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Erica stabbed Zach after someone secretly gave her drugs that made her believe that he was Michael Cambias. Ryan planned to expose Zach at Erica's Mardi Gras gala. Kendall wanted to marry Zach as soon as possible. Di had a warning for Ryan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Her drugged delusions result in Erica stabbing Zach. Initially the wound seems minor as Zach and others do their best to talk Erica down and disarm her. Moments before the police arrive, they Erica drops the knife but not without first inadvertently stabbing Josh in the arm during one of the attempts to get the knife away from her. Everyone tries to cover up the stabbing including Zach but a bystander speaks up, accusing Erica of being hopped up on drugs. While Zach is taken to the hospital, after nearly collapsing, Erica is arrested. Tad takes a moment to pull Di aside, advising her that she has the perfect opportunity to search Zach's office, and then follows Erica to the police station. Elsewhere in the room, a reporter thanks Josh for the exclusive on Erica's latest scandal. Josh reminds the man that he does not want his name to appear anywhere in print as a source. He then joins Jesse, the network executive. He is certain that Erica's career is over in light of recent events. As Di prepares to go sneak away to Zach's office, Zach's man stops her. He recognizes her from long ago.

Lily is frustrated with Erin's pessimism regarding Jonathan's claims. Erin is impressed with Lily's loyalty and apologizes.

Ryan visits Jonathan in jail and apologizes for not coming sooner. Jonathan reassures him that he is doing fine. He tells Ryan that Erin, Aidan and Lily are all working to clear his name and uncover the identity of the mystery woman. After Ryan leaves, Lily stops by to talk to Jonathan. She is frustrated that he hasn't uncovered any new information. She asks him to try again to think of any details he might have missed in describing the woman, suggesting that he close his eyes. As Jonathan goes over the various disguises the chameleon woman wore, he remembers seeing a purple tag with the name "Crazee Costumes" printed on it sticking out of the collar of one of her outfits. Lily is excited that they have one more clue to prove that the woman is real since figments of the imaginations don't need to rent costumes.

Jonathan is surprised when Erica is brought in a short while later and put in a cell across from his. He tries to assure her that everything will be fine and offer her comfort by telling her that everyone in the jail is nice.

Ryan stops by the hospital looking for Aidan when Zach is brought in. He watches as Zach is taken to a nearby room and treated. When Zach's condition worsens and he drifts into unconsciousness, the doctors decide to rush him into surgery. Distraught, Kendall tries to follow but Ryan stops her.

Janet tells Amanda that Jamie is out to get her and that he cannot be trusted. She warns Amanda to exorcize extreme caution around Jamie. When she hears a noise, Janet panics and tries to investigate. Amanda stops Janet and slips out just as Jamie approaches the door. Amanda tries to deflect attention by asking him why he followed her. Jamie explains that he was worried about her and sensed that she was keeping something from him so he decided to follow her out of concern. Amanda remembers her mother's advice and explains her presence at the warehouse as work related. Jamie has no choice but to accept her explanation much to Janet's delight, who has her ear pressed to the door. Once they arrive back at the apartment, Jamie places a quick call to Aidan. He tells him to meet him at the warehouse. Amanda walks into the room just as he disconnects the call and asks him whom he was talking to. Jamie lies and tells her that he was called into work to sub for one of his co-workers.

When Jamie and Aidan meet at the warehouse, they go directly to the door that Amanda had exited earlier and manage to force it open.

Babe is insulted by the prenuptial and refuses to sign it. She tells JR that she has no intention of giving him all of the power including custody of their son if their marriage should fall apart. JR tries to explain why he feels the need for the agreement but Babe won't be swayed. Realizing that JR cannot trust her because of the lies that Di has told, Babe takes off Dixie's necklace that he gave to her and tearfully hands it to him before walking away.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jamie and Aidan went into the warehouse that Janet had been occupying. Jamie found spirit gum used to adhere fake beards and wigs. Aidan came across one of the little dolls Janet had in one of her displays. Aidan also found a strand of hair that intrigued him.

