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Cutter wanted to confess the truth to Rex and Gigi, but he was put into handcuffs for the murder in Kentucky before he had the chance. Rex and Gigi had the chance to visit the past, and learned what had happened the night that 'Gigi' had died. Jack was arrested for Gigi's murder after confessing into a hidden recorder of Neela's. Clint kissed Kim but confessed that Viki was the woman he loved. Viki had taken flight after seeing the kiss, but Clint was able to set her straight.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 19, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Roxy was devastated that Fraternity Row had already shot its last episode. She passed out on a nearby couch, and David tried to wake her. She woke up a short while later in a bright, luxurious room, dressed in beautiful clothes. She opened her eyes to see David with a thick moustache. However, the man claimed that he was her husband, Durwood, and that she was Lorraine King. Roxy realized that she was in Fraternity Row .

Viki and Clint entered, but they were Gilda and Gregor, the maid and butler. They wanted to make Lorraine comfortable, and ease her from the shock of being reunited with her presumed-dead husband. Todd entered, and claimed to be Lorraine's half-brother, Dash. "I'm alive and well, and know what you did," Durwood said, accusing Dash of hiding Durwood in the "underground city Eternity."

Conveniently, two cops, efficient Murphy and ditzy Macy, played respectively by Blair and Téa, entered. They claimed to have proof that Dash was not the real Dash, and that this Dash was hiding the real Dash in an undisclosed location. Roxy suggested that they get a DNA test, and the two women pulled Dash out of the house. "Be careful, they mess those up all the time!" Roxy yelled after them.

Durwood wondered if Roxy had been lonely with him gone. "As if!" Gregor said, laughing. Durwood was happy to have his family together again, and he hoped their son Brandon was solving all of the problems of the fraternity of which he was president. Roxy told him that half of Brandon's problems were Durwood's fault. She informed him that Brianna, Brandon's girlfriend, was actually Durwood's lovechild with Lorraine's best friend.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Mrs. Smythe, Brianna's mother, entered. The woman took the scarf away from her face to reveal Nigel dressed as Nigella Smythe. Nigella was happy to see that Durwood was alive, and confessed the truth about Brianna to a surprised Durwood. Nigella admitted that she hadn't told Lorraine about it because they'd finally become frenemies, and she hadn't wanted to ruin it.

Roxy was angry, but Gilda hinted at an affair that Lorraine had had while Durwood had been away. "Who cuckolded me?" Durwood demanded to know. "I gotta get outta here," Roxy said, and ran out of the room, into the foyer. Gilda followed her out, and Durwood closed the doors to the living room. Roxy wanted to know who Lorraine had cheated on Durwood with, so she could end the affair. Gilda handed her a piece of paper, and told her to go to the address on the paper. Roxy ran from the house.

Gregor couldn't believe that Gilda had mentioned the fact that Lorraine had cheated on Durwood. He feared that it would cause them to lose their jobs. Gilda didn't care about their jobs, but suddenly got a headache. She said that someone had needed to tell the truth, and it had to be her. She reentered the living room, and found Durwood and Nigella passionately kissing. However, the suddenly gruffer-voiced Gilda didn't care. She revealed that she was Matilda, one of Gilda's alternate personalities.

As Durwood cowered behind Nigella, he wondered why Matilda was back. "I thought you were integrated!" Nigella observed. She revealed that Gilda couldn't hold her back anymore, because "the truth has to be told." She wanted to tell Durwood who Lorraine had cheated on him with.

At the university, John and Natalie were Brandon and Brianna. On the other side of the room, the uptight dean of the university, played by Rick, was scolding Brandon, Brianna, and six others for the "nauseating actions" of the Alpha fraternity and Delta sorority. Brianna told the dean that they were all good kids who just needed guidance. The dean started in on Brandon and Brianna for having an incestuous relationship. "Clean up your house, or I will shut you down for good!" the dean yelled, and walked away.

Moon, Jane, and Roxanne, played respectively by Starr, Dani, and Jessica, all accused their boyfriends Jonathon, Benjamin, and Mazda, played by James, Nate, and Ford, of cheating. All three denied it, and walked away. The girls knew that the boys were lying to them.

Across the room, Brianna asked Brandon if what they were doing was really wrong. Brandon replied that, if it really bothered her, they could get a DNA test to find out whether or not they were actually siblings.

A short while later, Jane and Moon showed each other hairs that they'd found in each of their boyfriend's beds. Jane had also found a hair in Mazda's bed. Moon realized that all three hairs were Roxanne's. "Who ya callin' Roxanne?" the girls heard from across the room. They looked over and saw Roxanne, scantily clad. She revealed that she was Ruby Bright, one of Roxanne's alters, named after her twin sister who'd died at birth.

Jane accused Ruby of sleeping with Benjamin. "Bitch, admit it!" she said, and slapped Ruby. "Was I Ruby?" Roxanne asked, recovering from the slap. Jane and Moon updated Roxanne on their findings. Roxanne wondered if Mazda was "cheating on me...with me?" Moon and Jane thought that the only way to find out was a DNA test, and pulled some hair out of Roxanne's head.

Murphy and Macy, with Dash in tow, burst into the DNA lab at the hospital, and found the jumpy lab technician, M. Povich, played by Vimal. They announced that they were there for a DNA test, so M. Povich told Dash to take his shirt off. "Isn't that a little gratuitous?" Dash wondered. "Hospital policy," the technician replied. Dash took his jacket off, and Murphy and Macy ripped his shirt open. The technician ripped out a piece of chest hair, and placed it into a bag.

Macy warned the technician not to screw up the DNA test, because it was a matter of life and death. The technician left the room, and Murphy and Macy were all over Dash. Murphy reminded him of their history together, and Macy reminded him of the time they'd been shipwrecked on a deserted island. He assured the women that there was more than enough of him to go around, but Murphy realized that they shouldn't fall for Dash again. She added that he might not even be the real Dash.

Murphy continued that the Dash everyone knew and loved could be hidden in an undisclosed location. Macy wondered who would do that. Dash figured that he would know if he weren't the real Dash, but Murphy suggested that he'd been brainwashed into believing that he was the real Dash, thanks to an evil genius. Macy added that it could be part of a rogue CIA organization. Murphy stated that they needed the test results.

M. Povich repeated over and over to himself not to screw up "another DNA test." "Did you say something about a DNA test?" Brandon wondered. He added that he and Brianna needed to know if they were brother and sister, because "we're sleeping together." The technician told them to take off their shirts, and assured them that it was hospital policy. Instead, Brandon and Brianna faced each other, and pulled hair from each other's heads.

