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Monday, November 5, 2007

Cassie asks for a little alone time with Will, worried about how he's adjusting. Cassie invites Will to go along with RJ, but RJ isn't up for the idea. Will wants a visit with his best friend – Edmund. Josh tells Cassie and Will he'd like to adopt him and RJ. Will doesn't react much, and Cassie knows that Edmund could help even though Josh isn't on board. She privately calls Jeffrey. Dinah orders a big steak dinner and charges it to Lizzie's room. Beth wants Lizzie to move back in with her, to stay safe from Phillip who may be back in town. Lizzie is shocked to come home to find Dinah sitting in her room. Dinah tries to convince Lizzie to let her stay there and promises to pay her back. The girls bond and Lizzie agrees to let Dinah be her roommate. Alex says that if she can't have Cyrus, Marina can't either. Marina dismisses Alex's rants but she's reminded that Alex is Cyrus's ticket to staying in the country. Harley confides in Cyrus about how it's weird to be back after a near death experience. Cyrus is released from the hospital, and Harley invites Cyrus to stay at her place for the time being. Cyrus goes home with Marina, but checks to make sure Harley will be okay. Daisy confesses to Harley that she's been skipping school and Harley's just glad they are together. Cyrus tells Marina he loves her and Marina and Cyrus kiss passionately, reunited at last. Harley says she wants Daisy to move back home, and Daisy agrees.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coop talks to Buzz at CO2 about the upcoming election. Buzz expresses satisfaction that Harley and Marina are home, and that the election results are less important to him now. The conversations shifts to Ashlee, and Coop lets on that he and Ashlee are having problems. Meanwhile, Doris arrives at Ashley's place with a newspaper in hand, gloating about the reviews that favor her. Ashlee reminds her that his focus was on missing family members and that could be the reason his reviews aren't as strong. But Doris responds that she can't imagine anything being more important than the election. Ashley leaves to go work at CO2.

As Coop tells Buzz about what happened between him and Ashlee, she arrives to work. Buzz excuses himself, saying he needs to go get his physical to show his health is good, as a mayoral candidate. Buzz knows this will leave Coop and Ashlee some time to resolve the misunderstanding. Coop tells Ashlee that business is slow for now, and that there probably shouldn't be two workers, and Ashlee offers to leave, and thinks it's best to quite. Coop snidely remarks that she should do what she always does - runs away when the going gets tough. Ashlee tells Coop that she's doing this because their family members are running against each other, and Doris will cause the Coopers problems if Ashlee continues her close relations with the Coopers. Just then, a health inspector arrives saying he got a complaint from a customer and has to shut CO2 down. As he tries to find various items to inspect, he asks for Ashlee's help. She agrees, but when she talks to the health inspector, she slips in something about Coop cheating with an ex-girlfriend, and she and Coop continue to bicker. Eventually, Coop tells Ashlee that he has feelings for her, and he wants her to share whatever her concerns are. She responds by kissing him good and proper! As their kiss lingers on, Doris is watching from nearby. The health inspector passes everything. Coop asks Ashlee out for dinner, but Ashlee sees her mother lurking nearby, shaking her head no, and tells him she can't and that she'll talk to him later.

Doris sees Buzz at the hospital where is waiting to have his physical exam, and as she talks to him, she tells him stories about protecting Ashlee when she was younger. Buzz advises that she can't hold on her to Ashlee forever. Doris acknowledges this, but still feels Ashlee isn't ready to be on her own yet. Buzz recognizes that Doris will really feel lonely when Ashlee leaves to be on her own. Later, Buzz gets a clean bill of health – his heart is fine.

Back at CO2, Buzz, Frank, and Coop get some voting results – Buzz is ahead by 6 votes. Buzz seems happier about this now than before, which attributes to his talk with Doris earlier. He says that he can see that deep down, she means well

Meanwhile, Doris and Ashlee arrive back at her place, where Ashlee tells Doris that she knows she's the one that sent the health inspector to CO2. Doris says that's only the beginning of what she'll do if they don't treat Ashlee right. Ashlee points out that she and Coop made up, as Doris saw, but Doris doesn't believe Coop really cares about Ashlee, and says she doesn't want to see Ashlee get hurt. Ashlee tells Doris that she's once again pushing away something that's good in her life, like she did with others in the past. An uncomfortable Doris says she has to leave for a press conference.

