The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 26, 2011 on Y&R

Adam told Sharon he still loved her. Patty drugged Jack's champagne. Victor surprised Sharon with a marriage proposal, and Nikki spotted the ring. Chelsea went to see Billy and Victoria. Angelina lied to Kevin about Carmine being after them.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 26, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, December 26, 2011

At Lily's, Cane celebrated Christmas with his ex-wife, daughter, and son. While Cane played with his children, he acknowledged that he was fortunate to be spending the holidays with his family. After the children fell asleep, Cane gave Lily a gift. It was a snow globe, which featured a couple dancing together. Lily was delighted with her gift. Lily gave Cane a framed finger-painting Charlie and Matty had made. Cane said it was the best Christmas he had ever had. Lily smiled.

After Cane assembled a wagon for the children, Lily suggested it would be wonderful to capture the children's reactions on video while they rode in their new wagon for the first time. Cane agreed to show up early the following morning to help. Lily said it would be simpler for Cane to spend the night on the sofa. Lily hugged Cane before heading to her bedroom. Cane wound the key on the snow globe, shook it, and watched as white flakes swirled around the two figurines standing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. The French tune "Alouette" played, and Cane smiled as he peered into the globe.

In Kevin's car, Angelina suggested that she and Kevin seek refuge away from Carmine at her cousin's cabin on the Jersey Shore. Kevin agreed. Angelina discovered that she had no cash or credit cards. Kevin panicked when he suddenly realized that Angelo might seek revenge if he believed that Kevin had run away with Angelina to have a romantic tryst.

Angelo phoned. Kevin quietly instructed Angelina not to let her father know she was with him. Angelina claimed she hadn't shown up at the church because the holidays had made her homesick. Angelina said that she was headed to Francine's cabin via taxicab. Kevin became frustrated because he and Angelia would have to find another place to hide because Angelo might show up at the cabin.

Kevin and Angelina checked into a cheap motel room. Kevin said he would separate his side of the small room from Angelina's by hanging a sheet from the ceiling. Kevin said, "I just can't look at your face right now." While Kevin undressed, Angelina could see the outline of his silhouette against the sheet Kevin suspended from the ceiling. Angelina hoped she could project the shape of her body on the sheet, so she pulled down her dress. Kevin said he was going to the bathroom to wash his face. Angelina sulked.

After Kevin and Angelina went to bed, Kevin told Angelina that there was no point in him being angry. Kevin added that he hoped to explain what had happened to Chloe, if she'd agree to listen to him. Kevin admonished Angelina and said, "This thing with Carmine is not good. Your dad was right to keep you away from him. I hope I can keep you safe."

At the chapel, Victoria enlisted Delia to be her flower girl. Jill prompted Billy to take his place before the altar, and Nikki arrived in time to assist Victoria. Chloe, her nuptials postponed by her mysteriously absent groom, was still wearing her wedding dress. Victoria announced, "I'm marrying Billy, again. This time, it's forever!"

Jill offered her diamond bracelet to Victoria to wear as something borrowed. Eden loaned a pair of blue-stone earrings. Nikki gave her daughter a piece of heirloom jewelry and pointed out that Victoria's crimson dress was something new. Provided with something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new, Victoria was confidently poised to walk down the aisle.

Gloria was still reeling after Kevin's startling decision to delay his wedding, and she asked Michael how Kevin had sounded on the phone. Michael said, "He just said that he wanted some time to think and needed some days away." Lauren said she wished she knew where Kevin was. Gloria urged her family to send positive thoughts Kevin's way, so he wouldn't feel like he was alone.

Angelo told Gloria that Angelina had become homesick and decided to head to the Jersey Shore. Gloria suggested serving Kevin and Chloe's reception food to Victoria and Billy's guests. Angelo insisted that Billy reimburse Gloworm for food and drinks if wedding guests gathered at the club to celebrate. Before Angelo left, he gave Gloria a wrapped gift.

Daniel rushed past Phyllis, who was blocking the aisle, to inform Billy that the sexton had been unable to start the generator after a power failure. Phyllis glared at Avery, who entertained Faith by singing "Miss Mary Mack" in unison with the child.

Nick joined Avery before the ceremony began. Avery noted that Victoria and Nick seemed very close. Nick explained that he hadn't always been close to his sister. Avery said that she and Phyllis hadn't always been so distant from one another. Phyllis approached Nick and Avery. Nick excused himself to check on Faith, who was playing with other children in another room. Phyllis asked Avery if Sharon knew Avery was spending time with Faith. Avery haughtily replied that not everyone was as territorial as Phyllis.

While Billy waited, Jack and Genevieve chatted. Billy received a phone call and learned that Victoria's beloved dog had escaped from the sitter. Billy asked Jack and Genevieve not to mention anything about the missing dog to Victoria.

Victoria was apprehensive, and she became even more flustered when a storm knocked out power. Victoria rushed to Billy and asked, "Do you think this is an omen?" Billy assured Victoria that the power outage was not "cosmic commentary." Victoria was somewhat relieved and took her place in the vestibule with Chloe, Victoria, Nick, and Nikki. Victoria remained anxious because Katherine wasn't present, there would be no music for the wedding, and a storm was brewing. Nikki reminded her daughter that her wedding was about the love she had for Billy.

