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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on GL
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Alan-Michael is speaking on the phone to a board member about the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" which will replace Harley with Alan-Michael as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Alan-Michael leaves for Dinah's. When he arrives, Dinah informs him that the officials believe Gus and Alan have died after breaking through the ice in the lake while trying to seek help. Alan-Michael mutters, "Poor Harley." Dinah tells him she knows Alan-Michael wasn't close to his brother, Gus, and was estranged from his father, Alan, but she knows he must be saddened. At least Harley has her family around her. Under his breath, Alan-Michael says, "Marina," and leaves Dinah's as she's telling him she's in crisis mode.

At the crash site, Harley clings at straws saying the coat may not be Gus' - anything could have happened that keeps him alive. Mallet insists that Harley look at the ring found in the coat pocket. When she sees the inscription she breaks down, but insists Gus could still be alive. She tells Mallet that Gus is the only man who has ever come through for her and he will again. She takes the ring, saying Gus will want it when he returns home

When Alan-Michael arrives at Company, he is met by Buzz. He acknowledges that while Alan-Michael has lost his brother and his father, he needs to know Harley is going to need his help. Harley arrives, telling Alan-Michael that she's been looking for him because the quarterly reports need to get out, business as usual. Alan-Michael questions her priorities and Harley replies, "What else is there to talk about?" Buzz takes Harley aside and says that while he's the last person in the world to tell her to give up hope, certain arrangements should be made for the children's sake. Harley replies that they will all feel stupid after burying the guy and he shows up a week later. After Buzz leaves to answer the phone, Harley tells Alan-Michael, "You didn't know your brother." He replies, "I like what I know so far." Harley describes how Gus was not only always the funniest person in the room, but also the kindest. She's upset that she finds herself talking about him like he is dead. Alan-Michael hugs her and tells her they'll all get through this like a family. Marina looks on.

Alan-Michael sees Marina and tells her he'd been looking for her. She takes him outside and kisses him, telling him she saw how he was with Harley. Harley doesn't trust many people but she does trust him. Inside Company, Buzz tells Harley he's going to set up her old room and she will be staying with them for the night.

At Josh's, Cassie and he are going over date book entries of Cassie's that outline events Richard and she attended. Cassie says Josh's F.B.I. friend gave them no information other than there could be a cover-up involved. Josh says there are ways to get around the government. He brings in two computer hackers who once tried to hack into the Lewis Construction database. The hackers have broken into many sites without being caught. Josh says they have the ability to tap into government sites, possibly getting information on Jeffrey. When Cassie asks if it's a crime, Josh replies, "Yes!" Cassie says she's in, absolutely.

When the hackers show up, they let Josh and Cassie know how much information they already have on them. Josh tells them their mission is to crack the C.I.A. security system and extract information that is classified. The hackers agree but let Josh know if he isn't on the level, they'll hack into him, as they'll be committing several felonies. After the hackers leave, Josh tells Cassie that although the hackers might look into their cable bills for fun, he feels they can trust them. Cassie says she feels like "him," Jeffrey, for doing what they are doing. Later, Josh is staring at a computer screen with photos of Richard and Jeffrey.

Mallet returns to Dinah's room after having been with Harley at the crash site. He is visibly shaken and Dinah caringly sends him off to a warm bath. He is filled with remorse as he thinks about Harley's suffering. Dinah tells him she understands his feelings of loss for Harley as well as the feelings of loss he must have for his partner. Mallet tells Dinah that he came to know he could count on Gus, just like he had come to know he could count on Dinah. Dinah told Mallet no one had ever told her they could count on her before. They kiss. Later, Mallet, dressed, kisses a sleeping Dinah awake, and tells her he has to go out for some air.