Janet packed her bags, fled the warehouse and went to Amanda's. Janet told Amanda that she had been run out of the warehouse because Jamie had returned. Janet said to Amanda that Jamie was no good and couldn't be trusted. Amanda tried to take Janet to the hospital, but Janet wouldn't go saying that she was not crazy. Amanda asked where Trevor was and Janet said for the hundredth that he was out on a top secret mission. Jamie came home and Janet hid. He showed Amanda the doll he found and said he didn't buy her story about why she was at the warehouse. Amanda said she was innocent and Jamie said to tell what she knew. Janet came out and hit him with a baseball bat. Janet looked for some rope to teach Jamie a lesson and Amanda told her that it had to stop. Janet escaped from the apartment.

Erica, behind bars, tried to sort out the events that took place earlier. She remembered being at the casino and seeing Michael Cambias. Erica knew that Michael Cambias was dead and wondered who she stabbed. Jonathan, in a cell directly across from Erica's, offered his book to her and said he wished he could help. Erica said that her mind was like mush and she couldn't tell what was real or imagined. Jackson arrived at the jail and Erica asked why she was in jail. Jack told Erica that she stabbed Zach and Erica said that she didn't even see Zach. She explained that she was protecting herself from Michael Cambias, not Zach. Jack asked Erica if she had taken anything or had a drink. She swore she had not. Jack said he believed her, but it made no sense for her to hallucinate about Michael Cambias. Jonathan said that Erica was like Greenlee when he gave her his medication. Jonathan reminded Jack and Erica that Greenlee too saw things that weren't there. Jack told Derek that Erica had been drugged and he wanted her tested before it was too late. Derek took Erica for the tests.

Zach remained in critical condition from the stab wound inflicted by Erica. With Zach's blood on her dress, Kendall accused Ryan of plotting with Erica to stab Zach. Ryan tried to explain that he was just there to offer support. Kendall asked Ryan why he broke into Zach's office. Ryan said that Zach may be a threat to him and he broke in to see if the threat was real. Kendall demanded that Ryan come clean about why he was in Zach's office or she would never speak to him again. Ryan gave her the run around and she told him to go to hell and she stormed off. Ethan came to the hospital and told Ryan that Zach would probably die so that he couldn't win the war between them. Simone went after Kendall and assumed Kendall knew the speculation about Zach causing the blackout and continued to talk to Kendall about it. Simone told Kendall that it was actually romantic in a Zach sort of way. Ethan whined about Zach dying on purpose just so he could win the father son war. Ryan advised Ethan to walk away from Zach and set himself free. Kendall's head was reeling after talking to Simone as she remembered things Zach said and things Ryan said about Zach. Anita came out and told Kendall that Zach was out of surgery.

On the operating table, Zach dreamed of his father. Zach told Sr. that he hated him. Michael, Zach's brother, also came into the dream and taunted him. Michael reminded Zach that he was supposed to go to Pine Valley to avenge his death, but ended up sleeping with the enemy. Zach tried to will them away, but to no avail. Under very bright lights, still dreaming, Zach escaped from the operating table and told them they had no power over him. They told Zach that they would take Kendall from him and he said not to mention her name. Sr. said to Zach that he would never be happy with Kendall because he wouldn't let him be happy. Sr. also told Zach that even though he tried to escape his name, the genetics were too strong. Sr. said to Zach that he also failed his son. He said that Kendall would go away, but Ethan would always be with him. Ryan appeared and told Zach that he felt like he won the lottery because now Zach was out of he and Kendall's life forever. Zach heard Kendall's voice begging him to come back. Zach awoke and took her hand. Kendall looked at him not knowing what to think.

Di was at the casino and saw an old acquaintance, Marty Stern. Di told Marty that Zach had offered her a job and he said he had the authority to hire her. Di flirted shamelessly with Marty and Tad saw them together. Tad told her that she couldn't take the job and she said that she could take care of herself. Tad admitted that he didn't like seeing her with Marty.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

At the hospital, Simone let Ethan and Ryan know that she'd told Kendall about Zach's role in the blackout. Ryan sighed that he now needed to find proof of Zach's guilt ASAP. Kendall, meanwhile, thought about Simone's slip of the tongue as she sat at Zach's bedside, but shook it off.

Erica was antsy as she awaited the toxicology results; Derek and Jack discouraged her from going to visit Zach to try to straighten things out. Tad arrived, then Josh. Josh reported to Erica that he's handling everything at work in her absence but he was unable to stop a tabloid from publishing an account of Erica's attack on Zach. Erica used the excuse of needing to go the bathroom to put in an appearance in Zach's hospital room. Kendall did not appreciate the visit and ranted at Erica for having stabbed Zach. Erica told Kendall about having been drugged. Zach suggested that he and Erica take a moment to themselves, so Kendall reluctantly left. In the hallway, she encountered Ryan and they fought over his suspicions about Zach. She warned Ryan that if he kept investigating Zach, he'd lose his rights to her and their child, and strongly defended her husband's innocence. Ryan said he was going to find proof whether she liked it or not. Kendall told Ryan to get out of her life.

