The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on Y&R

Victoria and Billy reunited. Chelsea gave birth to a baby boy. Sharon received a speeding ticket from the night of the gala. Avery found Sharon, Nick, and Faith in a cozy situation. Katherine and Murphy didn't show up for their homecoming party.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, August 12, 2013

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chloe promised Delia that they'd enjoy a fancy tea party. Chloe hoped to appease the child's hurt feelings after Delia learned that she'd missed Chelsea and Dylan's impromptu wedding. Delia rushed to greet Victoria when she arrived. Chloe quickly noted that Victoria was too busy to be included as a party guest. Delia hung her head and noted that Victoria and Billy were getting divorced just like her mom and Kevin.

Victoria gently explained to Delia that she and Billy were still married. Victoria added that Billy had been staying with Uncle Jack for a while. Kevin arrived. He and Delia went to order food for the tea party. Chloe insisted to Victoria that she'd been nothing more than a friend to Billy. Chloe accused Victoria of neglecting Billy and refusing to lend him support. Victoria said, "Maybe you should focus your friendship on Chelsea because she has a lot more to lose."

At On the Boulevard, Billy informed Victor that he could save Newman Enterprises from a public-relations nightmare. Billy produced a thumb drive containing audio of Adam offering a significant amount of bribe money to Melanie if she'd drop her bogus rape charge. Billy added, "People understand that innocent men don't offer bribes." Victor laughed when Billy explained that he'd exchange the recorded conversation for a price.

Billy said he wanted Adam out at Newman, so Victoria could take the helm, as it was her rightful place. Billy added, "You're all about the power, Victor; and with Adam in charge, you're really nothing more than a figurehead." Victor replied, "There's so much you really don't understand, Billy Boy, do you? Adam and I run Newman together."

Billy claimed that Victor had changed his attitude toward Adam after Adam saved his father's life. Billy said he was aware that companies connected with Newman Enterprises for years had turned their backs because of the rape charge against Adam. Billy promised not to release the recording if Victor welcomed Victoria back. Victor reminded Billy that Billy had often berated Victor for pitting one of his children against another but was now demanding it be done. Billy said he was righting a wrong.

Victor asked Billy what he was willing to sacrifice. Billy claimed he'd do whatever was necessary and insisted that he'd already given up gambling. Victor replied, "I know who you are. You're a degenerate, gambling drunk." Victor said that Billy should leave Victoria alone, so she could be happy. Billy insisted that he'd never walk away from Victoria and had no intentions of destroying the recording. Victoria overheard and said, "What recording?" Victoria learned about the recording Billy was using as leverage to force her father to oust Adam and put her in charge as CEO of the business.

When Victoria asked Billy if her father's allegations were true, Billy nodded that they were. Billy explained that Melanie had a legitimate claim for sexual harassment against Adam. Billy noted that Melanie was the one who'd decided on her own to claim that she'd been raped. Victor interjected that Billy had attempted to profit from Melanie's lie. Victoria quickly refuted her father's claim and insisted that Billy had turned his back on Melanie. Before Victor left, he warned that if Billy released the tape, it would cause irreparable harm to the Newman name and to Newman Enterprises.

After Victor left, Billy assured Victoria that he intended to use the tape only as leverage. Billy added he wanted Adam out, so Victoria could assume the CEO position at Newman Enterprises. Billy insisted that everything he had done had been done out of love. Victoria replied, "I don't know whether to be touched by that or really disappointed." Billy told Victoria that he'd move mountains if need be in order to win her back. Victoria made Billy promise to never again lie or engage in elaborate schemes.

At Crimson Lights, Melanie's attention was focused on the screen of her phone, and she literally ran into Adam. Melanie said, "Adam, I'm so glad I ran into you." Adam replied, "So you can twist this around and say I got rough with you?" Melanie noted that it would be a lie, and Adam interjected that so was her story about the rape. Adam said he hoped Melanie was ready to take his offer of five million dollars and end the matter.

Melanie told Adam that she'd been thinking about his offer. Melanie insinuated that a member of the Newman family could stand to offer her even more. Adam replied, "What's the magic number that gets you to go away?" Melanie recalled that both Adam and Victor had used her. She added that after Victor fired her, Adam should have offered her assistance. Melanie warned that she didn't intend to end her battle until Adam's life was ruined.

In Paul's office at the police station, Lauren and Michael were anxious to hear Fen's fate. Paul happily announced that Christine had agreed to a deal in lieu of a jail sentence if Fen entered drug rehabilitation. Paul said it would be the best course of action for Fen. Michael thanked Paul "for going to the mat" for them again. Paul noted that his biggest regret was his failure to save his own son, so he hoped to save Fen.

Paul mentioned that he'd spoken with Heather. Michael asked about Phyllis. Paul said that Daniel, Jack, and Avery had checked Phyllis into the clinic, where she was already being treated with an experimental drug. Lauren lovingly stroked Michael's shoulder and replied, "Sounds promising." Michael said he was grateful that Phyllis was receiving the care she needed. Lauren added, "Thanks to you and Christine, Fen will, too."

Fen walked into Paul's office after being released. Lauren tightly embraced her son. Fen cried that he never again wanted to spend another night in lock-up and would do whatever was necessary to avoid it. Lauren said, "If you take the deal that you've been offered, you'll get your life back." Fen said it was all he wanted. Michael noted that his son's situation could have been much worse. Fen thanked Paul and his parents. Fen seemed humbled that they'd fought for him even after everything he'd put them through. Lauren again embraced her son and promised that they'd never stop fighting for him.

Later, at the Baldwins' condo, Fen explained that he'd initially been resistant to go through rehab because he didn't believe he had a problem. Lauren cried, "You overdosed! I kept thinking I was going to get a call from the hospital, the police, or the morgue." Fen admitted that he'd been stupid to turn to drugs. Michael admitted that while he and Lauren sorted out their marital issues, they'd not been available to their son. Michael added that he and Lauren were taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Fen admitted he was worried that his parents still wouldn't trust him even after he completed rehab. Michael replied, "As far as we're concerned, you come back with a clean slate." Fen drew in a deep breath, picked up his duffel bag, and headed out the door with his parents.

After Michael and Lauren returned home, Michael asked his wife if she was okay. Lauren, lost in thought, nodded. Michael sat on the sofa beside Lauren and embraced her. He said that though they still had much work ahead, he finally felt like there was hope. Michael added, "I feel that we may actually wake up from the God-awful nightmare that our life has been for the last couple of months." Lauren happily noted that they were emerging from their nightmare together.

Lauren received a text message. She checked her phone and was horrified to discover a message from Carmine. Michael read the message aloud. It stated, "You'll never be free of me."

On the sofa at Dylan's unfinished loft, Chelsea went into labor. Still wearing her snow-white wedding gown, Chelsea hunched forward and yelled out in pain when she experienced a contraction. Dylan attempted to soothe his new wife and said, "Remember, you have to welcome the contractions." Chelsea said she'd rather welcome an epidural, and she worried that the paramedics wouldn't arrive before her baby did. Dylan coached Chelsea on her breathing and promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her or her baby.

Chelsea's contractions continued, and Dylan rushed to get a stack of clean towels. Though Dylan encouraged Chelsea not to give birth immediately, she indicated that the baby was being born. Dylan caught the baby in a soft blanket, wrapped the infant, and placed him in Chelsea's arms. Chelsea greeted her son, and Dylan cupped his hand around Chelsea's as the couple admired the newborn.

