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Things grew violent between Jessica and Natalie. Jessica found Liam's original paternity test. Tina showed up to claim her 'rightful inheritance.' She was surprised to find that everything had been left to Irene. Tina was stunned to see her mother, who gave Tina a signet ring. Todd convinced Starr to help him escape from jail. Todd recalled that the microchip was in the ring, and he accepted it from Tina and tossed it into the river after learning that the gun and homeless man were at the bottom.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 26, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, September 26, 2011

"Hello, Victoria," Irene greeted Viki after Viki opened the front door at Llanfair. Viki's first thought was to call the police to report Irene's escape from jail, but Irene told her to go ahead and call them. Irene announced that she'd been released, and she followed Viki inside. Viki phoned Bo, and he reluctantly confirmed that Irene had worked out a deal with the "Feds." Viki was outraged, and Bo advised her to be careful.

Viki ordered Irene to leave, but Irene looked around the foyer. Irene declared that she had expected the house to have been left to Irene after Victor Sr. had died. Irene claimed to be there to extend her sympathy to Viki for Victor Jr.'s death, and Viki was aghast. She didn't believe that Irene knew the meaning of sorry. Irene voiced her condolences and stated that she had loved Victor too.

Viki couldn't understand how Irene could claim to have loved her sons when she had destroyed them. Irene affirmed that she'd done her best, and a sarcastic Viki mentioned the torture and prison that Irene had involved her sons in. Irene was angry that her former husband, Viki's father, had left everything to Todd.

Irene was also angry over the situation as it stood. Viki pointed out that it had been Irene's own fault, but Irene denied it. She pointed out that Jack had witnessed Todd shooting Victor. Viki was skeptical, and she admitted that she doubted Jack's story. Irene's actions and agency had set everything into motion.

Viki recalled how close she and Irene had been at one time. "You have lost yourself," Viki told her former friend. "What happened to you?" Viki asked. An angry Irene declared that Victor had used her, but Viki disagreed. She'd thought that Irene had been willing. Viki added that she had gone through insufferable acts at the hands of her father, but she hadn't turned out the way Irene had.

It was Irene's turn to disagree. She felt that Viki had also committed unspeakable acts, but she had been able to pin everything on her alters. Viki accused Irene of abusing her children, though Irene still insisted that she'd loved them. Viki couldn't believe her ears. Irene had tried to kill both of her sons, and she'd abandoned her daughter. Irene had pretended to be dying, and she'd left Tina at Llanfair, Viki charged.

Irene acknowledged that she'd done that, but she'd always felt that Tina needed more attention than Irene had been willing to give. Viki recalled that Irene had also neglected to mention that Tina and Viki were sisters. "Do you even know where she is?" Viki asked Irene. "Do you?" Irene countered.

Viki admitted that she hadn't seen or heard from Tina in a few years. Irene observed that Tina had always been a handful, but Viki quickly reminded her that Tina had been abandoned. Tina had turned out to be shallow, thoughtless and selfish just like Irene. "Pity it didn't take," Irene noted of her decision to have Viki raise Tina and instill other qualities in her.

Viki ordered Irene to leave again, but Irene announced that there was still some unfinished business. Irene again wanted to apologize. She'd never meant to hurt Viki. "Right," Viki retorted. Irene held up a gun.

Bo visited Todd's cell and explained how sorry he was that he'd had to let Irene go. Todd was furious that he had to remain behind while Irene had been able to leave after committing so many crimes. Téa arrived to see Todd, and Todd asked for some privacy while he spoke to his "hot, ex-wife lawyer." Bo obliged and left the couple alone.

Todd was ecstatic to see Téa, but she advised him that she hadn't agreed to represent him yet. She was angry at Todd for manipulating Dani, but he denied it. "You have to help me," Todd implored Téa. He informed her that Dani had been there to visit, and their daughter was strong and beautiful like Téa. He advised Téa that she'd done a good job of raising Dani.

Téa called Todd a "suck-up," but Todd went on about how Dani had even understood his jokes. Todd began to tell a joke, but he grew serious. He announced that someone was setting him up. He added that Jack hated him and had been lying about what he'd claimed to have seen. Jack had invented the entire eyewitness scene, Todd insisted. Téa admitted that she'd found Jack's story "shaky." Jack had forgotten everything, and then he'd suddenly remembered.

Téa divulged that even Blair had doubted Jack's story, and Blair had been "working on" her son. Blair was trying to gain Jack's trust. "Jack wants me to fry," Todd proclaimed. The couple spoke about the missing gun. Téa was hopeful that the person who decided to represent Todd would find the gun. She felt as though there was something that Todd wasn't telling her.

Todd recalled Irene's threats. He advised Téa that he would tell her everything, but only if she agreed to represent him. Then they would have attorney-client privilege, and no one would be able to force Téa to talk, he explained. Téa agreed that she would have to believe and trust Todd in order to represent him, but he would have to do the same. When Todd remained quiet, an annoyed Téa called out for the guard.

Todd quickly gave in and agreed to risk his life to tell her everything. Téa warned him that it had better not be a trick. Todd revealed that Irene had threatened him. Irene had been in a nearby cell at the same time, and she'd alluded to the fact that she had the missing gun, Todd disclosed. Irene had also made Louie go away.

Apparently, Irene still wanted a microchip that she believed Todd to possess, Todd revealed. He had no clue what Irene had been referring to, and he didn't remember anything. "They dismantled my brain," Todd stated. His family had been the only thing that had kept him going. He needed Téa to help him or the entire eight years would have been wasted.

Téa summed up all that Todd had told her, and she clarified that he wanted her to defend the man accused of killing her husband. Todd swore on the lives of his children that he was innocent. He also wouldn't have killed Victor because of Téa's love for the man. "I'm not the only lawyer in town," Téa reminded him. Todd insisted that she was the only one for him, and if she believed him, a jury would too.

Téa thought about how difficult it would be for her to go through evidence and photos. Todd promised to make it up to her. "Our daughter will have a father," he added. "You're a real son of a bitch," Téa declared. Todd was thrilled. Téa admitted that she believed in him, and she would represent him. Todd thanked Téa as she got ready to leave. She had lots of work to do.

Dani called out for Téa and walked into her mother's bedroom. Téa wasn't there, but Dani spotted the box that had been delivered from the Sun. The contents, that included all of Victor's personal belongings, were spilled out on the bed. The DNA test results that stated that John was Liam's father was sitting in the pile.