M. Povich got on the elevator, and was surprised when Moon, Jane, and Roxanne got on after him. They told him that they wanted a DNA test, so he told them to take off their shirts. Moon and Jane had their shirts halfway off, but Roxanne stopped them. She explained the situation of the cheating boyfriends to the technician, but stopped when she suddenly got a headache. She continued her explanation while pulling a pair of glasses out of M. Povich's pocket. She tried to put them on, but Moon and Jane stopped her. Much to the technician's dismay, the girls stuck their hairs into the bag he had in his hand.

At the fraternity house, Mazda walked up the stairs, took off his shirt, and walked into a room. Seconds later, Jonathon walked up the stairs, took off his shirt, and walked into the same room. Seconds after that, Benjamin walked up the stairs, took off his shirt, and walked into the same room.

"Get out, I'm waiting for my chick!" Mazda told Jonathon and Benjamin. However, his brothers each said the same thing. Just then, Roxy burst into the room, and wondered if she were in the wrong place. They suggestively assured her that she was in the right place, and that they'd prove it.

The brothers fought over a confused and wide-eyed Roxy. "Christmas is comin' a little early this year!" she exclaimed. However, she stopped them, citing that she was a married woman. Just then, the dean burst into the room, but Roxy assured him that it wasn't what it looked like. "What it looks like is a trustee of the university is having group sex on fraternity row!" he cried. She told him to relax, because no one was having sex. "At least not yet," she muttered.

Brandon told Brianna that incest was a big obstacle. She told him to look on the bright side: "We're as close as two people can be: lovers and siblings!" They moved to share a kiss, but stopped, saying that they needed the results of the DNA test.

Moon, Jane, and Roxanne walked into the hallway, and wondered why Brandon and Brianna were there. They admitted that they needed to find out whether or not they were actually siblings. Murphy, Macy, and Dash exited their room, and wondered what was taking the lab technician so long. Just then, M. Povich returned, and confidently handed each group an envelope. He walked away, hoping he hadn't screwed anything up. He cringed hearing the ambiguous reactions of each group of people.

Alone in the hallway, Moon, Jane, and Roxanne wondered who their boyfriends had cheated on them with, since the DNA of the hairs didn't match Roxanne's. M. Povich returned, and admitted that the DNA did match someone else in the hospital's system. He handed them a piece of paper. "Ew!" they exclaimed in unison. They were horrified to find out that their boyfriends had been cheating on them with Brandon's mother, Lorraine. They left to tell the "old floozy" to stay away from their boyfriends.

Inside a room marked "Undisclosed Location," a man dressed all in white sat, bound, in a chair. The man was revealed to be the "real" Dash, played by Shaun. He had a scar exactly like Todd's on his right cheek. In front of him sat a woman in a business suit, who was revealed to be the "evil genius" holding him hostage, played by Destiny.

The evil genius told the "real" Dash that, as a single mother forced to raise her child alone, she'd had no choice but to enter into a rogue branch of the CIA. She continued that the "real" Dash had something she needed, but couldn't remember "it." She pulled out a gun, and told him that she needed to "eliminate" him. The "real" Dash had gotten himself out of his bindings, and struggled with the woman over the gun. From outside the room, there were loud crashes and bangs.

As Matilda was about to tell Durwood who Lorraine had cheated on him with, Dash burst into the house, demanding to know where his sister was. He revealed that he'd had a DNA test prove that he was the real Dash. Just then the "real" Dash entered, and announced that he had DNA test proof that he was the real Dash.

Murphy read both tests, and confirmed it. She figured that the men had to be identical twins, as Roxy stumbled into the room. Roxy wondered how the two men could be twins, because one was "so much...taller" than the other. Shaun's Dash said that anything was possible with an evil genius. The evil genius entered, pointing her gun at Todd's Dash, because she thought she'd killed him. He informed her that she'd failed. "I'm not the boss. She is!" the evil genius said, pointing at Roxy.

Murphy, Macy, and the evil genius pointed their guns at Roxy, who swore her innocence. Brandon and Brianna entered, and happily announced that they weren't brother and sister after all. Nigella demanded details. Matilda explained that Brianna was her child, and Roxanne's twin. Nigella only thought that she'd been pregnant with Brianna, so Matilda had given Brianna to Nigella. Matilda swore that it had been Lorraine's idea, because Lorraine hadn't thought that Gilda could handle the housework while caring for twins.

Matilda didn't think that Lorraine deserved to wear the family jewels, and took an earring off of Roxy's ear. Roxy yelled that she hadn't done anything, as Macy handcuffed her. Moon, Jane, and Roxanne entered, and Brianna informed Roxanne that they were twins. "Totally cool," Roxanne said. "So are we!" Todd's Dash said. Roxanne didn't believe it, since the two men had different color eyes. "It happens," he replied, and the two men exited with their arms around each other.

"You!" Moon, Jane, and Roxanne yelled when they saw Lorraine. They accused her of having sex with their boyfriends. "Is one man not enough?" Durwood lamented. The Mazda brothers entered, out of breath, but happy to see Lorraine. "Uh-oh," they said, frowning, when they caught sight of their angry girlfriends. The girlfriends threatened Lorraine's life, but the brothers tried to defend Lorraine. There was mass hysteria in the room as Roxy screamed that she hadn't done anything.

"Durwood, don't let them kill me!" Roxy yelled as she woke up to see David. She wondered what had happened, so he reminded her that she'd passed out on the Fraternity Row set. She was happy to find that she was not Lorraine. David helped her up, and promised to get her home. Roxy found that she still had one of Lorraine's earrings on, and smiled. She and David walked off the set hand-in-hand.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In the hotel room bathroom, Rex washed his face. He looked up into the mirror, and saw Gigi. He turned around, but no one was there. His phone rang, and he answered it to Aubrey. He told Aubrey about the Pie-Off, and promised her that he and Shane would be back in Llanview in time for Christmas. He assured her that Shane was fine with her spending the holiday with them, and told her that he'd talk to her soon.

Neela was at the Sun when she answered her ringing phone to Shane. She told him that she was about to see Jack, and he made sure that she had the tape recorder. She admitted that she didn't feel right recording her conversation with Jack, but Shane assured her that she was doing a good thing. Rex exited the bathroom, and Shane quickly ended the call. Rex thought that Noelle would definitely win the Pie-Off, and looked forward to a great day.

In Todd's office, Todd instructed Jack on how to edit his article, and vowed to "make a newspaperman" out of Jack. Jack suggested that he wanted to be something other than a newspaperman, and reminded Todd that he'd threatened Jack to get him there. Todd was genuinely interested in getting to know Jack, and teaching him about the paper. Jack accused Todd of stealing everything from Victor. Todd wondered if Jack was always obnoxious, and then smiled and added, "Like father, like son." Jack yelled that Victor was his father, but Todd mentioned how he'd been protecting Jack from going to jail.

