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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 26, 2011 on B&B
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Monday, December 26, 2011

In her office, Steffy gave Thomas a big hug and claimed he wouldn't see her for a while. He said she wouldn't see him, either, and Steffy wondered if Hope had agreed to go away with him. He was sure that Hope would eventually accept. Steffy decided she'd keep her destination a secret so that Hope wouldn't show up like before. Madison entered to say that Liam was in the building -- talking to Hope.

In the hall with Hope, Liam joked about the big security guard at the company's entrance. They then discussed the "turkey-tastrophe," and Hope was glad she hadn't had to make another toast at the holiday dinner. He told her that he was sorry about Thanksgiving's toast, but she claimed it was okay, because the New Year meant a fresh start for everyone. Liam asked if she wanted that with Thomas.

Liam guessed he had no right to ask her about Thomas, and she agreed that he didn't. As Liam stammered more, Steffy popped up behind him and roped him into a kiss. She announced that she had their passports, and she was ready to go. With a lassoing kiss, Steffy dragged him away.

Thomas approached and took Hope into his office to show her live footage of the Forrester jet, which was on standby for them. Thomas launched into a persuasive speech about his trip, but Hope interrupted to say she'd go away with him. He reminded her that they had adjoining rooms, so there was no pressure. Hope told Thomas that she'd get her purse and meet him at the elevator.

In Ridge's office, Taylor entered and chuckled upon seeing Brooke sitting with her shopping bags, massaging her feet. Brooke said there was nothing like after-Christmas sales, and the bag-laden Taylor agreed -- except for the contact sports involved. Taylor gave Brooke a charred turkey self-help book, but then peeled the picture off to reveal a real cookbook underneath. Taylor kept the real book and left Brooke holding the photo of the charred turkey.

Brooke said Ridge was probably in a meeting, and Taylor assumed it had to be about the stolen designs. Taylor remarked that it was all Thomas thought about -- when he wasn't thinking of Hope. Taylor hoped that Brooke was enthused by Thomas' effect on Hope, because Hope was ready to move on with her life -- if Brooke would just let her. Taylor urged Brooke to give Thomas a chance, because things just might work out. Brooke figured that would be all the better for Steffy.

Just then, Hope called Brooke to announce that Hope and Thomas were flying aboard the Forrester jet. Brooke asked if they had a last-minute business trip, and Hope replied, "Sort of." Hope promised to call again once they were at the resort, and she hurriedly clicked off the line.

Brooke recapped the call for a curious Taylor and assumed that Taylor was obviously pleased by the news. Smirking, Taylor guessed that Brooke "obviously" wasn't. Brooke claimed she just wanted their children to find happiness. "Just not together," Taylor concluded. Brooke emphasized that Hope was still in love with Liam. "Well, so what? I'm still in love with Ridge and always will be, but that doesn't mean the end of the world has just happened!" Taylor exclaimed.

Taylor claimed that circumstances sometimes changed, but Brooke asserted that circumstances could be changed for a person by someone who wanted what that person had. Taylor proffered that things might not have worked out for Hope and Liam -- even without Steffy. Brooke countered that it had been their call, not Steffy's. Taylor hoped the trip would help Hope discover life after Liam. Brooke seemed skeptical, but Taylor said that if anyone could help Hope through things, it was Thomas.

Later, Steffy and Liam were in flight on the Spencer jet. Steffy offered Liam some of Eric's holiday eggnog. Liam declined, saying Stephanie had told him it could eat through lead. Steffy sighed and grinned, stating that she looked forward to being in Mexico, away from everyone.

On separate jets, Liam and Hope soared through the sky. Each had a faraway look in their eyes as they thought of the other. On Liam's jet, Steffy dangled a bikini in front of him to get his attention. He beamed that it'd be "a hell of a trip," but as she hugged him, his expression flattened.

Liam and Steffy landed and rented a Jeep to drive to the resort. Steffy read a tourist guidebook to him along the way, and when they pulled up to the "Esperanza" resort, an attendant greeted them with complimentary margaritas. Liam and Steffy took alcoholic drinks and almost choked on them when the attendant explained that "Esperanza" meant "hope."

Later that afternoon, Hope and Thomas pulled up in a white Jeep and were offered complimentary margaritas. Hope took one without liquor. Thomas followed her lead, but when she wasn't looking, he chugged down a liquored one. Hope wandered to an outdoor overlook and gazed at the ocean. She was unaware that the newly wedded Spencers were standing below her.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

by Pam

In Cabo San Lucas, Steffy and Liam admired the beauty of the waterfront resort. Inside the lobby, Hope stood on a balcony overlooking the resort, but she had no idea that Liam and Steffy were in the crowd. Thomas called across the room to Hope, and they spoke to Claudia, a representative of the resort who offered to upgrade their room to an oceanfront suite, but Hope nixed the idea.

