One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on OLTL

Viki invited Todd to live at Llanfair. Colin and Cristian were both arrested, but Blair convinced Max to drop charges against Cristian. Sam learned that Todd had held Nora in the convent for a month. Lindsay claimed that she had been having an affair with Colin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, October 2ND, 2000

At the Penthouse..

Viki breaks Kevin & Todd up..she takes Kevin into the hall and tells him to let her handle Todd, she knows he has changed and she sees good in him. Kevin tells her Todd must take responsibility for his own life and he WILL wait for her. Viki confronts Todd, telling him about the mix up with her blood results and that she is having a REALLY bad day...and she is not OK. Todd tells her "You have to be ok, so I can be ok, because if your ok, I think I'm ok." Todd says he will listen to her lecture. Viki tells him he has good in him and asks him to prove it by giving the paper back to Kelly and the penthouse to Roseanne, money and power are not important, if he doesn't change he will lose her & Sam. She then asks him to move into Llanfair. Viki leaves and Todd calls Sam telling him to come over right away.


Cristian shows up drunk and he and Jess begin arguing. He tells her he made a mistake by not telling her about Will, he is not a liar or a cheat! Jess says, "I thought I knew you..I thought you were good." Cris counters "what did good ever get me?, I'm done with and Will have a nice life!" He storms out, leaving Jess frustrated and angry.

Police station

Bo, Hank, Sam and Will confront Colin about his part in Nora's kidnapping. Will wants to know why he did it? Colin rages that Will only wants a lighter sentence so he will say anything. Sam wants him charged with battery, assault and false imprisionment. Colin tells them he is leaving, this is ridiculous. Bo stands and tells Colin you aren't going anywhere..and arrests him!

Carriage House

Kelly is leaving with her things and runs into Sophia, who is moving in since Joey offered her a place to stay. Kelly insinuates that Sophia is "helping" Joey with his pain. Sophia tells Kelly she is WAY wrong..Joey loves Kelly and is in a lot of pain. Kelly breaks down and Sophia does her best to comfort her.

Sam's House

Nora and Melanie are talking about their feelings about divorce, since Nora can't remember how it feels to go through it. Nora reminisces about the fun she and Bo had, how they met, and is frustrated that she can't remember the bad parts. The doorbell is Bo there to tell Melanie of Colins arrest.

Bo's Office

Jess visits Will and tells him she will stick by him, they share a hug, but Jess looks upset with herself.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000


Roseanne shows up at Antonio's apartment claiming to be looking for Cris. When Antonio tries to initiate some romance, she pulls away. She wants to know if he is just using her. Antonio reminds her that he doesn't want a serious relationship right now, but he likes and respects her very much. He would rather they remain friends if she feels hurt by their casual relationship. Finally, she gives in and believes he isn't only out for a good time. Just as the two start to kiss, Sophia calls to tell Antonio that Cris is causing big trouble at the Buchanan mansion.

When the two newest recruits arrive at Asa's, Max claims that a very drunken Cris has assaulted Blair. Blair denies it and Antonio agrees to take Cris away without arresting him. However, Cris refuses to leave quietly and punches Max in the face. Sophia and Antonio promptly cuff Cris and haul him off to jail. Once they get to the station, Antonio surprises his brother by refusing to release him.

Will and Jess slowly piece together Todd's involvement in Nora's return. They both realize that Todd knew where Nora was for almost a month before bringing her home to Sam. Meanwhile, Todd confesses to Sam, Viki and Ben, that he was the one who put Will in the crate to Ireland. He claims the only reason he didn't tell Sam was to protect him. Sam decides to find Will to confirm Todd's story. While Viki thinks Todd had the best intentions, Ben doesn't buy it.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

John's Apartment

Rae wants John to forget what he heard from Skye regarding Max. She tries to change the subject but John is persistent. She wonders if he is interrogating her and he agrees that he is. He believes that something is still going on between Max and Skye, probably because she must have something on him, like Max is not really Asa's son. He wants Rae to be careful since Max will fight with anyone if it gets out. The phone rings and he has to leave for the station to handle a case. He promises to get back to the subject of Max and his kiss with Rae.

