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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 4, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Due to the Independence Day holiday, ABC did not air any original episodes of its daytime lineup. All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital all aired special encore episodes.

This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, July 5, and pick up where the Friday, July 1 episode concluded.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At the hospital, Jesse approached Jake, who complained that David had heaped on the paperwork. Jesse suggested that Jake could quit, but Jake didn't want to give David the satisfaction. Jake jokingly asked how someone could get away with murder. Jesse speculated that while David was distracting Jake with paperwork, David might be keeping Jake from seeing something else. Jesse urged Jake to stay observant and to inform him if he saw or heard anything. The men agreed that they were on the same side and that they would both look out for Angie.

At Krystal's, Amanda fretted to JR that she could be pregnant, but he urged her to focus on work. She still looked upset, and he asked when she'd know more. She revealed that she had a blood test scheduled for later that day. Marissa walked in, and she expressed surprise that Amanda wasn't taking time off. JR quickly explained that Amanda had felt guilty letting work pile up, and Amanda added that she had been going crazy at home with nothing to do. Marissa noticed that Amanda didn't look well and asked if she was okay.

Amanda insisted that she was fine, and she inquired about Marissa and JR's Grand Canyon trip. JR said the vacation had been postponed, and Marissa explained that she and Bianca had gone on a trip with the kids instead. Jake arrived and provided a detailed description of the junk food he was craving, and Amanda felt nauseous. Amanda rushed outside, and Marissa followed her. Jake calmly explained to JR that Amanda didn't like Jake to see her "toss her cookies." Jake diagnosed it as morning sickness, and a stunned JR feigned happiness.

Marissa tended to Amanda outside Krystal's. Amanda felt guilty that Marissa was helping her, and Marissa wondered if JR had upset Amanda. Amanda insisted her illness wasn't work-related. Meanwhile, JR congratulated Jake, and Jake pointedly stated that stress wasn't good for a pregnant woman or her child. Jake implied that Amanda might need to scale back on work, and Marissa stormed in and cried, "JR, how could you?"

Marissa blasted JR for loading Amanda with work, but Jake blurted that Amanda might be pregnant. Marissa was happily relieved. A stricken Amanda asked that Jake take her home. The Martins left, and Marissa apologized for being so hard on JR. She commented that Jake and Amanda had looked happy, and JR said he would be, too, if he and Marissa were having a baby.

JR gushed that he wanted to fill up the mansion with a warm, loving family, and that AJ was just the beginning. An overwhelmed Marissa barked that they had just gotten back together and reprimanded JR for rushing into things. JR wondered why it was so bad that he wanted a child, and Marissa testily inquired whether AJ wasn't enough for him. He reminded her that she'd been the one to return to him and to tell AJ that they were back together. He called her out on her abrasive attitude, and he demanded to know what was going on.

Amanda and Jake arrived home, and he told her to get comfortable. He remembered her cravings when she had been pregnant with Trevor, and he offered to make her some food. Amanda stopped him, and Jake pulled her into a hug. She wanted to know right away if she was pregnant, and he assured her all would be okay. She experienced another pain, and he said he'd pull rank to have her checked out right away. They left for the hospital.

Greenlee and Kendall arrived at the Yacht Club, where Ryan revealed that Erica had spent the night in David's hotel room. The women gasped in surprise, and Kendall reasoned that Erica and David had been discussing business. Ryan pulled out the earrings he'd found next to the bed, and Kendall recognized them as a gift she'd given Erica. Ryan disclosed that the maid had admitted that Erica had been there all night. Kendall grappled for an excuse, but Greenlee thought an affair with David explained Erica's odd behavior.

Kendall insisted that Erica was committed to Jackson, but Greenlee mentioned Erica's flirtation with Caleb. Kendall thought the situations were completely different. Kendall asserted that Erica loved Jackson, but Greenlee remained skeptical. Greenlee said Jackson had put his heart on the line, and Erica had toyed with it. Greenlee and Kendall bickered over the history David shared with both Erica and Greenlee. Ryan intervened and declared that their infighting would only benefit David.

Greenlee wanted to alert Jackson, but Kendall insisted upon hearing Erica's side first. Greenlee warned Kendall that if David had control over Erica, Kendall could push Erica closer to David. Kendall left, and Ryan noted that he and Greenlee should be on their honeymoon, and he offered to whisk her away to an island. She reminded him that they'd discussed choosing their battles, and she felt it was worth fighting David to protect Jackson. He asked if she needed her armor, but she said having Ryan was all the protection she needed.

At ConFusion, Madison asked for David's opinion about her new look. He observed that she recognized that being a woman gave her power, and she wasn't afraid to use it. Madison informed him that the look had been part of her Fusion pitch, and David thought it would be successful. Madison bitterly grumbled that Greenlee had shot the idea down. David counseled Madison not to let her personal feelings interfere with a professional goal.

David explained that Madison's emotions and anger were making it easy for Greenlee to keep her down. Madison proclaimed that she had a right to be angry, but David cautioned Madison that Greenlee would use that anger to crush Madison's ambitions. Madison asked him how she could emerge on top. David said the key was Kendall. Madison realized that if she could get Kendall on her side, together they could convince Greenlee to pursue Madison's idea. David said Madison could have a bright future with the right teacher.

