The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 26, 2011 on Y&R

Avery became Daisy's new attorney. Ronan found Diane's diary in a lockbox at the Athletic Club. Chloe kissed Kevin. Nick was caught in a police sting. Ronan discovered a memory stick in one of Diane's pillows. Tucker agreed to sell Jabot to Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 26, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, September 26, 2011

At the hospital, Chloe was beaming when she told Ronan that Kevin was a perfect donor match for Delia. Ronan was relieved, but he ruffled Chloe's feathers when he mentioned that his investigation might make it impossible for him to visit often. Chloe reminded Ronan that he'd never told her why the FBI had sent him to Genoa City. She sent Ronan away with orders not to bother to return. As Ronan walked away, Chloe sighed.

Victoria arrived at the hospital to check on Delia. Chloe reported that the child was fast asleep. Victoria mentioned that Kevin had seemed quite nervous when Chloe showered him with attention after discovering that he was a perfect donor match. Chloe admitted that she'd been a bit overbearing. Victoria said that at least Kevin hadn't felt the need to run far away like Billy had.

Chloe observed Victoria's limp. Victoria said she had twisted her ankle. Victoria laughed and explained that Sam had even had to carry her upstairs, so she could change clothes. Chloe teased Victoria about taking off her clothes, but Victoria insisted that she had no romantic feelings for Sam. Chloe encouraged Victoria to develop a relationship with Sam because good guys were loyal.

Jack stopped by and told Chloe he'd been unable to find clues at the trailer to suggest where Billy might have gone. Chloe said that Kevin had stepped up to lend his support. After Chloe went into Delia's room, Jack asked Victoria how she was doing. Victoria claimed that she rarely thought about Billy. Jack remarked that Billy's absence had led to a friendship between Victoria and Chloe. Victoria said that she and Chloe had made peace with the past and had drawn together for Delia's sake. Victoria blamed herself for Billy leaving and staying away. Jack maintained that Billy would have returned had he been able to do so.

At home, Victoria sat down at her desk and composed another email to Billy. She wrote that he'd either not received her previous email or had chosen not to respond. She added that he could return home even if he chose not to cross paths with her again. Victoria assured Billy that she had moved on with her life, and she wished him well.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin complained to Michael about how difficult it had become to pretend that he was a donor match for Delia. Kevin added that he felt it was wrong to not to let Chloe and Delia know that Billy was in Genoa City. Michael warned that Gloria would take Kevin's supposed match to Delia as a sign that he and Chloe were meant to be together.

Later, Chloe stopped by the coffeehouse and apologized to Kevin for overstepping and kissing him. She begged him to forget that it had happened. Kevin agreed to forget about the kiss and said they were still friends. Chloe praised Kevin for being supportive, and she apologized for having hoped that their relationship would deepen. After Chloe turned to walk away, Kevin grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Ronan slipped in the door and saw the couple kissing. Ronan, unseen, moved quickly from the patio to the main part of the coffeehouse.

At the prison, Sharon was shocked to learn that Avery had agreed to represent Daisy. Avery arrived and told Daisy, in Sharon's presence, that Daisy would be allowed to visit with Lucy. After Avery left, Sharon assured Daisy that Avery would be able to handle Phyllis. Daisy claimed that dealing with Phyllis was like dealing with the devil.

While Sharon napped, she dreamed that Victor's testimony had convinced the jury to set her free. Sharon's joy was overshadowed by shock when she saw that Victor had taken her place in the prison cell. Victor stopped by later, and Sharon warned him that testifying at her trial could cost him dearly. Victor assured her that he knew what he was doing and why he was doing it.

After Victor left, Jack stopped by and told Sharon that Billy was still missing. Sharon was elated to hear that a donor match had been found for Delia. Jack said he'd heard about Sharon's hotshot attorney. Sharon said that Victor had convinced Avery to take her case. Jack reminded Sharon that she was in prison because of Victor. Sharon maintained that Victor was willing to do whatever was necessary to help her.

Jack later found Victor having a drink at Gloworm. Jack said he'd just visited Sharon. Jack asked Victor what he was up to, knowing that he never did anything out of the goodness of his heart. Victor said he didn't have to answer. Jack warned that he'd watch Victor closely. Jack added that it wouldn't be the first time Sharon had trusted the wrong person with her fate. Victor rose from his seat and said, "I don't give a damn what you're going to do. Have a nice day." After Victor left, Jack seemed suspicious.

Victoria ran into Nick at the coffeehouse and asked her brother why he seemed stressed. Nick explained that Phyllis was the one who was stressed about family problems. He showed Victoria a gift he'd chosen for Phyllis that he hoped would help her blow off steam. Victoria peeked into the gift bag and agreed it should help.

In the park, Phyllis was livid after she was served a summons ordering her to take Lucy to the prison for a visit with Daisy. Phyllis later met with Michael on the patio at Crimson Lights. Michael read the summons and told Phyllis that Lucy would be removed from custody if Phyllis didn't comply with the visitation requirements. Phyllis was shocked to learn that Avery had agreed to represent Daisy. Michael left after Avery arrived.

Phyllis' expression showed her anger as Avery defended Daisy. Avery claimed that when Daisy was a young, impressionable child, she had been victimized by Sarah Smyth. Avery added that Daisy had hoped to build a relationship with her only female, blood-related relative. Phyllis maintained that shielding an innocent baby from a relative was in Lucy's best interest. Avery disagreed when Phyllis claimed that Avery was taking Daisy's side to get back at her sister. Phyllis yelled, "You just picked the wrong battle!"

