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Kevin and Angelina went on the run, leaving Chloe stranded at the altar. Victoria and Billy had their own impromptu wedding. Nikki wrecked her car, and a guardian angel showed Nikki how desperately her family and friends needed her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 19, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Nikki stumbled into the courtroom, muttering that Victor was innocent. Victoria ran behind her inebriated mother. Adam watched from the back of the courtroom. Victor begged Nikki not to say another word, but she stood before the judge and said, "I know what happened in the park." Victor asked Michael to stop Nikki. Spencer claimed that Nikki was up to a ploy. Michael asked the judge to call a recess. The judge told the bailiff to remove Nikki from the courtroom. As if praying, Nikki clasped her palms together in front of her face and said, "Your honor, please, please listen to me."

Sharon and Avery sat in the gallery. Adam took a seat behind the women and said, "Looks like I got here just in time." Sharon glared at Adam. Slurring her words, Nikki said, "Your honor, my name's Nikki Newman, and you must let me speak." The judge tried to stop Nikki and so did Victor.

Nikki insisted that Victor was lying. Nikki said, "He did not kill Diane. I did." Victor told the judge that Nikki was an alcoholic who'd suffered a relapse and didn't know what she was saying. The bailiff and a guard held Nikki by her shoulders. Before they took Nikki away, she begged Victor to tell the judge the truth. While Nikki continued to defend Victor, Michael stepped forward and told the judge he'd handle Nikki's bail. The judge told Michael that bail could not be arranged until the following day.

Avery stepped out, phoned Nick, and told him that Victor had been sentenced to "25 to life" in prison. Avery also said that Nikki had shown up drunk and was jailed for contempt of court. Back in the courtroom, the judge ordered Victor to be transported to the state penitentiary to begin serving his sentence. Sharon stepped forward and promised Victor she wouldn't give up. Victor replied, "You don't have a choice." Adam watched and listened nearby.

When Nick showed up to visit his mother in jail, Nikki begged him to help his father. Nick asked his mom why she'd burst into the courtroom. Nikki cried that she'd made "such a mess" of everything. Nick asked his mom if she'd killed Diane. Nikki said it had to have been her. Nick asked why she thought she had. Nikki explained that she'd believed that Victoria had done it.

Victoria told Nick that after Nikki was convinced that Victoria was innocent, she'd rushed to the courthouse. Nikki recalled having seen Diane at the park before passing out. She said that when she awoke, she had seen the bloodied rock and realized that she also was splattered with blood. Nick asked his mom if she remembered harming Diane. Nikki said she only remembered the blood. Nick realized that Victor had confessed to protect Nikki.

At the penitentiary, Victor told Michael that it was unnecessary to separate him from the other prisoners because he could take care of himself. Michael replied, "You don't get to make any decisions now because this is what you wanted so damn badly." Victor insisted that he had no other option. Michael told Victor that he didn't have to give up his freedom. Sharon arrived and asked why Victor was inside a protective cell. Michael explained that it was standard procedure to protect high-profile prisoners from other inmates. Sharon said, "You shouldn't be here. It isn't right." Victor told Sharon to get used to it. Sharon glared at Victor.

Sharon told Victor that he wasn't helping Nikki by pleading guilty. Sharon added that Nikki was out of control. She warned that if Nikki kept insisting that she was guilty, authorities would someday believe her and put her in prison, too. Victor leaned in close to the reinforced Plexiglas wall and said, "That cannot happen. I am paying for Diane Jenkins' murder. You all take care of Nikki." Sharon looked frustrated and told Victor that even Nikki agreed that Victor shouldn't be in prison.

In the boardroom at Newman Enterprises, Adam arrived at a meeting with department heads. Adam instructed Connie to convene the board as soon as possible to choose Victor's successor. Connie gasped when Adam announced that Victor would spend the rest of his life in prison. Adam phoned Nick and let him know that the board would meet the following day to name a new CEO. Adam added, "Of course, it's just a formality."

After Nick learned about the board meeting from Adam, he told Victoria that Adam hadn't wasted any time arranging it. Victoria said that Adam had been in court and knew Nick had his hands full with Victor and Nikki. Victoria said she'd phone members of the board and persuade them to side with Nick. Nick said that although he didn't want Adam to be in charge, there was someone else they needed to deal with first.

At Gloworm, Deacon approached his bartender friend and showed off his tailored suit and costly watch. Deacon asked about Gloria, but the friend said she'd taken the day off. Deacon proudly announced that he was married and had important plans with his bride when the friend asked if Deacon could cover a later shift. The bartender served Deacon a nonalcoholic drink on the house, but Deacon slapped a hundred-dollar bill on the bar and instructed the bartender to keep the change. The bartender furrowed his brow and seemed baffled by Deacon's sudden change in financial standing.

Victoria and Nick showed up at Gloworm to confront Deacon. Nick asked Deacon if Nikki had ever mentioned anything about Diane's murder. Deacon claimed Nikki hadn't. Nick said that Nikki had once believed that Victoria had killed Diane. Victoria demanded to know why Nikki had believed that. Deacon said, "Nikki's got to be really messed up if she thinks her own daughter's capable of murder."

Nick told Deacon that Nikki was in the county jail. Victoria explained that Nikki, drunk, had tried to stop Victor's sentencing. Deacon maintained that Nikki needed him. Victoria insisted that he was the last thing her mother needed because he was a slime ball who took advantage of people when they were at their lowest, just as he had with her. Deacon, in a sarcastic tone, said that he couldn't understand Victoria's animosity. He recalled that he'd only slept with Victoria. Deacon added that afterward, Billy had put Victoria's picture on the cover of his magazine, and she had later married Billy.

Nikki sat on a bench in her cell. She was still drunk. Another inmate approached and told Nikki she should be at the country club, having lunch with her fancy lady friends. Slurring her words, Nikki said, "I'm right where I should be."

Deacon showed up. Nikki bristled when he reached through the bars and touched her shoulder. Nikki yelled, "You bastard!" Deacon claimed he was worried because Nikki had been telling weird stories. Nikki yelled, "Get out, you son of a bitch." Nikki summoned the guard and asked her to escort Deacon out. Deacon professed his love, but Nikki told Deacon that she hated him.

