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Ronan questioned Victor about the syringe of a paralytic drug found in Victor's safe. Nikki confessed to Victor that she had murdered Diane. Victor protected Nikki by claiming that he'd killed Diane, and he got Adam to back up his assertion.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 28, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, November 28, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Kyle that he planned to introduce him to his new lady friend. While Kyle ordered hot chocolate, Jack's friend, Joe, said that police had ordered an exhumation of Diane's body, based on new evidence. Joe added that another autopsy would be performed. Jack later told Kyle that police planned to dig up his mother's body. Kyle said he hoped police were close to arresting the murderer. Jack placed his arm around his son's shoulder, and the two headed to the police station to find out what was going on.

At the police station, Michael arrived and asked Victor if he'd been treated fairly during his overnight stay. Victor warned Ronan that he might lose his badge. Ronan explained that Diane might have been murdered by an injection of succinylcholine, which caused paralysis and could lead to death. Ronan added that a trace amount of the drug had been found in the syringe recovered from Victor's safe at Newman Enterprises. Michael, his arms folded defiantly across his chest, recalled that the coroner had ruled that Diane had died from blunt-force trauma to her head.

Ronan told Michael and Victor that he'd consider another hypothesis if the drug was found in Diane's bloodstream. Victor warned that the real murderer was on the streets and could possibly kill again. Michael questioned Ronan about his far-fetched notion that Diane had been murdered before someone bashed her in the head with a rock. Ronan explained that blood had been found on the tip of the syringe recovered from Victor's safe. Ronan pressed Victor to explain how the syringe had ended up in his safe. Victor insisted that he'd never before seen the syringe and didn't know how it had ended up in his safe.

Ronan asked who, besides Victor, had access to the safe. Victor explained that his secretary, Connie, and ex-wife, Nikki, both had access to his safe. Michael noted that someone could have broken into the safe. Ronan agreed, but he added that succinylcholine was used in surgery, so the person who'd obtained it likely had access to a hospital pharmacy. Victor said he hadn't been in a hospital and had no access to drugs. Ronan suggested that Victor could have purchased the drug. Victor said it was obvious that someone had set him up.

Michael was angry when he later discovered that Ronan had already questioned Connie, who had admitted that she'd left the safe open and unattended. Before Victor and Michael left, Victor told Michael that Ronan would pay for holding him all night after accusing him of murdering Diane Jenkins. Jack and Kyle had arrived and overheard Victor's comment. Kyle said, "The police think you killed Mom? Did you?" Victor assured the boy that he had not murdered Kyle's mother. In tears, Kyle said, "You're a liar. I hate you." Jack and Victor argued over Kyle, and Victor noted that Kyle was his legal ward. Jack replied, "I have the ultimate weapon in this fight -- Kyle's love."

Nick stopped by the Newman ranch in search of Victor. Nikki surprised her son when she appeared and told Nick that Victor wasn't home. Nick was elated to see his mother. Nikki said she'd arrived the previous night and had intended to thank Victor for lending his support while she had been in rehab. Nick suggested that his father might have left town on a business trip. Nick told his mom that Victor, Victoria, and the grandchildren would be happy to see her again.

Nick pointedly asked his mother where she'd gone after she left rehab. Nikki explained that after being hospitalized for an extended period, she needed some time alone before returning home. Nick asked his mom if she was okay. Nikki replied, "Oh, I am ready to be with my family." Nick told his mom that Victoria truly needed her mother's comfort after losing Lucy and Billy. Nikki agreed and said that it couldn't have been easy for the members of her family who'd been questioned about Diane's murder. Nikki explained that she'd been unable to leave rehab during the critical phase of her therapy.

Nick reminded his mom that she'd gone missing the night Diane was murdered. He added that he was worried because no one knew where Nikki had been. Nikki claimed that her sudden absence the night Diane was killed was terrible timing on her part. Nick asked Nikki if she'd left town because Diane had filed a lawsuit against her. Nikki said, "It was everything. There was pressure to succeed, and I was afraid I would disappoint you. It was all too much." Nick told his mom that she should have called him. Nikki said, "I was going to do what I was going to do." Nick asked his mom what she had done, and she admitted that she'd lost her sobriety.

Nikki changed the subject and said she hoped they could get back to normal, since she'd returned. Nick explained that Ronan was more determined than ever to find Diane's killer. He added that he, Victoria, and Victor were suspects. Nikki maintained that the accused members of her family were innocent. Nikki was shocked after Nick checked a message on his phone and discovered that Victor had been at the police station all night. Nikki opted not to accompany Nick to the police station, but she instructed him to phone and let her know what was going on with Victor. After Nick left, Nikki approached the bar. She hesitated before pouring vodka into a glass.

After Nick arrived at the police station, he learned that his father had been released. Nick said he'd spoken to Connie and knew that Ronan had been aware that someone could have easily planted the syringe in Victor's safe. Ronan claimed it didn't mean that Victor hadn't put it there. Nick asked Ronan when he'd stop harassing the Newman family. Ronan asked Nick if he knew anyone other the current suspects that truly hated Diane. Nick promised to let Ronan know if he thought of anyone. After Nick left, Ronan lifted a box off the floor and pulled out one of the many throw pillows found in Diane's room. Embroidered designs on the pillow featured a pair of red shoes and the saying, "There's no place like home."

Back at the Newman ranch, Nikki twirled the glass of vodka between her palms. She sighed deeply and fought her desire to take a sip. Tears ran down Nikki's cheeks before she succumbed and lifted the glass to her lips. After Nikki drank the vodka, she wiped away her tears. Nikki carefully wiped the glass dry before she placed it back on the bar. She masked the odor of alcohol on her breath with a few squirts of freshener. Victor returned and was surprised to see Nikki.

Tucker and Ashley, honeymooning at a resort, skipped breakfast and made love. Tucker gave Ashley a pearl necklace they'd seen in a jewelry boutique in Japan. Ashley gave Tucker a sculpture of a crane. Ashley explained that the crane was a Japanese symbol of love and fidelity because cranes mated for life. Ashley told Tucker that she'd ruined many relationships in the past and never thought she'd get it right. Tucker kissed Ashley and remarked how fortunate he was to have her.