Tomas wandered into the bedroom, looking for Téa also, and found Dani sitting on the bed. She told him what she'd found and picked up a photo of herself and Victor. Tearfully, she explained that she had only recently begun to call Victor "dad." She was also crying because she'd been to visit Todd. He had been happy to see her, and they had enjoyed a talk.

"He told me he's innocent," Dani told her uncle. Todd had seemed sincere, but she really didn't have anything to compare it to, as it had been their first conversation. She felt bad for Todd, but she wondered if she were being "too easy" on Todd. Tomas doubted that she was, and he was sorry for the eight years that Todd had been locked up. Tomas blamed himself. He'd thought the agency he'd worked for had been the "good guys."

Tomas explained that he'd turned Todd over to the agency, because he'd believed that Todd had been an "enemy of the state." It had turned out, though, that Todd had merely been an enemy of the people who'd worked at the agency. Tomas had done the dirty work for them. Dani assured her uncle that it hadn't been his fault, and she didn't want him to be so hard on himself. It had been her "twisted grandmother," Dani asserted.

Tomas still thought there was no excuse for what he had done, and he still blamed himself. Dani hoped that Todd wouldn't remain locked up if he were innocent. She hoped Todd would be treated fairly. Suddenly, Dani spotted Blair's wallet.

Blair promised to take Jack to the stables for some riding, but they stopped at Téa's house to look for Blair's missing wallet. She advised Jack that she needed her driver's license, and she apologized to him for returning to the house. She realized that it was Jack's first time back since the murder that he'd witnessed.

Jack assured his mother he was fine, as Blair continued. She pointed out that the Todd she'd known would have never done the things he'd been accused of doing. Blair looked around the living room for her wallet as she and Jack spoke. Blair admitted that she'd been thinking of "poor Victor," and she couldn't believe that she'd been married to Todd at one time.

Blair had been in love with Todd, but she'd been naïve, Blair stated. The day she'd married Todd had been the happiest day of her life. It was the end of the Todd they all knew, Blair declared. He'd been accused of killing the man who'd raised Jack, but Todd would "burn in hell, thanks to you," she told Jack.

The murder had obviously been pre-meditated, and Todd would be sentenced. Luckily, Todd would receive the death penalty, Blair concluded. "The what?" Jack shouted. Blair emphasized that Todd deserved it, but Jack began to grow panicked.

Blair advised Jack that he'd told the truth, so whatever happened was not Jack's fault. "Maybe he made a mistake...he doesn't deserve to die," Jack stammered. He hadn't meant for Todd to die, he added. "Jack, what are you saying?" Blair asked her son. She noted that if Todd were executed, then Jack would have done the right thing.

Jack tried to talk, but he found it difficult. Blair informed him that he could tell her whatever he wanted to. "Mom, I didn't mean to..." He was interrupted when Dani and Tomas walked down the stairs with Blair's wallet. "Jack, are you okay?" Tomas asked. Blair stated that they were just having a chat. Blair was happy to get her wallet back, and she explained that she must have dropped it when she'd had a visit with Téa.

Tomas asked Blair to go out, but she declined his offer. She wanted to spend some time with her son. Tomas asked Dani next, but reluctantly, she advised him that she wanted to stay home to wait for her mother. Tomas went out alone, and Blair turned to Jack. She was ready to head to the stables with him, so that they could finish their conversation. "I have nothing else to say to you," Jack snapped.

Natalie found John at Rodi's and advised him that she had something to say. John did too, and Natalie urged him to go first. "It's about us," John began. He warned her that he'd had a chat with Roxy, and Natalie knew how Roxy was. Natalie stopped him. She'd heard what John had said, because she had been eavesdropping. She'd dropped by to talk to him, and she'd heard the conversation between John and Roxy.

"You don't love me," Natalie stated. She really didn't want to hear John's explanation, as he stuttered and tried to talk. "I get it," Natalie declared firmly. John was frantic as he tried to explain that Roxy wouldn't let go of the conversation, and he'd said something else. Natalie advised him that he didn't have to explain. John grew insistent, but then he spotted the diamond ring on her finger.

"Brody just popped the question. Out of the blue," Natalie confirmed. "You said yes?" John inquired. Natalie informed him that was the reason for her visit. She'd wanted to tell him herself. John smiled faintly. "Congratulations," he told her. He was sure they'd be happy, and he appreciated hearing the news from Natalie.

John advised her that he had things to do, and he was busy. Natalie wondered what he had wanted to say. "It doesn't matter anymore," John replied. Bo arrived as Natalie was leaving. She hid her face from Bo as he rushed inside to see John. "Did you talk to her?" Bo asked John anxiously. "She and Lovett are getting married. That's all I gotta say, Bo. End of story," John announced.

Jack and Dani stared at the photo that Dani had found amidst Victor's belongings. Both teens declared that they missed Victor. Téa returned home and advised Blair that she intended to represent Todd, because she believed him. Blair informed Jack of Téa's decision.

Téa and Blair huddled together and whispered. Blair revealed that she'd almost gotten Jack to admit that he was lying. There was a knock at the door. It was an attorney, and he had the last will and testament of Victor Lord Jr.

Todd received his lunch. He lifted the lid and found a letter for him. He opened it up and read it. It was from Irene, and she threatened him again. She advised him that he would not get the gun back, and she would have to take "drastic action" if she did not get what she wanted. She ordered him to meet her at the docks. "Or I will take your loved ones out one by one," the letter's conclusion stated.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The guard gave Todd a tray of food. Todd opened the sandwich container, and found a note. He looked at the note, which started, "Dear son." He read on that Irene would "take out your family one by one" and make the gun disappear if he didn't give her the microchip. He called for the guard, but Starr appeared, and wondered what was wrong. Todd admitted that he felt like he was losing his mind, so Starr urged him to confide in her. Todd confessed that Irene had threatened his loved ones.

Starr assured Todd that, if anything happened to Todd's loved ones, Irene would be the prime suspect. He related that Irene thought she was untouchable, and handed Starr the note. Todd muttered that he should have killed Irene. A few moments later, Todd wondered if Starr had read the note. She said that there was nothing written on the paper, and showed him the blank piece of paper.

Todd swore that he hadn't imagined the note. He explained the note to Starr, and insisted that he had no idea where the microchip was. Starr assured him that she believed him, and reminded him that he'd survived the eight years of torture Irene had inflicted on him. Starr realized that Irene had probably used "disappearing ink." Starr wondered what they were going to do, but Todd insisted that they would work alone.

