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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Katie is at Craig's hotel suite and she is bugging him about the whereabouts of her husband. Craig tells her to leave Simon alone. She realizes that Craig has sent Simon off to be with Ruby. She starts to yell at him for being so sleazy. He informs her that if Simon doesn't pull off his assignment they will all be out in the street because he has blown it with Barbara. Katie questions Craig about what he has done. She figures out that he pretended to break up with Barbara and tells him that this was a really stupid ploy. She tells him that Barbara is too smart for that kind of trick. She thinks for a second and then has a second thought. She tells Craig that this just might work. Craig tells her that it is a lost cause and dismisses her. Just at that moment, there is a knock at the door. Barbara yells from the other side of the door and asks if Craig is in there? Katie tells him that no one ever listens to her. She tells him to look pained when he answers the door. He starts to tell her that he is not going to go that route and Katie punches him in the stomach. She tells him that is the look he needs. Craig lunges for her, but she runs out of the room and out the back door. When Craig opens the door, Barbara tells him that he looks terrible. She asks if he is OK. She says that he looks like someone has punched him in the stomach. He tells her that he ran into something when he was going to the door. Barbara asks if he had talked to Carly before he came to see her. He gives her a puzzled look. She confesses that she went to talk to Carly also and everything he had said to her, Carly had stated to her. She asked if Carly had help him prepare for his performance. He says that he broke the cardinal sin; he went to one woman to get advice about another one. He says that he appreciates that she came by in person to say goodbye and he goes to the door to open it. Barbara asks, "All those other things you said? Were they yours and did you mean them?" Craig turns to her and says that they were. She starts toward the door and he says, "Barbara." She turns to him and he says that he will get the door. He thinks that it is all over with them. When she gets to the door, she asks what his schedule is like the rest of the week? He says that it is clear. She says that she will be by tomorrow morning to finalize their wedding plans. He is surprised and asks her what just happened. She says that he got a wonderful surprise. She kisses him and then he says that he doesn't know if he will be able to keep up with her. She smiles and says that he should never underestimate her and she leaves. He closes the door and punches the air like he has just won the super bowl.

Jake is meeting with Margo at the diner. He asks her for help in finding Matthew, Lucinda's butler. Margo tells him that it is not important enough and besides, Lucinda probably just made the man mad and he left her employ. Jake begs her but she declines. Molly comes in with the twins and Margo coos over the girls and then she leaves. Molly tells Jake that they could team up together to find the missing butler. Jake doesn't think this is a good idea. He says that they have jobs and they have the girls. Molly explains that she doesn't want their married life to be, "And how was you day, dear?" She says that they made a great team when they were searching for the twins. He reminds her that they had a ghost helping them along the way. Mary comes in and takes the girls home and Jake starts kissing Molly. She tells him that kissing her is not going make her forget. She tries to pin him down and asks him once again if they can be a detective team? He thinks for a minute and then says that they can talk about it and they start to kiss again.

Lily walks in and catches Simon and Ruby kissing on Lucinda's couch. Lily demands to know why they are there. Ruby explains that she is a guest of Lucinda's. Lily looks at Simon and asks why is he in her mother's house. Ruby looks at Simon and asks if this is one of his many ex-wives. Lily and Simon look at one another. Lily flies off the handle at Simon. She asks if that is what his intentions were. Was he going to get her to leave her husband and then take her for all that she had? Simon tries to explain but Ruby keeps butting in and Simon tells her not to help anymore. Lily tells Simon to leave. As he is going out the door, Katie shows up. She goes over to Ruby and they start to fight. Simon gets a hold of Katie and Lily is holding Ruby back and the two women are yelling at each other. Lucinda walks in and asks, "What the hell is going on in here?" Lily explains to her mother that she stopped by to see her and found these two (she points at Ruby and Simon) in her house. Lucinda tries to explain about Ruby and then she sends Ruby to her room. Lucinda asks Simon why he is in her house? Simon walks up to her and says, "Doing this!" He grabs Lucinda and lays a big kiss on her. Lucinda is stunned and steps back a few steps when he lets her go. Simon walks out and Katie starts after him. She stops in front of Lucinda and tells her not to get any ideas. She adds, "He is mine!!" Katie walks out and Lucinda laughs hysterically.

