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Bianca decided to drop out of school and get a full-time job. Bianca befriended a runaway named Rain. Wade held Greenlee at gunpoint and forced her to end her relationship with Leo. Arlene started to suffer from cramps.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Hayley and Mateo were at SOS talking about adopting Arlene's baby. Hayley thought it was a great idea because they want a baby, Adam wants Arlene gone and Arlene wants the money. Mateo was talking about getting lawyers and a legal contract for full custody. Hayley wants to get excited about it and Mateo reminded her that there is a lot to do before this can happen.

Bianca was at SOS talking to a couple of friends. One of them asked Bianca who she was named after and she told them that her mother was going through her Shakespeare stage when she was named. Just then, Bianca spotted her mother and Jackson coming into the club. Bianca, with a discussed look on her face, turned around so they could not see her. Erica spotted Bianca and Jack tried to get Erica to leave her alone. Erica said that Bianca did not eat anything on the plane and she just wanted to see if she was OK. Erica went up to Bianca and the friends that Bianca was with were so pleased to meet her that Steve, Bianca's friend, wanted Erica to autograph his heart. Erica autographed a paper coaster for him. When Erica and Jack left to go their table, Bianca's friends said that she was so lucky to have a mom like that. Bianca told them that she was just a "mother." Erica and Jack are discussing Bianca when Dimitri walked in. Erica asked Dimitri if he was alone and he told her that Alex was working late at the hospital. Erica commented that she never worked late when she was married to him. Dimitri excused himself to go and say hello to Bianca. Bianca was pleased to see Dimitri. She told him how "weird" it was when Erica introduced herself to her friends. Dimitri told Bianca that it wasn't easy being Erica Kane's daughter. Bianca asked him how he knew that. He told her that it wasn't easy being Erica Kane's husband either. Erica and Jack went up to Bianca who was with Dimitri. Before Dimitri left, he told Bianca that they have to set up their schedule for riding. Erica asked Bianca where her friends were and she also wanted to know where Leo was. Bianca told her mother what her friends thought about her and Erica replied that they were nice friends. Bianca was upset and told her mother that her friends would be pleased that they had the "Erica Kane sign of approval." She started to walk away and Erica told her that she did not come to SOS to spoil her good time. Bianca asked her why she was there and she said that it was not to spy on her. Erica started to interfere into Bianca's friend's lives again. She offered to invite Steve over for Bianca to get better acquainted. Erica is all for Bianca getting to meet new friends. Bianca said that she didn't even know his last name. Jack went to the men's room to get Leo and when he came back and said that Leo was not there, Bianca told her mom that she knew he was gone. Erica told her daughter that she lied to her. Erica told Bianca that she was trying to treat her like an adult and that she had such poor judgment. Erica assumed Bianca was only protecting Leo and Bianca told her that was not the reason she lied about Leo being there. Erica said that they would discuss this at home. Bianca asked her mother if she was still mad at her and Erica told her yes. Bianca asked Erica to not be mad at Leo and Erica said that she was going to strangle him.

Dimitri talked to Mateo and wanted to know if he had seen Edmund lately. Dimitri told Mateo that he needed someone that Edmund could trust, someone to vent to. Mateo agreed to do anything that would help him. Dimitri told Mateo that a couple of days ago, Edmund tried to strangle him. Dimitri said that it was just rage. He wanted Mateo to help him save Edmund.

Gillian was sitting in the living room of the Martin's home reminiscing about the day Jake was shot. She left to go upstairs to her husband but stopped to reminisce about Ryan. Jake was upstairs in his bed with a picture of Gillian in his arms thinking about her. Gillian locked the door and remembered what Jake told her about being there for her and all she has to go is grab hold and he will be there. She started to walk up the stairs but changed her mind. She came back down and made a phone call to Ryan. Ryan asked her where she was and she said that she was still at the Martin's and could not leave Jake now when he was in so much pain and all alone. Gillian said that she owed it to Jake. She told Ryan that she was going to stay at the Martin's home tonight because after that, she and Ryan would have the rest of their lives to be together. Gillian hung up the phone from Ryan and remembered what her father-in-law told her about how Jake really needed her now. She hoped she was doing the right thing and then started up the stairs again. She looked into Jake's room and he was lying on the bed looking at her picture. Jake got out of the bed and held her in his arms. Gillian told him that the letter she wrote him was so beautiful and then Jake told her that she is his life and he feels so alive that she is with him now. He wanted to show her how alive he is. He kissed her and she returned the kiss. Gillian and Jake continue kissing and they start to get passionate. Gillian took Jake's shirt off and he took her blouse off. They hugged and kissed and then laid down on the bed.

