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Monday, November 5, 2007

In Old Town Holden bumps into Lily and is angry about Luke falling and is upset because Dusty was there. Lily tells him that she and Dusty weren't there together, but Holden remarks on how he always pops up where she is. Lily tells him that there is nothing going on between her and Dusty. She tells Holden that he doesn't believe her and he agrees that he doesn't. Holden tells her that it doesn't matter- what matters is Luke. They discuss Luke's frame of mind and Holden tells her that he is going to call the physical therapist and Lily agrees. She wants to go see the therapist with him, but he has an appointment. She asks what he appointment is, but he doesn't tell her and leaves.

He runs into Bonnie; she tells him that she will be filling in for Jessica. Holden is surprised to know that she has finished law school. Jessica asks if this was about Luke's accident, but he says no. He asks her what she knows about divorce law. Bonnie tells him she specializes in matrimonial law and will take his case. She is surprised that he and Lily would be getting divorced. They plan on meeting for coffee at Al's in a few minutes. Holden leaves.

Lisa comes along and Bonnie realizes she forgot about their lunch date. Lisa wants to know what business she has with Holden, but Bonnie told her she can't give that information to her.

Waiting for Bonnie at Al's, Vienna asks Holden if Lily is meeting him, but he says no. Bonnie approaches the table as he stands to greet her. Bonnie comments on Vienna working as a waitress. Vienna hisses that she owns this establishment. Holden is astonished that the two know each other. Bonnie tells him that they go way back. Vienna tells Holden that Bonnie is a thief that lies and deceives. Bonnie comments that Vienna stole a man that was already taken. Vienna tells her that she is married now, well sort of- which comes as a surprise to both Holden and Bonnie. She tells Bonnie to stay away from her Henry and storms off. Bonnie asks Holden when he wants this done by; Holden is unsure. Bonnie tells him not to go through with it. Holden tells her that his marriage is over. She asks if Lily cheated on him, but he says no. He tells her there is a guy that she leans on. Bonnie tells him that this is fixable and he needs more time, but he says that he will just have Jessica handle this since she is too young to understand, but Bonnie shows him her ring-less finger and told him that she has been there. She tells him that her marriage ended very quickly, but he and Lily have more than she and Isaac did. She tells him that he should give it a week and if he still wants to go through with it; she is his lawyer. They shake on it.

At the Lakeview the attorney for Carly's misdiagnosis just gave her a check for $100,000. Jack is there because he has a meeting with Lisa and wants to know what it is all about. Carly gives the check back to the lawyer and tells him that she will think about the offer. The lawyer leaves. Jack recognizes the name of the lawyer and the firm and demands to know what is going on. Carly tells him to let her do this; she may never be able to do this again and kisses him passionately. Jack kisses her back, but is on to her stalling. She said that she will tell him everything. They sit down. She tells him that the firm wants to hire her to redecorate their offices. She tells Jack that she is feeling better now and this will take her mind of things. She wants to use the money to do something fun with the kids. She tells Jack that she wants to take care of everyone; including him. She asks him about Katie. He doesn't want to talk about it, but Carly tells him that she wants him to tell her everything. She asks him if he really wants to be with Katie. He tells Carly that he wants Katie to be okay and feels so guilty for hurting her. Carly tells Jack how sorry she is for this, but Jack tells her that it's not her fault. He tells her that his marriage didn't end because of her and even if she wasn't sick he would have realized the feelings he still had for her. He has to meet with Lisa to check out the security system and if she doesn't mind waiting he can bring her home. She said that is fine and will wait for him there in the lobby. He leaves her and goes to the front desk to ask for Lisa. He runs into Lily and mentions Carly's new "job". Carly intervenes in the knick of time. She states that she hasn't been able to fill in Lily with the details. Jack leaves to meet with Lisa.

