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Matthew opened his eyes. He learned that Destiny was pregnant and that his parents had made an agreement with Nate. Blair called John to report that Tomás was missing. A gun was recovered among Tomás' things. Shane accused Jack of murdering Gigi. Todd realized that Jack had set the fire at the newspaper, and he took steps to protect him. Cutter was stunned to hear that the woman with Gigi's face had never had plastic surgery, and therefore was really Gigi and not Stacy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 28, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, November 28, 2011

John and Natalie stood in the library at Llanfair after the Buchanan's huge family Thanksgiving dinner. John thought it was time for the two of them to have a talk, but he was interrupted when his phone rang. He looked at the phone quickly and noted that the call was from Téa. "This can wait. We can't," he said to Natalie.

Natalie tried to let John off the hook gently. She agreed that they probably didn't have a future together after all that had happened, and she thought he should see to Téa's phone call. She continued to prattle on. "Can I say something?" John asked when she finally stopped momentarily. Unfortunately, his phone began to ring again. This time it was Blair.

Viki found Todd in the kitchen after he threw a plate of food up against the refrigerator. Todd explained that he'd slipped, but Viki could sense that something was wrong. Viki continued to prod him when he didn't answer directly, but at last he said, "Tomas Delgado." Viki continued to pepper him with questions, but Todd didn't reply with more than a word or two.

Viki was annoyed, but Todd decided to tell her the truth. "He's with Blair now. They're together," Todd said. "How do you know that for sure?" Viki inquired. "I just do. It's a fact. Blair chose Tomas. I missed my chance," Todd declared. He thought back to the conversation he'd overheard between Blair and Tomas. Blair had told Tomas that she'd wanted him.

At La Boulaie, Téa and Blair were finally able to discuss the fact that Tomas was missing, when the family dispersed after dinner. Téa attempted to call John, but he didn't answer the call. She had no choice but to leave him an urgent message. Téa wondered if John were even listening to his messages after what he'd been through with Liam.

Blair wondered where Tomas might be, and Téa shouted back at Blair. Téa quickly apologized and added that she knew nothing about Tomas except that he had gone to pursue a lead in Victor's murder. Blair decided that she would try to call John herself.

This time John answered his phone, and he promised to stop at La Boulaie. Blair urged Téa to try to eat something, and assured her that Tomas would return. Téa could see that Blair was as upset as she was. Blair wondered why she'd waited so long to express her feelings to Tomas.

John got off the call with Blair and filled Natalie in on the missing Tomas. Just then, they heard Liam crying over the baby monitor. John wanted to check on him, but Natalie suggested he head over to La Boulaie. "Take care of our son," John said as he leaned over and kissed Natalie on the cheek. He headed out. "Our son. I like it," Natalie said.

Viki expressed her sympathy for Todd, but he attributed her feelings to having too much turkey. Natalie walked in and announced that John had left because he'd received a phone call that Tomas was missing. Todd stated that he wasn't surprised, as Natalie informed them that Tomas had been chasing Victor's killer.

As Natalie and Viki began to chat about Blair and Téa, Todd rushed out. "Sorry I drove him out," Natalie commented. Viki assured her daughter that it hadn't been her fault. Natalie informed her mother that she planned to move home with her son, and Viki couldn't be happier. Viki confided that Todd had been upset because he'd admitted that he loved Blair, but he'd felt he'd missed his chance with her. Todd had learned that Blair and Tomas were officially together.

"And now Tomas is missing. What a coincidence," Natalie stated. "What are you implying?" a perturbed Viki asked. "Nothing. Just a weird coincidence," Natalie replied. Viki wondered if Natalie actually believed that Todd might be responsible for Tomas' disappearance.

The Evans family and Vivian gathered in the living room post-Thanksgiving dinner. There were a number of pies waiting to be devoured. Destiny was busy checking her phone, and her mother noted that Destiny had other things on her mind. Destiny revealed that she had attempted to reach Nora, but she hadn't heard from her.

Vivian plunged into her slice, but noticed that the rest of the family was waiting. Shaun explained that his mother enjoyed voicing a prayer prior to every course. Everyone stood and held hands. Mrs. Evans noted how grateful they were for many different things. She also thought that it was important to remember the Buchanan family, especially Matthew.

Destiny announced that she wanted to visit with Matthew, and Phylicia proposed that she take Bo and Nora one of the pies for dessert. Destiny was pleased with her mother's suggestion. Later, the family sat around. Vivian and Shaun told Mr. and Mrs. Evans about Natalie's wedding. Mrs. Evans thought that the couple should have gotten to know each other better, and she was disbelieving of yet another Buchanan family event.

"You and Vivian have been together for two years. Time to get engaged," Phylicia pointed out to her son. Shaun advised her to ask Vivian about it. The physician didn't want to discuss it, but Phylicia continued to pry. Finally, Vivian stated that she and Shaun were happy with the way things were, and there wouldn't be any marriage for her.

"It sounds like you're fine with Shaun for now. But he's not good enough to marry," Mrs. Evans proclaimed. Vivian replied that her issues had nothing to do with Shaun. She just didn't want an atmosphere similar to the one that had always surrounded her miserable parents. "Then don't create it," Phylicia retorted.

Vivian continued to try to end the discussion, but Phylicia was annoyed. Vivian was angry at Shaun for siding with his mother, and they began to argue with each other. Pretty soon, Phylicia and Richard began to argue as well. Richard Evans thought that it was all foolish. "I see her point," he said in reference to Vivian.

Mrs. Evans took it personally. "So now I'm foolish," she said. She grabbed one of the pies, and pushed it into her husband's face. It was a pumpkin pie and not one of Richard's favorites. He picked up another pie and tossed it. He missed his wife, and the pie landed in Vivian's face.

Suddenly, the Evans family and guest were involved in a full-fledged pie tossing. When they were finished and laughing, Phylicia apologized for what she had started. She was also the only person left without a face full of pie. She turned to Vivian. "This is your business," she admitted. Phylicia only wanted to see that her son was happy. "And grandchildren," she added.

Richard reminded her that they had one on the way, and Phylicia confessed how happy she was to have Destiny back at home. "You two just be happy. And come home every once in a while," Phylicia said to Vivian and Shaun. She asked Vivian for forgiveness, and Vivian didn't have to think twice. She noted how lucky she was that the Evans family had embraced her.

"I've got just one more thing," Richard said. He tossed a pie into his wife's face.

Bo and Nora walked out of Matthew's hospital room, with their arms wrapped around each other. Suddenly, Matthew's monitors went off; he was flatlining. His parents rushed back into the room, as the emergency staff arrived. The doctor quickly worked on Matthew with the defibrillator. After a couple of attempts, the doctor glanced over at the monitor. The machine had begun to register a heartbeat again

"Look at this," the doctor advised Matthew's parents, as he put his cold stethoscope on Matthew's chest. Matthew had flinched, and the doctor noted that his patient hadn't reacted to any external stimuli before. "Mom, dad," Matthew whispered as he opened his eyes.