Moments before Victoria walked down the aisle, Chloe affixed her own bridal veil atop Victoria's head. As Nick took his sister's arm, he announced that he'd be proud to see her wed to Billy. Nick added that their father would have been present if he could have. Chloe broke the nervous tension when she produced a battery-powered stereo and said she'd provide music for the wedding. Nick smiled.

Judge Anderson arrived and took her place at the altar. Billy was surprised to see the judge and explained why Kevin and Chloe weren't the couple about to marry. Billy told Judge Anderson that he was pleased she was present because he knew everything had happened the way it was supposed to. Judge Anderson said, "It must be kismet."

In the candlelit chapel, the ceremony commenced. Nikki walked in and took a seat. Delia and Chloe marched down the aisle, followed by Victoria and Nick. A loud bark announced Keely's unexpected presence. Victoria knelt down to pet her beloved pooch. Billy was astonished. Victoria was relieved to see Judge Anderson. Chloe mentioned that she'd enlisted the judge on Victoria's recommendation. Judge Anderson said, "It's kismet." The judge prompted the couple to express their feeling for each other.

Billy spoke first. He apologized to Victoria for his mistakes and said that their marriage was meant to be. Billy cried, "It's just you and me forever." Victoria told Billy that she'd felt sad and lonely during Billy's absence. She added, "You're back now, and everything is right." Victoria thanked Billy for giving her a reason to be happy. Judge Anderson pronounced Billy and Victoria husband and wife. The power was restored just as Billy and Victoria kissed. Guests applauded. Gloria invited the guests to a reception at Gloworm.

Chloe and Delia encouraged Billy and Victoria to embark on the honeymoon excursion Chloe had planned for herself and Kevin. Delia assured her father she'd be okay, and she reminded him to return with a present for her. Chloe told the newlyweds that they needed only toothbrushes and swimsuits to visit Jamaica. Victoria said, "This is kismet!" Nick agreed to take care of Keely. Nikki assured Victoria that everything would be fine. Guest applauded again as Billy and Victoria rushed out of the church and headed to the airport. Chloe had tears in her eyes.

Later, Daniel stopped by the Chancellor mansion to check on Chloe. Chloe asked Daniel if he'd told Kevin that she'd had doubts about her decision to marry him. Daniel said he hadn't, but he thought that perhaps Chloe had told Kevin about her uncertainties. Daniel added that he didn't know why Kevin had changed his mind so suddenly. Chloe sobbed, and Daniel embraced her.

At Gloworm, Michael, Lauren, and Gloria ate cupcakes and spoke warmly about the just-married couple who'd opted to skip the reception held in their honor. Angelo asked Gloria if she'd opened her gift. Still clutching the box, Gloria said, "Not yet." Angelo waited while Gloria unrolled a piece of paper she retrieved from the gift box. After reading the document, Gloria squealed with joy and announced that Angelo was giving her Gloworm. Michael snatched the document and asked Angelo if he was giving the club to Gloria outright. Angelo embraced Gloria and said that a classy woman like Gloria deserved to own her club free and clear. Gloria planted a kiss on Angelo's cheek and replied, "Bless you, Angelo."

Nick, Faith, and Avery enjoyed reception fare. Nick said it was time to take Faith home, and the trio headed toward the door. Avery had forgotten her phone and returned to the table. Phyllis was waiting for Avery and mentioned overhearing her sister singing "Miss Mary Mack" with Faith. Phyllis recalled having sung the nursery rhyme with Avery and claimed that her sister refused to let go of the past.

Avery said that she and Phyllis would likely run into each other because they lived in the same town. Phyllis grabbed Avery's keychain and held up a tiny charm affixed to it. Phyllis noted that she'd given the charm to her sister years before. Avery explained that she'd kept the gift because it reminded her that she'd once had a sister. She added, "But you are nothing like her."

Nikki stopped by the prison to visit Victor. She informed Victor that Victoria and Billy had just wed. Victor was miffed and warned Nikki that Billy would hurt Victoria again. Nikki also told Victor that she wouldn't allow him to ruin his life. Nikki explained that neither he nor she had murdered Diane.

Nikki said, "I know that now in my soul, and I'm going to prove that you don't belong here." Victor begged Nikki to leave him alone. Nikki told Victor that she loved him and planned to get him out of prison. Victor tried to reason with Nikki, but she rose and left abruptly. After Nikki left, Victor, his brow furrowed, sighed.

Billy and Victoria enjoyed green beer at Finn McGee's bar. Victoria quipped that she'd search for Billy there if he ever went missing again. Billy promised Victoria a lifetime of happiness. The couple nuzzled and kissed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Billy and Victoria woke up in the honeymoon suite in Jamaica. Victoria wondered if their wedding had been a dream, but Billy kissed her to prove that they were really there and had really been married again. Billy and Victoria were happy about the wedding, but they were concerned that Kevin had stood up Chloe. Later, Billy was impressed when he saw Victoria in her bikini.

Victoria asked Billy to teach her to surf. At the mention of surfing, Billy had a flashback about the girl he met in Myanmar when he was drinking. She'd talked to Billy about surfing. When the girl asked for Billy's name, he'd said that his name was Liam. Back in the present, Billy announced that he would happily take Victoria surfing.

After surfing, Billy and Victoria went to the beach bar and ordered drinks. Billy noticed that other guys were checking out Victoria, and he announced out loud that Victoria was already taken. Billy then took a magic marker and wrote on Victoria's tee shirt the word "BRIDE." Billy showed the fellows that Victoria was his bride and then he kissed Victoria passionately. Victoria laughed as Billy made a big deal about her being his wife.