As RJ is leaving the farmhouse for school, he learns that Will is not going to school today, and seems sad by all of the special treatment and attention that Will is getting since his return. Will, however, is quiet and withdrawn and having a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings. Jeffrey arrives with news about Edmund's legal status, as per Cassie's request, which catches Josh off guard since he didn't know that Cassie sought Jeffrey's help. Jeffrey tells that the news isn't good. Jeffrey reports that when Alonzo died, the monarchy of San Cristobel fell apart, and Edmund was technically a prisoner of the monarchy and not the state of San Cristobel , which means that Edmund is now free from jail. It is also revealed that Edmund is in Springfield, and that the legal system is doing everything they can to hold him accountable for his crimes in Springfield in the past. Cassie is insisting on seeing Edmund in jail with hopes that if Will spends time with Edmund, it will make a positive difference, since the only thing that seems to spark any interest in Will is the mention of Edmund. Josh and Jeffrey try to talk Cassie out of it, but she insists. Will is excited, and he and Cassie go to the police station for a visit with Edmund.

While Cassie and Will are visiting with Edmund, Jeffrey is still at the farmhouse with Josh, while Josh struggles to build a bike. Josh is annoyed with Jeffrey's presence, but Jeffrey knows that he will be an important part of helping Cassie deal with Edmund and knows all of his tricks, which will be valuable now that Edmund is back in their lives. This intensifies Josh's angst and he shouts, "He is not back in our lives!"

Edmund arrives at the Springfield Police Station to be held in the jail. He asks Frank if he can speak with a spiritual person, as he is trying to get his life back on track, and requests Rev. Rutledge. Edmund is informed that Rev. Rutledge is no longer the priest in town, and that Josh has taken that role over, to which Edmund laughs out loud, until he sees Frank is serious. Edmund stops laughing.

Cassie arrives with Will to see Edmund, and even Frank tries to tell her that he doesn't think it's a good idea, but Cassie insists. She spends a few minutes alone with Edmund to let him know that she hopes he can help Will feel more comfortable and encourage him to go to school. Will comes into the room and is excited to see Edmund, and he talks freely, sharing his concerns. Edmund makes school sound fun, and in the end, Will has softened his attitude some. Cassie was surprised how easy it was for Will to talk to Edmund, since he has hardly said a word since he's been with Cassie and Josh.

Later, back in jail, Edmund gets a visit from Jeffrey, and is reminded how he looks so much like his brother, Prince Richard. The two exchange some sharp comments, with Jeffrey handling Edmund with confidence, meeting every snide comment of Edmund's with a sharper comeback.

Back at the farmhouse, Josh and Cassie discuss the visit, and as Will eavesdrops from nearby, they discuss how Cassie works hard to fight for what's best Will. Later, Will shows Josh and Cassie the picture he drew of his family and included everyone, but Cassie reminds him about Richard, and Will begins to add him. Just then, RJ walks through the door to get his homework that he forgot, and sees a cozy little family, minus him. As he leaves, he sees Cassie fawning all over Will, and RJ hangs his head, feeling left out of the new family.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Inside the Light: Boys Will be Boys

In the excitement of Will's return, RJ seems to fall to the wayside. On Beth and Rick's advice, Cassie decides to throw a welcome home party for Will. Neither boy seems to want to do it. Josh had promised to take RJ to a game that night, but Cassie convinces RJ that this party for Will is better. RJ gives an evil glare to Will.

As the party begins, RJ begrudgingly churns Will's favorite ice cream. Blake, Lizzie, and Clarissa arrive as Billy and Josh joke together. James and Jude, both little boys, arrive with Beth and Rick. Will decides he's going to the barn. RJ chases after him, telling him that he's not supposed to go there. In the barn Will grabs a wooden hay pitcher. He announces he wants to play gladiators. RJ says that gladiators get killed. Will says that, when he played in San Cristobel , he never died. RJ wishes he'd just go back there. He grabs a pitchfork and the boys ominously move in a circle, guarding themselves from each other.