Lily knows that the firm is one that specializes in malpractice and Carly tells her that she was misdiagnosed. Lily happily hugs Carly, but wants to know why she hasn't told Jack. She tells Carly that husbands always find out the things you don't want them to know. Lily tells her she must tell Jack the truth; today. She tells Carly that when Jack learns the truth he will be furious and she might lose him. Carly agrees and Lily takes her home.

At the farm Jack and Emma catch up a little. She gives him a letter that Sage wrote to Santa in which she wrote that she wants her parents back together. Jack tells her that he loves both Katie and Carly. He said that if he marries Carly he will be sending a wrong message to the kids and make it look like his marriage to Katie didn't matter. Emma tells him to give it time and he will make the right decision like he always does. She leaves. Parker comes in and sees him holding the letter. Jack asks him if he wants the family back together, but to his surprise he says no. He said that he and Carly weren't good together and when he was with Katie he wasn't stressed. He laments the loss of Hal and Jennifer. He asks Jack why someone has to be dead or dying before we let ourselves love them.

Alone at home, Carly practices how she will tell Jack that she isn't dying. Jack opens the door, but Carly doesn't see him. She says that she loved being with him in Montana and no matter what, everything that happened there was real. Jack said she is right; it was. A surprised Carly turns and they look at each other. They both say at the same time that there is something they want to tell each other. He tells her to go first, but after trying to tell him she tells him to go first; it can't possibly be as huge as what she has to say. He tells her not to be so sure about that. He tells Carly that they should make the most of their time together and asks her to marry him.

Back at the Lakeview, Lisa mentions to Lily that she saw Bonnie and that she and Holden had a meeting. Lily realizes that Holden is filing for divorce.

At the hospital Ali tells Chris that she has reapplied for a nurse's aide job. Chris tells her that he too might be working there too, but wants to be sure she is ok with them working there together. Ali tells him that she will be fine with it. They were engaged a while ago and she is over it now. He asks if she isn't jealous at all. Ali says that both she and Emily had done bad things in the past and deserve happiness. Chris wants to know what these "bad things" were that Emily had done. Ali skirts the issue and tells him that Emily seems proud of her life and Chris says that he feels the same. He tells her that Emily is the best thing to happen to him. Ali tells him to be sure to tell Emily that.

A nurse tells Ali that Dr. Hughes gave her a great recommendation and she will be sure to get her job back. Ali is very happy about this.

In the hall at the Lakeview, Dusty and Emily run into each other. He wants to talk to her but she tells him that she is staying there with Chris. Dusty doesn't believer her so she brings him into their room. She tells him that it isn't a ploy to make him jealous. Dusty is still not buying it. Emily tells him that she doesn't need to be with someone who treats her bad. She tells him that he should have told her about the video and deserves better. Dusty asks her why he is in their room with Chris' woman- unless she isn't. Close to kissing now, Emily tells him that she has changed; he doesn't get to her anymore. Dusty tells her that he wants her. Emily goes closer to him and whispers that's too bad and she has chosen the man she wants and it's not him. Dusty tells her that Chris was just a replacement for him. Emily denies this and mentions his relationship with Lily. They leave the room but continue their disagreement out in the hall. He tells her that he and Lily are just friends- but Emily told him that‘s how they started out too. Just then Chris arrives and Emily tells Dusty that their conversation is over. She and Chris go back into the room. She begins kissing him, but he asks why she is shaking and wants to know what happened with Dusty. She tells him that she and Dusty were close before she went to Europe. She tells the Chris what happened between them- but it's all over now. Chris wonders if Dusty knows it's over. They make love.

After making love, Chris said he wants to ask her something. She tells him again that it really is over with Dusty. He tells her that he is thinking about staying in Oakdale.