Thomas and Hope discussed what to do for the day, and Hope said she might want to take a yoga class. Thomas looked surprised. Hope said that she realized it might not be fun for Thomas, but he said he wanted to do anything that she wanted to do. Thomas went to his room to change, and when he returned, they talked about taking a swim.

On a balcony at the resort, Liam and Steffy discussed how Christmas had been fun, but Steffy said that she just wanted to be alone with her husband. While they laughed about Bill delivering a turkey in the nick of time for Christmas dinner, Steffy spotted Thomas and Hope at the pool. Steffy panicked when she realized that Liam might see them. Steffy spilled her drink on Liam to distract him. Then, she sent him back to the room to change.

In the hotel room, Liam changed and heard his email messages accumulating on his computer. He checked and noticed that one was about Hope for the Future. He opened the message and saw new publicity shots of Hope. He flashed back to times kissing Hope.

By the pool, Hope left to change into her swimsuit while Thomas waited. Suddenly, Steffy surprised Thomas. They went off to a private spot to talk and argued about who had to leave the resort. Steffy said that she would persuade Liam to leave, but she encouraged Thomas to romance Hope. By the pool, Hope returned to her lounge chair, where she and Thomas had been sitting, and Liam walked down the stairs just out of sight of Hope.

At home, Amber applied makeup and flashed back to when she and Rick had been married and planning a future together. Amber called Forrester Creations and pretended to be Hope. She reserved a gate pass for Ambrosia Moore to see Rick. Larry, the security guard, believed that Amber was Hope, and he recalled that Ambrosia was Rick's ex-wife. Amber plotted to rekindle a romance with Rick.

At Forrester, Rick asked Madison where Hope had gone. Madison told Rick that Hope and Thomas had gone out of town. Rick thanked her and said he wanted to be included in the next security meeting because he didn't want to miss it when everyone found out who had stolen the designs. Beverly knocked on the door and agreed that she also wanted to know who had stolen the designs.

Beverly had some documents for Rick to sign, but he asked her to wait a minute while he tracked down Hope. Rick discovered that Thomas and Hope had gone to Cabo San Lucas. Beverly said that he seemed upset, and Rick explained that Thomas was the wrong guy for his sister.

Rick and Beverly discussed Beverly's past, and Rick said that he admired her. Amber eavesdropped on how Rick thought Beverly was a remarkable woman. Rick had to leave, and Amber stepped in and warned Beverly that she was Rick's ex-wife. Beverly noted that Rick was single, but Amber told Beverly that her sad story wasn't going to move Amber because Amber had worked her way into the family with a similar scenario. Beverly claimed that Amber didn't scare her, but Amber promised that she would.

Amber warns Beverly to keep her hands off Rick

Amber warns Beverly to keep her hands off Rick

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

by Pam

By the pool in Cabo San Lucas, Hope's phone rang, and she answered it, which meant she never noticed that Liam had passed by. Rick called and chastised her for heading to Cabo with Thomas. Rick said that he was certain trouble was brewing in Liam and Steffy's marriage. Rick told her to enjoy her time in Mexico but not to get caught up in Thomas.

At Forrester, Amber warned Beverly to keep her hands off Rick. Beverly thought that Amber was making an attempt at humor, but Amber warned that she was very serious. Beverly did not seem the least bit threatened. Rick entered and was happy to see Amber, who tried to get rid of Beverly, but Beverly had no intention of leaving them alone.

Rick told Beverly that Amber was a talented designer. He added that Beverly had the drive to be a successful designer. Amber was unhappy that she couldn't be alone with Rick, but Rick warmly hugged Amber and suggested she mentor Beverly.

Amber complied and said that she would do anything that Rick needed. Amber asked how long the internship was going to last, hinting that it was only a few more weeks, but Beverly said she planned to stay as long as they needed her. Amber added that Marcus had Rosie most of the weekend -- they should do that thing they'd been talking about. Amber kissed Rick and left. Beverly blurted, "You were married to that?" Rick mused that he hadn't exactly chosen Amber -- she had been his babysitter.

Beverly gasped, and Rick smiled. Beverly said that she had hit a nerve with Rick and figured he'd had some painful times. He admitted that Amber could be the most fun person on the planet. Beverly guessed that maybe he would tell her about it someday. Rick told Beverly that he didn't usually discuss Amber or his past with anyone, but he was glad he had decided to share with her. Beverly agreed.

In Cabo, Steffy tried to make sure that Liam didn't see Hope and Thomas. Steffy was wearing a hat and dark glasses. Liam wondered why she was so mysterious, but she said she didn't want to get wrinkles.