At Company earlier, Jeffrey is having a flashback to Cassie and him making love (as he was posing as Richard) at her insistence. Tammy brings him back to reality, wanting to talk about her mom. She tells Jeffrey that she loved Richard as a dad and the love her mom had for him was sacred. Jeffrey tells her it still is, just as Cassie's love for Tammy is still true. They decide to go to the farm house to see Cassie, but she's not there. When Jeffrey questions Tammy about why she's not angry with him, she tells him that he was there to protect her dad - Jeffrey had a job to do. When she says Richard was truly a Prince, Jeffrey agrees. Tammy tells Jeffrey a story about Richard telling her to stand up to a bully in school by staring her down, but if that didn't work, to give her a good punch! Tammy acknowledges it didn't sound at all like Richard. What does Jeffrey think? Jeffrey says he didn't know Richard well enough to know if it sounded like him or not. He asks her how the bully thing worked out, and she said she stared the bully down and it worked. She says, "Just like you...I mean, Richard, said it would." Tammy leaves, saying she will call her mom later.

Cassie returns to the farm house, finding Jeffrey looking at photos of RJ and him. Cassie remarks how they look like a real family. Jeffrey tells Cassie how just as she has precious memories of Richard - he wants her to have them of him, as Jeffrey, with her. He flashes back to being in bed with Cassie in San Cristobel , and then sweeps her up to carry her to bed.

On the Spaulding jet, Coop is agitated and worried about both Harley and Lizzie, saying Lizzie really liked her Uncle Gus and her Grandfather Alan. She says she doesn't want to deal with the outside world, but Coop insists they do. He sings her praises about how she's become so independent from her family. As he goes on, she thinks, "I'm a fraud, I'm none of these things." When he's finished, she says, "If you think I'm amazing, I guess I am." They leave the plane and go to CO2 where they run into Sandy and Ava. Lizzie and Ava spar about Lizzie's insecurities about her relationship with Coop. At the same time Jon has been questioning the sincerity of Sandy's caring about Marina and her family. Sandy tells Jon that his paranoia about Sandy will only make Jon look bad and Sandy look good.

Tammy and Jon run into one another at Company and talk about how others want them apart. Jonathan says one day it won't be like that. Tammy says Jon's powers of persuasion got her back in school, although he knows it was really Sandy. Jon knows that as a sophomore advisor, Sandy will be in close, daily contact with Tammy.

Again outside Company, Marina tells Alan-Michael he was really great with Harley. She asks him to invite her to his big Valentine's Day party at Spaulding; she had seen a flyer about it. She says that even better, invite anyone and everyone who loves Harley. Alan-Michael asks her that if Valentine's Day is for lovers, as a new widow, Harley might not like it-why remind her of "what's lost." Marina says it would be a reminder to Harley of all those who love and support her. This could be a night "all about Harley." Alan-Michael mutters, "In a way, it already is." Marina asks, "What was that?" Buzz comes out and asks, "Has anyone seen Harley?"

We move to Harley at a bar with several shot glasses turned upside down. She says to the bartender, "I'll have one more, no, two. It's time to make a toast." Gus appears to her and says, "Sounds good to me."

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coop and Ava talk to the owner of Bella Boutique about Lizzie. At first the owner says she doesn't know who they are talking about, but when she hears the name Elizabeth Spaulding, as Lizzie arrives, she begins speaking to her as if she does work there. She's even been named employee of the month. Lizzie is confused but plays along. The boutique owner leaves and Lizzie spies Quinn. She walks over to talk to him. She finds out he made sure the boutique owner would play along should the time ever arise when Lizzie would need an alibi about work. Lizzie suspects that Ava set up the meeting with the boutique owner to trip her up and expose her as a liar in order to get to Coop. Ava and Lizzie discuss this strange event. Lizzie tells Ava she has nothing to hide and apologizes for suggesting she was after Coop. Ava apologizes for seeming like she is grilling Lizzie. Coop arrives to help Ava close CO2. But Lizzie convinces him that Ava can do it herself as a favor so Coop and she can leave. Ava agrees, and Lizzie and Coop head to Company.