When the cops realized that Erica had given them the slip, they took off to find her. While Josh fielded a phone call, Tad swiped his coffee cup. Tad tried to make small talk with Josh, who wasn't interested. Greg showed up; Josh brushed past him. Greg then approached Tad and asked Martin what he was trying to wheedle out of Josh. "What do you want from my son?" he demanded. Tad denied Greg's accusation that he was still investigating Greg's connection to Erica and asked Greg to produce the article he was supposedly writing about the Martins. Greg claimed that he'd been too busy to complete it and ordered Tad to stay away from him and his family. Greg turned on his heel and left; Tad pocketed his coffee cup, as well, and prepared the two cups to undergo testing.... The cops caught up to Erica and took her out of Zach's room, as it was time for her arraignment. There was a huge fanfare at the courthouse when Erica arrived.

Kendall re-entered Zach's room and tried to stop him from leaving the hospital, but he was determined to go.... Minutes later, he burst into the courtroom and announced that the judge listen to him if he wanted justice to be served.

Amanda reached Janet by cell phone and begged her to tell her what she's planning to do next. Janet evaded Amanda's questions and hung up.

Babe went to Jamie's apartment and discovered him on the ground, regaining consciousness after Janet's attack. JR walked in and accused Babe of having run back into Jamie's arms. Babe sighed that she was merely trying to warn Jamie about Janet. They squabbled, then stopped so that Babe could explain to Jamie that she'd accidentally tipped off Janet to the fact that Jamie hasn't really fallen head over heels for Amanda. Amanda came home and Jamie, JR and Babe grilled her about how Jamie got knocked out. Amanda said that she was the one who hit Jamie. Jamie told JR and Babe to get out. Once alone with Amanda, he pleaded with her to come clean with him. Amanda accused Jamie of having been in cahoots with JR and Babe all along. "Amanda, where is your mom right now?" responded Jamie.

At the casino, Di gave Marty a sob story about how she's in a financial crisis after maxing out her credit card at Lacey's. He offered to use his computer skills to wipe out her debt. Once Marty's mission was complete, Di marveled at his savvy and subtly picked up more info about the scope of Marty's abilities. She then reported her findings to Ryan. Di was certain that Marty helped Zach orchestrate the power outage. Ryan then had an idea about how to make Marty tell them what they need to know.

Back at the Chandler manse, Babe and JR continued their argument about the prenup as a hidden Janet listened in. She said she wouldn't sign the papers even if it meant they were over, but he wouldn't budge. Babe asked if his position would change if she was pregnant.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Erin and Aidan try to convince Jonathan that Livia asking for bail to be set is a good idea. Jonathan strongly disagrees with them, saying that if he is dangerous, Pine Valley would be better off with him locked up. Further, if the bad things continue to happen, he can't be blamed. Before they can attempt to coax him any further, Lily runs in and proclaims that she solved the mystery. She tells them that she researched the store noted on the tag that Jonathan recalled, and then called and spoke to an associate. She was able to confirm that a customer had purchased four of the outfits that matched the disguises that Jonathan previously mentioned. Excited about this huge break in the case, they all ask at one time if she was able to get the name of the customer. Lily launches into a lengthy explanation of her research and findings. Frustrated, Erin keeps interrupting, hoping to just get the name of the person who purchased the costumes out of her. This irritates Lily and both Jonathan and Aidan have to verbally attempt to hold Erin back. Lily finally reveals that the costumes were purchased by money order and delivered to a post office box rented out to "J. Lavery." Erin is dismayed at the news, and Jonathan thinks that Lily's discovery may mean that he actually did the horrible things. Aidan dissents, saying that the clues are plentiful and all too neat. He tells the trio that he believes Jonathan is being framed. Jonathan thinks that perhaps he is guilty and just forgot what he did. Aidan attempts to calm him down, and asks if he remembers the terrible things he did before he had the tumor removed. Jonathan admits that he can't ever forget them, and that he is sorry for them every day. Aidan then reconfirms that Jonathan can't remember doing any of the things connected with the current crimes - purchasing costumes, renting a PO Box or purchasing money orders. Jonathan thinks that perhaps the surgery took a part of his brain that would allow him to remember, but Aidan tells him that he thinks someone is working overtime to convince him that he is worse than he ever was. He then shows Jonathan a picture of Amanda and asks if any of the people that came to him resembled the person in the photo. Jonathan admits that while he can see a resemblance, he doesn't have a clear recollection of the costumed culprit's face. He was so afraid that she wasn't real that he simply focused on her costumes and hoped that she would disappear. Aidan notes that there was something about the culprit, regardless of her disguise, that solidified for Jonathan that it was the same person, and asks Jonathan what that was. Jonathan tells them that it was her voice, and that he would definitely be able to identify it if he heard it again. Aidan believes that all of the clues they now have will go a long way in proving Jonathan's innocence. He thanks them both and decides to head off to the post office to see if he can get a line on the anonymous poser. He asks Erin to accompany him, and after she assures Jonathan that he will be freed, she goes along gladly. Once the four becomes two, Lily expresses to Jonathan that she wishes he would ask for bail - not only because she wants him to help solve the mystery, but also because she wants him to escort her to the Mardi Gras ball. His eyes lighting up, Jonathan agrees to do whatever he can to get released in time to do just that.

