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Monday, November 5, 2007

Greenlee pleaded with Kendall to clarify that she did not kidnap Spike, but Kendall insisted that Greenlee did try to steal Spike. Then, the cops found chloroform at the scene. Greenlee realized that Kendall set her up. Greenlee looked saddened and disappointed. Aidan assured Greenlee that he believed she was innocent as they all went to the police station. At the station, Greenlee and Kendall were questioned separately. Kendall lied and stuck to her story that Greenlee sedated her and tried to kidnap Spike. Greenlee, however, told Derek that Kendall willingly entrusted Spike to her care. Derek promised Greenlee that he would find out the truth, but until then, the evidence was against her. So, Greenlee was booked and taken to a holding cell. Meanwhile, Aidan confronted Zach. At first, Aidan thought that Zach was in on Kendall's plan, but soon realized that Zach knew nothing. Zach advised Aidan to let the police do their jobs and to stay out of it. Aidan did not listen and began to yell at the cops. Then, Aidan tried to punch an officer. Aidan was detained and put into a cell next to Greenlee. Greenlee was shocked to see her new neighbor. Aidan smiled and revealed that he got thrown in jail on purpose to give Greenlee some company.

Jack and Erica were making love. Erica suggested that they turn off their cell phones, so they could focus on each other. Jack agreed, but before he could shut off his phone, Aidan called. Aidan explained that Greenlee was arrested. Jack jumped out of bed and rushed off without giving Erica any details. Erica assumed that her plan was carried out and called Barry. Barry explained that he could not commit Greenlee because she was arrested for kidnapping first. Erica realized that Kendall framed Greenlee and rushed to the police station. When Erica got to the station, Jack was with Greenlee. Jack told his daughter that he believed she was innocent. Then, Jack confronted Erica. Jack was irate because he believed that everyone, including Erica, was involved with the framing of Greenlee.

Tad and Hannah were playing pool at The Comeback. Tad wished he could spend more time with Hannah, but explained that his fatherhood duties were needed at home. Hannah believed that Tad's fatherly obligations were too much of a sacrifice, but Tad strongly disagreed. Tad enjoyed being a dad and welcomed the lifestyle. Still, Tad wanted to see Hannah again and asked to meet with her the next night. Hannah agreed and left the bar. Meanwhile, Stuart arrived and approached Krystal. Stuart saw that Krystal was watching Hannah and Tad flirt. Stuart declared that Krystal had nothing to worry about because she was prettier than Hannah. Krystal seemed annoyed by Stuart's presence and told him to leave. Then, Stuart admitted that he was really Adam. Krystal stated that she knew Adam was impersonating his brother for a while. Adam then professed his love for Krystal and begged her to come home. Krystal admitted that she was still in love with Adam, but that their relationship would never work because Adam rejected Jenny. Adam apologized for this and promised to make it up to Krystal and Jenny. Krystal said that it was not that easy because Tad would never allow Adam near his daughter. Still, Adam was persistent and pleaded with Krystal to come home. Krystal had tears in her eyes when Adam kissed her. Then, Tad walked out and saw them kissing. At first, Tad thought it was Stuart, but looked infuriated when he realized it was Adam.

Ritchie had the pilot in a headlock when the doctor announced that Richie had an incurable form of leukemia. Ryan and Annie appeared nervous because they knew Richie had nothing to lose. Then, Ryan lunged at Richie. As the men wrestled, Annie hit her brother over the head with a blunt object. Richie fell to the ground. Ryan ordered the doctor to sedate Richie and handcuff him again. Then, the doctor checked on the pilot. The pilot was unconscious, so Ryan and Annie went into the cockpit. Ryan called the control tower for help with landing the plane. The control tower then calmly instructed Ryan on how to land the plane. Ryan landed the plane successfully. By this time, Richie and the pilot were conscious. Richie said that he would put everyone in jail for his kidnapping. The pilot and the doctor did not want any responsibility for Ryan's failed plan. So, they left Ryan and Annie alone to deal with Richie and the cops. Then, Richie demanded to be released from the handcuffs. Ryan complied. Annie wondered why Richie would try to kill innocent people. Richie said that nothing mattered because he was dying. Ryan and Annie looked very worried.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