Buchanan Mansion

Skye drops by to see Max because she wants to save him from Rae. Max tells her it's over between them, it's only concern that he has for her now. Skye believes otherwise. Blair finds the pair together and as they begin their usual cat fight, Max excuses himself to answer the phone. Skye recites her usual litany about Blair plotting against Max while Blair tells her she sounds like a broken record and Max doesn't need her. She informs the unwelcome visitor that she and her husband are planning a family. Max comes back and tells Skye that none of this is her business. When Rae walks in looking for Max, the two women try to run interference for him. She insists that Max take another DNA test and she will stay on him until he agrees. She's become friends with Renee but she will divulge his secret if she needs to, she threatens him. She will find out everything about him because she has nothing to lose, unlike him. She storms out and Blair orders Skye to leave as well. Max is down-he can't take another DNA test, what if Asa finds out about the whole thing? They both say "I love you." She asks him to have the charges against Cris dropped.

Police Station

Antonio types up the police report on a drunken Cris. Sophia wants to know how Cris could have done this to his brother but he can only flirt with her. Antonio tries to speak to him about dealing with his problem with Jess but Cris is too sarcastic and he finally gives up. Sam and Jess are visiting with Will in his cell. Will tells his dad that Todd knew about Nora for weeks before he returned her and goes into the whole story about Todd's pretending to call the cops and Sam about her. He also fills him in on how he was locked in the cargo container to Ireland. They all agree that Todd must have plotted against Nora and Will so that he could have Sam to himself. Todd wouldn't let him call Sam or give him any information on the trip to Ireland other than to say that everything was arranged. He almost died and no one was waiting for him like Todd said, Will explains to his dad. When he last saw Nora she was fine and had her memory but now he's sorry he told Sam, since he knows Todd is like a son to him. "Todd is nothing," Sam spits out as he leaves. Jess gives Will her history with Todd and mentions how he used to be nice. She apologizes for leading Cris and Max to Will in Ireland but he's happy that at least Colin will get what he deserves, plus, he got to see Jess again.

Suddenly, in walks Cris, being led to another cell by Sophia. The couple can only gawk, confused. Cris finally makes Jess believe that he wasn't in on finding Will with Max, since he's been arrested for punching him out and violating his probation. He and Will argue over Jess but Will is going to Statesville, Cris says, and he will no longer be in the way. Jess tells Cris she is sorry for not believing him but he doesn't want to hear it, she's with Will now. She accused him of lying but she lied too he informs her. She wanted to marry him when she was still in love with Will. Meanwhile, John has stopped by at Antonio's desk, telling him he wants Max's past to be researched. Antonio flies off the handle, thinking Sykes wants him to call Andy, but John says he was going to do it, he was just letting him know. Antonio admits he's upset over jailing his brother and John apologizes. He tells him he did the right thing and offers to help, but tells him to drop the attitude, it's not good for his job. Sophia tries to comfort him as well. Antonio goes to the cell to visit Cris, bringing him coffee and aspirin. Shortly after, Sophia informs them that Max has dropped the charges. Cris tells Will that he'll see him in 7 years. Jess admits to Will that she lied to herself.

Sam's House

Todd is sitting in the living room when Nora walks in. He wants to settle a few things with her. She's obviously not thrilled to see him, since she does remember that he tried to kill her once. He's upset that she hasn't thanked him for bringing her back to Sam; she knows he did it for himself, she says, though she hasn't figured the whole thing out yet. He also tells her that Sam originally came to Llanview because of him, not her, but she doesn't believe him. Just then, Sam arrives home and immediately jumps down Todd's throat, calling him a liar. He accuses Todd of everything that he's just been told by Will and how he took Nora out of Colin's house 4 weeks before he returned her. Sam is irate and Todd will not get out of this, he yells at him. Todd claims that Will is confused and he actually spent the 4 weeks looking for Nora. Sam mentions the letters and messages he never received but Todd insists that it's Will who is lying. Sam doesn't buy any of this, Todd hates Nora. During this time, Nora is wandering around the living room, looking pensive. She suddenly announces that she remembers everything!

