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Passions Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on PS
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Monday, April 30, 2001

The Bennett house continues to fall apart as it sinks into the fissure in the ground. Inside the house, Tabitha is unable to free Timmy after he's pinned down by debris. Timmy puts up a brave front as he urges Tabitha to leave him behind and escape while she can. The two share an emotional good-bye before Tabitha solemnly walks away. Charity, Kay, and Miguel also remain trapped in the house. As the kids prepare to die, Kay blurts out she's going to hell. She comes close to confessing her wrongdoings, but reconsiders when she notes Charity doesn't remember that the soulless teen allowed her to get pulled into hell. Miguel devises a plan to escape. Meanwhile, firefighters try to put out the wall of flames surrounding the Bennett house so rescuers can get inside. However, the fire is too strong. Everyone watches helplessly as it seems certain the kids will die. Affected by Theresa's distress, Ethan rushes to the house for one last rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Sam and Julian have a confrontation after Julian tries to abuse his Crane power. Sam is about to punch Julian when Theresa's screams interrupt them. Luis tackles Ethan before he reaches the burning house, and Sam orders Ethan to remain outside. They share an intense moment as Sam vows not to lose his newfound son. Later, more lives are placed in danger as Sheridan and Theresa fall into the widening fissure.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Timmy and Tabitha are still stuck in Charity's room, the teens are still stuck in the kitchen, and the house is getting closer and closer to destruction. Timmy tells Tabitha to get out of the house while she still has the chance, but Tabby refuses to leave without Timmy. A falling beam knocks Tabby on the back of the head, and Timmy tries to send a message to the Angel Girl, begging her to help Tabby. Tabby hears Timmy praying, and tells him the Angel Girl won't help them, but Timmy is convinced that the Angel Girl DID save Tabitha. Timmy tells his princess that he loves her, but no matter how hard Tabby tries, she isn't able to get the "L" word out, eventually settling for a simple "ditto". The Angel Girl pays them a visit, and tells Timmy that his goodness will be rewarded. She leaves before Timmy can get her to tell him what Tabby's fate is.

Miguel saves Kay from a falling refrigerator, and as the situation inside the house begins to look less and less hopeful, the citizens of Harmony find it more difficult to resist running back into the house to save their loved ones. Chad is upset that he hasn't been able to help Miguel and the Girls- Miguel was his first friend in Harmony, Chad remembers. Whitney tells Chad that they have to believe that Miguel and Charity's love will save the teens. Hank tries to get Ivy to back off and let Sam and Grace grieve, but Ivy refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Charity begins to pray, and when Miguel tries to get Charity to assure Kay that they will survive, Charity says she can't- she feels that the end is near. Outside, the citizens watch in horror as the Bennett house is finally sucked into the ground.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, there seems to be no sign of the house that was there only minutes before. Sheridan tries to convince Luis that this might not be the end, but Theresa isn't sure that their love can overcome this. Grace and Sam console each other, and Hank gloats that Ivy can never stop Sam from loving Grace. Father Lonigan tries to tell the citizens not to give up hope, but Sam has had enough. He says that prayer and faith hasn't helped them at all tonight, but is finally convinced to join the rest of the residents in praying for the teens. Theresa tries to console Ethan as she realizes that he, too, has lost a sibling tonight. Sheridan hears moaning in the distance, and soon a dazed Miguel emerges from the shadows, alive. Kay and Charity are nowhere to be found, and Miguel recounts the events that occurred in the house in those final moments. The Angel Girl came into the house and told the teens that the prayers of their loved ones had saved them, and instructed the teens to follow the light. Miguel said they joined hands and walked into the light, and the next thing he remembers is appearing in the spot where the Bennett house used to be. Grace tells Sam that he can't be trusted to keep his promises- he promised to save the girls, but he didn't. She walks away from Sam, and Ivy tries to comfort Sam, but she is stopped by Hank.

Timmy and Tabby are up in a tree, thrilled to realize that they have survived. Tabby says her friends in the basement must have heard her pleas, but Timmy insists that the Angel Girl saved them. Tabby tells Timmy that angels don't save witches, but it doesn't matter, because they're alive. Tabitha soon realizes that Miguel has survived, but she isn't sure about the two girls.