Billy phoned and told Ashley that he'd returned to Genoa City. Ashley was relieved. Billy said that Delia was healthy. Ashley was pleased when Billy announced that he and Victoria were planning to get back together. After the call ended, Ashley told Tucker that all was right with their world. Tucker, reading a news alert on his phone said, "I am afraid not all."

Ashley became frustrated after she was unable to contact Abby. Ashley cried that she was exasperated by the never-ending murder investigation. Tucker said that Victor could handle Ronan. Ashley quipped that they were fortunate Ronan hadn't shown up to ruin their honeymoon, and she apologized for inferring that Tucker could have been involved in Diane's murder.

At home, Billy and Victoria carried their lovemaking session from the bedroom to the living room. Victoria's mood dampened when she discovered that their divorce had been finalized. Victoria apologized and explained that she thought she'd never see Billy again. Billy kissed Victoria and said they'd marry again. Victoria became somber and explained that she'd been at the park the night Diane was killed.

Billy assured Victoria that she had nothing to worry about, but she said it could be a problem if Ronan saw the condemning film "Adam made." Victoria admitted that she'd lied to Ronan to protect her dad. Victoria noted that she had no idea her father was keeping Billy away from her. Victoria changed the subject and said she'd rather plan their wedding. Billy nodded. Victoria insisted that she wanted nothing more to do with her dad.

Victoria showed up at her dad's office. Michael was there and told Victoria that he was glad to see her. She replied, "The sooner I clean out my office, the better." Michael told Victoria that Victor had spent the night in jail after someone planted a syringe with Diane's blood on it in Victor's safe. Adam was within earshot when Victoria told Michael that she would no longer support Victor after what he had done to Billy. Adam said, "That's the difference between you and me, Victoria. No matter what Dad does, I still can't manage to turn my back on him." Victoria replied, "That's because you and Dad are a lot more alike than anyone realized."

Victoria and Michael looked stunned when Adam said it was fitting for him step in during his father's absence. Michael said that Victor didn't need anyone to step in for him. Adam noted that Victor was in police custody, Victoria had resigned, and Nick had left the company months before. Michael insisted that Victor would soon return. Adam sat in Victor's chair and said, "Consider me the new top cat."

Billy visited with Delia at the Chancellor estate. Billy promised Delia he wouldn't leave her again. Chloe, worried, glared at Billy. Chloe sent Delia upstairs. Fighting back tears, Chloe said she feared Billy had abandoned his child. Chloe noted that Delia would have suffered the loss for the rest of her life. Billy asked for forgiveness. Chloe admitted that she was glad Billy was alive, but she refused to forgive him. Chloe told Billy she was thankful he hadn't turned his back on his daughter. Billy said, "I wouldn't let anything keep me from my daughter."

At Genevieve's, Myrna learned that Jack planned to stop by with Kyle. Genevieve admitted that she, as the new woman in Jack's life, was nervous about meeting Kyle because he'd recently lost his mother. Genevieve added, "Some sick person bashed her skull in with a rock. What kind of a monster does that?" Myrna replied, "I couldn't tell. I just hope they find him soon." Genevieve said, "Yeah, or her." Genevieve left the room to get ready for Jack and Kyle's visit.

Adam stopped by unexpectedly and told Patty that he'd dealt with his dad and intended to deal with her, as well. Patty begged Adam to leave before Genevieve returned. Adam told Patty to stop giving him reasons to show up if she intended to keep her true identity a secret from her boss. Patty explained that her aim was to let Adam know she was in charge. Adam noted that he'd used Patty's ill-advised plan to plant the drug-tainted syringe in his father's vault. Adam said that Ronan had found the syringe and jumped to all the wrong conclusions.

Patty said that her plan had worked to Adam's advantage, but Adam warned that he might inform police that Patty was back in town. Patty explained that many people had access to illegal drugs. Adam warned that Ronan, after learning that Patty had returned, would figure out that she had set up Victor. Patty explained that she had business to take care of.

Genevieve returned when she heard Patty and Adam arguing. Genevieve said, "Myrna, what's going on down here?" Genevieve was shocked to see Adam standing in her living room. Adam claimed that he'd actually stopped by to speak with Genevieve about their mutual interest in Newman Enterprises. Genevieve wasn't receptive to Adam's presence, so he left. Genevieve told Patty that she didn't have good feelings about Adam.

After Jack and Kyle arrived, Genevieve told Kyle she'd heard that he enjoyed video games, hockey, and scary movies. Kyle wasn't very receptive when Jack suggested they all watch a scary movie together sometime. Jack noted that Kyle had had a rough morning and needed to return to school. Kyle's mood improved when he found the cat Genevieve had taken in as a stray. Kyle picked up the cat and stroked its head.

Patty, her face covered by a veil, covertly watched. Genevieve noticed that the cat brightened Kyle's mood, so she told him to keep the cat. Kyle named the cat Dave. Kyle was beaming as he carried Dave to the car. Patty watched as Genevieve kissed Jack and told him she wanted to make him happy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Phyllis ran into Avery at the coffeehouse. Phyllis tried to reach out to Avery and said that they needed to move on in their relationship. Avery refused to acknowledge what she'd said at the prison. Phyllis was stunned, and Avery would not admit their father was guilty of his crimes. Phyllis wanted Avery to face the truth, but Avery refused to be intimidated. Avery said that she would never understand why Phyllis had walked out on their family.

Avery turned to go, but Phyllis followed her. Phyllis demanded that Avery stop using Lucy to get back at Phyllis. Avery claimed that she was defending Daisy because she'd been a victim. Phyllis believed that Avery's life revolved around Phyllis because Avery was tied up with Lucy and Nick. Phyllis claimed she'd left home because of all the lies, and Avery was a consummate liar. Phyllis walked out, prompting Avery to call and leave a message for Nick. Avery suggested that they meet for an afternoon romp in her suite.

Billy went to the magazine office to see Nick. Billy explained to Nick that Victoria had taken him back and they were rebuilding their relationship. Billy was determined to set his life back on track. Nick hoped Billy never hurt his sister again. Billy asked Nick to sell him Restless Style because Billy wanted to run the magazine again. Billy offered to pay more than he'd sold the place for, but Nick wasn't interested. Billy asked Nick to keep him in mind in case he had a change of heart.