Loaded with Christmas packages, Ashley stopped at Crimson Lights to warm herself. She ordered a cappuccino and greeted Billy. Ashley mentioned how despicable Victor had been to Billy after keeping him away from Delia when the ill child had needed her father the most. Ashley admitted that though Victor probably deserved to spend time in jail, something about Diane's murder case just didn't seem right. Billy replied, "He might not have killed Diane, but I think he finally got what was coming to him."

At Genevieve's, Patty listened from the next room as Jack presented Genevieve with a ring and asked her to marry him. Genevieve was stunned by Jack's proposal. Stuttering, Genevieve told Jack she didn't know what to say. Patty sobbed quietly when Jack told Genevieve that he understood what it was like to be in a bad marriage. Jack said, "My first marriage was so miserable. I never got it right, until now." Genevieve happily accepted Jack's proposal. The couple kissed, and Jack said, "I am so in love with you." Patty's wounded feelings turned to anger.

While Genevieve admired her engagement ring, Patty struggled to maintain her composure while she listened to Jack phone Ashley and instruct her and Billy to wait at the coffeehouse. Jack explained that he had an announcement. After Jack ended his call, he asked Genevieve if she was ready to spread their good news. Patty sniffed, and Genevieve called out, "Myrna?" Patty quickly donned her veil, cleared her throat, and asked, "Do you need me?" Patty, sounding hoarse, claimed she'd just returned but wasn't feeling well. Jack was occupied with his cell phone when Genevieve announced that she and Jack planned to marry. Patty rushed out of the room and claimed she was about to become sick.

Billy and Ashley were surprised to hear the great news from Jack and Genevieve. Billy jokingly warned that Genevieve should enter the Abbott family at her own risk. Ashley noted how wonderful it was that all the Abbott children were happy and in love at the same time. Jack said, "Let's keep it that way." Genevieve kissed Jack. Billy was stunned when he read the news about Victor's prison sentence. Ashley rushed out to phone Abby. Billy excused himself to phone Victoria. Jack said, "And I thought this day couldn't get any better."

When Ashley returned, she told Genevieve and Jack that Abby insisted on returning home. Jack said that Abby would be much better off without Victor. Ashley asked Jack how he could be so heartless. Jack said that he recalled what Traci had gone through after losing Colleen. Jack added that he was relieved that the bastard would spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. Jack suggested having lunch to celebrate his engagement and Victor's long-awaited incarceration. Ashley was miffed. Genevieve agreed to celebrate only their engagement at Gloworm.

At Gloworm, Victoria and Nick sat at a table to talk. Victoria asked Nick if perhaps Victor had confessed to protect her because he thought she was guilty. Nick told Victoria that he had joined forces with Phyllis and Ronan to help Victor and Nikki. Victoria agreed that it was a good idea to get Paul involved, as well.

Ashley, Jack, and Genevieve arrived. Ashley asked Nick and Victoria how they were holding up. Victoria said she and her brother had had better days. Victoria added that her mother was going through a rough time. Jack said, "I know Victor's your father, and what he does affects the two of you, but Nikki is the one he always hurts the most."

Back at Genevieve's, Patty remembered watching Jack and Genevieve, wrapped in an afghan, make love on the sofa. Patty picked up the afghan and ripped it down the middle. She threw a tantrum and screamed repeatedly, "I hate you!" Patty later poked at a fire in the fireplace while she listened to Christmas carols on the radio. A news announcer interrupted programming and reported that Victor had been sentenced in the death of his ex-wife, Diane Jenkins. The reporter added that an intoxicated Nikki had burst into the courtroom during proceedings. Patty gasped, stood abruptly, and dropped the fireplace poker.

Later, Patty snipped the thread after completing the final stitch of an embroidered saying on a throw pillow. Patty held up the pillow and admired her work. The pillow stated, "Alcohol doesn't get you Drunk, Bartenders Do." Afterward, Patty tossed the pillow into the roaring fire.

Billy again phoned Victoria from the coffeehouse and left a message instructing her to meet him at home. Phyllis stopped by and told Billy he was just the man she wanted to see. Phyllis pleaded with Billy to give her back her job. She insisted that she could help Victor and Nikki because she was convinced that they hadn't killed Diane. Phyllis vowed to keep digging until she discovered who had killed Diane.

Phyllis told Billy that if he ran her stories in Restless Style, it would cast doubt on Victor's testimony. Billy said that Victoria would never forgive him if he hired Phyllis back. Phyllis insisted that Billy would be forgiven if she, Nick, and Ronan, working together, cleared Victor and Nikki of murder. Billy said he'd consider hiring Phyllis if she came up with a story to clear Victor and Nikki.

Avery approached Michael at the coffeehouse and noted that no one enjoyed losing in court. Michael told Avery that though he didn't like the idea of her helping Daisy, he knew that she could help get Victor free because it was her specialty to free people who didn't belong in prison. Sharon showed up and told Michael that Victor was stubborn. Avery said she'd never helped release someone who fought to stay in prison.

Sharon saw Adam at the bar and walked up to him. She asked, "How did you make me believe you had a heart, Adam?" Adam asked if he was supposed to be broken up because his father was locked up for life. Sharon reminded Adam that Victor was innocent. Adam replied, "Not according to him." Sharon told Adam that he had no idea what it was like to love someone so much that he'd give up his life for that person.

Inside Ronan's motel room, Nick concluded that Phyllis, clad only in a towel, had been having sex with Ronan. Phyllis noted that Nick had no right to condemn her, because he'd been having sex with Avery. Nick asked for Ronan's assistance because Victor was about to reenter his guilty plea in court. Nick insisted that his father was innocent. Phyllis explained that she and Ronan also believed Victor was innocent and had been trying to find the real murderer. Ronan said he had no proof that Victor wasn't telling the truth, so he wouldn't be able to stop Victor from entering a guilty plea.