Bo was worried. He advised the doctor that Matthew had awakened once before. "We got lucky," the doctor replied. He added that he would have to run some tests, and the staff continued their flurry of activity. The doctor leaned over Matthew and asked him some questions. Matthew answered all of the questions correctly.

The doctor shined a light into Matthew's eyes, and the teen grimaced. The doctor thought his patient looked good, and while he knew it sounded crazy after so much sleep, he wanted Matthew to rest. The physician advised Bo that he had no answers. Nora reassured her son, but he wanted to know how long he'd been asleep.

"You were unconscious for six months," Bo revealed to his son. Nora updated her son on all that had happened in Llanview while he'd been unconscious. Matthew asked about Eddie, but Nora advised him not to be concerned with that. Nora was on cloud nine to see her son awake and talking.

John arrived at La Boulaie and listened to Téa and Blair explain Tomas' disappearance. John informed them that it was too early to file a report. Téa advised John that she had been the last person to see Tomas, and he had gone out to search for Victor's killer. Blair mentioned that she had no idea who Tomas might be looking for. John thought back to a conversation he'd had with Bo, regarding Irene and Todd possibly uniting together.

"John, do you know who it could be?" Blair asked. John had no information, but he asked questions about any friends that Tomas might have. He learned that Tomas really didn't have any in Llanview, and Blair had been unable to reach Tomas' friend Claude. John wondered if he could search Tomas' room, and Téa agreed to accompany John back to her house. John reassured both women that they would locate Tomas.

Destiny entered Matthew's hospital room and gasped in disbelief. She dropped the pie on the floor and went over to Matthew's bedside to sit down. She was thrilled to see that Matthew was awake and talking. She told him how Nora had helped her out with her college essays. "This is the best thing ever," Nora said as she beamed from ear to ear.

Suddenly, Destiny began to cry. She got up to take off her coat as she was suddenly feeling hot. Nora called out for Destiny to stop, but it was too late. Destiny turned around. "Whoa. Geez, Destiny. Are you pregnant?" Matthew inquired.

Téa and John arrived at Téa's house and found a cop waiting there. The cop, Tony, announced that the new police commissioner wouldn't appreciate a civilian being at the house during a search. John wasn't certain if Tony was referring to him or Téa, but Téa was indignant. She advised the cop that it was her home, she had been the one to request assistance, and she had given the consent for the search. John was her guest.

"Okay, that's my story, and I'll stick to it," Tony replied. John stated that he would just watch, and the trio marched off to Tomas' bedroom. Tony began the search as John stood idly by. John doubted that Tomas would leave any type of evidence behind, but he announced that Tony hadn't completed a thorough search. He suggested that the cop check out the dresser and behind it.

The cop removed one of the drawers upon John's instruction. He shoved his hand inside and pulled out an envelope. It contained a gun. John confirmed that it was a nine-millimeter gun, the same type that had been used to kill Victor.

Blair sat on the stairs and thought about making love to Tomas. "Please come back to me," she uttered. She was jolted back to reality when she realized that someone was at the front door. It was Todd. "I heard that Tomas took off," Todd said. Blair noted that Tomas was missing, and she suggested that Todd was happy about it.

Todd claimed that he wasn't happy at all. He insisted that if Blair were hurting, then he hurt too. Blair admitted that she was worried, though she'd held it together in front of Téa. Blair was certain that Tomas hadn't gone off, because he would have been in touch with her. She would have heard something.

"What if he's...what if he's..." Blair couldn't form a sentence. Todd wrapped his arms around his former wife and hugged her closely.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blair entered Téa's house, and wondered where Tomas was. Téa revealed that Tomas had gotten a lead on Victor's killer. However, Tomas had been keeping her in the dark about the investigation, because he wanted to keep her safe. Blair revealed that Tomas had fed her that line the previous night. "You two had time to talk?" Téa said, and smiled suggestively.

Blair maintained that she had no idea what Téa was talking about, but Téa revealed that Tomas had admitted to spending the night with Blair. Téa wanted to make sure that Blair and Tomas were finally together. Blair said that she had chosen Tomas, and couldn't be happier. Téa wished that she could say the same.

Blair was stunned, and demanded to know why Téa thought that Blair wasn't good enough for Tomas. Téa assured Blair that she thought Blair was amazing, and listed some of Blair's good attributes. She thought that any man would be lucky to have Blair, including Tomas. She just wanted Blair to make sure that Tomas was the one Blair really wanted. Téa wondered what would happen if Todd wanted Blair back. Blair assured Téa that she loved Tomas. Téa wanted Blair to admit that she loved Todd as well.

Blair commended Téa for killing the mood, and explained that Todd was the father of her kids, so he would always be a part of her life. However, Tomas was who she wanted. Blair explained that she'd taken a while to make a decision because the last man she'd been in a relationship with had been a murderer. Téa wanted to protect Tomas, but she also thought that Blair might need protection from Tomas.

Blair knew that Tomas would never hurt her. Téa hoped he was no longer capable of hurting people like he'd hurt his family by leaving them all those years before. Blair replied that people could change. Téa just wished that she trusted her brother.

The doorbell rang, and Dani ran down the stairs. She answered the door to Nate, who had a guilty look on his face. Dani wondered what was wrong, to which Nate replied, "It's not my fault. Don't kill me." "What did you do?" she asked, pulling him into the house. Nate showed her an article on his iPad, and she read in disbelief.

Dani read the article out loud, which was about Starr and Nate getting together. The writer of the article expressed sympathy for James and Dani. It included suggestive pictures of Starr and Nate from the "Jailbait" video shoot. Dani and Nate realized that there was only one person who could have written the article. After calling him a slew of names, they stated, "Rick Powers."

Starr opened the front door of La Boulaie to an angry-looking James. She observed that he looked like he wanted to kill someone. He related that he "might," and showed her the article on his iPad. In disbelief, she read aloud about her own apparent "wandering eye." James related that the article made him feel like a jerk. After calling him a slew of offensive names, they both realized that Rick had written the article. "Did somebody say my name?" Rick said as he popped his head through the doorway.

Rick read through the article, and remarked on things that the editor had gotten wrong. Starr wondered if he was admitting to writing the article. "Hell, yeah!" he exclaimed. "You son of a bitch," Nate spat as he and Dani entered the house. Rick begged Starr and James to tell him that they were breaking up. They angrily told him that they weren't.