After Chelsea was strapped onto a gurney, a paramedic placed the baby in his mother's arms. Chelsea explained that her doctor had administered a steroid shot to help her premature baby's lungs develop. Chelsea added that her baby was big for a preterm infant because she herself had been a large baby. Dylan tenderly kissed Chelsea and told her he loved her just before the paramedics wheeled her out.

Later at the hospital, Dylan told Chelsea that the birth of his baby had made up for all the bad things that had happened to him. Dylan praised Chelsea for remaining strong. Becoming emotional, Chelsea noted that she wouldn't have wanted to give birth without his help and that she was thankful to have him in her life. Dylan linked his fingers with Chelsea's, pointed to their wedding bands, and insisted that they were stuck with each other.

Dylan said the baby needed a name. Chelsea asked Dylan if he still wished to name the baby after his dad. Dylan said it would be a nice tribute. The couple named the baby Terrence Connor McAvoy and decided he would be called Connor. Dylan climbed into bed with Chelsea and embraced her.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin asked Chloe what she and Victoria had argued about. Chloe said it had been nothing. Chloe received a text message announcing that Chelsea had given birth. Wearing a petite hat and a necklace made of plastic beads, Delia returned with food for the tea party. Kevin volunteered to take Chloe's place at the tea party, so he placed Chloe's hat on his head and received a pair of sparkly earrings and a necklace.

Adam brooded at a table in the dining area at Crimson Lights. He read an online article about the damaging rape charges against him. In a flashback, Adam recalled the day Melanie had kissed him passionately, led him to the bed in her suite, and shoved him backward. Adam had said, "You like it rough, huh?" Melanie removed her jacket and said, "This too rough for you?" Adam remembered how Melanie had climbed atop him and had begun kissing him.

Chloe arrived to get her camera. Adam questioned her about Chelsea. Chloe noted that although Chelsea had given birth a few weeks prematurely, her infant son was doing well. Chloe added that Chelsea and her husband were proud parents. After Chloe left, Adam seemed disheartened, and tears welled in his eyes.

Adam sought solace in his office at Newman Enterprises. He poured himself some scotch and remembered his past with Chelsea. In a flashback, Adam remembered the day Chelsea had announced her pregnancy. He remembered the happy times, and he recalled how his relationship with Chelsea had changed after he stepped in to run Newman Enterprises. Adam sadly recalled the day Chelsea had announced that she wanted a divorce.

Chelsea had cried that, like Victor, Adam loved Newman Enterprises because it was all he wanted and needed. Adam was roused from his torturous thoughts when Victor knocked and entered the office. Adam beat his father to the punch and noted that his priority was saving the company. Adam added, "The irony is that I have put Newman first, and it has cost me my marriage and my chance of having a family." Victor acknowledged Adam's sacrifices and added, "I'm here to give you my full support."

Melanie went to On the Boulevard and told Billy about her encounter with Adam. Melanie said she had told Adam she wouldn't quit until his life was ruined. Billy noted that Adam was knee-deep in the mud she'd slung at him. Billy said, "It's time for you to shut the whole thing down." Melanie replied, "What do you mean?" Billy said he wanted out. Melanie insisted that she wouldn't back down until Adam had lost everything. Billy told her that if she didn't drop the charges and walk away, he'd be the one who'd lose everything.

Delia tagged along with Kevin when he returned to the police station. Paul stepped out to ask about a case file. Paul studied Kevin for a moment and was amused to see that Kevin, carrying a woman's purse, was still sporting one rhinestone earring. Delia explained that she and Kevin had just enjoyed a tea party. Paul told Kevin that both he and Michael were good dads. Kevin asked about Fen and was relieved to hear that his nephew would undergo rehabilitation. Kevin said he regretted not being able to make his marriage work because he felt he was letting Delia down.

Chloe stopped by to visit Chelsea. Dylan went to ask about a visit with the baby. Chelsea, beaming, told Chloe that all of her maternal instincts had kicked in. Chelsea explained that Dylan had delivered the baby. She added, "When it was just me, Connor, and Dylan, everything seemed so right." Chloe noted that the baby was Dylan's son in every way that mattered.

Chelsea was worried about Adam asking questions about the baby. Chloe explained that she'd run into Adam when she stopped by the coffeehouse to get her camera. Chloe added that Adam knew about the baby being born. Chelsea said she was concerned about Victoria, but Chloe said she was keeping her distance from Billy in order to keep Victoria quiet. Dylan wheeled Conner in and introduced the baby to Chloe.

After Chloe left, Dylan cradled the baby while Chelsea slept. Dylan admired the infant and rocked him gently. Dylan promised to teach the baby boy about cars and women. Dylan noted that he didn't have all the answers about women. He smiled at the infant and assured his son that there was no better woman than his wonderful mother. Chelsea was quietly listening to Dylan's conversation with his infant son, and she smiled.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sharon stopped by the tack house with groceries for Nick. She asked if there had been any word about Phyllis, and Nick remarked that they couldn't expect Phyllis to recover overnight. Sharon mentioned that she had noticed that his cupboards were bare when they had made pancakes for Faith, and he apologized that Nikki had practically forced Sharon to leave. Sharon urged Nick to take care of himself for Faith's sake, and he admitted that he'd been a bit lost without Avery to cook gourmet meals. Sharon told him to assure Avery that Sharon was taking good care of him.

Sharon put away the groceries, and Nick thanked her for supporting him, especially since things hadn't been easy for her. Sharon knew that Noah was concerned about her, but she insisted that she was fine. She added that Phyllis' condition had put things in perspective, and she swore that no matter how ugly things got, they would always share a connection. Sharon flashed back to having a breakdown in front of Nick, and she said that Nick had directed her home more than once when she'd felt lost. Nick offered to be her human compass, and she replied that it meant the world to her.

Nick helped Sharon reach a high shelf to retrieve a vase, and she remarked that Faith loved picking flowers, but usually Faith ended up with mostly weeds. Sharon joked that Faith got her plant awareness from Nick, and Sharon and Nick fondly recalled a time when he'd accidentally picked poison oak for Sharon. Avery called, and Sharon headed upstairs, but she listened as Nick told Avery that he missed her and would wait for her. As he hung up, Sharon pretended to trip on the stairs, and she clung to Nick as he helped her stand.

Nick said that he had to get the step fixed, and Sharon noted that it was the same ankle she'd twisted on the hike with Faith and Dylan. Nick wanted to take Sharon to the emergency room, but she preferred just to ice it. Nick carried her to the couch, and she told him that he was being silly. He volunteered to take care of her, and he examined her ankle. Nick applied ice to Sharon's foot, and she said that she could do it herself at home, but he insisted upon handling it for her.

At the Ashby home, Cane and Hilary laughed over a work matter, and Lily hesitantly wished them a good morning. Lily wondered what was hilarious about work, and Cane explained that an obsessively detail-oriented executive had a typo in her interoffice memo. Lily remarked that she'd thought that Cane intended to go into the office, and he said that he'd decided to take another day to recover, so Hilary had dropped off his files. Lily forced a smile.

Hilary said that she would be back later to set up for avideo conference, and she left. Lily commented that Hilary had a lot of energy, and Cane replied that he was lucky to have Hilary. Lily opined that Hilary's outfit had been provocative for a day at corporate headquarters, but Cane said that he hadn't noticed. He added that if he wanted a beautiful woman, he'd stay at home, and Lily indignantly inquired whether Cane thought that Hilary was beautiful. A surprised Cane wondered if Lily was jealous of Hilary.