Outside the office, Neela pressed record on the tape recorder, and knocked on the door. She went into the office, and Jack was happy to see her. Todd grinned, and wondered if he was going to get an introduction. Jack introduced them, and Neela told Todd that her brother worked at the Sun. She wanted to have lunch with Jack, so Todd invented an errand. He had takeout menus, and told them to put lunch on his tab. "Oh, my God!" Todd mouthed on his way out the door, gesturing to Neela.

Neela observed that Todd seemed nice, but Jack disclosed that Todd was basically blackmailing Jack to work there. Todd thought that Jack working there would help Jack to accept Todd as his father. Changing the subject, Jack found the menus, and handed them to Neela. She chose an Indian restaurant, which Jack was willing to try.

A short while later, Neela was impressed that Jack had tried everything they'd ordered. He admitted that he'd liked it, thanks to her. They discussed plans for Christmas, leaning in closer. Finally, Jack kissed her. After a few seconds, Neela stopped him. He apologized, and admitted that he felt close to her. He confessed that he tended to put on an act in front of most people, but felt that he could be himself around her.

Jack continued that he felt the need to act like a "badass" in front of others, but it caused him to do stupid things. Neela related that she knew about how Jack had set the fire, and bullied Shane, but he had to try to forget about it. She promised that everything would be fine, and that she and Todd wouldn't say anything. He admitted that living with what he'd done had been difficult.

Jack continued that he'd tried to forget about it, but he hadn't been able to. He added that Neela probably wouldn't like him anymore if she knew the entire story. "In fact, you might hate me," he said. Neela wished she could do something to help. As the tape recorder kept recording, Jack told Neela that if he told her, he needed to know that he could trust her completely.

When Cutter exited the hotel room bathroom, he was puzzled to find the woman with Gigi's face staring off into space. He wondered if she were all right. She replied that she wasn't, especially after having a memory of her and Shane the day before. Cutter said that it was the reason they were leaving Paris. He peeked out the door, and saw that Rex and Shane were nowhere in sight. However, the woman wanted to go back to the Bon Jour one more time.

The woman would feel bad if they left without a word, and she needed to return her uniform. Cutter suggested that she let the maid return it. The woman told Cutter to go get a cheap flight, and she would meet him at the airport. There was a knock on the door, and Cutter opened it to the hotel clerk. As he talked to Cutter about there being a problem with the credit card, the woman ran out of the room. Cutter scrambled for cash, handed it to the clerk, and ran out after the woman.

Moe and Noelle were setting up at the Bon Jour with Viki standing by. Rex said that the Bon Jour made him feel closer to Gigi. That reminded Moe and Noelle that Viki had played matchmaker between Moe and Noelle, and had made them admit their feelings for one another. They urged her to take her own advice about Charlie. She appreciated the advice, but wanted everyone to concentrate on winning the Pie-Off for Gigi.

Shane and Rex entered, and were happy to get "Team Gigi" buttons that had pictures of Gigi on them. Noelle told them that the judge would probably arrive soon, and added that she had entire pies for Viki, Rex, and Shane to take home. Through the door, Rex saw an "official-looking car" pull up in the parking lot. Noelle was nervous, and credited Gigi if she won the contest.

The judge, Professor Delbert Phina, Jr., entered the diner, and Rex greeted him. He mentioned how familiar the judge looked, but Noelle walked over and shook the judge's hand. Noelle explained to him about her pie, which was "sweet and tart, like Gigi," and handed him a slice. The judge tasted it, and made notes in a notebook.

The woman with Gigi's face watched from outside the Bon Jour as Delbert finished the entire piece. She smiled as the judge announced Noelle as the winner, and handed her a blue ribbon. Noelle handed the ribbon to Shane, who admitted to feeling happy for the first time in a long time.

Cutter pulled the woman away from the window. She told Cutter that it felt good to see Rex and Shane happy. She left the uniform on a bench outside the restaurant, and wondered if the place would have held special meaning to her if she had stayed. Cutter put his arm around her, and the two walked away.

The judge was happy to meet everyone, but Rex still wondered where he knew the judge from. Delbert suggested that he looked like his father, and showed everyone his father's picture on the back of a book his father had written. He handed it to Rex, who thought he could read it on the plane ride home. Viki finally realized that the judge looked like Madame Delphina. Shane stared out the window, and Rex wondered if he was all right. Shane admitted to having a weird feeling, but he was ready to go home.

At the airport, Rex flipped through Delbert's father's book. Every page said "Don't give up" on it. He tried to justify what he saw by saying that it had been an emotional day. Viki entered with Moe and Noelle, and told Rex and Shane that one person would have to stay behind because there wasn't enough room on the plane. She volunteered, but Moe and Noelle yelled at her to get back to Clint.

Rex told Viki to go back to Llanview, and that he'd stay. He promised Shane that he'd be home as soon as possible. He wanted Viki to have a chance at happiness with Clint. Viki finally admitted that she wanted Clint back in her life, and agreed to go back. Noelle advised her not to get hung up on Kim, because she was out of the picture.

At the airport, Cutter told the woman that he would get a cheap flight for the two of them. He walked away, and the woman sat down. Delbert sat down next to her moments later. She admitted that he looked very familiar to her. He replied that he had "one of those faces." He wondered if she'd ever been mistaken for anyone else. "Don't ask," she advised.

Delbert wondered where the woman was headed. She didn't know, and admitted that she'd only been in Paris because she'd randomly pointed at it on a spinning globe. Delbert believed that nothing in the universe was random, and that everything happened for a reason. She'd thought the same thing, but had given up. He urged her not to give up, because that was his motto.

A short while later, Cutter excitedly returned with two plane tickets for Las Vegas. However, the woman was nowhere to be found.

Rex arrived at the Bon Jour, and found the waitress uniform outside. He picked it up and took it into the restaurant with him. He sat down at the counter, and flipped through the book, which still said "Don't give up" on every page. "Don't give up on what?" Rex wondered. The woman entered the Bon Jour, and stood in front of the door. Rex turned around, and was stunned to see the woman with Gigi's face.

Natalie told Clint that she and Jessica had talked. She was glad, because "no one can give me advice the way she does." She continued that Jessica had advised her to let go of her fears, be honest with John, and let him be honest with her. Clint, who was happy that his daughters were talking again, wondered if she'd talked to John since then. Natalie revealed that she'd called and texted him a couple times, but she hadn't yet heard back from him. She was on her way out in order to track him down, and talk to him in person.

A short while later, Clint opened the door to a facially bruised Kim. Clint wondered if she was all right. Kim advised him to "never mess with a girl from India." Kim remembered promising to give Clint time to decide between her and Viki, but she had gotten impatient. Clint replied that the decision wasn't an easy one. Kim understood having feelings for two people at once, but reminded Clint that he could only have one of the women. She wanted to remind him what they had, and kissed him. Just then, Viki stumbled into the room, stunned.

