One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on OLTL

Todd was convicted of Margaret's death, but Evangeline still believed in his innocence. Duke hired Layla to work at Buchanan Enterprises. Rex decided to pursue a career as a private investigator. John was suspended for killing a junkie who had taken Michael hostage. Nash and Tess grew closer, though Viki pleaded with Nash to let Tess go.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, January 23, 2006

In an interrogation room at the LPD, Todd begs Bo to allow him to see his kids before he potentially goes away for murder. Starr is home, unsuccessfully pressing Blair to reveal her testimony, and concludes her mom doesn't believe Todd is innocent. When Todd calls, Blair hangs up on him. Bo calls right back; the combination of he and Spencer (who's at Blair's) get Blair to allow Todd and his kids a visit. Blair seems slightly moved listening to Todd tenderly telling Jack he may be gone for awhile, then swearing his innocence to Starr (who believes him).

At the Angel Square diner, Layla informs "Vange" that she wants the job at BE. Though Evangeline disagrees that Layla and BE will be a match, she supports her. On a food run, John happens upon his onetime love, and brings up her spirits with a pair of lawyer jokes. Without the cloud of relationship issues, the two truly seem to enjoy one another's company.

Meeting Todd at the LPD, Evangeline learns the verdict is in. Given the short time taken to reach it, no one is optimistic.

Duke arrives at Kelly's with some of new resident Kevin's belongings; he's a little surprised to learn from Kelly that his dad is in a meeting, but doesn't stress about it. Layla soon calls him and asks to meet him at the diner. Long hair wrapped up and best show of manners on display, a very composed Layla puts on such a nice performance for Duke that he hires her at BE.

The only true meeting Kev has is at LH, where Michael informs him that while his system is 100% virus-free, he has a very low sperm count and nearly impossible odds of impregnating Kelly anytime soon.

At LH, Viki has just wrapped up her checkup with Paige, one that Clint has no idea about when he storms into the hospital wrought with worry that Viki is "in the hospital". A passing Kevin blurts the news about Nash moving into Asa's, which ticks Viki off. Soon, Viki learns from Bo the verdict is in.

Sullen, Kevin treads to his new home to break the news to his young fiancée. Clad in lingerie and fully prepared to conceive, Kelly can't believe Kevin isn't also in the mood. Just as he's about to explain why, he gets a call---the verdict is in.

Also at the diner, Marcie happens upon Rex. Helping herself to some of his food, she shares the news that she and Michael have reunited, earning very forced congratulations from Rex. They go to the hospital, and while Marcie tells Michael that "The Killing Club" is going into paperback, Rex inadvertently reveals to Paige that he's searching for her son. Though stunned, Paige knows if Bo trusts Rex, she can too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Roxy questions Rex's motivations for working so hard to help Bo. Spencer lends Blair his moral support as she prepares her children for the upcoming verdict. Meanwhile, Evangeline urges her client not to give up hope and promises she'll continue to appeal his case until he's acquitted. Fearful that Todd is about to be convicted of murder, Viki prays for her brother. Adriana thanks Rex for giving her enough confidence to do the photo shoot at Craze. Out of Starr and Jack's earshot, Blair vows to a secretly pleased Spencer that Todd will never be allowed near her kids again. As Evangeline second guesses the defense she mounted, John reminds the dejected lawyer that Todd alone is responsible for whatever punishment is meted out. Rex explains to Adriana why he believes in Todd's innocence. Natalie and Jessica keep their grateful mother company as she heads to the courthouse. Dorian flirts with an uneasy Hugh in front of David. Assuring her brother she knows he is innocent, Viki reminds Todd she'll always love him no matter what. Later, as the jury files back in, Todd searches for Blair among the courtroom spectators and is upset to see her with Spencer. Jessica grows jumpy and decides to leave before the verdict is read. Todd is found guilty of first degree murder.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Guilty of all charges is what everyone hears at Todd's trial. Chaos ensues as Todd flips over the table and screams for Blair; the judge calls for order. There is shock, along with tears and disbelief among people in the courtroom, except for Spencer and Denton who try hard to hide their smiles. Blair is rushed out and home by David, Dorian and Spencer. It's difficult to look at the Welcome Home Daddy sign left behind by Starr and Jack. Viki worries about Jessica's reaction since she's so close to Todd, as she sadly follows her brother on his trip to the police station with Bo, while he still proclaims his innocence. Clint worries about Viki's health as she consoles Todd. Todd is only concerned that she look out for Blair, requesting that no appeal be made on his behalf. It would only be a waste of time and he's lost everything anyway, he concedes. This angers Viki who persuades him to not give up for his children and Blair. John makes an attempt to comfort Evangeline who asks him to help her find the real person responsible for the murders. As far as he's concerned the case is closed unless there's evidence to the contrary, he tells her. As Starr sits with Matthew at the diner he talks about his own mom not being around. When she hears the decision on the radio she flees to the bathroom. She's discovered missing when Dorian and David get there to retrieve her. Going against what he would normally do, David calls Spencer and asks for help in locating the teenager. Blair forces him to disclose the nature of the phone call and after he leaves with promises to locate Starr, she heads out as well.