Madison wondered what David could teach her, and he asked for the name of the new look. She told him line was called Fierce, and he remarked that the name implied confidence and control. She inquired whether he thought of himself as fierce, and he said that people feared him because they knew what he was capable of, and he wasn't burdened by a conscience. She assumed his motivation was getting to Greenlee, but he said Madison shouldn't care about his motives, as long as Madison got what she wanted. David started to invite Madison to meet him for drinks later, but she cut him off and turned him down cold, and she proclaimed that she had taken control.

Madison returned to Fusion, and Kendall commented that Madison looked like a different person. Madison pointed out that Greenlee hadn't cared for the look, but Kendall called Madison's idea intense but good. Madison slyly inquired whether it was possible to adjust her concept so more people could see the potential, and she asked for Kendall's help. Kendall understood that Madison had been through a lot and would never get over Sara's death, but she urged Madison to use her daughter's memory as inspiration. Madison vowed to make Sara proud, and Kendall complimented Madison's instincts.

Madison said that she needed guidance, and Kendall advised that Madison take her presentation down a notch to make people feel the power of the product without fearing it. Kendall suggested that Madison soften the look and the idea to retain the passion while letting go of the anger, which had been the part that had turned Greenlee off. Kendall echoed David's sentiment that success was about confidence, not emotion.

Madison requested the chance to present her idea again in a different way. Kendall offered to talk to Greenlee about it, and Madison was grateful for the shot. Kendall said that she envisioned big things for Madison. Kendall left, and a pleased Madison smiled to herself. Later, Madison redid her makeup to something slightly more subtle and declared to herself that it was perfect.

Erica screamed that Jane was ruining Erica's life. Erica called Jane a "stupid, selfish, crazy bitch" and pushed her. Jane fell and hit her head, rendering her unconscious. Erica briefly tended to Jane, but then looked at the door and started to take off Jane's shoes. Erica swapped clothing and accessories with Jane. Ben returned and asked what had happened. Pretending to be Jane, Erica informed Ben that "Erica" had gone crazy and told Ben to see if "Erica" was all right. Ben checked and said she was breathing but knocked out cold.

"Jane" advised Ben not to allow "Erica" to try to fool him, because "Erica" was desperate. Jane awakened and tried to convince Ben that Erica had switched places with her. "Jane" accused "Erica" of attempting to escape. "Jane" declared that she had to attend a meeting and started to leave, but Ben refused to let her go until he learned the truth. "Jane" ordered Ben to use a sedative on "Erica."

Ben asked "Jane" for the security code, and Jane was stunned when Erica correctly guessed that it was her birthday. "Jane" instructed Ben to change the code, but the real Jane begged him to ask whether Erica knew the name of Jane's daughter. Erica tried to run, but Ben grabbed her. Erica called Jane stupid for sleeping with David, but Jane bragged that David had said she had been spectacular. Erica spat that Jane would be caught soon, because Jane could never possess the passion that Erica had.

Once alone, Ben told Erica that she was better at posing as Jane than Jane was at pretending to be Erica. He asked if he could get Erica anything, and she revealed that she had been planning to write another book about her life. He called it a charmed life, but she remarked that since it didn't look like she'd be going anywhere, she might as well get to work. She requested a recorder so she could dictate her thoughts.

Jesse was floored when Ryan presented him with Erica's earring, and Jesse called it circumstantial but incriminating. Jesse recounted how he'd tried to get Erica to return to the crime scene, but she had adamantly refused. Jesse found it odd that she hadn't wanted justice. Ryan still thought David might have had something to do with the kidnapping, and Jesse wondered if Ryan knew more. Ryan said no, but Jesse felt that there was something huge right under their noses.

Ryan said Erica hadn't been right since her kidnapping, and Jesse wondered how the hospital sale and Angie's dealings with David fit into the situation. Ryan strongly urged Jesse not to allow Angie anywhere near David. Jesse called Angie hard-headed, because she was determined to see Lucy. Jesse admitted that David had a record of performing medical miracles. Ryan and Jesse vowed that they wouldn't just sit around, hoping for the best, and that they wouldn't rest until they figured out David's plans.

Later, Kendall fretted to Ryan that she hadn't heard back from Erica, and she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Ryan said that Erica's love for Kendall hadn't changed, and he assured her that they'd figure it out. Kendall noted that Griffin's point of view would be helpful, since Griffin had seen David in a different light. She sadly stated that Griffin was in the field, and Ryan urged her to admit that she missed Griffin. Kendall received a call informing her that Erica had just pulled into her parking garage, and she left to confront Erica. Meanwhile, Ryan tried to track down Griffin in Chile, only to learn that Griffin had never boarded his flight.

Kendall stormed into Erica's penthouse and asked "Erica" what she'd done with Kendall's mother. Kendall accused "Erica" of acting out of character, and she demanded to know why "Erica" had stayed overnight in David's room. "Erica" insisted that she and David had been working, but Kendall speculated that David was blackmailing her over the shooting. "Erica" claimed that her relationship with David was in the past and that she was devoted to Jackson. "Erica" worriedly inquired about what people had been saying, and she hoped that Jackson hadn't heard any rumors. Kendall urged "Erica" to call Jackson immediately.

