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The man with the scar was angry that Todd had stolen his life, and the man had flashbacks of his former life after sneaking into Llanfair. Rex made Todd and Jack believe that he had forgiven them for Gigi's death, though the Buchanan fortune was in Rex's sights. Destiny confessed that she was pregnant. Echo and Ionia continued to sabotage David and Dorian's marriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 4, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Due to the Independence Day holiday, ABC did not air any original episodes of its daytime lineup. All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital all aired special encore episodes.

This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, July 5, and pick up where the Friday, July 1 episode concluded.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

David tried to convince Dorian to go skinny-dipping with him in the pool at La Boulaie, but Dorian was still skeptical about David's denial of having an affair with Ionia. Blair arrived just as David dropped his towel, and she quickly hid her eyes. Blair revealed that she was there to figure out what to do about Todd. She had already spoken to Jack, but her son had gone to his room.

David informed Blair that he and Dorian had previous plans to "wash away their doubts," and Blair was concerned that the couple planned on having sex in the pool. David admitted that was the plan, though Dorian disagreed. Dorian had all the time in the world, and she wanted to hear what had happened with Jack. Blair filled Dorian in quickly on Jack's involvement in Gigi's murder.

Dorian sent David back to the house. She agreed that Blair had to talk to Todd, but Blair was unable to reach her ex-husband. David returned wearing his stars and stripes Speedo. "God bless America," Blair declared. The fireworks had begun, but Dorian preferred to go to bed. She had to get up early in the morning. David couldn't believe that Dorian still imagined that David was having an affair with Ionia.

Joey and Kelly shared a kiss on the roof of Llanview hospital, but Joey was curious. He couldn't understand why Kelly had kissed him, because she'd stated that she only wanted to be friends. Kelly confessed that she didn't know, and she thought about it briefly. "Oh, my God, I changed my mind," she wailed. She admitted to being a flake, but Joey disagreed.

Kelly pointed out that Joey had rejected her several times when she had given him chances, all for a woman he'd known for less than a minute. Joey replied that he had been wrong to do that, but Kelly was certain that she should run away while she could. Joey informed her that he would always follow her. He was aware that he had hurt many people and had made a fool of himself.

Joey realized that he should have learned to listen to the people he loved and trusted. He wanted to start over with Kelly, but Kelly wondered how they could accomplish it. Joey thought they could start with Kelly giving him a chance, but Kelly was doubtful. He had put everyone through a lot, and they hadn't even ever dealt with their former marriage. Joey thought it would be easy enough to remember what was important to them. They kissed again.

Joey spoke to Viki on the phone and learned that Clint's surgery had been successful. Kelly thought it was Joey's lucky night. They turned to watch the July Fourth fireworks, but Joey wanted to head downstairs to visit with Clint, and Kelly offered to accompany him. Joey agreed that he had lots to celebrate.

Aubrey outlined her plan of a girls' night for Rama while they sat in their room at the Minute Man Motel. She thought that they should make noise to annoy Ford in his room. They wondered about the scream of help they'd heard, emanating from Ford's room earlier, and they ran outside to put their ears to his front door. It was quiet.

Aubrey thought that the best thing would be to call the motel management, but Rama reminded her that it was a "shady motel." Lots worse things had occurred there, Rama stated as she listed some of them. Rama was certain that management wouldn't care about a scream, and she suggested that Aubrey call the police instead.

Aubrey was loath to call the police, because she considered Ford to be a "good guy." Rama thought it possible that Ford was in trouble as well, especially because they hadn't heard any additional sounds. Aubrey was convinced, and she made the call. Suddenly, there was a loud knocking at their own front door.

Dimming the lights and standing behind the door, Aubrey waited with the room's fire extinguisher in her hands. The door opened, and she clunked the person on the head, while Rama slugged him. The person fell to the floor. Turning on the lights, the women were surprised to see a disgusted Cutter, who slammed his key down on the floor.

Cutter revealed that he'd been kicked out of the mansion and needed a place to stay. Aubrey suggested he go to the Palace, but Cutter admitted he'd already tried to get a room there. Not only had Renee tossed him out, but she'd made sure that he couldn't get a room anywhere within 100 miles of Llanview. He had seen Aubrey's name on the register at the Minute Man, had handed the clerk some cash, and received a key. "My, how the tables have turned," Aubrey stated.

Cutter announced that he had nowhere to go, but Aubrey wasn't very sympathetic. She reminded him of how he'd kicked her out of the Buchanan residence. Cutter retorted that she had deserved it, but he had a good reason to stay at the motel, and that reason was Joey. Rama excused herself; she sensed a big argument about to happen. She stated that the fireworks were about to start.

Cutter informed Aubrey that he had always trusted her, and she'd always returned to him after their scams. She'd broken the rules this time. Aubrey declared that she had fallen in love with Joey. She was aware that she'd hurt lots of people, and she was sorry that she had hurt Cutter. He reminded her of how they had planned to settle down after he had the money. "Screw the plan. I don't want you anymore," Cutter retorted. He asked if he could still spend the night in the room.

In Ford's motel room, Jessica promised Ford that she wouldn't scream again, and she owed him an apology anyway. Confused, Ford reminded her that he was the one who had done the kidnapping. Jessica explained that she hadn't been able to handle things as a normal person after Natalie had slept with Brody, and Ford had turned out to be Ryder's father. Those were the reasons that Tess had appeared. She advised Ford that Tess was gone and would never return.

