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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Brandon is at home on his balcony having flashbacks of his evening dancing with Sami on the rooftop. He says that he must stop it and concentrate on getting that tape from Angela. There is a knock at the door. Larry questions him about where he has been and Brandon tells him that he is in love with someone and is going to marry her. Larry questions him about Sami, wondering where she has been and that he has missed her at work. Brandon tells him he doesn't know and wonders why Larry is so interested in Sami. Larry confesses that he has got a thing for her and plans on asking her out. Brandon tells him to forget it, she is in love with Austin. But Larry is determined to make his move. He gives Brandon a folder with some papers in it and as Brandon reads, Larry tells him that he has been working on it for a long time. Brandon gets a call from Sami and when he gets off the phone, there is another knock at the door. It's Vincent Moroni and his goons. He orders Larry to leave and then goes on to give Brandon instructions about his future. First he tells him that his job at the hospital is not good enough and he must quit. Brandon tells him he is marrying his daughter, NOT his family. Moroni corrects him and tells him that his life will never be the same.

John and Roman are all over each other as the fight continues. There is yelling and screaming and Marlena is crying and yelling for John to stop. Outside, Sami and Angela arrive for dinner, but a waiter won't let them in, telling them they are closed. Sami can hear yelling and crashing inside and wonders what is going on. Maggie shouts that the police are on their way. John yells for Brady to make a run for it as he punches Roman out. The police rush in and John attacks one of them and tosses another across the room. Roman gets back up and stops fighting John again. He and another cop take John down and cuff him. Roman tells everyone it's over, but John tells him it's FAR from over as they hall him and Brady away and Marlena sobs uncontrollably.

Sami is outside as they tote them off and demands to know what is going on. Roman tells her that her mother is upset and to check on her and Sami rushes in. Roman tells John he had better get a lawyer quick as they put them in the paddy wagon. Inside, Maggie offers to drive Marlena home as she continues to apologize. Maggie assures her that it is NOT her fault. Marlena, however is determined to go to the police station. Sami offers to drive her home as well as she comforts her. Marlena takes a minute to freshen up and Sami joins Angela, who is hounding her to call Austin and invite him over to have dinner with them.

Sami calls Brandon and pretends that she is leaving a message on Austin's machine, which confuses Brandon. When Marlena returns, Sami offers to walk her out (and get away from Angela in the process). After Marlena leaves, Sami calls Brandon and explains. She tells him that Angela and Austin can NOT meet, or the whole thing will fall apart. He tells her that he will figure something out and call her later. Sami returns to Angela and presses her to give Brandon the tape. Angela gets upset and does not want to talk about the tape.

Hattie and Rolf settle back down as well as the rest of the guests. Maggie urges everyone to stay and promises free drinks and dinner on the on John Black! Victor and Nicole decide to stay as well. Hattie questions Rolf about Marlena and wants to know how he knows so much about her. He tells her it is his job. She wants to know who pays him to know about everyone in Salem. He weasels out of it and continues lecturing her on emulating Marlena's actions. He talks about how John and Roman used to be friends and Hattie inquires further. He explains the history between the three of them and she is intrigued and now understands why Marlena is so protective of Roman. Rolf is sure that Roman still loves her and that is why he has never been serious about another woman since her. Hattie thinks this over to herself and is excited that if she BECOMES Marlena, she can also have Roman. She decides that she does want the nose job, immediately. So they leave to do it that night.

Meanwhile, after Nicole decides she doesn't want to leave, Victor explains how Brady Black is his grandson. She is surprised she never heard of Isabella. He explains how she died when Brady was a baby and he never knew her. Nicole says that explains the look of rage in Brady's eye. Victor explains that he really never cared much for John, but he WAS good to Isabella and made her happy, so he owes him. He calls his lawyer and tells him to get to the police station to take care of things. The lawyer wants to talk about Victor's legal situation, but Victor says later. Nicole is impressed how Victor looks after his own and he explains that blood is thicker than water. She explains that she can recognize the look of rage, because she lives with it every day. Victor asks her what she is talking about and she turns quiet.