Josh is on the phone with the computer hackers making sure their money transfer has arrived. Olivia enters. Josh tries to cover what he's really doing, but Olivia lets him know she's aware it has something to do with Cassie. Olivia asks Josh to go skating to have some fun. Josh admits that he can't remember the last time he had fun. Olivia tells Josh he's always so busy helping everyone in his family that he never does anything just for himself. Josh senses Olivia is right. He heads out the door to make a call, promising that upon his return he and Olivia will go skating. Olivia puts on some romantic music as Billy walks in the door behind her. Billy suggests Olivia might have been after Josh the whole time. He says she could have saved Billy and Bill a lot of trouble if she'd just gone after Josh and left them alone. They get into a heated discussion about Olivia's pushing Billy off the wagon. Billy lets Olivia know that Josh wouldn't be too happy with her if he found out she was the reason Billy was drinking again. Olivia asks Billy if he's threatening her. He says a "sober" Billy would forgive her for what she's done, and she'd better hope he can stay sober so her secret won't get out. Josh walks back in at the tail end of their conversation. He wonders what it is they think he wouldn't be happy about if he were to find out. Billy and Olivia cover up their conversation topic. Billy leaves. Josh tells Olivia he's just left a message for Cassie telling her that she can continue her search for information on Jeffrey without him. He kisses Olivia and steps out of the room to get ready for skating.

Frank, carrying a box of Gus' belongings, runs into Mallet outside of Company. Frank tells Mallet he'd like him to come back to the police force and be assigned a new partner. Mallet becomes upset at the suggestion. He tells Frank that even though the situation looks bad, he's not going to give up hope for Harley's sake. Frank convinces Mallet to take back his badge and "fly solo" until he's ready for a new partner. Mallet agrees.

Harley is sitting in the bar downing shots. A strange man approaches her, but in her tipsy state she sees him as Gus. She dances with him, flirts and even suggests that he take her home. The stranger plays along, even when she repeatedly calls him Gus. Just as Harley suggests they leave for home, Mallet arrives and breaks things up. The stranger leaves and Mallet helps Harley home and puts her to bed. He covers her with a blanket. Now thinking that Mallet is Gus, Harley says she loves him and is happy to have him there with her. She kisses him.

Gus lies in a bed in a dark room...somewhere unknown.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

A figure approaches a wooden door, selects a key and unlocks the door. Inside, Gus is in bed asleep in what appears to be a small, dark room.

In black and white flashback, Gus is waiting in the limo for Alan to come out of the courthouse. He flicks on the radio and listens to a snippet of news about Alan's release. Flipping channels, "Queen of Hearts," sung by Juice Newton, is playing. Back to the present, Gus opens his eyes. His right leg is badly injured. He drifts back to sleep. The visitor enters the room and covers Gus' leg with the blanket. In flashback, Gus is sitting in the limo while "Auld Lang Syne" is playing on the radio. Gus looks at the photo of and Harley and him at their wedding. He tells Harley he's not going to let Alan harm her and then he kisses the photo. Alan gets into the limo, triumphant at his release. He tells the driver to get going. Gus turns to him and says, "Anything you say, Dad!" Alan tries to reason with him, but Gus drives off recklessly. In the present, the visitor tears off the page for January on a wall calendar near Gus' bed. The days have all been crossed off. The visitor leaves. Gus's eyes open and he calls out to the visitor to wait, but he is unable to stay awake.

Harley comes out of the bathroom in Mallet's hotel room. Her hair and camisole top are soaking wet. She is screaming because Mallet put her face under water to sober her up. Harley complains she wasn't that drunk and says she remembers everything, although Mallet disagrees about her degree of sobriety. To show she isn't still under the influence, Harley tells Mallet she remembers all that happened at the crash site. She asks Mallet if he believes Gus' body is at the bottom of the lake. Rather than answer her directly, Mallet tells Harley it doesn't matter what he thinks, but he'd like to have Gus back. Harley tells Mallet it matters to her what he thinks. She says she believes Gus is gone and it's why she got drunk. She needed to not think about it for a while, but she knows he's not coming back.