"She meant everything to me," Ford complained. Jessica apologized and assured Ford that she hadn't meant to hurt him. "So Tess is really gone?" Ford asked sadly. Jessica nodded her head. Ford explained that while everyone had advised him that Tess hadn't been a real person, she'd seemed real to him. They had loved each other. Jessica was sorry, but she was stronger, and she wanted her own life back.

Jessica admitted that she'd blamed Ford for all of her misfortune. Ford explained that all that he'd done had been for Ryder, including going along with Tess. Then they had fallen in love. Ford began to untie Jessica, who was bound to a chair. He confessed that he'd taken advantage of Jessica when she was in her teenaged emotional state, but Jessica disagreed.

Jessica felt that she had been upset over Cristian and had gone along with Ford. He'd asked her several times if she were okay. Jessica admitted that she had to learn to accept responsibility for her mental state and couldn't hide behind anyone any longer. Ford suggested that something good had happened, after all, and Jessica agreed that they had a beautiful baby boy.

Jessica wanted to get past all that had happened in order to share custody of Ryder with Ford, especially because Brody was no longer an option to her. Besides, Ford loved Ryder and was the baby's father, Jessica added. Ford noted that he felt the same regarding Tess, who was the baby's mother, and with Tess gone, Jessica was the one who was around.

At Llanfair, Brody stood in Liam's nursery and held the baby tight. He had wanted a family, but he wasn't sure what he should do. "How do I tell Natalie the truth?" Brody wondered. Just then, Natalie walked in and sensed that something wasn't right. "What's wrong?" she asked. She hoped that nothing was wrong with her son. Brody assured her that Liam was fine, but Brody was worried that he was going to lose both Natalie and Liam. "Natalie, there's something you need to know about John," Brody declared.

Brody told Natalie to sit down, but she refused. He explained that he'd been looking for her, and he'd seen her with John. Natalie interrupted. She knew what Brody wanted to say to her. She informed Brody that she and John were not getting closer. It had been quite the opposite, as Natalie had ended any chance of a relationship with John. She had told John about her and Brody getting closer to each other.

Natalie assured Brody that John wouldn't be able to tear their little family apart, and he wasn't an issue. She believed they had a real family, and Brody and Liam made her happy. Brody declared that he was afraid of losing Natalie and Liam to John. Natalie reminded Brody that she had decided to move on, if Brody would have her and Liam. "With my whole heart," Brody replied happily. He put his arms around Natalie.

Natalie was ready to check on her father, and she handed the baby to Brody, who began to speak to his son. Brody was upset that he had lied to Natalie. Brody wasn't Liam's father, and he didn't think he could continue with the lies. "I can't do this," Brody said to the baby, and continued, "Lie to Natalie and John." He had to tell the truth. On the other hand, Natalie had told John it was over, and that was what Natalie wanted. Brody had lost Jessica and Ryder, and he refused to lose anyone else.

Natalie returned to tell Brody about Clint's successful surgery. She was ready to go to the hospital. Brody chatted to the baby again. He explained that he'd told Liam a secret, and he would never repeat it again. No one would ever find out.

"Damn," John repeated several times to himself. When Vimal walked into Rodi's even though the closed sign was posted, he locked the door behind him. John advised the man that the bar was not open. Not to be deterred, Vimal announced that he had something important to talk to John about. "Okay, Patel, spit it out," John urged as Vimal began to talk about Todd's son no longer being in trouble. John wasn't interested in hearing about the Mannings.

Vimal began to talk again, this time about his being mistaken that he was about to be a father. He noted that he and John had lots in common. John was impatient, as Vimal continued to digress and ramble on. John wondered if Vimal might be drunk. Vimal announced that he had to tell the truth. Todd showed up, but he was unable to get inside. He watched Vimal and John through the window.

Todd began to bang on the door as Vimal was telling John how much they had in common. "Don't answer that," Vimal begged. He asked John to protect him, and pleaded that John not let Todd inside. John headed to the door, and suddenly, Vimal was speechless. "Vimal, what is it?" John demanded to know. John advised Todd the bar was closed as Todd made his way inside.

John was derailed from his task of getting rid of Todd when a police officer arrived to report an abduction of a young woman from the hospital parking lot. The description matched Jessica. Upon examining the information on the kidnapper's car, John learned that it belonged to Ford. He issued an APB on Ford, and learned that there had been a suspicious phone call from the Minute Man Motel, involving a scream for help.

Vimal advised Todd that Todd could not keep him from talking to John, but John kicked everyone out of Rodi's due to police business at the motel. Vimal wanted to leave, but Todd had other plans. "I think we have to work this out," Todd declared. Vimal advised Todd that he couldn't keep a man and his son apart, and it was a great injustice to keep the truth from John.

Todd continued to try to talk Vimal out of spilling the beans, and he informed Vimal that Vimal would be named an accessory after the fact. Vimal denied that would happen, because Todd had merely volunteered the information about John to Vimal. Todd was the one who would go to jail, Vimal insisted.

Todd thought it might help if he explained that John had wanted to send Todd's innocent son to jail. That was the kind of man John was, Todd insinuated. He reminded Vimal that Vimal should want to impress his parents, and Vimal had nothing to show his parents to make them proud. Todd was certain that John didn't even care about his own son, and that was the reason for Vimal to remain quiet.