Nick was exasperated when Ronan explained that he'd been fired from the Genoa City Police Department and forced to take an unpaid vacation from the FBI. Ronan added that he was still working to uncover the truth. Phyllis said she was helping Ronan. Phyllis told Nick, who complained about the Restless Style article, that Victor was likely covering for Nikki. Ronan showed Nick the video of Nikki lying on the grass next to Diane. Nikki's white blouse was splattered with blood. In Nikki's hand was a bloodied rock. Phyllis told Nick that they had been unable to trace the source of the video.

Nick, stunned by the haunting images, said, "My mom could have killed Diane." Ronan said he'd concluded that someone had been purposely misdirecting him by supplying photos, videos, and audio recordings. Ronan added that the person was currently implicating Nikki. Nick offered money, access to planes, and the necessary equipment Ronan needed to catch the real killer. Ronan warned that the truth could possibly implicate both of Nick's parents. Nick flatly replied, "I'm not afraid of the truth." Nick wanted to show the video to Spencer, but Ronan warned that if they did, Nikki might end up in a cell next to Victor's.

After Nick left, Ronan phoned a friend who worked with information technology at the FBI. After the call ended, Ronan told Phyllis that his friend wasn't eager to help. Phyllis mentioned Nick's offer to help and suggested that Ronan might be able to persuade his friend. Ronan noted that Phyllis seemed disappointed because Nick hadn't been overly upset when he discovered that she was sleeping with him. Phyllis acted nonchalant and quipped that it would have been nice to be missed.

After Phyllis left, Ronan received a call from Assistant District Attorney Kersh, who announced that he'd assigned Ronan to a case in Honolulu. Ronan noted that he'd been braving freezing temperatures in Wisconsin, so it seemed too good to be true to receive an assignment in Hawaii.

Ronan later visited Victor in prison and greeted him with, "Aloha, Victor." Ronan told Victor that he'd just become more suspicious because Victor had tried to arrange a plum assignment for him in Hawaii. Victor warned Ronan to drop the case. Ronan explained that he'd been fired from the force. Ronan and Victor argued, but Ronan insisted he would persevere to find the real killer.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At Newman Enterprises, Lauren and Michael were waiting in the conference room for the board of directors meeting. Michael explained that Victor really did not want Nick to beat Adam for the CEO position, even thought Lauren was certain that with her vote, Victoria, and Nick, they'd only need one vote more to put Nick in charge. Lauren greeted Tucker and welcomed him to the meeting then lobbied him to vote in Nick's favor. Tucker was well aware of Adam's shortcomings, but Tucker was unsure how he'd vote. Lauren said that she was glad that Tucker was on the board. Lauren greeted more members as they arrived.

At Gloworm, Jack and Genevieve confronted Adam, and Jack mentioned that Adam should be on his way to the Newman board meeting. Adam was curious that Jack seemed to be anxious to find out if Adam was going to assume control of the company while Victor was in jail. Adam left, and Genevieve wondered why Jack was so interested in the Newman board meeting. Jack told Genevieve he'd back Adam's candidacy if it meant Jack would be able to get his hands on Beauty of Nature.

Gloria was speaking with Chloe about the wedding. When Deacon appeared, Gloria told Deacon that she'd need him for more shifts behind the bar in the next few days because of the holidays. Deacon announced to Gloria and Chloe that he was done bartending because he was going to be busy attending to his bride. Deacon quit his job. Gloria asked Deacon to give her two weeks notice, but Deacon refused to even give Gloria another day, and he walked out. Chloe was uptight about her wedding plans and hoped that Kevin would handle the decorations at the chapel. Gloria apologized to Chloe for having said nasty things about her in the past. Gloria believed that Chloe and Kevin were made for each other.

Kevin finished decorating the chapel for a Christmas wedding and thanked Devon and Daniel for their help. Angelina wanted to rehearse her music. Devon mentioned that he'd written a song for Kevin and Chloe's wedding. Angelina announced that she'd sing it for the ceremony, and even though Kevin said it was too much, Angelina loved the idea. Chloe appeared and approved of the way Kevin had decorated the chapel, but when she heard Angelina's singing, Chloe flipped out. Devon advised Angelina to pay attention to the lyrics and sing the words like she meant them.

Daniel, Kevin, and Chloe entered the chapel, and when Angelina saw Kevin, her singing improved. Devon was stunned and told Angelina she sounded great. Kevin asked Angelina, Devon, and Daniel go to the studio and rehearse. Angelina mentioned that she was going with Kevin and Chloe on the honeymoon. Chloe said no way. Kevin reminded Chloe that they were doing it for the deed to the dream house. Chloe warned Kevin that Angelina could not go with them on the honeymoon.

Daniel spoke with Chloe about giving Kevin some slack. Daniel wondered if Chloe was really certain that her love for Kevin was the real thing. Chloe assured Daniel that she loved Kevin with all her heart. Chloe said that she was ready for the wedding.

Adam arrived at the conference room for the board meeting. Adam approached Tucker and explained that he'd never tried to buy Tucker's vote. If Tucker thought that, he was misinformed. Tucker told Adam that he understood the situation.

At the jail, Nikki was released, and Victoria and Nick embraced her when she walked into the hallway. Nikki wanted them to get to the Newman board meeting. Nikki was sober and alert and said she knew what she had to do. At Gloworm, Nikki apologized to her children. Victoria and Nick asked if Nikki truly believed that she'd killed Diane. Nikki said she had been "speaking out of my head."

Nikki asked Nick and Victoria to believe in her again, then she sent them to the board meeting. Gloria delivered a meal for Nikki and then revealed that Deacon had quit his job. Nikki assured Gloria that there were other bartenders in town. Gloria needled Nikki about being a suspect in Diane's murder, adding that Deacon had an alibi for the murder because he'd been working at Gloworm that night.

Gloria and Angelo delivered a magnum of champagne to Jack and Genevieve to congratulate them on their engagement. Gloria urged them to set a wedding date and have the reception at Gloworm. Genevieve realized that Jack was still thinking about the Newman meeting. Jack called the minister and then he and Genevieve agreed to a January wedding. Later, they went to the chapel, and Genevieve agreed that it was a lovely spot to be married. Genevieve appreciated that Jack was a good man, but Jack said he wasn't really that good. Jack didn't like the idea of being too good. Genevieve said she liked that about him because she was the same way.

