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Diane stole information from Adam's computer about a photographer named Gingerman. Deacon offered to be Diane's partner. Adam found evidence that cleared Sharon's name. A U.S. Marshal arrested Sharon. Cane saw Daniel kissing Lily.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 4, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, July 4, 2011

After Sharon and Sam made love in his bedroom at the ranch house, Sharon awoke and contemplated pivotal events from her past. As Sam slept, Sharon, dressed in his shirt, shared her thoughts and memories in a letter. Sharon admitted that she couldn't tell Sam her story face-to-face.

Sharon recalled the early days with Nick. Sharon described an overwhelming attraction to Nick and wrote that she had known that she wanted to be with him. Sharon described the fateful day she'd ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, who had brutally raped her. Sharon wrote that she feared her life had been over after the attack. She explained that she had later realized the violent incident had marked the beginning of Nick's repeated efforts to rescue her from harm's way.

In a flashback, Sharon remembered Nick staunchly defending her after Matt announced that Sharon was not a virgin. Matt had told Nick about Sharon's past involvement with an older man. Nick was hurt and felt betrayed when Sharon admitted that she'd foolishly believed she'd been in love with the man, Frank, who'd fathered her child. Sharon recalled crying that she'd given up the baby for adoption after realizing that Frank didn't love her or the baby.

After Nick had accepted Sharon's apology and the couple made plans to marry, Sharon wrote that the secreted rape had returned to haunt her. Nick, hurt and enraged, had been determined to make Matt pay for the attack. Nick had wound up in trouble after he went to Matt's apartment and found the man dead of a gunshot wound. Sharon remembered Nikki angrily blaming her for Nick's predicament. After Nick was released from jail, Sharon explained that he'd vowed to take care of her and love her forever.

Though Nikki hadn't supported the union, Sharon wrote that her marriage to Nick had seemed like a fairytale. She wrote about the joyous day Noah had been born. Sharon noted that her life had seemed perfect after the daughter she'd given up, Cassie, later became a member of the Newman family. Sharon described her happy life with Nick as a beautiful, peaceful scene in a snow globe. Sharon sadly noted that her blissful world had been shattered after Cassie was gravely injured in a car crash. Barely able to speak, Cassie, on her deathbed, had told her parents that they would have another little girl someday.

After Cassie's death, Nick had withdrawn and shut Sharon out of his life. Sharon wrote, "Nick couldn't save me or himself. He abandoned me." Tears streamed down Sharon's face when she remembered taunting her estranged husband about his affair. After Sharon had seen Phyllis purchase lingerie at a boutique, she had bought the same bra-and-panty set. Sharon, wearing nothing but the lingerie, had pressed Nick to tell the truth. Nick had admitted he was having an ongoing affair with Phyllis. Sharon noted that her marriage to Nick had crumbled.

Sharon wrote that she had later married Jack, and Nick had married Phyllis. Sharon cheerily recalled spending time with Nick in Paris. She joyfully remarked that he'd rescued her from a dark place. Cassie's predication had come true after Sharon became pregnant with Nick's daughter. The joy was short-lived, Sharon wrote, after Adam took the newborn and gave her to Ashley. Adam, Sharon explained, had been a dark, mysterious man with a demeanor opposite that of Nick's. She wrote that Adam had seemed to understand her in a way Nick never could. Adam had seemed to believe that she could take care of herself and had interacted with her as a partner and friend instead of a savior. Sharon maintained that with Adam, she had no longer felt like the vulnerable rape victim waiting to be rescued.

Sharon explained that Adam had later admitted that his actions had accidentally caused Ashley to lose her baby. Adam had told Sharon about arranging a complicated ruse to make Ashley believe she was still pregnant. When Ashley had thought she was in labor, Adam had insisted that he'd been forced to give Sharon's baby to his father's wife. Sharon admitted in her letter that she had never fully understood why she was attracted to Adam, but he'd proclaimed that she somehow made him want to be a better person. Sharon wrote that everyone had tried to tear the couple apart, and in the end, had succeeded when Adam was arrested for Skye's supposed murder.

Sharon wrote that Victor had separated her from Adam by orchestrating his arrest. Sharon explained that Victor had managed to dupe authorities into believing that Skye was dead, and had planted evidence implicated Adam. Nick, Sharon continued, had dealt her a most devastating blow after filing for sole custody of Faith. Sharon credited Adam for instilling in her the strength to fight. Sharon wrote about her arrest and trial after Skye's accidental death in Hawaii. Adam had convinced Sharon to escape and run away in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Sharon explained that she'd reluctantly agreed to follow the plans Adam had set in motion.

Sharon wrote that Adam's plan seemed to have succeeded until her car and jewelry were stolen. Sharon wrote that after she was carjacked, she heard that the woman who'd taken her car had been killed and burned beyond recognition. Though Sharon affirmed that she knew Adam would be distraught, she wrote that she realized everyone thought she was dead after her engagement ring was discovered with the deceased woman's charred remains. After Sharon recalled seeking shelter in Sam's barn, she wrote that she had been concerned about her mom, her children, and Nick. Sharon concluded that her mother, her children, and Nick could lean on each other.

Sharon added that Adam would be alone, and she worried what would become of him without her encouragement and support. Sharon explained that had she ended up in prison, her family would have suffered. Sharon wrote that she'd escaped and remained hidden in hopes that her family would move forward. Sharon thanked Sam for giving her a second chance. Sharon explained that she had felt compelled to tell Sam the truth. After Sharon finished writing her letter, she gathered the sheets together, and then she ripped them into pieces. Sharon clutched the torn pieces of paper in one hand as she picked up her borrowed white sundress in the other.