Vimal accused Todd of just trying to get back at John, but Todd disagreed. He noted that Liam already had a great father. Todd offered to make Vimal's parents proud, and he offered him a job at the Sun. Vimal was surprised. He didn't know anything about the tabloids, he replied to Todd. Vimal could be the technical director, Todd decided. He would give Vimal a great salary. It would be seven figures, Todd added. Vimal still refused, though he appeared to begin to mull the offer over.

Todd mentioned how thrilled Vimal's parents and wife would be. He offered to reserve the Presidential Suite at the Palace for Vimal's parents. "Bad things happen to people who make me angry. I thought you knew that," Todd advised Vimal. Todd really wanted Vimal to keep quiet about John being Liam's true father. He might have to call his 300-pound friend to cut out Vimal's tongue and bury it with the rest of Vimal's body, Todd threatened.

As Jessica and Ford discussed the shared custody of their son, the cops, along with John McBain, burst into the room. John wanted Ford arrested, but Jessica assured John that everything was fine. Jessica informed the cops that she would not be pressing charges, and it had merely been a misunderstanding. Ford was Ryder's father, and he would not be going to jail, Jessica added.

John ordered Ford to beware of pulling any similar stunts in the future. He advised Ford that he was free to go. Jessica announced that she wanted to get to the hospital to check on her father, and Ford offered to drive her. He thanked her for allowing him to share custody of Ryder. Jessica thought they might be able to start working on the plan while they headed to the hospital.

Aubrey agreed that Cutter could stay, and he wanted to plan a new scam for them to get involved in. Aubrey pointed out that Rama would be returning shortly. Cutter grabbed a pillow and headed to the sofa, while Aubrey remained on her side of the bed.

Rama watched the fireworks from the Minute Man Motel and tried to reach Vimal on the phone.

John returned to Rodi's and saw Todd and Vimal sitting outside side by side. John noted that Vimal was with his "girlfriend," and John wanted to know what Vimal had intended to talk to him about. Vimal declared that he had been mistaken, and he had nothing to say to John. Later, John saw Vimal alone. John watched the fireworks and thoughtfully watched Vimal stand up to leave.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Matthew's room, Bo reminded Nora that they couldn't push Matthew. They had to be patient, and Nora agreed to try. Bo wanted to check on Clint, so he left. Nora told Matthew that reading was supposed to stimulate the brain, so she wanted to read A Tale of Two Cities to him. As Nora editorialized throughout her reading, Matthew envisioned Nate punching him. He struggled to speak to his mother.

Destiny held the pregnancy test, but quickly hid it when Dani entered. After Dani pestered Destiny, Destiny reluctantly showed Dani the box. Destiny admitted that she had lied about using protection with Matthew. Destiny admitted that she hadn't yet taken the test, but stopped talking when Bo entered. Bo expressed his appreciation that the girls had spent so much time at the hospital. They told him that they were Matthew's friends, so they wanted to be there.

When Bo was gone, Destiny figured that she wasn't even pregnant. Destiny had only bought the test because Starr had "freaked me out." She lamented the wasted money. Dani suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet Nate for lunch soon at his new job. However, she offered to stay with Destiny while Destiny took the test. Destiny didn't want to take the test. Dani instructed that Destiny call her if Destiny changed her mind, because it was better to know.

James voiced his suspicions about Baz to Deanna. Deanna thought he was jealous, but James insisted that he wasn't. Deanna's phone went off. She found a text message from Rick that said, "Thought about my offer?" She lied that she had to run an errand for James's mom. James wanted to see how things were going with Starr and Baz anyway. The two went their separate ways.

Nate was straightening up the landscaping in a public park when Rick walked up to him. Rick insisted that Nate and Deanna would make a nice couple, but Nate refused to do Rick's movie. Rick threatened to tell Bo and Nora about Nate putting Matthew in the hospital. Nate knew that Matthew had been doing better, so he believed that it was only a matter of time before Matthew said something anyway. Rick told Nate to call if he changed his mind, and walked away.

Deanna bumped into Nate, and he told her that he'd refused Rick's offer. Nate didn't want Deanna involved in his problem anymore. She offered her help with anything he needed, and hugged him. Dani appeared, and Nate explained that he'd been thanking Deanna for a favor she'd done for Inez. Recognizing that Dani didn't want Deanna there, Deanna left for work. "What the hell, Nate?" Dani yelled once Deanna was gone. She demanded to know whether or not Nate was cheating on her with Deanna.

Nate insisted that he only cared about Dani. She wondered what he had been talking about with Deanna, but he explained that it was Deanna's business. Dani told Nate that she was his girlfriend, so he couldn't keep secrets from her. He accused her of keeping secrets, which she denied. When he reminded her of the secret she'd been keeping with Destiny, Dani feigned confusion. Nate yelled at a shocked Dani that she had known that Matthew had killed Eddie, and hadn't told Nate.

Baz was loudly playing his music in Capricorn when Starr and Hope entered. When Starr finally managed to get his attention, he gestured to Hope and asked, "What's that?" Starr explained that the baby was her daughter. Baz determined that Hope could help. He went behind the bar and got a maraca and a tambourine. Hope happily shook the maraca.

Starr remarked that Hope wasn't usually good with strangers, but Hope seemed to like Baz. She related that Hope had problems with James, most likely because she missed Cole. She revealed to a shocked Baz that Cole was in prison. Baz wanted to get to work, so he went back to his computer. He handed Starr a microphone. He instructed her to sing anything into it, and he would put it together with his beats. As she sang to Hope, her voice mesmerized Baz.