Starr protested, and suggested that John and Bo could help to protect the family. Todd knew that John and Bo wouldn't know how to deal with Irene's connections. Starr wondered how she and her father were supposed to work together when Todd was in jail. "You're going to have to bust me out," he said.

Rex ordered a burger at the diner, and the waitress wondered if he'd rather have a salad. He looked up at the waitress, and saw Gigi. He changed his order to just a salad. Natalie entered, and sat down across from Rex. He wondered if she had given Brody an answer, so she showed Rex her ring. He congratulated her, and knew she'd be happy. "Or not?" he said, seeing the unhappy expression on her face.

Rex sat down next to her, trapping Natalie in the booth. He wondered why she wasn't happy. Natalie admitted that she'd gone to tell John about her and Brody's engagement. He got up from the booth, and told her that he was going to punch John. Contrary to Rex's belief that John had "treated her like dirt," Natalie informed her brother that John had congratulated her. Rex wondered if she looked upset because John hadn't tried to talk her out of it.

Natalie explained to Rex about the conversation she'd overheard between John and Roxy, and how John had said that he no longer loved Natalie. Rex wondered if that was why Natalie had accepted Brody's proposal. Natalie insisted that she was happy, but Rex thought that her heart was with someone else. She said he was wrong, but Rex inquired whether or not she would still go through with the wedding if John had tried to talk her out of it. She told him that it would never happen, "no matter what my dreams tell me."

Over their salads, Natalie explained her dream about John being Liam's father. Rex replied that dreams could be something one wished was true, even while they were awake. He instructed Natalie not to marry Brody because it was "close enough." He continued that she needed to wait for what she really wanted, but she replied that she'd been waiting too long for things to be perfect. He told her that she deserved the best, but he shouldn't give advice anyway, because he saw dead people.

Natalie apologized, because she was sure that marriage was the last thing that Rex wanted to think about. She realized that she shouldn't have mentioned the subject, but she needed Rex's blessing. "You've got it," he answered. Natalie told him about Clint's response to Brody's phone call, and told Rex that he might be the only guest at the wedding. He assured her that he'd be sitting right in the front row. Natalie had to go to work, so Rex offered to take care of the check as an engagement gift. She left.

The waitress returned, and set the check down on the table. She asked how the salad was, but Rex was distracted, because he saw Gigi. The waitress walked away, and Rex picked up the check. He was surprised to see that the check only said, "DON'T GIVE UP."

"Sample my wiener! You don't know what you're missing!" Ford, clad in the hot dog suit, said to a passing group of girls. "Don't mind if I do," Jessica said, and took a sample off of the plate. Jessica told him that it had been difficult to get Ford's boss to tell her where Ford had been stationed. She reminded him of their pact that Ford would be Jessica's last-resort confidante. She confided that Natalie had accepted Brody's proposal.

Ford figured that Jessica probably wanted to "deck somebody." He put down his plate of hot dogs, and told Jessica to hit him. "Do you know how many women would kill for this opportunity?" he tempted her. She passed on the opportunity, citing that she'd always taught her kids that hitting others was wrong. Ford talked about Brody and Natalie, and illustrated the wedding for her. Visibly angry, Jessica punched him in the stomach, and he fell over.

Laughing hysterically, Jessica apologized. Ford tried to get up, but related that he couldn't move in the hot dog suit. She tried to help him up, but her laughter hindered her. She tried again to pull him up, but she fell on top of him. She made sure she hadn't hurt him. "You're crushing my wiener," he told her. Jessica hurriedly got up, but he clarified that his boss would be angry if he took the hot dog suit back wrinkled. She rolled him over, and he got to his feet.

Jessica thanked Ford for listening, and for the punch, because it had made her feel better. He had to get back to the store, so he left, and she watched him, smiling. She saw a group of girls double-dutch jumproping, and they asked her if she wanted to join. She took off her shoes, and double-dutched with the girls. A short while later, she thanked the girls for letting her join, and the girls walked away. Just then, Natalie bumped into Jessica, wide-eyed.

There was a knock on the door, and Téa opened the door to a strange man. He introduced himself as Mr. Heller, and said that he was there in regard to Victor's last will and testament. Téa asked for a moment, and closed the door on the man. Blair wondered if Victor had ever mentioned a will, and Téa related that she only knew that Victor had one. She opened the door, and the man assured them that he was there to make sure the terms of the will were fulfilled. He urged them to gather any "interested parties," and he would read the will.

At Llanfair, Viki ordered Irene to leave. Irene told Viki that she wasn't done, and reached for the gun. "It will be over in a flash," she said, and pointed the gun at Viki's turned back. Clint's nurse entered, so Irene quickly put the gun away. Viki and the nurse quickly discussed Clint's medication, and the nurse left. "You're still here?" Viki wondered. Just then, the phone rang, and Viki answered it. Irene once again pointed the gun at Viki's turned back.

Viki talked to Blair about the will, and assured Blair that she would be right over. Viki hung up the phone, and Irene put the gun away. Irene wanted to go along with Viki, and assured Viki that nothing would stop Irene from hearing her son's will.

Blair got off the phone, and announced that Viki was on her way. Blair and Téa speculated as to what would be in the will, but they were both sure that Victor would have made sure that all of his children were provided for. Jack and Dani entered, and informed their mothers that they couldn't reach Starr or Jessica, so the group would only be waiting for Viki.

Blair wondered who all of Victor's things actually belonged to, since his possessions were technically in Todd's name. The women discussed the inheritance until the doorbell rang. Téa answered the door to Viki, who immediately apologized. As Irene entered, Viki swore that she'd done all she could to keep Irene from tagging along. "Well, isn't this nice? One big, happy family," Irene observed.

Téa demanded to know why Irene wasn't in jail, but Irene informed the group that she'd been released. Viki confirmed that she'd checked the fact with Bo. Téa didn't want Irene in the house, but Irene urged her not to make a scene "in front of the grandchildren." She recognized Dani, and asked a wide-eyed Jack for a kiss on the cheek. Blair and Téa vowed that Irene wouldn't be allowed near the children again, and threatened to get a restraining order. Irene claimed to love children, and held out two caramels for Dani and Jack.