Gus wakes up but is blurry eyed. He sees the calendar on the wall, drags his injured body out of the bed, tries to stand up but falls to the floor in severe pain. In flashback, he is driving the limo fast and arguing with his father about what he intends to do. He's planning to take Alan somewhere to force him to sign a confession to Phillip's murder. Following which, Gus will return him to Springfield and prison. Alan asks Gus how Harley feels about his plan. Gus tells him not to worry about Harley as she has the support of her brother and father. Alan points out that she also has Mallet; they could just pick up where they left off. Gus pulls a gun on Alan and as he tries to grapple it away, the car veers dangerously off the road.

Back in the present, Gus looks at the wound on his leg. He calls out for Alan. Sitting on the bed, Gus looks around the room from walls to door, door to walls and back again. He works out that one of the walls was once a door and mutters that it's his way out.

Mallet suggests that Harley gets out of her wet clothes and hands her a robe. As Harley changes behind Mallet, she declares she doesn't feel dizzy any more and thanks him. When she jokes with Mallet about whether he picked up her bar bill, he says her "friend" probably did. Harley is embarrassed to learn she almost left the bar with the stranger, but does remember dancing with him. Mallet tells her that she thought the guy was Gus. He tells her she also thought he was Gus when she kissed him and that was why he threw her in the shower. Harley tells Mallet she really knew the stranger wasn't Gus but was still trying to keep her mind shut down. Mallet tells her that he understands and she's welcome to use his shower, or crash on his couch any time, but sooner or later she's going to have to learn to wake each morning and deal with the day.

Gus clears the area near the wall and breaks a chair to use the leg to make a hole in the wall. He tells himself he'll get out and be home in time for dinner.

In flashback, Gus tries to pull himself out of the wrecked car so he can help Alan. He loses consciousness. The drifter comes along and takes Gus' wallet and cell phone. In his subconscious, Gus questions what's happening. Mallet appears as the drifter and tells Gus he's taking everything that belongs to him.

Back in the present, Gus breaks through the plaster wall. He finds a room similar to his. There's a figure in bed. It's Alan, fast asleep.

The scene flashes back to the crash site. Alan is standing a little away from Gus, who has a gun pointed at Alan. They argue about Alan leaving to get help. Gus refuses to let him leave, but Alan tells him that he won't allow his son to die. Gus is doubtful because of what Alan did to Phillip. But Alan vows to never do something like that again. He's Gus' father, loves him and doesn't want both of them to stay out there and freeze to death. Gus suggests it might be preferable since that way Harley will be safe. After Alan leaves, Gus wonders out loud "What have I done?"

Harley is pensive and wonders how she will go on without Gus. She asks if she can't just get drunk again. She worries about having to face the reality of Gus being gone and how she will tell the kids. She tells Mallet she doesn't know who she is without Gus. She has become a better person because of him. Mallet tells her to keep wearing Gus' wedding band and when she needs a reminder, to look at it. She can draw from his strength or look at it when the kids ask about him. Harley's sadness turns to bitterness as she tells Mallet she believes Gus' wedding ring also represents broken promises and vows that he threw away. She questions what happened to his promises to love, cherish and protect her and the boys. Mallet tries to persuade Harley that Gus was trying to protect her. But Harley calls his actions irresponsible and reckless. Mallet points out that Gus was just trying to do the best he could but Harley doesn't buy that idea. She declares that trying to do your best doesn't mean you hurt somebody as much as they could ever be hurt.