Later, Nick called Avery and left a message that he would meet her at the suite. Phyllis returned to the magazine office and treated Nick coldly. Phyllis said she was ready to go to work on a story about Billy's return, but Nick vetoed that story because of Victoria. Phyllis suggested a story about Victor as the prime suspect in Diane's murder, but Nick said no to that story, too. Phyllis exclaimed that they could not ignore that there was evidence found in Victor's safe.

Nick was adamant that Restless Style not invade his family's privacy. Nick mentioned that Nikki was back and wouldn't be able to handle the stress of a tabloid story. Phyllis said they had an obligation to cover the Jenkins murder case. Phyllis reminded Nick that they were in the business of selling magazines. Phyllis told Nick to turn the publication into a non-profit if he didn't want to write about stories that touched close to home. Nick announced that he had to leave. Phyllis wondered if she should write about Avery Clark, which shocked Nick. Phyllis said that Avery was out to destroy Phyllis, but Nick claimed that he could handle Avery.

Nick and Avery were in her suite. They were between the sheets and kissing. Nick mentioned that Billy wanted to buy the magazine back. Nick was tempted, but he liked being his own boss. Avery wondered about Phyllis. Nick said that Phyllis was a pain in the butt, and he didn't want to talk about her. Nick didn't want to talk at all. He kissed Avery passionately.

Nikki and Victor met at the ranch. Victor embraced his ex and welcomed her home. Nikki said she'd been back earlier but Victor had been at the police station. Nikki appreciated Victor's support while she'd been in rehab. Victor asked about her travels, and Nikki said that she'd visited her favorite European cities, but she missed being home.

Victor invited Nikki to stay at the ranch. Nikki was touched. Victor hugged her and asked if she was well, referring to her sobriety. Nikki looked at the bottle of liquor. Nikki said that she felt like she'd never really left her home. Victor offered to put all their problems in the past. Nikki was worried about the murder case. Victor assured Nikki that everything would be all right. Nikki assumed that Victor was under a lot of stress.

Speaking of Diane's murder case, Victor explained that he was concerned about Kyle and determined to take care of the boy. Nikki said that she loved Victor's great ability to forgive. Victor appreciated her saying that. Victor claimed that he understood that Nikki had faced her demons, and he promised to support Nikki throughout her sobriety. Victor was glad Nikki was home and kissed her. Victor said he'd missed Nikki and asked her to go upstairs with him. They went to the bedroom together.

On the phone, Ronan tried to explain to the D.A. why he had not arrested Victor. After he hung up, Paul sympathized with Ronan. Paul and Ronan agreed that there was something bizarre about the case. Ronan told Paul that they had to figure out who was connected to the tenth pillow -- "there's no place like home." Paul asked if Ronan had any theories about the tenth suspect. In the security footage from Newman Enterprises, Ronan saw that Adam had been there when they found the syringe in Victor's safe. Paul and Ronan left to confront Adam.

Meeting with Michael and Victoria, Adam told the security office that Victoria was leaving the business and to put her belongings in the lobby. Adam assumed that Victoria had quit the company. Adam said that Victor had asked him back, and while Victor was away, Adam was in charge. Victoria suspected that Adam was out for himself. Victoria predicted that Adam would be kicked out of the company soon enough.

Michael accused Adam of planting the evidence in Victor's safe to set him up for Diane's murder. Victoria was sure that Victor would be back soon. Adam said he'd roll out the welcome wagon for Victor. Victoria left angrily.

Ronan and Paul went to see Adam at Newman Enterprises and questioned him about being in the office when the syringe had been found in the safe. Michael listened in on the interrogation. Adam said that he had no way to get into Victor's safe. Ronan said that Victor believed that Adam had motive to set him up, and Michael said that Adam would be permanently in charge if Victor were convicted. Ronan asked who else could have planted the evidence. Adam said he had no time to talk with the cops. When Ronan wondered why all the text messages that had been sent as clues never implicated him, Adam suggested that Victor might have been sending the text messages himself.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria complained to Billy about Adam having taken over Newman while Victor was in trouble with the cops. Victoria was furious with Victor over his efforts to destroy Billy and Victoria's marriage. Billy understood how she felt. Victoria knew her father was reprehensible and wanted Billy to convince her not to warn Victor about Adam's villainy.

Billy and Victoria had a cup of coffee. Billy agreed with Victoria that her father was impossible. However, Billy urged Victoria to give her father a heads-up about Adam. Billy said that Victor needed Victoria, and she would pull through for her family. Victoria announced that she was going to see her father. Victoria thanked Billy and kissed him.

At home, Jack picked up the cat and said that Kyle really liked him. Jack said he was keeping the pet only for Kyle because Jack didn't really care for cats. They were a reminder of bad times. Jack went to get a bowl of milk for the cat. Patty watched Jack from outside the front door.

When Jack went to find his phone, Patty got into the house. Patty gathered up the pussycat in her arms. She fed the kitty a treat she'd made herself. Patty didn't think Jack had done enough for the cat. Patty said that Diane had deserved what she'd gotten because she hadn't been a good person. Patty didn't feel bad for Diane. When she heard Jack returning, Patty took the cat and ran to the kitchen.

On the tropical island she was on with Tucker, Ashley was lost in thought. Tucker wondered what was bothering his bride. Tucker asked Ashley to confide in him. Ashley admitted that she was concerned about Billy. Ashley was also worried about Jabot. Ashley apologized for thinking about her responsibilities at home. Tucker said he had an appointment in Chicago later and would like to keep it. Tucker assured Ashley that they could return to the island any time they liked. Ashley said that returning home wouldn't mean the honeymoon was over.

Ashley walked into Jack's house just as Billy arrived. Jack greeted them both. Ashley wanted to know where Billy had been. Jack also wanted answers. Billy said he didn't want to talk about his travels; he was just happy to be home and reunited with his wife and child.

Billy asked Ashley about her wedding. Jack and Ashley told Billy that they had reacquired Jabot, and they wanted Billy to work with them. Billy was flattered and grateful, but he wasn't interested in being in the family business. Billy explained he had a few irons in the fire and wanted to be on his own. Billy excused himself so he could go visit Delia. After Billy left, Jack wondered where the cat had gone.