Amanda and Jamie continue to fight in the apartment because Jamie wants answers, and Amanda claims she doesn't have any. Not believing her, Jamie tells her that he heard from Babe that Janet was still in town, and he wants to know why she hid it from him. Instead of answering the question, she tries to change the subject so that the conversation focuses on Babe. Unable to be deterred, Jamie reveals the things that he and Aidan found at the warehouse. Amanda maintains her innocence, but Jamie wants to know if those things are connected not to her, but to her mother. Completely enraged that Jamie is attacking her mother, Amanda lets out that her mother, the only person that truly loves and cares about her, warned her that Jamie's feelings weren't real. Jamie tells her that even if he did care about her, did she expect him to ignore all of the horrible things that had been happening - like Babe getting pushed down the stairs, the fire at the bar, and someone sneaking around the tunnels at the Chandler Mansion to kidnap Little A? At the mention of the tunnels, Amanda recalls the echo that she questioned her mother about during their phone call. Realizing that Jamie had just unwittingly revealed Janet's location, she grabs her things and takes off without another word. Unwilling to lose her, or the leads he has, Jamie quickly follows suit.

As Janet listens in from the tunnels, JR angrily tries to get Babe to tell the truth - is she pregnant, or not? Babe is less than concerned about what he wants, finding it more important to remind him that he destroyed the possibility of ever telling their son their happily ever after story. Instead, because he needed to be a macho Chandler, the engagement is off, they are no longer dating, and apparently, they can't even be friends. Further, she tells him that since they are no longer connected, he has no right to ask her anything. He tells her he has every right, as the father of the child she is carrying - if it exists. She baits him by asking how he knows he's the father. Unknowingly agreeing with Janet, JR calls her a slut on cue and asks who else she slept with this time. Not wanting to deal with his predictable behavior any further, Babe turns to go. She doesn't get very far before JR calls out to her. He tells her that she can't drop a bombshell like that and then leave him, but she reminds him that she can do whatever she pleases. She goads him even further by telling him that because she is a partner in a major company, she has the means to raise a child on her own, and hire the legal power it would take to keep him away - just as he has done to her with their son. JR asks if it was her plan to get pregnant on purpose, as a way to punish him. She admits that she had a plan, but it was one that involved happiness for them, and all of their kids. She then asks him what he would do if she was pregnant. He tells her that he would marry her on the spot, and she informs him that he just proved how much he loves her. Disturbed at the idea that he destroyed so much, he pleads with her to tell him if she is pregnant or not. She finally acquiesces and tells him that she's not - and that he failed her test. Just as she notes that she is ready to start her new life, Jamie runs in, asking if Amanda showed up.