Nick overheard Avery tell Phyllis that she had expected her older sister to remember that they were family. Phyllis asked Avery what she'd expected. Avery replied, "Nothing that you are able or willing to give." Phyllis agreed. Angered, Avery said she wished she knew what she had done when she was just a kid that had made Phyllis regard her as the enemy. After Avery stormed out, Phyllis seemed stunned.

Phyllis returned to the park and approached Ronan. Phyllis animatedly requested that Ronan place her under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Ronan glanced at Phyllis' shapely legs. Phyllis explained that prisoner Daisy Carter had requested a visit with the child she'd abandoned. Phyllis said that she was desperate to keep Lucy away from Daisy. Ronan praised Phyllis' creativity, but he explained that even if Phyllis were under house arrest, a social worker would be ordered to pick up the baby and allow a court-ordered visit with Daisy.

Phyllis admitted to Ronan that she was apprehensive because she couldn't imagine her life without Lucy in it. Phyllis added that she couldn't believe Avery was aiding Daisy. Ronan replied, "So your sister is behind this?" Ronan explained that he understood what it was like to deal with an estranged sibling. Phyllis asked Ronan if he was commiserating with her just so she'd let down her guard and get pinned with Diane's murder.

Ronan let Phyllis know that he was on her side. He agreed that what Daisy had done was despicable. Ronan told Phyllis that chicken pox was going around. He suggested that Phyllis could delay the visit by at least a week by claiming that Lucy had fallen ill. Phyllis thanked Ronan and teased him about having admired her legs when she'd mentioned the ankle bracelet.

Phyllis later visited with Michael at Crimson Lights. Phyllis explained that she had a short-term solution to halt visitation, but she said she'd need Michael's help with a long-term solution. Michael agreed that Daisy was the last person who should be around children. Phyllis whipped out her phone and called the social worker involved to let her know that Lucy had chicken pox and would be unable to visit her birth mother in prison. After the called ended, Phyllis tried to phone Nick. She was surprised when he didn't answer.

Avery sipped a martini at Gloworm. Nick joined her. He admitted that he'd overheard her and Phyllis' conversation at Crimson Lights. Nick said he wasn't defending Phyllis, but he suggested that Phyllis felt as though she'd been cornered. Avery admitted that she'd put Phyllis in a tough spot. Nick said that Phyllis could get fired up whenever she was protecting someone she loved. Avery replied, "My sister hasn't changed, except I used to think I was one of the things she'd get fired up to protect."

Avery told Nick that there'd always been a lot of drama in the home when she and Phyllis were young. Avery explained that the sisters would play video games in order to tune out the turmoil. Avery fondly recalled playing video games with Phyllis. Avery admitted that Phyllis had gloated because she'd always won. Avery seemed crushed when Nick said that Phyllis had never mentioned her younger sister.

Nick ignored a call from Phyllis while Avery told Nick about Phyllis' past. Nick told Avery that he had to leave. Avery said she had enjoyed telling Nick the good parts about her past. Nick said he'd seen a glimpse of Avery's softer side. Avery cried, "Now you know that Avery Bailey Clark was once a gawky kid who thought her older sister had hung the moon." Nick gave Avery the video game he'd intended to give to Phyllis. He said he hoped it would help Avery deal with stress.

At Billy's, Jack demanded to know why Victor had shown up. Victor assured Jack that he'd gone to help and not hide evidence that could help locate Billy. Outside, Billy overheard Jack and Victor arguing. Billy hid until Jack and Victor left.

After Billy went inside, carrying a bottle of liquor, Victor returned. Victor was angry because Billy had left the trailer. Victor spotted the booze and remarked that Billy believed that alcohol was the answer to his problems.

After Victor left, Kevin showed up. Kevin vented about having to lie for Delia's sake. Billy realized that Kevin was still in love with Chloe. Kevin, angry, said he'd never take advantage of Chloe. Billy said he understood how much it hurt to see the woman you loved in the arms of someone else. Billy urged Kevin to win Chloe back. Before Kevin left, he admonished Billy for not contacting Victoria while he was in Genoa City.

Later, Victor returned with a jug of liquor. Billy said, "You wouldn't mind at all if I drank myself into a coma, would you?" Billy admitted that he'd suffered a painful emotional setback and had fought against filling a glass with his favorite painkiller. As Billy turned the opened bottle up and drained the alcohol into the sink, he said, "I have a daughter. When she needs my bone marrow, I want her to have the best of me."

After Victor left, Billy continued emptying bottles of booze down the drain. He said aloud to himself, "I'll be damned if I give Victor the satisfaction." Billy heard a chime on his computer and found the email from Victoria. He read aloud, "I'm moving on just fine." Billy picked up the emptied bottle and scoffed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At the police station, Cane expressed his impatience with Ronan regarding Colin's ledger. Cane wanted to use the information to lock Colin up. Ronan said they had to find a way to crack the codes in Colin's ledgers before they could use it as evidence against him. Cane was determined to stop Colin before he went after Lily and the children again. Cane was certain that Colin was still intent to get his hands on the twins. Cane was concerned that Colin would discover that his accounts were compromised and would be forced to do something to protect himself. Ronan wondered if Gloria might know something about Colin, since she'd been trapped in the wine cellar with him for so many hours.

In the park, Lily was playing with the twins when Colin approached her. Lily accused Colin of violating the restraining order that said Colin could not be near her and the children. Colin said he hadn't planned to run into any of them. Colin said it had been an accident and suggested that Lily post her schedule online so he wouldn't run into her. Cane appeared and told Colin to get away from his family. Colin apologized and left.

