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Rick agreed to buy child custody rights from Deacon, and Rick rushed to finalize the deal before Amber's wedding. As Amber and C.J. finalized their wedding plans, Amber's feelings for Rick began to surface.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Ridge and Morgan are still locked in the closet after the birthing class. They are getting ready to bed down for the night, when they hear someone outside. The guard let's them out. Meanwhile at home, Taylor is worried because Ridge and Morgan have been gone for hours and she hasn't heard from either one of them. Clarke calls her and wants to know if she had heard from Morgan. She tells them that she hadn't, and that she had tried to reach Ridge on his cell phone to no avail. She tells Clarke that she was trying to keep the line open in case Ridge called. Ridge and Morgan enter and Taylor clearly lets them know that she was worried. Morgan said that it was all her fault, but that she and Ridge had worked some things out. Taylor is very glad to hear this. Morgan places Ridge and Taylor's hands on her abdomen and tells them that she loves the two of them more than anything in the world. She then asks them to be her baby's godparents. Taylor automatically agrees, then Ridge concurs.

At the Insomniac, Deacon is demanding to know why Rick was looking for him. He then looks over at C.J., Amber, and little Rick and wants to know if the kid is his. Rick tells him no and then attempts to leave, but Deacon won't have any of that. He said that the girl had said it was Becky's son. Rick does admit that the child is his. Deacon said that he would not be saddled with some kid from a tramp that he slept with. Rick replied that Becky wasn't a tramp. Deacon said that he would take care of it. Rick tells him that he didn't have to take care of anything and that he would give him $10,000 to stay away from the baby.

C.J. and Amber are planning their wedding. Little Eric is going to be his best man and Amber is surprised. Amber also can't seem to keep her eyes off Deacon and Rick and C.J. comments on it. She just says that she is wondering what they were talking about. She asks him if he is jealous, but he says that he doesn't have any reason to be jealous of those two.

TUESDAY, November 7


At the Insomnia Café, Rick offered to pay Deacon $10,000.00 in exchange for Deacon to sign over custody of Little Eric to Rick. Initially, Deacon was very skeptical about Rick having that amount of money to offer him. Deacon nixed the offer because he was sure that Rick was just bluffing. Deacon told Rick he would take care of his kid.

Out of desperation, Rick attempted to show Deacon he was serious. Rick did this by revealing to Deacon that he raised Eric for the first year of his life. However, Deacon was still not convinced Rick could come up with the money. Rick told Deacon that he was a Forrester. Deacon forced Rick to prove he was a Forrester, so Rick showed him his ID.

At a nearby table in the Insomnia Café, Amber and C.J. were with Little Eric discussing their wedding plans. Amber was very curious about who Rick was talking to.

Deacon decided to investigate why Rick was so interested in his son. He suddenly went over to Amber and C.J.'s table under the pretense that he thought Little Eric was cute. C.J. questioned who Deacon was. Deacon didn't respond. C.J. was very incensed that a stranger had intruded their table and told Deacon so. Deacon told C.J. that he has an attitude. Deacon slyly said "good luck." C.J. didn't understand that Deacon had meant good luck with obtaining custody of Eric.

Meanwhile, Sally went to Stephanie's house to deliver some news. They managed to get into a heated debate about what is best for Little Eric. Sally then dropped the bomb that C.J. and Amber are getting married. Stephanie told Sally that C.J. is just looking for a mother for Eric and that he's marrying a woman who has ambivalent feelings. Stephanie begged Sally to convince C.J. not to marry Amber. Stephanie tried to explain that it would end up in divorce because Amber is only marrying C.J. because he has custody of Little Eric. She argued her point by saying that Little Eric had already lost his mother, and then he would become a victim of a divorce. Sally blew Stephanie off and left, but not before reminding her that a judge had already ruled about what is best for Little Eric.

After assessing the situation, Deacon boldly told Rick that he thought Eric was worth ten times more than Rick had offered. Deacon told Rick if he paid $100,000 that he can have the kid. Rick asked Deacon how he can be reached? Deacon's response was "call me at my bar and just ask for daddy."

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

The show opened with Rick holding the wedding ring he gave to Amber thinking about how he was going to get her and Little Eric back. Bridget came in and Rick filled her in what happened after she left the Insomnia. Rick told Bridget that Deacon discovered the photo of himself and Becky that Rick mistakenly left behind. Bridget deduced that Deacon discovered that little Eric was his son. Bridget was pleasantly surprised when Rick said that Deacon was willing to give him custody of Little Eric. Just then, Jonathan arrived, at Rick's request. Rick told him that he found Little Eric's biological father and he instructed Jonathan to draw up custody papers immediately. Rick shocked both Jonathan and Bridget when he told them that Deacon had demanded $100,000.00 in exchange for custody of the baby.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was with Amber at Sally's place, trying to talk her out of marrying C.J. Amber let it slip to Stephanie that C.J. had the wedding moved up to tomorrow. Stephanie blasted C.J. for pressuring Amber this way and pleaded with Amber to realize that marrying C.J. would be a big mistake. Amber told Stephanie that she was doing what was best for Little Eric and that she wanted to marry C.J. so that they three of them could be a family. Stephanie warned Amber that Rick would no longer be there for Amber if she married C.J. and that Amber had better think long and hard about making a commitment to C.J. that she wouldn't be able to keep.