Back at Craig's hotel suite, Simon comes in and reports. He says that the Franks' are just planning something small time and there is nothing to worry about there. Craig tells Simon that he wants him to go back to Lucinda's. Simon says that he can't go back there. Craig says that he won't have to go into Lucinda's house. He tells Simon that his son has the pictures in the pool house and he wants Simon to break in there and steal the pictures. He adds that nothing can come between him and Barbara and their marriage.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Hal walked into the station happy because he had been spending more time at home with his family. The fact that Barbara was having second thoughts about marrying Craig helped his good mood as well. Margo, elated that that may be the case, asked Hal if he was going to finally lay off Craig.

Barbara apologized to Will and Jen about all the craziness in their lives lately and revealed that her marriage to Craig was back on and she needed their support. Jen was less than thrilled.

Craig told Simon he needed the photos to ensure his wedding goes off without a hitch, but Simon wasn't willing to do anything illegal to get them and he wanted insurance that he wouldn't get into trouble. Craig threatened to kick him and Katie out if he didn't come through for him and Simon called his bluff. Craig told him his marriage to Barbara means he will be able to pay back his loan to Lucinda and also to repay her for all she has done to him in the past - intrigued, Simon considered helping after Craig promised him a big cut of the money.

Will told Barbara he didn't know Craig very well and asked Jen what she thought about the wedding. She said Barbara knew all too well how she felt. Barbara asked her again if she would be her maid of honor and Jen reluctantly agreed, but made it clear she still wasn't happy about the nuptials. Barbara told her kids that she hoped they would eventually move in with her and Craig at the Lakeview. Jen was dead set against it, but Will compromised and said he could split his time between them and Hal. Jen got up to leave and Will followed her outside. She promised him the wedding would not take place, but advised Will to go to a friend's house so he wouldn't be in the middle of an argument when Hal discovered the wedding was still on.

Back at the station, Hal was still optimistic that Barbara was through with Craig, but told Margo he wasn't ready to back off her brother. He still had reason to keep his eye on him because he found out he had a new business associate and described him to Margo. Realizing he was talking about Simon, Margo said he was Katie's husband and he's working for Craig. Still suspicious, Hal remembered Simon was the one who drove through Lucinda's living room and he vowed to find out what the two were up to. Margo pleaded with him to back down.

Craig told Simon he could get inside Bryant's house under the pretense that he is Ruby's guest and therefore had no reason to be afraid. Again, Craig promised him big bucks in return. Katie walked in and overheard Ruby's name and swore to Simon if she found him with her again, he would kill her.

Will made plans to go to a friend's house and told Barbara she didn't need to take sides with her and Hal, that he understood and he had no reason to worry - especially when the wedding may never happen. Barbara wanted to know what he meant by that, but he ducked out of the house as Hal walked in. Hal asked Barbara to tell him everything she knew about Simon, but she didn't know who he was. Hal found it odd she was unaware that he was living with Craig. She then broke the news to Hal that her wedding was back on.

Jen went to Bryant's and said the wedding was on again and they had to use the photos - it would be their only chance to stop it. They agreed to drop the bomb on their wedding day.

Simon and Katie bickered about Ruby and Katie blamed Craig for getting Simon involved with her. Simon said he's only using Ruby to get information. On his way out, Simon told Craig he's on board with him and Katie was mad because she didn't know what was going on. Simon left and Craig and Katie continued to argue. She said she would fight to protect Simon from him even if that meant getting in the middle of the job he was doing for Craig.

Katie found Simon at Al's and he told her she needed to stop whining and to leave him alone. But Katie was mad that she kept finding him in compromising positions with different women. Simon said his life was his and it's time she realized that they didn't have a real marriage. Katie argued that he didn't treat her well and that he needed more time to figure out his feelings for her. Simon reiterated that he was not in love with her and to leave him alone - she had nothing to worry about concerning Ruby because it was only a job. Katie then thought that he was going to go back to Lily, and Simon realized that Katie didn't care about Ruby - she was upset over Lily.

Barbara told Hal that she knows no one approves of her marrying Craig, but that is only because she is taking a risk in her life and no one else has the courage to do that. Hal said no, it's because they don't want to see her get hurt. Barbara denied that and said Craig loved her, but Hal said Craig wasn't capable of love and he will be keeping his eye on the two of them for as long as they were together.

Craig visited Margo at the station and asked her to spy on Hal and find out if he had any plans to disrupt their wedding day. Margo said she wouldn't do it for him and that he is as obsessed with Hal as Hal was with him. But she wondered to Craig if the wedding needed saving already. Margo was worried about what he was getting into.