Emotional about the incident with Colin, Lily hugged Cane, relieved that he'd shown up. Later, Cane sat on the ground with the children, and Lily let Cane visit with them. Cane offered to stay close to Lily in case Colin bothered her again. Lily asked Cane to go with her for a visit to Madame's dance studio. Cane recalled that he'd proposed to Lily there. Madame was thrilled to see Lily and the babies. Lily didn't let Madame know that she and Cane were divorced.

Gloria was on the telephone, frustrated that the Genoa City Police were not interested in learning who'd trapped her and Colin in the wine cellar. Jill entered and reminded Gloria that nobody had missed her while she'd been trapped. In retaliation, Gloria needled Jill about the fact that Jill's son, Billy, wasn't in touch with her. Gloria asked why Jill was there, and Jill said that she was expecting Colin to join her for lunch. Gloria noted that Colin had been a real gentleman while they were locked up -- so much so that Gloria thought Colin might be gay. Jill assured Gloria that Colin was not gay.

When Colin arrived for lunch, Jill received a call and had a work emergency. Colin agreed to wait for Jill to return. Gloria approached Colin to ask how he was doing. Colin was not amused by Gloria's memories from their time in the wine cellar. Gloria pointed out that she'd seen Colin's anger, and she wondered if Jill had ever witnessed Colin so upset. Gloria also let Colin know that she'd seen him find the wall safe.

Colin was curious that Gloria had not said anything while they were in the cellar. Gloria thought it would be safer if she said something in front of witnesses. Gloria's phone rang, and Ronan asked Gloria to meet him at the station. Gloria told Colin she'd speak with him later. Jill returned, and Colin said he had a problem that he had to attend to, promising to return to Jill shortly. In the park, Colin made a call to an associate to report that Gloria might be a problem.

At the trailer, Billy was irked when Michael arrived and let himself in. Michael delivered supplies and warned Billy that he could not leave the trailer anymore. Billy wanted information about Sam, the man in Victoria's life. Michael was shocked, but did mention that Sam's last name was Gibson. Billy was determined to learn everything he could about Sam Gibson.

Michael warned Billy that the truth of what he had done in Asia would be revealed if Billy continued to challenge Victor. Michael reminded Billy that they were all working hard to save Delia's life, and Michael urged Billy to cooperate. Michael reiterated to Billy that Billy was back for Delia, not Victoria. Michael suggested that Billy let Victoria go for her own sake. Billy watched Michael leave, then walked out of the trailer.

Victoria was getting ready to leave for work when Sam warned her that she had to take care of her twisted ankle. When Sam examined Victoria's ankle, he was reminded of caring for Sharon in New Mexico. Victoria was reluctant to talk about Billy, but Sam knew that Billy was still on Victoria's mind. Sam greeted Neil when he arrived at the house. Neil offered to drive Victoria to the doctor for her ankle. When Sam left, Victoria assured Neil that she would drive herself to the doctor. Victoria admitted to Neil that she missed Billy. Neil said that he still missed Dru in the same way.

At the dance studio, Madame recognized that Mattie looked like Drucilla. Neil appeared and was surprised to see Lily was spending the day with Cane. Sensing that Neil wanted to speak with Lily, Cane stepped into the other room. Neil admitted that he'd been wrong to question Lily's choices. Neil explained that he needed to have more respect for Lily's decision-making because he wanted Lily to be happy.

At the hospital, the doctor gave Victoria a prescription for pain medication. He mentioned that the last time he'd seen Victoria was when Reed had put pebbles in his ears. The doctor told Victoria that he'd seen Billy at a convenience store the night before. Victoria was intrigued and said Billy was out of town. The doctor was certain that he'd seen Billy.

Billy sneaked into Victoria's house and discovered that she was not there. Billy searched for clues about Sam's place in Vicki's life. Billy wondered if Sam had moved into Victoria's bedroom. As Billy went to the stairs, Keely appeared from the kitchen and barked at Billy. The dog was friendly, and Billy was able to pet Keely. Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door, and a Girl Scout announced that she wouldn't leave until whoever was home made a purchase. When Billy refused to open the door, the girl declared that she'd be back.

Curious about what the doctor had told her, Victoria went to Billy's trailer and knocked on the door. There was no answer. Victoria looked for the spare key, but it was missing from its usual hiding place. Later, Victoria returned home. Billy hid in the closet so Victoria wouldn't find him there. Victoria greeted Keely, then noticed that the dog was barking at the closet door. Victoria wondered why the dog was acting so strangely.

Sharon was thrilled to see Noah when he went to see her at the prison. Noah questioned Sharon about the D.A.'s deal. Sharon said that she could not plead no contest to murder because that was the same as saying she was guilty. Noah wanted Faith to have her mother back, and if Sharon took the deal, she'd be out in 18 months. Sharon still believed that she could be acquitted and be released even sooner. Noah didn't want Sharon to risk losing the trial and being forced to do 30 years behind bars. Noah said that Michael would be visiting Sharon to give her his legal opinion of the deal. Noah said that he loved Sharon and wanted her to consider taking the deal.

Later, Michael met with Sharon, and she wanted to know what he thought of the deal as a friend. Michael said it might have been a mistake for Sharon to turn it down. Michael had trouble being objective. Sharon had faith in Avery, but Michael reminded Sharon that it was still a risk and there were no guarantees that Sharon would win in court. Sharon said she'd been at peace before Noah's visit, but she'd think about Michael's advice.