Steffy spotted Thomas and Hope and pretended she had lost her ring on the ground. He placed it back on her finger. She said it reminded her of getting married all over again. Nearby, Thomas tried to convince Hope that they could rent an ATV. He held a towel over Hope's head to watch a video so that she didn't notice Steffy and Liam.

Steffy and Liam sat down on lounge chairs, and Steffy complained that she couldn't get them spa appointments. She wanted to go somewhere else, but Liam refused because he had just started to relax. Steffy started to complain and wanted to try another resort. Liam thanked Steffy for taking him to the resort.

Liam wanted to eat, so she said she'd change in the room and meet him at the restaurant. Liam found a table and picked up a magazine that had an old advertisement of him and Hope in it. He reminisced about kissing Hope and then ordered because Steffy had taken so long to return.

Steffy contacted Thomas to tell him that Liam had refused to leave. Thomas said he wasn't confident that he and Hope were getting any closer. Steffy tried to persuade Thomas that he could romance Hope. Thomas warned that he would not manipulate Hope or trap her in any way. Steffy said that she needed to organize a few things, and she would have him engaged to Hope before he headed back to Los Angeles.

Thomas wondered why Steffy was still so insecure in her marriage. Steffy said there was still a connection between Liam and Hope that had to be shut down. To keep Liam away from Hope, they agreed to stay on opposite sides of the resort. Steffy pressured Thomas to get romantic with Hope. Liam sent a text message to Steffy, and she told Thomas that she had to hurry to get back to Liam.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Cabo San Lucas, Liam awaited Steffy at the outdoor restaurant. He told his server that he and his girlfriend had planned to vacation there together once, but it hadn't worked out. Bill called and asked if Liam and Steffy were having a great time. Liam said he didn't know where she was. After the call, Liam's appetizers arrived, and he resumed staring at the picture of Hope on his tablet.

In Los Angeles, Bill called Steffy to find out why she kept disappearing on her husband in Cabo. Steffy explained that Thomas and Hope had coincidentally shown up, and Steffy and Thomas were keeping Hope and Liam from seeing each other. Bill ordered Steffy to take Liam somewhere else, but she said Liam wouldn't leave. She assured Bill that she had a plan, but he cynically recalled her last plan. Steffy quipped that it had worked the last time, and her new plan would, too.

Katie entered as Bill ended his call, and she guessed he'd spoken to Liam, who couldn't get Hope off his mind -- even in paradise with Steffy. Bill said he bet on Hope and Thomas hooking up, because he felt Hope wouldn't have a chance once the romance of the resort hit her. Katie admitted that she wasn't a fan of Thomas after what he'd done to Brooke, and though he was handsome and charming, Katie doubted he could win Hope's heart, which would always belong to Liam.

Back in Cabo, the bikini-clad Steffy urged Thomas to take action because he could make Hope his by the end of the trip. Thomas was leery of scheming, but Steffy insisted that he just needed to accept her help -- and keep Liam and Hope on opposite sides of the resort. Steffy left to set up a romantic picnic for two by the beach, and Thomas took off to find Hope in the pool area.

Steffy text-messaged Thomas once the picnic was ready, and Thomas told Hope that he had a surprise that he thought she'd like. He led her to the private setting, and she was amazed by his efforts. A mariachi band started to play, and as Hope hugged Thomas, Steffy watched from the overlook.

Later, Steffy skipped onto the restaurant deck and hopped on Liam's lap. She claimed she was late because she'd been "arranging" things. She crammed some dip in her mouth and shrieked. Liam told her to be careful because it was spicy. He said she'd know that if she'd been there to order. She wiggled her hips and claimed only one other thing in Cabo was hotter than the dip. Steffy's face flattened when he suggested that they eat and then head to the beach.

After eating, Steffy and Liam strode through the grounds, and she suggested they drive to a secluded cove. Mariachi music drifted to their ears, and Liam stared at the faraway couple lying on a beach pallet, surrounded by veils and the band. Steffy told him that they didn't need a band to make beautiful music, and Liam reluctantly strode to the room for a shower.

Later, an anxious Steffy met with Thomas again. He said he had plans for dinner in town, but Steffy insisted that he and Hope eat in their room. Steffy offered to arrange everything; however, Thomas stubbornly replied that he was Ridge Forrester's son, so he knew how to be romantic. Steffy whined that she had a lot riding on things, but Thomas assured her that it would work out for them both.

Thomas left to meet Claudia, one of the concierges. He said he wanted the romantic dinner of all romantic dinners, and Claudia set it up on a private patio. At dusk, the bathing-suit-clad Thomas and Hope were seated at a table overlooking the ocean. Hope was in awe over the setting, and Thomas said he wanted it to be a night they'd remember forever.