Gus helps Alan out of bed and hopes he has the keys to the door. Alan is confused and wonders where they are. Gus tells him they are in trouble and asks if Alan has any idea how they got where they are. Alan replies that all he knows is that Gus kidnapped him, they had an accident in the snow and Gus was injured. He recalls leaving to get some water and then he was hit on the head. Alan tries to help Gus reach a vent high in the wall but he cannot make it because of his injury. When they run out of ideas Alan suggests the only thing they have left is each other. Gus is not amused and suggests a bullet to his head might be better. Alan tells him they need each other to survive.

The scene switches to flashback. Alan returns with water and after tasting it, Gus drinks. Alan tries to cajole Gus into standing up so they can get away from the crash site but he is unable to pull himself up and collapses back against the car. He looks up and sees Alan has pulled the gun on him this time. Alan tells him that he's not going back to prison and Gus questions whether he came back to shoot him. Alan complains that none of his three sons cares about him. Gus tells him it's because none of them are good enough for Alan. Gus adds that he would love to have a father he could trust. Alan thinks he hears someone and calls out for help. He's hit on the head.

Back in the little room, Gus reminds Alan they are in a mess because of his need to ruin Harley and his marriage. He promises Alan that he will get his confession. The two bicker about helping each other. Alan wants a 'thank you' from Gus for coming back with the water. He tells Gus he came back because he loves him. Gus tells him to "cut the emotional crap!" Gus is listening at the door and hears music. It's the "Queen of Hearts" again. He and Alan both call out to whoever is behind the door.

Back at the Beacon, Harley is still bitter about Gus going off. She feels he's cheated her out of their life together after she went through so much for him so they could be together. Mallet tries to speak up for Gus but Harley refuses to listen. She tells Mallet that Gus betrayed her and abandoned her. Mallet promises her it will be all right. Soothed, Harley tells Mallet that she really loves Gus and she thought she would see him every day for the rest of her life. Mallet tells her maybe she will see him again one day. Comforted by this, Harley kisses Mallet and they hug. They kiss again and once again. Mallet removes his shirt and wonders out loud what they are doing. Harley removes her robe, tells Mallet she doesn't know, pushes him down on the bed and lies on top of him. They kiss passionately.

Gus recognizes the song and thinks someone is coming. He motions to Alan to stand behind the door and when whoever it is comes in they will jump him. The sounds of the music fades away and whoever it is appears to be leaving. Alan calls and offers money for them to be released. Gus questions Alan's idea to bribe someone at a time like this and says he will never change. Gus calls out and asks to make a phone call to his wife who's probably worried about him. When there is no response, Gus comments, "This is not good!"

On the other side of the door, a figure is standing looking at the lock. She pushes back the hood of her coat and turns her face to us. It's Beth.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Beth prepares breakfast for her prisoners, Alan and Gus. She runs into Dinah who offers her condolences about Alan but finds it a little strange that Beth is carrying a big bag of groceries. Gus fights the pain of his injured leg and his memories of Harley. He says that Alan is not capable of giving or receiving real love. At Alan's urging, Gus takes a pain pill.

Harley wakes up in bed with Mallet and wonders what she has done. She tells him that it cannot happen again.

Buzz and Olivia flirt until Josh arrives. Josh and Olivia wonder how Reva's first day at Lewis will turn out. When Josh leaves, Buzz tells Olivia about the pain of losing his wives. Billy welcomes Reva back with flowers. He tells Miss Shayne that it's time to go back on the offensive to get rid of Olivia. She tells him that he will return to his glory days. Reva confesses to Josh that she came back because she was feeling territorial about him. He says that there is always a place for her at Lewis. They confer companionably as Billy and Olivia look on. Olivia wants Billy to tell Josh about pushing him off the wagon so that she can get back to her life. But Billy tells Josh that he should move on with Olivia so that Reva can move on with someone other than Josh.

Blake notices the glow Mallet has put on Dinah's face and realizes that she's happy. Dinah says that the relationship is still "no strings." Blake encourages her to go for it with Mallet. Dinah finds Harley and Mallet together at Company. They feel guilty when Dinah offers her help and expresses her concern about how lonely Harley's night without Gus must have been. Harley tells Mallet and Dinah that she doesn't need anymore help from them and that they should get back to their own lives.