Sam arrived as Michael left. Sharon explained that Noah had asked her to reconsider the plea agreement. Sharon admitted to Sam that she had to do what was right for Faith and Noah. Sam told Sharon that the decision was hers and reminded her that when she was in New Mexico, she'd had a clear head. Sam advised Sharon to listen to her own voice. Noah returned, and Sam left. Sharon told her son that she could not take the deal. Noah was upset, but Sharon assured Noah that she knew what she was doing. Sharon declared that she was innocent and would be home soon.

Gloria told Ronan that someone other than Genevieve might have locked Colin and Gloria in the wine cellar. Ronan wondered if Colin had confided in Gloria about Genevieve. Ronan tried to wheedle information about Colin from Gloria, but Gloria realized that he was investigating Colin. Ronan said that he was just trying to be thorough. Gloria said that Colin had been a perfect gentleman while they were locked up together.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Victor ran into Sam at the coffeehouse and wanted to know if Victoria had been in touch with Billy. Sam told Victor that he'd have to speak with Victoria about that. Meanwhile, at the house, Victoria was about to open the closet, where Billy was hiding, when she twisted her sore ankle. While she went to sit down and attend to her leg, Billy reconsidered letting Victoria find him. When Victoria received a phone call and hobbled into the kitchen, Billy attempted to sneak out of the closet, but wound up having to hide in the dining room because Sam walked in the front door.

Billy listened as Victoria greeted Sam. Billy heard Sam speaking fondly to Keely and thought Sam was flirting with Victoria. When Sam called Keely beautiful, Billy believed that Sam was saying that to Victoria. Sam offered to help Victoria when she asked for a can of soda, then he teased her about her horseback riding. Keely walked into the dining room and stared at Billy. When Sam went to look for Keely, Billy took the opportunity to duck out of the house.

When Billy reached the trailer, he stared at a picture of himself and Victoria. Billy then pulled the photo out of the frame and placed it on the dartboard. The spirit of John appeared to Billy and offered him the darts. Billy told his father that he had a right to be upset about Victoria.

John reminded Billy that he'd walked out on Victoria. Billy admitted that he'd been wrong to disappear the way he had. John assured Billy that the deal he made with Victor was for Delia's sake and that was a good thing. Billy confessed that it drove him crazy to hear Victoria with another man. John advised Billy to put Victoria in the past.

At the house, Victoria told Sam that she thought she'd heard someone at the door. Sam said that there was nobody there, and then assured Victoria that Keely would protect her. Sam realized that Victoria was lonely for Billy. Sam suggested that Victoria make friends with her longing for Billy. Sam returned to his apartment, and Victoria was compelled to write to Billy again.

In an email, Victoria said that she could not move on from Billy. Victoria wrote that she loved Billy, and no other man could ever take his place in her heart. Victoria regretted that she had pushed Billy away when they lost Lucy. Finally, Victoria asked Billy to return home, the she clicked send. Back at the trailer, Billy agreed with John that he had to get Victoria out of his head. When Victoria's email arrived on Billy's laptop, Billy contemplated opening it, but then he deleted it without reading.

At the mansion, Neil apologized to Kay for criticizing her about the opportunity she'd given to Devon. Kay told Neil not to worry about it. Devon arrived unexpectedly with an exciting new idea. Neil urged Devon to continue speaking. Devon explained that he wanted to buy a building in the downtown area instead of renting a space for the music studio. Kay realized that it would be a long-term commitment, especially in terms of taxes. Neil pointed out that leasing would have tax advantages.

Kay and Neil supported Devon's idea and suggested he figure out the numbers and report back before proceeding. Neil walked out, and Kay told Devon that his father had his best interests at heart. Kay received a phone call and had to speak with Mitchell, her attorney. Alone with Devon, Neil apologized to his son. Devon understood that Neil had been trying to help him. Devon was anxious to make it work with Kay. Neil embraced Devon and wished him luck. Kay received another call and learned that Tucker was suing her for Jabot. Neil was surprised.

Ronan learned that Victor's shoes from the night of the murder had yet to turn up. Ronan ordered that they widen the search. Abby arrived at the police station. Abby called Ashley to report that she was there to tell Ronan that Ashley had not killed Diane.

Abby overheard that there was a lockbox found at the Athletic Club. Abby spied Ronan looking at the key that had been found in Diane's throat. Abby tried to stop Ronan from leaving to retrieve the lockbox, but he brushed past her. At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ronan was given Diane's lockbox. Abby watched from nearby and wondered what was in the box.

At Gloworm, Ashley admitted to Tucker that she was frustrated that Jabot was succeeding based on the products she had developed, but that she was no longer involved in the company. Ashley asked Tucker to put her in charge when he got the company back. Tucker recalled to himself the deal he'd made with Jack. Ashley walked off to say hello to a friend.

Tucker called Jack to say that he'd filed a lawsuit to end Kay's ownership of Jabot. Jack wanted to be assured that Tucker had agreed to Jack's terms before Jack would testify in Tucker's favor. Later, Tucker admitted to Ashley that he was on the verge of getting Jabot back. Ashley wanted to be named CEO, but Tucker said that would continue to be Jack's job. Ashley offered to share the role with her brother, but Tucker was skeptical. Ashley was surprised, but assured Tucker that she and Jack could work well together.

Ashley continued to press for what she wanted. Tucker said he had to leave for a meeting and walked off. Ashley heard Abby's message that she was confronting Ronan. Ashley was furious, and when Victor approached, Ashley warned him about Abby's latest stunt. Victor told Ashley that he would take care of Abby.

Victor called Abby and told her to stay out of the Jenkins investigation. Abby told Victor about Ronan having found Diane's lockbox. Victor told her he would meet her at the Athletic Club and she should not speak to Ronan. A short time later, Ronan confronted Abby and knew that she'd been following him. Ronan asked Abby why she cared about the contents of Diane's lockbox. Ronan insisted that Abby be there when it was opened.