Blair wanted to call the cops, but Irene insisted that no one could keep a mother away from the reading of her son's will. Mr. Heller walked into the foyer, and asked if everyone was ready. Everyone went into the living room, and Mr. Heller opened the envelope containing the will. "I, Thomas Todd Manning," Mr. Heller began. Téa, Blair, and Viki interrupted him with confusion about the name. Mr. Heller assured them that they would sort it out later, and continued to read.

Just then, a bark was heard, and a tiny dog ran into the room. Viki recognized the dog, but the rest were confused. "David Vickers!" a woman called after the dog. All were shocked to see Tina enter the room.

Tina wondered if she was too late, and picked up the dog. Blair wondered why Tina was there. Tina hugged Viki, and wondered where else she'd be. She related that she'd found out by accident about her brother's death, and had immediately booked a flight to Llanview. Dani wondered who Tina was, and Tina recognized her. Tina marveled at how big Jack had gotten. "He's handsome, isn't he?" Irene said. Tina recognized the voice. She was shocked to turn around and see Irene.

Tina had thought that Irene was dead. Viki confirmed that the woman was really Irene. Tina handed David Vickers to Viki, and passed out. Clearly annoyed, Viki woke Tina up. Tina spotted Irene, and was surprised that seeing her mother hadn't been a dream. The entire situation surrounding Todd, Victor, and Irene was explained to a confused Tina. Viki suggested postponing the reading of the will, but the suggestion was protested.

Mr. Heller resumed reading. Within the will, Mr. Heller read that Victor had left all of his personal effects, tangible property, cash, accounts, stocks, ownership of the Sun, and all of his real estate "to my mother, Irene Manning." Everyone present was shocked, except for Irene, who smiled broadly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Natalie and Jessica bumped into each other in Angel Square. Before Natalie was able to say anything, Jessica acknowledged that she'd heard the news about Natalie's engagement to Brody. Sarcastically, Jessica asked to see Natalie's ring, and she grabbed Natalie's hand. Jessica thought that the ring was a "pretty little diamond," and she suggested that because of Natalie's hand size, the ring should have been larger.

Jessica also thought that it would have been a good idea for Natalie to just use Jessica's ring instead. Natalie was apologetic and stated that she just wanted to make things right between the two of them. Jessica wondered how things could be nice and okay after Natalie had stolen Jessica's fiancé. Natalie disagreed, and she began to explain how Brody had waited for Jessica for months.

Jessica saw things differently. She believed that Natalie had accepted Brody as a consolation prize, after John had rejected her twice. Jessica figured that Natalie would leave Brody in a second if John were to change his mind. Natalie didn't think that was a fair assessment, and she was angry. She, Brody, and Liam were a family.

Jessica wondered how it would be around holiday tables, and she stated that the family was not happy with Natalie's choice. Natalie insisted that Viki was happy, but Jessica felt that Viki hadn't had a choice. Jessica accused Natalie of successfully destroying the family just as she'd set out to do when she'd first arrived in Llanview. Natalie couldn't believe that Jessica had held onto that thought after so many years.

Natalie accused Jessica of walking all over her, and Natalie would no longer stand for it. Jessica called her "trailer trash" who had slept with her sister's fiancé. Natalie pointed out that at least she hadn't hidden behind her mental illness, and she accused Jessica of enjoying being Tess in order to torture Brody. Jessica had been able to order him around and be a bitch, Natalie added.

The argument continued to escalate. Jessica called Natalie trash again, and she shouted that she wished they'd never found out that Natalie had really been a Buchanan. They had all been happy before Natalie's arrival. Natalie reminded Jessica that she was actually more family than Jessica was. Natalie's real father was Clint, while Jessica's father was Mitch Laurence.

Jessica was appalled, and she snapped that Clint was her father in every way. She had always been Clint's daughter. "Your father is a deranged psycho killer that killed my husband when you didn't finish the job yourself," Natalie accused. Jessica retorted that she hadn't been responsible for the fact that Mitch had killed lots of people. Natalie added that she had forgiven Jessica for her wrongs, but Jessica had been unable to return the favor.

"Brody is lucky to be rid of you," Natalie growled. "You are Mitch Laurence's psycho daughter and always will be," she concluded. Jessica slugged Natalie in the face with all of the strength she could muster. Natalie grabbed her head and then slapped Jessica as hard as she could. The growing argument had turned physical, and the girls grabbed and pulled at each other until they fell to the ground.

Brody was determined that Clint give his blessing to Natalie for her engagement, and he paid Clint a visit at Llanfair. Clint advised Brody that he had no intentions of changing his mind. Brody indicated that he refused to accept that, and he wouldn't leave the premises until he received the blessing. Clint was angry, and he advised Brody that Brody had taken things too far.

Clint reminded Brody that Jessica had loved Brody, and Brody had proceeded to tear two sisters apart. Brody had his own recollections. Brody had waited for Jessica for quite some time. He'd thought that he could handle Jessica's illness, but it hadn't worked out. Clint accused him of then turning to Natalie, but Brody protested. He and Natalie hadn't meant to fall in love, but they also had a son together. Brody had everything he'd always wanted.

Clint recalled that Brody had had a son with Jessica, also, but he hadn't been able to love a son who wasn't the same blood. Brody took exception and shouted that he was indeed able to love a child that wasn't his. Clint wondered what Brody meant, and Brody quickly assured him that he loved Bree.

Clint pointed out that he had left Bree's mother, but Brody retorted that Clint wasn't married to his children's mother either. Brody maintained that he'd had to move on, and he hadn't wanted to hurt Jessica. Clint thought the solution to that should be that Brody shouldn't marry Natalie.

Natalie was determined that she wouldn't sacrifice herself for Jessica again, and she would marry Brody no matter what Jessica thought, Brody explained. He wondered if Clint cared about Natalie as much as Jessica. If he did, then he had to make Natalie aware of it, Brody advised. Brody was afraid that Natalie might even want to move away.

Brody extended his hand to Clint, and reluctantly, Clint grabbed it. It didn't mean he was happy about things, but he wanted peace, Clint maintained. He expected Brody to make Natalie happy. Brody agreed with all that Clint said, and he acknowledged that they'd made a start towards a common goal. "I hope so," Clint said.

After Mr. Heller read Victor's will to the assembled family members, everyone was in shock. All of Victor's possessions had been left to Irene. Téa and Dani jumped up from their seats. Tina asked that the will be read again, while Jack wondered how Irene could obtain everything after all she'd done. "Good question," Blair said to her son.