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Vega Brothers Apartment

Antonio and Sophia escort Cristian home since Max dropped the charges against him, but Cristian doesn't want to be lectured and advises his brother to "look out for somebody else." The "partners" present a united front in advising Cris to take a shower and sober up. When Roseanne agrees with them, Antonio is startled that she is still in the apartment (no one noticed her in the corner sniffing at one of Antonio's uniform shirts), but he is even more upset when Roseanne explains that she stayed to tell them that there's "more trouble on the way" in the form of R.J. She tells them about R.J.'s "crazy idea" that he and Cristian have "something in common" because of their older brothers in law enforcement and Sophia thinks that R.J. probably wanted to "finish that fight" from Rodi's but Antonio takes it more personally. Antonio believes he is the one R.J. "has it out for" and that he is trying to use Cristian to get to him so he decides to go confront R.J. He wants to go alone but Sophia convinces him that they are partners and she trusts him so she asks for Antonio to trust her and let her help. Roseanne offers her help with R.J., too, but Antonio declines it and asks her to stay with Cristian instead. Cristian doesn't want a babysitter, but Roseanne tries to be just a "friend" to her ex, telling him he won't get Jessica back by getting drunk and punching people out. Cris claims he doesn't want Jessica back, but Roseanne sees through this and advises him to "figure out some other way to deal with it." Cristian wonders, "How do I get over someone that I've loved since I knew what love was?...How do you push away those feelings?" Roseanne's advice from personal experience is that she "found someone else to fill them up." Cristian agrees that Roseanne "seems different" and wonders if it is because of "this guy" but Roseanne insists that it's just "a casual thing right now" and although she has nothing against love they won't be "rushing into anything" because both she and "the guy" are recovering from "falling in love with people we couldn't have." Cristian observes that although Rosie claims she is taking it slow, he thinks she has already fallen in love. Roseanne will only admit that she thinks she has "something really special" with her mystery guy and she won't let him get away.

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay arrives home from visiting with her never seen daughter, Jenn, in Europe and finds her sister, Melanie, waiting for her. Lindsay enjoys asking her sister about Bo and hearing that he's busy with a "lot of things to take care of right now," one of which Lindsay surmises is Nora because of "her uncanny ability" to take Bo's attention. Melanie interrupts Lindsay's gloating with the news that Will has been caught and is being held at the LPD jail. As Lindsay turns to leave, Melanie stops her in her tracks with the news that Lindsay can visit Colin at the jail, too, since Bo is holding him on charges of "false imprisonment and aggravated assault against Will" as well as a "whole list" of charges with Nora. Lindsay is shocked with this revelation but claims it is only because she "can't believe" that Colin would do such a thing to Nora. Melanie agrees that it is "hard to believe that someone you love could do something so horrible" which makes Lindsay wonder if "in the back of your mind you think I had something to do with it?" Melanie asks if Lindsay would tell her if she had, a question that Lindsay doesn't answer, but instead she tries to make her sister feel guilty again. "...You have it all backwards...when you love somebody you're supposed to trust I thought you would me...I guess I was wrong. I'm going to see my son, the one I still trust."

R.J.'s Apartment

R.J. pays off an unknown accomplice who discusses an "operation" which needs a trusted "courier" and R.J. confirms that he has "someone in mind" who needs "grooming" as he shows the guy out. Later, Lindsay demands that R.J. help her with Colin now that he has been arrested because she no longer trusts him and believes that he will tell the police "everything" and try to "pin it on her." R.J. figures out Lindsay is talking about the memory drug and Colin's part in helping to "screw with Nora's mind" but advises Lindsay to "just admit you drugged Nora." Of course, never one to admit responsibility, Lindsay claims that Nora "forced me into drugging her" and that R.J. is "responsible" because he sold her the drug. R.J. reminds Lindsay that she has no proof connecting him to the drug and doesn't buy Lindsay's bluff about having recorded their conversations because he remembers that she came to him "begging and pleading." When R.J. suggests that "you and your doctor friend should pay for what you did to Nora," Lindsay threatens that she will go to the police and tell them what she knows about him simply for the "sheer joy" of it unless he helps her. They are interrupted by Antonio and Sophia who have come by to warn R.J. to stay away from Cristian. Lindsay hides and listens as Antonio claims he would "gladly give up my uniform" to have a go at R.J. if he continues to "mess with my family." Antonio calls R.J. a "slimy, slithering, conniving snake" and claims disappointment at not being the one to personally blow R.J.'s scheme "to get Bo" with Barnes and the DNA test. After Antonio and Sophia leave, Lindsay threatens R.J. with her knowledge of his involvement in the DNA test and asks if he is willing to take the chance that her testimony might "tip the scales" against him. She claims she has no intention of letting Colin talk to the police and "pin it all on me" so she tells R.J. to stop him by doing "whatever you have to do." When R.J. wonders out loud if she is asking him to "kill a man," he warns Lindsay that she hasn't learned. "You still have to be careful what you ask for."