At the offices of Restless Style, Nick found an older issue of the magazine titled "Sharon Newman: Damsel in Distress?" In a flashback, he thought about Sharon at Skye's murder trial. Sobbing, Nick recalled Sharon's words to him after he'd decided not to allow a visit with Faith in the courtroom. Sharon had cried that she might never see her infant daughter before being locked behind bars.

Nick later recalled memories of Sharon as he lovingly admired pictures in a photo album. He smiled when he gazed at a photo of Sharon and Cassie. Nick found Cassie's heart pendant attached to her photo page and recalled the young girl's excitement the day she'd learned that the initial of her new last name had been engraved on the necklace. Nick flung the magazine to the floor. Noah arrived, embraced his father, and said, "I miss her, too."

In his suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam tirelessly viewed video footage stored on each of the data cards Phyllis had taken back from Thailand. After Adam found and played a video snippet of Sharon, lounging on a bed and playfully teasing him, he said aloud to himself, "Nothing is the same without you." Adam sat for a while on the edge of his bed and thought about Sharon. He rose, walked to a table, and picked up Sharon's engagement ring. A tear rolled down Adam's cheek as he fondly remembered Sharon. In a flashback, Adam recalled telling Sharon that she, like his mother, had believed he was capable of being a good person.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before Sam woke up, Sharon looked at the letter she'd written him and then torn to pieces. Sharon headed for the door, and Sam woke as she passed. Later, in the barn, Sam approached Sharon. Flexing his bandaged hand, Sam mentioned it was still hurting. Sam watched as Sharon packed.

Sam wondered what Sharon was doing. Sharon told Sam that their lovemaking the night before had been a mistake. Sam was taken aback and offered to take a step back if that would make Sharon more comfortable. Sam told Sharon he didn't want her to leave. Sharon explained that she hurt the people close to her, and she didn't want to cause trouble for Sam.

Sam opened up to Sharon, confessing that he cared for her and felt that he knew her very well. Sam said that Sharon was a survivor and a good person. Sam wasn't concerned about the mistakes Sharon had made in the past. Sam said he was willing to take a chance with Sharon. Sam believed that Sharon had fallen into his life for a reason.

A short time later, Sam returned with a cup of coffee for Sharon. Sam looked around the barn, and Sharon had gone. Sharon returned and told Sam that she'd decided to stay a while longer. Sam was grateful that Sharon wasn't leaving. Sharon said she couldn't make any promises to Sam. Sam told Sharon that he was fine with the status quo. Sam then kissed Sharon.

At Crimson Lights, Abby saw Noah and interrupted him. Noah explained that he was searching memory cards in an effort to exonerate Sharon of Skye's murder. Noah wondered if he was wasting his time. When Abby offered to help, Noah declined and said it was something he had to do for his mother. Noah asked Abby if she'd told her parents that she was home. Abby revealed that she'd been ducking Ashley and Victor since checking out of rehab.

Noah pointed out that Abby's parents would find out and be upset with her. Abby told Noah that the real reason she'd checked into rehab was to keep her from confessing that she'd driven the car that hit Tucker. Abby told Noah that she'd been drinking the night of the accident and hadn't seen Tucker in the road. Abby was still confused about her parents discouraging her to tell the truth. Noah said that parents did the best they could. Abby appreciated having Noah back in her life. Noah and Abby agreed that they needed to support each other.

Later, Noah and Abby shared his iPod to listen to one of Noah's songs. Abby was impressed by Noah's music and asked him if Eden had inspired the song. Abby was also curious to know if Noah had ever played his music for Eden. Noah wasn't very forthcoming about his relationship with Eden. Abby admitted to Noah that while in rehab, she'd seen Eden. Noah was stunned and wanted to know if Eden had spoken with Abby. Abby admitted that she'd urged Eden to return to Genoa City. Noah told Abby he had never known about Eden's eating disorder.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor welcomed Lauren before the board meeting. Lauren asked Victor if he had any qualms about nominating her to sit on the board of directors, especially since she'd been the new face of Jabot, Victor's competition. Lauren pointed out there were other conflicts of interest, too, but Victor was all for Lauren being on the board. Victoria entered the conference room, anxious to take her place back in the company. Victoria wondered how her father would handle the board members who'd won their seats through their stock purchases, like Jack and Adam. Victor said he was prepared to deal with them. Adam arrived for the board meeting and exchanged a glare with his father.

Michael called the board of directors meeting to order and introduced the principals. Victoria nominated Victor as chairman of the board, and Adam seconded the nomination. After the election, Victor announced a lucrative deal he'd arranged for Newman Enterprises with a Chinese petroleum company. Victoria backed up Victor's assessment that the deal would be highly profitable for the company. Adam offered a counter argument and proposed a less risky option. Victor would not consider the other option, but Adam argued his point. A couple of new board member wanted to hear more about Adam's idea as opposed to Victor's. Adam proposed tabling Victor's proposal until the next board meeting.

Victor glared at Adam and said that Adam had made a mistake. Privately, Victor asked Michael about the status of the SEC investigation into the Newman stock manipulation. Michael said that the SEC had declared that the evidence against Adam was not strong enough to focus on him. Therefore, the SEC was building a case against Diane. Victor was furious. Michael pointed out that Victoria had been very supportive of Victor during the meeting. Victor was pleased, but he also recalled that Victoria had turned on him in the past. Victor felt that Billy had been a bad influence on Victoria. Victor was happy that Billy was out of Victoria's life.

Michael adjourned the meeting and most of the people departed. Lauren told Michael that she would support Victor in the China deal. Michael walked Lauren out of the office. Victoria griped to Victor that she was irked by Adam's actions during the meeting. Victoria thought Adam had tried to sabotage the company. Victor said Adam was initiating a power play.