Ryan went to SOS and had a few drinks. Dimitri saw him there and realized that he was started to drink a few too many. Dimitri took him for a walk and offered to drive him home. He took Ryan's keys away from him so he wouldn't drive. He brought Ryan to the boathouse and asked him to tell him about the problems with Gillian. Dimitri told Ryan that he didn't want him to give up on himself. He told Ryan that Gillian would do what is right in her heart. Ryan told him that Gillian was with Jake tonight.

Brooke met Eliot at SOS. He told her that tomorrow they would have temporary custody of Ricky. Brooke asked Eliot what would happen next and he told her that Ricky would begin a life with her and Jamie. He asked her if she still wanted that to happen and Brooke replied that Jamie was really looking forward to having Ricky with him. Brooke told Eliot that she saw Ricky today at the community center and he was really determined to make this break with his father and was hoping that he could stay with Eliot. Eliot said that he wished he could but he was leaving town. He said that he had no choice. Eliot said that if there was anything he could do, he would. Brooke asked him where his new congregation was and Eliot replied that it was in Wisconsin. Brooke told Eliot that Ricky's world was not the only one that changed since he has been there. Eliot held Brooke's hand and said that his world was changed also and he was sorry that he hurt Brooke. Brooke said that he gave her a new life just like Ricky. Mateo came up to Eliot and wished him best because he heard that he was leaving town. He told Eliot to come see Hayley before he left. Erica was walking by at the time and heard Eliot say that he was leaving. She went to Eliot and asked him if he was leaving and Eliot told him that he had a new congregation in Wisconsin. Erica then told Brooke that she must be devastated because she finally found a good man and he couldn't get out of town fast enough. She asked Brooke what her secret was and Brooke replied that Erica is the expert because she has scared away 7 or 8 husbands already. Erica told Eliot that it was a shame he couldn't find anything worth while to keep him in Pine Valley. Eliot told Erica that this was the hardest thing he had to do. Erica left after saying that she would miss Eliot and he asked her which sermon she liked the best. Erica said that she did not hear any of them but was sure they were very good. After Erica left, Brooke heard the song that was playing and told Eliot that she hadn't danced to that song in a long time. Eliot then asked her to dance the slow dance with her.

Hayley and Mateo saw Jack at the club and gave their condolences to him about the death of his brother. They told Jack that they had some business to discuss with him and he told them to come see him when they were ready. They told Jack that it was good news.

Ryan told Dimitri that when they landed in Chechnya, Gillian was going to tell Jake the truth and they would be free to live together. Ryan said that he risked everything, his life, and his company for her. Dimitri said that it took courage to do that. Dimitri told Ryan that he went the distance for the woman he loved. If he had not killed the sniper, they would all be dead. Dimitri told Ryan to give Gillian a chance, to find the right time, and the right moment to let Jake down gently.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Gillian sat alone in the middle of the bed, a look of worry planted firmly on her face. A little while later, Jake strolled into the room. Gillian immediately asked her husband where he'd been. Jake told her that he'd been on a walk... thinking about life and his future. As the couple talked, it was revealed that Jake had been "unable" to make love Gillian; the bullet he'd taken had caused server nerve damage, with impotence being one of the ill effects. Gillian tried to talk down the situation, saying that they had rushed into bed. She also assured Jake that all men suffer that problem at some time in their life. This wasn't what Jake wanted to hear. He told Gillian that he was a failure as a husband and announced that he was letting Gillian go. Gillian's eyes widened. She asked Jake what he meant. Jake told the princess that he was fully aware that her life had gone on while he was traipsing around the battlefields in Chechnya. Though he never implied that anything sexual was going on, Jake commented that he was certain that Gillian had turned to Ryan for comfort. Jake ordered Gillian to leave, but she wouldn't budge. Finally, Jake turned and walked out of the room. Dejected, Gillian raced to the phone and called Ryan. Ryan told Gillian that he was waiting for her at the turret. Later, Jake returned to the room and seemed surprised that Gillian had left. Jake turned his attention to a photograph he'd had taken with Gillian. He picked up the photo and looked at it for a few moments before smashing it facedown on the dresser.

In the turret at Wildwind, Ryan placed a bouquet of flowers in a vase and lit some candles in anticipation of Gillian's arrival. He daydreamed about what it might be like when his lover walked through the door. He envisioned a cheery Gillian announcing that her was relationship with Jake was over --- and that they made passionate love to each other. When Gillian showed up, however, this scene didn't play out. Gillian told Ryan that she had not been able to tell Jake that she wanted a divorce. Ryan then questioned why Gillian had spent the night at the Martin house. Gillian bowed her head as Ryan asked her if she'd slept with Jake.