At the Yacht Club, David approached Greenlee and jeered about how long her latest marriage to Ryan would last. She accused David of putting her on the defensive because he was hiding something, but he pointed out that the hospital acquisition had been out in the open. She asked about his relationship with Erica, and he stated that they were partners. "And lovers?" Greenlee questioned. David pondered why Greenlee was so interested in his love life. She declared that she was over his games and vowed to make David pay if Jackson got hurt.

Greenlee admonished David for pulling a scam on her before, and she wondered how he'd managed to gain control over Erica. David maintained that Erica had a will of her own, and he reminded Greenlee that she herself had entered into their marriage because she had wanted to. She accused him of ducking her questions by pushing her buttons. He insisted that his romance with Erica had ended years before, but Greenlee didn't believe him. Jackson entered and asked if he needed to know what was going on.

Jackson accused David of upsetting Greenlee, and Greenlee fibbed that they had been bantering about the hospital sale. David stalked off, and Jackson said that he knew Greenlee could handle David, but he wished she would stay away from her ex. She agreed to do her best, and she left. Jackson answered his phone to "Erica," who proposed that they get away from everyone and everything.

Jackson loved the idea, and "Erica" promised to set it up as soon as she got back from a week at the spa, because she wanted to be refreshed for him. He offered to accompany her, but she turned him down and abruptly hung up. Kendall confronted "Erica" regarding "Erica's" shabby treatment of Jackson. "Erica" snapped at a stunned Kendall not to micromanage her, because she was Erica Kane, and she knew what she was doing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At Krystal's, JR was completely confused by Marissa's sudden agitation. She claimed that he was moving too fast, but as Bianca entered, JR asked why Marissa was so confused. Marissa insisted that she was not confused, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

Bianca greeted them, and in conversation, she revealed that she had a date. Another woman greeted Bianca with a kiss on the cheek. Marissa pretended that she was excited to meet Bianca's attorney friend, but was obviously rattled to learn that Bianca had a date.

Aside with Bianca, JR wondered if Bianca had noticed Marissa's attitude. He faulted himself for it, and as he distractedly sent a text message, he said he still needed Bianca's help, because she seemed to be the only person to know what was really in Marissa's heart. Bianca asserted that he had to help himself, because she wasn't a love guru. JR continued to be distracted by text messages from Amanda. Bianca grew irritated, but he claimed to be listening.

Across the room, Bianca's date asked how long Marissa had been having feelings for Bianca. Claiming not to know what the date meant, Marissa cited that she and Bianca were like family. The date noted the body language between Bianca and Marissa and guessed that Marissa was the problem in the situation. Marissa insisted that the woman's gaydar was way off-base, because Marissa was seeing JR and only wanted happiness for Bianca.

Marissa then went to JR to insist upon going home. Marissa told him that her confusion had nothing to do with him, because he'd been doing all he could to prove himself to her. JR exchanged glances with Bianca, and he left with Marissa. Bianca told her date that she was ready to have fun, but her date revealed her suspicions about Bianca and Marissa. Bianca said it wasn't what it looked like; however, the date said Bianca could call if it didn't work out with Marissa.

At the mansion, JR was still distracted by text messages, but told Marissa that he understood that he might be smothering her. Because he wanted their relationship to work, he figured he had to tell her that he'd had some help with it up to that point.

At the Martin house, Tad was surprised to find Liza on his doorstep. He was even more surprised when she planted a sultry kiss on him and made her way into the house. As Tad stammered, she said she had to prove to herself that she still had "it," but obviously, "it" had long since left her. Tad said he understood what she was going through, but his wife wouldn't. He asked what was really wrong with her, and Liza bitterly revealed that she'd been fired.

Liza stated that the mayor had fired her after she'd failed to railroad Jesse Hubbard out of a job. Liza recalled a time when she'd turn on anyone just to get what she wanted. She didn't know when she'd become so weak. Liza figured that "Tad the Cad" had transformed into "Tad the Dad," but she challenged him to show her that he still had it in him, as well.

Tad stated that he had nothing to prove, and while he was sorry about what had befallen Liza, he wasn't there to make it all better. Liza quipped that he thought he was still in the game because he had a young trophy wife. Tad said he felt lucky; however, Liza didn't want to hear a speech about his life. She strode to the door, saying that he would see, and so would Iris.

A disillusioned Liza walked through the park and tripped on her heel. She tore the heel off her shoe and accidentally lobbed it at Caleb. Caleb said he'd heard about her job, and he had a proposition for her. She quipped that for fifty bucks, she was all his. Caleb replied that he could do a whole lot better than that. Caleb asked her to work with him as his associate, because Erica was too busy with the paparazzi to involve herself in business. Liza asked for a minute to think about it, and after a moment of silence, she declined and strutted off.

Later, Liza was at ConFusion when she received a bouquet of paper flowers made from her old legal briefs. Caleb sat beside her and said the mayor wouldn't know a good lawyer if she'd tripped over one. Liza decided that she'd work for Caleb on a trial basis, and he ordered champagne to celebrate. She told him to hold off on that until he got her fee.