Rick said that Starr's music couldn't sell on its own, and that she needed drama and scandal for success. She was livid that he was already planning her imminent nervous breakdown. He thought that she should appreciate having such a forward-thinking producer. "You're right," Starr said, changing her tune. "I am?" Rick questioned, surprised. "He is?" Dani, James, and Nate wondered, stunned.

Starr clarified that she was lucky to have her first experience in the music industry with a "lowlife scum" like Rick. That way, she knew it couldn't get much worse in the future. She handed a lamp to Nate, an umbrella to Dani, and a fire poker to James, and picked up a candlestick for herself. Rick held up his hands in surrender, and begged the kids not to overreact, but they charged at him with their makeshift weapons.

Todd told Tomas that Louie was long gone, and that someone else had used Dorian's gun to kill Victor. Tomas wondered who had done it. "It was you, Tomas. You killed Victor Lord," Todd clarified. Tomas said that they both knew that was a lie, but Todd suggested that the world would believe it once Tomas' fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

Tomas didn't think Todd's plan would work, and pointed his own gun at Todd. He refused to take the fall for Todd again. He suggested that Todd shoot him if Todd really wanted Tomas gone. Todd related that he'd promised himself that he wouldn't kill Tomas. "I will," said Baker from around the corner, pointing his gun at Tomas.

Tomas was surprised that Todd and Baker were working together, and warned Todd that Baker could turn on him. Todd revealed that he was providing Baker with cash for a project, so Baker wouldn't dare. Todd advised Tomas to drop his gun, and assured him that Baker wouldn't kill him. Tomas handed his gun to Todd, and Baker immediately knocked Tomas out.

Todd demanded to know why Baker had knocked Tomas out. Baker apologized as he tied Tomas up. Todd realized that it would be easier to get Tomas' fingerprints on the gun as long as he was tied up. Awake, Tomas warned Todd that the gun wasn't the only safeguard he had. Tomas smugly revealed that he had a partner who knew everything that Tomas knew.

Todd informed Tomas that he had used Calmar to lure Tomas to the warehouse. Baker reminded Tomas of Calmar's warning on the phone. Tomas demanded to know what they had done to Calmar, and Baker assured Tomas that Calmar was fine.

Todd got Tomas' fingerprints on the gun. Tomas wondered what Todd was going to do, but Todd thought it was better that Tomas didn't know. Todd reminded Baker that he needed proof that Baker was keeping Tomas alive, or else the cash flow would stop. Tomas informed Todd that, even if he kept Tomas alive, the guilt would consume Todd. Baker urged Todd not to listen to Tomas.

Tomas told Todd that Todd's next decision would define him for the rest of his life. Todd could either be the man that Viki, Starr, Blair, and Téa wanted him to become, or he could prove that he really was Irene's son, "nothing but a psychopathic murderer."

Alex expressed to Cutter how much it meant to her to work with her son. Cutter was nervous about being able to pull off the scheme, but Alex called it "child's play."

Aubrey tried to get information out of the receptionist, but the woman refused. Aubrey refused to leave until she got into the examination room. The receptionist threatened to call security, but Aubrey revealed that she only wanted information about getting a breast enhancement to surprise her boyfriend. As the receptionist had her back turned, Rex slipped into the office, and attempted to open the door of the examination room.

When Rex was caught outside the locked door, the receptionist left to get security. As Rex threatened to break down the door, Cutter exited the room, pushing the wheelchair of a woman with a bandaged face. Cutter wondered why Rex and Aubrey were there, and Rex replied that he wanted answers. Aubrey added that they knew about his scheme. Despite Cutter's protests, Rex unwrapped the bandages from the woman's face. "Oh, my God," he muttered.

Rex was shocked to see Alex underneath the bandages. As the woman with Gigi's face listened in from the examination room, Rex wondered how she'd gotten mixed up with Cutter. Alex claimed that she still wanted a share of the Buchanan money, so Cutter had tracked her down to team up with her. Aubrey didn't believe that Alex was the woman that Cutter had tried to pass off as Gigi. She cited that the two women were different heights, body types, and ages. "Watch it!" warned Alex.

Cutter revealed that the entire thing had been an optical illusion, but Aubrey didn't believe it. Rex pulled Aubrey aside, and reminded her about what had happened with Erica Kane in Pine Valley. Someone had gotten plastic surgery in order to have the same face as Erica, and Rex suggested that it was what Cutter had done with Alex. He announced that he appreciated Aubrey's passion, but the only Gigi he needed was in his heart.

The receptionist returned with a security guard, but Cutter assured the woman that he knew Rex and Aubrey, and that they were just leaving. Aubrey vowed to give Cutter what he deserved, "and then some." Rex pulled Aubrey outside of the office, and thanked her for sticking up for him. Aubrey couldn't believe that Rex had bought Cutter's story, and warned him that it would only encourage Cutter to target Rex.

Rex assured Aubrey that he'd only pretended to accept the story, and she was relieved. Rex knew that there was no way that Alex had been the woman that he'd seen. He'd only pretended to accept the story so Cutter would let his guard down. He knew that the woman he'd seen at the airport was still in Rio, and vowed not to leave until he saw her again.

Back in the examination room, Cutter thanked Alex for helping him, but wondered why she hadn't told Rex that she was his mother. She replied that it would take a while for her to earn the title. She wanted to keep in touch with him, so she handed him her card. She wished Cutter and the woman good luck, and left the room. The woman muttered that they'd need luck. Cutter assured the woman that everything would be fine, because she was getting her surgery the next day. She was relieved, because she didn't want to have to face Rex with Gigi's face again.

A copy of the Banner sat on Bo's desk, and the headline announced that Mayor Finn had gotten reelected. Nora bitterly picked up a French fry, and made it into a moustache on the mayor's picture. Bo got off the phone, and excitedly told Nora that John and Natalie had found Brody, and had gotten Liam back. They embraced just as the mayor entered, and scolded them for their inappropriate office behavior.

Nora reminded the mayor that she and Bo were married, and that if Mayor Finn didn't like it, she didn't have to look. Bo wondered what his "boss" wanted him to do. She ordered him to stop calling her "boss," and informed him that he was fired.

Nora demanded to know why Mayor Finn was firing Bo. The mayor replied that she'd promised her constituents that she would be tougher on the police force. She cited the cold Victor Lord murder case. Nora explained that a proper murder investigation took time. Just then, she looked down and saw the French fry moustache on her picture, and an amused Bo ate the fry.

The mayor continued that Bo could keep his job if he made an arrest. Bo told her that he had a suspect, but he was "light on evidence." Nora reminded the mayor that, if they made an arrest with little evidence, they could end up with another Eddie Ford murder case debacle. Nora opened the office door for the mayor, and told her to let the department do its job.