A judge's ruling gave temporary custody of Ricky to Eliot and Brooke. In the hallway outside the courtroom, Ricky worried that his dad would find a way around the court order. Eliot and Brooke took turns assuring the boy that his father would receive the help he needs. Hank strutted out of the courtroom and laid into Eliot and Brooke for trying to steal his son. He warned him that, as a cop, he would be able to get the court order nullified. Eliot stepped to Hank and asked that he keep his voice down. That served only to enrage Hank and he started pushing against Eliot. Before a scuffle broke out, Jake and two guards raced into the corridor and pulled Hank away. Hank pleaded with one of the guards and buddies not to let his son be taken away. The guard explained that Hank had to honor the court order or risk ending up in jail. The guards let Hank away. Jack, meanwhile, offered to take Ricky to school. Before leaving, Ricky told Brooke that he was going to stop at the community center before going to her house after school. Brooke turned to Eliot and told him that he couldn't possibly leave now --- Ricky needs him. Brooke mentioned that she sensed that Eliot's jail time had somehow convinced him that he wasn't worthy of forgiveness. Brooke assured him that everyone deserves forgiveness and told Eliot that she doesn't think he'll ever be happy as long as he beats himself up over his past. Eliot told Brooke that she didn't understand things fully, but he didn't offer any sort of clarification. Brooke told Eliot that she had to leave and walked away. Later, Reverend Taylor arrived at the courthouse to celebrate the good news with Eliot. Eliot surprised his superior by announcing that he was ready to tell Brooke the truth. He explained that Brooke had told him that everyone deserves forgiveness. Reverend Taylor was pleased, but candidly noted that Brooke probably had no idea that she was talking to the man who had killed her daughter when she'd uttered that line. Across the way, Hank again turned to his friend, Pete, and asked him for help in getting his son back. The guard told Hank that he was troubled that a man like Eliot could ruin his family. Hank cocked his head to one side and asked Peter why he'd talk that way about a man of the cloth. Pete chuckled slightly and told Hank that one of his friends is a guard at Statesville. Before getting his face altered by beatings, Pete explained with a smirk, Reverend Freeman was the man who had "killed Brooke English's little girl."

Still not fully awake, Leo swaggered down the staircase and into the living room at Erica's house. As he walked, he thumped his foot against a table. He immediately doubled over in pain, unaware that Erica had entered the room. She smiled proudly and warned Leo that she was going to hurt more than just his foot. Leo was taken aback, asking Erica why she was in such a foul mood. Erica toyed with her houseguest for a few moments before informing him that she was furious with him for deserting Bianca at SOS. Leo told Erica that Bianca had asked him to leave, but that wasn't a reasonable explanation in Erica's mind. She warned Leo that one more screw-up and she'd boot him from the house. Bianca suddenly appeared by the front door and blasted her mother. She snapped that if Leo was told to go, she'd be right behind him. Bianca insisted that she was old enough to not need a babysitter. In fact, she noted that she was old enough to be a babysitter. Erica approached her daughter and said that she knew the real reason Bianca wanted to hang out at SOS was because she was avoiding her. Bianca fell silent. Erica told her daughter that she was worried about her safety. Greenlee strolled into the room with a cereal bowl in her hand, prompting Erica to ask why the young woman was in her house. Leo tried to explain, but Erica wouldn't let him get a word in. Finally, when Leo was allowed to speak, he told Erica that Greenlee had been booted out of her grandparents' home. Erica rolled her eyes and insisted that there was no way that Greenlee, an heiress to one of the biggest fortunes in the state, was penniless with nowhere to go. Bianca tried to step in and interrupt, but Erica silenced her and continued blasting Leo and Greenlee. Erica ordered Greenlee out of the house and then snatched away her cereal bowl and spoon. Greenlee pouted, muttering that she'd left the milk out on the counter. Leo followed Greenlee outside where they plotted to get the Greenlees to have a change of heart. Greenlee listened to Leo's plot and smiled wickedly. Leo picked up his cell phone and placed a call to Woodruff. Back inside, Erica told Bianca that she sensed she'd developed a crush on Leo. Bianca threw her hands in the air and told her mother that that idea was ridiculous. She blasted her mother for not understanding her. A woman, she snapped, can be friends with a man without wanting to marry him. Erica blinked several times and scolded her daughter for being mean. Erica explained that it was logical for her to draw that assumption. After all, Bianca had threatened to follow Leo if he was booted out of the house. That's "not exactly" the case, replied Bianca cryptically. Erica muddied the situation further by telling her daughter that she knew how she'd had her heart broken in rehab. Bianca panicked, her heart pounding rapidly. She demanded to know what her mother knew, how long she knew it and who told her about it. Erica quietly explained that Barbara had told Jack about the Internet discussions she'd been having and that Jack had then told her about them. Bianca continued to freak out, but seemed to calm down when Erica announced that they all had come to the assumption that the boy Bianca had been talking to had broken up with her. Bianca became quiet, prompting her mother to beg her to open up to her. Erica wept as Bianca turned her back to her. Seeing her mother cry made Bianca feel miserably. She sat down next to her mother and listened as Erica said that she wanted nothing more than be able to wrap her arms around her daughter and make her pain go away. Bianca took a deep breath and gave her mother a hug.

