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Morgan swore Clarke to secrecy about the fact that she actually was pregnant with Ridge's baby. Macy's night with Thorne didn't go as planned, and the drunken Macy hopped into Brooke's car after finding Brooke on the doorstep with divorce papers. With Brooke in the passenger seat, Macy hit an oil tanker. Thorne saved Brooke, but the car blew up before he could get to Macy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, July 3, 2000


Morgan and Clarke are at the beach house. Morgan takes a home pregnancy test and starts to cry when she sees the results. Clarke wonders what she is crying about and she tells him that she is pregnant by Ridge. She says that she doesn't want to destroy Ridge's life with Taylor, but Clarke says that she did trick Ridge into sleeping with her. She tells him about when she fell in love with Ridge when she was a teenager and later found out that she was pregnant. She said that she really loved him and that he loved her in return. She said that when she went to Stephanie for help that Steph was originally very angry , but then agreed to help her. She said that Steph had arranged everything. She said that she had not only lost her baby, but her soul as well. Clarke wanted to know if she ever had any intention of telling the Forresters, but she said that she would in her own good time and on her own terms. She told him that she regretted that she had to trick Ridge into sleeping with! her because she loved and respected him and Taylor. After Morgan leaves, she says to herself that the baby would bring everyone joy.

Jonathan arrives at Brooke's house with the divorce papers. He is looking for Thorne, but Brooke asks him to leave the papers with her. Jonathan is reluctant, but he does as she asks. Brooke notices that he is not happy about the divorce. He tells her that Thorne and Macy had been through a lot together and that she had always been there for him. Brooke says that she could still be there for him, but as his friend. He reminds her that things don't always work out, but he hoped for everyone's sake that it did.

Macy and Thorne are a Big Bear. Thorne makes it clear that he is ending the marriage and that there was nothing that she could do to stop him. She tells him that

she wants him to be happy and that she would be giving him the divorce. She said that she has accepted that the marriage is over and that she cannot change it. She said that she only wanted one thing in return. She tells him that she wants them to have dinner together and to dance if he felt like it. He said that he could grant her that. She says that it is their last dinner together, but he says that it is their last dinner together as man and wife. She talks about all the things that they had gone through together. She tells him that she was checking herself into rehab the first thing in the morning.

Ridge, Taylor and their kids are having dinner outside. Ridge talks about how much his family means to him. Taylor tells him that he had become very sentimental, lately. She tells him that nothing could ever make her leave him. They sit down and start singing the itsy bitsy spider, while Ridge plays the guitar.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Taylor and Ridge are out by the pool; Morgan stops by with sketches to show Ridge. Taylor invites her to stay so that she can watch the fireworks with them. Morgan accepts the invite as Ridge walks out on the balcony from the house. After briefly speaking to Morgan he pulls Taylor aside and asks why did she invite her to stay. Taylor says that she looks lonely and obviously she wanted to stay. Taylor goes inside to get more glasses.

Ridge tells Morgan that he does not know what does she think she is doing. Morgan tells Ridge to stop acting like a child –he is only making matters worse. He tells her that it is a good thing that she did not get pregnant, he does not have to put up with her anymore. She tells him that she is part of his life and that he better get used to it.

She tells Ridge that if he does not get past it, then Stephanie and Taylor will begin to ask questions. She says that she is sorry and that she would do anything not to hurt him. He tells her to stay away from him. They work together and that is all. Morgan goes after him and says that it was his choice to make love to her. He still has feelings for her. She knows that he cannot forget that night and how he touched her. He tells her to shut up...he grabs her and kisses her. Taylor walks out on the terrace to view the passionate kiss! HA! It was a daydream that Morgan was having.

Ridge comes back on the Terrace and hugs Taylor as the fireworks begin.

At Brooke's house, Jonathan is there dropping off the divorce papers. He disagrees with the whole thing. He tries to encourage Brooke not to deliver the divorce papers herself- please wait. Brooke insist that they can no longer wait and that it is best for everyone, including Macy. She excuses Jonathan.

At Big Bear, Macy and Thorne are having dinner. Macy tells him that the evening means a lot to her. He says to him as well. She spills something on her nice dress and Thorne cleans it up for her. They share a laugh about how messy Macy is. She says that she is sorry that she could not have handled things better. He tells her that she doesn't owe him anything, let alone the nice dinner, especially after everything he has put her through. Thorne touches Macy's face; gently. Macy shares that she is not going to see him for a while. She will be going to rehab and then she will move to the East Coast. Thorne asks her about her friends and family. She states that they will understand. She asks him what will he remember. He says the way she looked when he gave her the ring the man had choked on in the restaurant. They laughed as they look back at that event. Macy says she will remember a lot of things. "But mostly tonight, this is their finest hour."