Meanwhile, Frank learns that Edmond has been given a pardon by the US secretary of state. Frank advises Edmond to use his passport and get out of town. Edmond assures him that he has nothing to worry about. All he wants is what Cassie has: a new life and a new start.

At the party Josh and Cassie toast with their guests. Blake and Beth talk alone about family. As they both talk about fathers who protect their children, Blake wonders if Beth wished she had had a father to protect her as a child. Beth mentions that such a need might have been what attracted both Blake and her to Phillip. Blake stares at her perplexed and then agrees.

On the porch, Josh and Billy catch up about Billy's kids. Josh learns that Mindy is busy these days. He's surprised to find out that Billy fired Bill. When Josh objects and begins asking questions, Billy advises him to let him take care of Lewis while he takes care of his flock. Josh grimaces but agrees. Billy apologizes for being abrupt, and Josh tells him that he understands.

Inside, the ladies stand around talking. Blake brings up Edmond. Beth wonders about him still being in jail. Cassie admits the he helped with Will, but she can't wait for him to fade away. She exits the conversation and Beth shudders at Cassie's choice to involve Edmond in her life. It's times like these that she misses the Spaulding Compound. Blake thinks that Rick is a good guy, but if Edmond came to her door, Beth would rather have a wolf like Alan to answer. Beth shakes it off, saying she doesn't know what she was thinking. Meanwhile, Rick looks on.

Out on the porch, Josh watches Clarissa return with RJ. He asks where Will is. RJ angrily grumbles that he doesn't know. The kids go in and Jeffrey arrives. After he explains that Reva is visiting Hawk, Josh invites him in. Cassie becomes worried that she can't find Will. Blake announces that Clarissa found RJ alone by the barn. As Cassie rushes to the exit, Edmond appears on the other side of the screen door.

Edmond barges into the farm, gleefully announcing his freedom. Jeffrey tells him to leave. Edmond reminds him that he's not the head of the house any more. As the current head of the household, Josh invites him to leave. Cassie accuses Edmond of having something to do with Will's disappearance. Edmond defends himself and Josh organizes a search team. Edmond volunteers to help. Josh shuts him down, but Cassie thinks Will might respond to him. Jeffrey takes Edmond with him. In the background, RJ stares.

Later, Lizzie hears cries for help. Will is locked in the barn. Everyone rushes over. Edmond commands that everyone stand back. Will had some fear of being locked up. He talks to Will through the door and then bangs it open with an axe. He and Will hug. The adults lead Will away. Jeffrey remains behind, telling Edmond that, no matter how clever he is, he's out of there. Edmond lags behind and finds a piece of a red sweater that RJ was wearing tucked in some hay inside the barn.

Alone on the porch with his new parents, Will murmurs that they were just playing and "he" didn't mean to do it. They look through the door. RJ is watching. After tossing a mean look, RJ goes further into the house. Josh and Cassie encourage Will to go in the house, but he won't without Edmond. Cassie sternly says that Edmond can't stay. Will calls for Edmond. Edmond comes to the porch and explains that Cassie is the boss. Cassie gives in and lets Edmond stay.

Josh announces to everyone that Edmond helped find the child. He thanks him and bids him God speed in wherever he goes once he leaves. The party members concur. Cassie takes Will to borrow one of RJ's sweaters. Josh takes RJ outside for a talk. They go to the barn and RJ announces that he didn't do it even before Josh says anything. RJ says that he heard what Will said and it isn't true. Josh says that Will said they were only playing. RJ objects to the kind of game Will wanted to play. He says that Will wanted to play gladiator and that's when he left. Josh softly accuses RJ of maybe wanting attention since Will has arrived. Maybe RJ did this to Will to teach him a lesson. If Will told Josh that, RJ says, then he's a liar. RJ stomps out of the barn.

Meanwhile Edmond tries to express sympathies to Lizzie. She hesitantly tells him that he was good to her as a child, but if he hurts Cassie again, he'll have Billy to deal with. Edmond moves along and congratulates Rick on snagging Beth, both Alan and Phillip's former wife. Rick calls him a loser and takes Beth away from him. Jeffrey and Edmond exchange barbs before Will drags Edmond over to Cassie, asking if his uncle can stay the night. Cassie and Josh make excuses as Edmond purposely holds the boy close. Jeffrey comes forward to announce that the state department has freed Edmond.