Brooke returned home through the back door and casually walked into her living room. As she did, she noticed that the front window next to the main entrance had been smashed. She slowly walked over to assess the damage. As she approached the door, she crouched down and looked at the shards of glass lying in the vestibule. A pool of blood had formed under several blood-covered pieces of glass. Then, Brooke realized that the front door was ajar. She rose to her feet and turned around just in time to see Hank slowly walked towards her.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Ryan can't understand why Gillian never showed up for their date, and why she chose to stay with Jake instead. Gillian tries to explain to him how her compassion for Jake conflicts with her love for Ryan.

Mr. Greenlee accompanies Leo to see Greenlee at the Pine Cone Motel. After being accosted by a wino, a hooker and a drug addict, he enters her room to discover that Greenlee has a black eye. "What have we done to you?" he asks.

Hayley surprises Adam by sharing her idea to adopt Arlene's baby.

Officer Collins confronts Brooke in her home. He accuses her of kidnapping his son. He believes he had no chance against her and Rev. Freeman at the custody hearing. He threatens her: "You're in my court now lady. I'm the judge and you're gonna pay!"

Already on suspension, Collins is furious that he has now been charged with child abuse. He accuses her of turning his son against him. Then he continues. "I guess you know what it's like having a kid taken away from you?" speaking of Laura. Brooke is horrified at his remarks. "Josh Willensky, that was his name, wasn't it?" He taunts her with the name of the drunken policeman who killed Laura. "I guess the law took your kid too."

Liza and little Colby drop by the Martins to visit Jake. He wonders if the baby still remembers him. "Are you kidding?" Liza responds. "Let's not give her another chance to forget you, okay?" Jake and Liza catch up on Liza's relationship with Adam, Jake's injuries, and his trip to Chechnya. "Life just went on without me," Jake says. "Are you talking about Gillian?" Liza asks.

Gillian tells Ryan that she and Jake didn't have sex. Ryan is confused. Gillian didn't sleep with Jake and she didn't ask for a divorce either. She explains there are complications. Ryan realizes that Jake is impotent.

Adam can't believe that Hayley and Mateo want to adopt Arlene's baby. Hayley stipulates that Adam and Arlene must give up custody of the child. She and Mateo don't want to be glorified babysitters. Adam believes that he and Liza can raise the baby; Hayley doubts that Liza will go along with that idea. Hayley believes that the baby may push Liza away.

Greenlee discounts the black eye. Mr. Greenlee wants her to leave the fleabag hotel right away, but she says the Pine Cone isn't so bad. Greenlee doesn't see an alternative. Her grandmother won't let her move back home and Greenlee doesn't want to go to San Diego to her parents. Mr. Greenlee caves in. He promises her a room at the Valley Inn and a small stipend. Greenlee is elated she has once again gotten her way. Mr. Greenlee leaves. Leo admits that the wino, drug addict and hooker were actors from PVU.

Gillian swears Ryan to secrecy about Jake's condition. Gillian repeats what Jake has told her -- he loves her too much to stand in the way of her happiness. Ryan sees this as her way out of the marriage

Officer Collins stands menacingly over Brooke and demands that she go back to court and tell the judge that she no longer wants custody of Collins' son. Brooke kicks Collins and dashes for the door. He grabs her. Just then, Eliot walks in . He and Collins begin to fight. Eliot knocks him out cold. He runs over to Brooke. "Are you okay?"

Adam believes that Liza will come around to accept the baby. Hayley doubts it because the baby will be a constant reminder of Arlene. Thinking of Max and Raquel, Hayley knows how difficult it is to accept another woman's child. Adam suggests that Hayley and Mateo keep the baby until he can change Liza's mind. Hayley vetoes that idea. Hayley thinks Adam should be satisfied being the baby's grandfather.

Jake tells Liza he knows time did not stand still for Gillian while he was in Chechnya. Liza convinces Jake the couple can start over because Gillian knows how much Jake loves her.

Ryan wants Gillian to leave Jake but Gillian can't discount Jake's love and need for her. "Gillian, you can't give up our life for him," Ryan says. But Gillian has made promises to Jake. How can she break them now that Jake is sick?

Greenlee wants to know why Leo has helped her out yet again. He does it for a good time, he says, plus he enjoys spending other people's money. "Mooching is a lost art," he says. She sees Leo as a true friend. He continues to brush it all off. "You're habit forming, Greenlee." She asks him to be serious, and he assures her that he's being totally serious. Leo softly tells Greenlee that he can't see living in Pine Valley without her. He kisses her on the cheek, then turns to her lips. They start to make love.