Spencer shows up at the diner and after speaking with Matthew is tipped off on where to possibly find Starr. Luck is with him as he locates her in church where she's decided to tell God that he's a fraud because her dad is innocent. He convinces her to go home but not before she suggests that her prayer will find the real murderer rotting in hell. Bo heads to the diner, learns about Starr and promises Matthew that he'll look for her if Spencer can't find her. He tells his son that he is hopeful that his mom will wake up, not deluded as Starr suggested. Blair shows up at the station, figuring that she would find Starr there. She's wrong but tells Todd that he ruined Starr's life and she will help her to put it back together. He replies that they still love each other but she heads for the door. Evangeline can't accept John's offer of trying to be her friend even though it felt good to cry on his shoulder days earlier. She's lost too much, has too much on her plate and needs to concentrate on helping Todd to not get the death penalty instead.

Rex hands Adriana the envelope that she left behind in the courtroom and when she drops it, she's embarrassed that pictures from her photo shoot fall out. He informs her that he's enrolled in a school to become a private investigator thanks to her. She inspired him by working so diligently at the Craze office. No one else is to know though.

As Marcie rehearses a beautiful but haunting song for Michael, there are scenes of togetherness and consolation and sadness from many of the town's citizens. Adriana and Rex, Bo and Matthew. Starr is home with Blair, Evangeline cries as John looks on, even David and Dorian share the same space among others. Viki cries as Todd is taken to Statesville. She leans into Clint's arms.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

While visiting a still-comatose Nora, R.J. delights in Todd's guilty verdict by sharing the news with her. Minutes later, Lindsay overhears R.J. tell Nora that he plans to propose that night. Unfortunately, she doesn't hear him confess it was only in effort to wake Nora. Later, Lindsay rehearses her reaction while she waits for R.J. in a restaurant. She tells Rex what she overheard, and he asks her what she's going to say. After thinking for a moment, she becomes excited and tells Rex she wants to marry R.J. When R.J. shows up at the restaurant he says he has a gift for Lindsay. Before he can show her what it is, Lindsay earnestly accepts his "proposal"—only to be heartbroken seconds later when she finds out that R.J. said what he said for shock value.

Rex tells Bo the man who handled the adoption of Paige's son is dead, and confesses that this case might be over his head. Bo encourages Rex to keep digging, and he agrees.

Over at Craze, Dorian is still rejoicing in Todd's being found guilty. Her good mood is altered, however, when she has mixed feelings about Adriana's cover. Relenting, she signs off on it. They disagree about Rex. Adriana fantasizes that she and Rex have a tryst in the Craze office. Dorian finds out that the model actually did show up, and left after "someone" told her she would have to work with snakes. Adriana calls Rex and demands he come to Craze. Dorian listens proudly as her daughter angrily confronts Rex about his lie, but leaves before Adriana softens at his claim that he only wanted to be the guy that made her dreams come true. Adriana tells Rex to, "stay out of my dreams." Sensing that Adriana isn't as angry with him as she says, Rex tries to coax her true feelings out. He gets close, but she orders him to leave.

Down at the police station, the cops are forced to let a junkie loose on the streets because of a technicality. John loses his temper when the junkie makes advances on Natalie. He is reprimanded by Dr. Crosby. While waiting for Bo in his office, a photograph of Bo and Matthew inspires John to remember (flashback) comforting Michael as a child, after their father's death. He told his brother that their dad was good cop, and "that's the best thing you can be." Bo tries to get John to open up about what's bothering him, but he is unsuccessful.

Carlotta and Cristian discuss Natalie while babysitting Jamie in the park. They decide that although Cristian shouldn't give up hope, trying to push Natalie into giving him a second chance might only end up pushing her away. The junkie from the police station almost assaults Carlotta in the park, but Cristian comes to his mother's rescue. The junkie flees. On her way back from the station, Natalie runs into the three Vegas. After Carlotta excuses herself and Jamie, Cristian reminds Natalie of the dreams they once had of a family of their own. Natalie says that those dreams died when he did. Cristian responds by saying he isn't dead, and pulls her into an unexpected kiss. When Natalie claims to be unaffected by it, Cristian tells her he still knows when she's lying.

