All My Children Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on AMC

Bianca and Rain bonded with each other. Leo, Laura, and Bianca showed up at David's hotel suite while he and Erica were making love. Stuart urged Arlene to leave town. David accidentally dropped his flask of Libidozone in the punchbowl at Ryan's party. Adam proposed to Liza.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, November 13, 2000

Erica was in the dining room holding Jack's hand and starting to get passionate. She told him that she felt she could tell him anything. She left her chair to sit on his lap and Jack asked her whom she was trying to make jealous this time. Palmer and Vanessa then came into the dining room and walked past Erica. Erica told Palmer that he would always have a part of her heart. Palmer then kissed her hand and told her that "she is really in a mood today." Erica told Palmer not to come to close because she was feeling absolutely foot loose. Vanessa, under her breath, said "she was acting screw loose." David then came up to Erica and told Jack to excuse him but he was just about to take Erica home. Erica told both Jack and David that she was having fun. David commented that she was having "a little too much fun." Jack said to let Erica make the decision. Erica asked if they were going to fight over her. Jack asked Erica if that is what she wanted. She told Jack that she wanted to dance. Jack told her that there was no music. Erica told Jack that if he danced with her, he would never regret it. Jack told Erica that he could never regret it, he had her in his arms. David just looked on, in disgust. Jack told Erica that he felt she had too much to drink. She said that she felt drunk on passion, for love. Jack looked at David and asked him if he did this to her. David tried to get Erica to leave. She told him that her headache was gone. Erica then told David and Jack that there was something she needed to do first. Erica went to the piano and prepared to sing --- yes, sing. Before she started she said that there were "3 special men" in the audience that loved her and that this song was for them. When she was done with her song, David picked her up from the top of the piano and told her he was taking her away. Palmer and Vanessa were in the dining room listening to Erica sing. Palmer gave Vanessa a beautiful pearl necklace. He told her that it was on loan. It would be hers as long as she behaved herself. He then excused himself to make a phone call.

Bianca and Rain were at Erica's home talking. Bianca asked Rain if she took her to the bar because she thought she was like her. Rain said that she was hoping she might be. Rain asked her if she was OK with that. Bianca then asked Rain if other people thought that. Rain said that people think what they think. Rain was surprised to hear Bianca tell her that Erica doesn't have a clue about Bianca being "gay." Rain told Bianca that her mother knew about her when she was younger. Rain's mother had found books in Rain's room about female models and pictures that she circled with hearts. Rain told Bianca that her mother kept asking her why she didn't go on dates and what boys she liked. Rain said that her mother kept asking her these questions all the time and was getting nasty so finally one day she told her mom that she was "gay." Rain's mother then told her that she didn't want a "gay" daughter and kicked her out of the house. Rain told Bianca not to feel sorry for her. Rain told Bianca that Erica wouldn't kick her out because she loves her too much. Rain said that if Erica didn't know about it, she couldn't stop it. Rain told Bianca that it would be hard for Erica to accept her being gay when she found a girlfriend. Bianca said that the very last thing she was thinking about was having a relationship now. Rain asked Bianca if she ever had a relationship. Bianca told her that it was a total disaster and she began telling her about Tara. Bianca told Rain that it was a good relationship and then something happened. Tara decided that she didn't want to be gay. Rain told Bianca that she liked her and Bianca returned the compliment. Rain said that she liked it in Pine Valley and she wants to stay here. Rain said that she wants to get a job and get her own place. Rain suggested that they go to a movie sometime.

Leo and Laura were sitting on the outside steps at Erica's home looking at the pictures that Laura took of Bianca and Leo at SOS. Leo told her that the pictures she took of him were unflattering and wanted her to trash them. She asked Leo if he was "nuts." Laura asked Leo if he really wanted her to trash his photo. He said yes. Leo told Laura that it was an image of him and he didn't give her permission to take the picture. Laura said that it was a picture of him not being the Leo that everyone knows. Laura told Leo that for a whole 10 seconds, he let his guard down and she snapped the picture. Leo and Laura came into the house and startled Bianca and Rain. Bianca thought it was her mother coming home and she did not like Rain because she begged for money. Rain excused herself and left. Leo told Bianca about the pictures Laura took. Laura told Bianca that she looked beautiful in the pictures and she captured the real "you."