After Babe and JR make love, Babe wants to rush off, but JR suggests they get married again. JR admits that may be a little extreme, but just enjoyed being with Babe again. Babe says that they are just friends who needed each other – nothing more. Frantically, Babe realizes she is displaying the same actions as Krystal – rekindling a flame with a hazardous ex-lover. JR says he was just joking about them getting back together, but Babe thinks he sounded pretty serious.

Tad is shocked when he sees Krystal and Adam kissing outside The Comeback. Tad realizes that Adam was only pretending to be Stuart so he could get close to Krystal. When Tad asks Krystal if she knew Adam was pretending to be Stuart, Krystal says she and Adam could only express their true feelings when Adam was pretending to be Stuart. Tad says he doesn't care what Krystal does, but will not allow Adam near their daughter. Krystal says her daughters are her top priority, but Tad questions her motherhood skills if she is trying to get back together with Adam. After Tad walks away, Adam assures Krystal Tad will come around. Krystal asks Adam to go home. Tad goes home and visits Jenny.

Jackson is upset that Erica knew Kendall was going to frame Greenlee, but Erica continues to claim Kendall is innocent. Jackson asks Erica how long she has known about Kendall's plans, but Erica says Greenlee is guilty. Derek tells Jackson that Greenlee' smother, Mary, has signed documents allowing Greenlee to be committed to a mental institution. Jackson says the document is fake, but Derek claims it matches with all the other evidence found in Greenlee's car. Also, he tells Jackson that police found a diary on Greenlee's computer. Jackson tells Erica that if he can find evidence pinning Kendall to frame Greenlee, he will find it. Erica says it is not right for Jackson to continue defending Greenlee when she has brought so much pain to their family. Erica rushes off and calls a media source, promising them an exclusive interview at the police station. Erica tells reporters that she is praying Greenlee will get the help she needs.

When Zach and Kendall get home, Zach asks Kendall what she did to Greenlee. Kendall admits that she set Greenlee up and lied to the police. Kendall explains that when she saw Spike after the accident, it fueled rage and anger. Kendall says she wanted Greenlee gone, but Greenlee kept pushing her way back into her life. Kendall says when she held Ian for the first time, it made her feel a connection with her son. She says the moment belonged to them, but was ruined when she looked up and saw Greenlee staring at them, triggering her revenge plot. Zach says he understands the motive behind Kendall's actions, but is hurt she did not tell him about it. Kendall says she kept it a secret because she knew Zach would try to talk her out of it. She says that Erica was the only person who knew about the plan, but even she did not want her to go through with it. Zach worries Kendall will get caught in her lies and end up behind bars. Kendall tells him that she had considered stopping the plan, but changed her mind when she overheard Greenlee saying she wanted to have Ryan's child. Zach explains that Greenlee was referring to the embryos he made her believe that survived during the blackout. When Kendall realizes Greenlee had no plans to take Spike, she asks Zach what they have done.

Behind bars, Greenlee is seething with anger at Kendall's betrayal. She begs Aidan to tell JR that she will give him her Fusion shares, so she can get her embryos back and take Kendall and Zach down. Aidan tells Greenlee that Zach lied about the embryos still being available. Aidan explains that Zach and JR were working together to get Greenlee's Fusion shares. Jackson comes to check on Greenlee, and tells Aidan he should go home, but Aidan refuses to leave Greenlee's side. Jackson tells Greenlee about the diary, but she says she doesn't keep a diary. Aidan gives Greenlee his hand through the bars, and promises he will clear her name. Aidan tells Derek if he does not prove Greenlee was framed, he will do it. Jackson tells Greenlee he is behind her 100 percent and offers to find a judge who will let her out of jail. As Greenlee sits in jail, she wonders why she wants Kendall to still be friend, despite what she has done. Also, she wonders if she will ever know what it is like to be a parent.