Barbara pleaded with Hal to let his hostility go so she and him could be friends again. He said he doesn't want to be friends. Barbara said she told the kids about the wedding and although Will was fine with it, Jen still was not. Hal told Barbara it was time to wake up - Craig would eventually hurt her and she was in too deep.

Katie said she didn't care about Lily, but she didn't realize that Simon still had feelings for her. Simon argued that he was over her and that he told Lily everything about his past. He got up to leave and Katie told him not to get involved with Craig's schemes because he will only hang him out to dry; He never kept his promises. Simon said he must continue or else they will be thrown out of his suite, but Katie didn't care as long as Simon and she were safe. Stunned, Simon said he will be fine. He got up to leave and Katie ran after him looking for a good-bye kiss, but he wouldn't stop. She said to herself that he would come around to her soon.

Craig made a call to the wedding coordinators and said everything was back on. He asked that they rip up the deposit check he gave them and charge everything to Barbara.

Hal went back to the station and phoned Lucinda. He left a message for her to call him about the pictures Bryant, saying that he wants to use them.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Lily's House:

Lily was looking at the picture of "Beloved" when the doorbell rang. It was Rose at the door. She came to talk about the menu and guest list for the party for Lily and Holden. Rose saw that Lily had the picture of "Beloved" and wondered if she wanted Simon again. Lily told her no, and then told her all about Simon's past with wealthy women. Rose wanted to know if Lily was still in love with Simon. Lily assured her she loved Holden. She just wondered how Simon fooled her. She was upset with herself for almost giving up everything to be with him. Rose was angered by Lily's story and suggested that Lily get revenge against Simon. Lily said she couldn't do that. She told Rose all she wants, was to know that all the things that Simon did, and told her on the island were true. Rose told her to meet with him and ask him straight out if he lied about everything on the island. Lily didn't think that she could confront him, but Rose convinced her to ask him the tough questions.

Craig's hotel suite:

Katie continued to try to get Simon to quit working with Craig. She showed him a credit card that Craig had given her so they could buy some new clothes to wear to Craig and Barbara's wedding. She wanted him to go shopping with her. Simon wasn't interested in anything that Katie had to say and walked out.

Katie called Henry and when he asked about his letter of recommendation, she lied and told him that that's why she called. She said that she had the letter waiting for him. Katie wrote the letter of recommendation for Henry and forged Craig's name. Henry knocked at the door. He was surprised that Katie was able to pull it off. He wondered about the glowing report from Craig. Katie told Henry now she needed his help again in keeping Simon in town. Katie tried to figure out what she can do to make Simon attracted to her. She wondered what Lily had that she didn't have. Henry suggested that Katie become rich like Lily and then Simon would want her. Katie heard Simon at the door and told Henry to leave by the back way. Simon wondered what Katie had been up to. His cell phone rang. It was Lily asking to see him.

Java Underground:

Jake was sitting at the bar and Isaac was on the phone. Lien walked in and when Jake asked her how she was, she told him that she had a battery of tests at the hospital. Ben walked in and wanted to know what Jake found out about Curtis' father. Jake told him he didn't find out anything that they could use against him. All he found out was that he's been a model inmate and was up for early release. Ben was upset, and didn't believe it. He's afraid that the court will rule in favor of Curtis' real father. Lien told Ben that they still might have a chance in court if she puts Curtis on the stand. Ben doesn't want Curtis to go through that. Lien tried to tell Ben that he might be wrong about Curtis' father; he might not be the monster that he thinks he is. Lien told Ben that not all people in jail are really bad. She told him that she spent months in jail when she was still in Viet Nam for protesting against the government. She wanted to know if because of that, he thought she was a bad person.

Simon told Isaac he had some questions about Craig. Isaac said that he hated Craig and that Craig doesn't follow the rules about business. He warned Simon to watch out if he continued to work for him.

Al's Diner:

Carly was sitting at a booth by the window when Jack walked in. Carly told him to go before some one sees them together. Emily looked through the window and took pictures of them kissing. Jack and Carly discussed where they would live when they get married. Jack told her that they would build a house on the piece of property that he had bought for her. Emily walked in and asked Jack how Julia was doing. Jack asked why she wanted to know about Julia. When Emily told them that she would call Julia to see how she was, Jack told her that Julia is in a fragile state now and that she is in the hospital. Emily smiled and said that she would leave them alone so that they could spend all the time they had together, while Julia was in the hospital. Carly told Emily that she better not see anything about them in the Intruder. Emily smiled and said "or what? I don't have a husband for you to steal." Carly told Emily she was really funny talking about her being a husband stealer, as she looked at Daniel sleeping in Emily's arms. After Emily left, Carly said she was scared that Emily was going to cause them trouble. She asked Jack to leave and said that they have to stay away from each other until Julia signs the divorce papers. Carly told Jack that she loved him as he reluctantly walked out.