Viki didn't think the reading had been right. "There is no way that Victor wrote that voluntarily," Viki accused. Irene claimed that she had been as surprised as everyone else. "Obviously, this is your dirty work," Viki declared. Viki was certain that Victor would have provided for his children. Irene thought it was all very touching, but the rest of the family was certain that the will had to be fake.

Téa grabbed the papers in order to read them over. Blair felt that Victor wouldn't have had a right to any of the holdings, because he hadn't been Todd. Téa noted that Blair had had it legally declared in 2003 that Victor had really been Todd. Irene announced that none of that really mattered anyway, as Victor Sr. had originally left his empire to his male heir, and the name hadn't even been mentioned.

Tina wondered where her share might be. Irene advised Tina that her brothers hadn't thought highly of Tina, so they wouldn't have left her anything. "There's no way they would have left it to you. You bitch," Blair spat at Irene. "You'll be sorry you called me that," Irene responded. She allowed herself to touch the gun that was hidden in her purse.

"Did you just threaten me?" Blair inquired. Irene backed down. She called Blair's name-calling hurtful and without just cause. Irene was upset at having just lost her son. Viki accused Irene of using Victor his entire life, and Tina wondered if the entire thing was a scam. Téa declared that her first move would be to contest the will, and Viki advised Irene that Irene would not be able to manipulate all of them.

Irene made it known that she had been the only one who had understood and loved Victor. Everyone snickered, as Irene continued. Victor had wanted to take care of his mother, and the other women could provide for their children on their own, Irene said. Tina spoke up. She wanted Irene to be aware that there were other people present. Téa wanted to make certain that Dani received what she was entitled to. "Be careful what you wish for," Irene pronounced.

Mr. Heller announced that he wanted to hand everything over to Irene right away. He held a portfolio that contained all references to Victor's holdings. Irene pointed out that Victor had made his wishes quite clear, but Téa was adamant that she be able to contest the will. Blair couldn't believe that Mr. Heller was giving the portfolio to Irene, but the banker declared that he didn't have a choice.

"Is there anything you need help with, Mom?" Tina asked Irene in a faint voice. The others grumbled their disbelief as Tina made her position clear. Irene had another announcement. Everything belonged to her, including the house they were in. She ordered Téa and Dani to pack their things and leave that evening.

Téa announced her intent to file an injunction, as she had no plans of leaving the house. Irene announced that Jack was the only one who could stay there. She was aware that Victor had been teaching his son the business, and Irene wanted Jack to run the Sun. Also, Todd had ended up in jail thanks to Jack.

Without warning, Blair hauled off and slapped Irene. "Stay away from my son," Blair ordered. Blair acknowledged that they wanted nothing to do with Irene. Tina ran and retrieved a cold cloth for her mother. "Are you all right, Mom?" Tina asked. The other family members gagged. Tina pointed out that everyone did things they later regretted, and she'd missed and needed her mother.

Blair thought that Tina was shameless, but Tina called Blair unfeeling. Tina wondered why both of her brothers had married Blair. Irene was sorry for the trouble her absence had caused Tina, and Tina suggested that Irene make it up to her. Family was important to her, and she wanted something to remember Victor by, Tina declared. Irene looked through the portfolio and handed Tina a ring, with the letter L embossed on the front.

The ring had belonged to Victor Sr. "Is it worth anything?" Tina inquired. Irene pointed out that while it might retrieve a few hundred dollars, it had sentimental worth, and that was important. "Tina, you're rich," Blair taunted. "That's a special, special gift...You must feel so loved," Blair mocked. Tina was speechless.

Irene didn't want to be everyone's enemy, and Viki suggested that she give her son's family what they deserved. Irene agreed, and she advised Téa and Dani that they could remain in the house for the night. They would have to leave the next morning. Irene also wanted to be friends with Viki again. "Hell will freeze over first," Viki said as she sneered.

Irene picked up her portfolio and headed to the door. She stopped at Jack first. "So like your father," she said to him. She advised him she'd be in touch. After she was gone, Jack whined to his mother. He didn't want to be anywhere near that "nut job." Blair assured him he wouldn't have to be.

Tina wanted to get her ring appraised, and Téa began her phone calls. Dani received a frantic call from Destiny, and Téa advised her daughter that it was okay to leave. Téa had plenty of people around to turn to. Outside, a hidden Irene watched Dani leave, and then she turned to a newly arrived associate. He announced that he had what Irene had ordered. Irene muttered that Todd had to realize that there would be consequences.

Back inside the house, Tina continued to grumble over the ring she had been given. Viki wondered if everyone was supposed to feel sorry for Tina, but Tina exclaimed that Viki had no idea what it was like to be on her own. Viki retorted that Tina didn't know a thing about loyalty, and she ripped into Tina for not disclosing that she'd been aware that Jessica was really Tess.

Viki hollered that her daughter had done lots of damage to loved ones, including Natalie. Tina claimed that she hadn't had a choice, and she'd made a mistake. She was certain that Viki's daughters had kissed and made up. Viki accused Tina of never wanting to be sisters. Tina had only wanted to use Viki, Viki accused. Tina cried that Viki had no idea what her life had been like. "That was your choice, Viki," Tina charged.

Outside, Irene set up an explosive. "Pretty soon, money will be no problem for Todd's family. Shame to lose the house though," she said to her associate. Irene was happy that there would be no one left to fight her for Victor's money.

Starr visited with Todd in jail. He advised his daughter that she would have to "bust me out of jail." He was firm that the cops would be of no use. Todd was the only one who would be able to take care of the family, or everyone would be killed. He had no clue about the location of the microchip that Irene believed him to possess, and he was certain that Irene also had the evidence he needed in order to be set free.

Starr suggested that she could arrange to have everyone move away until things were settled, but Todd didn't think that would work. He believed that Irene was already having the family watched. He called Starr a genius, and he was certain that Starr could figure something out. "Starr. Please. Daddy needs your help getting out of jail," Todd begged. Starr thought a moment. "Okay. Let's do this," she replied. Todd beamed proudly.

After a few minutes, Todd asked Starr about her plan. "I got nothing," he advised her. Starr wasn't sure yet. "Could you think faster?" he urged. Starr finally fixated on a plan, and she tossed lots of medical terms at her father. Todd was confused, and he inquired whether his daughter had planned on being a doctor. She clarified that she wanted to be a singer. Todd suggested a singing doctor, and annoyed, Starr ordered him to focus.

