, stating that they had to hear Katie out first.

Brooke asked Bill to remember Will, and Bill replied that his son would want for nothing. Bill felt that children needed parents who loved and trusted each other. Because he and Katie no longer had that, they'd raise Will separately. Bill wanted Brooke for his future, but she reasoned that his family might need another chance.

At Katie's house, Katie opened her door, hoping to see Bill, but instead, Hope was there. Hope had returned to the house because she didn't want her aunt to be alone. Katie was grateful for the support, and even though she was trying to be strong, she really just wanted to return to the time when Bill had been hers.

Katie received a call from Bill's jet. Brooke was on the line, stating that she and Bill would soon land and travel to the house to see Katie. After the call, Katie barely held it together as she murmured that she was surprised Brooke and Bill hadn't wanted to spend more time together in Monte Carlo.

Hope understood Katie's desire to turn back to a time when Bill had been Katie's. Katie replied that Bill would never be just hers again, and Hope said she empathized with that feeling better than anyone. Hope added that Katie could never have it again or go back; however, Katie could fight for what she wanted and move on, and Hope was living proof that fighting could make a happy ending possible.

Before leaving, Hope reminded Katie that Brooke wouldn't purposely hurt Katie. "Even if..." Hope said, and then she hugged Katie.

When Brooke and Bill arrived, Katie was reserved, but Bill belligerently asked if he were standing in the right spot for her cameras. He was sure that she was about to judge him for flying off to Brooke's side, but he wondered how Katie could justify herself after what she'd pulled.

Katie decided there would be no more yelling or judging, and she'd take responsibility for her actions. She was ready to ask for his forgiveness and give hers in return. Katie said she'd been reminded that she had to fight for what she wanted, and the fight was never easy.

Katie wished she and Bill could go back, but they had to deal with "what's here and what's now." She hated that he'd gone to Monte Carlo, but she also hated the reason that he'd felt the need to go there. Katie wanted to start over and for him to look at her the way he once had. With tears streaming down her face, Katie declared that she loved Bill, and she wanted him back.

In the lobby at Spencer, the receptionist stammered when Wyatt "Spencer" announced that he was there to see his brother Liam. "Welcome, Mr. Spencer," she said and allowed Wyatt to enter the building. Upstairs, Wyatt tried to go into the CEO's office, but a sterner receptionist stopped him and asked for his name. He claimed to be Wyatt Spencer and figured his brother had mentioned him.

Wyatt barged into the CEO's office with the receptionist trying to keep up with him, and he rolled his eyes when he saw Liam inside the room, doing a yoga pose. Liam confirmed to the receptionist that Wyatt was his brother, and as she left, Wyatt instructed her to get him a badge for the building.

Wyatt was dressed in all black, like a miniature Bill. When Liam asked what Wyatt was doing there, Wyatt said he'd arrived to apologize, but he decided he'd stay for the view.

Wyatt sensed animosity lingering in Liam, and Liam responded that Wyatt had kissed Hope. "Hence the apology," Wyatt responded. Wyatt wanted to hang out with Liam like pals and hoped Liam was okay with that. Liam figured he had to be because of their father's persistence in the matter.

Liam's receptionist arrived with some kimchi for Liam to eat. Wyatt scowled at it, but Liam said their father wasn't afraid of kimchi. Liam convinced Wyatt to try it, and after straining against the taste, Wyatt mumbled that it was the best he'd ever had.

Wyatt was glad that Liam was willing to give brotherhood a try, and Wyatt figured he shouldn't tell Liam how to treat Hope, anyway. "What does that mean?" Liam barked, and Wyatt realized he'd gotten off to a bad start again.

Later, Liam started working, and Wyatt called it amazing that Liam had found his father and suddenly become a magazine editor. Liam replied that there hadn't been anything sudden about it; Bill had made Liam prove that he'd earned the position.

Liam explained that, with Bill gone, Liam had to pitch in until Bill or the distracted Katie returned to the office. Liam remarked that divorce was tough. Wyatt said that, before, he hadn't meant to imply that Liam was playing Hope, and Liam was a lucky guy to have a gorgeous wife and a gorgeous girlfriend. Liam apologized for hitting Wyatt -- though Wyatt had been hitting on Liam's girlfriend.

Liam figured that he and Wyatt didn't have to be friends; however, Liam thought they could be. Neither Liam nor Wyatt had thought they'd have a brother, but each was willing to give it a try. As they shook hands, Liam stated, "I'm going to go on the record. Don't mess with Hope anymore."

Though Liam understood that Wyatt believed something magical had happened in Big Bear, Liam asserted that he'd go after Wyatt again if he thought Wyatt was crossing the line. With a cocky grin, Wyatt decided to take off, but he looked forward to returning and learning about the family business. Liam stared skeptically at Wyatt as Wyatt strode out.

Downstairs, the receptionist bade Wyatt farewell. Wyatt said that he really liked it there, and she'd be seeing a lot more of him. She assumed so, since it was his family's company. "It is, isn't it?" he replied with a Joker-like chuckle. To himself, he noted that the only thing keeping him from the top was the tofu-eating yoga boy.

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