At the hospital, Amanda and Jake arrived to see a doctor. Cara entered to say Amanda's doctor was delayed. As Jake looked for the doctor, Cara began Amanda's paperwork. Amanda said she might be pregnant, and Cara apologized for causing Amanda any pain. Amanda apologized for her part; however, Cara sensed more was going on with Amanda. Cara offered to listen in confidence, but Amanda claimed she had nothing to talk about.

Jake returned, and Cara said all they needed was a simple blood test. As Jake waited for Amanda's appointment to end, Cara mused that she'd thought another marriage would be dull and predictable after her last one; however, with Tad, she learned something new each day. Jake still wasn't totally comfortable with her being married to his brother. Cara said Tad made it easier, and she hoped Amanda did the same for Jake.

In the exam room, Amanda wondered why the doctor had done a pap smear, but the doctor said it was just a precaution. Amanda found Jake in the lounge, and Cara watched them leave for a stroll around the hospital. Tad approached Cara and said she looked like she could use his handkerchief. Spotting lipstick on it, she asked if he had something to tell her.

Tad explained what had transpired with Liza, and Cara said the situation was awkward. He told her that she wasn't the only one with a past, and Cara decided that she could handle it, because she liked all sides of Tad. He mentioned that she'd been crying while watching Jake and Amanda, but Cara denied it as a nurse handed her Amanda's test results.

Cara took the results to Amanda's exam room and revealed that Amanda was not pregnant. Amanda guessed it wasn't meant to be, but Jake said it wasn't meant to be that time. He went to pull the car around, and Amanda guessed that Cara had more to say about the results. Cara didn't want to speculate about them; however, Amanda implored her to give an opinion. Cara said Amanda had HPV, which was a sexually transmitted disease that could lead to cancer.

Cara advised Amanda to tell Jake about it immediately, but Amanda refused. Reminding Cara that their remarks were confidential, Amanda stormed out. Later, Amanda sent JR a text message that said she wasn't pregnant. Amanda and Jake went home, and he tried to reassure her about getting pregnant. He got her some water, and she hurriedly looked up the disease on the Internet.

As Tad and Cara arrived home, Tad turned the discussion back to how painful it was for Cara to see Jake and Amanda together. Cara admitted that it hurt, but she wanted Jake to be happy. Cara said she was grateful to Tad, and she kissed him. "I want a divorce," he replied.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, JR confessed to Marissa that he'd had help wooing her. She suspiciously inquired if it had been a group effort, but he explained that he'd wanted input to ensure she was aware of how much he loved her, and he had followed some advice to be honest. Scott entered and scoffed at the idea of JR willingly telling the whole truth. JR barked at Scott that he and Marissa had been having a personal conversation, and Scott sat down and told them to continue.

JR and Scott bickered, and Scott complained that he had been doing most of the work on the gatehouse himself. Marissa mentioned Bruce, the contractor JR had hired, but Scott revealed that Bruce had rarely shown up. Scott accused JR of paying Bruce off, but Marissa intervened and asked for a moment alone with JR. Scott left, and Marissa demanded to know who had been helping JR to win Marissa over. He admitted that he had consulted with Bianca.

JR jokingly noted that he had taken love advice from a lesbian, and Marissa became defensive. He clarified that Bianca had seen how much he'd changed and how much he loved Marissa. Marissa wondered if Bianca had told him exactly what to say. He said Bianca's advice hadn't been earth-shattering, but he had been willing to take all the help he could get to win back the woman he loved. His phone rang, and Marissa urged him to answer it, while she returned to Krystal's to supposedly retrieve a credit card. She half-heartedly assured him they were on good terms.

Bianca threw herself into work at Fusion. Kendall wondered what had happened to Bianca's date, and Bianca tersely explained that it hadn't worked out. Bianca asked if Kendall had heard from Griffin, and Kendall became flustered when Bianca tried to get Kendall to admit that she was crazy about him. Ryan entered and also inquired about Griffin, and Kendall testily said Griffin hadn't been in touch. Ryan informed the Kane women that Griffin had never boarded the plane. Kendall panicked, and Bianca tried to calm her town by insisting that the situation was completely different from Zach's crash.

Kendall recalled how she'd tried to convince herself that everything had been fine when she had left countless messages for Zach before she'd learned of his death. Bianca assured Kendall that Griffin had likely just changed his plans. Kendall pointed out that Griffin could go to prison if he didn't show up to perform community service. Ryan believed there was a logical explanation, and Bianca asked why Ryan needed to contact Griffin. Ryan explained that he was looking for answers about how David had coerced Erica into their partnership or anything else.

Bianca demanded to know what Ryan meant, and Kendall disclosed that David and Erica had spent the night together. Bianca thought David was using Erica, but she blasted Erica for not considering Jackson's feelings. Bianca declared that she was tired of people running away from those who could make them happy. She asked that Ryan and Kendall contact her if they heard anything about Griffin, and she left. Kendall realized that her sister's consternation had nothing to do with Erica.

Ryan speculated to Kendall that David had something to do with Griffin going missing, but Kendall thought David and Griffin's connection was limited to a mentorship in medical school. Kendall adamantly contended that Griffin would never fall for David's head games, but Ryan pointed out that he had thought the same about Erica. Kendall asserted that Griffin always kept his promises and had spent his life saving people. Ryan reminded her that Griffin had stolen drugs, and Kendall realized she'd gone overboard in her defense of Griffin. She wished she had a clue why Griffin hadn't boarded his flight, and she left with Ryan to investigate.