When a song played that Victoria liked, Billy remembered dancing with the girl in Myanmar. Back in the present, Billy told Victoria that he had to speak with her about what happened in Myanmar. Victoria didn't want to know as long as Billy was not in love with the other woman. Billy said he had never loved her and had not seen her since returning to Genoa City. Victoria felt they'd both made mistakes while they were separated and suggested that they just move on. Billy said that he regretted ever going to Asia. Billy and Victoria agreed that they only wanted to be with one another.

In the grungy roadside motel, Angelina complained about the accommodations. Kevin offered her coffee and informed her that they were not going to be on the run for much longer. Angelina felt that Kevin was a hero for helping her get away from Carmine. Angelina wished she could get a change of clothes. Kevin asked Angelina to speak to Carmine and make peace, and she claimed that she'd already done that.

Kevin had questions about Angelina's pregnancy. Kevin wanted to know about Angelina's relationship with Carmine and asked if Angelina really wanted to have the baby. Angelina focused on how nice it would be to dress up a baby, but Kevin explained that a baby needed a lot more than pretty clothes. Angelina admitted that she might be spoiled, but Angelina really wanted to give love and be loved in return. Kevin was sympathetic and patted Angelina's hand.

At the tack house, Sharon was beaming after spending time with Faith. Sharon told Nick how much she enjoyed being with Faith. Nick didn't want Sharon to miss any more time with their daughter and proposed a way to avoid a legal battle. Nick asked Sharon to get a restraining order against Adam, explaining that it would be for Faith's sake. Sharon felt that it was a way for Nick to control Sharon's life. Nick threatened Sharon, saying that if she did not get the restraining order, Sharon could only see Faith on Nick's terms.

Michael went to Adam's office at Newman Enterprises for a meeting. Michael suspected that Adam had been preparing and knew what he wanted to tell Michael. Adam fired Michael from his position at Newman because he wanted an attorney who was loyal to him. Adam said that he needed an attorney who'd watch his back, so he'd hired Vance Abrams. Michael walked out.

Later, Nick confronted Adam, demanding to know how he could fire Michael. Adam accused Nick of insubordination and told his brother that he'd better start showing up at the office on time. Nick was determined to get Adam out of the CEO's office and out of Genoa City. Adam realized that Nick really just wanted Adam far away from Sharon. Nick mentioned that Sharon would be getting a restraining order against Adam to ensure that he stayed away from her. Nick claimed the restraining order would be for Faith's protection. Nick accused Adam of being heartless and uncaring about when it came to Sharon.

At Gloworm, Gloria thanked Angelo for returning the restaurant to her as a Christmas gift. Michael entered and told Angelo that the paperwork he'd given Gloria that was supposed to be the transfer of Gloworm to Gloria wasn't. Michael wanted answers because the contract did not give Gloria the restaurant as Angelo claimed it did. Angelo offered to have the agreement rewritten. Privately, Gloria told Michael that she appreciated Angelo, but Michael warned his mother not to trust the mobster. Later, Gloria offered to take Angelo out for a romantic dinner to thank him for being so kind to her. Angelo was thrilled.

Angelina feared for Kevin's life if Carmine found them together. Kevin assured Angelina that he would stick by her until the situation with Carmine was resolved. Angelina received a nasty message from Angelo demanding that she respond to him. A while later, Angelo received a call from Angelina saying that she'd need to stay away for a few more days. Angelo agreed in part because Carmine had been thrown in a New Jersey jail. Angelo warned Angelina not to get in any trouble. Angelina didn't mention to Kevin that Carmine had been incarcerated, even after Kevin said that he'd protect Angelina.

Nikki went to the prison to visit with Victor and finish their talk from the other day. Victor told Nikki he'd arranged for her to return to the rehab center immediately. Nikki was furious and did not think rehab was a solution to their problems. The doctor from the rehab center arrived from rehab to escort Nikki back to the facility. Sharon walked into the visitor's room, and Nikki wondered if Sharon had been making a habit of visiting Victor.

Nikki announced that she'd be leaving, but she told Victor that she would not return to rehab. Nikki perturbed Victor, but the doctor explained that Nikki had to consent to go to rehab; she could not be forced. The doctor departed, and Sharon apologized to Victor for having interrupted. Victor wondered why Sharon was there to see him, and she said she was there because of Nick.

Sharon told Victor that Nick was trying to control her life by asking for the restraining order against Adam. Victor wondered if Sharon didn't want Adam to be kept away from her. Michael went to see Victor to inform him that he'd been fired. Victor said that everything was going according to his plan. Michael asked Victor to share the plan with him, and Victor agreed to tell him everything.

Later, Sharon went to church and spoke with God, explaining that she wanted to prove to Nick and herself that she could take care of Faith. Sharon felt that she'd let Cassie die. Sharon knew she hadn't caused Cassie's car accident, but Sharon wanted to be a better parent to Noah and Faith. Sharon got emotional about her desire to be truly happy. Sharon turned her head and saw that Adam had walked into the church.