Lily denied being jealous, but she pondered whether Cane was using Hilary as payback for Tyler, since Hilary had practically been sitting in Cane's lap. Lily argued that she'd left the campaign she'd loved to make Cane feel better, and Cane countered that Lily had said that she'd left her job to spend more time with their family. He admitted that the blogger's allegations about Lily and Tyler had driven him nuts, and Lily huffed that if there had been truth to the blogger's words, then she wanted to hear all about Cane's romantic trip to New York with Hilary.

Cane asked if Lily honestly thought that he was the kind of person who would have an affair with Hilary. He declared that he loved Lily, and he questioned whether he didn't show her how grateful he was to wake up with her every day. Lily blamed her suspicions on the blogger's posts, and Cane encouraged her not to let other people get into her head. Lily reported that Neil was getting close to figuring out who the blogger was, but Cane said that it didn't matter what Neil found out, because Cane loved her and wouldn't let anyone get between them. They hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Tyler that she would talk him into playing hooky if she didn't have somewhere to be, and he amorously offered to convince her instead. She teased him for making it hard for her to be responsible, and he suggested that they meet at her place that night. She balked at the idea of putting a tie on the door for Traci, and Tyler complained about the lack of privacy at his place. Abby suddenly remembered that Devon had asked her to convince Tyler to go back to Jabot.

After Abby left, Devon arrived, and Tyler asked what Devon had hoped to accomplish by asking Abby to work on Tyler. Devon stated that Abby's energy was contagious, and he wondered if Tyler had reconsidered returning to work for Jabot. Tyler called working with Devon a nightmare, but Devon contended that it would be best for Jabot. Tyler pressed Devon to admit that it had been a stupid move to let Tyler go, and Devon replied that the problem had been Tyler's pursuit of Lily, but Devon was confident that nothing could mess with Lily and Cane's marriage.

Devon asked what it would take to make Tyler return to Jabot, and Tyler rattled off a list of demands, including an apology from Devon. Devon said that he had nothing to apologize for, and Tyler coolly wished him luck with his next campaign. Tyler walked away, and Hilary spotted Devon and said that she'd love to hear about his time in the music industry sometime. Devon remarked that it had been a long time since he'd made music, and he asked how she'd known about his background. She claimed that Cane always bragged about his family, and she left.

Later, Lily glumly greeted Devon at the coffeehouse, and he surmised that she wanted to talk about something. He asked what was wrong, and she wondered if she should be worried about the blogger's posts. Devon and Lily agreed that there was something "too nice" about Hilary. Devon asked what Lily knew about Hilary, and Lily replied that Hilary was able to anticipate Cane's every need. Devon suspected that Hilary wanted more than just a job as an assistant.

Jack tried to keep occupied at home, but he found Phyllis' scarf on the couch, and he picked it up and smelled it. John appeared and said that he was sorry, and Jack replied that he wasn't sure that he could exist without Phyllis. Jack reported that he'd seen Phyllis fading away, and at the same time, he'd expected her to open her eyes and ask about their wedding plans, but she hadn't. Jack vowed to wait as long as it took, because if Phyllis could do it, then so could he. John said that Jack had to find a way to get through the pain, and Jack picked up a prescription bottle and murmured that maybe he had.

Jack said that the pill bottle was empty, and John recognized that Jack kept it as a reminder of what he'd been through. Jack said that Phyllis had gotten him through his addiction, but John contended that Jack had battled the physical symptoms of withdrawal on his own. John questioned whether Jack intended to dive into the bottle and never climb out, and he contemplated what Phyllis would think after she'd busted her butt to help Jack get clean. Jack pulled out his dealer's number and recalled that the dealer had predicted that Jack would be back, and he placed a call.

At On the Boulevard, Abby met Traci and Summer for a "girl date," and Traci said that it was nice for the Abbott women to get together. Abby babbled that she'd thought that she'd been Summer's aunt, but she was really Summer's cousin, so Traci could take over as Summer's aunt. Abby realized that she was talking too much, and she turned the topic to Summer's ad for the fashion line. Traci said that Summer had inherited the great Abbott bone structure, and Traci and Abby discussed Abbott traits. Traci said that Summer had a new support system, because the Abbotts looked after their own. Summer countered that the Newmans did, too, and she still felt like she was one of them.

Traci agreed that Summer was a Newman, but she wanted Summer to feel like an Abbott, too. Abby understood what it was like to have two dads, and she gushed that the Newman-Abbott combination was a special breed. Summer grumbled that Victor didn't think so, but Abby said that Summer didn't have to pick a side, because both families loved her. Traci said that they were all frustrated with Nick for hiding the truth, but she realized that Summer's love for Nick would never go away.

Later, Summer said that getting together had been nice, and Abby conceded that it had been awkward, but Abby and Traci wanted Summer to know how fabulous they thought she was. Jack called Summer and informed her that he was back from Georgia, and he invited her to stop by. John commended Jack for calling Summer rather than the dealer, and Jack remarked that the day wasn't over yet. Meanwhile, Summer asked Abby about Jabot's "creamy nude" lipstick, and she mentioned that a tube of it had been among Phyllis' belongings. Abby remarked that Phyllis would never have worn the hue, and Summer wondered if someone had been with Phyllis before Phyllis had fallen.

After Summer left, Traci worried that she'd been too eager to welcome Summer to the family, and Abby said that there were worse things than having two loving dads. Traci was impressed by the change in Abby, and she asked what was going on with Abby's detective. Abby confided that the relationship had fizzled, but she had been seeing a different guy. Abby rambled on about all the qualities she liked in her new man, and Traci thought it was obvious that Abby was smitten.

Tyler spotted Abby, and he disclosed that his contact from New York was running late for a meeting. Traci invited Tyler to have a seat, and Abby introduced them to one another. Tyler called Traci the famous aunt with kind eyes and a great smile, and Traci warned him that she was also overprotective, so he'd better be good to Abby. Tyler declared that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Summer arrived to see Jack, and he explained that he'd visit Phyllis on weekends, but he wanted to be there for Summer, too. Summer insisted that she was fine, but he said that Phyllis wouldn't want her to pretend that everything was okay based on a promise that no one expected Summer to keep. Jack contended that Phyllis thought that Summer was the greatest thing ever because Summer was fiery and emotional, just like Phyllis. Jack added that if Phyllis were there, she would tell Summer that it was all right to feel pain and to cry. Summer finally broke down, and Jack held her.

Summer admitted that she had been scared that if she'd started crying, she wouldn't have been able to stop. Jack pointed out that she'd stopped and survived, and the next time it would be easier, but she had to take it one day at a time. He swore that each day she'd get a little braver and stronger, and he urged her to remind herself that she'd made it that far. He suggested that they have lunch, and she kissed his cheek and went to get cleaned up. John told Jack to follow his own advice, and Jack took out the dealer's number and threw it into the fireplace. John said that he loved Jack.

At the police station, Neil and Leslie informed Alex about what Neil had remembered in his hypnotherapy session. Neil announced that the blogger rightfully held him responsible for Rose's death, and he explained that he hadn't killed Rose, but he'd left her alone to die. Neil thought he'd been considerate to leave her in her motel room to sleep off her drunken stupor, but he'd helped her to die by not getting help. Leslie confirmed that Rose had suffered a stroke, but alcohol had been a contributing factor. Alex understood that Neil felt miserable, but he contended that Neil hadn't committed a felony.