"I've heard worse," Baz told Starr, snapping out of the trance. Starr remembered saying the same thing to him after she'd heard his music for the first time. Baz played back the singing with a beat behind it, as Hope shook her maraca. James entered in time to see the three laughing together. Clearly disappointed, he left. Baz and Starr agreed that they'd both had fun. "I've heard worse," they said in unison, and laughed.

A woman affiliated with the hospital handed Gigi's personal effects to Rex. She wondered if he'd picked a funeral home for Gigi's body to be sent to. He grabbed Gigi's dress, and walked away to look for Shane.

In Clint's room, Viki was grateful that Clint was going to live. Suddenly, Shane entered the room. "Why do you get to live," he demanded, "when my mom had to die?" He continued that he and his parents hadn't been good enough for Clint while Gigi had been alive, but Clint could "use us for spare parts." He spat that Clint wasn't good enough for Gigi's heart, and that Clint didn't deserve to live.

Rex entered the room and tried to usher Shane out. Shane refused to go anywhere with Rex. In order to calm Shane down, Viki led him out of the room. Clint accused Rex of selling Gigi's heart to get rich. Rex said that his father could believe what he wanted, but Shane had been right -- Clint didn't deserve to live.

Rex walked out of the room and found Viki comforting Shane. She tearfully assured Shane that she had loved Gigi as well, but that things would get easier. She related that her time spent with Gigi and Shane in Texas had been among the happiest times of her life. Shane thanked her, and Viki went back into Clint's room. Rex sat with Shane, and decided that Shane deserved to know why Rex had given Gigi's heart to Clint. He promised to tell Shane everything when they returned home, so the two left.

Viki couldn't blame Shane for lashing out after all he had been through. Clint agreed, but related that Shane and Rex would have all of Clint's money to cheer them up. Viki wanted to know why Rex had really wanted Clint's money. Clint answered that Rex was a "gold-digging son of a bitch." Viki urged him to get past his hatred, because she'd hate to see him waste his second chance at life.

Clint wondered what kind of life he'd have, since he'd "confessed to, well, everything." Bo entered, amazed that Clint had "beat the reaper again." Clint asked about Matthew, and Bo replied that Matthew was doing well. Clint thought that Bo had forgotten about Clint's confessions. Viki made sure that Bo wouldn't do anything with Clint while Clint was recovering, and Bo agreed.

Viki didn't believe that Clint had murdered Eddie. Clint and Bo exchanged a solemn look, but it didn't get past Viki. She demanded to know what was going on, but Clint maintained his confession. Bo had to get back to Matthew, but promised to visit again. Clint told Bo to take care of Matthew, because he deserved a long, happy life. Bo left, and Viki confronted Clint about the look he'd shared with Bo.

Viki didn't believe that Clint had killed Eddie, and knew Bo didn't believe it either. She demanded to know who Clint was protecting. He urged her to let it go as she suggested that Nora had killed Eddie. Clint denied it, and begged that she leave it alone. As Clint pleaded with her to let it go, it dawned on Viki that Clint was protecting Matthew. Clint rationalized that Matthew needed to have a life. Viki refused to let Clint confess to something he hadn't done, because he would be wasting his second chance at life.

Nora pleaded with Matthew to stop trying to talk, because he was going to make himself sick. Suddenly, the machines around him began to beep wildly. Destiny burst into the room, and Nora ordered Destiny to find a doctor. Destiny obeyed, and ran out of the room as Rick entered the hall. Interested, he looked into Matthew's room.

A short while later, Bo stepped off the elevator and found a frantic Destiny. She informed him that Matthew had suffered a seizure. He went into Matthew's room, and Nora said that she'd tried to calm Matthew down, but he was insistent on telling her something. The doctor examining Matthew asked Bo and Nora to step out of the room, so they did. Destiny wondered how Matthew was, but Bo and Nora admitted that they didn't know.

Destiny called Dani, but only got her voicemail. She looked at her pregnancy test, and walked away toward the bathroom. Destiny took the test out of the box, and read the directions.

The doctor exited Matthew's room and found Bo and Nora. He apologized, and revealed that there was nothing more he could do for Matthew.

As Deanna walked through the park, she bumped into Rick. She told him that she'd seen Nate, who'd informed her that he'd refused Rick's movie offer. Rick confided that he'd been to the hospital, and Matthew had taken a turn for the worse. He added that he'd felt so bad for Matthew that he'd almost told Bo and Nora about Nate. He believed they had a right to know. He told Deanna that she knew how to reach him. He said that he wanted to start production on his movie as soon as possible, and walked away.

Jack relaxed by the pool, listening to music. Suddenly, a splash of water hit him. From behind the splash, Todd demanded to know what Jack was doing. Jack had agreed to work at the Sun for the summer. Jack informed his father that he'd changed his mind. Jack was distressed to be mentioned in an article about Gigi in the Banner. Jack read from the paper. When asked why Jack had been let go, John had been quoted as saying, "You'll have to ask the kid's father." Jack continued that everyone would think he was guilty, as Blair entered.

Blair wondered what Jack had been talking about. Todd explained that Jack was nervous that everyone would think he was responsible for Gigi's death. Blair asked if Jack was responsible, but Todd answered that John had no evidence, so no charges had been filed. Blair began to think that Todd had something to do with Jack's release. Todd told Jack to get changed for work, so he left.