Sam and Nora's House

Nora tells Sam and Todd that she remembers "people taking care of me...images and stuff..." and then looks directly at Todd as she remembers "nuns... and there was you." She admitted her memory is hazy because she felt "drugged" but she gets angry as she remembers Todd telling the nuns she had "Hanen's disease" and that "you were my husband!" When asked by Sam to remember more, Nora tells him about wanting to go home to Chicago to Hank which prompts Todd to jump in with his explanation that Nora's memory is fuzzy and distorted. Sam demands answers from Todd. "How did her memory get that way?...I want the truth from you, damn it!" Todd is forced to confess that he did what Nora accuses him of but his spin is that he "saved her...I didn't hurt her." Although Nora can't remember it, Todd claims she was "so freaked out when I found her she couldn't move." Sam angrily suggests that Todd "fill in the gaps...and don't leave anything out." Todd's explanation for the four weeks he kept Nora's whereabouts secret from Sam was that he wanted to keep her safe from "Natasha and Boris." Nora figures out that he is referring to "Dr. MacIver" as Boris, but is confused as to who Natasha is. Todd stuns them with the fact that he can place Lindsay (a.k.a Natasha) at Colin's house where he observed them "talking like two little kids with a secret." Nora asks for explanations about why Colin would keep her from her family, why Lindsay hates her so much, and why Todd took her to a convent and then decided to bring her back. Sam jumps in with an explanation to the last question - he figures that Todd was "saving" her to bring her back at the right time to look like "the big hero" and he is angry that Todd "took advantage of me." Caught in his own web, Todd admits that he did this because he needed Sam's help but he doesn't get "what's the big deal" because he kept Nora safe. "The big deal" for Sam is not only that he was "killing myself looking for her" but that he went to Ireland to talk his son into giving up his freedom "to get the people who did this horrible thing to Nora and all along you could have saved me the trouble." Sam's anger scares Todd but it doesn't stop Sam from letting it all out. "You could have told me the truth weeks didn't tell me. Why? Because it didn't suit your purposes and, God forbid, if it doesn't help Todd Manning, it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process." Todd claims that Nora wasn't hurt because she was well taken care of, but Nora is angry, too. "You did this for you...You're nothing but an animal. An inhumane animal." Todd asks Sam if he's going to let Nora talk to him like that, but is shocked by Sam's answer. "She's saying exactly what I'd say to you." With that, Todd decides he's "outta here" and begs to differ when Sam tells him there is one thing he will do first. "You stand in judgment of me. You think that everything I do is wrong because I don't do it your way and now you have the nerve to ask me for a favor?" But Sam is not asking, "I'm telling you you're going with me to the police and you're going to tell them everything you just told me now...and you're gonna do it because it's the right thing to do." Todd claims he thought he had been doing the right things for Nora and Will and Sam but neither Sam nor Nora believes him, instead Sam reminds Todd that he had said he "owed" Sam and now he is "collecting." Todd assumes that if he does this for Sam he will then be "out of the dog house" but Sam corrects this assumption by telling Todd that it will just "keep me from strangling you right now." Melanie interrupts with the news that Lindsay is back home so Sam wants to go immediately to the police station but Nora gets upset when Sam thinks she should stay and rest and play with Matthew instead. "Why is it that everyone comes in here and tells me to stay here and then they go out and dropkick my life around town?" She gives in but doesn't like it and she lets Melanie know how she's feeling. "People just walk in my house, tell me what to do: stay put, do that. I got a pesky little memory problem...sure I'm peachy." But Nora sets aside her problems when Melanie confides that she "can't help feeling all of this is my fault...what happened to you was because of me." Melanie doesn't mention Bo, instead telling Nora that she wonders if she set Colin off or pushed him over the edge by leaving him. Nora insists that Melanie not blame herself because "the only thing you may be guilty of is not leaving him sooner." Nora holds Colin "100% responsible" for his actions, but Melanie reminds her that this is true "unless someone else is involved." Nora understands this was hard for Melanie to admit and she hopes Lindsay wasn't "part of this...because she's your sister" but she asks Melanie to tell her about Lindsay. "I'd really like to know about her...I'd like to know the kind of woman Bo fell in love with after me." Melanie explains that Lindsay's life was "hard" and she was "always looking for love." Nora asks what happened between Lindsay and Bo but Melanie is vague in explaining that Lindsay "tried too hard to hold on to him...she told him lies." But Melanie believes that she knows her sister and that "even her craziest schemes are motivated by the best intentions" and she "can't believe" that Lindsay would be responsible for imprisoning Nora. Nora then confides to Melanie that she finds it "hard to imagine Bo with Lindsay...but then it's hard to imagine Bo with any other woman."