Marissa arrived at Krystal's, where Marissa informed Krystal that she'd needed to get out of the house. Krystal realized that Marissa was stressed about JR, and she offered to give her daughter advice, but Krystal was distracted by a phone call. Marissa flashed back to JR's admission that Bianca had helped him. Marissa turned and saw Bianca walk through the door.

Marissa approached Bianca and asked why Bianca wasn't at the gallery opening, and Bianca said that she and her date hadn't been a match. Bianca assumed that Marissa was meeting JR, but Marissa explained that he was working at home. Marissa confronted Bianca with the knowledge that Bianca had helped JR by giving him suggestions about how to get Marissa back. Bianca was surprised that JR would share the credit. Bianca admitted that she had given JR the music box, because she'd known it would mean a lot to Marissa.

A shocked Marissa realized that Bianca's involvement had been more extensive than she'd thought, and she wondered why Bianca would make such a gesture. Bianca apologized if Marissa was upset that she'd helped JR, but she explained that it had looked like JR and Marissa had been falling back in love. Marissa snapped that there was a difference between helping and manipulating the situation. Bianca pointed out that she'd known Marissa had wanted her family back together, but Marissa was angry that she'd been led to believe that JR had really been listening to her. Marissa realized that the afternoon in the park with the orange soda had been Bianca's idea, and JR had blatantly lied that it had been his own.

Marissa blasted Bianca for acting like her friend and for plotting behind her back. Bianca blurted that she'd recommended that JR do those loving things, because she hadn't been able to do them herself. Marissa was shocked, and Bianca calmly stated that she'd simply helped JR and that Marissa was freaking out because Bianca was a lesbian with a crush. Marissa denied it, and Bianca suggested that they shouldn't see one another for a while. Marissa coldly agreed, and Bianca quietly exited.

At the Chandler mansion, Mookie arrived to see Maya, who helped Asher down the stairs. Asher apologized again for slugging Mookie, who assured Asher it wasn't a problem. Colby and Asher left for a doctor's appointment, and Maya blasted Mookie for visiting her at work. Mookie informed her that he'd changed his mind about returning to New York and that he planned to stay in Pine Valley to be near her.

Mookie declared that Maya didn't have to work at the mansion anymore, but she asserted that she liked her job. Scott entered the room while on a phone call, and Mookie and Maya overheard Scott angrily fire Bruce. Mookie asked if Scott needed a replacement, and Maya reluctantly vouched for him. Scott asked if Mookie could start immediately, and Mookie agreed to start that day. Scott left, and Maya sharply asked what Mookie was doing. Mookie said he'd taken the job to be close to her.

Mookie picked up a photo from the table, and Maya ordered him to put it down. He did, and he was irritated when she adjusted its position. He tried to kiss her, but she cringed and explained that she'd be fired if they were caught. He reiterated that he'd never hit her again and attempted again to pull her into a kiss, but she pushed him away. He stalked off.

JR confronted Scott at the gatehouse construction site about firing Bruce. Scott called JR out on his scheme for Bruce to never show up for work. Scott remembered a time when Chandlers got along, like their fathers had. Scott declared his intent to honor Stuart's compassion and integrity and to be just like his father. JR sarcastically asked if Scott's prison time had made him more like Stuart, and Scott replied that it had made him try harder, because his memory of Stuart reminded him of what mattered. JR called rebuilding the gatehouse a waste, and Scott said that JR might be the Chandler in charge, but he'd never be half the man Adam had been. Scott announced that he planned to live at the gatehouse.

JR warned Scott that he was on the Chandler estate, but Scott asserted that Stuart had owned the land under the gatehouse, so he'd be free of the Chandler poison but close to those he loved, like AJ. JR assumed that Scott also meant Marissa, and Scott said she needed someone on her side. JR insisted he and Marissa were back together, but Scott was determined to stay close in case she needed him. JR ordered Scott to stay out of his relationship with Marissa. Scott wondered if he could make Marissa see what a big mistake she had made by reuniting with JR.

JR and Scott returned to the mansion, and JR taunted Scott about Scott's failed romance with Madison. Scott countered that he didn't need to say anything to Marissa, because JR would screw their relationship up all on his own. Later, Marissa returned to the mansion, where Scott noticed that she was obviously upset, so he escorted her to see the progress of the gatehouse. JR glowered as he watched them leave.

At the hospital, Asher explained to Frankie that he'd been in a fight and that he had taken a few extra pills to deal with the pain. Frankie reprimanded Asher for taking more medication than prescribed and warned that he knew first-hand how easy it was to get into trouble with medication. Frankie offered to refill the prescription, but for fewer pills and more time between doses. Colby promised Asher would stick to Frankie's instructions. Frankie left, and Asher worried that she'd made him sound like a druggie. She cooed that she was just looking out for him.

Asher and Colby arrived home, and he asked if she had his pills. She pointed out that he'd just taken one and couldn't have another for over five hours. They agreed to meet at the pool, and she ran upstairs to change. He took the pills from her purse. Later, Asher lay by the pool and contemplated popping another pill. Colby looked down from the balcony and called out that she would pick up sodas on the way down. While she was en route, he swallowed another pill.