Stuart, Marian, and Hayley were at the gallery talking. Stuart couldn't believe that Mateo felt Hayley needed protection from her mother. Marian told Stuart that Arlene had been hurting Hayley for years. Hayley told Stuart that she physically didn't hurt her but with Mateo, it was different. Marian asked Hayley if Arlene made a pass at Mateo. Hayley told them "yes." Hayley also said that there was nothing worse than a falling down drunk who thinks she is irresistible. Stuart asked Hayley not to talk about Arlene like that. Stuart said that he didn't feel she would have done it if she wasn't drinking. Stuart said that Arlene is the sadist person he ever knew. He also said that she just wanted to be loved. He told Hayley that he hates to see her so angry with her mom. Hayley told him that it would never change for her or her mother. Uncle Stuart told Hayley that she would be happier all around if she wasn't so mad all the time at her mother. Hayley said that she would talk to Stuart from now on. She left the gallery and then Stuart and Marian continued the conversation. Marian told Stuart that he is the kindest man on earth but sometimes he makes her so angry she could explode. Marian told Stuart that she was furious and had to leave and be alone. After Marian left, Arlene came in. Arlene told Stuart that she needed his help because she had no place else to go. Arlene told Stuart that she was sorry for what she did to Hayley. Stuart told Arlene that Hayley was very upset and doesn't have room for any more "tries." Arlene asked Stuart if he would talk to Hayley again and he said "no." He told Arlene that she would have to leave Hayley alone and couldn't stay in Pine Valley and beg her forgiveness. Stuart told Arlene that she needs to start over someplace else. Arlene told Stuart that she doesn't even have bus fare to Pittsburgh. Stuart said that he wished he could help her but he couldn't. Arlene hugged Stuart and said that he was the only who knows that she is not bad and really has a heart. While they were hugging, Marian was outside looking through the window. Marian came storming into the building and called Arlene a "miserable witch" and told her to take her hands off of her husband. Marian told Arlene to get out of the building now. Stuart gave her one of his pictures off the wall and told her that it wasn't much but it might help her when she left town. Marian told her not to come back and if she did, Marian told her that she would not be able to walk out of the door again. When she left, Arlene was talking to herself and said that she had come this far without any help and she would help herself from now on. Stuart came out the door and told Arlene to call him when she got settled because if she was really alone, he didn't want her to be completely alone. Stuart told Arlene that no one should ever feel that way. Arlene left and told Stuart "thank you."

Dimitri and Edmund were at the mausoleum. Edmund thought he was alone and asked Dimitri how long he had been standing there. Dimitri said long enough to hear him talking about getting someone out of his head. Edmund said that he was talking to himself. He told Dimitri that he wished Hugo would have taken his secret to his grave and then they would not know they were brothers. Dimitri tried to get Edmund to come back to the house and Edmund told him that it was not his house any more. Dimitri told Edmund that father wanted it to be his. Edmund said that Dimitri took it from him. Edmund asked Dimitri if he knew how it felt to be second best. Edmund told Dimitri that he mother lied to him every day because he was nothing, less than nothing. He told Dimitri that one day he would feel the same way. Dimitri tried one more time to get Edmund to come back to the house with him. Edmund turned on him and said that if he took one more step...... Dimitri then left.

Dimitri met with Alexandra at the Valley Inn and he told her that he just left Edmund at the mausoleum and he felt that Edmund was having a breakdown. Alexandra said that she would call Brooke because she and Edmund are good friends and he would probably listen to her. Alexandra sent a message back to Dimitri saying that she had an emergency and had to leave.

Hayley and Mateo were in the Valley Inn watching the Erica floorshow. Hayley told Mateo that she got rid of the private eye that he had tailing her. Mateo said that he did not have a private eye tailing her so Hayley thought it might be her father who hired him. Mateo told Hayley that he did tell her father that if Arlene got near Hayley again, he would be responsible so he must have hired the private eye. Hayley told Mateo that her mother has disappeared again and maybe this time it was for good. They toasted to that.

Bianca and Leo were looking at the pictures that Laura took of them at SOS. Bianca really liked the pictures and Leo finally agreed also. Bianca said that these were a lot better than the ones Bruce took and felt that her mom should see them right away. Bianca said that her mother was at the Valley Inn to see Bruce and if they rushed over there now, they could probably get Laura a gig.

Alexandra's emergency turned out to be a trip to the mausoleum to talk to Edmund. When she entered, Edmund told her that he could not let her go. Little did they know that Dimitri was standing in the background listening.