Llanview Police Dept. Interrogation Room

Colin's attorney advises Bo and Hank that they have produced nothing to hold his esteemed client but Bo asks him to save his "testimonials" on Colin's behalf because he is "no saint." Colin advises Bo that he never claimed to be a saint since he loves women and wasn't faithful to his wife but he challenges the commissioner that "if adultery was a crime, you'd be under arrest for sleeping with my wife." Bo reminds Colin that they are talking about kidnapping, which is a felony, but Colin laughs off Bo's witness to his involvement as "a convicted felon with 1000 reasons to stick it to his's Will's word against mine." Bo makes Colin nervous when he advises that he earlier received a search warrant and is searching Colin's house as they speak and is confident they will find "proof" of Nora being held by Colin. Bo claims his only question is motive, which gives Colin another chance to get in a dig to Bo about his own motive being to impress Melanie. Bo claims "Melanie has nothing to do with this" but then thinks about it again and asks if she does. Hank takes Bo outside and wants to know where Bo is going with this line of questioning. Bo claims he is "close to cracking" Dr. MacIver even though he is a good liar and does it naturally, Bo is confident with just a little more time he is "gonna make him fold." Later, Colin's attorney continually tells him not to answer Bo's questions, but Colin claims he has nothing to hide. Bo hammers at him with questions about the antidote Melanie can "peg" him with and asks if Colin felt guilty about drugging Nora in the first place. "Did you care anything about her at all?" Colin doesn't answer but is obviously distressed. Later, as Colin admits to Bo that there is "plenty I'd like to say to you but none of it has to do with the questions you're asking...I'll be out of here have no evidence against me..." Sam opens the door with a surprise for Colin. He steps aside as Todd enters the room and tells Colin, "Gotcha." Later, Todd tells his story and Bo pieces it together with Will's version to "prove" that the drug administered to Nora was done at Colin's house. When Bo further speculates that his forensics team will soon be providing him with evidence of traces of the drug found at Colin's house, Colin blurts out, "I'm not the one who gave the drug to her."

Friday, October 6, 2000


Jessica looks upset and Viki wants to know what's the matter. Jessica informs Viki about how she and Will figured out that Todd kept Nora for a month before he told anyone. He also put Will in a cargo container hoping Will would die. Viki is furious. She realizes that Todd was being so nice and pretending to change because he knew the truth would come out when Will came home. Jessica begs her not to forgive Todd again. Viki leaves to confront him.

At the Police Station

Bo is interrogating Colin, and points out that Todd saw Nora at his house and she had already been drugged. Sam and Bo try to get Colin to implicate Lindsay. Bo implies that maybe Colin is the good guy in all of this and he was trying to help. Meanwhile, right outside the room, R.J. tells Lindsay to give him twenty minutes alone with Colin. Lindsay walks in on the interrogation just as her name is mentioned. She acts completely innocent. Todd tells her he saw her plotting with Colin in his house. Lindsay asks Bo is he's really going to take Todd's word for it. Sam wonders out loud what Lindsay could have on Colin to make him keep Nora for so long. Lindsay has a confession to make, but she will only speak to Bo alone. Sam and Todd leave the room (although Bo tells Todd to wait in another room for questions about his part in keeping Nora).