Alex asked how the blogger would know about Neil's connection to Rose, and Neil recalled that he'd given Rose his business card. Leslie questioned why someone would wait six years to confront Neil, and Neil theorized that Gus had somehow been the trigger. Alex agreed to search the police database for everything he could find about Rose, and he learned that Rose had had a very small circle of loved ones. Leslie wondered who would sit on a grudge for six years, and Alex pointed out that Neil finally had something to offer the blogger -- the truth about Neil's part in Rose's death.

Neil typed a message to the blogger, and he wrote that he knew what the blogger blamed him for. Neil requested the opportunity to try to explain in person, and only then would the blogger know the truth. Leslie couldn't imagine what more would entice the blogger to emerge from hiding. Neil sent the message, and he regretted all the pain he'd caused Leslie, Lily, and Rose. Neil hoped that the blogger responded, so he could make things right.

Hilary returned with coffee and food to work through lunch with Cane. She elaborately folded a napkin, and he asked if she'd ever done any catering. She called herself "origamically gifted," and he realized that the only things he knew about her were on her résumé. She claimed that she was all business all the time, and he commented that there was more to life. Hilary said that eventually she'd find time for it, and she pointed out that Cane hadn't always had the perfect wife and gorgeous kids.

Cane admitted that his life had been very different a few years before, and Hilary said that maybe one day, her life would be different, too, but until then, she wanted to focus on work. He asked for a particular report, and she informed him that she expected to receive a copy of it at any time. Hilary received a text message, and Cane hoped that it was the report, but she mysteriously stated that it was something else.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After Summer returned from repairing her makeup, Jack asked her if she was all cried out. He offered to postpone their lunch or stay at the Abbot mansion and eat in. Summer preferred going out. Summer told Jack that she was not comfortable in his house and had not realized it until that visit.

Summer said that it was because she had been so happy there with Phyllis. She also had great memories of seeing Kyle. Jack understood and said that maybe calamari at her favorite restaurant would help out temporarily, and besides, Jack added, they had an in with the owner. Summer's mood lightened.

Abby spotted Kyle at On the Boulevard and found out that Kyle was having his first post-Summer date in an attempt to get over Summer. Kyle told Abby that he felt like he was betraying Summer, even though he knew that it was best for both of them to move on. Abby said that it was a good first step. She promised Kyle that she would not tell Summer about his lunch date.

A reporter confronted Adam in Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. Adam was surly and wanted to send the reporter packing, but Victor intervened. Victor said that he had invited the reporter because the public had a right to know where Victor stood regarding both Adam and the future of Newman. Victor then told the reporter that Adam had his full backing. Victor added that the rape charges were a cruel joke and would be laughed out of court.

Despite urging from the reporter, Victor refused to elaborate further and sent the reporter away. Adam was stunned that Victor had backed him up. Victor asked Adam why he was surprised because Victor had already told Adam that he would stand behind him. Adam admitted that he had not believed Victor. Victor said that Newman was a family company, and that meant nothing if they did not protect their own.

Victor told Adam that he had done his part, and it was time for Adam to do his. As Adam left the office, he gave Victor a sincere thank you and called Victor "Dad." After Adam closed the door, Victor made a phone call and asked for information. When he got none, Victor told the person that his research was taking a very long time but to continue looking until he found something. Victor said that Adam had an agenda, and Victor wanted to know what it was.

At Cane's home, Cane noticed that Hilary was reading the GCBuzz. She apologized, but Cane said that he understood that she was worried about her reputation being tarnished because of her association with him and, by extension, the Winters clan. Hilary said that the new post was about Neil. The new post refused Neil's olive branch and Neil's offer to meet and explain what had really happened the day Rose Turner had died.

The blogger did not want to meet. Instead the blogger accused Neil of murder, and the blogger said that he/she would not stop until Neil had lost everything that the blogger had lost and more. Cane told Hilary that he refused to believe that Neil was a murderer.

Nick helped Sharon limp home, and Sharon took full advantage of Nick's protective instincts. Nick collected Sharon's mail, and when he noticed a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Sharon got Nick to reminisce about some of their past DMV experiences. She was distracted by a speeding ticket in the envelope but covered quickly and said it was a renewal notice when Nick asked about the DMV letter.

Nick pampered Sharon, though there were no signs of swelling around her ankle. While Nick got ice, Sharon limped to the door and answered it. Adam asked to enter. Sharon explained about her ankle. Nick returned to the room as Adam asked Sharon to give him a character reference. Adam quipped that he would have asked Nick, but Nick could not help because of his lie about Summer.

Nick threw back that Adam lacked a moral compass and advised Sharon to pass on Adam's request. Sharon said that she was not well and did not think that she could help. Adam told Sharon that she knew him and knew that the charges of rape were untrue. Sharon said that she would think about it. Adam thanked Sharon and told her to get some rest. As Adam left, he asked if Nick were headed out. Nick replied that Sharon would rest better if he stayed. Sharon had a smug smile on her face.

Nick asked Sharon if she would help Adam. Sharon said that she did not believe that Adam had raped anyone. Nick said that he did not believe it either, but Nick did not think that Adam was a good person. Sharon told Nick that she really valued his opinion and missed being able to bounce ideas off him. Nick said that he hoped that Sharon would consider his opinion. Sharon promised that she would.

Tyler ran into Noah, who was having lunch alone, at the Athletic Club. Tyler asked how Noah could afford it, and Noah admitted that Nick had given him money. Noah grumbled that he had to find another job so that he did not have to take money from his dad. Tyler said that he had thought of something. Tyler said that it would not be big pay at first but that the job would be very creative.

Tyler then offered to get Noah back the job he had held at Jabot but had lost when Devon had fired Tyler. Tyler said that he was in negotiations with Jabot but intended to take their offer, because he had liked working there. He laughingly added that if neither of them got a crush on the daughter of the boss, they would probably have a very bright future there. Noah was ecstatic when he ran into Abby as he was leaving the club. Noah told Abby to be nice to her boyfriend. Abby said that Tyler was not her boyfriend, but Noah just chuckled and went on his way.

Abby greeted Tyler, who immediately told Abby how much he had liked meeting Traci. Abby apologized for Traci's assumption that Tyler was Abby's boyfriend and told him that she had not been trying to fast-track him into a relationship. Tyler repeated the very complimentary things that Abby had said about him to Traci, including Abby's comment about Tyler's sexy swagger. He added, "Right back at you."

Tyler told Abby that he had a present for her and then pulled out a pair of tickets for the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Abby was overjoyed that Tyler had remembered how much she had wanted to attend. Abby giggled when Tyler kissed her. She asked if taking a trip together signaled that they were moving to a higher level in their relationship. Tyler smiled and then wrapped his arms around Abby.

Neil met Leslie at Crimson Lights. Leslie said that Neil had done the right thing by offering to meet the blogger. When Leslie read the blogger's reply, Leslie called the blogger "delusional" and a "jerk hiding behind a computer monitor." Neil said that the reply was confirmation that the blogger was someone close to Rose Turner because the blogger clearly had issues that were personal.

Neil felt guilty because he had not helped Rose, but Leslie told Neil that he was not to blame. Neil continued to feel and express guilt for his non-actions. Neil had a "eureka" moment. He told Leslie that he knew who the blogger was. Neil said that it had to be Anne Turner, Rose's daughter, because there was no one else in the case file that Alex had given them who would be so emotional.