As Jackson comes out of the police station, he sees Erica telling the cameras that she and Jackson both believe Greenlee needs psychological help.

Adam goes to see JR, who initially thinks he is Stuart by the outfit. Adam says he needs to talk about women. Babe goes to The Comeback to see her mother. She confesses that she slept with JR.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ryan went to see Greenlee in prison. Ryan berated Greenlee for trying to kidnap Spike. Greenlee tried to protest her innocence, but Ryan would not believe it. Greenlee then explained that Kendall and Zach set her up. Greenlee said that Kendall befriended her, so she could frame her. Greenlee also divulged that Zach made her believe that her embryos still existed. Ryan felt that Greenlee was lying, like she had in the past.

Kendall was starting to feel bad about setting up Greenlee. Kendall explained to Zach that she assumed Greenlee wanted Spike when Greenlee said that she wanted Ryan's child. Now, however, Kendall realized that Greenlee wanted her own child with Ryan because she thought her embryos were still viable. Zach was upset that Kendall put their family in danger with her revenge scheme, but he understood that Kendall was trying to protect those she loved. So, Zach urged Kendall not to feel remorse over hurting Greenlee. Zach felt that Greenlee deserved to be punished. Still, Kendall had regret and stated that she and Zach were both responsible for setting Greenlee up. Just then, Ryan entered and looked shocked by Kendall's statement.

Jack and Aidan were talking about Greenlee's case at the police station. Jack was offered a deal for Greenlee. The deal was 3 to 6 years in prison, instead of 10. Jack turned down the deal and Aidan was glad. Aidan did not want Greenlee to serve any jail time because she was framed. Aidan vowed to find evidence to prove Greenlee's innocence and Kendall's guilt. Then, Aidan went to visit Greenlee in her cell. Aidan asked Greenlee to trust him and to plead guilty at her hearing. Greenlee seemed confused, but promised to comply.

Annie and Richie met at the boathouse. Annie slapped Richie across the face. Annie coldly stated that Richie could not die soon enough. Annie was still irate that Richie almost killed her and Ryan. Annie shuttered at the fact that Emma could have been an orphan. Richie felt he was justified because Ryan kidnapped and restrained him to take his blood. Annie said that Ryan had no choice but to deal with Richie in that manner. Annie then asserted that Richie was done hurting her and her family. However, after Annie stormed off, Richie slyly remarked that he was not done with his sister yet.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Erica glows as she watches Ian from his bed in the hospital, but is spooked by Opal. When Opal brings up Greenlee's arrest, Erica says she does not want to talk about it any more. Opal asks Erica what she is hiding, but Erica claims she has said that needs to be said to the media. Opal says that either Greenlee kidnapped Spike or she didn't, but Erica does not answer her, leading Opal to believe she could clear Greenlee if she wanted. After Opal leaves, Erica goes to see Ian, and get her chance to hold him for the first time. When Erica emerges, Joe tells Erica he needs to discuss something serious with her. Erica assumes something is wrong with Ian or Spike, but Joe assures her both boys are fine. Joe says he knows about her plan to get revenge on Greenlee with Adam's help.

Jackson rushes in, but is shocked to hear Greenlee wants to enter a guilty plea. Jackson promises he can get Greenlee out of the charges, but Greenlee wants to give up. She says she has nothing else to do in life, so possibly spending five years in prison is no big deal. Greenlee tells Jackson that Zach lied about the embryos and then used JR to try to get her to give up Fusion for them. She says that she told Ryan what happened, but even he didn't believe her. Greenlee thinks she should suffer for Ian and Spike's injuries because of the accident. Jackson says he will get Greenlee through this, but she wonders how it will affect his relationship with Erica. Jackson says Greenlee is his number one priority, and as her attorney, she won't let her plead guilty. Greenlee says Jackson is fired, and asks to be left alone.