Kevin met with Angelo at Gloworm, explaining that Angelo had to leave Kevin alone on the honeymoon with Chloe, meaning that Angelina could not tag along. Angelo inferred that if Kevin got his way, Chloe's dream house would be smaller than planned. Angelo was overjoyed to hear that Angelina was going to sing at the wedding. Angelo insisted that he and Kevin go to the studio to listen to Angelina rehearse.

At the studio, Angelina did the song again and was awful. Devon asked her why she wasn't able to sing the way she had at the church. When Kevin and Angelo arrived, Angelina's singing improved. Angelo realized that Angelina was looking at Kevin like he was her hero. Chloe said that Angelina could sing at the wedding, but not go on the honeymoon.

Kevin told Angelina that Angelo had given him time off for the honeymoon. Chloe complimented Angelina on her singing. Angelina sneaked off to call Carmine and ask for his help.

Sharon visited Victor in prison, even though he wanted her to stay away. Sharon told Victor she knew he was simply taking the fall for Nikki. Victor insisted that his confession was the right thing to do, and he was where he belonged. Sharon said that she appreciated all the good that Victor had done for her when she was behind bars. Nikki appeared, and Sharon left so that Victor could speak with Nikki privately. Victor accepted Nikki's apology and said she was ill. Nikki admitted that she was a lush and belonged behind bars more than Victor did.

Nikki told Victor that she was determined to find out what had really happened the night of the murder. Nikki mentioned that she'd learned that Deacon could not have seen anything that night in the park because he'd been working at Gloworm. Nikki realized that Deacon had conned her. Victor offered to ship Deacon out of town immediately, but Nikki wanted to pleasure of getting rid of Deacon on her own.

Sharon stopped Victor from returning to his cell. Sharon said that she had survived in jail because of Victor's loyalty, and she would be just as loyal to Victor as long as he was behind bars. Victor finally relented and agreed to listen to Sharon.

Nick and Victoria arrived for the meeting. Michael left a note to be read from Victor after the election. Lauren ran the meeting and said the vote was on tap. Adam suggested that everybody be polled. Nick had three votes. Adam had three votes.

Victoria and Nick pointed out to Tucker that Adam was a problem for Newman Enterprises because of his troublesome background. Lauren spoke up for Nick as the best man to run the company. Adam asked Tucker to vote for him because Adam was a better businessman. Adam told Tucker to be a risk-taker and not worry about being a nice guy.

Tucker said that his vote would be in the best interest of Newman Enterprises. Tucker voted for Adam. Lauren said Tucker had made a mistake. Nick was insulted. Tucker suggested that Victor's letter, the one Michael had taken to the meeting, be read. Adam read it to the board, and in it, Victor said the members should stand behind the new CEO. Adam thought Victor was a savvy businessman and would be pleased with Adam having won the position. Nick and Victoria confronted Tucker, but Tucker said that Adam had won fair and square.

Later, Adam ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon was shocked that Adam had beaten Nick in the board of directors vote. Sharon assumed that Adam had gotten everything he wanted.

Jack received a text message that Adam had been voted in as the CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jack was determined to use Adam to get what he wanted, which was acquiring Beauty of Nature. At the prison, Michael informed Victor of the vote. Victor said that his plan had gone exactly as he'd wanted it. Michael hoped the plan would be successful.

At Gloworm, Nikki told Deacon that he was a liar. Nikki informed Deacon that Gloria had told her that Deacon had been working all night on the night Diane had been murdered. Nikki wanted to annul her marriage to Deacon, but he said he wanted to continue to be married to Nikki. When she offered to pay him off and send Deacon away, Deacon claimed that he only wanted to stay with her.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

At the chapel, Devon arrived for the Christmas pageant and heard the choir rehearsing. Devon stepped inside and saw Harmony leading the kids in song, encouraging the children. Harmony looked over and saw that Devon was watching her. Harmony was glad to see him. Alone with Devon, Harmony explained that she'd gotten involved with the church because she wanted to give back to the community. Harmony wished she'd been involved like that when Devon and Ana were children. Harmony told Devon how happy she was to see him there.

Jill overheard Kay on the telephone, making plans. Jill questioned Kay about the mysterious phone call and reminded Kay that her surprises for Devon and Tucker had not been successful. Kay said that she had a Christmas surprise planned for someone special. Jill was skeptical about Kay's plotting. Jill told Kay that Devon would not appreciate her meddling in his life, but Jill agreed to stay out of Kay's way. Jill wished Kay a merry Christmas and then left the house.

At Gloworm over dinner, Neil and Sofia talk about a Christmas gift for Lily and the twins. Ashley and Tucker stopped at the table, and Ashley congratulated them on their wedding. Ashley cooed over baby Moses and told Sofia that she'd be glad to babysit if Sofia and Neil needed a night alone together. Ashley and Tucker arranged to meet Sofia and Neil at the Christmas pageant. Privately, Ashley complimented Neil on his domesticity, telling him how important children were. Alone with Sofia, Tucker asked her if she'd confessed her true feelings of love to Neil. Sofia said that she hadn't found the right moment and was waiting until after Christmas.

At Lily's, the twins worked with Lily and Cane to make Christmas ornaments. Lily said that they'd save them for when the kids were older and put them on the tree each year. Lily asked Cane to help her dress the kids for the Christmas pageant.

Sofia and Neil arrived at the chapel and said hello to Harmony and Devon. Harmony congratulated them on their wedding. Lily, Cane, and the kids arrived, followed by Tucker and Ashley. Kay walked in and said she had a surprise for Harmony. Ana entered, and Devon rushed to hug his little sister.

Harmony looked shocked to see her daughter, but Kay was very pleased. Everyone was excited to see Ana again. Ashley and Tucker explained to Sofia that Kay had flown Ana in to see Devon because Ana lived with their aunt out of town. Kay introduced Harmony to Ana. Harmony thought Ana was lovely, and they each wished each other a Merry Christmas.

