One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on OLTL

Rae's mom, Myrtle Fargate, arrived in town. Max asked Asa to leave Ben alone. Blair asked Max for forgiveness. Viki enjoyed a day at Serenity Springs. Ben refused to allow Asa to ruin the wedding. Jessica didn't want to rush into marriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Kevin and Kelly are at the gym..Kevin is explaining to Kelly about the argument he had with Joey during the Bachelor Party. They dicuss Joey's anger and try to understand why Joey won't come to terms with the situation..Kelly takes Kevin on for a game of basketball that is filled with sexual inuendos.

At the seedy bar...Joey is drinking bourbon straight..yuck..he overhears Rourke talking to his lacky Sal about Mr. Bucanhan (Asa) and his hit......He tells Sal that he knows Butch and Teresa Flynn are really Kevin and Kelly and they need to be taught a lesson! Joey is listening to the conversation..He steps outside to call Kevin and warn him.

Rae and John are in the park......Rae is acting like a high school virgin while John admits to wanting her NOW..she brings up the age issue, but he doesn't care..she is avoiding them being together and he wants to know why!! She expains that she is scared to death of being a dissapointment to him.......

Will & Jessica..excuse me while I yawn.. Will proposes to Jess but she tells him she can't marry him right now..Madam Sybilla made a prediction about their future and it shows a woman from Will's past..she needs to know the history of his past girlfriends...Will kids around about his past conquests and Jess is getting very upset......she kids him, but you and I both know it's bothering her..yawn.

Viki is talking to Ben on the phone about the wedding...she is adament about the traditions of ceremony..the doorbell rings and it's Ben, who regardless of tradition has come to please Viki in the most pleasing of manners and they make love.

Back at the gym....The thugs that Rourke has sent rough up Kelly an Kevin..Kevin believes that Joey has sent them for payback because of his earlier conversation, but in reality it's because the MOB doesn't take kindly to reporters and Ben can't help them..the hit on Ben is still on..and in the closing shot Joey is (hopefully unconscious) in the dumpster behind the bar.

Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Todd brings Skye a huge bouquet of flowers and offers her a large severance check if she will stay in Llanview. She refuses, but Todd asks her what she would do if suddenly everything she ever wanted came right to her. Skye figures out that Todd wouldn't let her blow Max and Blair apart at the diner, because he wanted that pleasure for himself.

At the Buchanan mansion, Max crunches numbers for Buchanan enterprises on the computer. He gets up from his work to cuddle with Blair who is ecstatic from the night before. Max doesn't see the virus that Todd has unleashed. On the screen it reads, "Max Buchanan is a Fraud", including all the details of their scheme.

Asa wakes up from a nightmare in a cold sweat. He remembers dreaming about Max and Ben. Ben has a gun pointed at Max, and then suddenly Asa has a gun. He points it at Ben and pulls the trigger. But when he looks down, it is Max that has been shot. Asa tells Max that he had a dream about Ben. He is glad he has taken care of Ben once and for all and asks if the wedding is off or if there is anything in the morning news. Max and Blair look confused while Asa makes a call to Viki's. When Ben answers he exclaims, "No! It can't be you, you're dead!" Asa threatens to make sure "it" gets done today. Viki is upset that Asa is trying to ruin their wedding day. Ben promises nothing and nobody is will get in the way of their happiness. Viki leaves for the spa to get ready for the big day.

Max begs Asa to stop threatening Ben. Asa promises he is gonna take care of "Dr. Death" if it takes every penny he has. Concerned, Max asks what Asa has done. Just as Max is about to go after Asa, he sees his computer! Blair gets flustered and blames Skye. She tells Max that they have to stop it from getting on all the computers. He asks her how she knows it isn't just on that computer. Max doesn't believe Blair's lies anymore. She is the only one who knew about how they used the hair to fake the DNA test. He accuses her of destroying his whole world. He wants to know why she would do that to him. Blair finally admits that she wrote the virus exposing Max when she was so mad at him for cheating on her. She tells him she didn't know how to stop it and slips that Todd said he could. Max flies off the handle claiming that she put his future in the hands of a lunatic. She tries to explain that Todd was her only hope. Max asks if she was behind B&B and she ! says she was. Blair tries to apologize but Max wants her out of his life forever! Todd smiles as he listens to the whole scene in Starr's room. Starr asks if this means that they can be a family again...