Aidan rushes to his office and tells Tad that he braking Greenlee out of jail. Aidan says she was set up by Kendall and Zach, and asks if he will help him clear Greenlee's name. Tad says there is little he can do, so Aidan rushes off. He goes to the jail and tells her that everything is planned. She says that it was horrible to fire Jackson, but Aidan promises he will be glad when everything is done. Greenlee says she is scared, but Aidan says nothing that happens in the courtroom will tear them apart.

Ryan demands Kendall and Zach explain how Greenlee got behind bars. He said that Greenlee told him she was set up by Kendall and Zach. Ryan admits he didn't believe her at first, but then when Greenlee talked about her embryos, Ryan realized even she could not make that up. Zach says that he in only protecting his family, but does not admit to putting Greenlee in prison. Ryan says Kendall may end up in prison, if the truth gets out, and Spike will grow up without a mother. When Spike begins crying, Kendall goes to check on him, giving Zach a chance to tell Ryan not to threaten his wife again. Zach tells him that he just wants the best for his children, and there is nothing more to discuss. Kendall brings Spike out and Ryan immediately clutches him in his arms, but he taken away for dinner by the nanny. Jackson calls Kendall and tells her that Greenlee plans to plead guilty. He begs her tell the truth, or else Greenlee's life is over. Jackson asks Kendall to come to the arraignment, but she only hangs up the phone. Greenlee tells Ryan and Zach that Greenlee is pleading guilty and goes to the hearing.

Greenlee's arraignment hearing begins, with Jackson by her side. The judge asks Greenlee where her counsel is, and Greenlee says she is representing herself. When the judge asks Greenlee if she wants to reconsider, Jackson speaks up, but Greenlee does not want his help. After the judge reads off the charges, Kendall and Zach walk in. Tad calls Aidan to let him know the court proceedings are underway. As Aidan rushes out, he comes face to face with Ryan.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Erica tries to maneuver her way out of accepting responsibility for trying to have Greenlee committed, but Joe doesn't fall for her lies. He asks her when she will finally stop meddling in other people's lives. Erica says that she is justified, based on the damage that Greenlee has caused to her grandsons. Joe tells her that Greenlee's actions after the accident saved Spike from expiring due to his injuries, but Erica unnecessarily reminds him that Spike would not have had those injuries if Greenlee hadn't tried to steal him. Be that as it may, Joe feels that she and Adam have no right to make Greenlee seem insane when she isn't. Erica posits that Greenlee could come out of a six year stretch in the penitentiary much worse off emotionally than she is now, and that she was just offering an option of help. Joe tells her that it was not up to her to decide. He then indicates that she should own up to what she did and come clean with Jack, but Erica thinks that is the wrong move because it will not only upset Jack, but it will also cause Kendall undue guilt. She thinks that Kendall will blame herself because Erica's actions were only to protect her. With all that she has suffered through and with Spike's impending surgery, Erica wants to avoid that kind of stress. Joe reminds her that he was once her father-in-law, and that he remembers clearly the lies and secrets she kept from Jeff, and how that ruined her marriage. He offers that by doing the right thing, she might have a chance of saving what she has with Jack. Erica asks if he plans on telling Jack what he knows, and Joe tells her that he believes it should come from her, and will give her time to do so. However, the time given won't be endless, so if she takes too long, he will step up to the plate.