David told Erica that he was taking her away. He told her that seeing her with another man was making him jealous. They left to go to his room. When they got to the room, Erica stripped David of his coat, tie, and belt and said that she never wanted him as much as she did right now. They started kissing and getting passionate. Bianca, Leo, and Laura went to find Erica and were told that David took her upstairs because she wasn't feeling well. Bianca surmised that David had taken her mother to his room to rest because she was too sick to go home. Leo knocked on the door.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Gillian made dinner (Grandma Kate's meatloaf) at the Martin house. When Gillian went into the kitchen to get coffee, Joe and Jake spoke about how Gillian and Jake are together again and how lucky Jake is that she came back to him. They also spoke about Libidozone and the risks involved, including Jake's ability to practice medicine. Tad arrived and told them that David was going to be run out of town on a rail. Tad told them about all the nurses at the hospital and Joe wanted to know what any of it had to do with Tad. Just then Dixie showed up and said that it was between her and David. Dixie told Tad that he keeps putting the wrong spin on things. He accused her of being in denial and of defending David, Dixie asks him about what would happen if they took this to court. She said that she responded to David and there was so sexual harassment. Joe told Dixie that she us wrong and that David is still responsible and that it is also the law. Joe told her the law is on her side. Dixie doesn't want to do this and asks Tad to let it go. Tad told her he couldn't. Dixie goes outside and Gillian follows her. Dixie and Gillian talked outside about David and Tad's reaction to the situation. Dixie told Gillian that Tad wanted to punish her. She told her how she looked forward to seeing David, working with him and how she wanted to kiss him, twice. Gillian told her that David was an evil man and he wanted her to do the things she did. Dixie said she is a bad wife and Gillian told her she is only human. Jake told Tad that the nurses could take care of David without Dixie suing. Tad told him that she had to do it, to prove to him she was sorry. He also said "Don't tell me the hero of Chechnya isn't half the man he is cracked up to be". Joe had to jump in and separate his sons and Tad apologized. Jake just looked at him and left the room. Tad told Joe about his problem with Dixie. Tad asked, "How come it had to be someone like David? What is wrong with me?" Joe told Tad that Dixie and Tad should just learn to live with it for as long as they are married. Joe told Tad to forgive Dixie, to forgive without forgetting. Joe reminded Tad how many times Dixie has forgiven Tad his mistakes over and over again and that Tad should look in his heart. Dixie came back inside and Tad told Dixie he didn't know what to do. Dixie took his hand and said they could go home.

Erica and David were in his room and she was pulling him to the bed. Leo, Bianca and Laura were looking for Erica at the hotel and were told that she had gone upstairs to David's room. They were outside, unbeknownst to Erica and David, and decided to knock on the door. Not knowing who was there, Erica was determined to get rid of whoever was there. David stopped Erica from opening the door (she was only dressed in his shirt). When no one responded to the knocks on the door, Bianca became worried and wanted to go get the manager to open the door. Leo shouted to Erica, asking if she was okay. She told him to go away, that she was fine and started to call out David's name and how he was the best. When Bianca heard that, she became embarrassed and decided she wanted to go home. David and Erica made love and afterwards, while she was lying there David checked her pulse and asked her how she felt. She said she felt terrible. She couldn't believe that she had done this. "I was shameless. I couldn't keep my hands off you. Why? Why do I keep coming back to you?" David said it was an attraction. Erica told him it was more than an attraction. She felt like she was drugged. David asked Erica if they made love because she was drunk. Erica said she didn't feel like herself. It had to be more than just wild passion. She got dressed and told David she was leaving. Erica opens the door and there was Vanessa, ready to knock. Erica pushed her aside and called her a "fat cow". Vanessa said Erica was probably upset because she found out what has been going on. She accused David of being with Erica and thinking of Dixie. David tried to shut the door on Vanessa, saying that Erica had it right, but she pushed her way in. She told him she wasn't surprised by these events. She came by to tell her that Palmer was happy that David was dropping the charges against Jake, and that Vanessa wanted a favor. Vanessa wanted David to tell Palmer that she was responsible for talking him into dropping the charges. Before she left, she couldn't help but needle David about Dixie one last time. David reached for the phone and called Gordon (the lab tech at the hospital) to get more Libidozone. David told Gordon he needed more and to make it a stronger batch. He told Gordon not to ask so many questions, he needed it for further research. David picked up his invitation to the party and said that it was going to be a "great party."

Leo, Bianca and Laura went back to Erica's house and Leo was telling the girls a story about Vanessa and a jockey. He tells Bianca that it is totally normal to get weirded out about catching your parents making whoopie and that it was just a case of bad timing on their part. Laura and Leo still want to show the pictures to Erica and they talk about how sexy they are. Bianca gets upset and shouts that they should stop taking about sex and leaves the room. Leo and Laura about Bianca having to find Erica in bed with David and Laura accuses Leo of having to make a joke at the end of all his personal stories. Laura told Leo about her birth mother, how she was alone after she died and that Brooke had adopted her. Erica arrived home and Laura left. Erica asked Leo to please keep what happened at the hotel just between them but Bianca came in the room and told Erica that she was with Leo outside of David's room and heard it all. Erica tried to laugh it all off as a joke that came off badly and Bianca told her it was okay, that everyone was entitled to a personal life and went upstairs. Erica told Leo she had a tremendous headache, needed some aspirin and a bath and went upstairs. Leo said to himself, "women."