The mayor reminded Bo that his leading detective had walked away from the department, and that one of his "stellar officers" had gone off the deep end. She added that no one would see justice for what Brody had done with Nora as district attorney. Nora was offended, and Bo told the mayor that her problem was with him, not Nora. Nora angrily told the mayor that she was firing Bo because she could never "turn his head" like Nora could. The mayor slapped Nora, but Nora slapped her right back.

The appalled mayor threatened to have Nora arrested for assault, but Nora reminded the mayor that the only cop in the room had been fired. Mayor Finn told Bo that she would be back for his badge, and stormed out of the office. Amused, Bo was proud of his wife's "punch." She wondered why he wasn't angry, but he only kissed her.

A short while later, Bo and Nora had their coats on, and Bo packed his things into a box. He couldn't believe that he was doing the same thing he had just witnessed John doing, but he related that "I guess it all comes to an end sooner or later." Nora wondered if he wanted to be alone for a minute. "Never," he replied. He picked up his box, took her hand, and left the office.

Outside the office, all of Bo's officers stood in a line. They saluted him, and Bo saluted them back. They held the salute as a smiling Bo and a teary Nora walked down the line. Out in the hall, Nora informed Bo that the department would fall apart without him. She knew that the mayor would soon beg Bo to take his job back. Bo didn't think that would happen until there was an arrest in the murder case, which wouldn't happen until the murder weapon turned up. They left the station.

Mayor Finn walked towards Bo's office, telling him to "hand it over." She entered his office and found it empty, with his gun, holster, and badge hanging from the coat hanger.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"So, who's the father?" Matthew asked after he realized that Destiny was pregnant and had not merely gained weight as Nora had first indicated. Destiny looked at Nora, who gave the teen a nod of approval. "You are," Destiny said to Matthew. "What?" Matthew gasped as his eyes widened in shock.

As his eyes moved from side to side, Matthew appeared to be hyperventilating. "Matthew, please say something," Nora urged. "I'm going to be a father," Matthew managed to say in between deep breaths and gasping. "Yeah, Destiny gained a little weight," Matthew said sarcastically, after he'd recovered. Nora admitted that she hadn't wanted to shock her son so soon after waking from his coma.

A stunned Matthew declared that he and Destiny had only had sex one time, but Destiny assured him that it only took one time for someone to get pregnant. She admitted that she'd handled it all alone after finding out, but once Vivian had figured it out, Destiny had slowly told additional people. Even her mother, she added.

Destiny confided that she'd planned on having an abortion, but she had changed her mind. Matthew pressed for details, and Nora jumped in as everyone spoke at once. "It was me. I made her change her mind," Nora shouted. Nora explained that the baby had represented the only part of her son that might still be alive. She and Bo had been afraid that they would lose Matthew, so she'd begged Destiny to keep the baby.

"I pushed her," Nora confessed. Matthew was angry. "Now I have to be a father, and she has to be a mother because of you," he yelled. Nora tried to explain that Destiny wouldn't have to raise the baby alone. Both sets of grandparents were willing to help out, and the teens' lives didn't have to change, Nora said adamantly. Matthew asked Destiny if she agreed.

Destiny disclosed that it would be difficult, but Nora interrupted. Loudly, she stated that Matthew could apply to college just as Destiny had. Matthew ordered his mother to stop talking. He accused her of using him in order to guilt Destiny into keeping the baby, and their lives would be changed forever. "Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you had unprotected sex," Nora charged.

Nora quickly apologized, though she said it wouldn't have been necessary to say something like that if they hadn't slept together. Nora passionately reminded Matthew that she and Bo had spoken to Matthew in the past, and they'd told him over and over that he hadn't been ready to have sex. He was too young, and there should have been a committed and mature relationship.

Nora continued to lecture her son, with her fists clenched and her voice raised. She and Bo had known that Matthew was anxious about Eddie, and she wondered why he'd never gone to his parents. Matthew replied that she would have reacted exactly as she had in the hospital room.

Matthew yelled at her to stop talking. Nora wanted to give Destiny and Matthew time alone. She walked out of the room. "That was harsh," Destiny said. Matthew had been rough on his mom. Matthew was sorry that his mother had messed with Destiny's head, and he was sorry he hadn't been there for Destiny. It was too late to change her mind about the baby, he pointed out.

"I don't want to change my mind," Destiny informed him. Nora had pressured her, but Destiny had made her own decision. Things were real, especially since she'd felt the baby moving around. Destiny had moved home, and things were great with her parents. She would make sure that the baby knew its real parents, or at least its mother, Destiny said.

"You don't want it to know me?" Matthew asked. "You didn't make a choice," she advised him. She would be fine with whatever he decided. Matthew grabbed her hand. His feelings for Destiny hadn't changed, Matthew revealed.

Nora returned, and Destiny left to call her parents. Nora again apologized for saying what she had. He had awakened, and she'd lectured him. Matthew was sorry too. "All that matters is that you're back," Nora said. She told Matthew she loved him, and Matthew replied that he loved her too.

Destiny called her mother and revealed that Matthew had emerged from his coma. He was aware of the pregnancy, but things hadn't gone well. They hadn't had a chance to talk though.

"Whoa, yes, yes!" Clint yelled after finishing a phone call with Bo and learning that Matthew was awake. Natalie bounded into the room, and Clint proclaimed that there had been a miracle. "Natalie, Matthew's back," he shouted. Clint explained that Matthew was awake and talking after flatlining, and Clint had always believed that the Buchanans bounced back. "Just like you, Dad," Natalie replied. "I'm trying," Clint assured her.

Clint thought it was time for a party. There had been lots of good news in the family for a change. Liam was home, Jessica and Natalie were speaking, and Matthew was awake. He headed for the kitchen just as Roxy showed up. Roxy heard Clint talk about good news, and she was thrilled. She thought that John had finally told Natalie something.

Natalie was confused about Roxy's comment, and Roxy backtracked. She thought that John and her daughter were supposed to have a talk. Natalie revealed that they hadn't gotten around to it, and Roxy ordered her to allow John to talk when it was time. She wanted Natalie to promise.

"What do you know?" Natalie inquired. Roxy confessed that she knew more than people thought she did. Natalie continued to press, but Roxy refused to say anything. Finally, Roxy being her usual self blurted out, "Trust me. You want Johnny to tell you that he loves you and never stopped."

The women stared at each other briefly in the ensuing silence, and Roxy turned away. She declared that Rex would kill her, and she was angry at herself. She had stopped herself so many times from saying something, Roxy muttered. Natalie couldn't believe that both Roxy and Rex had known, but hadn't shared it with her.