Neil said that Anne's last known address had been London, and he had to go there to search her out. Leslie pointed out that the posts had been made in Genoa City, but Neil said that Anne could have hired someone to follow, photograph, and post dirt on the Winterses.

Leslie had just told Neil that she could not go with him to London because of her workload when Adam appeared and wanted to talk. While Leslie moved to another table with Adam, Neil phoned for a reservation on a plane to London. As he waited, Neil looked at a photograph of Rose Turner. At a nearby table, Hilary listened in on Neil's phone conversation while staring at the same photo of Rose Turner on her computer screen.

Billy was nowhere to be seen when Jack and Summer arrived at On the Boulevard for lunch. They did spot Kyle with his date. Jack offered to go elsewhere, but Summer said that she had to get over Kyle. Summer and Jack sat at a table, but Summer could not take her eyes off Kyle. Summer said that she knew that Kyle was her brother and that she could not avoid Kyle or expect that he would not date.

Jack said that if it was any consolation, Kyle did not look thrilled either. It was too much for Summer, who stormed tearfully away from the table. Kyle was also very uncomfortable. Kyle's date asked if the woman who had run out was a former girlfriend. Kyle replied that it was complicated. His date said that she did not do complicated and left quickly. Kyle went to Summer and apologized.

Summer said that Kyle had nothing to be sorry for because she could not expect him to hold a torch for his "dumb sister." Summer said that the last thing that she wanted to do was to make Kyle feel uncomfortable. Kyle said that he felt the same way about Summer. Summer thanked Kyle for talking to Jack about letting Phyllis go to the clinic in Georgia. Kyle said that they had a great dad.

When Summer left Jack's table in tears, Victor appeared and accused Jack of hurting Summer. Victor told Jack that he had no right to be the father of a Newman. Jack told Victor that Summer was not a Newman. Jack asked if Victor thought that he could slap a name on Summer like he did his corporations. Victor said the best thing for Summer was that she had Nick for a father.

Jack pointed out that he had never had the chance to be a father. Victor said that the reason that Summer had walked away in tears was because Jack took misery and failure everywhere he went. Victor told Jack to stay away from Summer. Nick arrived on the scene and told Victor to back off.

Nick said that Jack had every right to see Summer. Victor did not agree and told Jack that Nick was Summer's "real" father. Jack asked Nick if he felt the same way. Nick said that he hoped that Summer would always think of him as one of her two fathers, but all he really wanted was what was best for Summer. Summer appeared in the archway as Victor shouted that Nick was what was best for Summer. Nick told Victor that Jack was not the enemy. Summer bolted out of the restaurant when Victor yelled that Jack Abbot had always been the enemy.

Nick replied that he thought that Victor was the enemy. Nick said that Summer had just left because of Victor's actions. Nick told Jack and Victor that Summer had feared that she would cause a feud between the Abbots and Newmans, and that was exactly what was happening. Nick said that Summer's fear that the two families would have hurtful, divisive fights over her was what was prompting Summer to avoid everyone. Victor did not relent and went off to find Summer and talk to her.

Jack told Nick that someone had to keep Victor in check. Nick said that he did not know if that was possible. Jack replied that he did not know whether to punch Nick or to thank him for interfering. Jack assured Nick that he could hold his own in a battle with Victor. Jack then declared that he intended to be as much of a father to Summer in the future as Nick had been in the past.

Cassie appeared to Sharon and told her that she could get off the couch because there was nothing wrong with her ankle and Nick was gone. Cassie asked why Sharon had let Nick go so soon. Sharon said that she did not want to move too fast. Sharon admitted that she was worried about the speeding ticket that she had gotten on her way to the fundraiser.

Cassie said that the ticket was not proof of anything. Sharon said that she was sorry about Phyllis and had not meant for her to get hurt. Sharon said that all she had done was to fake a paternity test. Sharon feared that if the truth got out, Nick would hate her forever. Noah interrupted Sharon's reverie with the photos that he had taken of the benefit, which would soon be published in a classy magazine.

Sharon was very proud of Noah's work. She asked for a photo of Nick. When Noah seemed surprised, she told him it was for Faith. Noah noticed the speeding ticket and teased Sharon, who quickly put the ticket away. Sharon told Noah that she was okay and asked him to stop hovering.

Noah seemed satisfied with Sharon's answers. He told her he loved her and then left. Cassie reappeared. She told Sharon that Sharon's plan was working and that Nick would soon return to them.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Adam asked Dylan about Chelsea and the baby. Dylan reported that mother and son were doing great, and he revealed that he and Chelsea had named the baby Connor, in honor of Dylan's father. Dylan added that Chelsea and Connor would be home from the hospital the next day, and Adam was surprised that a premature baby could go home so soon. Dylan explained that Connor was healthy and strong and that Dylan and Chelsea had both been big babies. Adam remarked that Chelsea had never mentioned that, and Dylan replied that maybe Adam had been too busy to listen.

Dylan said that he knew what Chelsea and Adam had gone through after her miscarriage, but he insisted that there was nothing to worry about, because Chelsea and Connor were perfect. Adam confirmed that Dylan had made it clear that Chelsea and the baby were Dylan's family, and Dylan reminded Adam not to approach Chelsea about being a character witness. Adam said that his request had been a momentary lapse in judgment, and he had other options. Dylan left to get to his wife and son.

Victoria stopped by to see Nick at the tack house, and she complained that it was hot and humid. She suggested that he use his millions to spring for an air conditioner, and he offered her a cold glass of water. She said that she'd gotten his message about needing reinforcements, and he asked her to help him get Victor to back off of Jack. Nick hoped that his own bond with Summer survived, but in case it didn't, he felt that Summer would need Jack. Victoria replied that the only thing Victor wanted to hear from her was that she was done with Billy, and she disclosed that Billy had used the mess with Adam to try to strong-arm Victor into letting Victoria take Adam's place at Newman Enterprises.

Nick agreed that Billy had made a dumb move, but he understood the act of a desperate man who didn't want to lose the woman he loved. Victoria clarified that they were talking about Billy and not Nick, but Nick questioned whether Victoria had ever broken the rules for the sake of a relationship. Victoria acknowledged that Billy loved her and Johnny and that she wanted Billy to return home. She recalled that Johnny had called Billy "Dada," and it had melted her heart, but then Billy had pulled the stunt with the recording. Nick asked if she could give Billy another chance.

At the hospital, Chelsea cooed over baby Connor, and Anita burst in and asked why Chelsea hadn't called when she'd gone into labor. Chelsea introduced Connor to his grandma, and Anita gushed that they'd have many good times together. Anita remarked that Connor was sturdy, and she wondered if Dylan had been suspicious of the baby's size. Chelsea said that she'd told Dylan that she had been a big baby, but Anita recalled that Chelsea had been tiny, and she warned Chelsea not to trip up over all of her lies.

Chelsea said that she had learned to lie from the best, and she pointed out that Anita had kept Chelsea's paternity a secret for ages, but Anita argued that Chelsea had a lot to lose. Chelsea chided Anita for not letting Chelsea enjoy herself for even a moment, and she vowed to give Connor the perfect childhood that Chelsea had never had. Chelsea recalled that Anita had involved Chelsea in scams and cons instead of getting a real job, like a decent mother would have. Chelsea declared that she loved her baby, but she didn't know how to be a good mom, because she'd never seen one while growing up. Chelsea pledged to be the kind of mother that Connor deserved.