Victoria apologized for the lawsuit, which had allowed Adam to buy into the company. Outside the conference room, Victoria told Adam that he was an ass. Adam asked if Victoria was intimidated because he was a Harvard graduate and she couldn't keep up with him. Adam suggested that Victoria might want to quit, noting that her husband, Billy, was a quitter, too. Victoria had no idea what Adam was talking about. Adam revealed that Billy had sold Restless Style to Nick. Victoria was shocked.

Eden walked into Crimson Lights, still carrying her suitcase. Eden asked the girl at the counter about Kevin and learned that he wasn't there. Eden noticed that Abby and Noah were sitting together on the patio. Lauren entered the coffeehouse and was surprised to see Eden. Lauren embraced her and said that Michael had been trying to find Eden.

Lauren said that she'd cancel her meeting at Fenmore's to spend the afternoon with Eden. Lauren went to the car to retrieve her cell phone. Eden noticed that Abby and Noah had left the iPod on the table. Eden listened to Noah's song. Noah returned and saw Eden listening to his iPod. Abby stood at the door as Eden and Noah said hello. Abby then approached the two and asked Eden why she had returned to Genoa City.

Billy arrived at Restless Style and handed Nick the keys to the office. Nick offered to pay Billy with a check, but Billy told Nick he wanted cash. Billy was shocked when Phyllis walked in, and Nick explained that he'd hired her. Billy said that after all Phyllis had done to Billy and Victoria, Nick should have known better. Nick told Billy it was none of Billy's business anymore.

Nick told Billy to leave. Phyllis informed Nick that Billy had been hung over and criticized Billy as a parent. Nick said that Billy had been struggling ever since Billy and Victoria had lost Lucy. Phyllis wondered if she and Nick were going to have a problem working together. Phyllis offered to walk out.

Nick wanted Phyllis to stay. Nick admitted that he was still concerned for Victoria because she was in a lot of pain. Phyllis felt that nobody understood why she fought for Lucy. Nick said that he would have fought for Faith if Ashley hadn't given her up. Nick thought Phyllis would be a fine grandmother to Lucy.

Nick urged Phyllis to get to work on the magazine. Nick revealed that he'd bought the magazine because he needed a challenge that was familiar. Victoria walked in and was furious that Nick had taken advantage of Billy to buy the magazine. Victoria was also incensed that Nick had hired Phyllis. Nick said that Billy had known what he was doing when he sold the publication.

Nick told Victoria he was disappointed that she'd returned to Newman Enterprises and was on the board. Nick reminded Victoria that their father had broken her heart. Victoria said that her heart had never been as broken as it was when she lost Lucy. Phyllis advised Nick to be supportive of Victoria. Phyllis also planned on using Victoria as their insider to Newman Enterprises. Nick agreed that any story about Adam was fair game.

Adam confronted Victor and told his father that he was slipping. Adam said that if Victor had confided in him before the meeting about the China deal, Adam would have worked with his father. Victor countered that Adam was a fool, and his actions had cost the company millions. Victor said Adam's stunt was impressive to strangers, but Victor knew that Adam was a fraud. Victor warned Adam that he was playing with fire, then he ordered Adam to leave the building.

Michael returned after Adam left to report on Adam. Victor suspected that Adam might be working with Jack. Victor was frustrated that the SEC was still focusing their investigation on Diane. Adam returned to the hotel room and looked at Sharon's ring. Adam opened the PC to continue searching the memory cards. Adam finally found a clue that might help exonerate Sharon.

At home, Billy was at loose ends. Billy removed his wedding ring and dropped it in a glass of scotch. Under the ring, Billy saw the wedding band tattoo. Frustrated, Billy called a bookie to place a bet. A guy arrived at the trailer to collect money from Billy for his losses. When Billy offered a check, the guy demanded cash. Victoria arrived unexpectedly. Billy gave the collector his watch to make him leave.

Victoria said she had to speak with Billy, but asked him to shower first. Victoria looked at the mess in the trailer and saw Billy's wedding band in the scotch. Victoria was upset that Billy had sold the magazine to Nick. Billy told Victoria that he was not her problem anymore. Victoria reminded Billy about the custody case with Chloe. Victoria pointed out that Billy would need a job if he wanted to retain custody of Delia.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the barn, Sam kissed Sharon, and she pulled back and said they needed to return to their work. Sam told Sharon he had an appointment later to see a dog, a Collie mix named Gidget. Sam invited Sharon to accompany him to meet the dog. Sharon declined, and Sam understood that she had hang-ups about leaving the ranch. Sam mentioned that he missed O'Keefe, his dog that had died a few days before.

Sam said it would be easier on him if Sharon went with him to check out the new dog. Sam also suggested that he and Sharon go camping under the stars in the near future. Sharon wasn't ready to make plans with Sam. As Sharon continued packing, Sam told Sharon that it was a good thing. Sharon was confused that Sam wanted her to pack. Sharon asked if Sam didn't want her to remain.

Sam had a different idea in mind. Sam asked Sharon to move into the main house with him. Sharon was stunned. Sam said that he knew she wanted to take things slowly, but Sam felt differently about Sharon. Sam said that when his wife left him, he'd been crushed. Sam didn't want to make the same mistakes with Sharon that he had with his wife. Sam was ready to be open and honest with Sharon.

Impressed with Sam's sincerity, Sharon agreed to move into the house. Later, in Sam's bedroom, Sharon told herself that she had done the right thing. Sam approached and took Sharon into his arms. Sharon warned Sam not to get too involved with her, but he said it was too late. They moved to the bed and made love. A while later, Sharon rested happily in Sam's arms.

Michael met Kevin at Gloworm, and the brothers caught up a bit about their lives. Kevin said his relationship with Chloe was doing well. Michael was concerned about Lauren because Daisy was back in Genoa City, although behind bars. Kevin hoped that Daisy would be convicted and put away for many years. Michael received a text message from Lauren inviting him and Kevin to meet her at Crimson Lights. Lauren promised that they'd be receiving a surprise.