Back at the hospital for a meeting, Dusty passes Ali in the hall and she commented on how mad he looked. He admitted he was mad; at Emily. He tells Ali that Emily is using Chris to make him jealous. Ali tells him that she doesn't agree; Emily and Chris are together because they want to be. He tells her that they are both clueless. He tells Ali that her sister is sleeping with a guy she was engaged to for payback. But Ali defends her sister and tells him that he is mad at himself because she moved on before he could do anything to stop her. She asks if he called or wrote Emily while she was away to tell her how much he missed her. He said he was trying to give her space and planned on fixing things when she got back. Ali said that Emily didn't know that and now it's too late. He tells her that it's never too late and leaves.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Luke seems to be giving up on physical therapy. Meanwhile, Lily is with Dusty when Holden calls Lily, asks her to come to the farm. Lily thinks Holden is trying to work things out with her, but discovers Holden only wants her to help Luke. Lily and Holden decide to talk to Noah together. Holden tells Luke that Noah came back with them, but won't come in unless Luke talks to him. Noah and Luke talk, but remain distant, as Holden takes Lily's hand. Emily tells Chris she doesn't want to make any commitment. In an effort to get her back, Dusty kisses Emily and she slaps him. Bob offers Chris a job. Chris finds Emily with Dusty. Chris threatens to call security. Once Dusty leaves, Emily decides to live with Chris. Carly agrees to marry Jack and they tell the kids the news. Alone with Carly, Brad asks if Jack would be proposing if he knew the truth. Carly says she'll be married when Jack finds out she's going to live. Alone with Jack, Carly proposes they celebrate, but Jack doesn't want to and leaves Carly alone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Luke and Noah continue their conversation at the farm about the possibility that Luke may never walk again. Noah encourages Luke to believe in the likelihood that he will be able to walk and tries to stop Luke from having a negative attitude about his life. Lily listens in on Luke and Noah, but Holden tells her to respect their privacy and she agrees. She heads out to pick up Al's for everyone and asks Holden to go with her as a way to show Luke they are working together. They leave and ask Noah to stay with Luke. After they leave Noah confronts Luke about his bad attitude and tells him he is sick of it. Noah tells Luke to quit telling him how to feel and explains to Luke that he wants to be with him, even if the situation is not ideal. Luke is encouraged by Noah's words and tries to stand. Lily and Holden go to Al's to talk about their interesting life and give the boys time alone. Lily encourages Holden to think about what they have together. They return home after a heartfelt conversation and see Luke standing up. When Lily happily turns to Holden he pulls away leaving her to realize that nothing has changed between them. When Lily and Holden come in, Luke says he is tired and heads off to bed as Noah heads out promising to see Luke tomorrow. Lily is encouraged by Luke's new attitude, but alone with Holden he confirms that he is still moving forward with the separation. Lily is angry with Holden's revelation and storms out.

Barbara shoves Iris into her limo and tells her that if she and Cole don't live up to their end of the plan (to get Will and Gwen a private adoption of Sofie's baby) then she will make their lives miserable. In addition, she warns Iris that once the adoption has gone through, she and Cole need to leave town permanently. Barbara makes her threats clear and sends Iris on her way.

Aaron receives a visit from Cole who wants to find out from him where Sofie has gone. Aaron refuses to tell him and calls Sofie in New York and warns her that Cole is back and looking for her. Sofie is excited that Cole is trying to find her and tells Aaron she thinks she needs to talk to him. Aaron cautions Sofie against calling Cole, but when she explains she is lonely and scared, Aaron gets her address and rushes to be with her. When Aaron finds Sofie he tells her she is not alone and pushes her to stay away from Cole. Just as Aaron is making his case against Cole he walks up and tells Aaron to let Sofie make up her own mind. Cole admits to following Aaron, but tells them he just wants a chance to talk to "the mother of his kid." Cole says he will leave if Sofie, not Aaron, tells him to go. When Sofie chooses to listen to Cole, Aaron angrily wishes her luck and walks away. Cole tells Sofie he has changed, but that they need to talk about the baby. Cole says that he wants a future with her, but this isn't the time for them to have a baby and if she insists on raising it he will leave her to raise the baby alone. Sofie maintains that she wants him and the baby; so Cole kisses her good-bye and tells her "To be happy." After Cole walks away he gets a call from his mother asking about progress with Sofie and he tells her things are fine as we see Sofie coming after Cole. Cole persuades Sofie to trust him and give up the baby so it can have a good life with a mother and father who can raise it right. After getting Sofie to agree, Cole calls Barbara and demands the next installment for the baby tomorrow.