Anita defended that she'd raised Chelsea on her own, but she was sure that Chelsea would be fine. Chelsea recalled that she'd thought that she'd be fine with Adam, and she blamed herself for believing that Adam had loved her enough to choose her over Sharon and Newman Enterprises. Chelsea swore to be the best mother and wife, so Dylan would never think about leaving her. Anita assured Chelsea that there was no need to fight for her family, because Dylan loved Chelsea. Chelsea said that the only truth that mattered was that she would grow old with Dylan, and eventually, no one would remember that Connor had been born big for a preemie.

Anita promised to be there to cheer Chelsea on, but Chelsea expected that Anita would only be waiting for Chelsea to fail. Chelsea declared that she wasn't Anita, because her husband was a veteran and she had her own fashion line, and her son could be anything he wanted to be. Chelsea vowed that her past wouldn't touch Connor or her family, and anything Chelsea had done before that day no longer existed, so Anita couldn't be there with them. Anita cried as Chelsea ordered her out.

Dylan found Anita crying in the hall, and she called Connor adorable, but Dylan observed that she wasn't crying happy tears. Anita admitted that she and Chelsea had discussed some ugly truths. Anita continued that Chelsea wouldn't tell him, so Anita would.

Victoria arrived to visit Chelsea, who brusquely asked what Victoria was doing there. Victoria said that Dylan had sent her a text message to inform her that he couldn't work that day because the baby had been born, and Chelsea assumed that Victoria was there to tell Dylan the truth. Victoria said that she simply wanted to congratulate Chelsea, and she promised that she wouldn't say a word about Adam being the baby's father. Victoria apologized for making irrational threats, and Chelsea asked what had changed Victoria's mind. Victoria relayed that Johnny had called Billy "Dada."

Chelsea sincerely said that she was happy for Billy and Victoria, and Victoria replied that she would understand if Chelsea was resentful, but Chelsea insisted that Johnny was Victoria's son. Victoria called Johnny a gift from Chelsea, and she remarked that Connor deserved to have two parents who loved him. Chelsea proclaimed that Dylan would always be Connor's father, and Dylan entered. Victoria told Dylan that his baby was beautiful, and she left. Dylan said that he'd talked to Anita, and he asked if what Anita had said was true.

Dylan revealed that Anita had divulged that Chelsea thought that she wouldn't be a good mom, since Anita had been a lousy example. Chelsea reminded him that she hadn't had the idyllic childhood that he'd experienced, but Dylan assured Chelsea that she would be an incredible mom. He conceded that they had a learning curve ahead of them, but he knew that they could give Connor the best life possible. Dylan pledged that the three of them would have an amazing life, and they both gazed adoringly at the baby. Dylan thought that Connor looked like her, but Chelsea said that she only saw Dylan when she looked at Connor.

At the Abbott home, Jack told Nikki that there hadn't been any new news regarding Phyllis. Nikki hoped that Jack had been in touch with his sponsor to prevent a slip. Jack admitted that he'd had a close call, but he'd reminded himself that Summer needed him more than he needed the pills, and he couldn't disappoint Phyllis after all she'd done to help him get clean. Jack revealed that Summer had opened up a little bit to him, and Nikki sympathized that Jack had lost many moments with his daughter. Jack marveled that that everyone was rallying to the cause, except Victor.

Jack explained that Victor had tried to mark his territory by insisting that Jack was nothing to Summer, but Summer had overheard and had taken off. Nikki recounted that she'd warned Victor that holding on too tightly would chase Summer away. Billy entered and announced that Victor had issued a statement to the press in support of Adam, and he groused that Victor had missed the opportunity to oust Adam and to put Victoria back in charge. Jack agreed with Victor's decision to stand behind Adam, because Jack believed that Adam wasn't capable of rape. Nikki advised Billy that the drama at Newman Enterprises wouldn't help save his marriage, and Billy struggled to think of another way to win Victoria back.

After Nikki left, Jack asked what Billy had done, and Billy vaguely stated that he'd made a miscalculation in an attempt to save his marriage. Billy swore that he had been doing everything he could to win Victoria back, but his grand plan had blown up in his face. Jack inquired if it had been bad enough to push her away forever, but Billy was optimistic that Victoria hadn't mentioned divorce. Jack told Billy to fix it right away, because too much could happen in a matter of seconds.

Billy called himself a spoiled little man, and he recognized that Jack missed Phyllis. Billy said that he'd learned a lot from Jack, and he wouldn't take another second with Victoria for granted again. Jack asked if Billy had a new plan, and Billy proclaimed that it was a legitimate one to make Victoria realize that she should take Billy back. Billy added that if it didn't work, he didn't think anything else would.

Victoria met Billy at On the Boulevard, and Billy asked if she had seen Victor's statement, but she didn't want to get into the Newman mess. He said that wasn't why he'd called, and he requested a favor. Billy recognized that he had a lot of nerve to ask Victoria for something after everything he'd put her through, but he wanted a couple of hours in the house alone. She wondered if he planned to move out, but he revealed that he wanted to plan a surprise for his wife. She was skeptical, but he swore that it was a good surprise and that she'd love it.

Victor found Sharon waiting in his office. He threatened to call security if she didn't leave, and Sharon told him to check with Adam, who had asked her to be a character witness. Victor contended that Adam didn't need Sharon, but Sharon countered that she knew Adam better than anyone, and she could say with confidence that Adam wasn't a rapist. She was flattered that Adam trusted her, and Victor barked that Adam only needed the support of his family. Sharon asked if the Newmans would visit Adam in prison, and she added that the outcome might be out of Victor's control.

Victor pointedly noted that he'd dealt with vindictive women before. Sharon suggested that the women had wanted vindication because he'd wronged them first. Victor stated that the situation had nothing to do with him, but Sharon said that from her experience, it was always about Victor. Adam entered, and he said that he hadn't been sure that Sharon would say yes, and she replied that she hadn't. Sharon affirmed that she didn't believe that Adam had raped anyone, but she refused to be a witness for him.

Adam imagined that Sharon hadn't stopped by just to say no, and Victor surmised that she'd wanted to see Adam's reaction. Victor accused Sharon of playing a game, and Sharon compared it to the time Adam had asked her to marry him and then had left her at the altar. Adam requested to speak to Sharon in private, but she said that he couldn't change her mind, because she didn't need the chaos Adam caused, and she had more important things to do with her life. Adam wondered if she could simply watch him go to jail, even though he was innocent. Sharon remarked that Adam was a master of self-preservation, and with Victor on his side, Adam couldn't lose.

After Sharon left, Adam concluded that Sharon had likely made her decision to gain Nick's approval. Victor opined that a jury wouldn't have listened to Sharon, and Adam replied that he needed someone in his corner, but he recognized that he'd burned bridges with most people in Genoa City. Victor suggested that Adam take Victor's place on a business trip to Green Bay to keep Adam's face off the front pages, but Adam feared that it would look like he was running. Victor insisted that he was trying to help Adam, and Adam said that he appreciated Victor looking out for him, but he looked suspicious.

A downtrodden Adam stopped by to see Jack, and he revealed that Victor had pushed Adam to go on a business trip. Adam added that Sharon had turned down his request to be a character witness, and Chelsea was busy with her new husband and baby boy. Jack realized that it had to be difficult for Adam, and Adam said that the universe was laughing in his face. Jack chalked it up to timing and bad luck, but Adam regretted that he'd driven Chelsea away.