At Crimson Lights, Abby was curious about why Eden had returned to Genoa City. Eden looked uncomfortable, and Noah asked Abby to give him some time alone with Eden. After Abby walked away, Noah pressed Eden to explain why she had returned to Genoa City, but Eden was evasive. Eden offered Noah her sympathy about Sharon's death. When Noah asked about what had happened to Eden after he left Paris, she asked Noah to buy her a cup of coffee.

A while later, over their coffees, Noah and Eden struggled to know what to say to each other. Eden wondered if she should apologize for hurting Noah, but Noah said he felt guilty about how they had ended things in Paris. Eden didn't want Noah's apology. Eden said she didn't regret her time with Noah. Eden claimed that she credited Noah with teaching her that she could be in love and survive a breakup.

Noah wondered if Eden would leave Genoa City because he was back as well. Suddenly, Michael and Kevin arrived and saw Eden. Michael was surprised that his sister was there and that she hadn't told him of her return. Kevin told Eden that Michael had been looking for her. Michael asked Eden where she had been since falling off his radar. Eden said she'd gotten into a little trouble, but she was all right again. Michael was shocked to learn that Eden had gone to a rehab center in Connecticut. Eden confessed that she'd had an eating disorder and had stopped eating for a while. Eden said that she was healthy, and everything was cool again.

In the coffeehouse, Devon apologized to Lily for not having been there for her during the Cane situation. Devon urged Lily to move on in her life without Cane. Daniel arrived and was glad to see Devon with Lily. Devon and Daniel were both determined that Cane keep away from Lily. Cane walked into the coffeehouse, and Devon and Daniel noticed. While Daniel kept Lily occupied, Devon approached Daniel and told him to get out of Crimson Lights.

Daniel and Lily had some coffee, and Daniel gave Lily a CD of the hottest new music. Lily knew that Daniel was covering for Devon, and she asked where Devon had gone. Daniel said that Devon was setting Cane straight about not bothering Lily anymore. Lily was touched that Daniel and Devon wanted to protect her. Daniel hoped that Lily had truly gotten over Cane. Lily felt that she needed to confront Cane alone.

Devon and Cane stopped in the park. Devon told Cane that Lily and the twins were off-limits to Cane. Devon warned Cane to steer clear of the places Lily liked to visit. Cane protested that he'd had only one goal in mind, to protect Lily and his children. Devon didn't think that Cane was trustworthy. Devon wondered why Lily should give Cane any access to her and the twins.

Lily appeared and told Cane he had no place in her life. Cane said he knew better than to expect Lily to ever trust him again. Cane promised Lily that he would never abandon Lily and the twins. Cane felt that Colin was still a threat to Lily, Charlie, and Mattie. Devon reminded Cane that they were aware of Colin's evil, no thanks to Cane who'd kept it secret for months. Lily told Devon that she wanted to speak with Cane alone. Devon reluctantly walked away.

Lily resented that Cane had presented so much danger to her and the twins. Lily pointed out that Cane had known his father was a danger, and Cane had failed to guard them from Colin. Cane said he had wanted to prove to Lily that he could protect her. Lily said that what Cane had done by putting her and the twins in danger was unforgivable. Lily said that she would never again count on Cane. Lily demanded that Cane keep away from her and the twins.

In the Restless Style office, Phyllis worked on a story about evil Adam and how he had destroyed Sharon's life. Nick would not allow Phyllis to include Sharon in the piece. Phyllis wanted to sell magazines, but Nick wanted to protect Noah and Faith from any further muckraking about Sharon. Phyllis convinced Nick that vilifying Adam would be the right thing to do for Noah and Faith.

Adam was on the phone with a client, promoting a new fund, since Jack had shut down the Newman Fund. Adam called Emmet to ask about the progress on the memory card retrieval process, offering a bonus if Emmet could get the card repaired by the end of the day. Adam saw an important message on his computer. As Adam headed out of the suite, Diane showed up to discuss their scheme to get back at Victor. Adam said that he was in a hurry and left.

Diane kept her foot in the door to his room and walked in when Adam departed. Diane went to Adam's PC and read his email. Diane was intrigued by a letter about the ambulance that had picked her up outside the Newman ranch on the day of the IPO. The email had been sent from a person named Gingerman. Diane investigated online and discovered that Gingerman was a paparazzi photographer.

Diane entered Gloworm and saw Michael. Diane went to the bar for a drink. When Michael approached her, Diane accused him of having ruined her life by not extricating her from the SEC investigation. Michael explained that he'd done all he could for Diane with the SEC. Diane blamed Victor and Michael for having screwed her over. Diane said she didn't need Michael or Victor's help. Michael walked away in frustration. Diane drank a martini and sulked. When Diane saw Abby at a table across the room, Diane called Gingerman and reported that the Naked Heiress was there. Deacon overheard Diane reporting Abby's whereabouts to the media.

Daniel met Abby at Gloworm, and she thanked him for accepting her invitation. Daniel asked how Abby was, and Abby admitted that she'd been in rehab for one night. Abby apologized for not having been there for Daniel when he was going through difficult times with Phyllis about Lucy. Abby asked Daniel if they could start over. Suddenly, the paparazzi appeared and started shooting pictures of Abby and Daniel. Abby asked the photographers to leave, but Daniel assumed that Abby had arranged the cameramen to show up. When the press realized that the Naked Heiress had nothing going on, they headed for the front door.

Diane stopped a redheaded photographer and asked if he was Gingerman. Diane said she knew that he'd sent the video footage of the ambulance outside Victor Newman's ranch to Adam Newman. Gingerman wouldn't confirm or deny the information. Diane said she'd been on the inside of the ambulance. Gingerman wasn't interested in talking with Diane, until Diane said she had a proposition for Gingerman that could be worth a lot of money for him. Deacon listened intently to Diane's conversation with the man.