Adam said that he wanted to speak with Sharon because he heard what she'd said to God. Adam apologized to her for the things he'd done to make Sharon doubt herself as a mother. Adam thought Sharon's children were lucky to have her. Adam was sorry he'd ever gotten between Sharon and Faith. Sharon asked what Adam wanted from her. Adam said he wanted Sharon to know that it killed him to know that he had hurt her. Adam said that loving Sharon was the only good thing he'd ever done in his life.

At Gloworm, Nikki had memories of her visit from the guardian angel. Nikki realized that the angel had told her that the answers about who had killed Diane were with her husband, and that meant Deacon. Nikki joined Deacon at his table. Nikki admitted that she'd said some nasty things to Deacon, but she'd decided not file for an annulment.

Nikki said that Victor wanted nothing to do with her, and her children didn't need her. Nikki had no reason to leave Deacon, especially since Nikki didn't want to be alone. Deacon told Nikki that he was committed to her. Nikki resumed drinking, and Deacon fed her oysters. Nick walked in just as Deacon and Nikki were kissing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nick approached Nikki and Deacon at Gloworm and wanted Deacon to leave his mother alone. Deacon told Nick that Nikki wanted to be with him, and that he was her husband. Nikki claimed that she was sober, but Nick didn't believe her because she acted drunk. Nikki told Nick that he had no control over her. Nick was infuriated that Nikki had been drinking again and that Deacon hadn't stopped his mother. Nikki declared that she'd made her choice, and Deacon was it. Nick asked Nikki to leave with him, but Nikki asked Nick to trust her and join them. Nick refused and left angrily.

Nikki told Deacon not to mind Nick, but she was concerned about Gloria because she was aware of Deacon having sneaked out of the restaurant the night of Diane's murder. Nikki thought Deacon needed a backup alibi in case Gloria refused to cover for him. Nikki informed Deacon that they could confide in each other about anything and never be forced to testify against each other in court.

Deacon said he was not an idiot and realized that Nikki changed her attitude about him. Deacon asked Nikki to explain the switch. Nikki said that she was through caring about what others thought of her. Nikki admitted that she liked Deacon even if her family and friends disapproved. Nikki forgave Deacon for leaving her in the park beside Diane's body the night of the murder.

Deacon went to the restroom. Nikki paid the bill and thanked the server for putting booze in Deacon's drinks, but not in Nikki's. Deacon returned to the table and Nikki explained that she'd ordered another round of drinks.

At the prison, Victor told Michael that his plan would succeed. Michael said that Victor had taken a big risk. Victor was confident that all the parts of his plan would work together when the plan was finally executed. The key was to neutralize Adam so he could never hurt Victor's family again. Victor told Michael that Nick could not know anything about what he was orchestrating. Michael was impressed by Victor's ability to operate even behind bars.

Later, Nick went to see Victor and said that Nikki was spinning out of control. Victor told Nick to just be ready for Nikki when she hit rock bottom. Victor was resigned to the fact that Nikki was beyond his help at the moment. Nick explained to Victor that he'd forced Sharon to get a restraining order against Adam in order to continue seeing Faith. Victor understood. Nick asked Victor why he hadn't fought to keep Adam from taking over Newman Enterprises. Victor said he was looking at the larger picture and thinking of the shareholders. Nick wanted Victor's support.

At the church, Sharon was surprised that the Adam she had once loved appeared to be before her again. Sharon then remembered how spiteful and cruel Adam had been to her. Sharon pointed out that Adam's love for her gave him the ability to hurt her more than anyone else. Adam said that he didn't want anything from Sharon, but she felt he wanted her compassion. Sharon asked Adam to let go for her sake. Sharon felt that she could not risk being with Adam again because of Faith. Her daughter was Sharon's number one priority, and Adam was not her problem. Adam turned and walked out alone.

Later, from the house, Sharon called Nick to say that she'd gotten the restraining order against Adam. Nick said that he would let her have Faith in the morning. Sharon thought she saw Adam in the window. She went to the door and spotted him turning to leave. Adam wanted Sharon to know that he wasn't angry with her. Adam understood Sharon's love for Faith. Adam said that his mother, Hope, had sacrificed her love for Victor and a life with him to make a better life for Adam back on the farm. That was how much Hope had loved Adam, and he knew Sharon felt that way for Faith.

Sharon led Adam back into her house. Sharon went toward the bedroom and nodded for Adam to join her. Adam kissed her passionately. After making love, Sharon told Adam that she was not sorry for what they'd done. Sharon told Adam that she'd gone to the courthouse to get a restraining order against him. Adam was aware of that.

Sharon realized that Adam had gone to her house despite the restraining order. Sharon informed him that the order didn't take effect until the following day. Adam agreed to spend the night.

Back at the motel, Kevin criticized Angelina for going clothes shopping when they were supposed to be hiding from Carmine. Angelina had a new outfit for Kevin. Angelina suggested that they make the best of their situation. Kevin said he was tired and hungry and wanted to return to Chloe. Kevin asked whether Carmine had calmed down so that he could go home.

Angelina pretended to call Vinnie, Carmine's friend, to assess the situation. Angelina pretended that she wanted to go home. Angelina claimed that Vinnie was going to meet with Carmine to get him to leave Kevin and Angelina alone. Angelina apologized to Kevin about Carmine, but Kevin was sympathetic to Angelina.

At Devon's music studio, Chloe asked Devon if Kevin had ever let on that he was nervous before the wedding. Devon advised Chloe to speak to Gloria about Kevin. Devon was finishing up with Angelina's song, even though it was no longer eligible for the singing competition. Devon planned to upload it on the web anyway.