John entered Téa's hospital room, and wondered how she was feeling. She happily revealed that she and the baby were all right, and she had gotten her release papers. She wanted an update on the murder case, but John didn't want to cause her any more stress. He only revealed that they were trying to pinpoint the location of the video call, but otherwise, he didn't want to get her hopes up.

Téa told John to go be with Natalie and Liam. As she said that, John realized that he had a missed call from Natalie, who he said he'd call later. John explained that, one day, Natalie wanted to talk, but the next, she didn't want to hear anything from John. "Women have been known to change their minds," Téa reminded him. He told her that he needed to worry about his job, which was finding Tomas. As Téa said that she wanted to put Todd behind bars, Todd entered.

Todd said he was there because Dani had told him that Téa was in the hospital. He asked about her and the baby, but Téa only gave him short answers. "Like you give a damn about me or Victor's baby," she finally yelled at a stunned Todd. John stopped the conversation, citing that Téa was supposed to avoid stress. Todd offered his services if she needed anything, but Téa only snapped at him. John advised Todd to leave, because he wasn't helping anything.

John reminded Téa to do what was best for "the little one." She nodded, and apologized to Todd for lashing out at him. He was just glad that she and the baby were all right. "Believe it or not, I care about you both," Todd said, and left.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Téa said. John agreed that he felt sick as well. He warned Téa that Todd couldn't know that they were suspicious of him. She was glad that John had been there to keep her in line. She took his hand and thanked him for being a good friend as Natalie entered.

Natalie told John that she'd called the station, and they'd said that John was there. She made sure that Téa was all right, and John said that he was going to take her home. John didn't want to talk there, and said that it could wait until later. He wheeled Téa away from a disappointed Natalie.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rex was angry when the woman with Gigi's face walked into the Bon Jour Café. "Go to hell, Stacy Morasco! And this time don't come back," he shouted at her. The woman tried to speak, but Rex wouldn't allow her to. He raged about Stacy's insane plan, and he noted how Gigi had mourned her sister, even after all that Stacy had done to her.

Rex continued to rant, and he cut the woman off every time she opened her mouth. He wondered if she had really thought she could take Gigi's place, because he and Shane would have realized it, he told her.

"I'm not that woman. I'm not Stacy," the woman finally managed to say. Rex was amazed. The woman sounded like Gigi, and he admitted that he couldn't stand to look at her or listen to her. He berated her for the plan that she and Cutter had devised to kill Gigi, but unfortunately for them, Jack had beaten them to it.

The woman revealed that everyone thought she was Stacy, but she'd been in a coma and had remembered absolutely nothing. "You have to believe me," the woman pleaded. Rex coldly responded that he didn't believe anything she said, though she insisted that Cutter had been the one to make the plan to scam Rex.

The woman added that she had been doing her best to avoid seeing Rex, because she hadn't wanted to hurt him. Rex accused her of stalking him, but the woman stubbornly continued to try to explain that it wasn't true. The only reason she had landed in Paris was due to her randomly picking the spot on a globe. Rex was dubious.

The woman maintained that she had been working in the café well before Rex's arrival, and she had packed to leave the town once Rex had shown up. She had actually thought he had already gone himself, which was the reason she'd returned to the café, she stated. She fully understood that he hated her. She said goodbye and headed for the door.

"Wait," Rex called out. "I know you're not her, but your face, your voice. You're so much like Gigi," he said as he reached out to touch her face. He pulled his hand away quickly, as though he'd burned it. He explained that it hurt him to see her. The woman made it clear that the only reason she'd visited his home on Halloween was to see if she could remember something, but she hadn't.

Cutter bought airplane tickets for a new destination, but he was dismayed to find that the woman was not where he'd left her. Instead, he saw Delbert, and he rushed over to him, inquiring whether Delbert had seen the woman. Cutter pulled out his cell phone and showed Delbert a photo.

"Her heart and mind were in conflict," Delbert announced. Someone kept getting in the way, and the woman had gone off to seek the truth, he shared. He advised Cutter that he shouldn't try to stop the woman, and there would be dire consequences if he did. The woman had gone back to where she "feels at one with the universe," Delbert concluded. He wanted Cutter to "let her go," if he cared enough about her.

In the Paris café, the woman insisted that she wanted to go back to the way she'd been before, and she'd even visited the surgeon in Brazil for that reason. He had advised her that due to her coma, it was too dangerous for her to have additional surgery, the woman revealed. She wanted to understand one thing, though, she added. She could visualize being in the café before, and she wondered if Rex knew why.

"Nice try. Stacy was never in Paris, Texas," Rex retorted. "You're sure I've never been here?" the woman asked. Rex thought that maybe she had been stalking Gigi for years too. The woman insisted that everything seemed familiar to her, and even the waitress uniform had fit her perfectly. She had also recalled being in the motel with a younger, smaller Shane.

"This ends right now, okay?" Rex yelled. He grabbed her arms. He did not want to see her again, and he ordered her to stay away from Shane. Just then, Cutter arrived, and he shoved Rex hard. "Hey, get your hands off of her," Cutter yelled. He added that Rex had to stay away from the woman.

"Sure, no problem," Rex replied. Rex blamed Cutter for all that had been happening with the woman, and he grabbed Cutter. "Let him go," the woman ordered. She advised Cutter that Rex had only ordered her to stay away from Shane, and she had promised not to go near him. "You'll never see us again," she informed Rex. "He has no right to tell you what to do," Cutter informed her.

The woman assured Cutter that Rex did have a right to order her around. She'd tried to hurt Rex's family. "So just get the hell out of here before I change my mind and finish you off," Rex urged. Cutter recalled the advice that Delbert had given him at the airport. "Wait. There's something that I have to say, and you both need to hear it," Cutter proclaimed.

Shane returned home. He was anxious to hear from Neela, but he was momentarily distracted when he realized that someone was in the study. He opened the doors and found Aubrey in the process of decorating for Christmas. She explained that she had wanted to surprise Shane and Rex.

Shane revealed that Rex had volunteered to be bumped from their flight, and Shane had no idea when his father would return. He advised Aubrey that he would be spending the holiday at Viki's, and he suggested that she visit Llanfair as well. A disappointed Aubrey explained that it probably wasn't a good idea, and she would go to Rama's house instead. Shane was sorry that things hadn't worked out as Aubrey had planned.

Shane revealed that the special Gigi pie had won the first place prize, and he had the blue ribbon to prove it. In response to Aubrey's questioning, Shane admitted that he'd enjoyed returning to Paris, though it had felt weird. Sweet and sour like the pie, and happy and sad, he and Aubrey agreed.