Edmond shows his release papers. He says that he had every intention of leaving town until Cassie and Josh lost Will in a barn. The party guests take it as their time to leave. Blake offers Edmond her real estate card if he's looking for somewhere to stay. Edmond makes it clear that he's staying in town for Will. Josh goes to toss him out of the farmhouse. Jeffrey wants the privilege. He ushers Edmond out and learns that Edmond plans to stay at the Beacon.

Jeffrey follows Edmond to the Beacon. Edmond offers a truce since they both care about Will. Jeffrey thinks the only thing Edmond cares about his the face in his mirror. Edmond wonders about Jeffrey's face. He looks like Richard, but that's where they similarities end. Jeffrey threatens to hurt Edmond if he causes Cassie pain.

Josh tells Cassie once again that they need to talk to the boys. RJ keeps saying that he didn't do anything, but Cassie doesn't listen to him even after he implores Will to tell the truth. RJ gets sent to his room. Will gets a hug and told that he will have a bedtime story. Once alone, Cassie thinks she should have known RJ would have a hard time adjusting.

Later, Will goes to the barn. He is surprised by Edmond. Edmond has figured out that Will locked himself in the barn and left his sweater as a scary clue. Will wonders if he will tell on him. Edmond says no. He couldn't be more proud of him.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alan sees Alex at the mansion and offers her papers that say Doris won't press charges against her for her role in Marina's disappearance, if she and Alan will help her win the mayoral election. Alan adds one more stipulation – that she divorces Cyrus. Alex takes a stand and tells Alan that she has tolerated a lot of things over the years, but she will not let him control her and make her lose a chance at this one thing that brings her a little happiness – Cyrus.

Rafe and Nat are at the hospital after Rafe just had an exam about his diabetes, where all is fine. Rafe's attitude is that of an angry young man. He also feels that Nat looks down on him now for sleeping with Daisy before marriage, even after Nat says that's not true. Nat suggest they go to lunch, but while on Main Street, Rafe quickly discovers that Nat set up a meeting with father Ray. This angers Rafe who says he doesn't want to talk. He walks away, and Nat follows. Rafe tells Nat that she's a hypocrite for telling him and Daisy they can't do what Nat and Gus did themselves. As Rafe leaves, Nat turns and sees Alan standing right there.

Nat and Alan sit and talk, and Nat explains to him what Rafe said to her about a hypocrite. She tells him that she now believes she set a bad example for him when she came between Harley and Gus, and that she has decided she needs to change the way she lives her life from this point on. Hearing this, Alan takes advantage of the opportunity to do things to impress Nat, like leaving a huge tip for the waitress, then asking Nat to join him at church. Nat makes it known that she can see through Alan, but if it gets him to church, that's a good thing, and agrees to meet him later.

As Alan leaves, Frank arrives, and notices how Alan seems attracted to Nat. He asks Nat if she will help him by trying to get Alan to testify against Cyrus. Nat replies that she lives in the house but that's it.

Back at the mansion, Alex tries to offer Cyrus all that he wants if he'll stay with her. Suddenly, Marina appears, and she says with confidence that she intends to make Cyrus a better offer of a wife that's closer to his age, so that Cyrus can stay in SF and be married to someone he really loves, not just for show. Cyrus grabs two glasses and a bottle of alcohol, and he and Marina walk away together, heading for his room in the mansion.

Later, Alan sees Alex in the hallway and with a sympathetic tone says, "Don't say I didn't try to warn you." Alex responds that it isn't over yet.

As Alan and Nat talk in another room at the mansion, Rafe enters, gets an attitude, then starts to leave, but Alan stops him, and insists that he respect his mother. Nat excuses herself to help set the table and to give the 2 boys time to chat. Alan stresses that he has tried to teach him the importance of family.