Friday, February 3, 2006


Jonathan visits Tammy at the farm. She wonders how he knew she was there, since she only came to get her birth certificate for college registration. He admits that he followed her so he could drive her to school. Tammy asks him why he's hovering and tells him he needs to trust her. Jonathan states that it's not her he doesn't trust and kisses her. Tammy tells him that he doesn't need to worry about her; she can take care of herself. Suddenly, Jonathan's phone rings--it's Billy, there's a problem with the bar; he needs to meet Jonathan at CO2 now. Jonathan's a little reluctant to leave but Tammy pushes him out. Unbeknownst to both of them, Sandy has been spying on them through the window. When Jonathan leaves, Sandy makes his presence known, stating he's there with a present for RJ. When Tammy tells him that she's going back to school, he states that he's taking some classes there too. Upon learning that she's going to registration, he offers her a ride, but Tammy refuses. They talk about her classes, and Tammy is startled to hear that they're in the same marketing class. Picking up on the fact that she's suspicious, Sandy assures her that it's just a coincidence--after all, he registered a while ago. He offers to drop the class if she's uncomfortable but Tammy assures him there's no need. As she goes to leave, Sandy expresses his hope that Jonathan won't be jealous of them in the same class together. Tammy tells Sandy not to worry about Jonathan and goes to leave. However, thanks to Sandy, her car won't start. Realizing she's going to be late, she asks Sandy to give her a ride. He agrees. Later, on the ride home, Tammy realizes they aren't heading in the right direction.

At CO2, Billy tells Jonathan that Outskirts has been raided several times and they're in trouble for selling liquor to minors. He warns Jonathan that they're in danger of getting shut down. This worries Jonathan since the bar is his future--his chance to prove that he could give Tammy a good life. Jonathan then wonders why the cops are always on them; it's as if they're being set up. Billy says there's a way to prove it--the kid over at the other end of the restaurant is the son of a client and he was one of the kids popped. Suddenly, Jonathan's all over the kid demanding to know where he got his fake ID. The kid states that some guy at school was selling them. He doesn't know the guy's name but his description fits Sandy. Billy tries to get an upset Jonathan to calm down since they don't know it's Sandy. Jonathan's sure it is though and wants to confront him. Billy tries to get Jonathan to see that's not such a good idea, but Jonathan rants that this has to end now. He starts ranting about how Sandy keeps setting himself up to look like the hero to Tammy. Jonathan states that he's dangerous, but Billy tells him right now Jonathan's the one who sounds dangerous. Billy tries to tell Jonathan that he's starting to sound paranoid and warns him that with this kind of talk, he'll blow things with Tammy all by himself. Jonathan doesn't heed his advice though--he tells Billy he intends to blow Sandy out of the water first.

Cassie's at Company trying to reach Josh. She leaves a message on his voice mail asking him to call her. Suddenly, she sees Harley and goes to comfort her regarding Gus. Harley's understandably upset, worried about how she's going to tell her kids and afraid that she's letting them down. When Harley complains that she's handling anything right, Cassie assures her that there is no right or wrong way to handle it. Cassie tells Harley to lean on her family, to reach out to someone. An upset Harley asks what if how you grieve dishonors the memory of the person you lost. Cassie states that it can't, Harley needs to do whatever she needs to do to get through this. Suddenly, Alan-Michael approaches and Cassie leaves them alone when she sees Jeffrey.