In the mausoleum at Wildwind Edmund told Dimitri that he loved Alex and he wouldn't let her go. Alex told Edmund that they should tell Dimitri the truth. She told Dimitri that Edmund has been suffering. Dimitri accuses Alex and Edmund of sleeping together. Alex asked Dimitri if that's what he thought. She accused Dimitri of not trusting her. She told Dimitri about Edmund's hallucinations of Alf and Dimitri asked when it had started. Edmund explained how he wanted to kept quiet and Dimitri apologized to Edmund. Dimitri said he understands about Edmund being upset and Alex tells him they'll do everything they can to help. Dimitri even told Edmund that they would take care of Sam and Maddie while he was recovering. Edmund asked if they wanted to lock him up. "You'll have to kill me first," Edmund said. Edmund asked Alex if she could kill the feelings they had so easily. Edmund told her he just can't not love her anymore. Dimitri told him how he wants to make it right. Edmund told him how he can't trust them anymore. Edmund told Alex it would be easier if she could just hate him--how it would be easier to just hate her, too, and he left. Dimitri and Alex continued to talk and Dimitri told Alex Edmund could be very dangerous and that she should stay away from him. Alex couldn't believe it. Dimitri told Alex about the time Edmund was angry about finding out that they were brothers and how he kidnapped Erica. Alex told Dimitri she doesn't want Edmund to think she was afraid of him and asked that Dimitri stop worrying --- Edmund poses no danger to her.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Leo and Vanessa were dining at the Valley inn, reminiscing their European days. Leo referred to himself as having been Vanessa's "lap dog" back then. She hoped that they can get together more often like they used to, and not just because Leo needed something. He asked for money to woo Greenlee and Vanessa agreed to give it to him. As he left the table she wished him good luck with Greenlee. David walked in and Vanessa tormented him briefly about Dixie. He told her that he had a dinner date and he didn't have time for her. She looked across the room and saw Leslie waiting for David. Vanessa said "Oh my David, pining for Dixie, bedding Erica, dating another woman! You're busy!" David left to join Leslie.

At their table, Leslie listed the day's specials, including "me on a half shell". David said he wasn't hungry right then but then asked if Leslie was going to the big party the next day. She said she didn't have a date. David invited her to attend as his date, saying he was much more fun than Ryan. "How much more?" purred Leslie. David leaned over and kissed her, and she asked what that kiss was going to cost her. He told her she was too suspicious. Ryan came over to their table and told Leslie he had some legal issues to clear up before the party. David told Ryan he was looking forward to the party and Ryan told him he wasn't invited. David told Ryan the Andrassy Foundation had purchased several tables and he would be attending. Ryan objected but David just said how sweet it was that both of Gillian's husbands would be there working together. Ryan grabbed Leslie and took her away from the table, warning her to stay away from David. She told Ryan she thought David was right, that Ryan did still have a thing for Gillian. Leslie then asked Ryan to escort her to the party but Ryan refused, saying he's going solo, it's a working party for him. She told him that was ok, she had "a back-up". Leslie returned to David's table and asked what time he'd be picking her up for the party. He asked if she knew who else would be on board tomorrow and she said he was just trying to find out if Tad and Dixie were coming. He denied this and Leslie told him to stay away from Dixie tomorrow and not mention the sexual harassment suit. Ryan overheard this and told David that if he sees David make trouble for Dixie at the party he won't wait for David's day in court, he'll just take care of him right then. David told Ryan to relax or he'd pop a blood vessel in his brain. With that he and Leslie walked to the lobby. Leslie kissed David, saying she was leaving him with something to dream about. After she walked away David said to himself "Time to start making my dreams come true." Gordon brought the Libidozone to David and asks what David's going to do with it. David told him it was for "recreational purposes".

After getting the promise of money from Vanessa, Leo found Greenlee in the lobby of the hotel. He blind folded her and told her the evening would be beyond all of her expectations. He led he upstairs to the Honeymoon Suite. As he took off her blindfold, she looked around the room filled with candles and roses and then found a bottle of her favorite bubbly. She asked if he could afford this and he told her he got the money from Vanessa. "Greater love hath no man that endures a four course meal with Mommy Dearest" said Leo. He invited her to attend the Incredible Dreams party and she was thrilled to accept, but worried that Ryan would throw her overboard. Leo said he would make sure Ryan didn't and that he was going to make sure Ryan paid for what he put Greenlee through. Greenlee asked Leo why he did all this for her and he told her he wanted to make up. He felt bad after the way things went when she tried to get him to move into the loft with her. She told Leo that she's very high maintenance and Leo said he's ok with that. After making love Greenlee admitted to Leo that she was miserable without him. She went on about how they should have house rules, like he does the dishes on certain days and she does the laundry on others. He asked her what she was talking about and she said she wanted them to live together of course. Leo said no, he wasn't ready to move out of Erica's and he wanted to be available for Bianca. And that he wanted to be able to pay for an apartment on his own. Greenlee got very upset and said why don't you just tell me you don't want to live with me. Leo told her not to make him say something that would hurt her but she insisted that he say it. So Leo told her "I'm not ready to live with you". Greenlee said to him "You don't want to live with me because you don't love me!" and got dressed and stormed out of the suite.