Thomas figured that Hope hadn't envisioned that her life would change the way it had, and Hope remarked that she was in Cabo with one of the sweetest guys she knew. He grimaced at the description but insisted that they could be good together. Thomas refused to let her feelings for Liam ruin things, because Thomas felt that he and Hope had something special, too. He thought all they needed were more nights like the one they were having. "I love you, Hope Logan. I'm the happiest man alive just by loving you," he said, hopefully grinning.

In her hotel room, Steffy took a picture of the freshly showered Liam as he exited the bathroom. He recalled that she'd never told him what had delayed her earlier. She said it probably seemed as if she were keeping something from him, and that was because she was.

Later, Steffy instructed Liam to open his eyes. When he did, he saw her in a towel on a massage table. She claimed she'd been disappearing on him because she'd been learning how to give him a proper massage. Liam climbed on the table, and she straddled his backside. She told him to surrender his body to her, and she expected a tip for her services. "Cha, cha, cha," she whispered near his ear.

Friday, December 30, 2011

In Cabo San Lucas, Thomas and Steffy secretly met, and Thomas revealed that he'd professed his love to Hope the previous evening. Hope hadn't said it back, and Thomas respected her too much to push. He said romance took time, and despite Steffy's desire for him to bed Hope, it wouldn't happen until Hope was fully committed and engaged to be married. Thomas promised he'd make progress, as long as Steffy took care of Liam.

Later, Steffy found Liam lounging by the beach. They played "guess my next bikini." Liam lost and left to fetch her drink. Bill called Steffy, who then updated Bill on Thomas' progress with Hope. Bill couldn't believe Thomas needed a ring to bed Hope. As Bill raged about it, he suddenly said, "A ring, huh? Okay, okay. Then a ring it will be. I'll get back to you."

Bill had Alison give him a list of Spencer's "assets" in Cabo, which consisted of a mariachi band owner. Bill ordered Alison to call him. During the call, Bill instructed the band owner to track down an engagement ring and take it to Steffy at the hotel. Later, Bill told Alison that his problem was resolved, and Liam and Steffy would be rid of the "prom queen."

Meanwhile, Steffy met Thomas again to tell him about the next phase of her plan. Thomas was still skeptical of her tactics, but she asked if he wanted to go home engaged or not.

Near the beach, Hope gazed at the rising sun. She thought of Liam and picked up her phone. As Liam returned to his beachside chair, his phone rang. His adrenaline spiked when he saw that it was Hope calling. During the call, Hope claimed she wanted to discuss the next magazine issue. She mumbled that she missed him, and he said he felt the same. He wondered where she was, but she cryptically said she was far away, trying to get him out of her head.

Hope wished she could get over it as easily as Liam had, but Liam claimed that it wasn't easy. Liam asked if she were with Thomas, and she replied that she was. She added that Thomas had professed his love to her. Liam got upset, but Hope told him not to worry, because nothing had happened. They each stammered to say something to each other, but Hope suddenly clicked off the phone line.

Thomas approached Hope and said that he'd meant what he'd said the previous night. They swam in the pool, and afterward, Hope dried off alone in her chair. She gazed at a ship on the ocean and wished she were with Liam. She imagined herself and Liam taking a romantic walk on the beach. At the same time, Liam was on his side of the resort, thinking the same thing.

Steffy returned to Liam and assumed that work had called him. She was surprised when he relayed that it had been Hope calling about magazine layouts. Steffy noted that Hope knew Liam was on vacation, but Liam murmured that Hope had probably forgotten. Just then, Bill's contact appeared with his band to serenade Steffy and Liam. As Liam searched for a tip, Steffy discretely took the ring from Bill's contact.

Later, Steffy met with Thomas again and gave him the ring. A shocked Thomas wondered how she'd gotten it. Without answering the question, Steffy revealed that Hope had called Liam. Steffy reminded Thomas of their pact. Thomas refused to rush things. Steffy warned that he'd lose Hope, but he said not to underestimate him. Steffy ordered him to stop being cocky and seal the deal that evening.

When Steffy returned to Liam's lounge spot again, Liam asked if it were possible for him and his wife to spend some time together on their trip. Her phone rang, and she frowned, saying it was business. Stepping away, she answered a call from Bill, who inquired about the ring. She replied that Thomas had it. Bill asked if Thomas would use it, but Steffy was uncertain.

On the other side of the resort, Hope and Thomas frolicked on the beach, and she exclaimed that he'd been the perfect companion. She felt that he was good at making her laugh and helping her to forget. Hope said she was safe with him, and she hoped she'd never lose him.

Thomas said he wanted to be with Hope for the rest of his life. He knelt down on one knee, and with a gasp, Hope asked what he was doing. "Will you marry me, Hope?" he asked, presenting the ring. Unbeknownst to them, Steffy watched from a secluded patio.

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