Shane declared that he'd been able to say goodbye to his mother, and he was sure that Gigi would have approved of Aubrey's spending Christmas with Rex and Shane. He didn't think that Rex was ready to say goodbye yet, but Shane revealed that he had a plan to make it happen. There was someone willing to help him out, and he was waiting to hear from that person, Shane disclosed.

Aubrey teased Shane after learning it was a girl, but Shane assured her that Neela was just helping him. He knew that Jack was "totally into" Neela, and she had been pretending to like Jack in return in order to get the information to help Shane. The teen admitted that he was doing it all for Rex.

Aubrey thought that it might be lots of pressure on Shane's friend, and she was aware that Neela had a crush on Jack. Shane admitted that he thought Neela's crush had been over, and he was certain that she would have told him if she still liked Jack. Shane was counting on Neela. He couldn't allow his mother to die for no reason.

Aubrey suggested that they put the blue ribbon on the tree for Gigi. Shane was ready to unpack his things, and he assured Aubrey that Rex would like the decorations. Aubrey continued to unpack boxes after Shane had left the room. She pulled out the family Christmas stockings, including one for Gigi.

Jack wanted to trust Neela as they sat in Todd's office at the Sun. He really wanted what he was about to say to remain a secret between them. "You can trust me, Jack," Neela replied as the tape recorder continued to pick up their conversation as it sat hidden in her purse. Jack admitted that he desperately needed to confide in someone, but he didn't think it was fair. His confession would bother her as much as it bothered him, he declared.

Jack remarked that he continued to have nightmares over the fact that Shane's mother had died because of Jack. Neela asked for details. Jack replied that he should have left Shane alone, but the harassment had turned into a game. He told her about the trick that they'd played with the fake girl who had pretended to like Shane, and what had occurred the night that Gigi had entered the abandoned house. He hadn't meant for things to happen as they did, Jack insisted.

Jack further explained that his father had paid off Brad's father, but everything had been Jack's idea, and Jack had been the one to carry the plans out. Jack whined that he was still living his life while Brad had been locked up, and Jack's father was dead. He thought that it was probably karma. He was guilty, and he continued to feel guilty, Jack added. He was certain that was the reason for his father's death.

Much of it had been an accident, Neela assured Jack. He was convinced otherwise, and he admitted that he'd seen Gigi's ghost at the cemetery. He was sorry that all of it had happened, and he would have told her if he'd been able to. Neela hugged him and again insisted it had been an accident. She advised him that he'd have to live with it, but Jack maintained that it wasn't possible. He didn't have his dad to talk to, and he was aware of how Shane felt after the loss of a parent.

"I'm a terrible person, Neela," Jack uttered. "No, you're not," Neela replied as she hugged him. Jack mentioned how much he appreciated Neela listening to him, and they both admitted that they trusted each other with their lives. Neela remembered how Jack had helped her after she'd run away. The teens cleaned up their lunch, and Jack left to wash up. Neela removed the tape from the recorder. Her phone began to ring. It was Shane.

Viki returned from Paris and walked into her house. The first thing she saw was Clint and Kim kissing passionately. She quickly closed the study door. Just then, David burst into the house, noting that some "crazy soap fans" had hijacked his interview. Viki seemed preoccupied, and he asked her what was wrong. She began to cry, and she asked David to get her out of the house.

"So, what do you say cowboy? Do we belong together?" Kim asked Clint when they'd finally separated. Kim wondered whether Clint was ready to choose her or the "prison warden." While the kiss had been wonderful, Clint announced that he'd decided that he wanted to spend his life with Viki. Kim was stunned, and she thought his decision had been based on his spending time with Viki due to his house arrest.

Clint insisted that he wanted to be with Viki. "No, you don't," Kim assured him firmly. She thought that Viki and the family had been getting to Clint, and he was comfortable being back in the same old surroundings. "She's the past; I'm your future," Kim proclaimed. Clint denied that was true, and he stated that he was in love with Viki. He comforted Kim, and stated that he was sorry.

"Oh, you will be," Kim assured him. He would miss her, she added. Clint agreed. He offered his support in the future should she ever need it. She decided that she had to locate Cutter and Stacy. Clint thought it would be better if Kim didn't waste her time, but Kim explained that she'd been sent to prison thanks to Cutter, and she wanted to save Stacy from Cutter's clutches. Clint assured Kim that she was a good person.

"What if Viki doesn't take you back?" Kim asked. Clint thought he would take the chance. "Will you be okay?" he asked. "Aren't I always?" Kim asked. She kissed Clint on the cheek and walked out of Llanfair. Clint put a gift for Viki under the tree. The card read, " To Viki. All my Love, Clint."

Viki and David found themselves sitting in Angel Square. Viki recalled how everyone in Paris had advised her to give Clint a chance, but she had seen him kissing Kim. She was enraged, and she advised David that she would not allow Clint to sleep with his girlfriend in her house. David assured Viki that she'd dodged a bullet.

David added that Clint was a monster, and he reminded her of all that Clint had done. Viki felt that Clint had been punished enough, but David retorted that Clint had hardly been punished at all. He also felt that Clint had to change, and he thought it had been a gift that Viki had seen Clint kissing Kim. He suggested that the letter that Clint had read purported to be from Kim, had really been a trick.

Clint had probably planned it in order to avoid being kicked out of Llanfair, David maintained. Clint had used Viki, he added. Viki admitted that she hadn't actually seen the letter, and David proposed that it might even have been blank. He thought that Viki was lucky to be rid of Clint. Viki began to cry again.

David had no qualms about voicing his hate for Clint, and he added that he hated him even more for hurting Viki. He couldn't understand how Viki could love Clint. As she continued to sob, David tried to comfort her. He reminded Viki that she could have had David instead, and he removed his coat and shirt to show her his chipmunk tattoo.

Viki played along, and David noted that Clint was doomed if he couldn't see how beautiful Viki was. He assured Viki that they would find someone a lot better than Clint. Viki gave David another hug, and she thanked him for his encouragement.

David wondered if Viki would like a framed photo of him from his film. He had given one to Dorian as well. Viki declined, citing the fact that she and Dorian should probably not both receive the same gifts. David wondered if Viki would be okay. She promised she would be. He advised her not to listen to Clint's lies, and she promised that too. "Merry Christmas," she muttered to no one after David had departed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cutter told Rex and the woman with Gigi's face that he had something to say that both of them needed to hear. Rex figured that Cutter would just be telling more lies, but Cutter promised to be done lying. "The truth is, you're not Stacy," he told the woman. He explained that the plastic surgeon hadn't wanted to operate on the woman because she hadn't had any scars, which meant that she'd never had plastic surgery before. "The woman standing right here is Gigi Morasco," Cutter concluded.