At Gloworm, Gloria sympathized with Chloe about Kevin running out on the wedding. Gloria advised Chloe to have faith in Kevin. Gloria was sure that Kevin was worried about Chloe. For Angelo, Devon played the finished recording of Angelina's song on his laptop. Angelo thought it was wonderful. Devon uploaded it on the Internet, and Angelo wanted to promote it everywhere.

Billy and Victoria were blissfully happy in the Jamaica honeymoon suite. Victoria never wanted to leave the bed. Victoria and Billy decided to play honeymoon Scrabble on her iPhone. Billy was impressed when Victoria got all business-like, telling him the rules of the game. Billy tried to win the game, but Victoria objected to one of his words. Victoria wanted to use the "X" for ex-wife. Billy topped that with sex-wife. Billy then invited Victoria to go into the jacuzzi. Later, they were making love in the hot tub.

Kevin called Eden at Crimson Lights and assured her that he had not gone crazy. Kevin asked Eden to check on Chloe for him, without letting Chloe know. Michael entered, and Kevin didn't want to speak with him. Michael made a call to check on Kevin's credit card charges. Michael discovered that Kevin had used the credit card to buy lingerie in Niagara Falls.

Angelina called Vinnie and thanked him for lying for her. Angelina took a photo of herself. Later, Kevin insisted that Angelina eat something because of the pregnancy. Kevin was upset when he discovered that Angelina had posted a new photo on Faceplace. Devon and Angelo saw Angelina's new photo. Devon said the picture had been taken in Niagara Falls. Angelo was furious because Angelina said that she'd gone to the Jersey Shore. To Gloria, Chloe wondered if Angelina might know where Kevin had gone. At the motel, Angelina heard her song on the web and was thrilled.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kay ran into Tucker at Gloworm while she was there to buy dessert for her New Year's Eve dinner. Kay asked if Tucker had plans for the holiday, and he explained that Ashley was in Los Angeles with Abby, so he would be alone for the night. Kay invited Tucker to join her and Murphy for dinner, but Tucker said no.

At Crimson Lights, Neil saw Harmony and thanked her for giving him a pep talk the day of his wedding to Sofia. Neil said he'd worked things out with Sofia even though she'd been miffed at him for walking out of the reception. When Tucker and Harmony talked about Devon, Harmony admitted that she was disappointed that Devon had not been in touch with her since Christmas. Neil advised Harmony not to force herself on Devon. Neil admired how well Harmony had been doing since arriving in Genoa City. Harmony told Neil that she wanted Devon to be proud of her.

At Lily's house, Devon and Roxy were telling Lily all about Angelina's song being online. Lily revealed that her plans for New Year's Eve were to babysit the twins and Moses. After Devon left, Lily and Roxy folded laundry and talked about Lily's relationship with Cane. Roxy was glad that Lily and Cane were working their way back to each other. Roxy confided in Lily that Devon was still struggling to handle his family ties with Kay and Tucker. Lily said she'd learned to open up again to her family, and perhaps Devon would, too.

At the music studio, Harmony walked in as Devon was working the board. Harmony had heard Devon's song online and liked how it had turned out. Harmony mentioned how much it had meant to her to see Ana at Christmas. Harmony felt like she and Devon owed Kay a thank you for her kindness. Devon received a call from Kay, wishing him a happy new year. Harmony was stunned that Devon had let the message go to voicemail rather than pick up the line. Harmony explained that Kay was trying very hard to reach out to Devon.

Tucker appeared, and Devon suspected that he was there to team up with Harmony to get him to do something. Tucker explained that it was just a coincidence that he'd shown up at the same time as Harmony. Tucker wanted to congratulate Devon on the single. Devon left in a hurry, and Tucker was miffed.

Tucker apologized to Harmony for not having been nice to her since she'd returned to Genoa City. Harmony thought Tucker was making friends with her because Devon had been softening to Harmony. Harmony and Tucker agreed that they should all try to get along as a family. Tucker and Harmony reminisced about New Year's Eves gone by, like 1989 at the Roxy in Los Angeles. Tucker didn't recall Harmony being there, but she remembered how the girls were all over Tucker. Harmony never would have guessed that they'd wind up sharing a child.

Tucker thought Harmony was doing good by Kay. Harmony pointed out that Tucker was hypocritical because he wanted Devon to make up with him, but Tucker wouldn't make up with Kay.

Devon went to see Kay at the mansion. Kay was surprised, but pleased when Devon thanked Kay for arranging for Ana to be home for Christmas. Devon said that Harmony had scolded him for not having thanked Kay sooner. Devon wished Kay a happy new year and left.

At the coffeehouse, Jack said hello to Nick and sympathized with him about Victor being in prison and Adam being in charge of Newman Enterprises. On the plus side, Jack and Nick celebrated that they were in-laws again since Billy and Victoria's remarriage. When Sharon's name came up, Nick explained that he'd insisted that Sharon get a restraining order against Adam so Faith would be protected from seeing Adam. Jack advised Nick not to push Sharon too hard. Later, Nick called home to arrange with the nanny for him to pick up Faith and take her to Sharon's.