Father Lonigan tries to convince Grace that Sam is not at fault for the events that took place, and Grace apologizes. They are left alone to grieve, as Hank continues to taunt Ivy. Miguel asks Luis to find Charity and Kay. Tabby and Timmy hear something in the distance, and look down to see Kay. Soon, Sam and Grace hear Kay, as well. The happy reunion is cut short when Reese spies Tabby and Timmy up in the tree, and accuses her of being a witch again. No one believes Reese, of course, and Sam helps Tabby and Timmy down from the tree. Reese continues his accusations, saying that only a witch can cause the occurrences that took place, and Hank asks Ivy if she's that witch. Kay defends Tabitha, but Reese holds his ground, asking Tabitha what she was doing in the tree. Tabby is able to cover her tracks, saying that she climbed in the tree because she was afraid that her house would sink like the Bennett house did. Elsewhere, Simone is horrified when she realizes that Kay is hoping that Charity doesn't survive. Sheridan and Luis find Charity, but she seems to be dead. Reese vows to prove that Tabby is a witch, and at the same time, Tabby is vowing to take care of Reese before his big mouth gets her into trouble. As Eve checks Charity's vitals, Hank continues to taunt Ivy, and Sam and Grace seem to be growing close again. Eve wants to take Charity to the hospital (she isn't responding) but Miguel declares his love for Charity, and she opens her eyes and tells him that she loves him, too. Kay is visibly upset. Timmy is thrilled that Charity is alive, but Tabby declares that she will take care of Charity once and for all- and she's not stopping there. She's going to bring pain and suffering to everyone in Harmony this summer- Sheridan is going to die; Ethan and Theresa are going to have the wedding from Hell; Chad and Whitney are going to suffer a huge amount of confusion and pain in their relationship; T.C. is going to be driven to murder; Sam is going to give his love to the wrong woman; and there's a big surprise in store for Grace. Timmy realizes it's going to be one hot summer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

While Tabitha grumbles about Reese's constant interference, Timmy daydreams about Charity dumping Miguel and marrying her pint-sized hero instead. Simone chides Kay for having the nerve to grouse about Charity in light of all the hell they've just been through. Miguel thanks his future brother-in-law for his rescue efforts. Ivy watches longingly as Sam and Grace celebrate being reunited with their daughter and niece. Eavesdropping on her neighbors, Tabitha tells Timmy she's determined to break hearts all over town. Pilar and Hank both give Ivy a piece of their minds when she tries to disrupt Sam's tender moment with his family. Later, Father Lonigan leads everyone in a prayer for the "small creature" who gave his life to save the others. Although sorry that his mother is so lonely, Ethan reminds Ivy that she shouldn't try to break up the Bennetts' marriage.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

After some encouragement from Hank, Luis runs off to get cleaned up. He's determined to ask Sheridan to marry him ASAP. Back at la casa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Luis hunts for his grandmother's engagement ring, which he plans to give to Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is thrilled to see that Pilar has pictures up of Luis and Sheridan. She comments on how she loves the house, and tells Luis that she would be perfectly happy in a house like that- she'd rather have a house filled with love than a house filled with possessions. Back at Sheridan's cottage, Luis prepares to make the night absolutely perfect.

Charity can't remember much about being in Hell, and since she can't remember how Kay was involved in the tragedy, Kay decides not to confess that she sold her soul. Elsewhere, Tabitha and Timmy are listening in on the conversations outside until their eavesdropping device stops working. Tabby decides to head back outside with the other Harmony residents, but Reese is lurking around, still suspicious of Tabby.