Blair wasn't surprised that Todd hadn't discussed Jack's new job with Blair, because he hadn't even told her that Jack had been arrested. She'd found out from Téa. Blair knew that Todd had done something he hadn't wanted her to know about. They were arguing about what should happen to Jack when Todd heard his car start. He ran towards the sound, but returned a short time later. His car was gone, so Blair suggested that they call the police. Todd suggested that, in addition to murder, Blair could turn their son in for grand theft auto as well.

Rex and Shane arrived at home, and the sight of Gigi's makeup, shoes, and jewelry on the front table saddened them. As Shane began to walk up the stairs, Rex wanted to explain why he'd given Gigi's heart to Clint. He explained what they'd gotten from Clint in return for the heart. Shane was disgusted that Rex had sold Gigi's heart for money. However, Rex insisted that he'd done it in order to protect Shane.

Rex told Shane that they could move into the Buchanan Mansion. However, Shane wanted to stay in the carriage house, because it was where Gigi had lived. Shane accused Rex of wanting to forget about Gigi. Rex countered that Gigi had been the love of his life, and that he'd never forget her. He wanted to remember and honor Gigi.

Rex explained that Jack had gotten away with murder because Todd was rich and powerful. He reasoned that Rex and Shane were now rich and powerful, so they had the means to make Jack pay for his crime. Shane replied that it wouldn't help them to get Gigi back. He asked if they could take Gigi's things with them to the mansion, to which Rex agreed.

Shane went upstairs, and returned a short while later with two large bags packed with stuff. Shane said that it was all of his clothes, and some of Gigi's. Rex assured Shane that they could return for the rest, or send someone for it. He hugged his son, and assured him that everything would turn out all right. Rex went upstairs to pack his things. Shane touched the dress that Gigi had been wearing when she died. There was a knock on the door. Shane was surprised to answer the door to Jack.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The man with Todd's original face read an article online through the Banner. "Sun's Prodigal Son Arrested in Waitress's Death," he read, as he remembered that he had a son named Jack. The man became frustrated as he realized that "that son of a bitch stole my life!" He looked through Agent Kent's wallet, and regretted killing him. He needed someone to make sense of what was going on.

The man looked at Viki's biography on the site, as he remembered that he had a sister named Viki. He thought that he could "trust her above all others." He wanted his life back, and thought that Viki could help him. He picked up his gun and Agent Kent's wallet, and vowed to find Viki.

In the bathroom, Destiny read the instructions for the pregnancy test. She just wanted to get it over with. A short while later, she walked out of a stall, and prayed for a negative result. She looked at the test, put it in her purse, and walked out of the bathroom.

The doctor told Bo and Nora that there was nothing else he could do for Matthew. Matthew needed a long-term rehabilitation facility that was specialized for cases like Matthew's. Nora didn't want to send Matthew far away from home, but the doctor informed her that the kind of facility Matthew needed was in nearby Philadelphia. He needed Bo and Nora to give him a yes or no as soon as possible, and he walked away to let them talk.

Nora knew that she and Bo had to send Matthew to the facility. She just didn't want to leave him in Philadelphia alone. Bo insisted that one of them could be at Matthew's side every day, so he would never be alone. Bo assured his wife that soon, Matthew would be sitting up and talking, ready to go home.

Destiny entered and asked about Matthew. Bo explained that the seizure had set Matthew back, but there was a place in Philadelphia that could help him. He and Nora would see Matthew every day, and he invited Destiny to join them. She asked to see Matthew alone so she could say goodbye, and she went into Matthew's room.

In Matthew's room, Destiny wondered if he could hear her. "I'm pregnant," she confessed. She admitted that she was scared, and didn't know what to do. She would never be sorry that they had been together. She couldn't believe that the test had read positive. Nora entered the room, and wondered what was positive.

Destiny lied that she was positive that Matthew was going to the rehab facility. Bo entered and excitedly told Nora that the hospital could move Matthew to the rehab center that day. Destiny left the room to leave Matthew with his parents. Nora promised that she and Bo would always be there for Matthew.

Nate demanded to know why Dani hadn't told her about Matthew killing Eddie. She wondered how he'd found out. He admitted that he'd heard Dani and Destiny talking. He didn't know how she could keep a secret like that from him. She'd wanted to tell Nate, but Destiny had begged Dani not to tell anyone. Nate took that as Dani choosing Destiny over him. Dani admitted that Destiny had been afraid of what Nate would do to Matthew if Nate found out.

Dani claimed to know what Nate had done after finding out about Matthew. A scared Nate wondered what Dani thought he'd done. She was offended that Nate had turned to Deanna. She wondered when she and Nate had stopped telling each other things. She asked Nate if they could forget about what had happened. Dani knew she should have said something about Matthew. Nate was about to add to the conversation, but Dani's phone went off with a message from Destiny. Nate insisted that she go. "You're the best," she said, and left.

Nate looked through the pictures on his camera, and stopped on one of him and Dani. He promised that he would someday tell her about what he'd done to Matthew.

A short while later, Dani ran into the hospital and found Destiny. She wondered what had happened, and Destiny told her friend that she had decided to take the pregnancy test. Dani thought that it was the smart thing to do, and ushered her friend towards the bathroom. Destiny admitted that she'd already taken the test. To Dani's curiosity, Destiny lied that the test had turned out to be negative.

Echo asked Ionia if she was ready to work. Ionia admitted that working with David didn't feel like work to her. Echo advised Ionia to kick her performance into "high gear."