Phyllis went to see Ronan at his office and assumed that she was no longer a suspect in Diane's murder because he'd questioned Victor. Ronan was reluctant to tell Phyllis about Victor and the evidence. Phyllis got very close to Ronan, and he worried that they were risking too much by cavorting in public. Phyllis continued flirting, and Ronan was very turned on.

When Phyllis mentioned that Nikki Newman was back in Genoa City, Ronan was intrigued. Ronan told Phyllis that Nikki had been missing from rehab the night of the murder. Phyllis was curious. Ronan explained that he had to get to work on the case, but asked Phyllis not to write about what he'd told her. Phyllis wanted an incentive to keep quiet. She left, and Ronan determined that the unidentified pillow -- "there's no place like home" -- was connected to Nikki.

After spending some private time together, Nikki and Victor returned to the living room, and she asked about Victoria. Victor admitted that he and Victoria had had a falling out, and Victoria had resigned from the company. Victor said that Victoria hadn't appreciated his protectiveness. Nikki went to the kitchen to make some lunch.

There was a knock on the door as Victoria arrived. Victor appreciated that Victoria warned him about Adam. Victor told Victoria to stick with their plan, and Adam would get it in the end. Victoria insisted that the plan was all Victor's because she was done with Newman Enterprises. Victoria was about to leave when Nikki appeared. They embraced happily.

Patty was at Crimson Lights with the pussycat hidden in her purse. She avoided Michael, Paul, and Adam when they appeared. Patty sneaked out, unnoticed by the men.

In Chicago, Tucker had an appointment with his therapist. He was telling her about his memory loss from the night of Diane's murder. Tucker said that his brain had still been scrambled at the time, and he feared that he'd done something to Diane that night. His therapist, Emily, asked what bothered him more, the uncertainty or the possibility that he'd been violent.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Eden greeted Michael. Kevin said that Eden had come up with a strong new coffee drink and recommended that Michael try a cup. Kevin commented that Michael's boss, Victor, was a monster. Kevin said he didn't know how Michael could stand working for Victor. Michael said that he disagreed with Victor at times, but he also understood Victor's need to protect Victoria.

Kevin said that Victor's actions to protect Victoria from Billy had been harsh. Michael said that he feared that Billy would be facing serious trouble in the near future. Daniel arrived and asked his friends about their Thanksgiving. Daniel envied that they'd had an Italian Thanksgiving feast at Gloworm. Eden sympathized when Daniel explained that he'd suffered through a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Devon was sitting in the coffeehouse patio when Abby called him. She was in California, and Devon was glad to hear that she was having fun. Devon said he had all this studio equipment on order but nowhere to put the stuff, since his deal with Kay had fallen apart. Abby had to run and said she'd call him later. Harmony entered and Devon was surprised to see her. Harmony said she'd decided to put down roots. Harmony said she wouldn't beg for Devon's approval. Devon declared that Harmony was not a part of his life.

Later, Devon reconnected with Abby on a Skype connection. Abby offered to invest in Devon's music business. Abby said she had the money and wanted to work with him. Abby offered to be his "angel." Devon claimed he wouldn't be comfortable taking Abby's money. Abby said it would be an investment, not a loan. Devon admitted that Abby had a great mind for marketing. Devon agreed to let Abby invest and Abby was thrilled.

Listening in on the Skype conversation, Daniel and Eden approved of Devon and Abby's deal. Devon was happy, but explained that he still needed a space to build the studio. Daniel had an idea, and he and Devon left the coffeehouse. Later, Daniel and Devon returned, and Devon decided to take the old Newman art gallery in the Restless Style building. Devon placed a call, and he reported to Eden and Daniel that he'd rented the space. All Devon needed was to name the studio and label. Eden received a text message from a friend in England who was moving to Genoa City.

Emily asked Tucker if he had enjoyed his honeymoon with Ashley. Tucker said yes and revealed that he'd explained to Ashley that he was seeing a therapist, but he hadn't mentioned that it was Emily. Tucker wished that Emily was located in Genoa City instead of Chicago. Tucker told Emily that Devon had attended his wedding, but that Kay had not been invited. Emily wondered if Devon approved of Tucker's relationship with Kay. Tucker said that Devon was not happy with Kay either.

Emily saw similarities in Tucker resenting Kay giving him up for adoption as a baby and Tucker never having raised Devon as a child. Tucker didn't think the two situations were comparable. Tucker reminded Emily he'd never known that Devon existed. Emily explained that she was exploring the inconsistencies in Tucker's story. Emily said that Tucker wanted forgiveness from Devon, but Tucker didn't think Kay deserved forgiveness.

Emily advised Tucker to walk the walk if he wanted to impress Devon. Tucker asked if Emily would consider moving back to Genoa City. She demurred, and Tucker believed that Emily was avoiding her problems by staying away. Tucker advised Emily to heed the adage, "Physician, heal thyself."

Billy went to see Kay at the mansion. Kay wanted answers from Billy about what he'd done while he was away. Chloe appeared and suggested that Kay go upstairs and play with Delia. Chloe was curious that Billy hadn't told Kay that Victor had been responsible for keeping him from returning to Genoa City. Billy compliment Chloe on the great job she'd done taking care of Delia while he was away.

Kevin arrived and Chloe was happy to see him. Kevin wasn't pleased to see Billy. Billy thanked Kevin for having been there for Delia when she was ill. Kevin noted that Billy was a high-maintenance guy. Billy couldn't disagree, then he teased Kevin about his crazy time as the silver chipmunk.

At the ranch, Nikki was happy to see Victoria again. Victor went to the stables, and Nikki realized that Victoria and Victor were still at odds. Nikki assumed they were fighting over business. Victoria said that Victor had been manipulating her, and what he'd done to Billy was unforgivable. Victoria explained that Delia had believed that Billy had been away because he didn't love her. Victoria wanted Nikki to side with her against Victor, but Nikki pointed out that Victor had found Billy and made sure that Delia's life was spared.