Kevin finds Joey beaten in a dumpster. Kevin thinks Joey was the one who tipped off Rouke's thugs. Joey explains how he tried to warn him and Kelly. Kevin says that the thug claimed that if it weren't for "Mr. Buchanan", there would have been some serious harm done. The brothers suddenly realize Asa is involved with the mob. They rush off to Viki's house. Ben answers the door and tells Kevin and Joey to stay away from the mob. Meanwhile, Asa meets with the hit man and demands that he finish the job tonight! He doesn't want Viki to end up a widow...

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Cherryvale Inn

Bo, feeling like the "guy you've been avoiding," surprises Melanie with a visit. He wants to talk but Mel holds back, saying it's "complicated." Bo explains that Nora understands they are divorced and he has promised to "help her adjust to that...whatever feelings she thinks she has will fade." Melanie asks Bo point blank what his feelings for Nora are. He uses the analogy of Viki and his brother, Clint, explaining that everybody thought they were great together, they grew apart but will always care about each other and he feels it is the same with he and Nora. "I've moved on...Nora has moved on, too...even though she doesn't remember it." Bo continues the mostly one-sided conversation by telling Melanie that he feels "incredibly lucky...I've met a woman I'm crazy about...I love're the woman I want in my life." When Bo wonders why Melanie isn't letting herself feel the same way, she confides that "it's not just about Nora or Lindsay" but that she is dealing with her divorce from Colin and is trying to discover the reason she let him hurt her so much. She feels she isn't ready to give in to the "rush of feelings" she has for Bo. Although he "respects" Melanie's feelings, Bo confesses, "I want a future with you. What do you want?" A conflicted Melanie answers, "I don't want to end this, but I don't want to go forward, either." Bo reluctantly agrees to "step back" and give Melanie some time: "I can step back as far as you want me to, but I'm not going anywhere and I'm not letting you go." They kiss and agree to see each other later at Ben and Viki's wedding.

"Mr. Rourke's Bar/Hang-Out"

When the bartender gives her a hard time for using the place as a waiting room for her "meeting", Lindsay orders a virgin screwdriver and is surprised to turn around and see Asa in a booth. She watches as Asa passes an envelope to the hitman and wastes no time in accusing Asa of "consorting with the criminal element" when the hired gun leaves the bar. It's nothing new as they insult each other about the same old, same old. Asa slips just a little when he claims that no judge would punish him for trying to get rid of her "punk son or anyone else in your miserable family" but he is saved from Lindsay's questioning of what he meant by that when Colin interrupts them. Asa turns on Colin for what he did to Nora and then suggests that perhaps Lindsay and Colin did it together. But before this thought can go any deeper, Colin gloats about being able to cause trouble for Asa by turning the tape over to the police. He suggests that perhaps the next time Asa listen to him since he had planned to sell him the tape. This revelation shocks Lindsay and she tells Colin he "makes me sick." Asa replies that "you both make me sick" and leaves. Colin berates Lindsay for not coming alone to their meeting but his curiosity is piqued when she claims no responsibility or knowledge for Asa's presence in the bar; however, Colin has his own problems: he's broke and wants Lindsay to give him $500,000! Lindsay claims she is tired of hearing him "whine" about money but is surprised when Colin admits that he has been suspended from the Cherryvale clinic due to Melanie's bad-mouthing of him. Lindsay reminds Colin of what will happen to him if he is "considering opening his mouth" about her involvement in Nora's kidnapping. Colin doesn't need to be reminded of R.J.'s threats on his life and admits he doesn't want to keep looking over his shoulder the rest of his life but when he tries to remind Lindsay that she got him into this so she "owes" him, she accepts no responsibility. Lindsay claims it is Colin's "fixation with Nora" that is to blame and advises him not to "bother me for money or anything."

Buchanan Mansion

In her room, Starr advises Todd that she wants "one big happy family" complete with her being Blair's maid of honor in a remarriage with Todd and all of them moving to the penthouse where her parents then can "spoil me." Starr asks Todd why he and Blair divorced; was it "mental cruelty" or didn't they love each other anymore? Todd is intrigued when Starr suggests it is "simple" for her parents just to "love each other again."