Sam turns to Ivy, with Grace within earshot, and tells Ivy that he doesn't love her. Grace isn't convinced. She says that she has to have time to be sure that Sam really loves her. Ivy can't blame Grace for being suspicious; Sam tells Ivy to butt out, but Grace reminds Sam that their future involves Ivy, as well. Tabby and Timmy, who have just arrived outside, listen; Tabby is thrilled that things are going so badly between Sam, Grace, and Ivy. Sam still doesn't understand why Grace wants him to explore his past with Ivy, but Grace tells him that she's not a fool. She knows that Ivy will try to take him away from Grace now, so she wants Sam to decide what he wants now, so that it doesn't hurt Grace more later. Reese catches Tabby eavesdropping, and says that he can prove she was involved in bringing evil to Harmony. She starts screaming at him and beating him over the head with Timmy, and the residents of Harmony all rush to her aid. Reese is berated for again bothering the sweet old lady, but he insists that he can prove she is a witch. Reese says his Palm Pilot has discovered that hundreds of years ago, a house burned down in the same exact spot that the Bennett house was in, and was also sucked into the ground. Tabby has a memory of the night, in which the pilgrims placed a "square of evil" around the area, and investigated everyone with the square until they singled out the witch. Reese thinks they should do the same thing to Tabitha, but everyone else defends her. Grace suggests that she head home to get some rest, but before she can leave, Grace wants to know why Tabby came back over to the house in the first place. She tells Grace that it had occurred to her that the Bennett's didn't have a place to stay, and invites them to stay with her. Sam politely declines, since Eve and Pilar have already extended the same invitation, and Tabby notices Father Lonigan in the background, so she rushes home. She isn't lucky enough to get home without running into Reese again, though- he vows to prove who she really is one day. Father Lonigan reveals that the church shelter is already filled for the night, so the Bennett's can't stay there. He leaves to go see another parishioner-in-need, giving the citizens a few parting words of wisdom before going.

Theresa is worried that Ethan will go back to Gwen, since Grace is so worried that Sam is still in love with his first love. Ethan assures her that he isn't, and that their situation is different, because they don't have any secrets in the closet, unlike Sam and Grace. Later, Father Lonigan's words of wisdom get to Theresa, and she tells Whitney that she has to tell Ethan her secret before they get married. First, though, she plans to sleep with him so he won't want to break up with her when she tells him. Pilar overhears Theresa telling Whitney that she is going to sleep with Ethan that night.

Simone continues to drool over Chad, and Whitney and Chad realize that they have to tell her the truth soon. Chad tells Simone that he has something important to tell her, but Tabby's screams interrupt him.

Pilar says that she has enough room at her house for one of the Bennett's to stay there- of course, Kay loves that idea. Eve says she can take a few of the Bennett's, too- Simone and Whitney can bunk in the same room. The Bennett's decline- they'd like to all be together after what has happened. Reese mentions the Bed-and-Breakfast, but it's completely booked. They decide to reconsider Tabby's offer, and agree to stay there, since it's close to the B-&-B. Ivy tries to talk to Sam again, but he blows her off. Simone asks Chad if he has time to tell her what was so important now, but Whitney isn't around, so Chad stalls. Timmy asks Tabby what she plans to do if the Bennett's take her up on her offer, but Tabby is sure they won't. Just then, there's a knock at the door; Tabby faints when Grace tells her they've decided to take her up on her generous offer.

Friday, May 4, 2001

Tabitha faints when the Bennetts tell her they have decided to stay with her. She has a dream about the Wizard of Oz where she is the Wicked Witch, Charity is Glenda the Good Qitch, Timmy is a flying monkey, Grace is the scarecrow, Sam is the Tin Man, Reese is the Lion, Jessica is Dorothy and Miguel, Kay and Simone are Munchkins. Tabitha wakes up and tries to be nice to the Bennetts, who had more than made themselves at home. Kay invites herself to stay at Miguel's house and leaves Charity at Tabitha's.

Pilar tries to talk Theresa out of sleeping with Ethan and advises her to tell him the truth soon. Whitney also agrees with Theresa's mother. Ethan and Theresa go back to her place and she wants to make love to Ethan. Whitney and Chad discuss Theresa and Ethan in Whitney's bedroom.

Luis tells Sheridan he has something he has to tell her before he asks her a question. He says he wants to be clean and has a shower. Sheridan slips in the shower with him. Luis tells her how much he loves her and says that she is the perfect woman for him.

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