At Gloworm, Cane enjoyed lunch with Genevieve. Cane mentioned that he hadn't made plans with Lily for New Year's Eve. When Genevieve broke the news to Cane that she'd said yes to Jack's marriage proposal, Cane was shocked and thought it was a bad idea. Genevieve said that she loved Jack and appreciated that he treated her with respect. Genevieve told her son that she wanted a normal marriage, not like her marriage to Colin. Cane felt that considering their dysfunctional family background, they'd both have difficult times with relationships. Cane hoped and prayed that Genevieve had a drama-free marriage with Jack.

Later, after Cane had gone, Jack joined Genevieve at Gloworm. When she revealed that Cane hadn't been encouraging about Genevieve marrying him, Jack advised Genevieve to be patient with Cane. Jack thought 2012 would give them all a new beginning. Genevieve said that she'd planned a very special New Year's Eve dinner at Gloworm for the two of them, even though they were there for lunch. Jack appreciated that Genevieve was a planner. Jack mentioned that he'd seen Nick and felt sorry for him because of Victor being in prison and Adam winning the CEO's chair at Newman Enterprises. Genevieve pointed out that as CEO, Adam might sell Beauty of Nature to Jack, while Nick never would agree to that.

In Jamaica, Billy and Victoria woke up in bed. Billy said that he'd had a bad dream about Myanmar. Victoria reflected that they'd had a horrible year, but it was almost over. Billy was grateful that he was back with Victoria. Later, out on the beach, Billy and Victoria ran into a guy they'd met the year before in Jamaica, Sebastian. Sebastian had heard about how Victoria and Billy had gotten married, divorced, married, divorced, and married one more time since the last time he'd seen them.

Victoria and Billy saw Sebastian's wife Renee and his baby Kayla. Victoria and Billy mentioned that they had a daughter and a son from previous relationships. Sebastian urged them to get to work on making a baby of their own. Renee and Sebastian then said goodbye to Victoria and Billy.

Sharon awoke in bed with Adam. They both agreed it had been a magical night of lovemaking, but Sharon told Adam that their relationship was over. Adam dressed and prepared to leave. Adam and Sharon both admitted that they'd made mistakes. Despite what they felt for each other, Sharon said they could never be together again. Adam said he regretted hurting her when he thought she'd betrayed him with Sam. Neither Sharon nor Adam wanted to say goodbye. Adam promised Sharon that he would not cause her any trouble, but that he would always love her. Adam kissed Sharon one last time, and she hugged him tight.

Nick arrived with Faith, surprising Sharon. She hugged Faith and was thrilled to see her daughter. Sharon wondered why Nick was hanging around. Sharon wanted alone time with Faith, since Nick had forced her to get the restraining order against Adam. Sharon reiterated that her children were her top priority. Nick wanted to be friends with Sharon. She agreed to start the new year fresh. Nick left, and Sharon was alone with Faith.

Back in the honeymoon suite, Billy realized that seeing Sebastian, Renee, and Kayla had gotten to Victoria. She admitted that it bothered her that she and Billy had lost Lucy. Victoria was grateful that Billy was her husband again. The phone rang, and Victoria was shocked to hear from the adoption agency. It had been months since Victoria and Billy had applied for a baby. Billy was equally excited. Victoria wanted to hurry back to Genoa City.

While at the coffeehouse, Neil invited Sofia to go with him to the Colonnade Room for New Year's Eve. Sofia was excited, and Neil admitted it would be their first official date. Cane approached to ask a favor of them; would they babysit the twins so that Cane could take Lily out for New Year's Eve. Neil started to say no, but Sofia interrupted and agreed to do it. Cane was overjoyed.

Sofia told Neil that they could go to the Colonnade Room another time. Neil was very impressed by Sofia's selflessness. Neil asked Sofia for a rain check on the night out on the town. Later, Neil and Sofia went to Lily's and told her the new plan for New Year's Eve. Cane appeared all dressed up and asked Lily if she'd go out with him. Lily agreed.

Adam walked into his office at Newman. He had a box dinner and was all alone. Jack arrived at the office and congratulated Adam on winning the board vote. Jack handed Adam a bottle of champagne. Adam thought Jack was laying it on too thick with the compliments. Adam informed Jack that he wouldn't advise the board of directors to sell Beauty of Nature to Jack. Jack left to share the holiday with his fiancée.

Roxy approved of Devon having gone to see Kay. Roxy admired that Devon was trying to make progress with Kay and Tucker. Devon was wiped out from the emotional strain, but Roxy told him to get his second wind for New Year's Eve. Devon said that he thought Roxy was perfect for him. Devon kissed her tenderly.

Harmony returned to the mansion and took Tucker with her to see Kay. Tucker wished Kay a happy and healthy new year. Tucker hoped 2012 would be better than 2011. Kay agreed that it had been a bad year. Kay wished Tucker a happy new year, too. Tucker left and Kay admitted that thanks to Harmony, Kay had gotten visits from Tucker and Devon. Kay said she'd been glad to see Devon, and she was grateful to Harmony for her help.

Friday, December 30, 2011

At Lily and Cane's home, Lily emerged from the bedroom, wearing a sparkly party dress. She reported to Cane that the twins were helping Sofia and Neil read to Moses, but Cane was distracted by Lily's beauty. She twirled around to model the dress, and he thanked her for joining him that evening.