Ryan shows up just as Aidan is preparing to leave, and doesn't fall for the excuse that Aidan is doing some housecleaning. Knowing that Greenlee just pleaded guilty, Ryan wants to know what Aidan is really up to. Aidan blows him off, saying that if he is looking for Tad, he'll have to look elsewhere. Ryan confirms that he showed up to talk to Aidan, to find out his thoughts about what is happening with Greenlee. Aidan admits that he isn't happy about it, but that in the end, it's Greenlee's decision. Ryan says that this current course of action is not like Greenlee, and it's not the way he wants things to go down. Aidan tells him that if he has any more ‘why' questions, he should ask Greenlee, but as far as he can tell, Greenlee has given up the fight. He thinks that she is tired of getting smacked around by the people that used to love her every time she tries to make up for her mistakes. He offers to Ryan that perhaps fighting against the claustrophobia of living in an 8 x 10 for three years is better than trying to prove herself to people that will never give her a second chance. He then asks Ryan why he suddenly gives a damn. Ryan admits that what Greenlee does affects his family, and that is what he cares about. He notices Aidan continually checking his watch and wants to know where he's going and what he is doing. Aidan deflects the question and says that if Ryan cares at all about saving Greenlee, since she is no longer interested in saving herself, he needs to convince Kendall to tell the truth. However, if she does, the mother of his son will go to prison – so the question is whether or not he has the strength to do the right thing. Ryan says that he doesn't have any proof and wants to know why Aidan isn't fighting harder for Greenlee's freedom. Aidan tells him that his conscience is clear, and that if Ryan feels the need to fight, he'll do so without his help, and once again prepares to leave. Ryan again asks where he is going, but Aidan tells him not to ask and leaves abruptly.

As Kendall and Zach enter the courtroom, the judge asks Greenlee if she truly understands the charges that have been brought against her. Jack begs her one more time to let him help her but without flinching, Greenlee stares at Kendall and tells the judge that she understands the rights that she is forfeiting. She then takes the stand, and because she is serving as her own counsel, the judge rereads the list of charges. Without breaking eye contact with Kendall, Greenlee once again confirms that she understands and accepts the punishment for the charges, and gives up the rights to any appeal. The judge reiterates that if the court accepts the plea agreement, she will serve no less than three but no more than six years in the state prison. Greenlee then returns to her seat, and the district attorney gives a run down of the witnesses that would have been called and the evidence that would have been submitted had there been a trial. As he reads the list, Greenlee looks at her father, letting him know with just a look that she is really innocent. At the end, the judge asks if Greenlee has anything to add. She says that she does, then stands and says that everyone deserves to know how she did what she is accused of. She retakes the stand and spins a tale of why she wanted to steal Spike. She claims that she was taking back what was rightfully hers, and she wanted revenge. Friendship, trust, loyalty and love be damned, she wanted to maker sure that HER son knew all about his real mother. Jack speaks up and begs Greenlee to stop but he is silenced by the judge. Greenlee continues to talk about why she was justified in her actions, but not being able to take it anymore, Kendall stands up and demands that her former best friend stop talking. Kendall proclaims that Greenlee is lying, so Greenlee challenges her to tell the truth. The judge demands that Greenlee only address her, but Greenlee is on a roll and says that the only other person that would know how things really happened is the supposed victim – Kendall. Zach is done with Greenlee's outbursts and drags his wife out of the courtroom. Jack tries to approach the bench but the judge declares the court to be in recess. Out in the hall, Kendall tells Zach that they are driving Greenlee to insanity, and they need to do something about it. Zach refuses to let her confess to what she did but Kendall is unstoppable – saying that she can't live with what she'd done and couldn't leave that legacy for her boys. Erica shows up just then and tells her that she needs to stay strong for her family. Jack comes out of the courtroom just then and says that both he and Greenlee used to be a part of that family, and notes that that fact must not be important anymore. Without another word, they all file back into the courtroom as Tad emerges, looking for Aidan. Back in the courtroom, the judge rejoins the proceedings and says that the next person who interrupts will be held in contempt. She asks how Greenlee pleads, but before she can answer, Kendall stands up and interrupts anyway. Before she can contribute anything, several explosions occur, filling the room with loud bangs and smoke that set the sprinklers off. Greenlee hits the floor and the lights go out, making it impossible to see anyone, let alone track the accused. The judge orders the bailiff to secure Greenlee, and it is then that they find that she is gone. Out in the hall, a fireman yells to clear a path, saying that the woman over his shoulder inhaled a lot of smoke. He runs into Ryan, and Ryan realizes that the fireman is Aidan and he is breaking Greenlee out. Without a second thought, he allows them free passage out of the building.