Tad and Dixie arrived home. Dixie wanted Tad to come upstairs with her to check the boys but Tad said he'd go up later, alone. Then he found the invitation to Ryan's party. Dixie asked if they were going and he asked her if she was really in the mood to party. He told her he was going to check his messages but Dixie asked if they could talk. Tad said he was all talked out but Dixie apologized again, asking what more could she say? Tad told Dixie he wouldn't file the sexual harassment suit against David for her sake, she'd been through enough already. Dixie thanked Tad but he told her not to. He said he just wanted things to be back the way they used to be. The phone rang, Tad answered it and said he had to take the call in another room. He left and Junior walked in. The boy had been standing in the hallway and had overheard most of Tad and Dixie's conversation. He asked his mother what was going on and she tried to brush him off. He told her he heard them talking about a sexual harassment suit and that he knows what that means. He asked Dixie if she and Tad were splitting up again. She said no, and that Junior has a right to know what's going on in his family. She told him that she had made a horrible mistake while working for David Hayward. She had given David too much of her time and attention and that had hurt Tad. Junior asked if she had fallen in love with David and she strongly denied it. She said "I only have enough room in my heart for 3 men, you, Jamie and Tad." She promised to do everything she can to keep them together. Tad was standing in the doorway and overheard the whole conversation. Junior went up to bed and Tad came back into the room. Dixie told him that Junior was waiting for him to come upstairs and say good night. Tad told Dixie he heard Junior say he'd overheard them talking and asked if he was ok. Dixie said yes. Tad then told Dixie he loved her more than anything and "I want to work through this thing and come out on the other side together". They held each other tightly in the dark living room.

Jake and Gillian were home alone. She wanted to make popcorn and snuggle on the couch together and Jake agreed. She went into the kitchen to start the popcorn and Ryan showed up at the front door. He apologized for stopping by so late and for the press conference the other day. Jake told him to forget about it, he had. Gillian bounced in from the kitchen in her short and silky robe and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Ryan. Jake looked at her then at Ryan. They just stared at each other for a moment then Ryan snapped out of it and asked Jake if he'd looked at the specs for the fund raiser. He hadn't but did quickly and signed it, and gave it to Ryan. Jake offered his help for the party but Ryan said it was all taken care of, just show up and help raise lots of cash. Gillian went back into the kitchen and Ryan left. She came into the living room looking very sad and told Jake she had some bad news. "I've burned the popcorn!" Jake said he didn't care about the popcorn or anything else, just her. They sat on the sofa and began kissing. He got frustrated that he couldn't make love to the most beautiful, desirable woman alive. Gillian said she knew why he was upset, it was because of Ryan. Jake said he wanted to give Gillian a house, a family and lots of kids. She said they have time but he said no, he wanted to do it NOW. He told her about the experimental drug Libidozone and that he had offered to be a test subject. He gave her all the pros and cons but Gillian told him not to do it, it wasn't safe. She told Jake that all she wanted was to go up to bed and hold her all night. He turned out the lights and they went up the stairs together.

Hayley and Mateo were having a quiet, romantic dinner at the Valley Inn. They discussed Arlene and Hayley told Matt that the only person she wants keeping her up at night is him. Arlene, hiding in a nearby booth, overheard this and rolled her eyes in disgust. Ryan stopped by their table and asked if Hayley could roll some tape at the party the next day for her show. She was happy to oblige saying she could then use her dress as a tax write-off. Ryan left them for a bit and Hayley observed a difference in him. She felt that he was becoming a lot like Adam, that he's actually modeling himself after Adam. When Ryan stopped back by their table after speaking with David, Hayley and Matt noticed his agitation. Hayley asked if David was making trouble and Ryan told her he was. Matt offered to have him thrown overboard at the party but Ryan declined, saying it would be bad publicity. Hayley said they'd better hope Arlene didn't show up. Then she said she had a good feeling that she wouldn't, she was sure Arlene was gone for good.

After dining with Leo and annoying David, Vanessa went up to her suite. She showed her party dress to the chamber maid, telling her it was originally intended for Madonna. Then she showed off the pearls Palmer had just given her. She gave the woman a big tip and some advice on getting an older rich man and the maid left. Arlene pushed her way into Vanessa's room and refused to leave after she was told to get out. Arlene wanted $100,000 from Vanessa and Vanessa told her no way. They began fighting and Palmer walked in. "That's it ladies and I use the term loosely!" he bellowed. Vanessa told him that Arlene was holding her hostage and Palmer told Arlene that her friendship with his wife has been terminated. Arlene stormed out saying she'd make them pay.