Dorian arrived in front of Clint's room with a plant in hand, as Viki exited the room. Viki revealed that she knew that Dorian had been the reason Clint had almost died. Dorian believed that she had been the reason for Clint's survival. Viki thought that Clint wouldn't have confessed to various crimes if he hadn't thought he was dying. Viki was disgusted that Dorian thought Clint's confessions were "justice served." Dorian added that she'd decided to save Clint because of Viki.

Viki finally realized how Dorian had obtained the recording of Echo. Viki feared that using the recording against Echo had only worsened a bad situation. Dorian thought that Echo couldn't hurt them, because Echo was just a drunk. However, the lack of a thank-you made Dorian vow not to try to help Viki again. Viki said she'd give the plant to Clint, but Dorian dropped it in the trash instead, and left.

Blair yelled at Todd to call if Jack returned, because she was going to look for Jack. David entered as Blair left, and asked Todd what was wrong with Blair. Todd told David that Jack had taken Todd's car. David observed that "the felon doesn't fall far from the tree." Todd said he was tracking Jack, and left. David lounged on the couch next to the pool. However, Ionia interrupted his relaxation when she suddenly threw herself at him.

David tried to stop Ionia, because he was a happily married man. As Echo took pictures from out of sight, Ionia threw her bikini top at David. David wrapped her in a towel, and demanded that she leave. David thought that Ionia was delusional, or setting him up. He demanded to know who she was working for, but she insisted that she was there for him. Thinking out loud, he listed his enemies -- Clint, and Tuc Watkins, who'd wanted the role of David Vickers in David's movie.

David told her that it was time to go, so he shoved her things at her. Her phone went off, and she lied that it was her agent. She related that the meeting her agent had set up for her was the only thing that could tear her away from him. She left, but David realized that she'd left her bikini top on the ground. Dorian entered, and wondered who was speeding away from the house. David hid the top behind his back, and claimed that it was just the pool man.

Dorian needed a relaxing swim because of the bad day she'd had. They shared a kiss as David attempted to hide the bikini top from her. David's phone went off, which he said meant that there was something new posted on the internet about him. He looked at the posting, and tried to hide his phone from Dorian. She eventually got the phone, and saw a picture from earlier of David and Ionia. "Stars caught in the act?" she read disgustedly.

At the hospital, Viki was on her computer. She stumbled upon the picture of David and Ionia, and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Echo and Ionia met up and talked about their "photo shoot." Echo knew that there would be "fireworks," and regretted that they couldn't stay to watch the scene.

Tomas had just arrived at Capricorn when his phone rang. He informed the person on the other end that he had everything under control. He hadn't expected Baz to be living with him, but vowed that neither Baz nor Blair would present any problems.

Shane and Rex demanded to know why Jack was there. Jack was there to apologize for what had happened to Gigi. "Is that a confession?" Rex asked. Todd arrived, and directed Jack to stop talking, and go to work with Todd. Todd apologized for Rex and Shane's "'loss,'" but insisted that Jack had had nothing to do with it. Rex stopped the two from leaving, because he had something to say.

Rex apologized for going after Todd, and admitted that he believed Jack's apology. He knew that John wouldn't have let Jack go if John believed that Jack had had anything to do with the accident. He continued that all Gigi had wanted was peace between Jack and Shane, so he wanted to end the conflict. To Shane's shock and disgust, Rex held out his hand to Todd, who shook Rex's hand. Rex said that Gigi had been tough but fair, and had believed in giving people second chances. Todd and Jack left.

Shane wondered how Rex could forgive Jack and Todd. Rex informed his son that he hadn't meant a word of what he'd said, except for what he'd said about Gigi. He wanted the Mannings to relax, and think that the conflict was over. "Jack and Todd will never see us coming," he added.

Blair arrived at Capricorn, clearly angry. Tomas appeared, and wondered what was going on. He admitted that he'd read the paper, so he knew all about Jack. He wanted her to talk to him. She wondered why she should be open and honest with him, when he wasn't with her. She related that following him to New York had been the only way she could get a straight answer out of him. They both wondered what to do, but Tomas kissed her.

Tomas admitted that he cared a lot about her, but understood if she didn't want to tell him everything. He swore that he was trying his best to let her into his life. She wondered what was stopping him, to which he replied that it was complicated. He wondered what her plans for the next day were.

A short while later, Jack wondered why Todd had taken him to Capricorn. Todd wanted to show Blair that Jack was all right. He warned Jack not to tell Blair where they had been. He told Jack to be careful, because a confession to anyone could mean prison for Jack. He knew that Jack didn't understand how lucky he was. He recognized that Rex and Shane were moving on, and urged Jack to do the same.

Friday, July 8, 2011

In the police station lobby, Brody remembered how he had discovered that Liam was not his son, as Natalie walked up to him. When Natalie realized that Brody was deep in thought, she indicated that she knew that Brody was thinking about Gigi. Natalie stated that she would attend the funeral for Rex and Shane, but that she regretted that she would be unable to attend with Brody, as a couple. When Brody asked if she had told Jessica about them, Natalie claimed that she had not yet had the chance due to Clint's surgery.

In John's office at the station, as John looked at a mug shot of Todd, Officer Haskins pulled Vimal through the door for a traffic violation of the failure to signal. After the officer left, John requested information on Todd, and Vimal feared that John wanted to enlist him for John's vendetta against Todd. John stressed that there was no vendetta, because John was a cop, and Todd was a sociopath.