Roman is in the front of the paddy wagon with a cop and Brady and John are in the back. John is making a lot of noise but they are sure he can't get out. John somehow manages to get his cuffs off. He turns into McGyver and sharpens his belt buckle and unlocks Brady as well as Brady watches on... amazed at his father's talents. Brady tells John to give it up, they are going to jail. John tells him to shut up and follow his instructions. They arrive at the station and the other cops prepare to put them in ankle shackles. They take John off the wagon and he grabs a pair of the shackles and starts slinging them around. Roman pulls his gun and John knocks it out if his hands. John holds the cops at bay and yells for Brady to make a run for it and Roman tries to persuade him otherwise. Brady freezes as John continues to yell for him to run.

TUESDAY, November 7

Philip meets late at night with a nightgown-clad Chloe. She mentions her run-in on the docks with the masked stranger and he realizes it was Brady. He admits that he's concerned that Brady had something to do with Belle's injuries. Refusing to run, Brady calls John "dad" and snaps him out of his angry, violent mode. The police cuff the two again and take them inside the station house. Roman questions Brady and explains all the evidence they have but Brady's attorney forces the police to release the teen. Marlena tends to the cuts on Roman's hand. The two are interrupted by John who offers his apology for his outburst earlier. Roman accepts it. Hope finally updates Bo on the surgery J.T. had. Bo admits that he's on a case and can't return to Salem just now. In Ireland Bo and Jennifer arrive at the Happy Clover Factory owned by the DiMera family. Jennifer tries to get a job but accidentally mentions the name Brady which causes warning signals to Mrs. O'Shea. Meanwhile, Bo finds an entrance to an underground factory but is interrupted by two rifle-toting thugs.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Alice visits JT at the hospital, talking to him about the family. As the song "As the Years Go By" plays, various scenes of Bo & Hope, John with baby Brady, then on Hawaiian honeymoon with Marlena, bathtub scenes with Bo & Hope, Nancy & Craig. She tells him about Tom, and there is a lovely clip of Tom and Alice looking at baby pictures back in 1965. Alice leaves and goes to visit Belle.

Doug & Julie are toasting their anniversary, as they banter about the cruise they are on. They are sailing the high seas and Julie is curious about the next port of call as Doug's being keeping them a surprise. Doug gives her a gift.....a claddaugh ring, which is a very symbolic ring. The heart stands for faith, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty. Looks as they are on way to Ireland. They have a very tender conversation, and reminisce about their past as we see clips of their wedding and other flashbacks of them.

Jen is in trouble and O'Shea takes a phone call from one of the goons holding Bo captive. A guard keeps her in the office as she tries to leave, but when O'Shea leaves a second time after dispatching him elsewhere, Jen sneaks out and escapes to the jeep. She wonders where Bo is when she is found by a guard with a gun on her. Meanwhile Bo has been tied to a pole of some kind, and is working his rope bonds loose. He has a couple of flashbacks of him & Hope in earlier times on a bicycle, their wedding, Shawn's birth, and on their recent sailing trip.

Hope again asks Marlena if she slept with other men while she was Gina. Doc dances around the question and Hope presses her. Gran comes out of JT's room, and says she wants to go see Belle. Marlena tries to use the opportunity of escorting Alice to Belle's room and stop Hope's questioning, but Hope doesn't let her leave. Hope again pressures Marlena, and a flashback to Marlena giving Hope a meaningful poem when she married Bo. Hope and Marlena argue, and the subject of the problems that arose long ago concerning Belle's parentage comes up - and Hope realizes that Bo is not the father of JT, and becomes very upset, thinking the father is Stefano.