Meanwhile, downstairs, a teary Blair begs Max to forgive her "mistake" with the computer virus. Max feels that Blair broke her wedding vows and is angry that she is trying to "hide behind loving each other." He is aghast that Asa or the police could have seen the message but even "if no one saw it, you still did it" and he is even angrier that she "trusted Todd." He claims that Blair "just hung me out to destroyed me" and in his anger he smashes the computer on the floor. Later, after checking with both newspapers, Blair is "sure" the virus is stopped and won't spread because, after all, "Todd promised." This is the last straw for Max; he orders Blair to "pack your things and get out house now." Blair angrily and loudly reminds Max that she "did all of it" and "stood behind you every step of the way" in deceiving Asa as well as her forgiveness of Max for faking his brain damage and sleeping with Skye, "so you can damn well forgive me for this one!" Max's vision is that he did everything Blair wanted and now she has stabbed him in the back by going after "the thing you knew would hurt me the most." Todd interrupts the couple and when he suggests that Blair "can do better than him," Max confirms that "our marriage is over...I'm can both go to hell." Blair turns on Todd, knowing he is lying when he claims he thought he had stopped the virus, she shouts, "I lost destroyed my marriage...I will never forget it...I will hate you for it until the day I die." Todd apologizes and, seeming sincere, he tells Blair he wants her to stay and talk to him instead of chasing after Max.

Skye's Hotel Room

Skye and Rae continue their argument over Max – each blaming the other for his predicted downfall when/if Asa finds out he is not really his son and each threatening to stop the other from hurting him. When Skye turns vicious in a personal attack on Rae, claiming Rae is "a complete failure in your...hunt for your long-lost child," she is interrupted by Rae's mother, Myrtle Fargate, insistently knocking at the door. Myrtle informs Skye that "nobody trashes my daughter, least of all answer to me now...if you want a fight, you have got one." Rae is stunned by Myrtle coming all the way from Pine Valley to defend her and they begin a reunion right in Skye's room. Skye is jealous of this mother/daughter relationship and tries to insult them into leaving but, instead, they gang up on Skye and tell her that she tries to "make other people miserable" because her head, heart, soul, and life, are empty. Myrtle believes that Skye is "rotten to the core" like her father, Adam Chandler, but Skye claims she is "proud of my family." When Rae and Myrtle likewise say they are proud of their family, Skye asks why Rae hasn't told "Mommie Dearest" about her new grandson, Max. Off camera, Rae dishes to Myrtle about Max and the possibility of them being family, but before Myrtle heads back to Pine Valley, she takes great delight in telling Skye she is "still the town pariah" there. When they leave, Skye continues packing her suitcase but is interrupted by a knock at the door and when she opens it, Max kisses her passionately.

Nora and Sam's House/Office

When Sam brings Matthew home, he overhears Nora leaving a phone message for Lindsay about a lunch date. Nora is uncomfortable when Sam expresses his surprise at her "new best friend," especially when he doesn't understand how she could not believe his warnings about Lindsay. But as he thinks out loud, he figures out Nora's angle. "Nobody could be as forgiving as you are...unless you do believe me and your new found friendship is part of a plan to trap her...that's it, isn't it?" Nora finally admits, "I do believe all of it...I don't even remember her and I believe forget every word I just said." Sam refuses this suggestion and angers Nora when he tells her she is "not going to do anything." Nora misunderstands Sam's concern for her and thinks he has given up on making Lindsay pay for what they both "know" she did to Nora. Instead, he explains that for Matthew's sake (and his own) he wants to "handle it-only me" because he believes that Lindsay is "very dangerous." They each have arguments for why the other is "too close" to the situation and neither is willing to back down. As they stare across their respective desks at each other, Sam proposes a solution to the stalemate. Referencing the first case they worked together on and how they settled their own "huge fight" about who would do the closing argument, Sam suggests that they "team up against Lindsay" to "outsmart" and "squeeze" the truth out of her. "After all...we've agreed to be friends, why not work together?" Nora agrees it "makes sense" and would help her to have "someone to brainstorm with" but before she gives Sam an affirmative response she sees Lindsay come in the front door and has to go into ‘good cop/bad cop' mode, momentarily confusing Sam because he has his back to the door. ‘Good cop Nora' tells ‘bad cop Sam' to get out of her house and not tell her how to run her life. Catching on quickly, Sam plays along and tells Nora she is making him crazy by not heeding his warnings about Lindsay and says not to come crying to him when it all blows up. He ices it when he tells Nora to keep Lindsay "away from my son" and, acknowledging Lindsay's presence as a surprise, calls Lindsay "the scourge of Llanview." After Sam leaves, Lindsay and Nora mutually apologize for Sam's outburst and Nora lies to Lindsay, "I don't even feel like I know him anymore." Lindsay thanks Nora for not believing what Sam says and confides that she and Melanie seem to be the only ones who believe her. When Nora jokes that "Sam can't accept I have a mind of my own...what's left of it," Lindsay marvels at Nora's sense of humor and confides she is glad they are becoming friends. Nora swallows hard as she lies that she looks forward to their friendship also, but then she tells Lindsay she will have to cancel their lunch because she promised to help Viki get ready for her wedding. Lindsay says she understands and will take a rain check; as she leaves, Sam phones Nora from his car outside the house to see if Lindsay "bought it" and is pleased when Nora tells him she also cancelled the lunch date. They agree to see each other later at the wedding. We see Colin standing outside Nora's front door holding a rose; however, he doesn't ring the doorbell. As Nora hangs up the phone and walks toward the stairs, she suddenly turns and goes to the front door. She opens the door and looks around but doesn't see anyone. She picks up a single red rose dropped at her doorstep and smiles.