Victoria reminded Nikki that she'd been led to believe that Billy had abandoned her. Victoria realized that Nikki had a blind spot for Victor. Victoria hugged her mother and then left to meet Billy. Alone, Nikki was tempted to take a drink, but then Victor returned to the living room. Nikki said she had to leave to attend a meeting. Victor offered to go with her, but Nikki explained that she needed to go alone. Before leaving, Nikki told Victor that Billy was not the devil, just a flawed person -- and not unlike many other people.

Ronan ordered a subpoena for Nikki's rehab records. Later, Ronan went to the ranch and said he was looking for Nikki. Victor explained that Nikki had gone out. Ronan wanted to know where Nikki had been the night of Diane's murder. Victor said that Nikki had been out of town at the time. Victor asked Ronan to leave his house. Alone, Victor called Michael to arrange a meeting.

At the A.A. meeting, Nikki apologized for her actions at a previous meeting when she'd had a drunken outburst. Deacon appeared in the back of the room and heard Nikki say that she'd been in rehab ever since that incident. Nikki said that she fought to remain sober, hour by hour, day by day.

After Nikki took a seat, Harmony went to the podium and said she was an addict. She explained that she was new in town and was estranged from her son because of her addiction. Harmony had been an unfit mother and had not been able to care for her son when he was a child. Harmony wished that her son wanted her as an adult the way he had as a boy. Harmony said that in Devon's eyes, she was a failure.

Nikki was in tears, listening to Harmony. During a break in the meeting, Nikki approached Harmony and said she admired her courage in speaking. Deacon intervened and tried to talk with Nikki but she asked him to go away. Nikki said she'd been happy to meet Harmony.

Nikki went to see Kay at the mansion. When Harmony appeared, Nikki said she was surprised that they were meeting again. Kay explained that Harmony was staying with her. After Nikki left Kay's, Harmony commented that Nikki was very nice. Harmony appreciated that Nikki had not judged Harmony based on her troubled past.

Kay asked what Harmony planned to do with herself, since she had no job in Genoa City. Kay offered Harmony a job as a secretary, but Harmony wanted to find work on her own. Harmony hoped that Devon would grow to trust her someday. Kay agreed that she regretted the choices she had made with Tucker and wished he would trust her, too.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy learned from Victoria that Nikki had returned home. Victoria wanted to visit with Delia, and Chloe suggested that all four of them -- Billy, Victoria, Kevin, and Chloe -- all go visit Delia together. Chloe wanted to put all their past issues behind them. Later, Chloe said she was happy they'd visited with Delia together. Billy said he had to meet with Jack and would see Victoria back home later.

Victoria asked Kevin and Chloe about their wedding plans. Victoria offered to help in any way she could. Chloe asked Victoria to be her matron of honor. Later, Kevin mentioned to Chloe that he'd been surprised that Chloe had asked Victoria to stand up for her. Chloe said that Victoria had truly been supportive during Delia's illness. Kevin asked where he and Chloe should live after the wedding. Chloe didn't want to move into Kevin's apartment complex because of Delia's precarious health. Kevin agreed that they'd need to buy a house. Chloe was thrilled.

Ronan received a call that he'd be receiving Nikki's records from rehab. Ronan learned that Nikki had been upset by a tabloid story that Diane had planted regarding Nikki and Victor. Ronan believed that Nikki had had motive and opportunity to kill Diane. Ronan suspected that the pillow for suspect number ten pointed to Nikki as the killer.

Victor told Michael that it was likely that Nikki had returned to Genoa City the night of Diane's murder. Victor asked Michael to go to the rehab center to find information that would clear Nikki's name if Ronan accused her of killing Diane. Victor was worried that Ronan would pin the murder on Nikki. Michael called later to say he'd met with the hospital director. Victor said that he had to know for certain if Nikki had been in Genoa City the night of Diane's murder.

Tucker went to see Kay and delivered her candy -- Red Hots -- as a peace offering. Tucker remembered reading in Kay's memoirs that she loved them. Kay invited Tucker into the house. Tucker was surprised to see Harmony was staying there.

Victoria arrived home, and Billy greeted her with a kiss. Billy said he'd set up the computer for Victoria to have a Skype call with Reed. Seeing her son on the laptop screen, Victoria wished Reed a happy birthday. Victoria noticed that Reed had her dog, Keely, with him. Reed ran in from the kitchen; he had been there all along. Billy had arranged the surprise for Victoria. Reed embraced his mother with love.

In the jet on the way back to Genoa City, Michael called Victor to say that the situation was very bad for Nikki. When Nikki left the rehab center, a woman had lost her wallet. The next day, Nikki had returned and claimed that she'd found a missing wallet. The woman's credit card had been used to rent a car, and Michael suspected that Nikki had used it to rent a car and drive to Genoa City.

At Crimson Lights, Deacon approached Nikki and mentioned that he'd seen her when she was in Genoa City during the summer. Nikki was confused and had no memory of being back. Ronan entered the coffeehouse and told Nikki that he needed her to go to the police station to answer some questions.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, Tucker was surprised to learn that Harmony was living with Kay again. Harmony explained that she'd decided to accept Kay's invitation to start over in Genoa City. Tucker said that he'd gone to see Kay to meet her halfway and try to build a relationship, but Kay had disappointed him again. Tucker wondered if Harmony was using Kay to get Devon. Tucker assured Kay and Harmony that he'd protect Devon from anyone who'd hurt his son.

Harmony said that she was there to reconnect with Devon, and nobody would stand in her way. Tucker wondered if maybe it was Harmony that was using Kay to get to Devon. Harmony declared that she was clean and sober and ready to be a mother to Devon. Harmony wanted to help Devon. Tucker warned Harmony that there were no free rides if she aligned herself with Kay.

At the new space, Devon began to set up his music studio. Ashley arrived, and Devon greeted her with a smile. Ashley said that Abby had sent her. Ashley handed Devon the check for Abby's investment in the project and said that Abby was very committed to working with Devon. Ashley told Devon they she and Tucker were grateful that Devon had attended their wedding.

Devon didn't want to talk with Ashley about Tucker. Ashley assured Devon that Tucker would not be going anywhere. Devon couldn't see how to fit Tucker into his life. Ashley explained that they were both familiar with losing people. Ashley advised Devon to risk creating a new relationship with Tucker. Devon appreciated Ashley's visit, then she left.

