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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Lucinda is reading the paper with the headlines about David Stenbeck being shot to death. Bryant walks in and looks at the paper and asks Lucinda if she knew the guy. Lucinda says that it is unfortunate, but yes she did. She tells him that he was a prime example of a lot potential gone bad. She says that Bryant is not like that and she tells him how excited she is that he has accepted the job in the mailroom at The City Times. Bryant gives her a kiss goodbye and leaves.

Molly is at Jake's apartment and she is scared that David is going to show up there. She says to herself, "Jake, where are you?" The phone rings and she jumps. The answering machine comes on and after Jake's message, a person starts to sing on the machine. Molly knows that it is David and she goes over to the machine and picks it up and throws it across the room. Jake walks in the door as the machine lands at his feet. Molly runs over to him and into his arms. She starts to tell him about David escaping from prison and how he visited Abigail and Holden was concerned so he came and took Abigail to the farm to be with him. Jake tries to calm her down. He tells her about hearing that David Stenbeck had died in a shoot out last night. Molly says that she doesn't think that he is dead because he left the message this morning. Jake tells her that David could have someone doing his dirty dead for him and they will search and find him or when he hears that David was killed he may stop on his own. Molly says that he can always calm her down. She asks him how his trip when and he tells her about visiting the playground that he and Vicky played on as kids. He tells her about making peace and telling Vicky about her and how happy he has been. He pulls Molly to him and tells her how much he likes her smile. He starts to kiss her and then tells Molly that he is going to take a shower and she should put some clothes on. She says that she must be losing her touch if he wants her to put her clothes on. He tells her that they are going to go on a hunting trip and collect her daughter.

At Java Underground, Isaac gets a call from Craig. Craig wants his reassurance that Bryant will have a job at the club. Isaac tells Craig that if Bryant screws up in any way, he will be out on his ear. Craig tells him that his son is a quick learner and he will be fine. Craig wants Isaac to reassure him about Bryant working there. Isaac lets out a long sigh and says that his son will have a job. Isaac hangs up and Bryant walks in. Isaac starts to explain everything to Bryant. He tells him that he will be in charge of counting the money and then Isaac will come in the next morning and if there is any shortages, it will come out of his paycheck. Bryant tells him that he is good with numbers. He tells Bryant about his grandmother wanting him to go to work at her newspaper as the mail boy. Isaac says, "You had another job?" Bryant laughs and says that he was supposed to show up at the paper today and start work. Isaac grabs him and pushes him toward the door. He tells Bryant to get out. He says that he will go home and explain to his grandmother what he is doing and maybe he will let him work there. Bryant shakes his head at Isaac and walks out.

At Lucinda's house, Matthew informs her that she had a call while she was on the phone and the manager at The City Times had called and they have not seen Bryant yet. Lucinda gets upset and thinks that he has had another accident. Matthew calms her down and tells her about doing some investigating. He tells her about going out to the pool house and finding liquor bottles and limes evenly cut into slices. Lucinda says that maybe Miss Rose had helped herself and Matthew replies that Miss Rose's taste are more to the liking of wine coolers and pink squirrels. Bryant walks in and Lucinda grabs him and says that she is happy to see him. She asks him if he had trouble with the car. He says that everything is OK and he was there to explain something to her. He tells her about going to work for Isaac. She doesn't understand. He explains that he wanted to do something for himself and he didn't want his father or her to arrange for him to get a job. Lucinda argues with him but he insists and she gives in. He tells her how crazy he is for her and she tells him to save it for the barflies. He tells her not to worry, he has it all under control. After he is gone, she says under her breath that she sure hopes that he has it under control.

Craig has insisted that Carly go to Jennifer and make amends with her. Carly shows up at Hal's house after Hal and the boys have left the house and Jennifer is there taking care of Parker. Barbara is out of town, so Carly feels that this is her best opportunity to speak with Jennifer. When Jennifer opens the door and sees Carly standing there, Jennifer says that Parker is asleep. Carly tells her that she is there to see her, anyway. Carly walks in and says that she has had some time to think and she wants to forgive Jennifer about the accident that involved Parker. Jennifer tells her how much she loves Parker and she would never do anything to hurt him. She adds that Bryant is sorry too. After they talk and get everything under the bridge, Carly asks if she could take Parker for a little while? Jennifer isn't sure and Carly tells her that she is living at the Lakeview Towers now. Jennifer says that since she has a nice place to stay, she doesn't think that her father will care if she takes Parker for a little while. Later, Hal comes home and Jennifer tells him about Carly coming by and she let her take Parker for a little while. Hal blows his top and she says that Carly is living at the Lakeview Towers and she didn't think he would mind. Hal calls the hotel and asks for Carly Munson's room. While he is waiting, Hal asks Jennifer why couldn't she wait until he got home to let Parker go with Carly. Jennifer blows up and says that she can't do anything right anymore. The desk clerk comes back on with Hal and Hal says, "No, I don't want you to ring Craig Mongomery's room!" He slams down the phone and runs out of the house.