While in Old Town, Meg asks Craig to back off and stop hovering around her just as a man bumps into her sending Craig into a protective tirade demanding an apology from the man who rushes off. Unbeknownst to Meg the man has stolen her phone and is working for Rosanna. When Craig reminds Meg to call him later, Meg notices her phone is missing and searches around for it as Lucinda sees her. Meg borrows Lucinda's phone and calls her cell phone and the private investigator Rosanna hired tells Meg he found her phone and will leave it at the front desk of the Lakeview for her. Before dropping it off he plants a chip in it so he can monitor her calls. Lucinda jabs a bit at Meg for marrying Craig, but when she learns about Meg's pregnancy she tells Meg she is even more afraid for her now. As the two discuss her pregnancy Margo comes by and sends Lucinda on her way. She turns to talk to Meg just as Meg becomes lightheaded. The two go to the Lakeview so Meg can rest and pick up her phone and she asks Margo not to tell Craig about her getting dizzy. Margo agrees and tells Meg that he is just protective because of everything that has happened before. Margo explains that she thinks Meg and the baby will be able to turn Craig into a good man. Margo goes to leave as Meg phones her doctor.

Gwen arrives to give Rosanna a wedding gift and apologizes for being bummed out at her wedding to Paul. Rosanna tells Gwen that she understands the sadness that comes with not being able to have children. Gwen explains that the hardest part is not being able to give Will a baby of his own and she asks Rosanna if Paul wants to have kids of his own. Gwen's question makes Rosanna think back on the possibility that Meg may be carrying Paul's baby. She receives a call from the private investigator she hired to follow Meg who asks if she still wants him to plant the chip in her phone to listen to her conversations. Rosanna angrily tells the man to do what he is told and take care of bugging Meg's phone. Once she finishes her phone call, Rosanna explains to Gwen that she understands and wants to be there for her during this difficult time. Gwen is conflicted about the adoption because she knows how the adopted mother will feel giving up her baby, but Rosanna encourages her to focus on having a happy family with Will. After Gwen leaves, Rosanna's P.I. arrives and has Rosanna listen to a recording of Meg asking her doctor how soon she get a paternity test. Rosanna tells him to step up the surveillance of Meg and find out everything he can about the test.

At the office, Craig interviews a new candidate for a medical research position, but turns him down because he is Evan Walsh, Lucinda's grandson. Evan quickly explains that he is Lucinda's "step-grandson" and he has no interest in taking over or running a business. Evan explains how his research will bring in a lot of money for Craig's company and as Craig is considering hiring Evan, Lucinda arrives to congratulate Craig on his baby with Meg. Craig introduces Evan to Lucinda who isn't thrilled to see him. When Craig hears Lucinda's disapproval of Evan he immediately hires him. Lucinda leaves and bumps into Meg in the hall and criticizes Craig's hiring of Evan and running the company into the ground. Meg goes into Craig's office and meets Evan who leaves Meg and Craig alone. Craig again tells Meg how excited he is about the baby as Meg thinks about finding out who is the daddy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chris and Emily bump into Evan, and the two men discover like-minded career goals. Chris and Bob butt heads over Chris' work ethic. Chris pitches Evan's biotech project to Bob, who turns him down flat. Chris tells the family that he and Emily are moving in together. Things get awkward and Chris stands up for himself against Bob, then storms out. Emily talks Chris down, as Tom suggests Bob take it easy. Jack is thrown when Carly doesn't want to get married as fast as possible. Carly covers, but Brad calls her on her deception. Carly won't let Brad discourage her and reminds him he gets Katie if her scheme works out. Brad helps Emma with wedding preparations. Jack gives in to Carly's wish for a real wedding and they meet with the minister. Katie tells Brad that she's coming home.