Downstairs at the restaurant Arlene asked a waiter if he was working Ryan's party the next day. When he told her he was, she asked if he could get her a ticket. He laughed saying it was $5,000 a person! She swore to herself that she would be on that boat.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Alex dropped by Edmund's office at Tempo to give him some gentle nudging about scheduling another appointment with his therapist. Edmund smiled broadly and assured his former fiancée that he was doing very well. Alex, however, explained that Dimitri was worried for her safety and wanted Edmund to seek more professional help. Edmund countered Dimitri's fears by asking Alex if she is afraid of him. Alex shook her head and assured Edmund that she doesn't feel uneasy around him. Edmund grumbled about the way Dimitri was using his wife as a "go between." Alex admitted that she didn't like the situation much herself, but informed Edmund that Dimitri would probably try to talk to him later that night. As the conversation waned, Brooke and Laura walked into the office. Alex headed on her way, but stopped to introduce herself to Laura before leaving. Brooke sensed that Edmund might be upset by seeing Alex and offered her ear, but Edmund flashed a smile and convinced Brooke that he'd be fine. As they talked, Eliot appeared in the doorway. Seeing that Brooke wasn't alone, he decided that it'd be better to return later. Brooke stopped him from leaving, telling him that he could say whatever he had to say in front of Edmund and Laura. Eliot bowed his head slightly and entered the office. He told Brooke that he'd stopped by to warn her that he'd be at Ryan's party. Brooke shrugged her shoulders and asked Eliot why he felt the need to tell her of his plans. Eliot became uneasy, telling Brooke that he didn't his presence to blindside her. Brooke remained indifferent to Eliot's plans and told him that he was free to come and go as he wished. Once Eliot left, Laura laid into her mother for giving Eliot the green light to attend Ryan's party. "He would have stayed away if you said to," Laura snapped. Brooke surprised her daughter by calling Eliot "basically a decent man." Brooke explained that she'd seen a different side of Eliot when he'd told her about Laura's (Cudahy) final moments of life. Later, after Laura left, Brooke turned to Edmund and asked him if Laura was right --- if she had been too easy on Eliot. "Have I turned the other cheek too far... too fast?" she asked. Edmund tried to remain unbiased, telling Brooke that ultimately he she treats Eliot is her own personal decision.

Tad and Joe paid David a surprise visit in his office at Pine Valley Hospital to announce that Tad had dropped his plans to sue David for sexual harassment. David showed no visible signs of relief. Instead, he smiled smugly and insinuated that Tad had only dropped the charges because Dixie was unwilling to testify against him. Joe put David on notice that any future scandals would result in his immediate termination. Joe was paged away before David could respond. Tad, however, stuck around and let David know that he still wanted to make him pay for what he'd done to Dixie. David rolled his eyes and scolded Tad for blaming his faltering marriage on him. Dixie, said David one more time, didn't do anything that she didn't want to do. Tad refrained from strangling David, but he did vent his anger by knocking some items off of David's desk. As Tad was leaving, Erica filed into the office to find out what had happened to her the night before. Before David could say a word, a nurse entered the office with lab reports for David. She smiled broadly at Erica and praised her for her song and dance number at The Valley Inn. Erica's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. David hurried the nurse out of his office before she could say anything further. David saw the look of horror on Erica's face and moved to reassure her that her Cole Porter tune was wonderful. Up until this point, Erica had believed --- or perhaps hoped --- that her antics of the night before were just a dream. Her mouth formed a frown as Erica asked David what had happened afterwards in his bedroom. "You were insatiable," David grinned. Erica's jaw dropped. She told David that making love to him was a "horrible mistake" that could never be repeated. David reminded Erica that she'd told him that she was addicted to him. Erica announced that she'd have to quit David "cold turkey." Gordon entered the office and overheard the final few lines of the conversation. David ordered him out of the room while he tried to convince Erica to remain with him. Erica, however, had already made up her mind. "There will be no repeat performance," she snapped. After Erica left, Gordon entered the office and told David that he wanted out of his Libidozone experiments. Drugging Erica, he yelled, was wrong. David threatened to take Gordon down with him if the lab tech even thought of blabbing about his experimentation. Gordon backed off of his threats to expose David after realizing that his future would also be jeopardized. He did, however, demand that David give him back the vial of super-concentrated Libidozone. David smiled devilishly and told Gordon that he had "plans" for the medication. A look of fear crept over Gordon's face. He told David that he didn't want to know what he was up to --- but let it be known that he didn't approve of whatever it was. Later, David sat at his desk pouring the potent medication into a flask. What he didn't know was that Alex had poked her head into the office and observed his actions.