At Crimson Lights, Ronan and Phyllis ran into one another and amorously agreed that they both needed "a fix." He asked what she was doing that evening, and she offered to stop by his place, but he wondered if that was a good idea. Phyllis assumed that he was turning her down, but instead, Ronan invited her to go out in public with him, since their relationship wasn't a secret anymore. After a moment, she hesitantly accepted.

Elsewhere in the coffeehouse, Adam stumbled upon Sharon, and they shared an uncomfortable gaze. Adam apologized and said he'd leave, but Sharon replied that she had been on her way out. He insisted that he hadn't intended to violate the restraining order, and she conceded that he shouldn't be prevented from getting a cup of coffee. She added that she hated the situation, and they agreed that it was painful to see happy couples spending New Year's Eve together. Adam urged her to leave before one of Nick's "spies" saw them together, and she reluctantly exited.

A dressed-up Avery opened her hotel room door to Nick, who looked her up and down in admiration. He announced that he had made reservations at Gloworm.

Nikki entered her hotel room and searched for something. She looked through the pockets of Deacon's jacket; Deacon arrived and asked what she was doing. Nikki claimed that she was checking to make sure they were stocked with supplies for that night, and she asked Deacon to order more vodka. He handed her a gift bag, and she opened it and found a stunning bracelet. He put it on her wrist, and she joked that he was generous about spending her money on her. He said he'd also made reservations at Gloworm, and he warned that he didn't want her to argue, because the evening was important to their future. She declared that she would love to go, and they kissed.

Nikki got dressed for an evening out, and Deacon complimented her. He opined that they were hot together, and he lustily suggested that they just stay in, but she put her arms around him and proclaimed that they were too hot not to show themselves off to everyone. He helped her with her coat, and she gushed that the evening could change everything for them. He kissed her cheek, and she tried to hide her disgust.

In prison, Victor thanked Michael for visiting him, and he asked if Michael had gotten what Victor had asked for. Later, Victor thanked Michael for a job well done. Michael pushed Victor to reveal details about his plan, but Victor refused. Victor wished Michael a happy new year, and a frustrated Michael departed.

At Gloworm, Gloria made a comment to Lauren about being alone on New Year's Eve, but Lauren replied that Michael would be there soon. Gloria clarified that she had been referring to herself, but Lauren assured her that Gloworm would be filled with friends and paying customers that evening. Gloria couldn't wait to put the year behind her, and Lauren realized that Gloria still missed Jeffrey. Gloria complained that Jeffrey hadn't even sent a holiday card, but she was grateful that she could rely on her family.

Jack and Genevieve arrived outside Gloworm, and he proclaimed that he was very happy and that he couldn't remember when he'd felt so optimistic about the future. He declared that he couldn't wait to marry her. She said that many bad things had happened that year, until she'd met him, and she felt blessed to have him in her life. They kissed and then entered the restaurant. Meanwhile, a seething Patty lurked in the shadows.

Nick and Avery greeted Jack and Genevieve, and the women exchanged compliments. Nick and Avery headed to the bar, where they made awkward small talk with Lauren about Victor's case. Lauren reported that Michael was at the prison, visiting Victor. Gloria began to lead Nick and Avery to a table, but Nick halted when they encountered Phyllis and Ronan together.

Phyllis sarcastically hoped her and Ronan's presence wouldn't bother Nick and Avery. Avery retorted that once they were seated, they'd forget that Phyllis was even there. Phyllis tried to pick a fight by questioning Avery's nerves of steel, but Nick excused himself to approach Nikki and Deacon, and Avery headed toward their table. Nikki expected Nick to make a scene, but Nick simply wished both of them a happy new year. Nikki asked about his change in attitude, and Nick remarked that he loved Nikki more than he hated Deacon.

Cane and Lily socialized with Jack and Genevieve, and Lily congratulated the couple on their engagement. Genevieve pointedly commented that some people just belonged together, and Cane and Lily knowingly looked at one another. Meanwhile, Patty angrily mused that she was supposed to be with Jack, and she contemplated how to ruin Jack and Genevieve's evening.

At their table, Lily and Cane looked over the pretentious menu, and Cane asked if she really wanted to be there. She thought the extravagant night out was lovely -- for someone else. Jack and Genevieve invited them to join their table, but Cane announced that they had to leave. Genevieve and Jack worried that something was wrong, but Cane simply stated that there was something they had to do. Cane wished Genevieve a happy new year, and he and Lily left. Genevieve remained concerned, but Jack pointed out that people in love did crazy things.

Lauren asked Michael about the prison visit, but he didn't want to talk about it. Nick and Avery joined Michael and Lauren, and Michael revealed that he had no idea what Victor's plan was. Nick groused that his parents were being reckless, and he begged Michael to get Victor released from prison, because only Victor could get Nikki away from Deacon. Avery said that a lot of people were looking for answers, and she hoped one of them would uncover something. Nick and Avery left, and Lauren spat that she wished Michael didn't have to work with Avery, because Avery was trying to free Daisy.

Deacon and Nikki arrived, and he ordered an expensive bottle of champagne with two glasses. He revealed that he'd figured out that Nikki had spiked his drinks the day before. Nikki was surprised that he wasn't angry, but he rationalized that turnabout was fair play. He insisted that she'd shown him that he could stop after a couple of drinks, and he wanted to enjoy the night to its fullest.