At the Lakeview, Carly comes into Craig suite with Parker in her arms. She is telling him that the place is not baby proofed, so he will have to hang in with her. She turns around to see a roomful of toys. He mouth drops open. Craig walks out and she asks him what has he done? He says that he wanted her son to feel at home in her home. She leaves Parker with Craig to go into her room and Craig and Parker start to play. There is a knock on the door and Craig grabs Parker and they go to the door. When Craig opens the door, Hal is standing there and he asks, "What are you doing with my son?"

At the farm, Emma has fixed pancakes for Holden and Abigail. Holden is talking about how good his mother's pancakes are. Emma tells Abigail not to let her father make her vote for her pancakes. Abigail says that her pancakes are very good, she just doesn't usually have breakfast in the morning. Holden asks if Molly ever made breakfast for her. Abigail says that she would have, she just doesn't have an appetite in the morning. Emma asks Holden to go downstairs to get some more syrup and he says that he is done eating. She asks him to go down and get some for the next time. He gets the hint and leaves the kitchen. Emma sits down with Abigail and talks to her about living at the farm. Abigail says that Emma has been so kind to her but she is worried about Molly and she needs to be with her to protect her. Emma's advice to Abigail is to talk to her father and explain how she is feeling. Holden comes back into the room and asks if he was gone long enough? Emma makes up an excuse to leave the kitchen and she tells Abigail to talk to her father. Abigail explains that she wants to be with Molly and she is afraid for her. Holden tells Abigail that she is acting like Molly's protector, instead of the other way around. Abigail says that it isn't Molly's fault that this Stenbeck guy escaped from prison and came after her. She adds that Molly is the victim here. She tells her father that she wants to be with Molly and Molly wants to be with her, now what about that? Jake and Molly come in and Jake asks the same question, "Yeah, what about that?" Molly pleads her case to Holden but he still is not budging. Jake asks Molly and Abigail to take a walk and leave him and Holden alone. After they are gone, Jake explains to Holden that Molly and her daughter have a unique quality, they like each other. He tells him that they look out for each other and they need to be together. Holden listens as Jake pleads Molly's case. When they hear Molly and Abigail return, they meet them on the back porch. Holden tells them that Jake can be very persuasive and he is going to let Abigail move back to Molly's. They are happy and they hug. Holden tells Molly that he will be watching her, he has a lot of time on his hands right now. Abigail hugs Holden and they go upstairs to pack her things. When they are gone, Molly tells Jake that Holden is letting Abigail move back with her because of him. He says that it wasn't all him. She tells him that she will never forget this and she hugs him.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Julia goes to her front porch and grabs the mail from the mailbox. She goes inside and frantically goes through the mail. Jack comes up behind her and says something to her and she drops all the mail. Jack apologizes for scaring her, he explains that he thought that she knew he was there. He tells her that David is dead and she doesn't need to be scared anymore, but he understands and he will warn her for awhile when he is in the room. He tells her that they are going to spend the day together at the pond. Jack goes upstairs to take a shower and he tells Julia to get a picnic basket ready. After he goes upstairs, Lisa knocks on the door and peeks her head inside. She asks if she is interrupting the bliss? Julia asks her what bliss is she talking about? Julia tells Lisa that she still fears that David will somehow tell Jack her secret even if it comes from his grave. Lisa tries to console her and tells her that everything will be all right. Julia still thinks that somehow David will get revenge. She shares her fears with Lisa that if Jack finds out about her involvement in stopping his wedding to Carly, he will leave her and go back to Carly. She says that she needs something that he will not leave her for. Lisa says that she could always tell the truth? Julia does not want to do that. She says that she knows that Jack will leave her. Lisa says that she knows that everything is going to turn out the way it is supposed to be and she leaves. Jack comes downstairs and tells Julia that he hates to tell her this, but he got a call from the station and he needs to go in and work on a case. Julia asks if it is David's case? Jack tells her that it is and she begs him not to go. Jack says that he didn't know she was so upset over this case and he decides that he will call the station and tell them to put someone else on it, it is too personal for him to handle. Julia is relieved and then there is knock on the door. Jack opens the door and there is a man standing there with an envelope in his hand. He asks if this is the Snyder's residence? Jack says that it is and the man says that he has a delivery from his client, David Stenbeck. Julia