When Victor arrived at the GCAA, Abby was no longer there, and nobody knew where she'd gone. At Ronan's office, Abby watched as Diane's lockbox was opened. Diane's diary was found inside. Ronan wondered why Abby had cared so much, and Abby told Ronan to talk with her lawyer in the future. After Abby walked out, Ronan looked at his suspect board and wondered what Diane had had on Abby.

Abby met with Victor at the GCAA and told her father that Diane had taunted her with the key before she died. Abby feared that the video had been in the lockbox, and if it ever came out, it would destroy her life. Victor had doubts about Ronan's ability to get anything accomplished. Back at the police station, Ronan was thrilled when Victor's shoes were finally found, and they matched the footprints found at the murder scene.

John appeared to question what Jack was up to with his dealings with Tucker about Jabot. Jack told his father that he knew what he was doing. John asked about Jack's conscience. Jack admitted that he was teaming with Tucker against Kay, and that bothered Jack. Jack told his father that Kay lorded her ownership of the company over him, and Jack had become furious that Jabot was being used as a weapon in Kay and Tucker battle.

Jack was willing to be despicable to get control of Jabot. John observed that Jack had changed. Jack said he wanted Jabot back to put his mark on the company. John refused to give Jack his approval, but then surprised Jack by pointing out that what he was doing fell into the category of "just business." John told Jack that if he had to compromise his ethics, he should go all the way. John urged Jack to seize ownership of the company. John disappeared once Jack had received the message.

Tucker met with Jack and showed him the agreement they'd discussed. Jack said that he had a new deal. Jack wanted to buy Jabot once Tucker got it back from Kay. Jack believed that Tucker needed revenge on Kay more than ownership of Jabot. Tucker accused Jack of blowing their deal. Jack offered to buy Jabot for fifty percent more than Chancellor paid.

Tucker realized that Jack had presented a solid argument, and he had Tucker over a barrel. Tucker agreed to Jack's proposal, and they shook on the deal. Tucker admitted that he was sick of Jabot, and it was just a small piece of his game board. Tucker said that he'd be glad to get revenge on Kay. Ashley appeared and was surprised to see Tucker alone with Jack. Tucker said that he was consulting with Jack about the lawsuit. Jack pretended that the conversation had not gone as planned. Ashley asked if Tucker had something to tell her.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

At their penthouse, Ashley wrapped her arms around Tucker, and she guessed that he hadn't been able to sleep because of Katherine's games. He assured Ashley that he could handle his mother. Ashley wanted to further discuss the possibility of Ashley returning to Jabot as CEO, because she felt she could ease employees' concerns. Tucker advised Ashley not to get her hopes up, but she thought she could talk Jack into sharing the position with her. Tucker admitted that he hadn't told her everything about the lawsuit.

After Tucker revealed his deal with Jack to Ashley, she was incredulous that Tucker hadn't told her about it earlier. Tucker explained that he'd always played it close to the vest in business and in life, and he'd never made a lifetime commitment to anyone before. He admitted that he was set in his ways and that marriage was new territory for him, but he didn't want business to interfere with their relationship any longer. Ashley realized that Tucker intended to give up Jabot for her, and she agreed that everything would be okay, as long as an Abbott was running the company. Tucker vowed not to allow Jabot to get in the way of their happiness.

At Crimson Lights, Abby looked through a college catalog, and Devon joked that the school didn't offer a degree in shopping. Devon inquired whether Abby knew that Tucker was suing Katherine to get Jabot back. Abby called Tucker a big bully who enjoyed hurting others. Devon confided that Tucker had warned him not to work for Katherine, because Tucker had suspected that Katherine was using Devon to get back at Tucker, but Devon felt that Tucker had tried to do the exact same thing. Devon lamented that he was caught between two powerful people he barely new.

Abby and Devon's moods darkened when Tucker entered, and Tucker requested that Abby call Ashley, who had been shaken up by Abby's message. Tucker asked if Devon had taken his advice about Katherine, but Devon thought he'd be a fool to pass up the great opportunity Katherine had offered him. Abby blasted Tucker for being a jerk to both Devon and Katherine, and she recounted how Katherine had sat diligently at Tucker's bedside while he had been in a coma. Tucker insisted that he was reclaiming Jabot for Ashley, so his wife could be back where she belonged. Abby accused Tucker of not doing anything for anyone except himself, but he remarked that people could change. Abby retorted that she had once believed that, until she'd met Tucker. Tucker wished Abby a good day, and he stalked off.

Neil and Sofia met at the Athletic Club, and he asked Sofia about the baby. She reported that her sonogram the day before had been fine. Neil suggested that they find a way for their companies to settle Tucker's lawsuit out of court, and Sofia said that would only be possible if Katherine reversed the sale of Jabot. She didn't think Tucker should have to compromise, but Neil countered that Tucker had no case. Neil questioned why Sofia would defend Tucker, and she replied that Tucker was the only one who had her back.

Neil pointed out that Tucker had fired Sofia and had threatened to press charges against her, and Sofia wondered if Neil felt she owed him for getting her job back. He said his efforts had been business, not personal, but she called their meeting a mistake. She started to leave to find Malcolm, but Neil acknowledged that it would be easier if the baby ended up being Malcolm's. She adamantly agreed.

Later, after Neil had left, Malcolm presented Sofia with a pregnancy pillow to help her sleep. She smiled and thanked him, and he inquired about how the baby was doing. She handed him the sonogram photo and disclosed that everything was progressing as it should. He commented that it wouldn't be long before the baby was born. She wished that she and Malcolm were still living together and sleeping in the same bed, and she hopefully asked if they could make that happen.