Billy and Delia worked on the Christmas decorations outside the house. Inside, Victoria emerged from the kitchen with unburned cookies. Delia told Billy and Victoria that she loved Christmas. Delia wasn't allowed to go to the pageant because she was still recovering from her operation, so Billy was going to spend the evening with her. Billy wanted Victoria to go out for a while so he and Delia could prepare Victoria's Christmas gift. Alone together, Delia and Billy wrapped Victoria's present. Billy told Delia that he'd be hanging her stocking but he only deserved coal in his stocking. Delia asked if Billy had been bad, and he admitted that he could have been better.

At the penthouse, Michael and Lauren told Phyllis they had presents for Lucy. As they put the gifts under the tree, Michael mentioned that Adam was the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis hadn't heard about the Newman board meeting vote. Lauren was surprised that Phyllis had not heard from Nick since he'd lost by one vote.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Adam that she wasn't interested in hearing about his victory at the board meeting. Nick walked in and saw Sharon with Adam, assuming the worst. Adam went to the counter. Nick confronted Sharon and asked if she and Adam were seeing each other again. Adam intervened and said it had been a coincidence that they were both at the coffeehouse. Adam walked away.

Sharon told Nick that Adam had approached her, but Nick didn't believe her. Sharon suggested that they get together with Faith after the pageant for some family time. Nick said no to Sharon because he didn't like that she'd been associating with Adam again. Nick explained that Faith meant everything to him, and he doubted Sharon felt the same way. After Nick left, Adam returned to Sharon's side to see if she was okay. Sharon asked Adam to leave her alone, then she walked out.

At Gloworm, Nick and Victoria met to discuss how to deal with Adam, since he was the new CEO. Nick told Victoria that Adam had been with Sharon at Crimson Lights. Victoria told Nick that Sharon could not be trusted and advised him to stay away from her. Victoria assumed that Adam had everything he wanted -- the CEO job and Sharon, too. Adam went to the Newman offices and sat alone in the dark.

Later, Victoria went to the coffeehouse. She saw a young child at play with her mother and pined to have another child. Jill went to visit Billy and Delia at the house. Jill mentioned that Billy and Victoria needed to work on having a baby. Billy said the most important thing was enjoying Christmas, Jesus' birthday, with his daughter. Delia asked about Jesus' birthday, and Billy told her the story of Christ's birth.

Sharon went to the chapel and saw Faith with the babysitter. Sharon took her daughter in her arms and hugged Faith tight. Reverend Campbell appeared, and Kay announced to everyone that Ana was going to be singing in the pageant. Phyllis arrived with Michael and Lauren. A moment later, Nick showed up.

Phyllis told Nick how bad she felt bad about the Newman vote. Nick said he was more concerned about Faith. Phyllis couldn't believe that Sharon had rebounded to Adam again. Phyllis compared Sharon turning to Nick's brother to Nick taking up with Phyllis' sister Avery. Nick walked away rather than fight with Phyllis.

As the pageant began, all the children were taking part. They sang "Joy to the World" while all the parents watched and proudly took pictures. Harmony was proud of how well they sang. Sharon beamed as she watched Faith. Sofia and Neil saw Moses lying in the cradle and smiled proudly.

Ana stepped to the microphone and sang "O Holy Night." Devon was thrilled to hear his sister. Sofia smiled to Neil, but he didn't return the sentiment. Kay watched Harmony to gauge her reaction. Victoria stood in the back of the chapel and listened. There was applause for Ana when she finished.

Before leaving, Jill complimented Billy on being a good father. She kissed him and wished Delia a Merry Christmas, too. Delia told Billy she was overjoyed to have her daddy back home again. Victoria returned home a while later and asked Billy where he'd put her Christmas present. Billy placed a bow on his chest, indicating that he was her present. Victoria said she loved that because Billy had always been her favorite gift. Billy and Victoria kissed lovingly.

Ana said goodbye to Harmony. Kay asked Harmony if she was all right, but Harmony walked out in a rush. Neil and Sofia were leaving and said they'd stop at Lily's for some eggnog. Nick told Summer that she had been wonderful in the pageant and Phyllis agreed. Phyllis asked Nick to stop over later, but he explained that he had Faith for the night. Phyllis and Summer left alone. Nick took Faith in his arms, and Sharon asked Nick to include her in the plans for the evening because she wanted to be with Nick and Faith.

At Lily's, Sofia and Neil helped with the kids. Cane said that he had to leave. Before he left, Lily gave him a big kiss. Back at the mansion, Kay asked Harmony if she was okay about the surprise. Harmony claimed that she was handling it. Kay thought Ana seemed interested in getting to know Harmony. Harmony didn't think Devon and Ana would ever forgive Harmony for cheating them out of a happy childhood. Kay thought that Harmony had a lot to offer her children.

Ana and Devon went to Crimson Lights after the pageant. As they spoke about Harmony, Devon told his sister that Kay had an agenda for helping the two of them. Ana said that Kay had paid for Ana's school tuition before she knew that Devon was her grandchild. Ana told Devon that everyone deserved a second chance.

At the coffeehouse, Lauren and Michael were proud of Finn's performance in the pageant. As a reward, Michael gave Finn a few dollars and sent him to the counter to buy a treat. Michael wondered what Lauren wanted for Christmas. Lauren told Michael that she wanted more family time together. Michael wanted to say yes to a family ski trip, but he had to check his schedule because Victor needed him.

Tucker and Ashley were at Gloworm, and he announced that his gift for Ashley was a trip to Los Angeles to see Abby. Ashley was thrilled and thanked Tucker for being so considerate. Ashley wondered what Tucker would give to Devon for Christmas. Tucker didn't know what to give Devon except to honor Devon's wishes to give him space.

At the penthouse, Phyllis and Summer worked on decorating a gingerbread house. Summer wished that Nick were there to help them. Phyllis was frustrated with Nick because he was spending family time with Faith instead of Summer. At the chapel, Sharon asked Nick to let her be with Faith and him for the evening. Nick said no and walked out of the chapel.

Sharon walked to the altar and looked at the manger scene. Adam walked in through the back door and saw Sharon. He left without saying a word to her.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

At the chapel with Michael, Kevin was uptight about the wedding. Michael teased Michael, but when Angelo appeared and wanted Kevin to leave with him to go to the studio to help Angelina with her singing, Michael was furious. Kevin agreed to give Angelo five minutes, but then he would be rushing back to the chapel for his wedding. Angelo and Kevin left.