Cara told Tad that she wanted Jake to be happy, just like she was happy with Tad. He doubted her words, but she insisted that she was grateful to Tad, and she kissed him. He declared that he wanted a divorce. Cara looked at him in disbelief, and he clarified that they needed to take a serious step back, because he wanted more than a marriage based on gratitude.

Tad claimed that he'd gotten more marriages wrong than right and that he had been too selfish, but Cara believed he wasn't that type of guy anymore. He said their marriage had been his chance to do something good, and she noted that he had. He explained that he had married her as a selfless act to help someone wonderful, but he wasn't comfortable with a marriage in name only any longer.

Tad fretted that everyone had warned him that he couldn't pull off a fake marriage. He listed numerous things that he admired about Cara, including her heart and her ability to make him laugh, and he stated that he couldn't fight his feelings. He confessed that their marriage had become more than a good deed. She mused that he'd saved her life, but he didn't want to hear all the things she was grateful for. He acknowledged that it drove him crazy to spend nights apart and to want something that she didn't. "Who says I don't?" she countered.

Cara remarked that she and Tad could have acted like two people sharing space during a three-year sentence, but Tad had made it fun and had treated her like she was part of the family. She reiterated that she was grateful to him, but they were also more than friends, and it could lead to other things. Tad thought she was trying to talk herself into having feelings, and she admitted that she wasn't sure what she felt. She insisted that she was over Jake, but Tad commented that romantic love didn't evolve out of gratitude, and they had both experienced a magical kind of love that had changed their lives forever. He was too proud to let either of them settle for anything less.

Ryan and Kendall interrupted Tad and Cara, and asked Cara where Griffin was. Cara said she hadn't heard from her brother, and Kendall revealed that Griffin had never gotten on the plane. Cara worried that Griffin could be in violation of his court order. Cara checked her phone, but there were no messages. Tad promised to use his investigative skills to find Griffin, and Kendall and Ryan left. Cara started to leave for the hospital, but she asserted that she wasn't trying to avoid finishing their talk, though she didn't know how to fix their situation. Tad declared that there was only one way to make things work.

Tad said that their marriage had started with no strings, and he'd only wanted to keep Cara safe. He suggested that they keep it that way, with no forced dates or kisses, and that they should just act like roommates. Cara asked if that was what he really wanted, and he said he didn't want to fix something that wasn't broken. He felt that they could part ways after three years with no guilt or pain. Cara left for the hospital, and Tad placed a call to track down Griffin.

Ryan and Kendall arrived at the hospital, where she planned to meet with the cardiologist Griffin had recommended. Ryan was determined to help find Griffin. She called Ryan a "multi-tasking hero," and he departed. Once alone, Kendall flashed back to memories she'd shared with Griffin in the hospital. She placed her hand over her heart as it began to race.

Ryan tried to get a janitor to let him into David's hospital office, but the janitor declined. Ryan said he understood, and he walked around the corner. Ryan used his camera to observe the code that the janitor punched into the keypad on David's door. Ryan waited until the worker left, and then he entered the code and gained access to David's office.

A nurse determined that Kendall's heart rate was elevated and advised that the doctor would be in shortly. The nurse left, and Kendall followed her and called out to forget the doctor, because she was fine. Her voice trailed off when she spotted a man in the hallway. The man turned around, and she was shocked when she locked eyes with Griffin.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Griffin approached Kendall after she spotted him at the hospital. Kendall questioned why Griffin was in Pine Valley, but Griffin was more concerned about Kendall's health. Kendall told him that her heart rate had been elevated, but that she was fine. Griffin didn't believe Kendall and pulled her into a nearby exam room.

Griffin checked Kendall's heart rate and determined that it was back to normal. Griffin still wanted to run some tests, but Kendall tried to reject them, as Griffin was no longer her doctor. Griffin said that he would get in touch with her new doctor, and then asked why Kendall's heart rate was elevated in the first place. After a brief pause, Kendall admitted that she was upset that no one knew where he was, and he'd worried Cara. Kendall demanded to know what had happened.

Griffin told her that he'd missed his original flight, and that the next flight wasn't departing until the following day. Griffin said he'd been put up at a hotel near the airport, where he'd had a lot of time to think. Griffin had thought about all of the things that had happened to him since he'd arrived in Pine Valley, and everything he'd be leaving.

Before Griffin could talk more specifically, Jake walked by. Jake stopped short, stunned to see his ex-brother-in-law. Jake wanted to know if Griffin would be staying, but to avoid answering questions, Griffin called in the tests he wanted to be run on Kendall. In the interim, Kendall assured Jake that she'd been checked out and was fine. Griffin tried to escape but before he could go, Jake delivered some news about who'd been covering Griffin's workload. Griffin, unhappy about the news, rushed off.

Griffin returned to Kendall's room and pretended to be exasperated at having to take her blood. As he did, Kendall asked again why he'd returned to Pine Valley. Griffin told her that he was concerned about specific cases he'd been involved in. Before he could push any further, Cara flew into the room. As she hugged her brother, Jake revealed that Griffin was back on staff.

