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Monday, September 26, 2011

At the office, Brooke and Eric ecstatically greeted their son, Rick Forrester, who'd arrived from Paris. Brooke hinted that Rick's room was just as he'd left it. Rick wondered if a Spencer were really right for Hope, but Eric claimed that Liam was nothing like his father. Rick guessed he'd determine that at the bachelor party he'd been invited to that evening. Brooke insisted that Hope and Liam adored each other.

The topic briefly moved to Stephanie, and Eric said the philanthropist was doing well. Rick's mind quickly wandered back to his skepticism about Liam. Rick figured that Liam was exactly like Bill, because they worked side-by-side. Eric replied that all fathers and sons should do so, and Brooke asked Rick to consider returning home, where he was loved and wanted. Rick doubted Ridge, Thomas, and Steffy would agree with that.

In Bill's office, Liam pulled away from Steffy, who then insisted that Hope was just stringing him along and squeezing him in at her convenience. Liam left to think, and Bill entered. Steffy ranted about Hope's broken promise to move up the wedding date, and Bill and Steffy griped about Liam's predicament. Bill ordered Steffy not to give up. Steffy refused to do that, but said she wouldn't push Liam, either. Bill agreed that Liam had to make the decision on his own, but Bill hated watching Hope destroy Liam's image.

Steffy went to Forrester, where she had the stylist cut her hair into a bob. Katie entered Ridge's office as Steffy primped in a mirror. Steffy guessed that Katie was there to gloat about keeping her husband, but Katie replied that she was there on Hope's behalf. Katie warned Steffy to stay out of Hope's relationship, but Steffy asserted that Liam deserved more than being the whipping boy for abstinence in Hope's campaign. Steffy stated that others thought she was better for Liam, so she'd let Liam decide.

Later, a gloomy Liam arrived at the private dining room for his bachelor party. Marcus and Oliver greeted him, and later, Liam seemed unenthusiastic upon meeting Rick for the first time. Liam meandered to the bar, and Bill offered to hire strippers. Liam declined, and Marcus and Oliver expressed their confusion over why they were having a bachelor party so soon. Liam admitted that the party was premature. "Very premature," Bill murmured.

Bill gathered everyone for a toast, but his words were filled with innuendos about Hope. After the toast, the father and son went to the terrace, and Liam guessed Bill knew. Bill replied that Steffy had informed him about the wedding date. Liam complained that it had been the one thing he'd asked Hope to do, and Bill added that she'd shown where Liam ranked on her list of priorities. Liam knew that the campaign made it impossible to change the date, but Bill said he didn't want Liam to go through with the wedding at all.

Bill reasoned that he liked Hope, but she was incapable of putting Liam first. Bill said she was a sweet girl, and they'd been cute together; however, a marriage wasn't about being cute. Bill claimed that Liam meant more to him than Spencer, and Hope should rank Liam the same way with Forrester. Bill asserted that Hope was too concerned about her abstinence campaign to fulfill Liam's hopes and desires, and it was his fatherly duty to advise Liam to leave Hope for Steffy, a woman head-over-heels for Liam.

At Liam's house, Hope arrived with her bags after Madison had dropped her off. Brooke arrived to check on Hope, who was practically glowing over her decision to surprise Liam that night. Hope beamed that they were married, and their honeymoon would start that very night. Brooke figured Hope had envisioned how the evening would go, but warned that Liam was upset about the wedding date. Hope figured Liam was just eager to start their lives together, and his hurt would melt away once she announced that the waiting was over.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

by Pam

Liam's bachelor party was in full swing, but on the outdoor balcony, Bill privately begged Liam to call off the engagement with Hope. Bill was upset that Liam had been unhappy lately, and Bill blamed Hope.

Liam refused to call of the engagement and asked his father to enjoy the party. Rick asked Marcus if Liam seemed okay. Rick admitted that he did not know Liam, but Liam didn't seem happy. Marcus responded that Liam had the jitters. Rick congratulated Marcus on his new daughter and asked about Amber. Marcus thanked Rick and acknowledged that Amber was doing well.

Across the room, Bill and Justin noted that Liam was trapped in a boring conversation with someone from accounting. Justin suggested that Bill save Liam, but Bill said that Liam needed to save himself.

Everyone toasted Liam and they teased him about how the wedding was all about Hope, not him. Justin agreed and reminded Liam that he would no longer have control over anything. Thomas agreed and said that Liam would be playing by Hope's rules for the rest of his life.