Roxy explained that John had told her at Rodi's, the same night that Natalie had been there and left early. "That was months ago," Natalie declared. Roxy maintained that Rex hadn't wanted her to meddle, and she had "dogged" John over and over to say something himself. John had refused, citing the fact that Natalie had seemed happy.

Roxy confessed that she'd almost said something at the wedding. She was sure that things would work out great. "It's all good, right?" Roxy clarified. "No, no, it's not good at all," Natalie pronounced. Roxy thought that maybe John had thought it wasn't fair to ruin Natalie's happiness with Brody, but Natalie thought she might have reconsidered her marriage if John had said something.

Roxy pointed out that Natalie had lied then, when she'd said that her marriage to Brody had had nothing to do with John. Natalie was insistent that John should have said something, and he'd had the chance when he'd found her alone at the hair salon. Roxy suggested that John had too much respect for Natalie to say something on her wedding day. Natalie was certain she knew the real reason behind John's refusal to talk.

"John still blames me," Natalie insisted. He blamed her for all that had happened, and the lies regarding Liam. He couldn't get over it, she was sure. Roxy was disappointed. It was not how she had pictured things turning out. Natalie informed her mother that she couldn't keep paying for her mistake.

Roxy insisted that Natalie had it wrong, but Natalie was determined to call John on it. Natalie would go to the station to see him. While John hid his feelings, she didn't ever run from hers, Natalie proclaimed.

In the Llanfair kitchen, Todd advised Viki that a gun had been found in Tomas' bedroom. He wondered what Viki's opinion of that might be, especially if it turned out that the gun had been used to shoot Victor. Todd had his own opinion of the situation. "Delgado killed Victor," he declared.

Viki couldn't believe that Todd was serious, but Todd had his reasons. He pointed out that Tomas had been a professional assassin who had been found hiding a gun. "Why do you want Tomas to be the one who killed Victor?" Viki asked her brother. She asked him about Blair, and Todd replied that there was no Blair and Todd.

Viki was aware that it would help Todd if everyone were suspicious of Tomas. Everyone would then hate Tomas if he were the killer, Viki added slowly. Todd reminded her that he'd been cleared, though Viki stated that there were people who thought otherwise. Todd hadn't thought that his sister would be one of those other people, and he was annoyed that she'd implied that he might be responsible for Tomas' disappearance.

Viki loved her brother, but she knew that he was capable of anything if it involved love or losing. The phone rang, and Viki answered it. The call was for Todd, but he pulled his jacket up around his head as if to hide. Viki took the message and hung up. John wanted to see Todd at the station for questioning. She urged her brother to cooperate.

Todd was irritated, because he'd thought that Viki would always be on his side. Viki said that she was, and she was just trying to figure things out. Todd left, and Clint walked into the kitchen. "I hope you're ready to celebrate. Cause I've got great news," he declared. They shared a hug, and Clint mentioned how guilty he'd felt about Matthew. They pulled apart slightly, and their faces were close.

The moment was awkward, and Viki pulled away abruptly. She announced that she would phone Kevin and Joey with the good news, and she headed upstairs.

Viki finished her phone call, and silently crept back down the kitchen stairs. Clint was still in the kitchen and rummaging in the refrigerator. Loudly, she announced that she'd called their sons with the news, and they had been happy. Clint noticed that something was bothering Viki, and he asked her about it. Viki told him about the gun found in Tomas' bedroom, Tomas disappearing, and Todd being questioned again.

A grinning Clint showed Viki the leftovers that he'd heated up. He poured them each a glass of sparkling cider and made a toast to the world getting things right. "I'm really awfully glad you're here," Viki admitted. She would have been worried if he'd been in prison. Clint noted that things hadn't been great for a while, but everyone was in their right place. "Except Tomas Delgado," Viki said. Clint knew that John would figure it out.

Roxy looked in on Clint and Viki and started to say something, but she changed her mind. "I already messed up one couple tonight. I ain't going two for two," she muttered.

At the police station, John informed Téa and Blair that the gun found in Tomas' bedroom was registered to Dorian. Blair recalled that Todd had stolen it from Dorian's safe. John also confirmed that it was the gun that had been used to kill Victor, and he thought the only thing left to figure out was how it had gotten from Todd to Tomas' bedroom.

Both women emphasized that Tomas couldn't have been the killer, and they pointed out that he was still missing. John thought it might help if they knew whether Tomas had been a victim, hostage, or fugitive. "Are you accusing my brother?" Téa asked brusquely. "He's on our side," Blair assured her, but she stopped short. Blair wondered what it was that John was trying to say. John thought that he needed to talk to Todd, since Todd had had possession of the gun first.

Todd arrived at the station, and John advised him that he wanted to clear something up. John announced that he'd found the gun that had been used to kill Victor. Todd stated, "I know." John was surprised, but Todd replied that he'd heard it from Blair. John continued. He stated that the gun was the same gun that Todd had had in his possession the night of the murder. "It is?" Todd asked.

"You see my problem here?" John inquired. Todd had carried the gun all over Llanview that night, and the gun hadn't left his sight. "Right," Todd acknowledged. John wondered how it could have ended up in Tomas' bedroom. "I have no idea," Todd answered. John asked if Todd might want to revise his previous statement. Todd said it wasn't necessary, and he again explained his actions and whereabouts during the night that Victor had been murdered.

Todd had given the gun to Louie. John pointed out that Irene had had it after that. Todd turned to Téa and asked if she were still his lawyer. Téa interceded and questioned John's motives. She advised Todd that Tomas' prints were the only ones on the gun. "Are you saying Tomas killed my brother?" Todd asked.

Todd indicated that he had no idea regarding the whereabouts of either Tomas or Louie. Téa noted that Claude was missing also. John had no further questions, and Todd offered to take Blair home.

Téa advised John that she would check the rest of her house. She refused his offer of having some police officers search the house for her. John suggested she rest, and he would do all he could to see that her brother was found.

Natalie arrived. John looked at her face, and he grew anxious. "What's going on? Is everything okay?" he asked. He continued to pepper her with questions. Slowly, Natalie advised him that Liam was all that mattered, and she wanted nothing to get in the way of her and John being good parents. She thought that they should set everything else aside, including their talk. She believed that their relationship worked fine just as it was, and they should leave well enough alone. John was perplexed.

Todd escorted Blair home to La Boulaie. He assured her that John would figure things out. Blair couldn't make sense of anything, and she was scared. Todd admitted that he knew what it was like to be falsely accused. Blair got herself worked up over what might have happened to Tomas, and Todd put his arms around her to comfort her.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

At Rex and Aubrey's hotel in Brazil, Rex slept. Aubrey tried to pull the covers up for him, but he grabbed her. Caught off-guard, she reminded him where they were, and explained that she had just been trying to pull the covers up. He apologized, and said that he'd had a nightmare. He felt that he needed to call Shane.