Richie stops by the hospital to get a refill on his medication, and the doctor starts to advise him that he needs to get his affairs in order, but Richie is already aware of that. He makes note that he needs to get things in line for those that mean the most to him just as Lily steps out of the elevator and spots him. They explain why they are at the hospital, and Richie tells her that her boss is lucky to have her. She announces that Richie could have her too – to discuss numbers with. She tells him that she really enjoyed the conversation they had at the Yacht Club and thinks they should do it again over coffee. She invites him to meet her the following evening at BJ's and he agrees. After he leaves via the hospital elevator, Lily revels in the fact that she has a date. She makes a note of it in her calendar and remains hopeful about what it all means.

At the Comeback, Babe apologizes for how she treated JR after they had sex a few nights before. JR tells her that he is fine, but she feels it's important to explain herself because she doesn't want him to think that she is in a position to give him something that she can't or won't. JR tells her that she can make it up to him by joining him and their son on a movie trip to see Enchanted. Babe doesn't think it's a good idea, but JR thinks that since she isn't currently seeing anyone else, it would be a good way for them to start dating. Babe accuses him of being 100% Chandler, since Chandlers never give up, and tells him that she does want to get on with that part of her life, but not with him. JR insists that he is not asking for some sort of lifetime commitment, but Babe notes that she has been working really hard to stand on her own two feet and likes the way it feels. JR tells her that there has to be a reason that they keep getting back together, but Babe thinks that he just wants to go there again because of the rough time he has been having. She then reminds him of Amanda and asks what she would think about his proposal. He tells Babe that his thing with Amanda isn't serious and is nothing to worry about. Babe replies that she thinks JR can be a good man, and is a wonderful father, but the two of them getting back together would be the worst mistake they could make.

Krystal makes a surprise visit to Adam and tells him that he needs to leave her alone. Adam doesn't take her seriously, considering their latest kiss, her outfit and her perfume. She tells him that her home is Jenny, and her baby girl comes before her own needs and before any man. Adam thinks that they can make her a second home in the mansion, but Krystal tells him that Jenny will be able to sense the hatred that Adam feels for Tad, as well as the reverse. She refuses to make her baby girl pay for her mistakes. She begs Adam not to make her love him again, but Adam thinks that is impossible. He says that she knows how he feels about her, and together, that means they need to stop fighting the inevitable. Krystal tells him that fighting to be together is not an option – her children deserve a happy life and they can't have that when they don't have a mother they can depend on. Adam thinks that she is hiding behind the institution of motherhood to escape how she feels, and he reiterates that he will fight with everything in him to get her back. Knowing that he would be difficult, she came prepared. She pulls out paperwork from her purse and although he jokes that she brought him a love letter, he is stunned to find out that it is actually a restraining order.

Babe tells JR again that they are better off just being friends, and they part with a friendly kiss. He returns to the bar and admits he has to swallow his pride. He places a call to his father and tells him that his network is expanding rapidly. He also says that he reworked the financials, and will take Adam up on his offer to back him. Adam tells him that it isn't a good time, and abruptly ends the call. Once he does, Krystal tells him that the paperwork states that he has to keep his distance, by staying away from her residence and from The Comeback, and any communication between the two of them has to go through her lawyer. He asks to look at it and when she hands it over, he notes that it hadn't been signed off by a judge, so it is worthless. Krystal tells him that she was in a hurry but that it will be legal as soon as she takes it to court. Before she can get it back, Adam rips the document to shreds. She fights with him to get the remnants back, furious at the lengths to which he would go to disregard her wishes. He tells her that if she is willing to go to such measures, perhaps her feelings are stronger than he thought. He tells her that he will not stop fighting for her until she is back with him – mind, body and soul. He proclaims his love for her, and in the face of that, she finally caves and they share a kiss.

Richie makes his way to the boathouse and weakly stumbles over himself before finding a seat, unaware that Babe has been watching him.

The bartender puts a scotch on the bar near JR to be delivered to a table, but while he isn't watching, JR picks it up and starts to drink it.

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