Ryan realizes that Gillian can't walk out on Jake. He tells her that it would be a mistake to give up her life for Jake, and she should wake up before it's too late.

Eliot comforts a shaken Brooke. Collins, over in the corner, comes to. Eliot almost had him fooled, Collins says. Brooke tells Collins he's not fit to be a police officer. Collins retorts, "but your friend, is he fit to be a police officer?" Eliot tells him to shut up but Collins continues "A new face, a new life, but you'll still be the same person until the day you die. A murderer!"

Adam doesn't know how to respond to Hayley. To have his own child close by and not be a part of its life, as Hayley suggests, will be near impossible. She sees it as a way for everyone to win -- Adam, the baby, her and Mateo. The baby is the one obstacle standing in the way of Adam reuniting with Liza. She promises that she and Mateo will be good parents. Adam agrees. Arlene walks in and can't believe what she's hearing.

Liza straightens up Colby's mess and prepares to leave Jake. Jake holds the baby and thanks Liza for letting him be a part of Colby's life.

Gillian asks Ryan to trust her to find the right time to ask Jake for a divorce. Ryan can't do it. "When I think of the two of you together ..." He leaves the sentence unfinished and walks out.

Brooke begs for an explanation for Collins' remarks. Eliot says he's tried to tell Brooke the truth since arriving in Pine Valley. "Tell her, why don't you tell her," Collins taunts. Eliot bursts out. "I'm Josh Waleski. I'm the man who murdered your daughter."

Thursday, October 5, 2000

"Laura?" Brooke asked quizzically. "You killed her?" A knock sounded on the door. Eliot announced that he'd spotted Hank's car on his way to the house and asked a neighbor to phone the police. The cops entered the house and promptly took Hank away. Brooke declined to file a report. After everyone had left, Brooke asked Eliot why he wanted to take the blame for Laura's death. "My real name is Josh Waleski," Eliot said softly. Brooke accused Eliot of trying to perform "some bizarre counseling technique" on her. She refused to believe that she'd let "another crazy pervert" into her life. Eliot insisted that what he was saying was true. Brooke turned her back to the reverend and recalled that she'd looked into the eyes of the man who had killed her daughter. "I know his face," she whispered. Brooke turned and took another gaze into Eliot's eyes. A look of pain washed over her face as she realized that Eliot was the man who had taken her daughter from her. Brooke demanded to know why Eliot was pretending to be a minister. Eliot quickly clarified that he had been ordained. "I found my way to God," he replied. Eliot told Brooke that he had wanted to return to town Pine Valley to face Brooke and ask for her forgiveness. He confessed that he had never anticipated falling in love with Brooke along the way. Brooke, still trying to come to terms with the truth, fumbled for a way to react to Eliot's news. She told Eliot that she knew that there was something odd about him --- even from day one. She said that Eliot had been too kind and too helpful. Eliot told Brooke that there had been a void in his life ever since the accident. Brooke found no compassion or sympathy for the man. Tears flowing down her cheek, Brooke walked to the front door. She opened the door and angrily told Eliot that she "couldn't forgive [him] if [she] wanted to." Eliot bowed his head. "I hope you agonize over what you did for the rest of your life! I just want you to... to burn in hell." Eliot said nothing. His head still bowed, Eliot made his way out of the house. Brooke closed the door behind him and fell against the wall. She closed her eyes and recalled how Tom had broken the news of Laura's death to her.

Falling into each other's arms, Greenlee and Leo made love in Greenlee's room at the Pine Cone Motel. Afterwards, both admitted that this was their "best time" together. Leo placed a call to The Valley Inn and placed an elaborate room service order for two --- putting the bill on Erica's tab. Greenlee and Leo kissed and Leo headed off to pick up the order. Greenlee, meanwhile, remained behind, promising Leo that they'd pick up where they'd left off just as soon as he got back from the hotel. A short while after Leo left, Greenlee heard a noise outside her motel room and opened the door to investigate. As the door opened, her face turned ghostly white.