Gingerman declared that he was a journalist and nothing more. Diane offered Gingerman a fortune if he'd follow her instructions. Gingerman agreed to listen. Diane offered to give Gingerman an incredible photo op in exchange for Gingerman giving Diane proof that Adam had bought the video footage. Gingerman said he'd think it over and walked out. Deacon made a drink for Diane and told her to watch her back. Diane suspected Deacon of being out to hurt her. Deacon offered to help Diane to pull off her next scheme if she'd pay him off like Gingerman.

Daniel accused Abby of arranging another publicity stunt. Daniel was skeptical, even though Abby assured him that she had not tipped off the photographers. Abby told Daniel that she wanted the two of them to be the way they had been. Daniel turned down Abby's offer to reconcile. Daniel said that being with Abby again didn't feel right for him. Abby pleaded, but Daniel said no. He thanked Abby for calling and walked to the door. Daniel called Lily to ask if she was finished with Cane.

Adam walked into Restless Style and confronted Phyllis and Nick about working together again and trying to stain Sharon's memory. Nick told Adam that it had been Adam who'd sullied Sharon's reputation. Adam didn't care what Phyllis and Nick wrote about him, but Adam wanted to protect Sharon's memory. Adam told Nick he'd have evidence to clear Sharon very soon, and if Nick wanted to do the right thing, he'd help Adam for Sharon's sake. Adam said that Noah was helping him to clear Sharon's name.

Adam expected Phyllis to always attack Sharon because Phyllis had hated Sharon. Adam expected different from Nick. Nick declared that Adam had been responsible for Sharon's death. Adam accused Nick of being just like Victor, blaming other people for his own mistakes. Adam said that he would never give up trying to clear Sharon's name and memory. Adam said that Nick and Phyllis acted as though Sharon never existed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At Gloworm, Genevieve noticed that Colin was eating alone and confronted him. Genevieve gloated about the fact that all his friends in Genoa City had ostracized Colin. Colin wondered why Genevieve had chosen to stay in Wisconsin. Genevieve explained that her entire family lived there. Genevieve was anxious to spend time with Cane. Colin reminded Genevieve that she'd never had time for Cane in the past. Colin told Genevieve he believed that she was lingering in Genoa City just to tick him off.

Cane entered Fenmore's in order to see Jill. Cane wondered why Jill had not returned his calls. Jill was furious with Cane for the lies he'd told to her, Lily, and the twins. Jill was especially angry at Cane because Cane had allowed her to marry Colin. Cane pointed out that he'd told Jill not to go through with her wedding to Colin. Jill said that everyone had been telling her not to marry Colin and that Cane's voice had been drowned out. Cane told Jill that Colin had threatened to kill Jill if Cane interfered in the wedding. Jill laughed at the idea that Cane had let her marry Colin in order to save her from Colin.

Cane assured Jill that he sincerely loved her. Cane said that Jill had been more of a mother to Cane than Genevieve had ever been. Jill chastised Cane for letting her believe he'd died on the steps of the church. Cane blamed his lies on Colin, but Jill said that Cane was much more of a danger to her, Lily, and the children than Colin. Jill ordered Cane to "get the hell out of town" and never return. Jill felt that they were all better off without Cane.

Cane said that he would not leave Genoa City because Lily and the babies needed his protection. Genevieve walked into Fenmore's and saw Jill and Cane. Genevieve acted like she was glad to see Jill again. Genevieve believed that she and Jill had a lot in common because they had both had been married to Colin. Genevieve said that Jill was fortunate that her marriage to Colin had been a fraud.

Daniel and Lily were jogging together in the park. Daniel asked about Mattie and Charlie. Lily said that the twins had been a bit clingy since she'd been away so Lily had been spending most of her time with her children. Daniel advised Lily that it was time to move on without Cane. Daniel asked if Lily had considered divorcing Cane. Lily said that she was not ready to handle any big decisions just yet. Daniel understood, but he wanted Lily to get Cane out of her life.

Lily promised that she would never allow Cane back into her heart. Daniel pointed out to Lily that it was impossible to love someone who was not trustworthy. Daniel and Lily reminisced about their marriage. Lily felt they had been too young when they were married. Daniel and Lily appreciated that they had been able to remain friends.

Kay sat at Ashley's table in Crimson Lights. Ashley had just left Tucker in the hospital where he was resting. Kay wanted to clear the air with Ashley since Ashley was Kay's daughter-in-law. Kay said the actions she had taken against Ashley while Tucker was in a coma had been to protect Tucker. Kay assured Ashley that nothing she'd done had been a personal attack on Ashley. Kay defended having Ashley arrested and barring her from Tucker's hospital room, but Ashley felt Kay had gone to extremes.

Nick walked into the coffeehouse with Faith in his arms. Ashley greeted Nick and was thrilled to see Faith. Ashley offered to spend more time with Faith. While Nick got an iced tea, Ashley played with Faith. When Nick sat down with her again, Ashley complimented Nick on being a good father to Faith. Nick mentioned that since Sharon's death, there hadn't been any woman in Faith's life. Ashley suggested that Faith needed some girl time. Nick asked Ashley if she'd like to provide that girl time for Faith. Ashley was happy to comply.

Colin walked into Crimson Lights and ran into Kay. Kay was furious that Colin had been set free because of diplomatic immunity. Kay complained that Colin's power and money had bought his freedom. Colin assumed that Kay had used her money and influence to get herself out of trouble in her past. Colin was hopeful that Jill would give Colin a second chance.