Rex accused Cutter of trying to "cash in," but Cutter swore that it was the truth. The woman wondered why he was saying that. "Because I care about you, Gigi," he said, which drew a punch in the face from Rex. Rex wanted to have Cutter arrested, but the woman, who was helping Cutter, didn't think Cutter deserved it. Rex revealed that Cutter had committed a murder, and had framed Kim for it.

A short while later, two cops assured their superior that they had Cutter, who was wanted in Kentucky, in custody. The woman rebuked Cutter for leaving out that he'd committed murder. She remembered him telling her that he cared about her, and wondered if that had also been a lie. As the cops pulled Cutter out of the Bon Jour, Cutter swore on his life that he cared for her. Rex shot back that it wasn't worth much. The woman vowed that she hadn't known about Cutter's crime.

Rex wondered why he was still in Paris, because he had "someone in Llanview who cares about me." He told the woman that he could have turned her in to the cops as well for her plan to steal Gigi's life. She swore that she couldn't remember her plan, but she was sure that she wouldn't have wanted to hurt anyone. She said that she would give anything to see what had really happened the night Gigi had died. "Well, perhaps you can!" stated Delbert, who'd just entered the Bon Jour.

Delbert had returned to the diner to look for his glasses, which Rex found on the top of Delbert's head. He wondered if the woman had found what she'd been looking for, but she revealed that she was only more confused. He reminded her to never give up. Rex told the professor that the motto was the only thing written in the book he'd received, but he flipped through the book to find that it was just a normal book.

Delbert praised the book, and said that his father had been an expert on time travel. He wondered when in time the woman would want to go back to. Skeptical, Rex said he had a flight to catch. Delbert related that nothing was going to be flying that night except for Santa. He continued that his father had told him a story about a couple in 1968 that belonged in the future. His father had discovered a door in the space-time continuum that only opened for a brief time every twenty years.

The woman needed to know what had happened the night her sister had died, but it had happened earlier in the year. Delbert couldn't send Rex and the woman back, but he could give them answers. He pulled a device out of one of his pockets that looked like a remote control, but called it a navigator. Rex accused Delbert of being a con artist like Cutter, but Delbert reminded them that he hadn't asked for anything in return. He was a scientist, so he wanted to do it for the sake of research, and he wanted to help the woman out.

Delbert didn't believe in random events, and added that all three of them had been at the diner for a reason, which he cited as fate. Delbert needed to know the date, and place that Gigi had died. Rex gave the man the information, and Delbert began pushing buttons on the navigator. He needed some kind of screen so they could see the past events.

The woman went behind the counter and picked up an old television set. She set it down on a table and plugged it in, and Delbert plugged the navigator into it. "Shall we?" Delbert said, as static filled the screen. Rex was skeptical, but the woman urged him to give Delbert a chance.

Suddenly, a scene began to play out on the television screen. It was Roxy and Gigi in the carriage house before the wedding. Gigi was telling Roxy that she had a quick errand to run, but she'd be at the courthouse. Roxy left, and Gigi left minutes later. The woman thought they needed to follow Gigi into the basement of the house in which she'd died. Delbert didn't know why the scene hadn't yet shifted. However, it became clear when Stacy appeared on the screen outside the carriage house shortly after Gigi left.

At Téa's, John reminded her not to stress. She wondered how, considering she knew that Todd had killed Victor, and she couldn't even tell Dani about it. "Tell me what?" Dani said as she entered the room. John covered that Téa had been talking about Christmas gifts. Dani related that she'd been out Christmas shopping the entire afternoon, and had gotten Téa and Todd nice gifts. "Why would you get something for him?" Téa questioned sharply.

Confused, Dani explained that Todd had gotten both her and Téa gifts. Téa said that he shouldn't have, but Dani replied that it had been nice of him. Dani added that Todd was her father. Suddenly, Téa snapped that biology didn't matter, and that Victor was Dani's father. She continued that Victor had loved her.

Dani replied that she'd loved Victor as well, and she didn't want to feel disloyal to him for trying with Todd. She continued that Todd was trying, so she wanted to try as well. She wondered if there was something wrong with that, but John jumped in, and assured her that there wasn't. He explained that Téa had just been sensitive because of the baby. The doorbell rang, and Dani left the room to answer it.

Dani opened the front door to Nate, who had a Christmas gift for Dani. Moments later, she was happy to open the box and find the watch she'd wanted. She handed him a gift, and he was happy to open it and find a book that his acting teacher had told him about. She believed in his acting abilities, and he appreciated it. He promised to make everything up to her, and kissed her. She hugged him, and he told her how much he'd missed her. She admitted that she'd missed him too.

"Don't say it," Téa warned John. She knew she'd been close to revealing what Todd had done. John thought that the best way to protect Tomas would be for Téa to hide her feelings about Todd. John promised to keep Téa updated about the case, but didn't want to talk about Todd with her anymore. He also advised her to keep her distance from Todd. She promised to try to keep her cool.

Dani returned to the room with a huge bouquet of flowers. She read the card aloud, which hoped for Téa's speedy recovery, and a "Feliz Navidad," from Todd. Dani handed the bouquet to her mother, and left to finish wrapping gifts. Téa thought that Todd had nerve to send the flowers, and heaved them across the room.

Outside of Todd's office, Jack took a deep breath. Todd walked up, and wondered what was bothering Jack. Jack thought back to telling Neela about how Gigi had died. Jack claimed that he had just needed to wash his face. Todd, thinking that Jack had had lipstick on his face, smiled and slapped Jack's back, clearly proud.

Shane called Neela, who was still in Todd's office, and asked if she had gotten any information from Jack. She couldn't talk, so Shane asked to meet her in Angel Square. She hung up the phone, and left the office. She found Jack and Todd in the hall, and thanked Jack for lunch. She wished Todd a merry Christmas. "Bah humbug," he said, smiling, as he went back into his office.

Jack wondered if Neela was leaving because of what he'd told her. She promised that wasn't the reason, but her brother was expecting her home. Jack reminded her that he'd trusted her, and was glad that he could talk to her. He leaned in for a kiss, but she left.

Jack went into Todd's office, and found Todd eating Jack's leftovers from lunch. Todd still wanted to know what was bothering Jack. He replied that he had Neela to talk to, so he didn't need Todd. However, Jack did admit that he accepted that Todd hadn't killed Victor. Todd handed Jack some money, and told him to "buy your girlfriend something pretty."

Jack had to go home, but first asked Todd what his Christmas Eve plans were. Todd admitted that it had never been a big holiday for him, and joked that he hadn't even bothered celebrating it for the last eight years. Jack invited Todd over, which surprised Todd. Jack related that Todd would've forced Jack to invite him over eventually. However, Todd thought it was nice to hear Jack initiate it. He accepted the invitation, and smiled. Jack smiled back, and left.