A short time later, Lauren, Finn, Gloria, Eden, and Daniel entered the chapel and said hello to Michael. Genevieve and Jack arrived with Kyle and the others greeted them. Everyone applauded the news that Kyle had been accepted into an elite ice hockey school in Lake Placid, New York. Jack said it was a great opportunity for Kyle, even though it would mean that Kyle would have to leave Genoa City. Genevieve was sorry that he would be away, but Jack assured her that Kyle would be home to visit often. Lauren learned that Jack and Genevieve were engaged and congratulated them.

Phyllis appeared alone, explaining that Summer had the sniffles. Phyllis wondered why Nick had not shown up. A moment later, Nick arrived with Avery and Faith. Michael was concerned about Kevin's whereabouts and constantly checked his cell phone for a message from Kevin. Phyllis told Nick that Summer had the sniffles and was home in bed. Phyllis needled Nick about spending more time with Summer, his other daughter. Nick looked pained.

At the mansion, Kay, Jill, Billy, and Victoria tried to make Delia feel better about her being unable to go to the wedding because of her medical issues. Chloe entered the room and was sad that Delia had to remain at home. Billy received a call from Delia's doctor and learned that Delia's white blood count was at the right level so that she'd be able to attend the wedding after all. Delia was overjoyed. Kay declared that it was a Christmas miracle.

A short time later, Delia was in her flower girl outfit and looked lovely. Billy admired his daughter and then Victoria entered in her Christmas red bridesmaid dress. Billy acted nonchalant, but Victoria dazzled him. Chloe appeared in her white wedding dress, and Murphy declared that Kevin was a lucky guy.

Victoria was surprised that she'd be standing up for Chloe in the wedding, and they both were surprised that they'd become such good friends. Jill and Kay approved of their friendship. Kay said everyone needed love and support. Esther, Victoria, Delia, and Chloe all hugged each other supportively.

At the music studio, Devon explained to Kevin that Angelina sang better when Kevin was in her line of vision. Devon explained that Angelina's recording had to be done immediately to make it into the singing competition, and there was no other time to get it done. Kevin agreed to stay for one recording. Angelo told Kevin he wouldn't regret cooperating. Angelina sang again and Angelo was grateful to Kevin because his daughter sounded great.

Angelo told Kevin he was leaving for the church to be with Gloria. Angelo warned Kevin to remain with Angelina until she went to the chapel to sing for the wedding. When she was finished, Devon applauded Angelina's performance. Kevin wanted to leave for the chapel and urged Angelina to hurry. Angelina keeled over suddenly, and Kevin stopped in his tracks.

In the parking lot, Kevin tried to get Angelina into his car so they could get to the chapel. Kevin asked Angelina if she needed to go to the hospital, wondering if she was truly ill. Angelina told Kevin that she was pregnant. Kevin was shocked and wondered how Carmine had been with her to impregnate Angelina when Kevin had been guarding her. Angelina didn't offer specifics, but insisted that she was not lying.

Suddenly, shots rang out, and Kevin and Angelina dove behind the car. Kevin thought Angelo had ordered a hit on him because Angelina was pregnant. Angelina said that wasn't Angelo who had ordered the shooting; it was Carmine. Angelina said that Carmine was jealous and would hurt Kevin and Chloe. Kevin pushed Angelina into the car, and they drove off.

Billy went to the chapel, and Nick introduced Avery to him. Murphy showed up for the wedding and told Genevieve and Jack that Delia would be in the wedding party after all. Jack quizzed Billy about when Billy and Victoria were going to remarry. Billy said it would happen when it happened.

Jill and Kay arrived at the chapel, and when Jill heard about Jack and Genevieve's engagement, she freaked out. Jill warned Jack that Genevieve would take over Jabot. Jill and Genevieve exchanged barbs. Lauren noticed Eden and Daniel whispering together. Lauren was curious about Eden and Daniel's closeness, but Eden and Daniel claimed that it was no big deal. Lauren wondered if Kevin knew about Daniel and Eden's relationship.

Michael was upset when Angelo appeared at the church without Kevin and Angelina in tow. Angelo said that they were on their way, but Michael was stressed. The bridal party showed up, and Michael was alarmed because Kevin had yet to arrive. When Victoria and Chloe asked Michael what was wrong, Michael said there'd be a slight delay. Chloe tried not to become alarmed.

At Gloworm, Nikki was unhappy when she ran into Deacon. Nikki was looking for Michael, and Deacon admitted that he'd lured her there on false pretenses. Nikki was furious and thought that Deacon was insane to think she'd want to be with him. Deacon suggested that Nikki go with him to an A.A. meeting. Nikki blamed Deacon for lying to her about the night of Diane's murder. Nikki said she no longer believed Deacon's lies. Deacon grabbed Nikki by the arms and said the he would not allow her to annul their marriage. Nikki explained that Deacon had no choice.

At the prison, Victor entered the visitor's room and saw that Sharon was there to see him, and she'd decorated with a small Christmas tree. Sharon wished Victor a merry Christmas. Victor was grateful, but wanted Sharon to leave. Victor said that Sharon should not spend Christmas Eve in prison. Sharon did not want to be alone on Christmas and asked Victor to allow her to stay.

The door opened, and Nikki appeared. Nikki was shocked to see Sharon there, and wondered why she wasn't spending the holiday with her children. Sharon explained that Nick had Faith, and Noah was in New York, so Sharon was on her own. Victor gruffly asked Nikki why she was there to see him. Nikki wanted to finish their earlier talk, but he said they had nothing more to discuss.

Nikki was hurt by Victor's chilly attitude. Nikki walked out, feeling rejected. Sharon realized Victor was trying to shut everyone out. Victor took a seat and said that neither Nikki nor Sharon should spend the holiday with him.

Sharon unwrapped a Christmas gift for Victor. Sharon had bought him a variety of books and suggested that they start their own book club. Victor smiled and said she'd put him in the holiday spirit. Sharon said the Newman family had taught her about true Christmas spirit. Sharon recalled her sad childhood, but knew Victor's youth had been even worse. Victor said he'd embraced Christmas only when he was an adult and had children and grandchildren. Sharon began reading A Christmas Carol, and Victor listened.