Friday, November 9, 2007

At the farm, Brad tells Jack that Katie's on her way back to Oakdale. Jack calls her and tells her about his wedding to Carly, so she won't hear about it from someone else. Katie happens to be sitting next to the malpractice lawyer on the plane, who ends up telling her about the malpractice case he just settled in Oakdale; he gives her just enough information about the case that she's pretty sure he's talking about Carly. When the plane lands, Katie goes to Memorial Hospital and talks a nurse into showing her Carly's file, claiming she just needs to find the patient's birth date so she can get her a present to try to save her job (the nurse is a big fan of Katie's TV show). Katie is stunned to see the information about Carly's misdiagnosis and goes to the Lakeview, where Brad happens to be waiting for her to arrive. She tells Brad about Carly, saying Carly has been using this to get Jack to marry her. She thanks Brad for always being there for her throughout this whole situation, and he tells her he wants her to know that he's always cared about her and how much he's truly enjoyed being her friend.

Lily goes to see Carly before the wedding and realizes she hasn't yet told Jack about her misdiagnosis. When Carly insists she'll tell Jack after she puts their family back together, Lily decides not to interfere, although she warns Carly that Jack will be furious when he learns the truth and won't be able to forgive Carly for this. Lily shares her own experience with Holden and tells Carly that Holden is filing for divorce.

Parker goes to see Will. He asks him what he thinks their dad, Hal, would think about him taking Jack's last name when Jack adopts him. Will tells him how much their dad loved Jack and says he thinks Hal would be fine with it. Parker goes back home, where Carly wonders why he's still not excited about the wedding. She realizes he still thinks she will find a way to mess things up, and she promises him she won't do that this time around. She gives him a hug, and he goes upstairs to get ready for the wedding.

Holden goes to the farm and sees Jack sitting sadly outside; he remarks that Jack doesn't look too happy for a man about to get married. Jack confesses to Holden that if Carly hadn't gotten sick, he'd still be with Katie. Holden tells Jack he's divorcing Lily. Jack is stunned, but says he understands the trust issue, because that's always been his problem with Carly, but when someone's dying, the other things don't seem as important anymore. Jack leaves, and Lily arrives at the farm to find out if Luke wants to go to the wedding. Holden says Luke does not want to go, and he puts her necklace on for her, telling her how beautiful she looks. Lily says she remembers when he gave her this necklace, just like she remembers everything about their marriage --- the good and the bad --- and she's sorry they've come to this. They leave for the wedding.

Brad goes back to the farm, where he tells Emma he's not going to the wedding and that he's leaving town, saying she'll understand soon why he had to go. Emma says she trusts him and trusts that he'll remember he's a part of their family and always has a place with them. She leaves for the wedding.

At the church, Will tells Paul the church reminds him of what happened with Rose. Paul says Will's a different person now, and Will says it still haunts him in that he and Gwen can't adopt because of it. Paul offers to help, but Will says Barbara is already helping, and Paul says in that case, there'll be a baby waiting for them when they get home.

Meg and Craig visit the obstetrician at the hospital, who says all is well with the pregnancy. Craig leaves, and Meg asks her doctor about a paternity test. The doctor says it will be much better if they have DNA samples from all potential fathers. Rosanna's private investigator hears the conversation and reports it to Rosanna. Later, Meg tells Craig about Jack and Carly's wedding and says it will be too stressful for her if he comes, too. He reluctantly agrees and leaves, and she takes the opportunity to get some hair from his hairbrush. She goes to the wedding alone, where runs into Paul alone and tells him she's getting a paternity test done soon that will prove this baby is his.

Holden tells Lily it's difficult to be at the church knowing the next time they will be here for Carly, it will be for a much different reason. Lily starts to tell him something but changes her mind.

Carly calls Jack outside to the limo before the wedding, saying she has to tell him something. Katie arrives and sees them talking. Carly tells Jack she needs to know that this wedding is what he really wants.


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