Harley attempts to return to work at the police station. She finds herself unsure if she's ready yet in some ways she feels working will be good for her. She tries to appear confident, and Frank hands her a stack of files to work on. She immediately feels the need to step away and have a private moment, but Franks sees her and tells her to take more time off, that she's not ready to return yet. Then he asks her to talk to Marina and try to convince her to stay away from Cyrus. Harley tells Frank that he should just let Marina make her own choices, and that maybe he doesn't really know Cyrus. Frank wonders if Cyrus has been able to con Harley into thinking he's a good guy too. Harley leaves, taking Frank's advise to take more time off. Frank, who is upset that both Marina and Harley have clouded vision where Cyrus is concerned, calls immigration and reports Cyrus.

Harley overheard this just before she left the station. She immediately goes to Marina's room, where she also finds Cyrus, and informs him that immigration is on their way. It is long before immigration is knocking on the door. The agent asks why Cyrus, who is married to someone else, is at the residence of marina. Harley and Marina tell the agent that Cyrus was just released from the hospital and that they are questioning him. The agent isn't buying the story, and says he needs to check with Alex. The agent calls Alex, who asks to speak with Cyrus. Alex tells Cyrus that if he isn't home tonight, she'll speak to her lawyers about ending any arrangements they had. He says he'll be home, and the agent talks to Alex. When he's done, the agent says Cyrus is free for now, but the investigation is not over, and he'll be watching Cyrus closely.

Gus is playing with Zach and Jude on Main Street, when Zach sits on a bench looking a bit dejected. When Gus asks what's wrong, Zach told him that a friend said that Gus wasn't his dad anymore. Later, as they all have a treat at Towers, Gus tries to explain why he isn't around much anymore, though he's not sure the kids really understand. Harley arrives. At first she stands back and watches Gus as he interacts with the boys, doing card tricks. As Gus ends his time with the kids and Harley is ready to take them home, Zach asks why can't Gus stay with them anymore. As the kids go to play video games, Gus and Harley talk privately. Gus tells Harley that he changes his mind, and doesn't want an annulment, because he doesn't say that the life he had and loved so much never existed. Harley questions if this is more about what Nat wants, but Gus insists this is something that is important to him, and what kind of statement he says about what they had. Then, Rafe enters and orders a beer, still looking angry. Gus and Harley approach him, and sensing that something is wrong they ask what's going on. Rafe explains that he feels his mother holds judgment against him for what he did with Daisy before marriage. Gus and Harley let him know that they do not judge him or Daisy. Rafe continues, and expresses a little anger at himself for not knowing Daisy was pregnant. Gus approaches him and says he can see why Nat wants him to talk to someone, and he tries to talk to Rafe, but Rafe explodes and blames Gus for his mess now, saying it's his fault because he was not there for him when he was growing up. Then he leaves.

Harley approaches Gus and tells him she thinks he should go ahead with the annulment, and that they both know that what they had meant something, but after seeing Rafe, she said he really needs a father, one who will stick around. She tells Gus it's hard for her to say it but it's over with them, but he has a chance to help Rafe by being with him, and Nat.

The show ends with a montage of people and their situations as a song in the background sings the words "Here I am, crying over broken things, and there you go, flying on your paper wings." We see Harley turn to look one more time before she leaves Gus, then Frank looking at a picture of Marina, then Harley looking sad and hugging her sons like they are her lifeline, then Gus on a balcony with the annulment papers. Next, we see Marina and Cyrus out in public together as a couple, and they share a very nice kiss, while Harley is nearby and happens to see this, and looks on for a moment, then walks away.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Harley walks into the station while Frank is on the phone yelling to someone about finding Cyrus. Harley warns Frank that he is obsessed about getting rid of Cyrus; he is beginning to sound like Alan. Frank is unapologetic. He does not care who he sounds like as long as he gets Cyrus away from Marina. Frank is afraid of losing his daughter. Harley warns him that he will lose her anyway if he keeps on this way. After she leaves, an agent from INS arrives and Frank tells him that Cyrus is wanted for kidnapping.

Buzz goes to see Alan and accuses him of being behind Gus and Harley's annulment. Buzz argues that instead of getting an annulment, they should be trying to work on their marriage. Alan shocks Buzz by agreeing with him. Buzz asks since when did Alan care about Gus staying with Harley. Alan claims that he is tired of the fighting and has come to accept the marriage. Buzz knows that is a lie and realizes why Alan cares so much-Natalia. Alan scoffs at the suggestion since she is young enough to be his daughter. He simply states that as long as Harley gets Gus, everybody wins.