Back at the Forrester Estate, Jonathan told Rick that he couldn't agree to help Rick without informing Eric and Stephanie. Just then, Stephanie walked in and asked what was going on. Rick filled Stephanie in about finding Little Eric's natural father and how he had agreed to give him custody of the baby. Stephanie was reluctant to let Rick handle this but she informed him that if they were going to act they had better do it soon. Rick was visibly upset when Stephanie told him that Amber and C.J.'s wedding had been moved up to tomorrow.

Over at The Lair, Deacon reminisced about the night that he and Becky shared, which produced a son. Deacon flashed back to a scene with Becky where he convinced her to sleep with him, while he promised to marry her and get her out of the crummy little town of Furnace Creek. Deacon thanked Becky for giving him a son that would make him rich.

The show came to a close with Rick calling Amber and begging her not to go through with marrying C.J. Amber broke down and asked Rick why he was putting her through this emotional turmoil. Rick confessed to Amber that he loved her and that he was working on something to get her and the baby back with him. Rick pleaded with Amber to give him just a little more time but Amber couldn't commit to anything. Crying, Amber told Rick that she had to go and she hung up on him.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

At the Forrester Estate, Rick impressed upon Jonathan that he must have the custody papers drawn up in time to stop Amber and C.J.'s wedding. Jonathan told Rick and Stephanie that this will take time but Stephanie and Rick both reminded Jonathan that they don't have much time left. Stephanie then remarked how wonderful it will be to have Little Eric back with their family again.

Rick rushed off to see Amber. She was surprised to find him on her doorstep the night before her wedding. She firmly told him that she didn't want to get into this with him again, especially right now when she was late for her wedding rehearsal. Rick begged Amber to give him a little more time. He explained that he was working on something that will allow the three of them to become a family again. Amber was confused by what Rick was saying and she pressed him for more details. Rick didn't feel comfortable saying anything more at the present time. He asked that Amber not give up on them and then he left.

Amber dashed over to the church where everyone was waiting for her so that they could start the wedding rehearsal. Amber apologized for being late, but omitted the reason why. C.J. playfully showed Little Eric what his responsibilities as best man would be, while Amber asked Darla to be her maid of honor. Darla happily accepted. After the rehearsal, Amber asked C.J. if he was certain that they weren't rushing things. C.J. reassured Amber that he loved her and that he would be there for her and Little Eric for the rest of their lives.

Rick phoned Deacon and interrupted a passionate moment between him and his girlfriend. Deacon told his girlfriend to leave him alone for a moment so that he could take his call in private. Deacon asked Rick if he had the money yet and reminded him that without the 100 grand, he wouldn't sign any custody papers. Rick promised that he would have the papers later that night or first thing in the morning.

After Rick hung up with Deacon, Jonathan phoned and said that the papers wouldn't be ready that night but that he would try to have them ready in the morning. After the two hung up, Rick picked up a picture of him, Amber and the baby, and said that he loved Amber and that soon he would have her and his son back.

Meanwhile, Amber and Little Eric were alone in the church when she stated out loud to herself that she was sorry about Rick, but that she must stay with her son and to do that meant marrying C.J. because he has legal custody.

Friday, November 10, 2000

Rick begs Jonathan to hurry with the papers. Jonathan wants Rick to promise that no matter how late it gets, he won't give Deacon the money until he's signed over parental rights. C.J. stops by to tell Rick to stay away from the wedding, and from Amber and Little Eric. Rick tells C.J. that a lot can happen in a couple of hours, and he's not married yet. Darla catches Amber wiping away tears, but Amber chalks it up to wedding day emotions. Before they leave for the chapel, Rick calls. Amber admits that part of her will always love him, but it's not going to happen for them. Rick wants to meet her at the chapel, but Amber tells him to leave them alone. It's too late. Rick calls Deacon and tells him that he's going to bring him the money and they're going to the chapel to stop the wedding. Eric and Stephanie decide to help buy Rick some time and head to the chapel. In the bride's dressing room, Sally and Darla try to calm Amber's nerves. Rick meets Deacon at his apartment and can't believe the messenger hasn't delivered the papers yet. Deacon tells him that if he has the money, they can go ahead with the deal. Amber kisses a photo of Rick and tells him good-bye.

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