Sofia mentioned that she'd had a business meeting with Neil, but they had talked about the baby and had agreed that it would be best if it was Malcolm's. She knew it would still be a while before they'd know for sure, but she begged Malcolm to give their relationship another try. He declared that he wasn't ready, and he felt that they had a long road ahead, even if the child was his. She proclaimed that in her heart and mind, she already considered him the father, but he stated that the baby's paternity wasn't up to her.

Katherine visited Jack at Jabot, and they discussed the lawsuit. Jack was surprised when Katherine revealed that she and Tucker had agreed to arbitration. She suggested that Jack testify on her behalf. He balked, and she acknowledged that she hadn't been shy about exercising her authority, but she valued him and hoped there hadn't been any misunderstanding between them. She asked if she could count on him, but he remained hesitant.

Jack stated that he didn't want to get between mother and son. Katherine reminded him that he was out of a job if Tucker won, but he said he'd take his chances, and he turned down the opportunity to testify. She recalled how close their families had been, and she urged him to reconsider. She commented that Jack had been more of son to her than Tucker had, and she needed Jack by her side. "Please," she begged, with tears in her eyes. She headed for the door, and Jack appeared to be visibly affected by her plea.

Later, Ashley arrived and excitedly informed Jack that she knew of his plan, and she wanted to be part of it. He realized that Tucker had told her everything, and she was elated that Jabot would be back in Abbott hands. Jack worried that Katherine could still win, but Ashley said she'd put her money on him. He didn't want to jinx anything, because for too long they'd watched as the company was kicked around, and he hoped it would be back in their family for good.

Katherine returned home and met with Neil, who reported that Sofia hadn't budged, and he apologized that his and Sofia's personal issues had hindered their discussion. Katherine knew that Tucker was determined to get the best of her, and she didn't blame Neil. Neil thought they could count on Jack, but she revealed that Jack had refused to testify. Neil was shocked. She believed that Jack would still show up at the hearing on her behalf, because she knew that Jabot meant everything to Jack.

Neil worried that Katherine's trust in Jack was misplaced, but she turned the topic to his meeting with Sofia. He compared the situation to Malcolm and Dru's affair, which had torn apart his family. Katherine briefly flashed back to Paul telling her that Devon was her grandson. Katherine recognized the stress Neil was under, and he hoped that the baby was Malcolm's and that Malcolm and Sofia's marriage would grow stronger. Neil wondered whether on some level, he'd slept with Sofia intentionally to get back at Malcolm. He anticipated that Katherine would offer advice, but she declined, because she realized that part of him wished the baby was his.

Katherine told Neil that she'd see him at the courthouse. He departed, and she called Jack, who allowed the call to transfer to voicemail. As Jack gazed at a photo of John, Katherine left a message begging him one last time to testify. She reiterated her desire to stop Tucker and to protect their legacy and future, and she professed that she needed Jack and hoped to see him at the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Tucker glared at Katherine in the hallway on his way to join Ashley in the courtroom. Tucker asked Ashley how her talk with Jack had been, and she said that Jack had seemed superstitious about the hearing, which she had found odd. Katherine approached their table and noted that Jack wasn't there, and she advised that Tucker still had time to back out. Sofia arrived, followed by Jack, who was carrying an envelope. Katherine's look of hope turned to shock when Jack sat down next to Tucker.

At the police station, Paul handed an evidence bag containing Victor's shoes to Ronan, and he reported that forensics had confirmed that the diary had been Diane's. Ronan was thrilled when Paul presented him with photocopied pages of the diary. Paul offered to follow up with the manager of the store where Victor's shoes had been donated, and he left.

Heather arrived, and Ronan made a snarky comment about Sharon's plea offer. Heather handed him a newspaper article about how Diane's murder investigation was at a standstill. Heather pointed out that two months had passed without an arrest, but he retorted that he was building an airtight case that even she couldn't screw up. She told him that the clock was ticking, and she exited. Ronan looked through the photocopy of the diary and realized that there were five pages missing from the time just before Diane had been killed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam answered a call from Ronan, who said he had some questions. Adam complained that he didn't have time to stop by, and Ronan threatened to send a police escort. Ronan then called Victor and asked him to clear up some inconsistencies in his statement. Victor referred Ronan to Michael, and he hung up. Ronan called again, and he got Victor's attention by mentioning that he'd had an interesting encounter with Abby earlier. After he hung up, Ronan read Diane's words that if anything happened to her, Adam or Victor would be responsible.

Heather arrived at the Athletic Club and approached Adam, who said he'd heard about Sharon's plea bargain offer, and Heather clarified that it had been Spencer's idea. Adam asked how the murder investigation was going and why Ronan had called him to the station, but Heather reminded him that she couldn't discuss the case. He insisted that he hadn't killed Diane, and he felt that the police had been quick to accuse him. He fished for details about whether they were pursuing other suspects, but Heather remained tight-lipped. He admitted that it had been lousy of him to try to extract information from her.

Adam apologized, but Heather remarked that they weren't friends. He replied that he didn't have any, and he understood why she hated him. He hoped she remembered their happy moments, like when they'd spent time on the ranch while Victor had been in Mexico. He asked if she ever thought about their good times together, but she simply suggested that he get to the police station. He stopped her from leaving and sincerely told her that was sorry about everything. There was an awkward moment of silence, and he departed.