Once John realized that Todd had either promised Vimal something or had threatened him, he related to Vimal that Todd was all talk. John insisted that Vimal tell him what John should know and also why Todd did not want John to know it. However, Vimal claimed that he had been drunk that night and could not remember what it had been. John said that if Vimal remembered it, he would know where to find John.

After Vimal and John walked into the lobby, John informed Brody that he needed to see Brody. Vimal ran out of the lobby. Once John escorted Brody into the office, John revealed that Natalie had told him that she and Brody were together, and that Brody and Natalie wanted to have a family with Liam. John insisted that he would not be a problem for them. Brody agreed that he would not have a problem working with John, and John announced that he had arranged a task force to investigate Todd Manning. John revealed that Vimal knew something about Todd and declared that if they got Patel, they would get Manning.

At Llanfair, as Viki glanced at the headline, "Vickers in her Knickers," in the Sun, she drank her coffee. The man with the scar, who looked remarkably like the original Todd, peered through the window at her. When Todd called Viki and asked her how the Banner was, Viki claimed that it was doing very well, thank you, and added that she did not need sleaze to sell papers; she also did not have to contend with libel suits, such as the one that David would start. Todd insisted that Dorian would kill David first, before he ever got the chance to begin a lawsuit.

Outside, the man with the scar recollected that he had a sister named Viki, whom he could trust above all others. The man reached for the doorknob, but Jessica yelled for her mother, which stopped the man. When Viki asked if Jessica would pay her respects to Rex and Shane, Jessica indicated that although she and Rex had not gotten along, she did not want to prevent Ryder and Bree from having a relationship with their uncle. Viki asked if Jessica's kindness could stretch for Natalie also.

Jessica pointed out that while Rex had acted out of grief, Natalie had acted out of an itch that she had needed to scratch. Viki reminded Jessica that Jess had forgiven others for much worse reasons in the past. As he listened in, the man with the scar then remembered that he had a niece named Jessica. Viki announced that she was leaving to visit Jessica's brother, Rex, and to mourn Gigi. After Viki and Jessica exited the living room, the man opened the door and walked in.

After Viki had left, Natalie found Jessica in the lobby of Llanfair and asked if they could have a talk. When Jessica stated that she was on her way to the Buchanan mansion, Natalie pleaded with Jessica to talk later. The man with the scar looked at the pictures in the living room and stated out loud that he did have a sister.

Todd walked into his office at the Sun and found Jack at his computer. Todd kicked Jack out of his chair and saw that Jack had been reading the Banner article about Gigi's death. Todd insisted that Jack quit reading about Gigi, and to just forget about it. Todd reminded Jack that he had covered for Jack, and that if Jack confessed, John would nail them both.

Todd stressed that he was the only person that Jack could trust. Todd heard his computer beep and glanced at the screen. He yelled and swooped all of the paperwork off of his desk. Todd screamed that a Japanese company had stolen his company right out from under him. Vimal then ran into the room.

Vimal announced that John McBain had just detained him. Todd ordered Jack to photocopy every page of a thick manual, and once Jack had left, asked Vimal to tell him everything. Vimal insisted that he had told John nothing, because he had claimed to have been drunk the previous night. Todd asked Vimal to call him the next time Vimal crossed paths with John, and Vimal felt that Todd could save himself a lot of trouble, if Todd told John the secret. Jack reentered the room and asked if John had told Vimal what he had done. After Todd denied it, Jack pondered what the secret was that Todd had kept from "McPain."

Back at the police station, Brody flew into John's office and announced that the cops had followed Vimal to the Sun, and that Vimal had used a parking pass. John realized that Vimal worked for Todd. John revealed that he had been reviewing the evidence in Gigi's case, and that he had discovered that something was missing. John showed Brody a picture of the tape recorder and asked if it looked familiar.

At Capricorn, Blair demanded to know how Téa could have helped Blair's son get away with murder. When Blair insisted that Téa had covered up Jack's role in Gigi's death, Téa stressed that she had not known that Jack had lied to Blair. Téa added that she also had not known that Todd had bribed Brad's father, so that Brad would take the rap for the crime.

Blair feared that Jack was slipping away from her. "Everyday, he...he seems less and less like the boy that I raised, and more and more like Todd," Blair said. She worried that Jack did not show the slightest sign of remorse. Blair had considered taking Jack to Gigi's funeral but had changed her mind. Téa suggested that the two of them attend and offer their condolences.

At La Boulaie, Dorian slapped David with the issue of the Sun and demanded to know if David had slept with pleasant dreams. David whined that he had been locked out of the house and had been eaten by mosquitoes. David looked through the tabloid and wondered who had taken the photos. After he read about his love handles in the article, David blared that he had paid to have those sucked out.

When Dorian called David a liar and a cheat, David agreed that he was a liar but insisted that he was not a cheat. David declared that he had not told Dorian about Ionia, because he had wanted to spare Dorian and had not wanted Dorian to overreact. David stressed that Ionia had thrown herself at David, not the other way around.

After David maintained that he could never cheat on Dorian, she exclaimed that she could not ignore what was in front of her two eyes. Dorian reminded David that he had made a fool of her in the past, but David insisted that they were being played. Dorian then discovered Ionia's top in David's bathing trunks and demanded that David get out.