Kay warned Colin not to try to get back into Jill's good graces. Colin informed Kay that he truly loved Jill. Colin admitted that he'd done bad things in the past, but Jill didn't need to be protected from him. Jill walked in and saw Kay with Colin. Jill told Kay that she could handle Colin without Kay's assistance. Jill asked Kay to leave so Jill could speak with Colin privately.

Colin enjoyed being alone with Jill, even though she told him that she never wanted to see him again. Colin insisted that he and Jill had been great together. Jill asked Colin to stop sending her flowers and gifts. Colin reminisced about the wonderful times they'd shared. Colin admired Jill's laugh. Colin felt certain that Jill would surrender to him after a while.

Colin promised that he would not give up on Jill. Jill asked Colin to stop, but Colin said that Jill could try to push him away, but he would never walk away from her. Colin believed that Jill had not been faking her feelings for him. Jill finally told Colin to "get the hell out" of her life. Colin said he would be back.

Cane criticized Genevieve for being nasty to Jill. Genevieve said she was determined to reconnect with Cane. Cane believed that his mother was scheming, and he didn't believe anything she said to him. Cane took the blame for ruining his relationship with Lily, but he still wanted nothing to do with Genevieve. Genevieve asked him to go home with her, but Cane shook his head. Genevieve reminded Cane that she was the only ally he had left in the world.

Cane walked into Jimmy's dive bar and asked if they were hiring. The bartender wondered if Cane had any experience. Cane assured him that he had. The bartender asked Cane to start right away and led him to the back room to fill out some forms. Lily and Daniel walked into the bar to get something to drink.

Even though Lily was hot and sweaty from the run, Daniel told Lily that she looked wonderful. Daniel and Lily played skeeball, and Lily beat him like she usually did. Daniel wondered if what he was feeling from Lily was real. Lily didn't pull away when Daniel leaned forward and kissed her. Cane returned to the main room and saw Lily and Daniel kissing.

Noah went to see Adam at his hotel room. Noah asked if Adam had found anything in the memory cards that would exonerate Sharon in Skye's murder. Noah had not had any luck with the memory cards he'd examined. Adam said he'd found an image of lava, and he'd given the memory card to Emmet, a friend of Malcolm's, to analyze. Adam said the video could prove that Sharon had tried to save Skye. Noah appreciated that Adam had been working so diligently to clear Sharon's name. Noah explained that he had to leave because he, Nick, Doris, and Faith were going to scatter Sharon's ashes. Adam understood and told Noah to leave for the ceremony. Adam said he wouldn't want to intrude on something so important to Sharon's children.

Noah met Doris and Nick and Faith at Crimson Lights. Doris talked about how much Sharon liked the coffeehouse. Doris recalled that Nick had once owned the shop. Nick remembered that he'd met Sharon there and had even proposed to Sharon in Crimson Lights. Nick left with Noah, Doris, and Faith to scatter Sharon's ashes. Adam watched Nick and the family leave the coffeehouse.

At the bridge in the park, Doris announced that it was Sharon's favorite place in Genoa City. Adam watched from a distance as Nick held the urn with Sharon's ashes, and each of them remembered Sharon in their own way. Doris spoke of Sharon as a daughter and admitted that she'd loved Sharon very much. Noah talked about what an awesome mother Sharon had been. Noah held Faith and mentioned that he'd started writing a journal for his sister with his memories of Sharon.

Nick revealed that Sharon had been his first love and his best friend. Nick said he'd always counted on Sharon and would always miss Sharon's smile and kindness. Nick read a special quote that reminded him of Sharon. Adam watched from afar. Nick opened the urn and scattered the ashes into the stream. Adam looked from his perch nearby, and tears filled his eyes.

At Fenmore's, Kay told Ashley that she was impressed with the work that Jack had done as CEO of Jabot. Ashley walked out, and Genevieve entered the room. Genevieve introduced herself to Kay and said that she'd been anxious to meet Mrs. Chancellor. Genevieve believed they had some friends in common. Kay wasn't happy to meet Genevieve. Genevieve mentioned that she was living in the MacMillan estate and invited Kay to visit so she could see how Genevieve had redecorated the mansion. Kay said she had no interest in becoming friends with Genevieve. Kay informed Genevieve that she was "not born yesterday"; Kay surmised that Genevieve was as much a troublemaker as Colin had been.

Noah said goodbye to Nick at Crimson Lights, leaving to see his friends. Ashley returned to the coffeehouse and asked Nick how the ceremony had gone. Nick said it had been fine, but Nick believed that it was time to move on. At the bridge in the park, Adam went to the spot where Sharon's ashes had been scattered. Adam spoke to Sharon's spirit and said that he'd watched the others say their goodbyes. Adam told Sharon that he would not say goodbye until he had cleared Sharon's name. Adam promised not to let Sharon down.

Sam returned to the farm after having been gone for the morning. Sam kissed Sharon romantically and informed her that the town was preparing for the annual dance that night. Sam asked Sharon to be his date. Sharon said she had nothing to wear to a dance. Sam handed her a dress that he'd bought for her. Sam said that Piper's mother had helped him make the selection. Sharon said she appreciated the gift, but Sharon didn't want to be around a lot of people. Sam said he had assumed that Sharon would agree to attend since she'd gone to the San Pueblo festival.

Sam was disappointed because he really wanted Sharon to be with him at the party. Sam explained that he had to leave because he'd promised to help set up the venue for the dance. Sharon understood. Sam finished dressing and asked Sharon to reconsider, but Sharon passed. A few minutes later, Piper arrived to see Sharon before the dance. Piper wondered why Sharon wasn't wearing the new dress. Sharon said she loved the dress Piper's mother had chosen for Sharon, but Sharon had decided not to go to the dance. When Piper revealed to Sharon that Sam had not been to the dance since his wife had left him, Sharon was intrigued.