Victor arrived at the police station and informed Ronan that he would discuss only Abby. Ronan announced that Abby was in the clear, and Victor accused Ronan of summoning him there on false pretenses. Ronan showed Victor the shoes and revealed that forensics had proven them to be Victor's, and he concluded that Victor had lied about being in the park the night of the murder. Victor ordered Ronan to get to his point.

Ronan explained that the police had tracked the expensive Italian shoes down at a charity store, and the treads on the shoes had matched the footprints found at the crime scene. Victor asked what evidence there was to link him to the shoes, and Ronan pulled out the donation receipt, which had been found in Victor's closet. Victor argued that anyone could have taken his shoes and worn them, and he insisted that Adam was trying to implicate him. Paul popped in and said he needed to see Ronan, who instructed Victor to wait. After Ronan stepped out, Victor examined the shoes. Adam entered, and the men faced off.

Ronan and Paul listened to Adam and Victor's conversation via a bug they'd planted in Ronan's office. Victor surmised that the cops were finally taking action against Adam for trying to frame Victor. Victor asserted that everyone knew Adam had killed Diane, and Victor would make sure Adam paid for it. Adam and Victor argued, and Adam pointed out that Victor had set himself up by ranting to everyone about how he'd hated Diane. Victor retorted that Adam had had even more reasons to hate her.

Adam and Victor accused one another of being the killer, and Victor stated that Diane had told him that Adam had attempted to set Victor up to take the blame for her death. Adam realized that Victor had told the police that Diane had visited the ranch to talk to Victor about Adam's plan, but Adam had been with her in the park after that, when she hadn't yet spoken to Victor. Adam concluded that Diane and Victor's conversation had occurred afterward, making Victor the last person to see her alive. Ronan excitedly remarked to Paul that they had evidence that both men had lied.

Heather arrived and asked what Paul and Ronan were doing, and Paul quickly explained that they had purposely gotten Adam and Victor together to record their conversation. Adam asked Victor if he ever wished things had been different between them. Victor pulled out his phone and notified his office that he had been delayed. Heather demanded an explanation, and Ronan said he had uncovered the start of the truth. Heather counseled that the conversation was inadmissible, because at least one of the parties had to consent to being recorded.

Victor stormed out, trailed by Adam, who asked why Heather was there. Ronan told Adam that he could go, and Adam was confused, because Ronan hadn't questioned him. Ronan thanked Adam for his time, and after exchanging a glance with Heather, Adam left. Ronan noticed the tension between Heather and Adam, but Heather insisted that it had been nothing.

Ronan returned to his office, and Heather followed him. She was astounded to see his bulletin board full of case details. Ronan wrote on the board that Adam and Victor had both been at the footbridge on the night of the murder. He explained that the case wouldn't solve itself, but he could feel that the giant puzzle was starting to fit together.

Friday, September 30, 2011

At the police station, Detective Mauro complimented Ronan on the progress he was making in the Jenkins murder case. The pillows that Diane had left in her suite confused Ronan. Ronan couldn't figure out if they were clues or not. Mauro wondered about Ronan's next move. A uniformed cop appeared with a new piece of evidence. It was a missing page from Diane's diary that had been left at the front desk with some other papers. Ronan read the page and was anxious to tell a suspect about what it said.

Ronan met Phyllis at the Genoa City Athletic Club and said he'd decided to pare down his suspect list. Phyllis was curious. Ronan told her that he suspected Nick and Ashley. Phyllis said that there had been a few people in the park the night Diane was killed. Ronan revealed that Nick and Ashley had been on the phone to each other that night, and Ronan had cell phone records that proved they'd been in the park. Phyllis defended Nick to Ronan and then left in a hurry. Ronan smiled because he had succeeded in rattling Phyllis.

Nick received a ransom note in the mail. Nick called Ashley and said they needed to meet. Ashley agreed to go to Nick's place. Later, Nick showed Ashley the ransom note in which he was instructed to turn over $50,000 or else the phone call evidence of his call to Ashley would be given to the cops. Nick was upset.

Ashley believed that Adam had sent the note, and admitted to Nick that she'd received another photo, which she'd ripped up and thrown away. Nick said the threats were getting to him, and he was intent on keeping the police from hearing the cell phone recording. Nick said that he would stop Adam from harassing them. Phyllis showed up unannounced and accused Ashley and Nick of conspiring together.

Ashley was surprised that Ronan had been questioning Phyllis. Nick and Ashley were upset because Ronan was using Phyllis to deliver a message to them. Phyllis said that Ronan had theories about what Nick and Ashley had done the night of the murder. Ashley received a call from Abby and had to leave. Before she left, Nick told Ashley that he was going to confide in Phyllis.

Nick explained to Phyllis that the night of the murder, he'd unintentionally phoned Ashley, and his threats to Diane had been recorded. Nick was certain that Adam was behind the blackmail note because Adam would want to mess with Nick. Phyllis agreed to work with Nick to stop Adam and offered to go with Nick to drop off the blackmail money. Phyllis had a plan to record the meeting on her cell phone so they could trap the blackmailer and render him powerless. Later, after Nick got the money from the bank, he told Phyllis that he was glad he'd confided in her. Phyllis promised to be loyal to Nick. They kissed passionately before leaving for the meeting.