Jake left to complete the paperwork, and Cara asked Griffin the same question Kendall had asked. When Griffin gave the same answer, Cara let it go, but her face revealed that she didn't believe him. Just then, Griffin was called away to attend to a patient that was crashing. Before he ran out of the room, Griffin asked Cara to process Kendall's labs. Once he was gone, Cara told Kendall that despite what Griffin had said, his patients were not why he'd decided to stay in town.

Kendall said that the only part she had played in Griffin's return was as one of his patients. Cara ignored Kendall's stonewall tactics and pointed out that Kendall looked upset. Cara told Kendall that Griffin didn't mean to be cold. Cara informed Kendall that Griffin didn't know how to deal with his feelings because he'd never been in a real relationship. Kendall's alarms went off, and she immediately made an excuse so she could leave.

Griffin returned to the room a few minutes later, and Cara told him that Kendall had needed to leave. Griffin took one look at his sister's face and asked if she thought he should run after Kendall. Cara looked smug and insisted that Griffin was grown up enough to make his own decisions. Cara added that Griffin's return to Pine Valley was a major decision.

Cara told Griffin that there were other things in life besides work. Cara told her brother than she loved him, and said that he needed to realize that other people loved him too. Cara left, and Jake showed up moments later. Jake informed Griffin that he was officially reinstated. Jake noted that Griffin would have to have his community service transferred, but Griffin didn't seem to hear him. Without a response, Griffin walked off.

Erica told Ben that they should use the equipment Jane had installed to record Erica's new book. Erica pulled a dress from the closet for inspiration. When Ben indicated that the recording had begun, Erica said that in her newest book, Uncensored, she would reveal all there was to know about Erica Kane, no holds barred.

Erica talked about the three best-sellers that she'd already written. Erica said that although she'd explored some hard-hitting topics in those books, she wanted to delve deeper. Erica talked of her plans to discuss the woman behind the glitter and fame, a woman who'd started out as a little girl who'd been hurt.

Erica mentioned her mother, and said that Mona had been a wonderful woman. Although it had been years since Mona passed away, Erica admitted that she missed her mother every day. Erica's father, however, was a different story. Erica said that her father had never loved her, and had done things to her that no father should ever do.

Erica talked about how her father had abandoned her and her mother to find success in Hollywood. Erica talked about how the lies and cheating on Mona weren't the worst things he did. Erica wanted to hate her father, but couldn't. When her father died, Erica had thought she would finally be able to find peace. Instead, she had still expected her father to show up to rescue her when she was hurt or in trouble.

Erica apologized to Ben for the amount of painful memories she'd revealed so quickly. Erica turned away from the two-way mirror and said that being in the room alone made her feel abandoned. Erica said the feeling reminded her of her father. Concerned, Ben asked Erica if she was okay.

Amanda tracked Cara down at Krystal's restaurant and asked about her test results. Cara said that the results weren't in, and advised Amanda to try to calm down. Amanda was upset at the possibility that she could have an STD. Both women turned toward the door at that moment and saw JR enter the restaurant. JR's phone rang as he approached the duo, so he set his briefcase down and stepped away to take the call.

Cara said that she would contact Amanda as soon as she received the results. Amanda insisted that Cara not alert JR or anyone at the hospital to the tests that were being run. Cara assured Amanda that she was protected by doctor/patient confidentiality. Cara left just as JR returned to the table. Amanda sat down and attempted to start their business meeting.

When Amanda couldn't find her draft of a press release, JR knew something was wrong. Although Amanda tried to dismiss JR's query, JR continued to try to find out what Cara had said to upset Amanda. Amanda offered that she and Cara had been talking about family business. JR didn't believe her and asked if Amanda was still bothered by the pregnancy scare. Amanda said that she was still a little shaken up but would be fine. JR said that they both needed to let the incident go and relax. Without thinking, Amanda said that she wasn't able to do that. JR tried his best to soothe Amanda's nerves, but nothing worked. Amanda finally admitted that she might have an STD.

Shocked, JR almost shouted Amanda's revelation for the whole restaurant to hear. Amanda said that she wouldn't be certain until the test results were returned. JR pointed out that if Amanda had an STD, she could have given it to him. Outraged, Amanda said that JR was the culprit if the test was positive. JR said that he'd gotten tested after things ended with Annie, and he'd gotten a clean bill of health.

Amanda said that the only person she'd slept with recently besides JR was her husband. JR suggested that the STD might have originated from someone Amanda was with before she married Jake. Amanda didn't want to think about the possibility. She told JR that they needed to stay calm and wait for the results. Unable to focus on work, JR gathered his things and told Amanda to call him the moment the results were received.

Moments after he walked out, Cara called with Amanda's results. Amanda rushed over to the hospital and barely missed running into Jake. After Jake said goodbye to Cara and left, Amanda approached Cara. Cara walked Amanda away from the nurses' station, and said that Amanda had tested positive for HPV.

Ryan broke into David's office at the hospital and started to look around. The door opened unexpectedly, and an assistant let Angie in. Ryan froze behind the door as Angie noted that she was early for her appointment. The assistant told Angie that David was fine with Angie waiting in his office. Ryan tried to sneak out, but Angie's heightened senses alerted her. Angie sat up straight and asked who was in the office with her.