Starr explained that she had described a heart attack to him, and she wanted Todd to pretend that he was having one. As Todd began to protest, she doused him with water from her water bottle. She wanted him to look as though he had been sweating. Todd wasn't thrilled, and he declared that heart attacks happened to "old guys."

Todd took his place on the floor, and Starr began to shout for help. She grew hysterical, and the guard finally arrived. He believed that Todd was faking, but Starr pleaded with him not to let her father die. Another guard arrived. Starr called out for someone to perform CPR, but suddenly she grabbed the gun from one of the guard's holsters. She pointed it at both men.

The guards assumed that it had been Todd's plan, but Starr corrected them gruffly. "It was my idea. Nobody move," she shouted. The guards raised their hands. Todd made a weak attempt to stop Starr, but she was giving orders. "Take the radios and gag them," Starr instructed. Todd praised his daughter and told her how well she'd done. He thought she was a genius.

Todd took the remaining guns and began to rip up the sheets. He noted that he had to find the microchip and kill his mother. He admitted that he hadn't been comfortable when Starr had waved the gun around, and she admitted that she hadn't been comfortable either. Starr tossed the guns into another cell. Todd exclaimed that they needed the guns for when he met up with his mother, but it was too late. He advised his daughter that he would be her biggest fan when she turned into a singing doctor.

Brody left Clint and happened to find Jessica and Natalie fighting in Angel Square. He pulled the young women apart, and he picked Natalie up. He carried her away from the scene as Jessica screamed after them. "I hate you. I'm gonna hate you 'til the day that you die," she yelled.

Clint sat in his wheelchair with his back to the door. He heard someone enter, and he turned around. "Oh, dear God. I can't believe it's you," he proclaimed.

Blair, Viki, and Téa began to strategize, but they were interrupted when Starr and Todd arrived. They were confused, because Todd had been behind bars. Starr told them it had been an emergency. Todd learned that Irene had been there, and he was concerned. "I was worried, but you're okay. You're all okay," he declared.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shane sat in Angel Square, and remembered hitting Jack over the head with a gun. Rex interrupted Shane's thoughts, and wondered what was wrong with Shane. Shane replied that nothing was wrong, and that he liked it in Angel Square, because he could think. Rex urged Shane to talk to him, and informed him that, if they couldn't talk, Gigi would say it was "trouble waiting to happen." Shane thought back to hitting Jack, and pointing a gun at him, and answered, "Jack Manning."

Rex had thought that Jack hadn't been causing Shane any problems, and Shane confirmed it. However, Shane believed that Jack had lied about Todd shooting Victor, because Jack lied about everything. Rex assured his son that no one got away with something like that forever. Shane related that everyone believed Jack, but Rex reminded Shane that it thankfully had nothing to do with him.

Rex wondered why Shane liked Angel Square. Shane replied that the angel statue reminded Shane of Gigi. Shane admitted that he sometimes talked to Gigi, and imagined that she spoke back to him. Rex confessed that he heard Gigi, and saw her as well. Shane didn't believe his father, but Rex insisted that Gigi had been trying to send Rex a message. He showed Shane the check from the diner. Shane recognized that "DON'T GIVE UP" was written in Gigi's handwriting, but couldn't believe it.

Shane suggested that Gigi wanted justice for what had happened to her, but Rex didn't think so. Rex assured Shane that Gigi was watching over them, and thought it was a good thing. He put his arm around Shane, and they left for home.

Bo was on the phone with Nora on his way to the police department's holding cells. When he arrived, he told Nora that he'd have to call her back. He went into Todd's cell and found two officers cuffed and gagged. He untied the gags, and demanded to know what had happened. One officer implicated Starr in the escape, and Bo couldn't believe it.

A short while later, Bo had uncuffed the officers. He warned them to get ready for an Internal Affairs investigation. Another officer entered, and Bo told him to put out an APB on Todd and Starr.

As David Vickers sniffed around the paper on which Natalie's paternity test results were printed, Tina frantically searched the house for the dog. When he barked, Tina finally found him sitting on Téa's bed, on top of the paper. She begged him to get off of the paper, because the grieving Téa "doesn't deserve dog spit all over her legal papers." She told the dog about her bad day, and complained about only getting the ring. Later, she took the dog downstairs, and scolded him.

Téa wondered why Todd wasn't in jail. He only babbled on that he had needed to get out, because Irene had threatened the lives of all of his loved ones. Outside, the bomb read "53:00." Todd explained about the note he'd received from Irene, and about the microchip he didn't remember possessing. Blair wondered how the cops had gone along with Todd getting out of jail. "I kind of busted him out," Starr reluctantly confessed, and Todd smiled lovingly at her.

Todd tried to illustrate how worried he had been, but Blair could only focus on the fact that Starr would probably face jail time for breaking Todd out of prison. Jack entered the room, and stopped dead when he saw Todd. "Why is this murderer in my father's house?" Jack demanded to know. He told Todd to leave, or he would make Todd leave. Starr angrily pushed Jack into a chair, and told him that Todd had gotten out of jail to protect his family.

Starr yelled that Todd wouldn't have even been in jail if Jack hadn't lied to the police. Jack tried to defend his story, but Todd insisted that he hadn't even been at the scene of the crime that night. Blair wondered why Todd hadn't just shown the note to the cops. Starr admitted that Irene had used disappearing ink. "How'd you get out? An invisible cloak?" Jack cracked. Blair wondered if Starr had taken Todd's word for it without seeing the note. "Yes," Starr simply stated. Blair asked Téa how much trouble Starr would be in. "A lot," Téa replied.

Jack taunted that he'd been asked to be more like Starr, but Starr had "screwed up" so badly that she was facing jail time. "You mean, like you did?" Starr shot back. She yelled that Jack hadn't had to pay for the crime he'd committed, even though Shane's mother had died. Blair stopped the argument, and wondered how Todd could have used Starr like that. Starr insisted that she'd made her own decision to help her father, and she'd do it again.

Just then, Tina entered, surprised to see Todd. Annoyed, he wondered why Tina was there. She wanted to know how he'd gotten out of jail after killing Victor. He revealed that he hadn't done it, and that Irene was setting him up. "So is Jack," Starr added. Tina revealed that she was there to claim her rightful inheritance, but she'd only gotten the ring. Todd looked at the ring, and remembered putting the microchip inside of it. He announced that he remembered, and grabbed the ring on Tina's hand.