At the Martin residence, Gillian and Dixie made some last-minute adjustments to their outfits. Dixie, who hadn't been planning to attend the party ended up wearing one of Gillian's "rejected" dresses. Gillian comforted Dixie when she started to show signs of sobbing over the troubles in her marriage. Gillian confidently told Dixie that nothing that happened was her fault, telling Dixie that she was just "a player in David's sick little fantasy." Gillian told Dixie that David most likely wasn't going to be at the party. Gillian, too, was a little unnerved about the party because Ryan would be there. Dixie was about to ask Gillian about her "relationship" with Ryan but Jake and Tad's arrivals prevented Gillian from answering. Gillian sensed that this would be a good time for the two brothers to be alone and asked Dixie to help her touch up her makeup. After the women left, Tad offered Jake a sincere apology for the crass remarks he'd made. Jake said that he understood, but Tad didn't want to be let off the hook so easily. Tad told Jake that he's going through a bit of a "mid-life crisis" and that he's worried by his graying hair. Sometimes, he confessed, he misses "Tad the Cad." Jake shook his finger disapprovingly and told Tad that he should be glad that his cad days are behind him. Dixie, he said, had made "a real man" out of him.

Hayley arrived before the party began and found Ryan practicing his speech. She marveled at how Ryan had gone from tending bar to being rich enough to own the bar --- several times over. Oddly, Ryan stated that he'd always envisioned this level of success for himself. He then turned to Hayley and asked her about her happiness level. Hayley grinned and said that she was "flying high" and that nothing could bring her down.

The party finally got underway. Bianca was one of the first guests to arrive. She dodged shutter-happy reporters by the entranceway and immediately raced over to a familiar face - Laura. Bianca grumbled about her dislike for all photographers. Her face wrinkled up at the moment she realized her faux pas; Laura was an aspiring photographer. Bianca smiled nervously and assured Laura that she didn't hold her in the same contempt as the rest of the photographers. Mateo arrived a little while later and proudly boasted that there was no way that Arlene could crash the party. According to Mateo, all guests were being shuttled to the yacht aboard a smaller boat. If a guest didn't have an invitation, they didn't get on the ferry. In the kitchen area, a woman adjusted her shoulder-length red hair. When she spun around, big glasses and wig aside, it was clear that this woman was Arlene Vaughan. She smiled evilly and called mocked a claim that the yacht was a "ship of dreams." Still smiling sinisterly, Arlene noted that the Titanic was also called a ship of dreams. Back amongst the partygoers, Laura pulled out a digital camera and fired off a shot of a still nervous Bianca. Laura commented that Bianca's eyes looked sad. Bianca became a bit worried. Nevertheless, Bianca again pledged to do her best to get Laura assigned to the Enchantment campaign. Laura told Bianca that she was uncomfortable being aboard the yacht because she doesn't know how to swim. Bianca told Laura to stick with her because she was on her high school's swim team. "You'd save my life?" Laura asked somewhat in shock. "In a heartbeat," Laura smiled. The two young woman sat down on a sofa and smiled broadly as Laura held her camera around and snapped a picture. Jake, Tad, Dixie and Gillian arrived at the party. Gillian, however, had to make a hasty retreat when something spilled on her gown. Hayley directed her to an empty room at the back of the boat. Erica and Jack arrived and Hayley's Wave team swarmed to film them. Erica smiled broadly for the cameras and waltzed over to her daughter's side. Bianca puckered her lips and smiled even in the face of her unhappiness. She looked over her shoulder at rolled her eyes at Laura. Outside, David was stopped and asked to show his invitation before he was allowed to board the yacht. Tucked into David's pants was the unmistakable shimmering of his Libidozone tainted flask. Gillian entered a supposedly vacant room to clean her dress, but instead of finding an empty room, she found a shirtless Ryan.

Meanwhile, back at Pine Valley Hospital, Alex sneaked into David's office to try to figure out what he was up to earlier in the evening. She found an empty vial near his desk and knew that something wasn't quite right. She rose to her feet and rushed out of the office vowing to find out what David was up to.

Thursday, November 17, 2000

"Jake Martin is a very lucky man," Ryan told Gillian, with a look of longing in his eyes. She complimented him on the job he'd done with the gala, with a similar look. She told him that things were very complicated for her, being on the boat with both Ryan and Jake. Ryan told her to forget he was even there. He walked out of the stateroom. She plopped down on the bed dejected. Jake walked into the room. Gillian jumped up and hugged him.

Ryan made his entrance into the party. Hayley asked for an interview; he asked if he could speak to his guests first. He grabbed a glass of champagne, and started mingling. As Ryan moved through the crowd, greeting his guests, he spotted David Hayward. He growled in his ear, "If I catch you making trouble for the Martins I will personally escort you off this boat." David assured him that he was only there to support Jake.

David divulged to Leslie Coulson that Tad was interested in her. He told her she should make a move on him. He said once he had heard Tad name her as the woman he would most like to seduce.

David told Leslie to ask to speak to Tad in private. When she approached him, David ran over to Tad 's drink and prepared to pour in the libidozone-laced potion from his flask. Just then, a hand pushed his away. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Alex asked. "I was freshening up my drink." David said. Alex assured him she knew what was in the flask and that it wasn't alcohol. "I don't know what you're talking about," David muttered and stormed away.