At Liam's house, Hope busily prepared the house with candles for Liam's arrival. Brooke visited and told Hope that she had received an update from Donna about the bachelor party. Justin had told Donna that the bachelor party was very sophisticated and boring. Hope looked forward to Liam's return home. Brooke worried that Liam had been upset because Hope had broken her promise to move the wedding date. Hope said that she would discuss it with Liam when she made her real commitment to him as soon as he arrived.

At Forrester, Katie met with Steffy and she warned Steffy to stay away from married men. Steffy snottily replied that Liam wasn't married, and with the way Hope had been treating him, she doubted they would ever be married. Katie said that Steffy sounded like a broken record when she talked about men. Katie wondered if Steffy would ever stop chasing unavailable men.

Steffy received a call from Bill asking her to attend the bachelor party. Steffy hung up, and Katie warned her to stay away from Liam. Steffy said she understood Katie's message to stay away from Liam ... and Bill. Steffy lied to Katie that she'd try to stay away from Liam, but she said that the Spencer men were hard to fight off.

At home, Ridge was in the bedroom with candles lit when Brooke returned home. He explained to Brooke that he had felt awkward going to the bachelor party for Liam so he had decided to stay at home with his beautiful wife. Brooke said that she had been with Hope at Liam's house. Hope was waiting for Liam at his place and had no plans to return home because Hope was moving in at Liam's. They discussed that Liam had been angry about the family's refusal to move the wedding date up. Brooke said that Hope was excited and thought that they would work it all out.

The bachelor party started to break up, and Rick offered to drive Liam home, but Bill said that he had a driver ready to escort Liam. Outside, Steffy arrived on the terrace and stayed out of sight of everyone but Bill, who gave her a set of keys. Bill told Steffy to drive Liam home, kiss him goodnight, and "do whatever you have to to end this engagement."

When Liam realized that Steffy was the driver, he was surprised. They drove off. Bill returned to the party, where Justin remarked that he was proud of Bill for letting Liam make his own decisions. However, Bill admitted that he had sent Liam home with Steffy so that Steffy would put an end to the engagement. Bill lashed out about how upset he was that Hope was mistreating Liam.

Outside, Rick watched and followed Steffy and Liam. He phoned someone to find out if there had been anything going on between them. In the car, Liam said that he was surprised that Bill had sent him home with Steffy. Liam was upset with his father for continuing to prevent Liam from marrying Hope. Steffy kept dishing that Hope had chosen a clothing line over him. Steffy pointed out that she, not Hope, had always been there for him.

Steffy and Liam rehashed that Hope had disappointed Liam many times. Liam said that they would work it out. Liam reminded Steffy that he had upset Hope many times and she had forgiven him.

Steffy pulled into the driveway and invited Liam to tell her exactly what he would have said to Hope. He vented that he felt like he came second to Hope's clothing line. Steffy said there was no explanation. She said that Hope was self-absorbed, and Liam said that Hope loved him and they had their wires crossed. Inside Liam's house, Hope heard the car pull up, and she opened the door and looked out.

Inside the car, Steffy suggested that she could join Liam in his home, and she asked to spend the night. Liam refused, but Steffy asked Liam for another friendly kiss like at the beach. Rick watched it all from his car.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

by Pam

Steffy and Liam discussed Liam's situation with Hope in the car after Steffy had pulled into Liam's driveway. Rick watched Steffy and Liam from the bushes, and Hope walked from the doorstep toward the car to greet Liam. Neither Hope nor Rick could see each other. Inside the car, Steffy and Liam never noticed Hope or Rick, and Steffy asked Liam for a kiss.

Steffy continued her speech about how Hope was all wrong for Liam. "She's controlling you," Steffy said to Liam. But Liam said that he trusted Hope. Steffy said that she would stop pressuring Liam. She promised to leave, but she begged for one last kiss. Liam seemed reluctant, but he pulled Steffy in for a kiss unaware that Hope had been standing right beside the car. Hope saw all of it. Hope sneaked away from the car and went back into the house.

In the car, Liam and Steffy made out, but Liam stopped and said that he shouldn't have kissed her. Steffy reiterated that Hope had put Liam through too much. Steffy switched gears to discuss how she wanted Liam to be happy because he had saved her life. She told Liam that she loved him. She said it again, and she added that she had to tell him how she felt.