Adam griped that Dylan had a baby to carry on his family name, while Adam had to slink out of town and hope that people wouldn't refer to him as "the mogul rapist." Adam realized that he could be a hefty liability to the company, but Jack pointed out that Victor had just publicly preached familial solidarity. Adam was certain that Victor would disown him, and it was only a matter of how and when. Jack offered to testify on Adam's behalf, and he thought that his words would have significant weight, given the men's rocky history.

Jack clarified that he wouldn't whitewash Adam's misdeeds, but he knew that Adam wasn't a monster. Adam appreciated that Jack had his back, even when Adam's own father couldn't or wouldn't. Adam continued that Kyle and Summer were lucky to have Jack as a father, and Jack hoped that Summer would think the same thing one day. Adam said that there was potential, but he thought that Victor and Adam's father-and-son ship had already sailed and sunk.

Nikki arrived at Newman Enterprises and scolded Victor for turning Summer's trauma into a Newman-Abbott war. Victor maintained that Summer had been his granddaughter for her entire life, while Jack had only been connected to her for five minutes. Nikki argued that Jack's connection to Summer had begun when Summer had been conceived, and she warned Victor not to drive Summer away, or Victor could lose Summer and Nick forever.

Victor agreed not to badmouth Jack unless Jack tried to turn Summer against the Newmans, and Nikki said that Jack had no reason to do so. She asked Victor how the rest of his day had been, and Victor reported that Sharon had stopped by to gloat that she wouldn't speak on Adam's behalf. Nikki recalled that she'd recently seen Sharon fawning all over Nick, but Nick had said that Sharon was just a friend. Victor hoped that Nick kept his guard up, but he thought that he and Nikki should keep an eye on Sharon. Nikki agreed.

Sharon arrived at the tack house to tuck in Faith, and Nick remarked that Sharon was looking good. She seemed surprised by his comment, and he pointed out that she wasn't limping and that she seemed to have a spring in her step. She informed him that she'd told Adam that she wouldn't be a character witness, and it had felt good to say no. Nick imagined that it had been nice to see Adam squirm. Nick told Sharon to let him know if it was too hot for Faith upstairs, but Sharon replied that Faith liked it hot, just like Sharon did.

Later, Sharon descended the stairs, and Nick presented her with a glass of wine to celebrate her victory over Adam. Nick answered a call from Avery, and he learned that Avery would be home the following night. He said that he couldn't wait and that he loved Avery. Sharon offered to take Faith, and she mused that Avery's homecoming should be a special night.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sharon looked at a photo of Nick, but she quickly put it away when Faith ran downstairs. Sharon asked why Faith wasn't watching her movie, and Faith complained that her tummy hurt all over. Sharon felt the girl's forehead but didn't detect a fever, and she wondered if Faith had eaten too much cake at a birthday party the day before. Sharon offered her tea or medicine, but Faith wanted her daddy to make her feel better.

Nick set out champagne and candles in preparation for Avery's homecoming. Sharon called and said that Faith needed him. Sharon assured him that it wasn't serious, but Faith was anxious, probably because of the turmoil with Summer. Nick said that he couldn't stay long, but he agreed to stop by. He left a note for Avery in case she got there before he returned, but the note blew across the room when he opened the door to leave.

Nick comforted Faith, and he declared that "Dr. Newman" was there to check her out. He pretended to listen to her stomach with some headphones, and he said that it sounded serious, like she had a rock band in her belly. Faith giggled, but she nestled into Nick's arms when there was a loud clap of thunder. Sharon remarked that it was pouring outside, and Nick said that he'd better take off, but Faith begged him not to go. Nick reminded Faith that thunder just meant that angels were bowling in heaven and that she'd be safe inside, but Faith worried that he wouldn't be safe if he left. Nick offered to stay a little while longer.

Nick recommended that Faith go to bed, but she stated that she wasn't tired. Sharon suggested playing a game, and Nick asked if that would make Faith's stomachache go away. Faith replied that it would, but only if he played with them. Nick agreed to a quick game before he had to go, and Faith assumed that Avery was the reason he had to leave. Sharon explained that Nick hadn't seen Avery in a long time, and Faith asked if Nick missed Avery. Nick insisted that he missed Faith when they were apart, too, and Sharon promised that they wouldn't keep him longer than necessary.

Nick and Faith played Twister, and Nick good-naturedly called it torture. Sharon said that with practice, Nick could join the circus as a human pretzel, and she remarked that he was good enough to eat. Faith fell, and she declared that Sharon had to take her place. Sharon offered to let Faith play again, but Faith insisted that Sharon play with Nick. Sharon kicked off her shoes and stepped to the mat, and as Faith rattled off directions, Sharon leaned in close to Nick.

Nick read Faith the story about the royal family, and Sharon noticed that Faith had fallen asleep in Nick's lap. Sharon thought that Faith had needed alone time with her parents, and Nick surmised that Faith felt threatened by his engagement to Avery. Sharon sensed that Faith felt displaced, and Nick wished that he could do something to reassure Faith. Sharon assured him that he was a wonderful father and that he would figure it out, and Nick vowed that nothing would get between him and his kids.

Sharon suggested that she, Nick, and Faith spend a few more days together like the one they'd just had, and Nick swore to do whatever it took. Sharon commented that she was tired after playing Twister and that she could fall asleep right there. Moments later, Nick said that he should get going, but he saw that Sharon had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He remarked to himself that he had put all the women to sleep, and he decided to stay a while longer.

Avery entered the tack house and called out to Nick, and she spied the candles and champagne. She answered a call from Jack, and she told him that she was back in Genoa City. She assured him that Phyllis was in good hands, but she'd never thought she'd see Phyllis that helpless. She said that the call was breaking up due to the storm, and she realized that she had no signal.

A drenched Summer arrived at the tack house, and Avery helped her dry off. Summer had expected Avery to still be in Georgia, and Avery reported that Phyllis was no worse. Summer forlornly remarked that Phyllis wasn't better, either, and Avery contended that the doctors had just started the treatment. Summer hugged Avery and said that it was good to see her. Avery asked what Summer had been doing in the rain, and Summer explained that Faith hated thunder, so she'd stopped by to keep the girl company. Avery wasn't sure where Faith and Nick were, and she admitted that she was worried.

Avery urged Summer to drink tea to warm up, but Summer commented that she hadn't felt warm since she'd lost both of her parents. Avery replied that Summer hadn't lost either of them, but Summer wailed that things would never be the same. Summer wanted to keep her promise not to cry, but she admitted that it was harder than she'd thought. Avery said that feelings always bubbled to the surface, and she was sure that Phyllis wouldn't mind if Summer broke the promise sometimes. Summer vowed never to give up on Phyllis, and Avery echoed the sentiment.

Avery said that the rain had stopped, and she hoped that Nick would be back soon. Summer said that she should get going, and the women agreed that it had been good to spend time together. They hugged, and Summer asked Avery to call if she heard anything about Phyllis. Summer departed, and Avery cleaned up their mugs. She spotted Nick's note on the floor, and she blew out the candles and left. Later, Avery arrived at Sharon's home and peered in on Nick, Sharon, and Faith.