At Victoria's, Abby arrived to see Victor and Victoria. Abby announced that she'd decided to go to college. Their cell phones buzzed, and Victoria received an alert on her laptop. They each looked at the phones and laptop and read headlines about Abby and Victor having been questioned in the Jenkins murder. Victoria said the article didn't sound like Ronan, but Victor felt certain the detective had leaked information to the papers. Victor assumed that Ronan's investigation had stalled, and it was his way to make waves. Victor warned Abby not to let Ronan intimidate her.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ronan met with Adam and told him about Diane's diary. Adam had been unaware that Diane had written about him in her diary. Ronan showed Adam one of the pages in which Diane had written that Adam was going to kill her. Ronan looked at the page and read Diane's words. Diane claimed that Adam had threatened her after his indictment, and she referred to Adam as a psychopath. Diane had written that one day Adam would snap and kill her. Adam accused Ronan of trying to frame him. Ronan insisted that Adam go to the police station with him voluntarily, or else Ronan would drag him there.

In Ronan's office, Adam refused to confess because he said he had not killed Diane. Victor burst in and wanted to know about Ronan leaking information to the newspapers. Victor resented that the newspapers had learned about Victor and Abby being questioned in Diane's murder. Victor declared that he had not been in the park when Diane was killed. Adam said he hadn't been there either.

Ronan played a tape recording in which Adam and Victor accused each other of being with Diane in the park the night she was killed. Ronan thought the recording was damning, but Victor said that neither he nor Adam had consented to be recorded. Victor claimed that the tape was illegally obtained, and Victor would sue the Genoa City Police Department. When Victor walked out, Adam turned to leave, too, but Ronan threatened to have Adam arrested because of the information in the diary.

Heather arrived at the police station and saw that Adam was being detained. Heather was surprised and went to see Ronan. Privately, Heather expressed her concern about Ronan arresting Adam, but Ronan questioned Heather's loyalty. Ronan was determined to arrest Adam and make some progress in the case. Heather feared that Adam's arrest might not hold up in court. Ronan and Heather confronted Adam and let him know that he could leave; Ronan had decided not to book him. Adam left.

Ashley met with Abby and Victoria, and Abby showed her mother the horrible newspaper story online. Ashley was shocked by the salacious information about Diane's murder case. Victor arrived and told them that he'd threatened Ronan to stop spilling information to the newspapers. Victor admitted to Victoria and Ashley that the police had questioned him and Abby.

Abby said that she feared that the police would find the confession tape that Diane had held over Abby's head. Ashley was surprised that Victoria knew about Abby's confession tape in which Abby had admitted that she'd driven the car that had hit Tucker. Abby explained that she'd followed Ronan when he had retrieved Diane's lockbox at the Athletic Club because she had thought the tape was in it. Instead, Diane's diary had been in the lockbox. Victor had no idea what Diane had written in her diary.

At a warehouse, Nick waited to meet the blackmailer. Phyllis was there, too, hiding with her cell phone. Nick called out and said he wanted to see the man's face before he turned over the money. Nick looked around. Finally the door opened, and Ronan appeared. With him were Mauro and a uniformed cop. Nick and Phyllis were shocked. Ronan told Nick he had a lot of explaining to do.

Ronan took Nick and Phyllis to the station. Ronan accused Nick of having been desperate to keep the information about his phone call a secret. Nick said he wouldn't speak until his attorney arrived. Ronan informed Phyllis and Nick that he'd found Diane's diary. Ronan thought the diary gave both Nick and Phyllis motives to kill Diane.

Ronan advised Nick and Phyllis to get comfortable because he was going to be asking more questions. In the office, Mauro complimented Ronan on the warehouse sting. Mauro asked about Ronan's next move, and Ronan was determined to enrage some more Newmans.

Abby received a call from Ronan. With Ashley, Victoria, and Victor sitting there, Ronan asked Abby to put him on the speakerphone. Ronan told Victor that the newspaper would be issuing an apology to him. Ronan asked Abby what Diane had had on her, prompting Victoria to defend her sister. Ronan told Victor that Abby should come clean for her own good. Ronan revealed that Ashley had admitted arguing with Diane that night. Ronan also said he'd acquired a recording stating that Victor was in the park the night of Diane's murder. Victoria was informed that her alibi had been blown because if Victor had been in the park, he hadn't been with Victoria.

Ronan wondered why they'd all gotten so quiet. Ronan urged them to confess what they knew while they could still make a deal. Ronan hung up, and Victor explained to the others that Ronan had been grandstanding. Victor said that they were all innocent, and Ashley felt that the evidence was all circumstantial. Victor didn't want any of them to worry.

Abby and Ashley walked out together. Abby told Ashley she was frightened. Ashley advised Abby not to jump to conclusions about the diary. Ashley assured Abby that Ronan only had questions, not answers. Victor realized that Victoria was upset. Victoria admitted that she had been in the park the night of the murder and had seen Victor with Diane.

Mauro told Nick and Ashley they were being held for questioning. Ronan admitted to Mauro that he was trying to shake up the suspects. Ronan resented that the suspects had all been acting smug about Diane's death. Ronan suddenly had an idea about the pillows from Diane's suite.

Ronan said that the sayings on the pillows were all related to the suspects. There were ten pillows but only nine suspects. Mauro wondered how Ronan could be sure about the clues connecting to the right suspect. Ronan took a chance and opened the pillow called "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," assuming that it was connected to Abby. Ronan cut the pillow open, and inside, Ronan found a computer memory stick.

At the coffeehouse, Adam thanked Heather for getting him sprung from police holding. Heather said her decision had been based on evidence and nothing more. Adam speculated Diane's diary was a forgery. Heather thought that would be poetic justice, since Adam had once forged Victor's diary.

After Heather left, Adam made a call and set a meeting. Adam went to the warehouse and told the person he'd spoken to on the phone that he was out of control. Adam said that this person's attempt to set Adam up for Diane's murder was a mistake. Adam knew the person had forged the page of the diary in which Adam was fingered as the killer. A toy monkey was set off to play a song. Adam walked out.

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