As Amanda makes her way through the tunnels, softly calling out for her mother, Jamie relates his tale of following Amanda to figure out where she was headed. He confesses that he lost her when she boarded the #11 bus, and Babe tells them that the bus stops down the hill from the mansion. Janet is irate that they will bash Amanda for any and everything that she does. That conversation with herself allows Amanda to find her. Although she is happy to see her little girl, she notes that Amanda shouldn't be there. Amanda refuses to leave unless Janet goes with her - but Janet tells her that the conversation she is eavesdropping on is just getting good. Amanda continues to try to drag her mother out of the tunnels, but Janet tells her that knowledge is power, and that she needs to keep listening in so that she can take care of everything. On the other side of the wall, JR, Babe and Jamie rush back into the study and note aloud that security had been alerted, and that Little A is safe. Babe questions if they have a plan to do anything, or if they are just going to stand around while they wait for Amanda to wreak some havoc. Jamie has an idea and calls Amanda on her cell phone. It starts to ring in the tunnels, and as Janet and Amanda freeze, the trio in the study frown at the ringing they hear coming from the other side of the wall. Suddenly in a frenzy, Amanda begs her mother to hide, saying that she will take the rap. Janet refuses at first but finally succumbs to her daughter's wishes - moments before JR discovers Amanda and drags her out into the light of day. Amanda says that she can explain but JR snidely requests that she wait until the cops arrive to tell her story.

Di visits Marty's room with him and turns on heavy flirting vibes. Marty responds in kind, but before they can get too far, Ryan pushes the door open and threatens Marty with bodily harm if he lays another hand on Di. Flustered, Marty waits while Di introduces Ryan as Shep, her significant other and an associate of Zach's. Ryan informs Marty that after the stellar hack job he did back in September, he was recommended by Zach for another job that needs to be carried out tonight. Marty is skeptical, believing that if the job they want him for is for real, Zach would have personally introduced them. Ryan reminds him that a knife to the gut can slow a person down, and they needed to green light their project. With a note of impatience in his voice, Ryan asks Marty one more time if he is in or out. Unwilling to believe that a control freak like Zach would delegate any responsibility, regardless of injury, Marty decides to pass on the offer. As Ryan and Di start to walk out, he asks who is next on their list. Di notes that for 100 grand, he could buy the next three people on the list. Upon hearing that, Marty calls them back. Ryan gives him the details and Marty agrees to them, also reassuring them that Zach paid the same price for the job back in September, in cash, with unmarked bills. At that admission, Ryan reveals that he taped the entire conversation, and reintroduces himself with his real name. Marty attempts to lunge for the recorder but fails miserably. Irate at being set up, but backed into a corner, Marty listens silently as Ryan tells him exactly why his name should sound familiar. Ryan then goes on to say that Marty now takes orders from him. Ryan threatens to turn Marty and the tape over to the cops but Marty tells him that he'll have to do a lot better than that if he's trying to be scary. Ryan thinks for a moment, and then asks how Marty would feel if he turned him and the tape over to Zach. Hitting home, Marty backs down and asks Ryan what he really wants. Pleased that he is getting his way, Ryan is all too happy to share his plans.