Kay was impressed with the way Harmony had handled Tucker. Harmony said that when they were young, she had been quite taken with Tucker, but she had been a fool back then. The bell rang, and Kay answered the door and saw Devon. Devon handed Kay a cashier's check to repay Mrs. Chancellor for the money she had put up to create Devon's music label. Kay didn't want the money back. Devon said that Kay wanted a relationship from him, and he couldn't supply that, so he was returning the money. Devon was glad to see that his mother was sober and seemingly together, but he advised her not to trust Kay. Devon walked out.

Tucker ran into Ashley at Crimson Lights. Ashley asked about Tucker's therapy session. Tucker said it had gone well, and the therapist had advised Tucker to work on his relationship with Kay. Ashley was surprised that Tucker had already gone to see Kay. Tucker said that he had been shocked to discover that Kay had taken Harmony into her home. Tucker feared that Kay was plotting to use Harmony to get to Devon.

Ashley revealed that she'd seen Devon, and he had seemed to listen to her advice about trying new relationships. Ashley was hopeful that Tucker and Devon would get closer. Tucker thought that despite his therapist's advice, he needed to stay away from Kay. While Tucker went to buy a coffee, Ashley answered Tucker's phone and found herself talking with Dr. Emily Peterson. When Tucker returned to the table, Ashley asked Tucker if Emily, Jack's ex-fiancée, was his therapist.

At Avery's hotel suite, Nick was in bed with Avery when Phyllis called and left a message on Nick's phone. Nick explained to Avery that he needed to return to the office. Avery understood. Nick arranged to have dinner with Avery later. Phyllis was in the magazine office, upset that Nick had not answered his phone.

Phyllis resumed her work and decided to write about Nikki being a suspect in Diane's murder. Phyllis knew that Ronan would be upset, but Phyllis didn't care. Nick returned and asked Phyllis if Nikki had called while he was gone. Phyllis was insubordinate to Nick. He looked at her computer screen, and Nick was stunned that Phyllis had been writing a story in which she named Nikki the prime suspect in Diane's murder case.

Nick demanded to know where Phyllis had gotten the information about Nikki. Nick was concerned about his parents and didn't appreciate Phyllis using them to sell magazines. Phyllis wondered if Nick cared about family so much that he'd decided to seduce Phyllis' sister. Nick was incensed and told Phyllis that she had not been doing her job. Nick stated that she hadn't listened to him, her boss, and that was a job requirement. Nick told Phyllis that she was fired.

Phyllis was stunned and explained that she'd only written a draft. Nick said that Phyllis didn't "give a damn" about him, and he couldn't tolerate her disregard anymore. Phyllis defended herself to Nick, saying that she was an amazing wife, mother, and magazine editor. Phyllis wanted to continue with her job, but Nick said he'd meant what he'd said, and Phyllis was done working for him. Nick asked Phyllis to go.

Nick met Avery at the Athletic Club bar. Nick told Avery that he'd fired Phyllis because she'd pushed too hard. Nick said he couldn't take Phyllis' drama anymore. Avery agreed that Phyllis had always been feisty. Avery explained that Phyllis was selfish, self-centered, and incapable of change.

Paul went to the police station. Ronan explained to Paul that he was going to question Nikki about the murder and wanted Paul's input, since he knew Nikki well. Paul said hello to Nikki. Ronan wanted to start questioning Nikki without her attorney present. Nikki explained that she'd been sober and hadn't had a drink since checking into rehab over the summer. Ronan asked if Nikki had ever left rehab before checking out.

Ronan claimed that Nikki had left rehab on July 31, the day before Diane had been killed. Ronan asked Nikki where she'd gone when she left rehab that day. Paul interrupted Ronan to ask Nikki if she wanted to wait for Michael, her attorney. Nikki answered Ronan, saying that she didn't recall leaving rehab on July 31. Nikki admitted that she'd been drinking again. Ronan asked Nikki for her reaction to the tabloid photos of Nikki and Victor making love and Diane's alienation of affection lawsuit. The questions confused Nikki.

At the ranch, Victor analyzed the road map and realized that Nikki could have driven to Genoa City from Dubuque. Victor wondered if Nikki might have killed Diane. Victor questioned Bonnie, the maid, about Nikki's whereabouts, but she didn't know where Nikki had gone. Michael then called Victor to inform him that Nikki had been taken to the police station for questioning.

At the station, Ronan continued pressing Nikki for answers. Ronan asked inflammatory questions that upset Nikki. Paul told Ronan to back off. Ronan commented that Diane had been a bitch, and Nikki had probably wanted to stop her from hurting the Newman family. Michael walked in and was furious that Ronan had questioned Nikki without counsel present. Michael sent Nikki out of the room.

In the squad room, Nikki saw Deacon. When Deacon offered Nikki a ride home, she said yes. Back at the ranch, Nikki went directly for a drink. Deacon tried to stop her and suggested that she go to a meeting with him. Nikki continued guzzling the booze. Deacon said he'd seen Nikki in the park with Diane the night she was killed, and Deacon knew what had happened. Deacon said he would never tell anyone what he had seen.

Deacon begged Nikki to put the glass down. Nikki asked him to leave and when he refused, she walked out on him -- taking the bottle with her. Nikki went to the stables. She recalled making love with Victor and realized that Diane had been watching them. Nikki blamed Diane for causing problems in her life.

Paul told Ronan that he'd been out of line, asking Nikki those questions when her attorney had not been present. Michael appeared with Victor. Before he walked out, Paul told Victor told protect Nikki. Ronan didn't know where Nikki had gone. Victor went home and discovered Deacon in his living room. Deacon explained that he driven Nikki back from the police station.

Deacon explained that Nikki was still on the grounds, but she'd been drinking. Victor went off to find Nikki. In the stables, Victor found a drunken Nikki. Victor refused to leave her, even though she pleaded with him to go. Victor assured her that everything would be okay. Nikki said that nothing would ever be all right again. Nikki declared that she'd killed Diane.

Phyllis went to see Ronan in his office. Phyllis asked about the case, but Ronan said that he couldn't tell her anything. Phyllis explained that Nick had fired her, and she expected it would be all over the Internet very soon. Ronan suggested that Phyllis take some time off. Phyllis worried that Ronan would think she was a suspect if she went out of town. Ronan said it would be all right with him. Phyllis agreed that leaving town might be wise. Ronan said he'd probably miss Phyllis.