At Llanfair, Natalie played with Liam. She told him that John would always be Liam's father, but she might be better off without him. She needed someone who was honest with their feelings, because that's how she wanted Liam to turn out. She thought he'd make a woman very happy someday, but Shane entered and joked that Liam was a little too young for that.

Natalie offered to get Shane something to eat, but he revealed that he'd eaten breakfast with Clint. Clint had even given Shane some art supplies. Natalie related that Rex always bragged about Shane's art skills. Shane asked if Rex was still in Rio because of Gigi. Just then, the phone rang, and Shane answered it to Rex.

Shane knew that Rex hadn't gone to Brazil because of Liam. Rex apologized for lying to Shane, and promised that he'd only be gone a little while longer. He swore to tell Shane all about it as soon as he returned home. Shane hoped that his father found what he was looking for, and hung up. Shane told Natalie that Brazil wouldn't make Gigi return, or make Jack pay. Shane couldn't believe that Jack hadn't yet admitted his guilt in Gigi's death. Natalie wondered if that was why Shane had held a gun on Jack.

Shane wanted Jack punished, but Natalie told him that it wasn't his job. "Someone has to do it!" Shane exclaimed, and added that he owed it to Gigi. Natalie made Shane promise that there would be no more guns or violence. Shane found it hard at school to watch Jack pretend that everything was fine. Natalie suggested forgiving Jack. Shane thought that it was something his mother would have suggested, but he responded that he would never forgive Jack.

Aubrey wondered if everything was all right with Shane. Rex told her that Shane knew that Rex was in Brazil because of Gigi. He related that he hadn't had a nightmare earlier, but a memory of finding Gigi dead. He apologized for grabbing her, but she'd known that he wouldn't hurt her.

Rex thanked Aubrey for being with him, and admitted that he would have been lost without her. He hugged her, and then got up to go take a shower. He wanted to go back to the surgeon's office, but wanted to go back in a disguise. If Cutter were still hiding the woman, he vowed to find her.

In the lobby of St. Ann's, John was on the phone with Téa. He promised that she would be his first phone call if Tomas was found, but he was working on another case. John hung up, and saw Brody when he turned around. Brody apologized for not telling John about Liam. However, John was there on other business. He revealed that the fire at the Sun had been ruled an arson, and that the evidence pointed to Brody.

Brody admitted to jamming the doors of the office shut, but swore on Liam's life that he hadn't set the fire. Brody had overheard Vimal talking about telling John the truth about Liam, so Brody had just wanted to buy enough time to marry Natalie. Brody begged John to believe him. John admitted to believing Brody, and wondered if Brody had seen anyone else in the building. Brody hadn't seen anyone, and wished he could help more. He told John to take care of Liam. "I count on it," John said, and left the room.

John was surprised to bump into Natalie in the hallway. He wondered if she were there for Brody, to which she replied that she was. He wondered if she'd be around later, because he wanted to spend some time with her and Liam. She welcomed John to see Liam whenever he wanted, but didn't promise that she'd be there. She left a perplexed John, and went into Brody's room.

Brody was glad that Natalie had decided to visit. He handed her an apology card for Nigel, and said that he had one for her as well. Brody started that he had never wanted to lie to Natalie, but something had snapped when he'd found out that Liam wasn't his. Natalie related that what he'd done wasn't all right, but it was over. "For you maybe, but for me... Natalie, I'm still in love with you," he replied.

Natalie didn't know what to say, but Brody replied that she didn't have to say anything. After all the lies, he'd only wanted to say something true. He knew that they hadn't been right together, and that Liam was what had held them together. He wondered if she was going to start over with John. "Maybe not," she replied. Natalie thanked him for being honest. He wondered why everyone had been so understanding with him. She assured him that everyone knew how in pain he was, because he'd only ever wanted a family. However, he realized that it was no excuse for what he'd done.

Brody handed her a card, and urged her to read it when she was ready. He admitted that he'd also asked her to visit in order to tell her that he could no longer see her. "Today has to be goodbye," he said. Natalie hugged him, and he begged her not to remember him in St. Ann's. He told her that she, John, and Liam belonged together, and urged her to "please give Liam his family." Brody took a few steps, gave one last glance at Natalie, and walked away.

In a hotel room in Brazil, Cutter was on the computer when he heard the woman with Gigi's face begging for help. He woke her up, and she was gasping for air. He promised not to let anything bad happen to her, and asked her to tell him about her dream. She told him that she'd been stuck in a basement, yelling for help, and it kept getting harder to breathe. Cutter told her that it had actually happened to her, and that her sister had died in the accident.

The woman was eager to get her "old face" back, because she didn't want Rex to see her. Cutter assured the woman that Rex and Aubrey were long gone. She couldn't believe that the two had bought the story about Alex being the woman that Rex had seen. She wondered if Cutter were ready to forgive Alex. Cutter related that he'd read about Alex, and leaving Cutter and his sister had been the least of her crimes. "I am my mother's son," Cutter stated.

The woman assured Cutter that he had done a good thing by not leaving her alone. She told him that he had a heart, but he wanted proof. "I know because Aubrey broke it," she replied. He told her that if he changed for the better, it would be because of her. He pulled her into a kiss.

At La Boulaie, Jack opened the door to Todd. "What the hell do you want?" he demanded. Todd asked for Blair, but Jack thought that Todd should forget about her, because she had a boyfriend. Todd handed his son the latest copy of the Sun, which had the headline, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" complete with a picture of Tomas.

Todd summarized for Jack that a gun had been found in Tomas' room, and that Tomas had disappeared. Because of the implications, Todd wondered if Jack believed in Todd's innocence. Jack accused Todd of using the paper to throw suspicion off of himself. Todd thought that he deserved a break, and wondered when Jack would give it to him.

Jack had to leave to for school, so Todd wondered what plans his son had for after school. Todd offered Jack a job at the paper. Jack wondered why he would want to work for Todd. Todd replied that colleges loved people who had good internships. He added that they could show the "creep" who started the fire that he hadn't won. Jack accused Todd of stealing the paper. He added that he wished that the building had burned to the ground, and walked out the door.

At the high school, Vimal and Rama prepared Neela for her first day of school. Neela hoped that Jack would be in some of her classes, but Vimal reminded her that he hadn't convinced their parents to let her stay just so she could date American boys. Rama and Vimal wanted to show her that arranged marriages could work. Rama reminded Vimal that Jack had saved them from the fire. Neela remembered Jack confessing to setting the fire, and wondered if Brody had definitely set the fire.

Vimal was sure, and wondered if Neela knew anyone else who would set fire to the building. Just then, Vimal's phone went off, and it was a text from John, summoning Vimal and Rama to John's office. Neela insisted that she would be fine. Vimal ordered her to return home right after school, alone, and left with Rama.