Jack makes it clear that Zach's appearance in the courtroom, and any subsequent intimidation tactics he may be planning to explore, are not welcome. The prosecuting attorney follows by telling Zach that they are simply having an arraignment, and therefore things like witnesses and evidence are not needed. Zach takes that all in, and then says that he feels he should be able to tell them his thoughts on what happened, and what should happen to Erica. Kendall tries to deter him, feeling that the shame, humiliation and guilt over what happened is punishment enough. Erica tells her daughter that she needn't beg on her behalf, and indicates that Zach should speak his mind. Zach surprises them all by saying that Erica stabbed him by accident. The prosecutor notes that Zach's statement is fairly damaging, especially since they have sworn, signed statements from his employees, saying that the attack was deliberate. Zach chalks that up to the fear and panic that sets in when something horrible happens. He says that he isn't questioning the integrity of the witnesses, merely stating that they didn't have a clear view of the incident, and therefore couldn't testify truthfully to the entire ordeal. The prosecutor, angry at the special treatment that celebrities get, insists that the case is going to trial. Zach then tells him that because of his injury, he suffered from post-traumatic stress, but that his recall is clear now - and it concurs with the defense's story. He asks what the jury and judge would think about a prosecutor who would bring that kind of case to trial. The prosecutor threatens to charge Zach with perjury, as he just changed his story in front of a group of people. Unmoved, Zach simply says that he isn't lying - merely clarifying. The incident occurred because of clumsiness on his part, and the case against Erica should be null and void - and this is the story he is sticking to, and plans to share with the reporters in the hall. Then, court is called into session, and the judge asks if there is anything the prosecution needed to present before they proceeded. The prosecutor stands, and informs the judge that because of exculpatory evidence that had just come to light, the commonwealth would be dropping all charges. Noting that it was her lucky day, the judge says that Erica is free to go and dismisses the court. Kendall asks her mother if there isn't something that she needed to say to Zach - but Erica immediately reverts back to her usual ways, and refuses to prostrate herself in gratitude. Kendall is horrified, but Zach calms her down, saying that he didn't do what he did to put Erica out or to get something from her he knew he never would. Pleased that Zach has managed to surprise her once again, they reunite lovingly with a hug and a kiss. Erica and Jack, unable to stomach the sight, step away, and Erica takes a moment to express her indignation. She is interrupted by the arrival of a courier, delivering the lab results. They find out that Erica was drugged with twice the normal dose of an anti-psychotic given to someone twice her size. Jack goes back to the table to review the findings with Derek, who requests a copy for his records. Kendall apologizes to her mother for jumping to the worst possible conclusion, especially with the knowledge that her sobriety means so much. Derek asks Erica if she has any idea who might have done this - and Jack jumps in, saying that someone with a twisted mind, access to pharmaceuticals and a hate on for Erica might be a good place to start. Catching his drift, Erica notes that they can't blame Jonathan Lavery this time. Then, in a surprising move, Josh steps up and takes the blame for everything. They all wonder if Josh is confessing, but he goes on to say that as Erica's first line of defense - he failed her. He tells her that he will understand if she wants to fire him. Erica tells him that he isn't responsible unless he gave her the pills himself. Josh says that he may as well have, because he had the pills in his hand and made a choice. In trying to protect a subordinate, he made the wrong choice.

Once again alone in the tunnels, Janet listens to her daughter being interrogated by JR, Babe and Jamie. Amanda maintains her innocence in all charges, but before they can get very far with their questions, Erica rushes in, enraged at the perceived betrayal. Much to Janet's horror, she is an auditory witness as Erica hauls off and slaps Amanda.

Now alone in the courtroom, Kendall makes Zach sit down and rest. He tries it her way, and then makes it known that he wants to go home. Kendall tells him that she wants to stay in the courtroom, and Zach makes a quip about her filing charges against anyone he knows. She nods, saying that she is hoping for a life sentence. She then notes that she is hoping to get the judge to put in some overtime because she wants to marry him - right away.

Friday, February 3, 2006

When Amanda asks Erica why she slapped her, Eric blames her for ruining her reputation by drugging. Amanda denies drugging her with medications, but Josh steps forward and tells her to stop denying the truth. Josh claims he found pills in her purse when she knocked it over, but put the pills back in there. Josh grabs her purse and pulls out Janet's pills, then Erica tells Jackson the pills were mixed in the tea Amanda gave her. Amanda points out that she did not make the tea, she only gave it to Erica. She realizes Josh set her up then spills about Josh making her think she was doing things wrong at work. Babe and JR pipe up and tells the crowd about Amanda overdosing on drugs herself to catch attention. Babe adds that Amanda scored a date rape drug to slip to Jamie too. Hidden inside the walls, Janet fights back tears as Amanda continues to defend herself. Jamie starts to defend Amanda, claiming Josh planted the pills, until he sees Janet's name on the label. Amanda claims she forget to mail them to her mother when Janet last visited and talked to Babe. Jackson and Erica think Amanda told Janet about her bad experiences at New Beginnings, but Amanda won't budge. She thinks everyone is after her, the same way Pine Valley was after Janet. Erica tells wonders how Amanda could do such a thing to Janet, but Amanda blurts, "What about my mother is doing to me?" Jamie pushes Amanda to explain what she meant, she sarcastically claims to have run a one-woman madman show, listing off all the crimes Janet committed. When Amanda hears Janet about to open the secret wall, Amanda shouts there is no evidence against her. Janet hangs back as she listens to Amanda talk about going back home to her loving family if they charge her. Erica asks for them to press charges before she rushes off to get ready for the ball. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Janet vows to get revenge on everyone who is ruining Amanda's life. Once alone, JR tells Babe they need to stick together because they may be the one sane folks in town. After Babe announces she is going to the ball alone, JR looks puzzled.