Phyllis ran into Nick and Avery at the bar. Phyllis needed to speak with Nick in private. Alone, Phyllis told Nick that she was taking a vacation with Lucy, and she needed Nick to watch Faith. Nick agreed to care for their daughter. Before stepping away, Phyllis told Avery that she could have Nick.

Avery followed Phyllis and apologized to her for being with Nick. Phyllis accused Avery of trying to take over Phyllis' life. Avery said that if Phyllis had stayed when they were children, things would have been different. Phyllis was furious with Avery. Phyllis left in a huff. Avery told Nick that Phyllis would never change.

Paul reported to Ronan that he'd learned that Nikki had visited one of the ATM's between the rehab center and Genoa City. Nikki had taken out $500 on the day of Diane's death. Ronan wanted to know if Nikki could have gotten the drug from the rehab center that had been found in Victor's safe. Michael warned that he would file a complaint against Ronan if he harassed Nikki any further. Ronan called a judge to get an arrest warrant. Later, at the Athletic Club bar, Paul was shocked when Emily Peterson said hello to him.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Billy watched while Victoria and Reed happily finished playing a board game. Billy proposed that they visit Delia, and Reed ran to get his coat. Victoria grinned broadly at Billy, and she kissed him in gratitude for arranging Reed's visit. She suggested that they go Christmas shopping after they dropped Reed off, but Billy said that he had to make a quick stop first. Jack called and asked if Billy had reconsidered Jack's job offer, and Billy agreed to stop by.

Billy surmised that Victoria thought that it was a bad idea for him to return to Jabot, but she questioned whether he really wanted Restless Style back. He said that wasn't an option, but working with his family couldn't be all that bad, and he thought it was worth a conversation. Reed returned, and Billy playfully bundled him up to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked Tucker if it had been a coincidence that Emily was his therapist. He admitted that he'd sought Emily out, and Ashley found it odd that he hadn't mentioned it. He said he had planned on telling her that week, after he was sure the arrangement would work out. Tucker insisted that it wasn't an issue that Emily had been engaged to Jack, but Ashley disagreed.

Tucker asked if Ashley wanted him to quit therapy, and she said no, but she wanted him to remember the horrible things that Patty had done to Jack, because seeing Emily could trigger bad memories for Jack. He questioned whether it was fair that Emily had to stay out of town because of Patty's actions, and Ashley acknowledged that it wasn't. Tucker wanted Emily to return to Genoa City, because the situation wasn't about Jack, and he thought Jack needed to work out his issues with Emily on his own. Ashley pushed Tucker to find a different therapist.

At the Abbott home, Jack informed Billy that Ashley was on the way and that she would be thrilled with Billy's change of heart, but Billy insisted that he was still pondering the offer. Billy was happy that the Abbotts had gotten Jabot back, and he felt that family had become more important to him while he had been away. He vowed to get his act together for Delia and Victoria. Billy asked what he would be doing at Jabot, and Jack thought he'd be great in marketing. Jack offered to let Billy design a position that would build on his strengths, and Billy knew it would be as good a job as he would ever find. Ashley arrived, and Jack announced that Billy had been about to say yes, but Billy hesitated to give them a firm answer, and he left.

Jack and Ashley reviewed financial reports, and Ashley was delighted with Jabot's Thanksgiving sales numbers. Jack expected future profitability, and he proposed that they target Beauty of Nature once again, but she argued that Jabot was doing wonderfully on its own. They bickered, but he gushed that good fortune was smiling on them, and he named off all the terrific things that had happened in their family recently. She noted that he seemed incredibly happy, and he couldn't remember the last time he felt so positive about the future.

Paul ran into Emily at the Athletic Club, and he asked for proof that she was really Emily and not Patty. Emily recounted that her brother hadn't wanted her to go with him when he'd turned himself in to the police for writing fake prescriptions. A skeptical Paul asked what she'd offered Jamie to drink, and she paused, but then answered orange juice. She suggested that he confirm her travel plans to Genoa City with her office in Chicago, or she could provide another DNA sample. Paul conceded that she was Emily, but he was still spooked that Patty had previously managed to convince him that she was Emily. Paul wondered how Emily felt about being back in town. She admitted that her trip had been unsettling, but overdue.

Paul and Emily discussed Patty's escape, and Paul lamented that he hadn't been able to find his sister. Emily couldn't blame him for not giving up, and he admitted that it broke his heart to think of Patty being alone and ill. He realized that Patty had tortured Emily and hesitated to continue, but Emily insisted that she understood Patty's actions. He thought that was the doctor in her talking, and he asked how she felt personally. She said she'd accepted what had happened, but she struggled with it every day, though it had been getting easier.

Later, Tucker ran into Emily at the Athletic Club. She hoped that she hadn't caused problems by trying to call him and speaking with Ashley, and he revealed that Ashley was upset. Emily understood that she had been involved with Jack during a highly traumatic period in Jack's life. Tucker couldn't ignore Ashley's feelings, and he canceled his therapy sessions with Emily. She offered to recommend an associate, and she commended him for putting his family first.

Jack was stunned to find Emily on his doorstep, but he was unsure it was really her. She offered to prove it if he gave her a moment, and they recounted their Christmas in August. She said that she had almost called him many times, but she hadn't been able to dial his number. He asked if she'd made the trip just to see him, but she explained that she had been in town and had wanted to stop by and let him know that she still thought of him. He mused that he still thought of her, too. He softly touched her cheek, while a seething Patty peered at them through the window.

At Crimson Lights, Adam greeted Nick, but Nick snapped at him to shut up, because he believed that Adam already had an agenda at Newman Enterprises. Adam surmised that Nick suspected him of planting the evidence against Victor, and he accused Nick of feeling guilty that Nick had taken off to be with Sharon instead of being in town to support Victor. Nick taunted Adam with the fact that Sharon wanted nothing to do with Adam.