You have libidozone in that flask don't you?" Alex asked as she followed him. She said she had seen David with the drug in his office. Alex knew he had no intention of giving up his research and accused him of experimenting on a human guinea pig at the party. She promised she would tell Joe. David asked her if maybe she was having flashbacks to her espionage days. That stopped her. Noting she was suddenly unsure of herself, David pressed on. "You're seeing a psychiatrist, aren't you?" Alex slowly backed down, but promised David she would be watching him.

Alex walked over to Jake and said she needed to speak to Joe right away. Jake said Joe had just left and was taking the launch back to shore. Alex ran after him.

David asked Leslie for a progress report. Noting her lack of success at getting Tad alone, David told her to watch for his signal and to try again to speak with Tad. David turned and came face to face with Dixie. "Dixie you look beautiful," he said. Before she could reply, Tad walked up and snatched her away.

Liza and Adam talked in their stateroom. They reminisced over the many times Adam had hurt her and she had taken him back. She felt she couldn't trust him and told him she wouldn't commit to him one more time. She started to leave. He pulled out a ring. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

Liza looked at the ring and accused Adam of having no shame. Adam readily agreed, especially when it came to Liza and winning her back, he said. She threw the rock at him, then asked to see it again. He begged for an answer. Liza reminded Adam that he was already married -- to Arlene. He was surprised when Liza told him Marion had caught Arlene begging money from Stuart. Liza suggested that he hock the ring, and either give the money to Arlene or use it to hire a hit man. They both smiled.

Adam told Liza that he would tell Barry to give Arlene $50,000 to get rid of her. Adam promised that Arlene meant nothing to him. He asked Liza to remember their time in the cabin when they had made love. I'm not talking about something I have to promise," he said. "It's the connection that's real." He told her they hadn't lost their connection and they were just wasting time until they got back to each other. Just then a waiter knocked on the door. He had been told to gather the guests for Ryan's toast. Liza grabbed Adam's hand and they walked out together.

Edmund and Dimitri continued their argument about Alex. Edmund couldn't believe that Dimitri thought Alex could possibly be in danger with him, but Dimitri knew that Edmund was hearing Alf in his head and he feared Alf would get control of Edmund. How do you know that, Edmund asked? Dimitri confessed he had spoken with a psychiatrist at Oak Haven. "You son of a bitch." Edmund lunged at his brother. "You had no right talking to anyone about me." He grabbed Dimitri in the collar. Just then, Brooke came out on deck. She was shocked. When Edmund saw her, he released Dimitri and fled.

Leo, Bianca and Laura watched as Greenlee flirted with her date Bill. "You guys actually believe that act?" he asked the two girls. He grabbed Laura and pulled her out onto the floor to dance. Bianca looked on sadly. Greenlee and Leo each showed off with their respective partners, purposely trying to make the other jealous.

Leo admired Palmer's gift to Vanessa from across the room. "How much?" he mouthed. "Five hundred thousand," she mouthed back. A disguised Arlene read the signals as she passed a tray of hors d'oeuvres around the room. Leo called for the waitress to bring her tray; Arlene ducked her head so as not to be recognized. Leo fed Laura treats while Bianca looked on sadly and Greenlee looked on jealously.

Later, Bianca and Laura laughed at Leo's and Greenlee's misguided attempts to make each other jealous. Laura asked Bianca if she were jealous of her and Leo fooling around. Bianca denied it. Just then Leo ran up and grabbed Laura, leaving Bianca alone once again.

Becca said hello to Greenlee as she watched Laura and Leo. Becca said, "It looks like Leo is having a wonderful time without you." Greenlee stalked off.

Ryan watched Gillian from across the room. Then it was time to make the toast. A cheer went up from the crowd and the music continued as the punch bowl was brought in and placed on the table.

Arlene asked another waiter for the location of the main light switch.

Ryan started passing out glasses of punch, first to Erica and then to Tad. Just then, Hayley asked Ryan if she could take some photos before everyone toasted. Tad put his cup down and walked away. David gave Leslie the signal to go after Tad. He then walked over and poured some of the drink from his flask into Tad's glass. David accidentally knocked the entire drug-laced flask into the punch bowl, while the WAVE camera rolled nearby. David pulled the flask from the punch bowl and ran away.

Adam and Liza entered the salon. Adam recognized Arlene and a startled look came over his face, but he didn't say a word.

While the waiter poured out drinks from the tainted punch bowl, David looked on anxiously. The waiter passed around the glasses, offering one to David. He declined and slipped out the door.

Ryan made his toast. "To Jake, his new bride, and the Pine Valley Teen Pregnancy Program." Everyone drank heartily. Tad tossed his down and asked for more. "It's really good," he said.

Dimitri asked Erica if she had seen Alex. She said no. While Dimitri continued his search, Alex approached the launch boat looking for Joe. She called out his name. An unseen man placed his hand on her shoulder.

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