At the barn where the dance was going to be held, Piper's parents asked Sam about Sharon. One of the townies arrived late and apologized. She explained that the reason for her delay was that she'd been carjacked. Piper's father said that there'd been a rash of carjacking in the area. A while later, after everything was prepared for the dance, Piper arrived and told Sam that Sharon had walked her to the party. Sam was dazzled when Sharon entered in the blue dress he'd bought for her.

Friday, July 8, 2011

As Phyllis worked at Restless Style, Jack entered, and each wondered what the other was doing there. Jack had heard about Nick's purchase of the magazine, but he hadn't known that Nick had rehired Phyllis. She bragged that Nick couldn't pass up a good thing, but she admitted that they hadn't told anyone about her employment yet. Jack congratulated her, and she commented that he knew what it was like to return to old stomping grounds. Jack slyly stated that they were back where they belonged, in more ways than one.

Phyllis wondered what Jack meant, and he told her not to play coy. She insisted that she and Nick were simply colleagues, but Jack remained skeptical. Jack said he'd dropped by to discuss Jabot advertising business, and she noted that he seemed excited to get back to work. He expressed enthusiasm for Ashley's new product line, and he asked Phyllis to have their advertising department call Jabot. On his way out, Jack greeted Noah, and they agreed to catch up later.

Phyllis hugged Noah, who explained that he had a friend who worked in the business, and he'd hoped to show her where his dad worked. Phyllis revealed that she knew they'd had the ash-scattering ceremony that day, and she asked if Noah had been able to say goodbye to Sharon. Noah recounted that Nick, Doris, and he had each said a few words at the ceremony. She worriedly asked if he was all right, and he replied that he had no choice but to be okay.

Hunter arrived, and Noah introduced the women. Phyllis explained her role at the magazine, and Hunter was impressed. Noah said that Hunter was looking for a job, and Hunter quizzed Phyllis about her most and least favorite parts of her position. Noah asked if Restless Style had summer interns, and Hunter squealed with enthusiasm. Phyllis wasn't opposed to the idea and agreed to talk to Nick about it, and she asked for Hunter's résumé.

Phyllis made a call and announced that she needed to head to the art department. She told Noah to call her if Nick showed up, and after Phyllis left, Hunter gushed that an internship would be an amazing job. She was delighted when Noah said he would recommend her to Nick. He called it a weird day for his family, and then he suddenly became silent. Hunter reminded him that he'd been there for her countless times, and it was her time to be there for him. He led her to the elevator.

Ashley played with Faith at Crimson Lights. Nick said he had to get back to work, and Ashley remarked that time passed very quickly when she was with Faith. Nick received a text message from his sitter about a family emergency, and he fretted that the sitter had been scheduled to pick up Faith. Ashley offered to watch the girl, and Nick agreed. Nick noted that Faith's blanket was missing, and he realized where he had left it.

Adam picked up Faith's blanket at the bridge where Sharon's family had scattered her ashes. He stared sadly down at the water. Nick confronted Adam and assumed that Adam had followed them earlier. Adam asserted that he had a right to know where Sharon's ashes were, but Nick retorted that Adam had no rights. Nick spat that Sharon was gone, and all that was left was her family.

Nick ranted that Adam had desecrated the spot by showing up there, and he berated Adam for invading their privacy. Adam conceded that he had thought Nick's words during the ceremony had been beautiful. Nick continued to blast Adam, but Adam pointed out that he wasn't trespassing and that Nick was going out of his way to hurt Adam. Nick proclaimed that Adam deserved pain, because Adam was responsible for Sharon's death. Adam questioned whether the hours he and Noah had put into clearing Sharon's name had meant nothing to Nick. Nick retorted that they meant less than nothing, and he repeated that Adam had no right to be there. Adam coldly stated that Nick was entitled to his opinion.

Nick hoped that Sharon had found peace, because she never would have found it with Adam, and if she were alive, she would have realized who Adam was. "Just like she did with you?" Adam countered. Adam opined that Nick's hatred stemmed from the fact that Sharon had left her life with Nick, and he accused Nick of not being able to face that the love of his life had chosen Adam. Nick implored Adam to keep living in his dream world, because no one cared.

Adam found it ironic that Nick had self-righteously claimed to honor Sharon's memory, while Nick and Phyllis had been planning another hatchet job on Adam. Adam expected Nick to drag him through the mud, but warned that Nick would do the same to Sharon. He scoffed at the idea that Nick "honored" Sharon with a scandalous article, while Adam was trying to fight to prove her innocence. Nick asserted that Adam was wasting his time.

Ashley left a message for Nick not to rush back, because Faith had stopped fussing. Jack joined them, and he and Ashley exchanged small talk. Jack inquired whether Tucker had seen his test market plan for the new line. Ashley said she was keeping Tucker apprised of pertinent issues. Jack noted that Ashley was having a good time with Faith, and Ashley explained that Nick had a babysitter issue, so she'd agreed to watch the girl. Jack wondered if that was such as good idea.

Ashley claimed that watching Faith was a great idea, because the girl needed a mother figure. Jack worried about everything Ashley had been through. She insisted that she was aware that Faith wasn't her daughter and that she wasn't in a fantasy world, but she loved Faith and was able to keep perspective while taking care of her. Jack reserved the right to speak up when he was concerned, and Ashley expected nothing less.

Jack declared that he was thrilled to be back at Jabot, and she conveyed her happiness for him and all of the Abbotts. He vowed that her new line would be enormously successful, and he hoped she'd return to the lab. He started to talk about new products, but she told him to slow down, and he apologized for bursting with ideas. She said her priority was Tucker, but he pointed out that she still had free time. She insisted she didn't, and he realized something was up. She informed him that Tucker had asked her to take over McCall while he was recovering, but she hadn't agreed yet. Jack realized that Ashley would effectively become his boss, if she accepted the role.