Natalia cleaning Gus's room at the Beacon and comes across Gus's wedding video. She pops it in the VCR and starts watching his wedding vows to Harley. Afterwards, she runs into Olivia in the hall. Since Olivia is so wound up about Phillip, Natalia startles her. After some discussion about Phillip, Olivia warns Natalia to stay away from Gus. She states that the reality is he is in love with Harley and will find his way back to her. She goes on and says that Gus would still be with Harley if Natalia had stayed in Chicago.

Olivia goes to see Alan and tells him she is done. She will not set up a guy who is losing his wife. Olivia tries to get Alan to help her for the sake of his granddaughter but he seems very nonchalant. When she is gone, he places a call apparently leaving a message for Phillip. He tells Phillip that Emma enjoyed her birthday gift and asks to see him sometime. Later, Alan goes to Olivia's place and trashes it. When he leaves, we see the legs of man approaching the door carrying a teddy bear.

When Olivia sees her place trashed, she frantically calls the school to make sure Emma is still there. She is relieved to learn the is, but unsettled.

Marina is alone with Cyrus. He talks about getting out of the Spaulding mansion and Marina laments that she would marry him if it kept him from being deported. When they start talking about how their married life would be, Marina suddenly asks him to marry her. Later, the pair is in town talking about needing to find work. Buzz overhears Marina state she could be a waitress and he tells her she is hired. He will also hire Cyrus to paint Company (even though it has already been painted). When asked about what Frank would think, Buzz states that he can handle his son. Suddenly, the IRS agent comes to pick up Cyrus. He states that charges have been filed against Cyrus for kidnapping and he is being deported. Marina starts to protest and is threatened with being arrested herself until Cyrus agrees to go willingly.

Harley comes to see Father Ray. He asks her if she is sure she wants this. Just then Gus arrives and Ray discusses what an annulment is. He states that in the eyes of the church, it means that an essential part of their marriage was missing from the very beginning. After explaining that the annulment request needs to go through the tribunal, he tells them to think before signing. He suggests that they need time to reflect; grieve the end of the marriage. He expresses his hope that this will bring them peace and healing. He asks again if they want to do this and Harley says yes. Gus tells Harley about how she is his best friend. He states that her family will always be his family. He credits her for helping him kick drugs and building his dream house. He states that there is nobody like her; he will love her forever. Harley reminisces about their first date. She talks about how he stuck by her when she was in prison. She starts to say that perhaps if she had been easier on him, things would be different. She admits that she will always love him forever. Since the both had to shut off their cell phones when they begun, both Gus and Harley now check their messages. Harley finds four messages from Marina and calls her back. Learning that Cyrus is being deported, Harley hurriedly signs the papers ("That is that") and rushes out.

Gus is back at the Beacon. He is ready to sign the papers when Natalia walks in and tells him to stop; she cannot let him do this. Gus brings up that he is doing it because she has a problem with divorced men. Natalia admits that she did think the annulment was the right thing. Natalia admits that she wanted to be the only woman he ever wanted. She pushed for an annulment hoping they could get back to where they were. She wanted to be the love of his life but credits Harley for the positive changes in him. Gus states that it is too late for him and Harley and signs the papers. Natalia rips them up. She tells him if he wants to divorce Harley, he should but he will not get an annulment because of her.

Cyrus is at the airport waiting to be deported. He tries to tell Marina goodbye but she will not let him. She then breaks down and cries. Marina starts to argue that she can move down to Australia and fight for him but he refuses to let her do that. He tells her to forget about him and insists that they have to say goodbye. Suddenly, the cops, including Frank, arrive to take Cyrus away. Marina starts freaking out and tries to tell the officers that Cyrus did not kidnap her. Frank tries to hold Marina back but she shoves him aside and clings to Cyrus. Also arriving is Harley who is shocked to hear that Frank told them that Cyrus was wanted for kidnapping. As she confronts Frank, he asks her whose side is she on-her family's or Cyrus's?

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