Chloe demanded to know where Kevin was and told Angelo to answer her questions. Kevin was driving to the church, but Angelina insisted that Carmine would find them there. Angelina told Kevin that she could handle Carmine, but it would take a few days before they'd be safe. Angelina recommended that they go out of town. Kevin was enraged and reminded Angelina that he was supposed to be marrying Chloe in a short time. Angelina said that Carmine could find them at the church, and if Kevin wanted to protect Chloe, Kevin would go on the run with Angelina.

Michael and Victoria were certain that Kevin would not miss the wedding. The phone rang, and Chloe received a call from Kevin. Chloe was stunned that Kevin wanted to call off the wedding. Kevin explained that something had happened and asked Chloe to give him some time to think things over. Kevin didn't want Chloe to be hurt by a rushed wedding. Chloe assumed he didn't want to marry her.

Kevin said he wouldn't be at the church because something terrible might happen to Chloe, and he didn't want to see it. Chloe accepted Kevin's decision. Kevin explained he'd be gone a few days, and when he returned, he'd have answers for Chloe. Kevin apologized, and when Chloe hung up, Kevin threw the phone aside.

Chloe told the others that there'd be no Christmas wedding after all. Chloe thought the church looked great, and she didn't want all the hard work to go to waste. Victoria offered to make the announcement to the guests about the canceled wedding. Victoria went to the doorway.

Billy sympathized with Chloe. Billy asked Chloe if she'd do something for him. Chloe was astonished, but she realized what Billy wanted from her. Chloe gave Billy the go-ahead. As Victoria began to address the guests, Billy fed Victoria the words, instructing her to tell everyone that since everyone was all dressed up and it was Christmas Eve, she hoped that they would join her and Billy in a wedding. Victoria said she was marrying Billy again. Billy explained that he'd been looking for a sign, and this was it. Chloe went to Victoria and told her that she'd be really happy if Victoria and Billy used the chapel for their wedding. Everyone applauded happily. Chloe fought back tears.

At Gloworm, Nikki sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Deacon watched her drinking, then went to Nikki's side and told her she didn't want to drink. Nikki asked Deacon to pour her a drink. Deacon wondered who'd pushed Nikki back to the bottle. Deacon insisted that he wanted to take care of Nikki, but she continued drinking. Deacon said that he was grateful to have Nikki in his life. Nikki received a text message that Victoria and Billy were getting married at the chapel. Nikki refused to take a cab and raced out to her car.

Victoria asked if Chloe would stand with her at the altar. Phyllis told Daniel that she was shocked that everyone was so calm. Gloria was certain that Kevin loved Chloe. Michael said he'd help Kevin through whatever ordeal he was experiencing. Jill realized that she was the mother of the groom and had to get ready. Kay wondered about the mother of the bride. Kay claimed that Nikki had texted that she was on her way.

Nikki was passed out behind the wheel after her car had crashed into a tree.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nikki awakened behind the wheel of her crashed car and called Victoria's name. She picked up her cell phone and reread Katherine's text message about the wedding, and she told herself that she had to get there before it was too late. Nikki ran into the church, but she found it empty. She called out for Victoria and Billy, and she became despondent when no one responded. She spotted the bridal bouquet and wailed that that she had missed the ceremony. She looked up at the altar and begged for God to help her.

Nikki started to head toward the back of the church, but she collapsed into a pew and began to sob. A woman handed her a handkerchief, and Nikki apologized, because she had thought she had been alone. Nikki wiped away her tears and asked if the woman worked there, and the woman explained that she helped to look after things. Nikki inquired about the wedding, but the woman replied that she'd just arrived. The woman implored Nikki to stay, because Colonel Austin and John Abbott had agreed that something needed to be done. Nikki became incensed and demanded to know who the woman was. The woman claimed that she was Nikki's guardian angel.

Nikki stared at the angel in shock and assumed that she herself was imagining things while in a drunken stupor. The angel insisted that she was real and that Nikki should have more faith. Nikki suggested that the angel fly away to take care of "the George Baileys of the world," because Nikki considered herself to be a lost cause, but the angel countered that no one was. Nikki turned to leave, and the angel noted that Nikki had been strong since her youth, when Nikki had dealt with her mother's death and her father's abuse. Nikki flashed back to when her father had ominously approached her and had told her that they'd always be good enough for one another.

Nikki mused that she hadn't talked about or thought about her childhood in years, but the angel pointed out that it was part of who Nikki was. The angel stated that she knew everything about Nikki, from the day Nikki had been born. Nikki lamented that she'd made many wrong choices, but the angel insisted that Nikki had just been trying to find her way. Nikki pointed out that Casey had turned out fine, and she compared Casey's education and career choices to her own.

Nikki flashed back to Casey blasting Nikki for letting her down time and time again, and Casey had refused to count on Nikki any longer. Nikki had then talked to Cash about how cheap she'd felt, and he had hugged her and had called her a sensitive lady, but Nikki had condemned herself for becoming a stripper. The angel encouraged Nikki to be proud of what Nikki had become since then, but Nikki said she had become what she always had been -- nothing.

Nikki tried to leave, but the angel suddenly appeared to block the door in the vestibule. The angel said that every life had meaning, but Nikki insisted that she herself was a terrible person for missing her daughter's wedding. Nikki assumed that Victoria wouldn't want to speak to her again, and the angel urged her to find out. The angel offered Nikki her hand, and Nikki reluctantly took it. The angel explained that everything Nikki was about to see were events that could happen that night.

At Victoria and Billy's home, Nikki and the angel watched as Victoria, Billy, and Delia reflected upon how special it had been for Delia to attend the wedding. Nikki surmised that Victoria hadn't missed Nikki and that Victoria was probably relieved that Nikki hadn't created a drunken scene. Billy escorted Delia upstairs, and Victoria picked up a present from under the Christmas tree. Victoria wistfully read the tag, which was addressed to Nikki. Nikki cried that she'd let Victoria down, and she flashed back to tucking a young Victoria into bed.