Billy held his hand over Victoria's eyes and led her into the house, and she hoped that he hadn't repainted the walls a funky color. He allowed her to take a look, and she saw various items covered in sheets. Billy pretended to address a jury, and he intended to present evidence that he and Victoria were crazy in love and that their marriage was worth saving.

Victoria seemed unimpressed that Billy had put together a presentation, and she griped that it would have been faster on the computer. He argued that his method had been good enough for Perry Mason, and he had needed to find a new way to present his case. Victoria conceded that Billy was persistent, but she was skeptical about whether his "evidence" would change anything. He promised that she wouldn't regret hearing him out.

The lights went out, and Billy credited Mother Nature for the ambience. He lit candles and handed Victoria a glass of wine, and he declared that wine was mandatory in his court. He instructed her to imagine that they were in a courtroom, and he removed a sheet to present her with "Exhibit A," a miniature courtroom scene. He recalled that he and Victoria had been the first to arrive at the courthouse for a classic battle between the Newmans and the Abbotts over Jabot, and their verbal sparring had led to their first kiss. She claimed that she didn't remember, but Billy declared that their first kiss had changed his life, and he thought that it had changed hers, too.

Victoria said that a kiss was just a kiss, and there was a clap of thunder. Billy moved on to "Exhibit B," a karaoke set. He recounted that he'd stumbled upon an inebriated Victoria doing her best Kelly Clarkson impersonation at a bar in Japan, and Victoria said that it was painful to think about it. Billy stated that the night had gotten much better, because he'd jumped up on stage, and they'd sung together. He asked her to recreate the moment, and he started to sing. She reluctantly joined him, and he called them the best duo since Sonny and Cher.

Billy presented his next exhibit -- reminders from the masquerade ball. He pulled out masks and handed Victoria a rose. He told her that in the olden days, a lady would put rose petals near her bosom until she found a worthy suitor, and she said that she knew a line when she heard one. He put on his mask and asked her to dance, and she hesitantly took his hand. He pulled her to her feet, and they began to sway.

Victoria asked about the final exhibit. He said that it was the most important one, and he revealed their wedding portrait. He called it the greatest day of his life, except for the part when the cops had hauled her off to jail, thanks to Victor. Billy recalled that Victor had been determined to keep Billy and Victoria apart, but they'd showed Victor otherwise. Billy contended that if he and Victoria had been able to overcome Victor's many attempts to break them up, then they could overcome anything. He hoped that he'd proven it, and he asked for the verdict.

Victoria conceded that she and Billy had beautiful memories, but for every good one, there was another that she'd rather forget. She admitted that he had created magical moments that had reeled her in, but she didn't want to get hurt again, and she didn't know if she could go another round. He asked if she'd prefer a safe, steady guy who couldn't show her the highs of life, and he suspected that wouldn't work for her, because she was a risk-taker who needed the excitement and the rush. Billy asserted that she couldn't have that unless she fell sometimes, and he swore that he'd pick her up every time.

Billy asked Victoria to stay with him, because it was worth it when they soared together. "You are the most exhausting, difficult, exasperating, exhilarating, breathtaking person that I've ever known in my whole life, and you're right. I could never go through this life without you, ever," Victoria proclaimed, and she rushed into his arms. They kissed passionately.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that there was a storm rolling in, so they couldn't take out the horses. Nikki spotted a postcard from Katherine in the mail, and Victor asked where Katherine had been. Nikki quipped that trying to figure it out was like playing a game called "Where in the World is Katherine Chancellor?" Nikki read the postcard, which invited Nikki and Victor to the Chancellor estate that evening to celebrate Katherine's return.

Nikki stated that Katherine was in for a surprise, since a lot had happened since Katherine had left. Victor suggested that they wait for another day to mention Summer's paternity, and Nikki agreed that the evening should be about Katherine. Victor recognized that Nikki had missed her best friend, and Nikki commented that hearing Katherine's gravelly voice had always made Nikki feel better. Victor declared that Katherine was the definition of family, and Nikki replied that they were lucky to have Katherine.

Victor helped Nikki with her coat, and she said that she loved to hear old English stories. Victor wondered whether Katherine had stumbled upon Camelot or had found the Holy Grail. Nikki contemplated changing her outfit, but Victor pressed her to leave before the storm got worse. They heard a clap of thunder, and Victor reconsidered whether they should go at all, but Nikki insisted upon seeing Katherine.

Lily and Cane received a postcard from Katherine, and they marveled that Katherine and Murphy had visited the Great Wall of China. Cane was glad that Katherine had taken the chance to get away, but he missed her. Lily said that it wouldn't be long before Katherine returned home.

Jill looked at a postcard and remarked that Katherine had found something even older than Katherine. Jill was pleased to read that Katherine was finally returning home, but thunder rumbled overhead, and Jill's expression turned dark. Jill opened the door to Lily and Cane, and they compared postcards. Jill griped that Katherine should have made herself available while traveling, but Cane contended that they'd done fine on their own. Jill pointed out that Katherine had never ignored her messages before, and she intended to give Katherine a piece of her mind. Esther entered with yet another postcard.

Jill left a message for Katherine, and she groused that Katherine better have a good reason for the "cloak-and-dagger nonsense." Chloe entered and was surprised that Murphy and Katherine weren't there yet, and Jill huffed that they should ignore Katherine the way Katherine had ignored them. Esther said that she wanted to hear about the Taj Mahal, but Chloe had thought that Katherine and Murphy had visited the Great Barrier Reef, and Jill had received a postcard of the Great Pyramid. Lightning crackled outside, and the lights flickered. Cane looked out the window and reported that the storm was picking up. Jill surmised that Katherine had arranged the whole thing to create an air of mystery.

Katherine's guests realized that they all had postcards from different places, but none of them had heard directly from Katherine or Murphy. Devon left a message for Tucker to see if Katherine had visited Tucker when she'd been in Hong Kong. Nikki wondered how Katherine had maintained the stamina for such extensive travel after brain surgery. Everyone began to worry about why Katherine and Murphy were late. Jill received a call from Katherine's phone. "You better have a damn good excuse, old woman," Jill barked, but no one responded.

Jill lost the call, and she reported that there had only been static on the line. Esther surmised that Katherine and Murphy had been caught in the rain, and Devon contemplated whether they should keep waiting. Jill suddenly felt a chill, but Esther said that she'd closed all the windows. Jill started to complain of an ominous feeling, but she attributed it to her imagination running away with her. The lights went out, and Esther went to get candles.

Jill's phone rang again, and despite a bad connection, Jill heard Murphy's voice. Jill asked where Katherine and Murphy were, but she had difficulty hearing a response. After she hung up, she disclosed that the call had cut in and out, but Murphy had said that he was on his way, and they should wait until he arrived. Victor asked about Katherine, and a huge bolt of lightning flashed across the sky.

Cane urged everyone not to jump to conclusions, but Chloe asked Jill to clarify that Murphy had said "he" and not "we." Jill didn't think that she had been mistaken, and Devon suggested that Murphy had just slipped. Jill questioned why Murphy had called from Katherine's phone, and Victor agreed that it didn't make sense. Jill asked to see everyone's postcards, and she searched for a clue.

The guests placed their postcards on the table, but they didn't see anything noteworthy. Cane wondered why they'd all received cards from different places. Victor remarked that the trip seemed like something that people looked forward to their whole lives. "Oh, my God, that's it!" Jill exclaimed. A solemn look crossed her face as she added, "That's what this is about."

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