They dance to their special song, "When I Fall In Love". It makes Macy cry and they stop dancing. They share a hug. Later, Macy comes out and asks him is it time for him to go. Thorne says, "Yes, it is." He offers to take her home. She says that she will be fine. She needs the time and that she will call her mother to come and get her. He says that he will miss her. They share a small kiss.

As he walks out the door, he waves at her and tells her thanks.

Macy breaks down and cries. Then she hears a noise outside. She goes to the door and Brooke is standing there with an envelope in her hand. Brooke asks if Thorne is here. Macy tells him that he has left. Brooke claims that she was not trying to interrupt anything. She turns to go and Macy asks what is that in her hand. She snatches the papers from her and opens the envelope to see that they are divorce papers. She blows it! "Divorce papers? You brought me divorce papers?"

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Macy is livid that Brooke brought the divorce papers. Brooke sees the remains of the candlelight supper and realizes Macy still hasn't accepted that Thorne wants a divorce. Macy insists that she just wanted a few hours with the man she loves so she could say good-bye with grace and dignity...and now Brooke has taken that too! Brooke tells Macy what she did tonight took a lot of strength. She adds that if Macy is really letting go then she'll sign the divorce Macy takes a lighter and burns the papers. She wonders what she was thinking, handing Thorne to Brooke on a silver platter. Brooke realizes she made a mistake and tries to leave, but Macy slams the door shut, promising Brooke that she'll never have Thorne. Sally and Kimberly are concerned that Macy is at the cabin alone, but they are pleased that Macy is away from Brooke. Thorne phones to let Sally know that Macy was fine and things are going to work out. Sally and Kimberly agree that Kimberly should go up to and make sure Macy is all right. After they return from Becky's funeral, C.J. offers to stay and help Amber with Little Eric. He points out that it will give him something to do besides think about how much he misses Becky. C.J. recalls his special moments with Becky. Amber tells C.J. that he made Becky happier than she'd ever been. As they go through her things, Amber finds a videotape addressed to them from Becky.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Thursday 7-6-00
At the cabin in Big Bear, Macy pushed Brooke to the floor. Brooke pleaded with Macy to calm down. Before Brooke could get up, Macy held her down on the floor with one foot on top of her and threatened "Don't you dare move".
Brooke got up and warned Macy to "stop acting like this.' Macy hysterically told Brooke "you took everything away from me, my marriage, my sobriety and my pride." You had a lot of nerve to bring divorce papers to the cabin" when all I wanted was one night, one dinner with my husband so I could say goodbye and leave him with dignity."
In a nasty tone, Macy told Brooke coming to the cabin with the divorce papers "is the worst mistake you'll ever make." Macy grabbed Brooke's car keys and ran out of the cabin. Before Macy could drive off, Brooke jumped into the front seat. Macy sped off to go find Thorne before Brooke could get the keys. As Macy drove recklessly, she grabbed Brooke's cell phone from her and taunted Brooke " How does it feel to have someone else control your life?" Macy promised Brooke that she was going to tell Thorne what Brooke had done tonight." "Then we'll see how he feels about you." Brooke begged for Macy to slow down.
Macy hysterically continued to taunt Brooke about her past relationships with Eric and Ridge. Macy taunted " you've been doing this since I met you. Getting pregnant by Eric and breaking up a twenty-five year marriage, then you started in on Ridge and Taylor." To Brooke's horror, Macy began passing a car around a curve. It ended with the sound of screeching tires and brakes.
Kimberly volunteered to drive to the cabin and check on Macy while Sally waited for C.J to arrive home from Becky's funeral in Furnace Creek. Clarke worried and told Sally that although there is no alcoholic beverages at the cabin, that Macy is an alcoholic and if she wants a drink she'll find it. Sally decided she should go check on Macy and that Clarke should wait for C.J.
Amber and C.J. played the video that Amber had found with Becky's things. Becky told Amber and C.J. that there "was no time to go to a lawyer", but "I'm telling you what I want." Becky told Amber that she wants Amber to take care of Little Eric since Amber was his first mother and "a very tough act to follow." Becky told C.J. "you're exactly the type of man I want my son to be "smart, funny and so strong and he can learn so much just by watching you." Becky told C.J. and Amber that "Little Eric is a lucky little boy to grow up with two parents like you."

Friday, July 7, 2000

The episode opens showing the accident scene with a large tractor trailer........a liquid container labeled "flammable" on the tank. Macy and Brooke are unconscious and bleeding in the front seat of the car.