At their new home, Jackson and Erica dress their best for the ball. When Jackson asks if Erica wants to still go the ball, she tells him she has to prove to the media she is not this crazy woman they are making her out to be. Erica wants to show her fans that she is still Erica Kane, the woman who is never beaten down. Josh comes over to check on Erica and promises not to let anyone else hurt her.

With Lily present, Jonathan tells Olivia he wants to post bail and informs her about the theory he is being framed. When Jonathan tells her he wants to get out that night to take Lily to the ball, Olivia says it is not easy. She totally goes against the idea when she realizes Jonathan and Lily want to start dating. Lily promises Jonathan won't get in trouble and they can ignore the people who don't like him. Lily admits to Olivia that her father does not like Jonathan, but its sort of tradition in their family to choose men Jackson does not like. Olivia promises to see what she can do to get him out on bail, but he must keep a low profile for he and Lily's safety. After she leaves, Jonathan is worried about not being able to take Lily to the ball because people will see him, but she suggests he use a mask to cover his face. Lily tells him to cope with red, she put dark eyeholes in her mask and will bring a pair of sunglasses, which amazes Jonathan. Lily tells him she wants him to go with her because he understands her better than anyone else. Lily tells Jonathan he may have to leave early because everyone will take their masks off at midnight. Jonathan is stunned when Lily tells him to twirl around so she can get his exact measurements for a costume. She even adds that he is beautiful, which makes him sad he won't get to look at her real face during the ball.

Amanda is arrested and taken to a cell across from Jonathan. He tells Amanda that she is not the one who is setting him up because her voice is not right.

Tad comes over to Julia's house, with Marty in his hands, to see Di. Di tells Tad that Ryan locked him in a room upstairs so he would not against their plan to destroy Zach. Marty says he tried to escape because if the truth comes out, it would be a slap in the face to Zach and possibly land him in jail. Di tells Tad that he will get a big payoff if he does what Ryan wants, but Marty is sure he will get busted before he can jet off to paradise. Tad takes Marty to an isolated and locked room then returns to be with Di, who seems to be enjoying torturing Marty a bit too much. Tad claims he is needs to take his mind off lab results that have yet to be announced so Di begins jotting off suggestions. Before they can reach a decision, Tad gets a call from the lab and heads off. He goes to his father and shows him the results, claiming it will affect the Martin's in a huge way. Joe can hardly believe the results, but even more, Tad is worried about how he will break the news to Erica.

Ryan walks into the courtroom as Kendall tells Zach she seriously wants to marry him tonight. When Ryan asks to talk to Kendall, she asks him to leave, but Zach wants to hear Ryan out. Ryan tells Kendall that he thought Zach would still be in the hospital and wanted to accompany Kendall to the ball. Zach proclaims he will be escorting Kendall to the ball, then asks Ryan if he got what he needed by searching through his office. Ryan claims he got nothing important and apologizes for the argument he got into with Kendall. When Zach asks Ryan what he did or said to upset Kendall, Ryan does not elaborate. Kendall praises Zach for standing up to her mother and announces they are eloping. Ryan leaves, disappointed at her words, while Zach pressures Kendall to tell him what Ryan said to upset her. Kendall tells him that he accused Zach of causing something really bad, but does not say what. Zach tells Kendall he wants to give her a dream wedding, not elope because after all, nothing is going to break them up. Kendall agrees not to elope, but thinks they should plan the wedding instead of going to the ball. Zach disagrees, citing that Erica needs her.

Ryan goes back to Julia's home, where he tells Di about Kendall and Zach's elopement plans. Di asks Ryan if he is sure about going through with the plan because it can wreck a truckload of lives. Ryan tells Kendall he has to be honest with her and after that, she can decide if marrying Zach is the right choice.

Simone tells Ethan she blabbed to Kendall about the blackout theory involving Zach. Simone tells Ethan she blew their cover and breaks up with him. She thinks it would be better if she could go somewhere where her fast-talking mouth is not a threat to anyone. Simone tells Ethan she loves him so much, but is worried that her lack of keeping secrets has ruined Ethan and Zach's plans. Ethan reminds Simone that he did terrible things too, but somehow, their personalities click. As many weaknesses Simone names, Ethan thinks of a strength that he loves. They share a kiss and get ready to go to the ball.

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Five fan favorites returning for Y&R's 50th anniversary
Y&R alum Sasha Calle makes super Super Bowl debut as Supergirl
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