Todd and Tina fought over the ring, until Viki ordered Tina to give the ring to Todd. She begrudgingly obeyed. Todd had to go give Irene the ring, but Téa didn't want it to look like he was running away. Everyone tried to convince him to stay, but he walked out of the house anyway.

Jack slipped out of the room, and outside. He called the Llanview Police Department, and told the officer that he knew where Todd was. As he gave the address, the bomb hit forty minutes remaining on the timer. Jack reentered the house and found David Vickers whining in Tina's bag. He took the dog outside, and said he'd wait for the cops while the dog did its business.

At Llanfair, Clint couldn't believe that Cord was standing in front of him. Cord happily related that it would take more than a transplant to take Clint down, but he wished that he'd been there during the transplant. Clint asked about London, and Cord told his father that he was there because Buchanan Enterprises was in "serious trouble." He relayed to his father that BE was going downhill thanks to Rex.

Clint tried to explain to Cord about the tough time Rex had been having. Cord related that he and Kevin had tried to help Rex, but Rex had been too stubborn to listen. Cord spat that Clint had told him that Rex was a thief, and a con man. Clint stopped Cord and said, "That's enough! Leave my son alone!" He told Cord that he had to accept Rex as his brother. Just then, Bo entered, ecstatic to see Cord. Noticing the tense atmosphere, Bo wondered if things were all right between the men.

Cord mentioned that it had to do with BE, and Clint asked why Bo was there. Bo told them about Todd's escape from jail, and explained that he was looking for the fugitive. Clint knew that Viki wouldn't hide Todd at Llanfair. Just then, Bo's phone rang, and he told the caller that he was on his way. He told Clint and Cord that Starr had helped Todd to escape, but Jack had turned Todd in. He left, and Cord related how their family had issues as well.

Tina couldn't believe that Viki had made her give the ring back. Téa suggested that Viki and Tina leave before the cops showed up, because the fewer that appeared to know about Todd, the better. Tina had nowhere to go, but Viki refused to put her sister up at Llanfair. After Tina begged, Viki finally broke down. Tina related that she'd known that Viki couldn't have held a grudge forever. "Wanna bet?" Viki said, and left.

As the bomb got down to twenty-four minutes, Jack played fetch with David Vickers, and wondered where the cops were. Viki and Tina walked out, and Jack wondered if Todd were still in the house. As Jack entered the house, Blair told him that Todd had left, and Jack was livid. Blair told him to stop obsessing over Todd, because they had to figure out what to do about Starr. Blair wanted to talk to Téa in private, so Téa opened the door. As the bomb hit the nineteen-minute mark, Bo grimly stood in the doorway.

Cord apologized for badmouthing Rex, because he was grateful that Rex had given Clint's life back. Clint implored Cord to reach out to Rex again. Cord understood how Rex felt losing someone he loved. Just then, Cord was shocked when Viki and Tina entered the room.

Todd arrived at the docks, calling for Irene. He yelled that he had what she wanted, so she needed to "end this nonsense once and for all."

Friday, September 30, 2011

Outside of the Manning estate, David Vickers, Tina's dog, discovered the bomb. Inside of the estate, Blair declared that she would take Starr home and opened the door to Bo, who announced that he was looking for Todd Manning. Bo revealed that Jack had call "9-1-1" and reported Todd's escape. Téa revealed that Todd had found what Irene Manning had been looking for and then had run out of the house to give it to her.

Bo called in to the police station and reported Todd's escape and then asked to talk about Starr's part in it. When Téa asked if Bo had any evidence of Starr's participation, Bo claimed that two cops had witnessed Starr's part in the escape. Starr explained that Irene had threatened to hurt her family, but Jack insisted that Irene had been at the house for the reading of Victor's will. Jack was shocked that Starr had believed Todd, and Jack felt that Starr would follow Todd's orders like a little puppy.

As David Vickers scratched on the door and barked, Jack exclaimed that Todd had made everything up and then revealed to Bo that Starr had said that Irene's note had been written with disappearing ink. After Starr explained to Bo what had been written on the note, Bo declared that Starr had not done Todd any favors by breaking him out of jail. David Vickers barked at the bomb, as Bo arrested Starr.

Téa and Blair insisted on escorting Starr to the police station, and Blair demanded that Jack return home. When Jack opened the door, he wondered why Tina had not taken her crazy dog with her. Jack closed the door after he walked out. Téa, Starr, Blair, and Bo opened the door to David Vickers and felt that she was trying to tell them something. Bo followed David Vickers and found the bomb.

On the docks, Todd searched for Irene, and she stepped out. When Todd announced that he had found what Irene wanted, she questioned why Todd's memory had suddenly returned. Todd answered, "What can I say? Being locked up, drugged, and tortured for eight years kinda did a number on my head...thanks to you." When Irene mentioned that Todd blaming his mommy for his troubles was convenient, Todd said that he might have gotten his memory back sooner, if her goons had not been lighting him up like a Christmas tree.

After Todd announced that the microchip was in Victor Lord's ring, Irene laughed and said that Victor Jr. had kept it in his possession all of that time, and that Irene had even held it in her hand before she had given it to Tina. Todd admitted that he had needed to wrestle the ring away from Tina and exclaimed that it was a good thing that he still had his teeth. Todd held up the ring.

Todd demanded proof that he had not killed Victor, and Irene pulled out a gun. Todd insisted that Irene give him the gun first, and then he would return the ring to Irene, but then he realized that it was not the gun that he had given Louie. Irene revealed that Louie and the gun were both at the bottom of the river. Irene cheered that Todd would take the fall for Victor's murder, and that Irene would enjoy everything else Victor had owned without Todd's or anyone else's interference.

Irene demanded to have the ring, and Todd yelled, "You sick, disgusting mother." Todd screamed that Irene had kept him from his family for eight years and had put his brother in his place. Todd added that Irene had killed Louie, who had saved Todd's life. Todd noted that Louie was a stranger, who had saved him, while Irene was Todd's mother, who was trying to kill him.

When Todd threw the ring into the river, Irene howled and pointed the gun at him. Irene yelled, "You son of a bitch," and Todd observed, "Well said." Irene cried that all of her bargaining power was in the microchip, and that the information on the microchip was all she had, and Todd responded, "That and your sunny disposition." After Irene wailed that it was a disaster, Todd noted, "It's really awful when bad things happen to good people." When Irene said, "You can say that again." Todd did just that, so she shot him.