Adam nodded proudly and told Hayley that he would be "a grandfather to [his] child." Arlene slowly walked towards the pair and asked them what they were talking about. Adam rolled his eyes and grumbled about Arlene's eavesdropping. Adam briefly explained Mateo and Hayley's desire to adopt their child. Hayley forced a smile and stated that she thinks it's a good idea. Arlene, however, didn't agree. She accused Hayley and Adam of "plotting to take [her] baby away." Adam sighed deeply and warned his wife that proving that she's an unfit mother would be an easy task. He offered an additional $200,000 to Arlene if she would agree to the plan. Arlene vehemently objected to selling her baby. Hayley looked at her father with a disapproving look and asked that he give her some time alone with Arlene. Adam reluctantly agreed, but asked that Arlene do the right thing and agree to the plan. Arlene asked her daughter why she wanted to take her baby away from her. Hayley candidly replied that she knows what it's like to be raised by Arlene. She vowed not to let her little brother or sister grow up in the same time of environment in which she'd grown up. Arlene angrily asked Hayley when she was going to stop blaming her for her rocky childhood. Hayley admitted that she'd been trying her whole life to forgive her mother, but said that it has not been the easiest thing to do. A defiant Arlene told Hayley that she would not give up her child, which she'd already determined was going to be a little girl. "She understand me and call me mom instead of Arlene," Arlene said softly. Hayley told her mother to have Winifred dispose of all of the alcohol in the house and suggested that she hire someone to keep a 24-hour watch over her. Frustrated by her mother's unwillingness to do the right thing, Hayley stormed out of the house. Later, Arlene curled up on the sofa and fought off an urge to take a drink. It's only seven more months, she told her self. Arlene worried that being nervous about taking a drink would have an adverse effect on her baby. She sat up and told herself that one little drink couldn't possibly do any harm. As she tried to get to her feet, a sharp pain hit Arlene in her mid-region.

At WRCW, Becca scurried around trying to get things ready for the upcoming taping of "Wave." Bianca surprised Becca by showing up and announcing that she was ready to drop out of school and take up a full-time job at the station. In Bianca's mind, it was backwards to pay a private school for education when she could be learning something new in the working world and getting paid. Nearby, Edmund was preparing for a guest directing stint on the show. Mateo walked up to him and told him that he'll always be there if he needs an ear. Edmund thanked his brother-in-law, but the warmth turned icy when Mateo mentioned that he can understand what Edmund is going through. "You have no idea," Edmund snapped before storming away. Bianca approached Liza, who was busy telling Edmund that she was glad he was able to try something new at the station, and asked her for a moment of her time. After stepping aside, Bianca proudly informed Liza that she was ready to start a new career at WRCW. Liza shook her head and told Bianca that there were no full-time positions at the station for someone without a high school diploma. She suggested that Bianca take a walk across the street and check out the help wanted ads at the Burger Barn. Bianca took the rejection well, but returned to Becca and grumbled a bit about not being able to get a job at the television station. Becca laughed slightly, amused by Bianca's plight. Becca said that she needs to work two jobs to earn money to go to school while Bianca, a girl who has more than enough money to get by, wants to drop out of school. A flood of flowers started arriving at the station for Liza. Liza was amused by Adam's gesture, but complained that he never knows when to quit. "And I never will," Adam chirped as he stepped out from behind another floral arrangement. Mateo joined Adam and the duo told Liza about the adoption plan that had been hatched. Mateo was to step away to answer a phone call. As he did, Liza told Adam that he was fooling himself if he believed that Arlene would give up on her child. Adam decided that he'd hire someone to care for Arlene around the clock. He, on the other hand, would move out of the mansion and move in with Liza. Liza's neck snapped back. She asked Adam if he was really ready to have breakfast with her mother every day. Adam smiled widely and admitted that building a new home or renting a suite at The Valley Inn was probably a better idea. Hayley, meanwhile, arrived at the station and told Mateo that she'd failed in her attempt to convince Arlene to let them adopt her baby. Eliot phoned Edmund and told him that Brooke needed his help. Eliot didn't go into details, but Edmund pledged that he'd go to help his friend.

Edmund arrived at Brooke's house and found her huddled up on the staircase. Edmund approached Brooke and told her that Eliot had called him. Brooke shook her head and said that Eliot wasn't the man's real name. Brooke tearfully looked at Edmund and told her that Eliot was the man who had killed her daughter. Naturally, Edmund was confused and asked Brooke what she meant. "He killed Laura," Brooke snarled. "And I want to kill him."

Back at the motel, Leo returned and found that Greenlee's mood had radically changed. Upon seeing Leo, Greenlee immediately asked that he leave. She told him that she didn't want him to get hurt and demanded that he go back to The Valley Inn. Leo smiled slightly and assumed that Greenlee was a bit nervous about giving her heart to him. He told his lover that he understood that their relationship had moved to uncharted territory and added that it was only natural to be a little scared. Since demanding didn't seem to have the desired effect, Greenlee opted to beg Leo to leave. She told Leo that she wasn't ready for a relationship with him and asked that he "just go away." Leo threw his hands in the air and called Greenlee "hopeless." As he stormed out of the room, he vowed that he would not give up on Greenlee. After the door closed behind him, Greenlee sighed in relief. The door to the bathroom slowly opened and Wade, holding a gun in hand, slowly walked towards Greenlee. He grumbled that he thought Leo would never leave and praised Greenlee's performance in getting rid of Leo. Wade mused that it was comical that Leo thought that Greenlee didn't love him as much as he loves her. In actuality, he said seriously, Greenlee's "little performance saved his life."