begs Jack not to accept it. Jack tells her that it may be evidence and he needs to accept it. The man informs him that it is not for him, it is for Julia. Julia slowly walks over and takes the envelope and the man walks away and Jack closes the door. Julia asks if he would just let her burn the envelope. Jack looks at her and says that they need to look inside. Julia slowly opens the envelope and looks inside. She lets out a sigh and takes out the content of the envelope. Jack takes it from her and reads it out loud. It is an invitation to David's funeral. Jack comments on how sick David Stenbeck was. He gives Julia a kiss and says that since their picnic weather has turned bad, they will move their picnic upstairs. He tells her that he will go upstairs and get things ready for her. After he is gone, she takes out her birth control pills and takes one out and starts to put it in her mouth. Then she thinks about what she told Lisa and she pushes the pills into the trash. Jack comes downstairs and tells her that he is ready for her and he will give her a preview. He starts kissing her on her neck. She says that she doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost him, she would probably die.Hal is standing at Craig's doorway and he is not happy. Hal starts yelling at Craig and asking why he has his son? Carly comes out and tries to settle Hal down. She is talking sweetly so she doesn't upset Parker. She tells Hal that she told Jennifer that she would bring him back. Hal yells that she waited until he left to come over and butter up Jennifer so she could get Parker. Craig asks about Parker's custody? Hal says that he is Parker's father and that is all he needs to know. Carly takes Parker to the other room so he can't hear the adults arguing. When she returns she hears Craig tell Hal that he will help Carly get custody of Parker if he keeps pushing her. Hal looks at Carly and asks in what position will she be thanking him. Carly explains that she had no where to go and she had no money and Craig was kind enough to give her a place to live. She tells him that they have separate bedrooms and he can go check if he wants to. Hal says that he will pass. Craig says that Carly's visit with Parker isn't over and unless he has a court order, he should leave. Hal looks at Carly and says that this is not over and goes out the door and slams it behind him. Carly looks at Craig and says that she can't believe that he just threaten to take Hal to court. He says that you have to stake your claims in life or people like Hal and Barbara will take over. She says that she understands that she just can't believe that it is coming to this. Craig tells her that she now has the whole day with her son. Carly can't believe it, a whole day with Parker. She says that she doesn't know how she will ever thank him. Craig says that he does. He tells her about needing help getting the microchips to the buyers. She says that she will not put her life on the line for anyone, not even him. Barbara arrives at home and no one is there. She says that they all missed her so much. Adam walks in and says that he thought he heard someone. He gives her a hug and she asks where is everyone? He beats around the bush and then she says for him to just tell her. He tells her about hearing his dad and Jennifer fighting about Carly taking Parker. He says his dad went out the back door and Jennifer went out the front door. Barbara starts to ask more questions and Adam says that is all he knows. Hal walks in the back door and Barbara goes over to him and hugs him. She says that she has missed him and they had said some ugly things before she left. She adds that she wants things to be better and she wants to be better for him. He pushes her away and walks over to the table. Barbara asks where is Parker? Hal says that Carly has him. Adam excuses himself and goes outside. Hal tells Barbara about Carly living with Craig. Barbara says that she doesn't know why he didn't get Parker out of there? Hal says that Craig has threatened legal action and he couldn't afford to ruffle any feathers. Barbara says that she doesn't know how Craig is involved in all of this? Hal blows up. He says, "Because of you!" Barbara looks at him in horror. Hal adds, "You couldn't lighten up on Carly and retract your claws long enough and now I have to stand by and watch Craig Montgomery raise my son!!"

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Rose is furious to see that Lucinda has brought Rose's father Joe. Emily exults to Chris that because David is dead, she doesn't have to worry anymore about repaying his loan. Hal blames Barbara for Carly's push for custody of Parker. Carly turns down Craig's request that she smuggle the microchips through customs, realizing belatedly that Craig had planned it all along as payback for his generosity. Katie overhears the two of them arguing about why Carly should do it.

Barbara orders Hal to leave Jennifer alone--she's Barbara's daughter, not his, she reminds him. Rose breaks down and accuses her father of filling her life with lies. Katie tells Craig that Carly is too much of a coward--she'll go on his "secret mission" for him. When Emily spills champagne on Chris, she starts unbuttoning his shirt, just as Tom walks in.