Thursday, November 9TH

Viki enjoys her wedding gift from her friends, a relaxing day at Serenity Springs, while everyone teases Rae for working out for her big date with John. Viki admits to seeing Ben and scoffs at the old "rule" of the bride and groom not being able to see each other before the wedding. Jess arrives to announce that their dresses are ready and fills her mom in on Will's proposal of marriage. She said no because she was only recently engaged to Cris and is just not ready. She feels bad but she wants to look joyful and sure like her mom first.

Meanwhile, the guys are getting ready for the wedding. The groom is too calm and collected so Sam and John plan a practical joke. Ben warns Sam to be careful with the wedding rings. John is busy ordering champagne and flowers for his big date. Will arrives with the tuxes and tells his dad about his marriage proposal to Jess. He understands why she said no but Sam advises his son to be patient. Ben grabs ahold of his tux and looks at it quizzically. After trying on the pants, which are way too short, he begins to panic. The others assure him that they look fine. Sam runs into the room declaring that a plumber is needed-he's dropped the rings down the sink!

Max kisses Skye who slaps him. He tries to apologize for all of the humiliation he put her through because she was right about Blair being behind B & B. Blair not only admitted it but Todd covered for her which was worse, he says. Skye announces that it serves Max right and she won't fall for his apologies. She wonders why he constantly needs a woman by his side and has only just left Blair and run straight to her. She has no room for him in her life now, she says, as he continues to say the words she's been longing to hear. She begins to weaken and they embrace.

Todd won't let Blair by so that she can run after Max but suggests she try a speech out on him first. She will do whatever it takes to get Max back she says, but her ex flatly refuses to allow her to. She's a changed person, he says, the Blair of old would never do anything like that and in fact, she should be thanking him. Blair realizes that Todd only wanted to ruin her marriage though he won't admit to it. He asks why would he have done that when Blair remembers Skye saying something about Todd wanting Blair back. Blair is better without Max, Todd insists, and besides Starr needs a family since Blair screwed their's up so she owes Starr. Todd is crazy and he drives her crazy as well, Blair yells. She was content with the family she had and she will try to put her marriage back together.

Antonio visits Cris in the hospital after surgery and assures him he'll be ok. Cris tells him that they don't know if his hand will be the same. It seems to Antonio that Cris is only waiting for Jess to arrive. Carlotta and Sophia show up to hear what the doctor has to say. When Cris and Sophia are alone, Cris tells her he will reveal the truth about their car ride. Sophia won't let him do it since she's already told her story and everything is worked out. Cris realizes that she did it for Antonio, not him. Later in the hallway, Antonio wonders if Sophia has seen Roseanne. His partner says no and mentions how she's probably off somewhere with some other man since she has so many. She suggests the two of them go to Viki's wedding together and he agrees to pick her up later. Back in Cris' room, Carlotta hands him a note from Jess and leaves. She only states that she's sorry to hear of his accident and hopes he makes a quick recovery. He crumbles the note up.

Back at Llanview, the women in the wedding party are dressed. Harry the Hook shows up to give Viki two gifts-one from Ben and one from himself. He offers to tell Ben about it if she's really not ready to marry but Viki gives him a kiss and assures him that she is. She opens Ben's gift-it's a gold bracelet with golden die. The doorbell rings and Todd bursts in.

Ben has become extremely agitated over the rings and the pants as the guys sit patiently on the sofa. As they begin to laugh out loud, they admit their prank. Sam only wanted to stir him up since he was too cool, he says. Just like back in the old days before a football game when he had to rile him up so that the team could win. He got into a fight with a neighbor, let go of Ben's lizard and even broke his bike. Ben gives his brother a hug and tells him he'll always need him. Harry arrives with the gift from Viki. A pair of golden die cufflinks.