Liam said that if he hadn't chosen Hope, he would have chosen Steffy. Steffy continued to diss Hope. Steffy stated that if Hope were really in love, Liam would be all that she could think about. Steffy added that Hope was thinking about her career and not Liam.

Steffy claimed to be a hopeless romantic and said that it was corny that she was in love with Liam, but Liam said that he and Steffy shared the same ideas. Steffy continued to trash Hope's treatment of Liam, but she said that she hoped Liam was happy.

Inside the house, Hope saw all the candles she had lit. She picked up the pictures of her and Liam and blew all out all the candles. She gathered up all the pictures, packed her overnight bag, and prepared to leave. She dropped a picture on the floor and walked out the patio door.

At Brooke and Ridge's home, Brooke and Ridge reveled in their time alone. After they had made love, Brooke insisted on calling Hope to see how she was doing. Ridge teased that it was inappropriate. Brooke did not reach Hope.

At Bill's, Bill entered his home, and Katie waited for him in the bedroom. She stripped down and said she had a bachelor party for the father of the groom. Bill guessed that it was "Pin the tale on the Katie." Bill added that he was not the father of the groom just yet. After they made love, Bill's phone rang, and it was Steffy. She told him that Liam was hopelessly in love with Hope. Bill complained that it wouldn't work with Hope. He encouraged Steffy to keep trying, but Steffy refused.

Liam entered his home, and his phone rang. Hope was outside the house. She coolly asked how Liam's evening had been. Liam said that it had not been at all what he thought it would have been. He admitted that he wanted to see her, but he couldn't handle being around her when he couldn't show her how much he loved her. He said that it was almost easier to be alone.

Hope said that she realized he didn't want to wait for her, and she understood that. She said that he had made a choice. Hope told Liam that she didn't want to get married anymore. Liam flipped out and apologized for his comments. He wondered what was wrong, and begged Hope to talk to him.

Hope told Liam to look on the fireplace mantel. He found her engagement ring. He asked what she was doing and to slow down. He said it was crazy, and he begged her not to hang up, but Hope tearfully hung up. Inside the house, Liam stared at the engagement ring. Steffy walked in, and she saw the ring in his hand. Liam looked frightened as he stared at Steffy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outside Liam's house, Rick found a devastated Hope and shuffled her into his car. Hope asked if Rick had seen Liam and Steffy together. Rick stated that Steffy had picked Liam up from the party. Hope revealed that the pair had been kissing in Liam's car, and Rick offered to go inside to confront Liam. Hope cried that she just wanted to go home.

In bed, Ridge and Brooke shared a nightcap. They were surprised when Rick entered with the distraught Hope. Rick explained that he'd followed Liam and Steffy from the bachelor party, but Hope interrupted to say that she'd tell the story. Hope said she'd set up her surprise, and when Liam's car had pulled up, she'd looked inside it and had seen Liam kissing Steffy.

Rick added that he'd followed Steffy and Liam because Liam had been behaving strangely all evening. Brooke believed there had to be an explanation for things, but Hope figured it was obvious. She sobbed, guessing that Liam had intended to take Steffy inside. Hope couldn't believe that after all they'd been through, "it was always Steffy." Hope said she wanted to be alone. She went to her room, changed into her bed shirt, and sobbed as she recalled becoming engaged. She stared at her vacant finger and cried.

Inside the cliff house, a shocked Liam told Steffy that Hope had called off the engagement. Liam assumed that Hope had wanted to talk to him that night so that she could end things. Steffy wondered what had sparked Hope's decision, but Liam didn't have the answers. He guessed that Hope didn't want to be pressured to get married, but he'd thought she'd been happy and in love. Steffy claimed that it wasn't his fault, because he was the ideal boyfriend. He wanted to know why it had happened, but Steffy guessed that the Logans just had issues.

Liam concluded that he hadn't even known Hope at all. He grew angry at the thought of Hope carelessly placing the ring on the mantel, as if it hadn't meant anything at all. He guessed it hadn't meant anything, and Hope hadn't wanted him. Steffy hugged him and said Hope had loved him. Steffy guessed Hope had been confused about know how to make things work. Consoling him, Steffy asserted that there was life after Hope. Steffy decided that she'd be there for him, and he'd be her first priority.

Steffy claimed she loved Liam, and she was his friend. Liam said she'd been a better friend to him than he'd been to her. Steffy figured that getting over Hope would be tough, but he couldn't take it out on the young Hope, who just hadn't been ready. Steffy claimed that she was ready, and she reminded him that she'd asked him to start a life with her. She hoped he'd consider it.