Lindsay reminisces about how Bo brought her here to ask her to marry him. Bo tells Lindsay that if she did this to Nora he will help her. If she goes against Colin he will get her the best possible deal. She starts talking about how Nora dying made her realize that she never really hated her. She hated herself for all the things she'd done. She insists she had nothing to do with Nora's disappearance. Todd and Sam saw her at Colin's house because she and Colin were having an affair. She was trying to give Bo time to be with her sister. Bo says the one thing he's learned is not to take anything Lindsay says at face value. He asks her if Colin will tell the same story. Lindsay acts outraged that after everything they've been through Bo can say that. He says he is doing his job. She tells him that her affair with Colin was all about him, so she could stay out of his way and he could be with Melanie. That's how she ended up with Colin. Bo points out that he hasn't forgotten that they were in love and almost got married. He also didn't forget the reason they didn't get married. Lindsay insists she was just an easy target for Sam's suspicion. Bo thinks if she spent all that time with Colin she must have seen something that will back up Will's story. Lindsay says she never saw anything suspicious. She broke it off with Colin when she found out Sam suspected him. She got scared of what he might do to her. Bo offers to go downstairs with her and confront Colin.

Colin goes to his cell to find R.J. in there waiting for him. He is surprised when R.J. calls him by name. R.J. proceeds to tell him that Lindsay Rappaport's enemies have recently become his own. Colin gets angry that Lindsay sent R.J. to keep him quiet. He tells R.J. that it would serve her right if he turned her in to Bo and the D.A. R.J. checks to see if anyone's coming, then mentions that he's a good friend of Nora's too. He begins to tie the sheets together as they're talking. Colin asks him what Nora would think of him helping Lindsay. R.J. makes a noose and holds it up, saying he wants to "do right by Nora" from now on.

Todd acts outraged that Bo said he has to answer for what he did to Nora. Sam tells Todd he will do whatever it takes to make sure Todd is punished for what he did. Viki walks up and adds that she will too. They keep asking Todd why he did this. He tells them he's sorry he doesn't fit into their "black & white" categories of how people should be. Viki thinks he's just sorry he got caught, but Todd insists he was really trying to help. He talks about how Sam wouldn't even help him when he got back to town. Sam accuses him of doing all this to get even. Todd says he only wanted to come through for Sam. Sam thinks he could have done it without lies and tricks. Todd acts infuriated that the real criminals aren't getting as much flak as he is. Sam tells him he came into a bad situation, made it worse, and now is trying to take credit for it getting better. Viki asked Todd if he agreed to live at Llanfair because he knew Will was coming back. Todd knows she will "jump down his throat" no matter what answer he gives. Viki accused him of pretending to change just to get back into their lives. Todd tells them both that they think he just "played them like fiddles" and even if it wasn't true, from now on it will be the truth. Viki says that Todd has hurt a lot of people. Sam tells him he should've given them a chance to love him for who he really is. Todd protests that he gave them chances, but they never loved him and never will. Nothing is ever good enough for them. Since they already think he IS bad, he will be.


Joey comes over and Jessica tells him that Uncle Todd will not be moving in after all. She doesn't want to go into details. Jessica knows how hard it must be for him to work with Kelly. She's surprised to find out it was Joey's idea. He knew Kevin wanted Kelly to work there but he didn't ask her because he felt sorry for Joey. Joey doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him, although he will make an exception for his little sister. Joey says he is going to move on. Jessica ponders what happened between her and Cristian. They both lied to each other, and she doesn't think they can ever go back to the way they were. She asks Joey what he is going to do, and he tells her she'll find out when everybody else does.

Kelly, Kevin and Ben (various locations)

Kelly walks in on Ben and Kevin planning to go after the gangster responsible for her getting shot. She wants to help and Kevin says no. He tells her he has to do this because of what she went through for him. Kelly doesn't argue. She just leaves them alone. Ben tries one more time to convince Kevin not to go through with it, for Viki's sake. They talk about how Viki will react when she finds out what they're doing. Ben says she'll understand because she knows he does what he has to do, and also how stubborn Kevin is. Ben's associates come in and help Kevin get ready to meet Mr. Roark, but they're worried the gangster will see right through his act. Kevin goes into character and impresses them both, but Ben reminds him that if he makes one mistake Roark will kill him. They go to the bar where Roark does business, and Kevin makes his entrance as "Butch Flynn from Chicago". He says he has information on Daniel Faulkner. Just as they are about to start a serious discussion, Kevin sees Kelly at the jukebox. She is dressed in a tight miniskirt, and a tight red cleavage-baring blouse. She even has big hair! Kelly walks up and starts talking to him with a fake accent.

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