Jack arrived at school just in time to see Neela struggling with her locker. Jack offered his help and, realizing that the girl was Neela, wondered why she was there. Neela happily told him that she went to school there, and that it had been decided right after the fire. Suddenly scared, Jack demanded to know if she intended to tell anyone that he'd set the fire, and tried to defend himself. She promised not to say a word.

Jack helped Neela open her locker, and showed her where her first class was. He smiled, told her that he was glad she was there, and walked away. Jack looked at the latest issue of the Sun, and angrily stuffed it into his locker.

Neela entered her first classroom, and found it empty. Shane entered, and they introduced themselves. He warned the new girl that she might not make friends if anyone caught her talking to him. She revealed that she had already made a friend, and identified him as Jack. She believed that he was a good person. "There's no way we're talking about the same guy. He murdered my mother!" Shane exclaimed, to Neela's horror.

In John's office, Vimal was nervous that John would accuse him of keeping John from Liam. Just then, Rama's phone rang, and she answered it to Aubrey. Rama was happy to hear from her friend, who admitted to being in Brazil because Rex needed help. Rama thought that he needed help getting over Gigi. However, Aubrey insisted that they were just friends. Right then, Rex exited the bathroom in a towel, and Aubrey abruptly hung up.

Rex apologized for interrupting Aubrey's phone call, but Aubrey lied that Rama had just called to say hello. She wanted to take a shower so that Rex could get dressed in private. He warned her that the water was cold. "It couldn't be cold enough for me!" she said nervously, and rushed into the bathroom.

A short while later, Aubrey was in a towel when Rex walked into the room with a bag full of disguises. He pulled out a hat with netting around it, and put it on. He couldn't get it off, and Aubrey helped him get it off. He dropped it on the floor, and pulled her into a kiss.

John entered his office, and wanted to talk to Vimal and Rama about Brody. Vimal admitted that he had heard the "good news" about Liam months before. He apologized for not telling John, and felt horrible about it. He told John that, once he'd decided to tell John the truth, Brody had trapped him and Rama in the office, and set the fire. "That's not exactly how it happened," John disclosed.

John told Vimal and Rama that Brody had admitted to jamming the office doors shut, but had sworn that he hadn't set the fire. John believed him. He wondered if the couple had seen anyone else in the building, but Vimal replied that the building had been "strangely empty." The only person Vimal had seen had been Todd's assistant.

On the way out of the office, Rama admitted that she'd known about Liam's true parentage as well. She felt horrible about it, and hoped that John could forgive her and Vimal. She wished John "a lifetime of happiness," and left with Vimal. John sat down at his computer, and sadly thought about Natalie telling him that their relationship was fine the way it was.

Todd was standing in the police station when his assistant, Tracy, entered. She revealed that John had asked her to answer some questions about the fire. She related that everyone owed Todd their lives. She explained to her confused boss that Jack had relayed Todd's message about wanting to give everyone the day off for their hard work. Tracy wanted to let security know that she was there, and excused herself. "Oh God, it was Jack. Jack set the fire," Todd realized.

Friday, December 2, 2011

At the hospital, Shaun ran into Téa, who had just been to a doctor's appointment with Vivian. Téa announced to Shaun that she was pregnant, and Shaun declared that he would always be there for her. Shaun then joked that even though Victor had gotten out of diaper duty, he would always be watching over Téa. As she held up the newspaper, Téa showed Shaun the front page of the Sun with a picture of Tomas and the headline, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Téa remarked that the cops believed that Tomas had shot Victor, and she admitted that they had discovered the gun in Tomas' room, and his fingerprints on the gun. However, Téa pointed out that there were way too many unanswered questions. Téa informed Shaun that Tomas had received a lead, and that had been the last time she had seen Tomas. Téa also insisted that Tomas had given John an alibi.

Shaun reflected that Victor had trusted Shaun but had not been fond of Tomas. Shaun remembered that Tomas had repeatedly shown up at the hospital the first time that Victor had been shot, but Téa stressed that Tomas had been the one who had saved Victor's life. Téa felt certain that Tomas would be cleared of Victor's murder also. Shaun decided to change the subject and said that he was thrilled that Téa was having a baby.

When Téa noticed the flowers, Shaun revealed that he and Vivian had disagreed about marriage, and that Vivian believed that marriage destroyed relationships. Téa advised, "Don't push her. I have a ring and no Victor. You have Vivian. Be happy. You got the better deal." Shaun thanked Téa for her advice and stated that he would keep his ear to the ground about Tomas. Shaun offered his flowers to Téa, and when she refused, he insisted that they were for the baby. Shaun and Téa hugged, and Téa asked Shaun to remain her friend, and to always tell her the truth.

In the school hall, Jack slammed his locker door, as Dani walked up and held up the latest edition of the Sun. Jack insisted that Todd was just looking for a fall guy and had set up Tomas, so that Todd would be in the clear. Jack then noted that the cops had discovered the murder weapon with Tomas' fingerprints all over it. Jack wondered if Tomas were actually guilty, which would mean that Jack had been wrong about Todd. Jack still insisted that Scarface was a liar, and that Tomas was probably innocent, because Tomas had been a spy all of his life, so it would be strange for him to keep the gun.

However, Dani thought that Tomas' alibi had been strange, because Tomas had been meeting with Claude to get rid of Victor. Dani also remembered that Tomas had also tried to get Téa to divorce Victor. Dani expressed that people did unexpected things, even murder. Dani claimed that she still loved her uncle, but that Tomas had abandoned her mother for twenty years. When Dani expressed hope that Jack would give Todd a break, Jack remarked, "Don't count on it."

At Llanfair, Blair tried to call Tomas, and when she got his voicemail, she threw her phone and almost hit Starr. After Starr announced that the cops were looking for Tomas, she held up the current issue of the Sun. Starr wondered how Tomas had gotten Dorian's gun, and Blair explained that Todd had stolen the gun out of Dorian's safe and had given it to Louie. Blair was certain that Tomas knew the truth, and she insisted that Tomas had told the cops his alibi for the night of Victor's murder.

Starr reminded Blair that Tomas had a tendency to lie, but Blair claimed that there was nothing wrong with Tomas' alibi. Starr pointed out that Tomas had never had a flat tire; however, Blair maintained that Tomas had his own good reason for the story, because of his meeting with Claude. When Starr yelled that Tomas and Claude were both spies who had wanted to get rid of Victor, Blair insisted that they had only been trying to protect them all from Irene.