Aubrey offered for Shane to put the star on the tree, but he told her that he had to go meet Neela. He hoped Neela had gotten Jack to confess to Gigi's murder. Aubrey warned him that, if Neela liked Jack, she might keep his secret.

A short while later, Aubrey primped, and happily answered the door. She was visibly disappointed to find Rama at the door. Aubrey worried that, since Rex was still in Texas, he was having second thoughts about spending Christmas with her. Rama reassured Aubrey, and said she had to go, because Vimal and Neela were waiting for her. Aubrey informed Rama that Neela was with Shane, who was a friend from school.

Rama knew that Neela and Shane could only be friends, because Neela was in love with Jack. Aubrey advised Rama to watch out for Neela if that was the case. She warned Rama that Jack could be a bad influence on Neela. Rama assured Aubrey that Vimal had Neela on a "tight leash." "Just like he did with you?" Aubrey wondered, reminding Rama of "Llanview's Best Arms." Rama informed Aubrey that she'd received a card from Cristian, who had met someone new.

Aubrey wondered if it would be weird to hang Gigi's stocking up. Rama thought hanging up stockings was a "silly tradition" anyway. Rama offered for Aubrey to spend Christmas with her, Vimal, and Neela. Aubrey accepted, but first wanted to make sure that Shane got to Viki's all right. Rama assured Aubrey that 2012 would be way better than 2011, and left.

A short while later, Aubrey was hanging up the stockings, and hung Gigi's up as well. The phone rang, and Aubrey answered it by saying, "Rex?" Instead, it was Cutter, begging for Aubrey's help.

In Angel Square, Shane wondered if Neela had gotten any information out of Jack. Neela lied that Jack had only admitted to bullying Shane to the point of a suicide attempt. Shane was disappointed because he had hoped to give Rex some good news once Rex returned from Texas. Shane blamed his mother's death on himself, because he had been the one who'd been invited to the basement.

Shane had only wanted to help Rex find peace. Neela assured Shane that nothing was his fault, and that Gigi probably wouldn't have wanted Shane to feel that way. Neela admitted that she'd lied, and Shane wondered what she'd lied about. "This," she said, handing him the tape recorder.

Friday, December 23, 2011

At the Manning estate, Téa asked John if he wanted to spend the holiday with Natalie, as she tried to kick him out of her house. Téa believed that Natalie had really wanted to speak to John at the hospital, but John insisted that he was not avoiding Natalie. John claimed that he had a job to do, and that was to find Victor's killer.

John comforted Téa and said that he would find Tomas, so that Tomas could return home. John then added that Téa needed to follow up with her doctor and asked her not to put off making her appointment. Téa told John not to squander his opportunity and not to miss the chance to talk with Natalie. Téa demanded that John not put that off, as she threw him out of her house.

Outside of La Boulaie, Todd carried presents up to the door and informed Jack that he would have shown up at the house with presents, no matter what. Jack joked that he had not bought Todd anything, but Todd felt that Jack might even like him a little. Todd believed that Jack's new attitude had to do with his new girlfriend.

Inside the house, Blair told Sam that he had to be asleep in bed before Santa would arrive. Starr walked into the room and indicated that Hope was already in bed, asleep. Starr then saw Blair's frown and asked Blair to stop thinking about Tomas. Starr speculated that Blair was possibly not supposed to end up with Tomas after all.

Once Todd and Jack entered the house, Todd exclaimed to Blair that Jack had invited him, but Jack explained that he had felt sorry for Todd, because it was Christmas. Todd stated that if Blair wanted him to leave, he would, however, Starr insisted that Todd stay. Todd mentioned that Dani was with Téa, who had just been in the emergency room. Todd quickly added that everyone was fine, when Sam walked back into the room.

When Sam asked where Santa was, Todd mentioned that Santa was running a little late with his deliveries. Sam exclaimed that he had seen Santa "come down the chimney" the previous year, and Blair noted that Sam would be expecting a repeat performance. Starr saw Jack calling someone in the hall and teased that Jack had a new girlfriend, and that she was the girl who had been in the cabana.

Back at the Manning estate, Dani and Téa looked through a photo album, and Téa declared that there was something that Dani needed to know about Todd. When Téa warned Dani not to get too close to Todd, because he had a habit of hurting the ones who loved him the most, Dani insisted that Todd would not hurt her. Dani explained that Starr had told her that Todd would rather die than see any of his kids suffer.

Blair, Starr, Jack, and Sam arrived at the Manning estate and began caroling. Once they were finished singing, Jack and Téa toasted Victor inside the house, and Blair toasted the baby. When Sam requested that they return home, so he could see if Santa had arrived, Jack told Sam that Santa was real, and that he would show up. Dani handed Starr a gift to give to Todd, once Starr returned home.

Later, Dani ran in with presents that she had found in the attic, while she had been searching for the stockings. Dani exclaimed that the gifts were from Victor, who had also left a note. "Téa...If you're reading this, it means you kicked me out of the house, because I'm not the man you thought I was. I'm not Todd Manning. But wherever I am this Christmas, I wanted you and Dani to know I'll never stop loving you both. Feliz Navidad. Victor." Dani and Téa hugged.

In the town square, Neela handed Shane the tape recorder and admitted that she had left out some of what Jack had told her. Neela revealed that Jack had confessed, and she expressed that she felt guilty that she had told Shane. Shane played the tape and listened to Jack's confession, where he had claimed that he and Brad had not known that it was Gigi.

Jack admitted that he had pushed her into the basement and had then locked the door. Jack stressed that he had not known that there was a generator in the basement, but he also admitted that Gigi had died because of him. Shane cried once he realized that he had proof that Jack had killed Shane's mother. When Shane stated that he wanted to call the police, Neela pointed out that Jack had not known that the generator was broken.

At Llanfair, as Viki and Natalie walked down the staircase, Viki yelled that she had witnessed Clint and Kim kissing, but that she had left before they knew she was there. Viki hollered that she knew the day that she had left for Texas that Clint would pick Kim over her. Viki realized that she should not have gotten her hopes up, even though she had believed Clint had been sincere when he had stated that he wanted Viki back.

Natalie said that whenever she had tried to talk to Clint about Viki, he would turn it around and try to talk about Natalie and John. When Natalie wondered how Clint could see Kim when he was under house arrest, Viki blared that if Clint thought he could carry on with his little girlfriend in her home, he was deeply deluded. After Viki wondered if she should tell Clint what she had seen, Natalie agreed that Viki should tell him just to make him sweat.

