General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on GH

Emily told Zander about her relationship with Juan. Jason rescued Liz. Later, Lucky and Jason ambushed Zander.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on GH
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Chloe planned her and Stefan's escape from the island. Stefan was impressed with her strategies, but gave her some self-defense lessons to "help" her. Stefan ensured with his associates that Chloe's plan would fail and put another guard on Helena to protect Nikolas. AJ woke up surrounded by the Quartermaines and Hannah. Tony tried to offer solutions to help AJ and suggested checking him into detox. Alan and Monica decided to go through with it, even though they hated the thought. Hannah asked AJ why he was so willing to give up on his life. Lucky reluctantly cooperated with Jason to get information about Emily and Zander. Lucky insisted that he was going to wait with Jason for Emily and Zander to show up in the border town. Jason coolly informed Lucky that what he wanted would never happen. Though Lucky pretended to back off, he told Liz they weren't going back to Port Charles as Jason commanded. Scott and Alexis worked on building Luke's case but he was completely unhelpful. Dara made Alexis a witness for the prosecution thereby preventing her from attending or helping with Luke's trial. Alexis planned to fight Dara's injunction. Scott demanded that Luke call Laura and tell her what was going on before she read about his trial in the newspaper. Nikolas escorted Gia to the hospital and when she questioned his motives, he said he needed the distraction from worrying about Emily. When Gia visited her mother, she was ordered to go back to school. Gia told her mother that she had taken a leave of absence from school instead of telling her that she dropped out. As Nikolas and Gia spoke, Helena came along and wanted to know who Gia was. Helena and Gia traded quips and Nikolas backed Gia up.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

As Chloe plots their escape route, Stefan quietly instructs his henchmen to make sure the "jailbreak" is unsuccessful. Nikolas and Gia begin to grow closer as they discover that they have more in common than they first thought. In the ICU, Monica and Alan explain to a weakened AJ that he's suffered a case of alcohol poisoning. Jason tells Lucky and Liz how he's going to lie in wait for Zander at the foot bridge into Canada. At the jail, Alexis is forced to referee another verbal sparring match between Luke and Scott. Meanwhile, Dara makes a shrewd move to divide and conquer the Spencer camp. Nikolas bristles when Helena insults Gia with a series of condescending remarks. Luke threatens to fire Scott--again--if the attorney dares to place a call to Laura. Though Jason insists on handling Zander alone, Lucky tells Liz he has no intention of leaving Albany until he's found Emily. Alan and Monica reluctantly sign their son into rehab against his will.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Alan and Monica struggled with AJ. He did not want to be in detoxification, but they were determined to get him sober. AJ was out of his mind and he demanded vodka. He was screaming and yelling and blaming his parents. The nurses came in and had to restrain and medicate him to keep him under control. Alan and Monica explained that they did this to save his life, but he refused to listen. After his parents left, Hannah arrived. She sat and watched AJ sleep for hours until he awoke. At first he insulted her and asked her for a drink, then when she would not comply he demanded that she leave. Yet one second later, he begged her to stay. Hannah agreed to stay with him and give him support.

Chloe and Stefan made it to the boat to escape "the Prison Island." The problem arose that the boat was out of fuel. Then as Stefan looked around for the fuel, two guards arrived and ordered their return back to the island. Stefan tried to take the two guards, but was defeated (no surprise there). Both Stefan and Chloe were returned to the villa. However Chloe was more determined to get off the island once and for all.

Liz and Lucky decided they had to continue their plan to find Emily and Zander. They made it to the Canadian border and decided to just wait. Unfortunately for them, Sorel's men are also looking for Emily and Zander and his men almost found Liz and Lucky.

Carly was trying really hard to get Sonny to open his mind to their marriage and forget about the annulment. They were being really playful in the morning and Sonny made her pecan waffles. Then Sonny left for work. Later on Carly paged her mom to come right over. Bobbie was not too thrilled because she was on her way to Luke's trial. Nevertheless Carly wanted to thank her mom for the good advice she gave. Bobbie was glad that Carly finally told Sonny that she loved him. But Carly said she did not tell Sonny because she wanted him to come out of himself and reveal his feeling too. Carly was planning this big seduction. Bobbie still insisted that she just tell Sonny the truth and forget about another plan. Carly thanked Bobbie again and said her plan would work out this time. When Sonny returned home. Carly turned their house into a romantic setting. She had the wine, candles, sexy dress, and of course the necklace (from her husband). Sonny was surprised and pleased at the same time. Carly offered him wine and when he sat down next to her, she began to undress him. He tried to resist, but could not bring himself to. She wanted to dance with him, so they danced. But as things moved forward, Sonny asked Carly to stop. He said this is no good for both of them, because they are getting an annulment after Luke's trial. Carly's evening did not go exactly as planned. Sonny kissed her and said good night.