Billy returned and reported that Delia had fallen asleep. He noticed Victoria's glum demeanor, and Victoria admitted that she had been thinking about Nikki. Victoria remarked that she'd known that Victor wouldn't be at the wedding, but she was disappointed that Nikki hadn't shown up, and she expressed concern about her mother. The angel advised Nikki to never think that her kids didn't want her around, but Nikki felt responsible for Victoria's sadness. Victoria commented that Nikki had always been there to make her feel safe, but she worried that Nikki was in a dark place, and she wished that she could help.

Victoria prayed to God to help Nikki find her way back again. The angel counseled Nikki never to underestimate Nikki's value to her children, and she took Nikki's hand. They appeared back in the church. Nikki said she'd always wanted her children to feel loved, but for every little thing she'd done right, she'd also done something wrong. Nikki bemoaned that her relationships hadn't lasted, she had no career, and she was an alcoholic. The angel recognized that Nikki was human, and Nikki was amazed by the angel's kindness.

Nikki wished that she could go back and set a better example for her children, but the angel opined that Victoria and Nick had turned out just fine. Nikki and the angel appeared at the tack house, where Nick was reading Faith a book. Nick recalled that Nikki had read the same story to him when he had been little, and he said that it wouldn't be Christmas without it. Nikki called him a devoted parent, and the angel noted that it hadn't happened by accident. Nick marveled over how big Faith was getting, and he assured the girl that even when she was old enough to leave the house to live elsewhere, it would always be her home.

Nikki flashed back to Nick comforting her after a breakup with Victor. She had admitted that she had been lonely, but she had been happy to have her son home, and they had embraced. The angel said that Nikki's children needed their mother and always would. Sharon entered the tack house and wished Faith a Merry Christmas, and Nick explained that he wanted both parents to tuck Faith in. Sharon asked what had made him change his mind, and he said he had realized how sad he would have been if Nikki hadn't been there on Christmas when he had been young.

Nick wished that he could make Nikki understand that he was there for her, just like she had been there for him a million times. He flashed back to Nikki supporting him after Noah's premature birth and telling him that miracles could happen. The angel called Nikki the glue that had kept the Newman family together, and she credited Nikki with instilling the best parts of her children. Nick prayed for joy and peace on earth, and he asked God to look out for Victor and Nikki and to let Nikki know that she wasn't alone. The angel revealed that Nikki's kids weren't the only ones praying for Nikki.

A morose Katherine looked out the window at the Chancellor mansion. Murphy inquired whether there had been any word from Nikki, but Katherine suspected that Nikki was at a bar among strangers instead of with her family. Katherine wished that Nikki had sought help from Katherine, and Nikki murmured that Katherine had helped her immeasurably. The angel pointed out that Nikki had helped Katherine, too. Katherine recalled that Nikki had seen her through the worst times of her life, and she flashed back to Nikki offering to ride with Katherine to Rex's funeral. Nikki had promised that Katherine wouldn't be alone, and she had held a sobbing Katherine.

The angel called Katherine a fighter, and she implored Nikki to see herself through Katherine's eyes. Murphy retreated upstairs, and Katherine sat in front of the fire and vowed to help Nikki. She asked God to not let Nikki give up on herself. The angel pointed out that Nikki had given a great deal to her family and friends, and she asserted that Nikki wasn't "nothing." Nikki said it didn't erase what she'd done, and she doubted that Victor had any hope, because of her own actions. The angel said it was time for Nikki to see Victor.

Victor finished his prison meal and looked at a headline about his sentencing. Nikki lamented that she'd put him behind bars, but the angel reminded her that Victor had made his own decision to plead guilty. Nikki assumed that Victor resented her, but Victor flashed back to romantic moments that he and Nikki had shared, including their first wedding. Nikki concluded that Victor was remembering everything they'd lost, but the angel contended that he was recalling his love for Nikki.

The angel remarked that Victor and Nikki had each been the constant in one another's lives. The angel recounted that after Sabrina's death, Nikki had pulled Victor out of his despair. Nikki flashed back to enlisting Ashley's help to ensure Victor survived. The angel said that only Nikki had realized what Victor had needed, and Victor had always counted on Nikki to stick by him. The angel pointed out that Nikki had made whatever sacrifices she'd needed to make, and she believed that Nikki would continue to do so in the future.

Victor prayed and acknowledged that he hadn't turned to God often enough, but he asked God to show Nikki that she had the strength to survive. Nikki became overwhelmed and asked the angel to leave, and they joined hands. Back in the church, Nikki sobbed that she hadn't been able to watch Victor suffer. The angel reiterated that Nikki's life was worth living, because Nikki meant everything to her loved ones.

The angel hoped that Nikki had heard her message. Nikki wanted to believe it, but she was confused about why the angel would help her, because Nikki had taken Diane's life. The angel declared that Nikki wasn't a murderer, and she assured Nikki that there was more to the story than Nikki's drunken memories. Nikki asked who had killed Diane, but the angel simply stated that Victor knew the truth. The angel promised that everything would be all right, but she couldn't reveal more and had to leave.

Nikki pleaded with the angel to stay to answer her questions, and she asked for the angel's name. "You can call me Mom," the angel replied. The lights in the church flickered, and the angel disappeared. Nikki ran outside into the falling snow, crying and screaming that she needed her mother. Nikki returned to the vestibule to retrieve her coat, and she was stunned when Victoria, Nick, and Katherine emerged from inside the church.

Nikki realized that she had made it to the wedding, and Victoria proclaimed that she wouldn't walk down the aisle without her mother. Nikki hugged Katherine and gushed that she was happy to see all of them. Nikki remarked that Victor would have wanted to be present, but Victoria laughed and acknowledged that Victor wouldn't be happy about her remarriage to Billy. Nikki urged Victoria not to worry about Victor or Nikki anymore, and she promised that everything would be all right.

Nikki asked for a moment alone, and Nick, Victoria, and Katherine returned to the church. Nikki dabbed her eyes with the handkerchief that the angel had given her. She looked inside the handkerchief, and she pulled out the cross necklace that the angel had been wearing. Nikki smiled through her tears.

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