Lucinda tells Rose that she kept the adoption a secret from Lily, just as Joe kept it from Rose. Alone, Rose rails at Joe for all but kicking her out of the house. Craig turns Katie down gently but firmly--he won't send a girl to do a woman's job, he tells her. Carly realizes that Craig wants her to do it because she can play the part of Winston's grieving widow and not arouse any suspicion and demands a percentage of the sale.

Tom warns Chris not to get involved with Emily, but Chris doesn't want to hear it. Joe insists it was Rose's mother who insisted they keep quiet about the adoption--he always wanted to tell her the truth. A defiant Jennifer tells Barbara and Hal that she's going to keep seeing Bryant, regardless of what they say. Emily revels when she receives a handwritten invitation to David's funeral, much to Chris's dismay. Barbara tells Hal the best way to deal with the problem of Bryant is to deal with the source--Craig. Carly gasps at the dollar amount Craig promises her and agrees to do it, but with the warning that she'll betray him if her custody case is affected or if something goes wrong.

Joe brings Rose to tears when he gives her a photo of her with her mother and tells her he's proud of her. Lucinda urges a departing Joe not to leave town yet.

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Hurt after Joe's visit, Rose lashes out. Lucinda slaps her and stuns her with the truth about her and Lily's conception: Iva was raped. Rose is only concerned about her "inheritance" and wants to leave, but Lucinda's not through with her yet. Lucinda shows Rose a scrapbook revealing Lucinda's dirt-poor childhood and explains how she built up her own empire. She challenges Rose to get rid of the chip on her shoulder and make the most of her life, like Lucinda and Iva have. Holden thinks Iva is better off not dealing with Rose, but Emma convinces Iva to say good-bye. Iva and Rose reach a brief rapprochement and share a bittersweet good-bye. Kim confronts John with the theory and evidence that Andy could be faking his paralysis. John is upset that Kim would assume the worst and take sides against their son! Kim reminds John that he pulled a similar stunt years ago to hold onto her, but John insists that Andy isn't like him. John agrees to speak to Andy and begins to consider the possibility of history repeating itself. Denise is shaken when she receives an invitation to David's funeral. Andy apologizes to Denise for kissing her and suggests that they go out on a date to see if there's anything between them. Denise gets a call from Isaac and claims she needs to meet Camille. Andy realizes that Denise is lying and ponders his next move. Denise confides in Isaac her past with Stenbeck. Isaac encourages her to get over the past and stand up for herself. Denise takes his words to heart and decides to tackle the problems in her life head on. Back at home, Kim nearly catches Andy out of the wheelchair and her suspicions continue to rise.

Friday, October 6, 2000

Nancy had a blind date at Al's Diner with a man she met through the personal ads. Chris was skeptical about his grandmother running off to meet an unknown man that could potentially take advantage of her. When Nancy arrived at the diner, she discovered that her date, Samuel, was about 30 years younger than her. After a brief chat, the blind date left, and Rose's father, Joe, who was at the diner and saw the whole exchange, introduced himself to Nancy. He sat down with her and they chatted and had grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee milkshakes together.

Lucinda visited Holden at the farm and begged him to drop the charges against Rose. She told him to forget about revenge and concentrate on saving his marriage. Holden was afraid that if he didn't prosecute, Lily might think he had feelings for Rose. He finally agreed discuss the situation with Lily before he made a decision.

At Lucinda's cottage by the lake, Luke found Rose's bathing suit top and told Lily that it belonged to "the other lady - the one that looked like her". While not happy to find the article of clothing, Lily was thrilled that Luke had known the difference all along between she and Rose. Lily was surprised when Holden arrived at the cottage to inform her of Lucinda's request. A bitter Lily showed him the bathing suit top and asked him if he recognized it. When she demanded to know if there was any part of their lives that Rose hadn't touched, he told her yes, she hadn't touched his heart. They agree that dropping the charges would be best for the entire family. She told him that she still was undecided about their relationship, however, and a disappointed Holden left the cottage.

Abigail, Molly, and Jake arrived at Molly's apartment and Molly freaked out when she found an air vent that had been pried open. She was terrified that David had come back to the apartment to haunt her. After sending Abigail and Jake out to get bagels, Molly ripped the place apart in a frenzy, looking for clues that David had indeed been there. She was further unnerved when David's lawyer dropped by to deliver David's bizarre invitation to his own funeral. A shaken Molly decided to get ready for the funeral at Jakes apartment and they left. Minutes later, her phone, which had been broken during her frenzied ransacking of the apartment, started ringing.



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