Blair shows up at Skye's room and walks in to spy the pair in bed. She sees red-literally.

Friday, November 10, 2000


As Blair watches Max and Skye make love something snaps inside her mind. She starts to literally see them and everything else in a bright red. She overhears Max talk about divorcing her. He tells Skye if Blair tries anything he'll tell everyone she masterminded the whole scam and took advantage of his medical condition to get him to go along. Skye keeps wondering what Blair's next move will be, but Max assures her that Blair is done with them. He goes home to get started on the divorce papers.


All the bridesmaids are ready and waiting for Viki. Nora keeps having déjà vu, but she can't figure out whose wedding she's thinking about. Rene mentions that she saw Rae talking to the psychic at the party and inquires if anything was said about Rae's child. Rae gives Rene the psychic's message about how her child doesn't want to be found. Rae doesn't want to tear apart another family. She has decided to give up the search.

Todd arrives to give Viki a wedding gift. It's a framed front-page story from The Sun with a retraction of the previous story about Viki and Ben. It calls theirs the "love story of the century." Todd tells her he's also thinking of taking her suggestion and seeing a therapist. He doesn't seem too happy when she suggests Rae Cummings, but he doesn't object. Viki invites him to the wedding. He asks if she'll comes to his wedding, and informs her he is marrying Blair. Blair hasn't agreed to it yet, but Star is all for it. Viki accuses him of doing something. He insists he only wants a family because everyone else has one. Viki admits she would love for him to have a family. It seems like he's finally starting on the right path. She invites him to the wedding again, but tells him he must behave himself. He leaves, saying he'll think about it.


The groomsmen are practicing walking down the aisle. Ben is tense and snaps at them for kidding around. Sam assures him everything will be fine. Sam presents Ben with a special family memento (a bookmark) that belonged to their grandmother. Ben starts to worry that he doesn't deserve Viki. He fears his past will come back to haunt them. Sam tries to convince him that he must deserve her because he is the man she loves. Ben sits alone praying to make Viki happy and be the man she deserves.

While finalizing the music John lets Joey know how lucky he is to have a brother. Later, Kevin apologizes to Joey for thinking he told Roark the truth. Joey informs him that he will pretend they are best friends today, but only for their mom's sake.


Asa has a dream about hearing Ben's dead and going to his memorial service. He wakes up to find out Bo heard him saying, "I won; he's dead." in his sleep. Bo asks what he meant and Asa pretends not to remember. He changes the subject by asking Bo what he's doing there. Bo is worried about Asa's health. Asa hasn't been the same since the surgery. Bo insists that he's sick, but makes the mistake of telling him Ben gave the medical advice. Asa rants about Ben, and thinks he has a right to be angry with those people for destroying his family. Bo tries to convince Asa he can be treated, but Asa thinks Ben is trying to convince Bo he's crazy. Bo offers to go with him, but Asa says if he needs help he'll have his only son (Max) help him. Bo hopes Max will help him because he's done trying. Bo loves him, but he hates to think where his sickness will lead. After Bo leaves, Asa calls the hit man to make sure things are going smoothly. Asa has a drink to celebrate his dream coming true. Max comes home to make sure Blair is packing, but she's not home. Max tells Asa he's getting rid of Blair. Asa informs him that soon all the people in their way will be history.


Kevin arrives to see Kelly and ask for her help in covering up his injuries with makeup. He lets her know Joey didn't turn them in. He still wants to find out who shot her, but Kelly wants an end to the whole thing. They decide that since Joey tried to warn them the door may still be open for them to fix things with him. Blair shows up and Kelly is ready to yell at her. She notices that Blair is acting strangely. Kelly asks if Max did this to her. Blair goes back and forth between talking about her wedding to Max and the fight they had. Kelly offers to stay with her, but Blair insists she go to the wedding. Kelly goes to get her a glass of water. She turns around and Blair is gone.


· Todd goes to Sky's room to deliver her severance check. She tells him he can keep it because she's got Max. She's moving back to the Buchanan mansion. Right after he leaves there is a knock at the door. Skye opens the door (thinking Todd is back) to find Blair standing there.

· Joey and Kevin arrive to pick up Viki.

· The groomsmen assure Ben everything is ready.

· The hit man prepares to go to the wedding.

· Max asks Asa what he's talking about. Has he done something?

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