Michael spies the junkie snooping around the hospital for drugs. When asked for help, Michael refuses, threatening to call security. Later, he goes to the church to meet Marcie, who has been rehearsing her song with Reverend Stevens. However, when he gets there, they are nowhere to be seen and the church appears empty...until the junkie walks through the front door and pulls a gun on him! Fortunately, Reverend Stevens witnesses Michael's trouble and leaves to call the police. As he does, a door closes, distracting the criminal. Michael seizes his opportunity, and they struggle over the gun. At the station, John takes the call. When he arrives at the scene and sees that it is his brother who has a gun pointed at him, he takes matters into his own hands, firing at the junkie.

Friday, January 27, 2006

John walks through the church doors and opens fire, putting three bullets into the strung out junkie who is holding Michael hostage. As the junkie falls dead to the church floor, Michael flips out. He checks the guy's pulse, and then starts berating John for putting both of their lives in danger. John is stoic, insisting that he needed to do what he did in order to save Michael's life. Michael is amazed by his brother's complete lack of emotion. John orders the area secured, and soon Bo shows up, demanding McBain's weapon. John hands it over, but maintains to Bo that he did nothing wrong. Bo is concerned that John fired three times, and also that he put Michael's life at risk. He orders John to be escorted to the station by another officer in order to undergo questioning by Internal Affairs. After John leaves, Michael tells Bo that he is worried. He says that John has finally lost control and that he's afraid he'll end up dead, just like their father.

At the station, Dr. Crosby and a representative from Internal Affairs rip into John for his careless behavior. John tries to brush them off, but he is ordered to hand over his badge immediately. John argues that he doesn't have to hand it over for 24 hours, but Dr. Crosby insists that if he doesn't, he will be locked up. Evangeline enters the station in time to witness John hand over his badge. After he storms out, Dr. Crosby asks her why she is not going after him. "He doesn't want me," Evangeline says. "He doesn't want anybody right now."

Evangeline had come to the station from Todd and Blair's penthouse, where she has just engaged in a verbal sparring match with Blair. Evangeline cannot believe that Blair has really given up on Todd, but Blair stands firm by her decision. She tells Van that she can't possibly understand how many times Todd has lied to her. Evangeline insists that this time, Todd is not lying. Blair screams at her that she knows the truth, and Evangeline asks her who she's trying to convince: Evangeline or herself. Starr comes downstairs in time to witness Blair's cold remarks about her father, and she immediately gives her mother a piece of her own mind. Spencer arrives on the scene in time to overhear Starr yelling at Blair, asking her how she can abandon Todd. Blair accidentally says that it would be easier if Todd were dead, and Starr goes crazy. Spencer puts a stop to her yelling, but Starr isn't about to let her mother off the hook. She is ready to leave on a school field trip, and Evangeline offers to give her a ride. Blair says she can do it, but Starr says she doesn't want to get in a car with someone who wishes her father was dead. Blair tries to explain herself, but Starr storms out. Spencer gets ready to leave, but Blair asks him not to go. As she sits on the stairs dejected, Spencer tells her he will do whatever she wants him to do. Again, Blair tells him she doesn't want him to leave. They stand up and draw close, as if to kiss; will they?

Viki is visiting Todd in jail, and she tells him that he can't give up on life. Todd insists that she's the only one who still believes in him. Viki fills him in on Jessica's condition, and they discuss her true feelings of animosity towards Tess. Meanwhile, at Llanfair, Nash and Jessica have grown closer, and he has even made her an omelet! He tells her a little bit more about Tess, and Jessica becomes increasingly emotional. She eventually takes off to visit someone, but doesn't tell Nash who it is. The lucky person is Todd, who soon comes to realize that Viki isn't the only one in his corner. His niece apologizes for taking so long to see him, and she and Todd discuss the fact that sometimes, love just isn't enough. Back at Llanfair, Viki is not happy to see Nash doing dishes in her kitchen. They discuss Tess, and Viki is very firm in telling Nash that she wants Tess to disappear permanently. She says that she realizes that Nash wants Jessica to keep enough of Tess when she integrates to allow her to still love him, but Viki doesn't expect that to be the case. She leaves the kitchen, and Jessica returns from visiting Todd. She starts breaking down, telling Nash that she feels bad about getting better, because it means that he can't be with the person he loves. Nash pulls her into an embrace, and Viki walks in on them. "Get away from my daughter right now, please," she demands.

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