Friday, October 6, 2000

Walking slowly towards Greenlee, Wade pointed the barrel of his handgun into Greenlee's throat. Greenlee pleaded for her safety, begging to know what she had to do to escape Wade's wrath. A sinister smile planted firmly on his face, Wade assured Greenlee that he would not harm her. "You're too valuable to me," he sneered. Leo and Woodruff, however, were another story. Wade demanded that Greenlee get him a sizable amount of money and a passport so that he could flee the country. Greenlee initially refused, but Wade threatened to give Leo a "nine millimeter sendoff." Greenlee panicked and told Wade that the money wasn't a problem. The passport, though, would be a little more difficult.

Now seated next to Brooke, Edmund delicately asked Brooke how she could have forgotten that Eliot was the man who had killed her daughter. Brooke explained that several inmates "rearranged" Eliot's face for him. Her face fell as she asked herself why she hadn't recognized Eliot's voice or his eyes. "I betrayed her!" shouted Brooke, referring to Laura. "I fell in love with the man who killed my daughter!" One by one, Brooke began to review all of her failed relationships. She wondered why all of her recent relationships --- with Adam, Tad, Pierce and Jim --- had been doomed to fail. Brooke started to sob uncontrollably, burying her face in Edmund's chest. Brooke tried to regain her composure. As she walked back into the living room, she told Edmund that she has many things to be thankful for in her life. "When I count my blessings there's always the one that got away," she said softly, her voice cracking. Edmund consoled Brooke, but admitted that the pain of losing her daughter will never go away. He tried his best to put a positive spin on the situation with Eliot. Brooke told Edmund that Eliot had returned to town seeking forgiveness, but she snarled that he was not going to receive forgiveness from her. Edmund warned Brooke that her anger and her sorrow were eating her up. He asked her if it was possible to confront Eliot and try to put some of the hatred behind her.

Arlene called out for Winifred when the front doorbell sounded. Arlene waited and waited, but no one showed up to answer the door. Grousing all the way, Arlene walked to the door and opened it herself. On the other side, Vanessa, smiling broadly, greeted Arlene and invited herself into the house. Vanessa told Arlene that she'd dropped by to return the egg she'd been given as payment for her services. Vanessa explained that Palmer had fallen in love with her "all over again" when he learned how she'd been blackmailing Arlene. Arlene sat back down on the sofa and grimaced as another wave of pain flashed in her belly. Vanessa mused that Arlene must have had some night of drinking. She walked to the liquor cart and poured Arlene a glass of brandy. Arlene pushed the glass away, quickly muttering that she couldn't drink because she was pregnant. Vanessa laughed loudly and told Arlene that Adam wasn't going to buy the pregnancy bit. Arlene sighed and said that she really was pregnant --- and that Adam already knew. Vanessa praised Arlene's ingenuity and headed to the kitchen to get some tea. Vanessa returned and swore to Arlene that she said nothing to the staff about the cramps she was experiencing. Arlene wasn't so sure that she'd kept quiet, but Vanessa aloofly replied that she'd never been one to chat with the help. Adam returned home and asked to speak to Arlene in private. Vanessa scurried off to the kitchen claiming that she needed to get a Pigeon Hollow recipe for Palmer. Adam wasn't at all pleased by Arlene's decision to go against Hayley and Mateo's adoption plan. Arlene claimed that she'd declined the offer for Adam's sake; she said she knew that Adam could never sign off on his child. Arlene asked Adam to sit down in the chair so that they could finish their conversation. Adam admitted that, under normal circumstances, he would never give up his flesh and blood. This time, he asserted, things were different --- he was trying to do what was right for the child. Adam informed Arlene that his future was with Liza and Colby and that he was planning to move in with Liza. Arlene feared that she was being given the boot and protested what she saw as Liza moving in on her territory. Adam kindly explained that he was the one moving out. Arlene claimed that she needed to be taken care of now that she was pregnant. Adam had an answer for that too, saying that he'd hired someone to watch over her. Arlene also pleaded that Adam stick around to be a daddy to her child. Adam surprised Arlene by handing her an envelope. With a tone of what could almost be labeled regret, Adam told Arlene that the envelope contained divorce papers. He told her that she didn't have the sign them until her attorney looked at them, however, he assured her that the terms were "more than generous." Arlene threw the envelope to the ground and screamed that she wasn't interested in Adam's money. Arlene fell to her knees before Adam and pleaded with him to give her a chance. She vowed that she would never break his heart and treat him as poorly as Liza has. Adam shook his head slightly and asked Arlene not to put herself through so much pain and indignity. Arlene crawled back up to the sofa and grumbled that Adam hasn't changed at all since the first time they met. Back then, she envisioned him wanting to be a part of her life --- and all he did was leave her $20 on her bedside table for cab fare. Adam apologized for the way he'd acted in the past, but told Arlene that there was no way that he could ever love her. Arlene rose to her feet and tried to stop Adam from leaving. Adam picked up the divorce papers from the floor and handed them back to Arlene. Before leaving, he told Arlene that he'd send someone over to pick up his things. Arlene collapsed onto the chair in tears. Vanessa returned and instantly sensed that Arlene was not crying tears of joy. Arlene looked up at Vanessa with tears in her eyes and begged her to call Seaview Hospital. "Something's wrong with the baby," she wept.