Ashley explained that Jabot was part of Tucker's holdings, so she'd be overseeing things if she stepped in for Tucker. Jack confirmed that Ashley still wanted to see Jack at the helm, but she said that she'd only take charge to the extent Tucker allowed, and that Tucker still had the final say in every decision. She couldn't make Jack any promises, but she assured him that he had nothing to worry about in the short term. Jack declared his intent to stay at Jabot for a long time, because Jabot was his, and no one would take it from him. He left to unpack his personal belongings in his office.

Nick returned to Restless Style, and Phyllis demanded to know where he'd been. Nick asked about the piece on Adam, and Phyllis worried that he'd had second thoughts. Nick clarified that he wanted on record how Adam had tried to destroy Sharon's life. He requested that they be respectful of Sharon's memory, and Phyllis agreed. He told her to rip Adam to shreds, and she bragged that Nick would like her work so far.

Phyllis and Nick discussed the article's layout, and she suggested they structure it like a résumé. He liked the idea, but she remarked that it would only be a two-page spread. He noted that it felt like old times, and he made a joke about her cooking. She pretended to be offended, and he reminded her of her lamb stew. She sarcastically noted that he'd always liked it burned on the edges, and he replied that it would have been an improvement. She playfully hit him, and he pulled her close. After a sexually charged moment, she said they couldn't go any further, and he agreed.

Adam worked with Emmet, Malcolm's photographer friend, to try to sharpen the lava image on the memory card, to no avail. Adam asked Emmet to improve the voice values, and Adam was stunned to hear Sharon's voice yelling for someone to grab her hand. The men listened to the conversation in which Sharon told Skye that she didn't want Skye to die, and Sharon subsequently tried to help Skye. Adam handed Emmet his bonus and thanked him. After Emmet left, Adam looked at Sharon's photo and wished he had found proof of her innocence before it had been too late.

Noah took Hunter to the bridge where they'd scattered Sharon's ashes. Noah remarked that it had been difficult for everyone, and Hunter pointed out that he was kind and sensitive about others' feelings, but she wondered who took care of him. He recalled that while Sharon had had many faults and had made a lot of bad decisions, she had been a good mom, and he'd always remember how brutal he had been during their last conversation. He lamented that he'd never had the chance to apologize or to say that he loved her. Hunter advised that he take time alone to try again to say goodbye.

At the dance, Sam was surprised that Sharon had changed her mind about attending, and Sharon conceded that Piper had been persuasive. Sam said all that mattered was that she was there, and they kissed. Sharon commented that the dress he'd purchased for her was beautiful, and Sam mused that she took his breath away. Piper approached and said that Sharon looked amazing. Piper's mother, Beverly, introduced herself to Sharon, and Sharon greeted Lee. Piper implored Sharon to try the pie Piper had made. As the group made small talk about pies, a woman approached and declared that she recognized Sharon, who tried to cover her panic.

The woman, Brenda, swore that she'd seen Sharon somewhere before, but Sam contended that Sharon didn't get out much. Brenda apologized and assumed that she was just shaken up from being carjacked earlier. Beverly led Brenda to get a soda, and Piper asked if Sharon knew about the square dance. Piper said her mom would rather visit with friends, so Piper suggested that Sam and Sharon square dance with Piper and Lee. Sharon agreed, and Piper excitedly ran off to tell her dad.

Sharon turned and saw Sam's state trooper friend, who reminded her that his name was Marco. He commented that Brenda was a waitress at a particular diner, and Sharon replied that she'd never been there. Marco was curious, since Brenda was excellent with faces and details, and Marco himself recalled thinking that Sharon had looked familiar when he'd first met her. She claimed that she simply had "one of those faces." Piper returned and said her dad was on board for the dance, and Sharon tried to appear excited.

The group enjoyed square dancing. Lee's phone rang, and Piper reminded him that he'd promised that work wouldn't interfere with their evening. He assured his daughter he'd be back, and Sam commented that a Federal Marshal's work was never done. Sam asked how Sharon's dancing feet were, because the band was setting up. Brenda ran in and urgently called for the police.

Brenda identified the man who'd taken her car and announced that she had caught him trying to steal another vehicle. Sharon flashed back to being carjacked by the same man, who stared incredulously at Sharon. As the carjacker frantically tried to get someone to provide him with an alibi, Sam noticed that Sharon looked upset, and he observed that the carjacker seemed to recognize her, too. Sharon claimed that the idea of a carjacking was scary, but he suspected there was more to the story. Sharon thanked Sam for caring and for everything he'd done for her.

Sharon gushed that Piper's pie was the most beautiful one she'd ever seen. Piper proclaimed that she was glad they were friends, and she hugged Sharon. Sharon admitted that she'd grown to love it there, and that getting to know Piper had been one of the best parts. At Piper's urging, Sharon confessed that she was glad she'd met Sam, too. Sam interrupted them and asked Sharon to dance with him. He held her close as they swayed to the music and looked into one another's eyes.

As the band played during a musical montage, the wild-eyed carjacker pointed animatedly toward Sharon as he told something to Lee and Marco. Ashley cuddled with Faith, while Jack forlornly looked at a photo of him and Sharon, and he put it back into a box. Phyllis continued working as Nick gazed longingly at her. Nick moved in close to peer over her shoulder, and she turned to look up at him. They fell into a passionate kiss and began to make love on the desk. Noah stood sorrowfully on the bridge, and Adam cried as he gently fondled the memory card in his hand.

The song ended, and the partygoers applauded the band. Marco tapped Sam on the shoulder, and Lee said they had to take Sharon into custody. Lee announced, "Sharon Newman, you're under arrest." A stricken Sharon looked around as her friends' jaws dropped in shock.

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