Liam said he'd never met anyone like Steffy, and she replied that she hadn't met anyone like him. Liam uttered that he felt as if a part of him had died that night. "Then let me bring you back to life," Steffy uttered, touching him. Liam agreed and slid Hope's ring onto Steffy's finger. "Will you marry me, Steffy? Marry me," he said, and Steffy kissed him. Liam led Steffy to his bedroom and lit candles. Steffy lay on the bed and the two had sex.

Friday, September 30, 2011

At Liam's house, Liam awakened and went into the living room, where he saw a grinning Steffy. She was sorry she'd let him awaken alone, but said she'd been too excited to sleep. He didn't think she needed to be sorry about anything. He noted that the ring wasn't a perfect fit. She considered having a jeweler fix it, but said she wouldn't in case Liam wanted her to remove it.

Steffy understood that Liam couldn't be as happy as she was and that she wouldn't be the only one he'd think of that day. Liam felt that Steffy had saved him from jumping off the cliff, but she guessed he'd awakened feeling different about her. Liam stated that he was tired of acting like a kid until happily ever after popped up. He wanted his life immediately, and he'd meant every word he'd said. He told Steffy that if she wanted it, they'd have it. Steffy replied that she wanted to tell her mother, the only person who'd be happy for her.

Steffy figured Taylor would think Steffy had stolen Liam from Hope, and Steffy wondered if she'd actually had done so. Liam said Hope hadn't wanted him, and Steffy had been warning him of that the entire time. Just then, Taylor arrived, saying that Steffy had invited her there. Taylor didn't understand what was going on, so Steffy announced that she and Liam were engaged. "Okay," Taylor skeptically replied, waiting for the punch line.

Reminding Liam that he'd been engaged to someone else, Taylor questioned his decision. Liam explained that Hope had broken up with him over the phone, and Taylor said it wasn't a good time for him to be making life-altering decisions. Liam reasoned that one couldn't choose whom to love, but in marriage, he was choosing a life and assurance that he wouldn't be alone.

Taylor hesitated to disapprove, but wondering if they weren't going too fast, she asked the two to consider dating. Neither Liam nor Steffy were interested in that. Steffy said she'd finally found what she wanted, even if it seemed like a "hand-me-down." Taylor stated that whatever made Steffy happy made Taylor happy.

At home, Hope awakened with a start and recalled catching Liam kissing Steffy the previous night. Brooke had taken the morning off because she was worried about Hope, but Hope urged her mother to go to work. Hope had experienced a restless night and said her hand felt empty without her ring. Brooke thought Hope had a right to be upset about Liam, but Hope figured that whenever she had to consider her rights, it usually meant she had done something wrong.

Hope wasn't sure Liam had been carrying on with Steffy, and Brooke advised that it was better to fight than to give up. Hope decided she'd handled things badly, and after the way she'd treated Liam, she couldn't blame him for questioning her feelings. Hope figured she should tell Liam why things had ended as they had, but she wondered if Steffy were still at his house. Brooke doubted Liam would turn to someone else that quickly.

Hope figured that it was her fault that Liam had leaned on Steffy, and Hope questioned herself for making her wedding a part of their campaign because their private lives weren't anyone's business. Brooke figured the only mistake Hope couldn't repair was walking away. "And I'm not going to," Hope asserted and left the house.

Later, Brooke was at the office when Taylor arrived, looking for Ridge. Brooke asked Taylor to discuss Steffy getting between Liam and Hope; however, Taylor figured that Hope and Liam's breakup was final because Hope had returned her ring. Brooke claimed that a ring was merely a symbol, not the beginning or end of things. Taylor thought that meant Brooke wouldn't mind that Steffy was wearing the ring. "Liam wasted no time in asking my daughter to marry him," Taylor announced.

Back at the cliff house, Hope arrived and was irritated to find Steffy there alone. Hope claimed that Steffy had been trying to seduce Liam since Hope had met him -- and only because he'd been Hope's boyfriend. Steffy admitted that it had once been true; however, Steffy figured that she wouldn't have stood a chance if sex had been the only thing lacking in Hope's relationship with him.

Hope lashed out at Steffy for her jealousy and ordered her to get out. Steffy replied that she couldn't, and she held up the engagement ring on her hand. Hope snatched at the ring and screamed that Steffy hadn't had a right to put it on. Steffy replied that Liam had put it on her hand, and Hope looked stunned.

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