Nick assumed that Adam wanted to know if Sharon and Sam were involved again, and Adam speculated that the possibility bothered Nick just as much. Nick ordered Adam to leave Sharon alone, and Adam coldly requested that Nick answer the question. Nick thought that Sharon and Sam were only friends, and he called Adam pitiful for thinking that Sharon could ever forgive Adam. Adam proclaimed that Sharon was the kind of woman who could, but Nick maintained Sharon was over Adam and was putting her life back together. Nick asserted that Sharon wasn't going to return home anytime soon, and even if she did, she'd never reunite with Adam.

Nick stopped by to see Victoria and griped about Adam's obsession with Sharon. Victoria wished Adam would move back to Kansas, but Nick thought that would never happen, especially since Adam was working at Newman. Victoria declared that she'd washed her hands of the company, but she noted Nick's concern and wondered if he was contemplating going back. She asked about the magazine, and he admitted that he wasn't entirely devoted to it.

Nick explained that Restless Style had become more frustrating than fulfilling, and Victoria inquired why he wanted to hold on to it. He recognized that Phyllis had been the main reason, but he'd fired her due to personal complications. Victoria pointed out that he could return to Newman, but he replied that Newman had complications, too. He realized that she wanted him to sell the magazine back to Billy.

Nick claimed that he couldn't sell Restless Style to Billy, until he himself figured out what he was going to do next. He had enjoyed starting the magazine on his own, and Victoria suggested another new project. She remarked that she had also been thinking about her next professional step. The siblings excitedly pondered the possibility of building something together, as equal partners. Billy returned and reported that Jack had offered him a fantastic position, but he wasn't sure he wanted to take it.

Victoria told Billy that Jack's offer sounded like a fantastic opportunity, but she advised that if it wasn't right for him, he shouldn't take it. Victoria admitted that she had attempted to get Nick to sell the magazine back to Billy, but Billy respected Nick's decision. Nick suddenly said he'd changed his mind, and he agreed to sell Restless Style, because he'd rather have the chance to work with Victoria. Billy smiled, while Nick and Victoria hugged.

At the police station, Spencer was surprised that Ronan had requested an arrest warrant for Nikki. Ronan showed the D.A. the evidence that indicated that Nikki had left the rehab facility and had traveled to Genoa City on the night of Diane's murder. Spencer said he'd expedite the warrant, and Ronan urged him to hurry before Nikki disappeared. Moments later, Spencer handed Ronan the warrant, and the police left for the Newman ranch. At Crimson Lights, Adam overheard a police radio summon additional officers to the ranch.

In the Newman stables, Nikki drunkenly confessed to Victor that she had killed Diane. Nikki rambled that she had been upset after she'd seen the tabloid pictures of herself and Victor making love. Victor tried to calm her down and reminded her that she'd only left rehab for one night, but Nikki cried that it had been the night of the murder. Nikki thought that Victor had already known what she had done, but he insisted that she hadn't killed Diane.

Nikki recalled that she'd rented a car and returned home. She hadn't been able to face her family, so she had started drinking and had ended up in the park, where she had seen Victor arguing with Diane. She suddenly had a fuzzy memory that she had seen Victoria, too, but she mostly remembered her own extreme anger toward Diane.

Victor ordered Nikki to stop drinking and demanded to know if she'd confronted Diane. Nikki slurred that she didn't know, because she had blacked out. Victor pointed out that she couldn't be sure of anything that she'd said or done that night. Nikki recounted that she'd woken up in the park with a bloody rock next to her, and there had been blood on her clothes and hands. She swigged again from the bottle and sobbed that she was sorry.

Victor consoled Nikki and offered to help. She allowed him to take the bottle away, but she lamented that he couldn't help her, because she had killed Diane and had tried to cover it up. She wailed that she had bought new clothes and had pretended that it had never happened, while the police had accused her family members of the crime. Victor vowed to make it go away, but she couldn't live with herself and made a drunken oath to confess. She began to pass out, and he held her and promised he'd make everything all right.

Later, the police arrived at the stables, and Ronan ordered them to stand by for transport. A seemingly drunk Victor raged that Nikki hadn't done anything. Ronan demanded to know where she was, but Victor confessed to Diane's murder. Ronan suspected that Victor was covering for Nikki, but Victor ranted that he'd almost gotten away with it.

Victor bragged that he had injected Diane with the drug the police had found in the safe, because he had wanted Diane to stay conscious, so that she would be aware that he had intended kill her. He declared that he had wanted her to suffer. Adam entered, and Victor pointed a shaky finger at Adam and told him to confirm that Victor had killed Diane.

Ronan asked if Adam had witnessed Victor murder Diane. After a pause, Adam stared at Victor and then stated that he'd seen the whole thing, and he claimed that Victor had killed Diane just like Adam had sworn all along. Victor taunted Ronan for being too stupid and arrogant to catch Victor himself. Ronan ordered the officers to handcuff Victor, and he started to read Victor his rights. The officers led Victor to the police station, where Michael demanded to know what was going on. Michael was incredulous that they were booking Victor, and he berated Ronan for targeting any Newman he could. Ronan informed Michael that Victor had confessed to the murder.

Spencer commented to Ronan and Paul that the pressure on Nikki had finally broken Victor, and it hadn't been hard to get a confession in the end. Spencer left, and Paul and Ronan agreed that it had been too easy. Michael was shocked that Victor had confessed. Victor flashed back to hiding an unconscious Nikki under a blanket in the stables. He had received a call informing him that the police were at the front gate, and he had covered her with hay.

Ashley and Tucker met for drinks. Ashley insisted that Tucker continue working with Emily, but he disclosed that he'd already told Emily that he no longer wanted her to be his therapist. Ashley was relieved, but her mood turned sour when he mentioned that Emily was in town. His phone rang, and he checked a message and then relayed that Victor had been arrested for Diane's murder. Ashley adamantly defended Victor. Tucker was flabbergasted that Ashley had expressed doubts about Tucker's involvement in Diane's death, yet she professed Victor's innocence even after a confession.

From the stables, Adam called Sharon, who hesitantly answered. He informed her that Victor had killed Diane, but she called it a disgusting lie. He reported that he'd heard the confession himself and that Victor was in police custody. She hurriedly hung up, and she later booked a flight back to Genoa City.

Adam saw an article on his phone about Victor's arrest. He snickered and stalked out. Meanwhile, Nikki began to stir underneath the hay and called out for Victor.

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