John is in Belle's room, talking to the head in the bed. He mentions Brady and how he knows Brady cares about Belle, how much Brady is like John and Belle like her mother.(Great flashback of younger John telling little Carrie that Marlena is dead.......then the scene on the dock 5 years later when she appears and John realizes she isn't). John talks about Marlena, Isabella, how his life has changed over the years, and how much Belle has meant to the whole family. Alice comes and mentions Brady is outside. He thanks Alice for visiting Belle and leaves.

Out in the hall, John asks Brady what he is doing there, and Brady says he is there to finish off Belle, what else? Brady says he is kidding of course, and that he only said what Marlena would think, and comments that John wants a nice happy family, which Marlena will not consent to with Brady around. They have a very nice father/son talk and Brady tells him who the lawyer was, and that it was suggested he get some different clothes for the court. John gives him his credit card and pin number and they laugh about his zorro outfit wouldn't do in court. Marlena comes around the corner, seeing John and Brady laughing together. She stops in her tracks, totally surprised and backs up.

In Belle's room, Gran talks to her about the people who love her (more Bo & Hope flashbacks) and tells her what a wild teenager Jen was (one Jen flashback). Then as Alice talks more about family, the Ray Charles song "What a Wonderful World" begins and a series of family clips beginning with Tom and Alice at the Horton Christmas tree, but mostly Bo & Hope. As Alice sits by the bed, talking about love, the song "As Time Goes By" plays with clips of a few weddings, and some wonderful ones of Tom and Alice.

In front of the Horton fireplace, Frances Reid talks to the viewers directly, thanking us for watching the show, and ending with "May your hearts be filled with peace and joy all the Days of our Lives."

Thursday, November 9, 2000

At Tuscany Nicole flirts with Victor who wonders aloud why she's staying in Salem knowing that she doesn't love Lucas. She hints that she might be able to help him get his son back. Angela and Sami are joined at the bar by Brandon and Moroni. Angela reveals that Sami convinced her to have a huge wedding which will take some time to plan. Moroni offers his daughter her mother's engagement ring but worries that Brandon won't marry her. Angela thinks to herself that he may be right and then holds the tape as she wonders if she should hand it over to Sami. Sami and Brandon are stunned to spot Nicole leaving Tuscany on Victor's arm. Still in her nightgown outside, Chloe assures a jealous Philip that she's not interested in Brady. The two start kissing but when the evening heats up too fast for her, Chloe pulls away which upsets Philip and sends him on his way. Marlena finds John with Brady and after the teen leaves, informs John that Maggie has banned him from the restaurant. As they argue, John accuses her of being jealous of Isabella. She then reveals that Hope now thinks that Stefano is J.T.'s father. John rushes to comfort Hope and promises that he'll always be there for her. Brady's mugged after using his dad's ATM card and Chloe tries to help him afterwards.

Friday, November 10, 2000

In the limo on the way home, Nicole seductively unbuttons her blouse and maneuvers her way onto Victor's lap. Breathing heavily, she asks Victor to make love to her. In Ireland, while Bo remains tied to a tree, Jennifer handles a gunman in her van by flooring it, startling the gunman into dropping his weapon. Honking the car's horn, Jennifer gains the attention of Bo's captors. While they investigate the noise, Bo manages to free himself from the ropes and knocks the two thugs out. Jennifer drives the van and grabs Bo to rush back to her apartment for Abby. However, when they arrive, they find a gun-toting Declan already there. Stefano orders Rolf to press Hattie further to get the plastic surgery done now. He reveals his intention to turn John back into a mercenary soldier and is shocked to learn that Bo is in Ireland. When Marlena arrives, looking for a shoulder to lean on, Roman confesses that he still loves her but vows not to let that get in the way of nabbing Brady. Carson Palmer interrupts with the news that he has proof Brady did try to hurt Belle. Roman's curious when Marlena hints that she and John are having troubles. Admitting that she fears Stefano might kidnap J.T., Hope confides to John that she's planning to leave Salem and never come back.


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