Gloria pushed Jack and Genevieve to have their wedding reception at Gloworm, and she inquired whether they'd announced their engagement. Jack complained that they had been trying to keep it quiet, but Gloria had told more people than they had. Gloria called out to all the guests and proposed a toast to the newly engaged Jack and Genevieve, and to all true love. Patty entered the restaurant and glared as the crowd applauded.

Phyllis offered Jack her best wishes, and he thanked her. Nikki approached Jack and congratulated him. He wished he could say the same to her about Deacon, but Nikki assured him that in spite of what everyone thought, she knew exactly what she was doing. Gloria tried to wait on Patty, who claimed that she was there for a take-out order. Gloria sympathized with being alone on New Year's Eve, but Nikki interrupted to request a word in private.

Nikki asked Gloria about Deacon's alibi on the night of Diane's murder. Nikki said that Deacon had confided that he had slipped out for a while, and she questioned whether his story could possibly be true, because it would mean a lot to both her and Victor. Gloria admitted that she hadn't been inside Gloworm the whole time that evening, because she had retreated to her office for a period of time, but Deacon had been there when she had left and had returned. Gloria confirmed that it was possible that Deacon could have stepped out at some point during the evening in question.

Nikki urged Gloria not to tell anyone about their conversation. Nikki stared across the room and appeared to drunkenly shuffle over to Deacon. He suspiciously asked what she and Gloria had been speaking about, and Nikki griped that Gloria thought Nikki was Gloria's ticket into high society. Nikki discovered that their champagne bottle was empty, and she asked Deacon to fetch more. He went to the bar, and she covertly grabbed her coat and slipped outside. Later, Deacon wondered where Nikki had gone.

Just after midnight, Gloria passed out champagne, and Michael and Lauren left to continue their party privately at home. Phyllis and Ronan kissed, but when Phyllis spotted Nick and Avery making out, she pulled Ronan into an even more passionate embrace. Patty made her way across the room and slipped a drug into one of the champagne glasses on Jack and Genevieve's table. Later, Jack and Genevieve returned to their table, and they toasted with the champagne. Jack sipped from the drugged glass.

At Jimmy's, Adam ordered a double scotch. He asked the bartender to leave the bottle, and he poured himself another drink. Adam drowned his sorrows in alcohol. "Happy new year to me," he slurred, as he chugged another shot.

Lily and Cane enjoyed cheeseburgers at Jimmy's. He thanked her for spending time with him, and they playfully bantered over who would win at shuffleboard. Later, the bar crowd boisterously counted down the seconds until midnight, and Cane and Lily retreated outside, where he pulled her into a deep kiss. They gazed longingly at one another, and he declared his love. She professed that she loved him, too, and had never stopped. They continued kissing.

Billy attempted to make a reservation on the soonest available flight home, while Victoria packed their belongings. Victoria suggested that she charter a jet if they couldn't get seats, and she anxiously anticipated their meeting with the adoption agency and the baby's birth mother. Billy secured plane tickets, and they hurried out of their hotel room.

Billy and Victoria arrived home and lamented that they'd missed the stroke of midnight by a minute. They kissed anyway, and he stopped her from going inside, so he could carry her over the threshold. He suggested that they celebrate midnight every hour, as it occurred in other time zones. Victoria said she was starving, and he offered to see what they had in the fridge. She opened the door to check the mail, but she instead found Chelsea, who said she was looking for Liam. Billy returned, and his voice trailed off when he spotted Chelsea.

Sharon stopped by to see Victor in prison. He said that he'd had a feeling she would visit him that evening, and he was glad that she had. She stated that she was always happy to spend time with him. He was relieved that she'd gotten the restraining order against Adam, but she contended that she'd had no choice. Victor thought she deserved better than Adam, and she thanked him for caring.

Victor claimed that he wanted Sharon to live in peace, but she countered that she hadn't felt peaceful or unafraid in a long time. He said that he wanted her to always feel protected, and he knew how to make it happen. He asked her to agree to marry him. Sharon nervously laughed and assumed Victor was joking, but he insisted that he had given it a great deal of thought, and he instructed her to look under the counter. She pulled out a small box, which she opened and discovered a huge engagement ring.

Sharon gazed at the ring and asked if he was trying to get back at Nikki, but Victor swore that his proposal had nothing to do with revenge. Sharon inquired whether Victor was in love with her, and he paused, but he then admitted that he felt a great deal of affection for her. Sharon noted that the idea of marriage was entirely out of the blue, but Victor explained that he felt very comfortable around her, and she agreed that she felt the same way. He pointed out that as his wife, she'd have stability and protection.

Sharon asked what Victor would get out of it, and he understood that he'd spend many years in prison, but he would have comfort knowing that someone he trusted was looking out for his interests. She suggested that Michael could fill that role, and Victor remarked that Michael was a good lawyer, but Victor wanted to be able to look forward to visits from someone he couldn't stop thinking about. Sharon argued that she'd visit him even if they weren't married, but he asked her to think about it, because he thought the arrangement would be good for both of them.

Sharon was speechless, and Victor acknowledged that his proposal had been sudden. He asked her to wear the ring to see what it felt like, and she could make her decision later. Sharon took the ring from the box and slowly placed it on the ring finger of her left hand.

Suddenly, Nikki rushed in, but Victor coldly informed her that she was interrupting. Nikki said it couldn't wait, and Sharon offered to go, but Victor ordered Nikki to leave. Nikki spotted the ring on Sharon's finger and looked devastated.

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