Cassie seems genuinely pleased to see Jeffrey. She thanks him for everything he's done for her and given her. Jeffrey states that he'd be pleased if he just had her trust. Cassie doesn't seem like she's ready to go that far but tells him she is grateful for him. Jeffrey then moves off to take care of something; at that moment, Malone, the agent with the CIA comes in and approaches Cassie. He tells her that the records regarding Jeffrey's mission have been completely destroyed. At that point, Jeffrey returns. He knows Malone and wonders how he knows Cassie. Cassie lies that they know each other through the Beacon. When Malone leaves, Jeffrey asks Cassie if she asked the CIA about him. Cassie admits him and he asks her when she will be satisfied. She tells him maybe when he tells her why the records were destroyed. Jeffrey points out that classified reports are destroyed all the time, but she's not accepting that excuse. Jeffrey then tells her she can either have faith in him or not and leaves. Afterwards, Jeffrey catches up with Cassie at home. He tells her that she has a choice: she can either believe him or he'll walk out that door and never come back.

Dinah and Mallet are shopping for things for Harley and the boys. Upset about Gus, Dinah just wants to do something to help.

Suddenly, the talk turns to her relationship with Mallet. When she brings up the fact that men in her life usually bail on her, Mallet gets a little defensive and tries to end the conversation. Dinah attributes his defensiveness to him being upset about Gus. She tells him she'll back off, but he tells her not to--it's nice to have someone worry about him. Dinah than invites him to the upcoming Spaulding Valentine's Day bash. Mallet agrees to go with her and suggests they go back to her place.

Meanwhile, Alan-Michael reluctantly gives Harley bad news. The board has sent out a referendum declaring that in light of everything that's happened, they believe a Spaulding she be at the helm--they want Alan-Michael to be named the new CEO. Alan-Michael assures Harley that he doesn't want to run the company. When a shocked Harley doesn't quite believe him, he asks her if she thinks he engineered his father and Gus's disappearance. Harley realizes that's absurd and apologizes for doubting him. Alan-Michael suddenly comes up with a plan--maybe they should give the board what they want. He'll accept the post, however it will only be temporary until she's fully ready to retake it. Harley doesn't like that idea since she thinks it would make her appear weak. Harley's not ready to give up without a fight and leaves to work out her strategy. Realizing she left her organizer at Mallet's place, Harley rushes out. When she leaves, an enraged Alan-Michael rushes out and throws his briefcase in the snow.

Marina has seen Alan-Michael's display of angry and attributes it to the loss of his father. He denies it, but she tells him it's okay to be upset; it was his father. Alan-Michael is not so sure. He starts talking about how his father wasn't there when he was growing up and when he was, he was more focused on Phillip. He's gotten used to Alan being gone. Marina asks if there was ever a time that they clicked and Alan-Michael a golfing outing where he made Alan proud. Marina's touched by his story and says she's surprised he never wanted to feel like a king again. Marina points out that Alan-Michael is not his father--he has a conscience. She then suggests that maybe Alan left him alone so many times because he wanted Alan-Michael to be able to live is own life. At that point Alexandra, who has eavesdropped on the entire exchange, approaches and asks to speak to her nephew alone. With Marina gone, Alex accuses Alan-Michael of being worse than Alan--he's been plotting with him to get control of Spaulding. When she tells him she's proud, he angrily points out that he's not going to make the same mistakes Alan and Phillip did. There's a way to take power without crushing everyone around you. Alex asks like Marina, or Harley, or anyone else.

Just as Mallet and Dinah are ready to go inside his apartment, Harley finds them looking for her organizer. Although Dinah tries to dissuade her from going to work today but have dinner with them, Harley insists on going. Dinah tries to suggest that she go with her, but Harley insists on going alone. Concerned, Dinah tells Mallet to go after her. Mallet goes out, telling Harley not to run away. Harley is clearly uncomfortable being alone in the hall with him and begs him to return to Dinah. She thanks him for being there for her but doesn't want to talk to him. Mallet goes back in and tells Dinah that Harley's fine, that she can take care of herself. Dinah is still worried though and tells him he should go talk to her. After telling her what a great person she is, Mallet kisses her and then leaves to take her up on her suggestion. He finally catches up with Harley and tells her they have unfinished business. He can't just ignore it--he thinks they have to deal with it.

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