Psychiatric Ward at the Hospital:

Doctor Michaels asked how Julia was feeling about the divorce. Julia said she feels so alone. She told her that she is so confused and wanted to know what if she did something that she really didn't want to do, like sign some papers. The doctor assured her that no one could force her to do that. Julia wondered if she did something for Jack that she really didn't want to do. The doctor told her that there were legal ways to help her, but if the court got involved, Julia would have to admit to her mental disabilities. Dr. Michaels told Julia to stop trying to figure out the future, that she needed to think about what happened to her marriage. As Dr. Michaels opens the door to leave, she told Julia that she had a visitor and wanted to know if she wanted to see her. It was Emily, standing at the doorway with a stuffed toy and a bouquet of flowers. Emily told Julia that she was so worried about her when she heard that she was in the hospital. Julia asked why since they barely know each other. Emily said that she knew something but didn't want to upset her. She said she ran into Jack and then showed Julia the pictures of Jack and Carly kissing. Julia was furious when she saw the pictures. Emily told her she wanted to talk to her before she wrote the story for her paper. She said she wanted Julia to tell the story the way she sees it. Julia asked what she wanted to know. Emily told her "everything." Julia smiled as Emily held a tape recorder in her hand.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Craig confronts Gabriel at his place and listens to his plans to rob Lucinda. He convinces Gabriel that he's missing the big picture and urges him to join forces and defeat Lucinda by taking Worldwide from her. Gabriel agrees and they discuss their plans to drug Lucinda's food to make it appear she's going crazy. Gabriel shows him a bottle containing a certain African root that will give Lucinda the desired effect. Craig's furious when Simon announces that he's not going to steal the photos of him and Ruby from Lucinda's pool house. Holden comes home early and Rose lies to protect her sister.

While Rose takes care of the kids, Lily meets Simon and asks him why he lied to her about his past and his feelings for her. With Katie secretly listening, Simon insists that his only reason for coming to Oakdale was to get his hands on that expensive diamond. When she asks if he faked his love for her, Simon does confirm that he did fall in love with her. Knowing that he's working for Craig, she elicits his promise not to harm Lucinda and the two shake hands goodbye.

Following up a lead, Molly and Jake learn that Matthew stopped by the Lakeview for a few beers just before he disappeared. Hearing that he ordered a cosmopolitan to drink, Molly guesses that he left with a woman but Jake reminds her they have no clue as to where he went.

Abigail's uncomfortable when Adam wonders aloud if Jennifer and Bryant are sleeping together. Abigail then changes the subject of helping Adam study for English, then Adam realizes that he has a poem in there written about Abigail. After he doesn't want to study anymore Abigail takes his book and finds the poem. After reading it Adam becomes uncomfortable and leaves upset.

Friday, May 4, 2001

Jack and Carly confronted Emily about printing the story of their affair in the Intruder. Jack threatened to sue Emily if she went ahead with the story but his threats fell on deaf ears. Against Jack's wishes, Carly decided to ask Craig for help in forcing Emily to kill the story and went to his suite to see him.

Abigail found a romantic poem that Adam had written for her but was nervous and unsure of her feelings for him. When she told Jen about the poem and her uncertain feelings, Jen advised her to pretend to like someone else until she could sort out her feelings. Meanwhile, Adam told Hal about Abigail finding the poem and worried that he might lose his friendship with her. Hal's advice was to try to make Abigail jealous by pretending to be interested in another girl.

Hal tried to convince Lucinda to give him the blackmail photos but she told him that Bryant wanted to handle things himself. When he insisted that it was best that the kids not be involved, she relented and went to the guesthouse herself to try to find them. Unbeknownst to her, Craig was already there searching for the photos himself but she surprised him before he could take them. Just then, Bryant and Jen arrived and Craig snuck out a bedroom window before he could be discovered. Lucinda took the photos back to her house and put them in her safe. She later warned Ruby not to trust Simon because he could be working for Craig.



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