Luke's trial did not go well on the first day. Mac and Dara did a great job convincing the jury of Luke's guilt. Scott Baldwin called Felicia to meet with him outside of Kelly's after court. He told her that he believes that she knows something that will free his client. She agreed, but said that this information could hurt a lot of people. Scott said he realizes her predicament, but Luke's life is at stake and that he could go to prison for the rest of his life if she did not come forward. Scott told Felicia he did not want to pressure her, but he did want her to give serious thought to Luke's situation.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Alexis delivered the bad news to Luke that the petition she filed to get the evidence against him dismissed was denied. She asked him about his alibi and Luke wouldn't tell her the truth. As she left, Roy came in. Roy deduced that Luke was with Felicia the night that Stefan was allegedly murdered. Luke refused to use Felicia as an alibi, even if he was with her. Felicia was surprised when Mac asked her to visit Luke. He wanted her to be sure that she didn't have lingering feelings for him. Gia admitted to Nikolas that she was scared for her mother to find out the truth about her actions over the summer. She was afraid that her mother would have another heart attack. Nikolas advised her to be honest with her mother. A drunken AJ taunted Jason about not finding Emily. Hannah showed up and took AJ away from the bar. Hannah tried to comfort AJ as Taggert watched them through the window at Kelly's. Taggert later told Hannah that she had to choose between him and AJ once and for all. Carly did everything she could to reach out to Sonny but he rejected her efforts and shut her out. She went to see Jason and told him that her marriage wasn't working so he lost the bet they made on her wedding night. Back at the Penthouse, Sonny confessed to Michael that he knew Carly cared and he was going to make things better for her. Stefan and Chloe swam together and Chloe later told him that she had figured out how to get them off the island. Chloe suggested that she and Stefan try to escape via the supply boat. To her surprise, Stefan agreed with her. Stefan confessed how much Helena's neglect had hurt him as a child and Chloe assured him that he was nothing like his mother. Garcia gave the Quartermaine's the news that Emily was spotted near the Canadian border. He told them that Emily seemed fine and seemed to have a good relationship with her kidnapper.

Friday, September 29, 2000

After Taggert issued an ultimatum, Hannah told him that he was the only man she wanted, not AJ She left Taggert to inform AJ of her choice, once and for all. Meanwhile at the hotel, AJ drank a shot for everyone he believed had wronged him and for the few good things in his life like Emily and Hannah. Hannah broke into AJ's hotel room and tried to wake him up but couldn't. Zander trusted Emily to stay in the car with the keys while he got them food. When he came back, she was gone, but she had just driven the car around so that they wouldn't get caught. Zander confessed to Emily that he only sold drugs to have more money and Emily told him that she didn't hate him for kidnapping her. Emily was ecstatic when she heard Heart and Soul on the radio. In Albany, Lucky and Liz danced together. In the midst of their romantic moment, Lucky almost zoned out and was frustrated when he realized he was thinking that Liz should be with Nikolas. Liz guessed that it was Helena's fault. Lucky finally told Liz that he loved her and had never stopped! Felicia visited Luke and told him that Mac wanted her to see him. She asked him if he wanted her to testify on his behalf and told him that she would do it to help him, no matter what it cost her. Luke wouldn't let her make such a sacrifice unless she was looking to get out of her marriage. Sonny confided to Jason that he hated the way he treated Carly, but he couldn't give her what she needed or be the husband she wanted him to be. Jason assured him that Carly would get used to his ways and Sonny would adjust to hers. Bobbie visited Carly and Carly surprised her by saying how grateful she was for their relationship. Just as Carly was telling Sonny that she was going to give him space, he told her that their marriage wasn't going to work.

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