Kimberly is driving to Big Bear and calls to speak with Brooke. She reaches Rick, who informs her that Brooke is not at home. Kimberly tells Rick to give a message to Brooke to stay away from Thorne and Macy--that Macy wants this one night alone with Thorne to try to work out their problems. Rick tells Kimberly that he does not think she is being realistic, and why is she driving up there anyway if they want to be alone? Kimberly says she needs to check on her sister, and to tell Brooke to leave them alone.

Clarke wonders aloud to Sally just what Macy hopes to gain with this one last night at Big Bear, and Sally explains to him that Macy still loves Thorne and wants him back. Sally says although Macy did not come right out and say it, she knows Macy hopes this night together will solve all their problems. Clarke asks Sally what she thinks the chances of that are, and Sally thinks it would take a miracle for that to happen.

Thorne tries to call Brooke on her cell phone with no answer. He is perplexed because her cell phone is always on. Oh well, he thinks, he'll just stop by on his way back. He looks for some music and puts a tape of Macy in the tape player. She sings "When I Fall in Love" and Thorne's mind goes back to earlier when they were dancing.

Back at the accident scene, Macy regains consciousness and sees Brooke unconscious and bleeding beside her. The car is shown with it's hood pinned under the tank of the truck. Macy tries to free herself without success, and then, since she cannot get free, tries to stop the bleeding on Brooke's forehead. Thorne arrives at the accident, recognizes that the car is a Jaguar, and once he sees the license plate, realizes that it is Brooke's car. He runs to the driver's side and sees Macy at the wheel. He tries to free Macy, but the door is stuck as well as Macy's legs pinned. He runs to the passenger side of the car and sees Brooke. He cries out for Brooke, and tries to help Macy free her legs. Macy says to take Brooke out of the car and stop the bleeding--that she has lost a lot of blood and must not lose more. Thorne tells her that he will be back for her. Macy looks at him and says, "I know."

Rick stops by Brooke and Bridget's home. Bridget is doing a crossword puzzle. They tease each other, and Bridget asks Rick why he doesn't come around more--that it's too quiet there at the house without him around. Rick tells her that soon things might pick up. She tells Rick that Brooke has been acting strange lately and wants to know what is going on. Rick tells her that things are rather complicated in Brooke's life lately, and Bridget correctly assumes that it must be because of a man.

Thorne carries Brooke away from the crash site. She has not regained consciousness and Thorne does not know whether she is alive or dead. He cries and begs her to be all right. He puts his head down on her chest. Finally he feels for a pulse and realizes that she is still alive. He tells her to hang in there--that he has to go and help Macy.

Bridget is adamant about wanting to know who this man is that is having a relationship with her mother. Rick lets her know that she knows him, and that just whets her appetite for knowledge more. She demands to know who, and Rick tells her she must ask Brooke.

Kimberly calls Sally from her cell phone and tells her that she is nearly at Big Bear. She has a really good feeling about this night and will call Sally when she gets there. She tells Sally that she expects to find them together. She sees an accident up ahead and wonders whether she can help, so she pulls over.

The driver of the truck comes to Thorne's aid with a first aid kit. She states that the car came out of nowhere and she didn't see it until it was too late. Thorne asks her to stay with Brooke--that there is another woman trapped in the car. The woman says no, that she'll go since it is her rig. Kimberly comes to the area where the accident victims are and is stunned to see Thorne there with Brooke.

The truck driver comes to the driver's side door. It is stuck and furthermore, Macy's legs are pinned under the steering wheel. Macy notices a trickle of liquid, and realizes that it is gasoline running out of the truck and onto her windshield. She continues to try to free herself. Sparks start to fly from under the dashboard. Macy is beginning to get frantic trying to free herself.

Bridget is beginning to try to put the pieces together. She tells Rick that she will be his worst nightmare until he tells her what she wants to know about Brooke and her relationship.

Sally is pacing back and forth, wondering why Kimberly has not called--after all, she was almost at the cabin when they spoke before--surely she must be there by now. She says, "I have a very strange feeling" and not hearing from Macy for so long is scaring her to death.

The truck driver tries in vain to get the driver's door opened. Macy tells her to hurry--that gasoline is leaking out of the truck. The woman runs around to the passenger side to try to free Macy's legs. Suddenly Thorne smells gas. Brooke is regaining consciousness and moans. He tells Kimberly to stay there with Brooke; he must go back to the car. Kimberly is worried about Thorne going back to the car with the gasoline smell. Thorne tells Kimberly that Macy is stuck in the car, and Kimberly wants to go with him. Thorne tells her to stay with Brooke, and turns to go back to the car to free Macy. He takes only a couple steps when he is thrown back by a tremendous explosion and resulting fireball. He and Kimberly incredulously stare at the fire engulfing both the car and truck, speechless.

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