Todd rolled over, as he held his wound, and commented, "So much for my tennis career," and Irene admitted that her aim had been off. Irene informed Todd that the microchip had been the only thing keeping Todd alive, and that she would finish the job. When Todd told Irene to ask herself one question, Irene asked, while she pointed the gun, "Do you feel lucky?"

Todd speculated if Todd Manning would really throw his last bargaining chip into the river, and Irene replied, "Yes, because Todd Manning is a rash, selfish imbecile, who never thinks before he acts...are these trick questions?" As Todd noted that he might have been lying, they heard a loud boom. Irene smiled and said, "That, my son, was the sound of your family dying."

In the living room at Llanfair, Cord said to Clint that there were some people that you could never get over, as Tina walked into the room. When Tina ran up and tried to hug Cord, he stopped her. Cord could not believe that Tina could act like nothing had ever happened and used the Mendora jewels as an example. When Tina tried to explain her way of out that, Cord noted that Tina would do anything, hurt anyone, or steamroll her way over anyone if they stood in her path to money. Clint and Viki left the room to give Cord and Tina a chance to talk alone.

The first thing Cord wanted to discuss was how Tina's greed had almost gotten their daughter killed. Tina insisted that Carlo Hesser had blamed her for the death of his son, but that she would gladly have traded the jewels for their daughter, Sarah. Tina pointed out that Cain had stopped her, and that David Vickers had actually gotten Tina and Cain together, however, Cord did not want to hear about the romance between Cain Rogan and Tina.

When Tina insisted that she needed to find David Vickers, Cord was outraged that Tina was back with David Vickers, although he had thought that David was with Dorian. Tina revealed that it was not that David Vickers, but Cord did not want to hear any more of Tina's lies. Tina declared that David Vickers was her dog, and that the name had suited the dog, until he, or rather she, had given birth to a litter of puppies. Tina picked up the doggy bag and found that David Vickers was gone. When Tina feared that David Vickers had been kidnapped, Cord said that they would look for him -- her.

In the kitchen, Jessica reached for a bag of ice to place on her black eye and bruised cheek. She remembered her argument with Natalie, and that Natalie had yelled that Clint was not Jessica's father -- Mitch Laurence was. Jessica felt that she must be crazy, because she was Mitch's psycho daughter, and that she always would be. Jessica threw the bag of ice against the wall, as Clint and Viki walked in.

Viki was concerned over Jessica's injury, but Jessica just brushed it off. Jessica sarcastically snipped that Natalie and Brody were engaged, which was the only thing that was important, and that the rest of the family did not matter. As Viki started to leave and said that she would talk to Natalie, Jessica admitted that she had also tried to strangle Natalie. Viki cried, "Okay, okay, I'm going to go and talk to Natalie, and when I come back, I am going to find a way to heal this family. I will not have you and Natalie ending up the way Tina and I did."

As Clint walked Viki out of Llanfair, he commented that it was convenient that Tina had shown up just in time for the reading of Victor's will. Viki revealed that Tina had been disappointed, because Victor had left everything to Irene. Viki worried because she knew that Irene would stop nothing to get what she wanted.

Clint returned to Jessica in the kitchen and placed the bag of ice on her cheek. Clint revealed that Brody had visited him in person, and Jessica hoped that Clint had let Brody have it. However, Clint admitted that he had given Brody and Natalie his blessing to make things better between Natalie and Jessica. Clint stated that he would do anything to make it better for Jessica.

Just as Jessica stated that she knew that Clint was her real father, Tina ran into the room and cried that her David Vickers was missing. When Tina feared that David Vickers had got locked in the secret room in the basement, Jessica announced that the secret room had been torn down. Tina ran out crying, "David Vickers, David Vickers."

Back at Llanfair, Tina returned and asked Cord if he had found David Vickers. When Cord admitted that he had not located Tina's dog, Tina threw herself into Cord's arms.

Brody walked in the apartment with Natalie, who had a wrap around her strained neck. Natalie informed Brody that Clint had told Jessica that they were engaged. Brody reentered the room and announced that Liam was sound asleep and then asked how Natalie and Jessica had "come to blows." Natalie explained the details of the fight between her and Jessica. Natalie indicated that she had gone out of her way not to throw their engagement in Jessica's face, but that Jessica had insisted that Natalie had ruined her perfect little life.

Natalie added that Jessica had kept on, so Natalie had snapped and had said something to Jessica that had hit below the belt. Natalie insisted that Jessica had pushed her buttons and had said that Natalie was not part of the family. Brody pointed out that Natalie's family loved Natalie, and Natalie regretted that she had resented Jessica for being the princess and the ballerina. After Brody related that Natalie had never felt like a ballerina, Natalie insisted that she would not let the conflict stop her from marrying Brody.

Brody stressed that he would never want Natalie to lose her family because of him, but Natalie relayed that what Jessica had said had been very hurtful. Natalie regretted that her father was unable to even give his blessing. Brody then announced that he had just visited Clint, and Natalie wondered if Clint had given Brody the wrong end of his shotgun. However, Brody revealed that Clint had actually given his blessing, because that would be the only way to make peace between Natalie and Jessica.

Brody answered the knock on the door and found Viki, who congratulated Natalie and Brody. Viki was upset by the physical altercation between Natalie and Jessica and asked if they knew how hurt Jessica was. Brody indicated that he had to leave, but that he hoped that they could all get past it. Natalie questioned if her Uncle Todd was making things harder on himself with his escape, and if Viki was wondering about Natalie after taking one look at Jessica's face.

Viki admitted that she hated being in the middle of her two daughters and felt that something needed to be done. Viki questioned if Natalie would really want to marry someone who was supposed to have married her sister. Natalie maintained that she just wanted her family, and to be happy, but that she had moved out of her home and had lost her dad, and that she feared that she was losing her sister.

Viki insisted that Natalie would never, ever lose her as a mother. Natalie stressed that she and Brody loved each other, and that they had a beautiful son, Liam, so Viki asked, "And what about John McBain?" Natalie replied, "Oh, Mom, any hope I had of John and I getting back together died the day he discovered he wasn't Liam's father."

Back at Llanfair, Jessica found Tina's doggy bag on the floor and cursed, "Damn it, Tina." Jessica then picked up the document of the paternity tests results stating that Liam's DNA was a match to John McBain. Jessica cried, "Oh, my God!"

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