Ryan decided to reveal his identity, and Angie wanted to know why Ryan was there. Ryan ignored her question and asked why Angie would meet with David without backup. Angie said that she and David were in the talking stage only. Angie said that although David had hurt a lot of people, he'd helped just as many. Angie steered the conversation back to Ryan and re-asked her question. Ryan said that he was looking for evidence to explain the hospital sale in more detail. Ryan was certain that David was keeping something hidden. Ryan begged Angie not to tell David he'd been there.

David's assistant returned and told Angie that David had been delayed. The assistant asked if Angie wanted to reschedule, but Angie declined. The assistant closed the door again, and Ryan thanked Angie for not revealing his presence. Angie said that she was just as suspicious of David as Ryan was. Angie said that her treatment would require that she spend a substantial amount of time with David. Angie planned to do some subtle probing to see if she could find out more information regarding David's motives.

Ryan wanted to know why Angie would entrust her future to David. Angie said that although no one liked to admit it, everyone knew that David had worked miracles in the past. As Ryan continued to look around the office, Angie made a confession. She said that she wanted a shot at her miracle so that she could see her husband and children. Just then, Ryan moved a heating vent cover and was sure he'd found something. Ryan said that there were hinges on one side of the grate. He grabbed a letter opener and worked at the edge. The cover swung open and revealed a safe.

Ryan was dismayed that he couldn't crack the safe without tools. He and Angie agreed that the safe meant David had something to hide. Ryan mentioned that the only thing that sat out in the office were boxes of files. Angie asked Ryan to read the labels from the files. When he did, Angie identified them as standard medical records. Ryan next uncovered a file simply labeled "P.O.". Angie asked what was in the file. Ryan told her that the file contained a keycard labeled "Project Orpheus."

David stopped by his room at the Yacht Club and found Jane sprawled out on his bed. David was alarmed because "Erica" was supposed to be out of town. Jane said that she needed some relief from the questions that had been thrown at her. Jane swore that she'd been careful getting to David's room. David wasn't sure that was possible. Jane said that she couldn't leave David, and pulled him into a kiss.

David only allowed the kiss to last for a few moments before he pulled away. David was certain that Jane had been spotted on her way to his room. David was also concerned that Erica's family was starting to be concerned with Jane's erratic behavior. Jane wanted to throw caution to the wind so that she could be with David. When David didn't automatically drop everything and make love to her, Jane was offended.

David said that he needed to make sure they weren't being watched by one of Ryan's spies. David added that if the coast was clear, Jane needed to leave. Jane was irate and revealed that David had taken her virginity. Jane said that their lovemaking had rearranged her priorities. David was unfazed, and Jane thought that David was using her. David protested, but he'd pushed Jane too far. She snatched her clothes up and warned David that he would pay if she found out that she was just a pawn in his game.

Jane got dressed and was prepared to storm out of the room. David told Jane that he'd been disconnected from his family for a long time. David said that he sensed Jane understood what it was like to have family that regarded one of their own as a monster. David said that Jane's understanding of his level of pain was what made the bond between them so strong. David swore that what he was telling Jane was more than he'd ever told anyone before. As Jane looked at David, stunned, David confessed that he was falling in love with Jane.

They started to kiss, but Jack's loud banging on the door interrupted them. Jack called to David, and demanded to know what he'd done to Erica. Jane hid in David's closet while David let Jack into his room. Jack demanded to know what David had done to Erica. David insisted that Erica had entered into a business deal with him of her own free will, and that she was happy. Jack didn't believe that Erica could be happy with the way David was working her.

Unable to resist, David pointed out that Erica must have had better things to do than spend time with her fiancÚ. Disgusted, Jack walked out of the room. Jane emerged from the closet and wanted to ignore what had happened. David insisted that Jane do something to get Jack under control. Jane thought that she should be able to do whatever she wanted. David said that carelessness would end up getting Jane arrested. Jane didn't want that, so she agreed to talk to Jack.

David finally arrived at his office and apologized for his lateness. David indicated that the plan for the day would be to dilate Angie's eyes to determine the extent of the scarring from the infection, as well as to take more skin samples. Angie was irritated because David hadn't mentioned the tests before. Angie also blasted David because she felt he had led her to believe the treatment would be an absolute. David said that as a doctor, Angie should have known that no medical procedure was ever perfect.

David reminded Angie that only a few people knew about the procedure, and said he didn't feel as though Angie was grateful. Angie said that she still resented David for all the harm he'd caused in the past. Angie admitted that she had to put her faith in David. In return, Angie demanded that David find a way to restore her sight. Meanwhile, Ryan started to do some research on Orpheus and the project bearing his name.

Kendall told her sons to have fun at their sleepover, and ended the call. Moments later, her doorbell rang. Kendall was slightly taken aback when she saw Griffin at her threshold. Griffin told Kendall that she shouldn't have left the hospital so abruptly. Irritated that the purpose for Griffin's visit was to scold Kendall, she told Griffin to leave.

Griffin stormed into the house and said that he had something important to tell her. Griffin threw his jacket on the floor and blurted out that he had returned to Pine Valley for her. As the jacket fell open, a Project Orpheus card became visible.

Jack called and left another message in Erica's voicemail. Just as he hung up the phone, Jane walked into the room. None the wiser, Jack asked "Erica" where she'd been and why she hadn't replied to any of his messages. Jane ignored the inquiries and instead asked Jack to make love to her.

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