In the living room, Clint informed Jessica that he was surprised that Kim had wanted him back, but that he only wanted Viki back. Clint regretted that Viki would not even look at him since her return from Texas. When Jessica wondered why Viki was mad, Clint mentioned that he had kissed Viki and then had told her of Kim's Dear John letter. After Clint related that Viki had believed that she was second choice, Jessica demanded that Clint tell Viki that he had gotten rid of Kim. Jessica insisted that she and Clint needed to fix it.

Clint commented that he would be unable to fix it, because Viki was as stubborn as the day was long, as Viki entered the room. Viki asked Jessica if Ford would be at dinner, and Jessica replied that Bobby was spending time with his family. Jessica then asked if Viki would like to wish a merry Christmas to someone else in the room, as Jessica pointed to Clint. Viki responded, "Oh, I don't know. How merry can it be, when he's stuck here?" Clint responded that he was right where he wanted to be -- with his family and with Viki.

Viki told Clint not to pretend that there was no one else that he wished would be arriving for his perfect Christmas. After Clint mentioned Bo and Nora, Viki then screamed that Clint had lied, and that she had seen Clint and Kim kissing. The doorbell rang, and Jessica left with an excuse to check on Bree. Natalie answered the door to John, who delivered gifts to her for Liam. After Natalie invited John in, she admitted that she had not been fair to him, because she had been upset.

Natalie explained that she had been upset due to something that Roxy had told her, when John's cell phone rang. John received a call from Shane, who asked John to travel to Angel Square for police business. Once John got off the phone, he informed Natalie that he needed to check out something for her nephew. Natalie wished John a merry Christmas, and John returned the greeting. John asked Natalie to give Liam the message that John would return to see Liam the next day after work, and then John left.

Back in the living room, Viki explained that she had returned home and had found Clint otherwise engaged, therefore, so much for Kim's Dear John letter. When Clint revealed that Kim had not written the Dear John letter, Viki noted that she obviously had not, since the letter had not been written in crayon. Viki growled that Clint had been cavorting with a girl one-half Viki's age with one-third of Viki's intellect. Clint demanded that Viki shut up.

Clint revealed that Kim had returned and had declared that she wanted Clint back. Clint explained that Kim had demanded that Clint choose between Kim and Viki, and that Kim had then kissed Clint. He exclaimed that he had told Kim to leave -- "goodbye, hasta la vista, sayonara, goodbye." Kimberly Andrews had then left Llanfair. Clint stressed that he did not want Kim, that he wanted Viki. Clint pointed out that Kim was gone, and that it would only be Viki and Clint, if Viki wanted it. Viki then admitted that she had run away because she had feared getting hurt again.

Viki explained that the people in Paris, Texas, had told her to return home, so that she could face her feelings and disclose them to Clint. Viki said that she had then found Clint and Kim kissing in her home. Clint asked Viki if it would be possible for Viki to get past it, and for her to be able to open up her heart to him again. A short while later, Jessica and Natalie burst into the room and found Viki and Clint kissing. Viki asked, "Did we happen to mention that it's going to be a very merry Christmas indeed?" Natalie and Jessica hugged Viki and Clint.

Back in the town square, Neela tried to leave before the police arrived, but Shane asked her to stay, so she could prove that the tape was real. After John arrived, Shane indicated that Jack's confession was on the tape. Neela announced to John that she had hidden the tape recorder in her purse, and that Jack had told her everything that he had done the night of Gigi's death. When John realized that Jack had not known about the hidden tape recorder, John remarked that he would keep it quiet.

After John left, Shane thanked Neela, who felt that she should leave. Neela cried in the town square, as the townspeople celebrated Christmas. Shane called his dad and left a message that requested that Rex call him back about the most amazing thing that had ever happened. As the star was placed on the Christmas tree in the town square and was then lit up, Shane softly stated, "You can rest now, Mom. Rest in peace."

When Blair, Starr, Jack, and Sam returned to La Boulaie, Sam ran into the house and found Todd dressed as Santa placing presents under the tree. Later, Todd walked down the stairs and wished Sam a merry Christmas. Todd explained that he had just put Hope to bed, and Sam announced that Todd had missed Santa, who had been at the house. Todd declared that Sam had been right, and Blair mouthed the words, "Thank you," to Todd. Starr handed Todd his gift from Dani, as the doorbell rang. Jack called Neela and thanked her for letting him confide in her, as John walked in and arrested Jack for the murder of Gigi Morasco.

At the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, Gigi and Rex watched on the television screen, as Stacy had followed Gigi on the night of Gigi's death. Stacy had insisted that she would be Rex's bride, not Gigi. Professor Delbert Fina Jr. claimed that Rex and Gigi would see what had happened the night that Rex was supposed to marry Gigi. As Rex and Gigi continued to watch the screen, they saw Gigi get trapped in the basement. Gigi had pleaded for her life, so that she could marry the man she loved, before she had passed out on the floor. Rex sadly stated, "That's the way I found that."

Stacy had walked into the basement and had found an unconscious Gigi. Stacy had then noticed the generator that had leaked carbon monoxide. In the café, Gigi cried out that she had killed her sister to take her place, while Rex told "Stacy" to save the tears. On the screen, after Gigi had regained consciousness, Stacy had announced to her that she was Stacy, and that she had looked just like Gigi to fool Rex. Gigi had feared that Rex did not know where she was, and Stacy had pointed out that Rex would see Stacy and think that she was Gigi.

When Stacy had cried out in joy that Rex would be marrying her, she also had cheered that the brats had done her work for her. Stacy then had demanded to have Gigi's wedding dress, but Gigi had refused to give it to her. In the café, Gigi turned away from the television screen and sobbed that she could not watch it, but Rex insisted that she watch. After Stacy had traded dresses with Gigi, Stacy had turned away from her, and Gigi had hit her from behind. Gigi had declared that Stacy would never marry Rex, as Stacy had tumbled to the floor. Gigi then had stumbled out of the basement.

In the café, Gigi looked around for the professor, who had vanished. Rex realized that "Stacy" was really Gigi, as he touched her face. Rex then understood that the person he had found unconscious in the basement had been Stacy, not Gigi. Rex hugged Gigi, who was stunned. Rex told Gigi about the heart that he had given Clint, and Rex knew that the heart had belonged to Stacy. As Rex looked at Gigi, he declared that she was his Gigi, and that he loved her very much.

Gigi wished that she could feel the same way, but she could not remember anything. Rex exclaimed that he would help Gigi remember and kissed her. Gigi was overwhelmed by a flood of her memories, as they kissed, and she cried out that she remembered Rex, Shane...everything. Gigi cheered, "We have our life back. I love you so much." Rex responded, "I love you too." Gigi expressed, "Merry Christmas, Balson," and Rex replied, "Merry Christmas, Morasco." Rex and Gigi smiled at each other and kissed again.

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