The maid carried out a package addressed to David and handed it to Dorian, who sat at the pool. Dorian read the card, "Dear Lover, Last night was bliss and worth every bite...yours and the mosquitoes. Enclosed in the package is a gift. Make good use of it. Then we can be together. Itching to be yours." The note also contained red lipstick prints as the signature. Dorian opened the package and found a gun.

Outside of the Buchanan mansion, Echo smiled and claimed that she still had it. Roxy saw the smile and wondered if Echo had wrecked another marriage. Echo admitted that while she disliked the mayor, she had other things on her mind. Echo asked Roxy to join forces for the sakes of Rex and Shane.

Inside the Buchanan mansion, Rex and Shane were dressed in suits for Gigi's funeral service. After Shane asked why they were staying there, Rex looked around the mansion and agreed that it did not seem like their home. Rex voiced, "No place is home without your mom." Rex declared that both Todd and Jack would pay for what they had done to Gigi, and then Rex and Shane would be able to leave Llanview.

Roxy and Echo walked in and hugged the guys. Roxy pulled Rex aside and asked if Clint had really given Rex all of his money, as Nigel had informed her. Roxy also asked if Rex had given Nigel his pink slip and then claimed that Nigel was good people. Rex yelled that if Roxy had a problem with his actions, she could leave.

Shane apologized to Roxy for Rex's violent outburst, but Roxy insisted that Rex was hurt and was just letting off steam, so he could feel better. Shane sadly believed that the only thing that would make Rex feel better was revenge on Jack and Todd. At the same time, Echo asked Rex to take it easy on Roxy, and not to alienate the people that loved him.

Rex revealed to Echo that bargaining with Clint had been the only way to get even with the ones who had caused Gigi's death. Rex declared that he had as much power and influence as Todd and would have the upper hand. On the phone, Rex asked if the deed had been done, and after he heard that it had, he stated that he did not care who had it, as long as it was not Todd Manning.

Echo feared that Rex would do something drastic, because he had lost the one that he loved. However, Rex maintained that he would get revenge on Todd and Jack, and that Echo had better not stand in his way. Echo declared that she knew very well how to get revenge, and that she was at Rex's disposal. After Rex asked why, Echo revealed, "Because I know a little something about payback, and I want to help you deliver it to Jack and Todd and anyone else who helped that little bastard get away with killing your girl."

David grabbed Viki outside of the Buchanan mansion and declared that she was his only hope. David demanded to know why Viki was not as livid as he was about the article and photos in the Sun. When Viki stated that she had more pressing matters, David recognized that what had happened to Gigi was tragic. However David also pointed out, "But you have all the time in the world to memorialize her. My marriage may not last till the end of the day."

David insisted that the photos were false, but when Viki indicated that they did not appear to be altered, David agreed that they were not altered or false. As Echo secretly listened in, David stressed that someone was sabotaging his marriage, and that he needed Viki's help. However, Viki refused to help, since Dorian had left Clint to die.

Blair and Téa arrived at the Buchanan mansion, and after Echo yelled that she could not believe their audacity for being there, Rex indicated that he wanted to hear what they had to say. Téa said that she was sorry, and Blair claimed that she would do anything to change what had happened. Rex asked Blair what exactly she would change.

Rex informed Blair and Téa that their visit had been unnecessary, because they had not been the ones who had failed to teach their son the value of a human life, nor had they been the ones who had not noticed that he did not have a conscious. Rex accepted that Jack was not a killer, or Blair and Téa would be unable to live with themselves. As Blair and Téa left, Rex asked them to give his regards to Todd and Jack.

Viki told Rex that if he and Shane needed anything, to call her, and Jessica requested that they try to take the time to get to know Bree and Ryder. After Viki and Jessica left, Natalie asked Rex, Shane, and Roxy to huddle together for a Balsom meeting. Natalie exclaimed that Gigi had been the best, and that they owed something to her. Natalie explained that when Gigi looked down from heaven, she would see that they were taking care of each other.

Roxy announced to Shane that they needed to "funktify" the place with animal prints, and she escorted him out. Echo followed them to keep an eye on them. Once she was in the lobby, Echo called Ionia and informed her that the package had been delivered.

At the La Boulaie pool, David ran up to Dorian and claimed that he could not give up on their relationship. David pleaded, "Look, would you please turn around, so that we can talk about this like the adults other people expect us to be?" Dorian turned to David and pointed the gun at him.

Outside of the Buchanan mansion, Natalie stopped Jessica and said that she hoped that one day Jess could forgive her. Natalie then announced that she and Brody were a couple.

Back at Capricorn, Blair and Téa poured drinks and regretted that they had made fools of themselves, which had only made them feel guilty. They toasted each other with a "cheers."

Looking at Gigi's picture on the Buchanan mansion fireplace mantel, Rex declared, "I made Shane a promise, Morasco. And I'm going to keep it. By the time I'm done, Jack will know how it feels like to lose his mother, and Todd will know how it feels to lose his wife."

Meanwhile, at Llanfair, while looking at the picture of Viki and Todd, the man with the scar heard, in his head, all of comments from Todd's loved ones that Todd Manning was the same man that he had always been, and that he had not changed at all. The man broke the picture and held his hand to his head.

The man fingered the broken glass and the photo of Todd and asked, "Who are you? Who am I?" The man ran out of the house, when he heard a noise. Viki entered into the living room and found the picture on the floor. As Viki walked outside, she called out, "Hello...hello. Hello, is anyone here?" The man hid behind the bushes.

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