Becca took Bianca to the community center to show her what could happen to her if she dropped out of school. Inside the center, Bianca was introduced to several homeless teens. Bianca rolled her eyes and downplayed Becca's attempt at "shock therapy." Becca introduced Bianca to one of the shelter's residents, a young woman by the name of Rain. Bianca greeted the girl, but Rain wasn't exactly overjoyed to meet Bianca. Bianca sat down and asked Rain what had led up to her being homeless. Rain wasn't too forthcoming with the details, saying only that she'd hopped a freight train with some friends from the Western U.S. and ended up in Pine Valley. Becca, meanwhile, tracked down Eliot and asked him if he'd seen Grace. When Becca referred to him as "Reverend Freeman," Eliot angrily snapped that Becca should never call him that again. Becca looked around curiously and politely reminded Eliot that she knew him only as Reverend Freeman. Eliot apologized for yelling at Becca, but warned her that everything she thought about him was wrong. Becca praised Eliot as the best minister she'd ever had. "I'm sorry I misled you," replied Eliot. Becca was confused by a remark Eliot made about how he'd "come back" to Pine Valley. Erica's voice sounded from the main room and Becca and Eliot went to see what was going on. In the main room, Erica blasted her daughter for taking off from her boarding school interview. Bianca order her mother to be quiet, saying that she was embarrassing her. Erica looked around the center and asked Bianca what she was doing in a "place like this." Bianca demanded to know what was wrong with the shelter. "It's run by Brooke English, for one thing," Erica responded. Becca stepped forward and told Erica that she'd brought Bianca to the center. Before Erica could ask Becca why, Bianca again told her mother that she was embarrassing her. Bianca told her mother that she's decided to drop out of school and get a full-time job. She then blasted her mother's assertion that she should be thankful for everything she has. Bianca snapped that she's felt homeless ever since her father died. Jack suddenly burst into the shelter and looked at Eliot with eyes of fire. He informed all those around him that he'd just come from the police station. There, he snarled, Hank Collins was claiming that Eliot was the man who'd killed Brooke's daughter. Eliot nodded his head slightly and admitted that Hank was telling the truth. Without any kind of warning, Jack punched Eliot square on the jaw. Eliot flew backgrounds, landing on his back several feet away. Becca hovered over the minister to see if he was okay. Eliot put up his hand as if to tell Becca that he'd be fine and didn't require her help. Jack demanded to know why Eliot had returned to Pine Valley. Eliot, his lip sporting a large gash, struggled to his feet. He explained that he'd returned to Pine Valley to seek forgiveness from Brooke. Jack was about to slug Eliot again, but Erica and Becca stepped between them. Erica turned and flashed an icy glare at Eliot. "How could you be so heartless," she asked. Eliot explained that he hasn't been able to find any peace since the accident. Jack looked at him with disgust and asked Eliot if he really thought that he deserves any peace. Eliot assured everyone that he didn't want to cause anyone any additional pain; he was there to pack up his belongings and leave. Brooke walked through the door and called out Eliot's name.

Greenlee showed up at Ryan's loft and began rummaging through his desk drawers with the hopes of finding his passport. For some reason, Leo happened by the loft and walked in on Greenlee. When asked what she was doing, Greenlee lamely offered that she was looking for a pen so that she could leave Ryan a note. Leo didn't buy it and asked Greenlee why she was lying to him. It was now clear that trying to get rid of Leo was breaking Greenlee's heart. Whereas her comments at the motel seemed genuinely mean and truthful, now everything she said was unconvincing. Greenlee told Leo that she'd realized that she was still "hung up" on Ryan and that she wanted him back in her life. Leo gently brushed Greenlee's cheek, but Greenlee pulled away. Leo then grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. "You're trembling," he observed. He looked around the room and asked Greenlee what was frightening her. Greenlee ordered Leo to leave, but Leo refused to go anywhere. Suddenly, a gun shot and the sounds of breaking glass echoed through the loft. In the blink of an eye, Greenlee and Leo fell to the ground.



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