Blair realized that Starr did not like Tomas, and that Starr was still angry that Blair had picked Tomas over Todd. Starr agreed that she was angry, but that it was because Tomas had dumped Todd into a prison for eight years. Starr continued to yell that Tomas had hidden the murder weapon, that he was a liar, and that he had disappeared. Blair claimed that she did not want to talk about it anymore, and that she was leaving for the police station to talk to John.

Dani arrived at Llanfair and wondered if Starr believed that Tomas had killed Victor. Dani was confused, because Tomas had protected Todd when Tomas had confessed that he had killed Irene, so it did not make sense that Tomas would try to cover up killing Victor. When the doorbell rang, Starr answered the door and was served court papers from a process server.

In the lobby at the police station, Todd realized that Jack had set the fire. Todd then walked over to his assistant, Tracy, and stressed to her that Jack's phone call that had sent the employees home early on the day of the fire had never happened. Tracy repeated after Todd that Jack had not made the call, so she would not tell John that, but she also wanted to know what was in it for her. Todd announced that Tracy was the Sun's new fashion editor and then maintained that no one had gotten hurt, so Tracy did not need to say anything about the call to John.

When John walked out to interview Tracy, Todd said that as the owner of the Sun, he had a right to know who had tried to burn down his newspaper. As Todd speculated that Brody had done it, John asked Tracy if she had seen someone new, or if she had received a strange email message or correspondence. Tracy then revealed that Todd had given everyone the rest of the day off and had rewarded them for doing a good job. John thanked Tracy and let her leave.

When John asked Todd about Tracy's story, Todd asked if John believed that Todd had set fire to his own paper. Todd revealed that Victor had quadrupled his holdings on the Sun, which was worth a lot of money. Todd insisted that Victor had been a slave driver, who made his employees work 12 to 14 hours a day, and that Victor had really been Todd's evil twin. Todd claimed that he had wanted to buy his employees' affection, and that he had just wanted someone to love him.

John stated that he would find Tomas, but he was sure that Tomas would swear that he had an alibi on the night of Victor's murder. However, Todd indicated that Tomas had to swear to a lot of things in his line of work and pointed out that they could not even find Tomas. As Todd left John's office, he ran into Téa, who showed Todd the Sun. Blair walked up to them and asked if there had been any word on Tomas. When Todd declared that the wonder boy had nothing, John yelled out, "I wouldn't be so sure about that." John announced that he had just found Claude, so maybe they could get answers as to who had killed Victor.

In a classroom at the school, Shane informed Neela that Jack had killed Shane's mother and clarified that Gigi had been murdered, and that Jack was the person who had killed her. When Neela pointed out that Jack was not in prison, Shane explained that Jack's friend, Brad, had taken the rap, because Victor had paid his dad a lot of money. Shane added that Victor had done it to keep Jack out of prison, and that Victor had not cared about what was right or wrong.

Neela reflected that Jack had been very nice to her, and Shane warned her to watch out, because Jack was bad news. Neela then remembered that Jack had admitted that he had set the fire at the Sun. Once Shane and Neela learned that class was cancelled, Neela wanted to know how Gigi had died, but Shane only answered that Neela was Jack's new best friend.

Shane relented and told Neela that Jack and Brad had tried to lure Shane into going to a house, but that Gigi had gone instead. Shane revealed that Jack and Brad had locked Gigi in the basement with a generator that leaked carbon monoxide gas. Shane yelled that Jack had never owned up to what he had done. Shane then voiced that his mother was dead, and that his father was halfway around the world, trying to get back what they had lost.

Neela maintained that Jack had been very nice to her, especially when he had hidden her away from her brother to help her, but that Shane made Jack out to be a monster. Neela then remembered that Jack had told her that he could not let anyone get hurt -- not after the last time. Shane pleaded for Neela to tell him if she knew anything that could connect Jack to his mom's murder, as Jack walked into the room.

In Rio de Janeiro, after Aubrey kissed Rex, she apologized and claimed that she had kissed him on an impulse. Aubrey admitted that she had wanted to kiss Rex, but she still should not have done so, since he was still grieving over Gigi. Aubrey insisted that it would not happen again. Rex agreed that he was still grieving over Gigi. Rex then added that Aubrey did not have to apologize, because he had those feelings also. Rex explained that he had enjoyed a great time with Aubrey during the Halloween party and expressed that he appreciated her help in Brazil. Rex hinted that if he were ready to be with someone, Aubrey could be the one.

In their hotel room, the girl who looked like Gigi told Cutter that he was halfway to being the man that he wanted to be, and Cutter claimed that it was because of her. When Cutter kissed her, she pulled away but denied that she had just been thinking of Rex. The girl who resembled Gigi realized that she had cut her face to get Rex, and Cutter stated that the doctor would return her original face to her.

Cutter exclaimed that he did not regret the kiss, because the girl had helped him be a better person and had even stopped him from killing his mother. Cutter announced that he liked "Stacy," and that he even had feelings for her. After Cutter received a phone call that Dr. Fascinella had returned, he asked the girl if she were ready. The girl who looked like Gigi said, "I need to go back to being Stacy, so I can try to make all of this right. And who knows...with a little luck, maybe we can both change, Cutter."

In the doctor's office, Dr. Fascinella questioned if the girl was not happy with the results of her surgery. Cutter explained that she had lost her memory, and that they hoped that getting her own face back would return her memory to her. The doctor requested to see behind the girl's right ear and held up a light to it. The doctor then told the girl to get dressed and asked to speak to Cutter alone.

Rex and Aubrey burst into the lobby of the doctor's office, dressed in masks, and announced that they were exterminators. When the medical assistant realized that they were not from Brazil, Aubrey quickly lied that they were from Winnipeg. Rex explained that they were experts from Winnipeg, and that they needed to see the doctor. The assistant stated that the doctor was with a patient.

Rex informed the assistant that bedbugs were normal in reception areas, and that they needed to spray. Once the medical assistant ran out of the room, Aubrey searched through the medical files, as Rex looked on the computer. Rex indicated that he would download the files from the computer, so they could search through them later. Aubrey then acted as the lookout, and once she saw the assistant returning, she alerted Rex. When the assistant entered the room, Rex declared that it had been a false alarm, and Rex and Aubrey left. Later in the room, Rex saw in the files on his computer that Stacy Morasco had been trying to pass herself off as Gigi.

Dr. Fascinella demanded to know what Cutter was trying to pull. The doctor declared, "This woman has never had plastic surgery. Not by me. Not by anyone." The doctor then added, "The woman I just examined has never been my patient." Cutter responded, "Yeah, gave her that face." The doctor exclaimed, "No, I operated on a woman named Stacy and made her look like her sister, Gigi. The woman in that room, she's this one. The original." He pointed to Gigi's picture in the file. Cutter cried out, "So, you're telling me that, that Stacy...that, that she's really Gigi Morasco?"

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