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The Forresters warned Deacon to stay away from Amber and Little Eric until after Amber and Rick's wedding. Deacon vowed to make them pay and accepted Bridget's invitation to her eighteenth birthday party. The Forresters threw a kids' party, and Morgan arrived, disguised as a clown.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Rick and his family are waiting for Amber to return home with the baby. Rick admits that she has been gone longer than he expected, but he feels that everything is okay. Brooke is still not happy with the possibility of them getting back together, but Rick lets her know that they will be a family again. Meanwhile, Amber is on her way home with the baby and she has thoughts of her last conversation with Deacon. Alex arrives at Deacon's place and notices that something is wrong. He tells her that Amber and the baby had returned home to the Forresters. He tells her that he really had no choice but to sign the papers. He felt that Amber was looking out for him because once she returned to the Forrester's, he knew that they would have done all that they could to keep him away from Amber and the Baby.

Everyone is happy when Amber returns home with the exception of Brooke. Amber tells them that she is glad to be home. They all have dinner together and Rick, Amber, and Little Eric return to the cottage. Stephanie and Thorne leave to clear the table so that Brooke and Eric have a chance to talk alone. Eric explains to her that he was not happy at first about Amber and Rick being together, but he realizes that there is nothing that he can do. He really believes that Amber can make him happy and he feels that they should support that. He also tells Brooke that their son had made his choice and that she needed to accept his decision if she didn't want to alienate him further. She said that she would try. Eric decides to speak with Deacon. Thorne, Stephanie, and Brooke decide to join him. Eric tells them that he will do all the talking. They arrive at Deacon's. He reluctantly lets them in. Thorne tells him how happy Amber was to be home. Eric tells him to leave them alone because the marriage would take place next week. When Deacon inquires about the exact day, Eric tells him that he could just read it in the paper like everyone else.

At the cottage, Rick tells Amber that he is happy that they are back together. He says that he was miserable the whole time that she was away. He takes the blame for all of their previous problems and tells her that it was like a giant nightmare. He tells her that anything that happened between her and Deacon was in the past and that this was their new beginning. He said that by this time next week that she would be Mrs. Rick Forrester. He says that he wants Deacon out of their lives and hoped that it is also what she wanted. She shakes her head yes and they kiss in front of the fireplace.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Promised the chance to use her leather pants, Bridget's friends Julie and Betsy leak what they know about her upcoming surprise birthday party. Stephanie assures Deacon that he will always be a part of Little Eric's life but asks him to stay away from Amber and Rick, especially next week. Deacon jokes that he's not the only threat to the upcoming wedding and points to Brooke. Brooke states that she has accepted the idea of Rick marrying Amber. Deacon announces that he's going to stop by tomorrow to see his son but Eric won't allow it. Eric then stuns him with the revelation that the document he signed includes no provision for payment of any kind. Deacon almost comes to blows with Eric when he realizes that not only do they want him to stay away from his son until after the wedding, but he is also not getting the million dollars unless he signs away all rights to his son. Eric calls him a blackmailer and a thief but Deacon vows to pay each of them back. Rick's unnerved when Little Eric asks for his daddy and Amber tells him that he has two dads. Seeing how upset he is, Amber urges Rick to believe that Deacon's been a good father. Rick angrily announces that he wants him out of his son's life. Brooke worries to Thorne about Deacon but Stephanie hopes that Deacon will back off from his threat. Deacon calls Amber to complain. Rick grabs the phone and yells at him to leave her alone. Deacon then finds Bridget's phone number and calls to learn that Brooke's throwing an 18th birthday party for her. He then calls Bridget and she invites him to her party at Mannequins but he won't reveal his name.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

With Stephanie offering her help and advice, Amber is thrilled as Megan wheels in a rack of Forrester originals from which she can choose a wedding gown. They're interrupted by a call from Deacon who surprises her with the news about the visit from the Forrester family. He stuns her with the news that the agreement he signed gives him no money and no rights to see "little D" without their permission. He again asks her to call off the wedding but she refuses. However, she does offer to calm down the Forresters. Unimpressed, Deacon vows to make them pay and hit them in their weakest spot. Amber confronts Stephanie about what they did at Deacon's place. She explains that Eric felt it was the best way to deal with Deacon. Finding Amber genuinely concerned about him, Stephanie guesses that Amber really cares for Deacon. She calls him a good parent, especially considering his background but then gets back to planning her wedding. At Mannequin's Bridget tries to act surprised by the birthday party thrown in her honor. She scans the room, looking for Deacon and is disappointed not to see him. When her mother mentions another surprise, Bridget assumes it's Deacon and is mildly pleased when Ivory, her favorite dj from New York shows up to spin records. Later, Bridget, Eric and Rick all offer a few words of love for the birthday girl. Touched by their words, Bridget excuses herself and is nabbed by Deacon on the way to the bathroom. She's thrilled when he kisses her passionately. Bridget returns to her party, still up in the clouds after the secret kiss.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

In Stephanie's office, she and Megan tended to details for Amber and Rick's wedding. The two of them also planned a party for Taylor, Ridge and the children. Megan suggested that they hire a clown to entertain the children at the party. Megan told Stephanie she would hire the clown. After Megan left the office, Taylor entered. She told Stephanie that she wouldn't feel safe until Morgan is arrested. Stephanie told Taylor that while she was gone, something precious and irreplaceable was missing from their lives.

Dr. Nunez told Ridge that he has not seen any evidence that Steffy was harmed physically or emotionally by Morgan's abduction of her. Dr. Nunez warned Ridge that his family is not out of the woods until Morgan is put behind bars.

Morgan convinced Tim to stop at a hotel in the LA area rather than get out of town to avoid being captured by the police. Tim suggested they go to South America. Morgan nixed that idea and of going to Mexico. Morgan borrowed Tim's laptop computer and got into the Forrester website with her old security code. She discovered that Megan was on-line and was curious about what she was doing. Morgan intercepted Megan's email for the clown order. Morgan stopped the order from being sent to the Clown Company. Instead, Morgan sent Megan an order of confirmation for the clown order. Morgan pretended to be Megan and canceled Megan's order. Morgan plotted to go to the Forrester party disguised as the clown. She decided it was the perfect way to get close to the Forrester's who would all be there. Morgan would be totally undetected disguised as the clown!

Friday, May 4, 2001

At the Forrester pool, the festivities were underway for the party Megan arranged for the entire Forrester family. Megan, Stephanie, and Eric discussed plans with security and stressed the importance of not allowing any uninvited guests to their private party. They were satisfied with having security check guests in at the gate.

At the guest house, Rick wondered why Amber was hesitant to put on her bikini, unaware that she and Deacon got matching tattoos while in Las Vegas. Amber thought about telling Rick but covered up the tattoo with a sarong instead and told herself that she'd tell Rick, but not today. Bridget arrived as Amber and Rick were kissing. Rick asked Bridget about her mystery man and warned her to take things slow.

At the motel, Tim arrived to find Morgan in her clown costume, ready to crash the Forrester pool party. Tim told Morgan that he sold the car and bought a van so they could leave town and go to Mexico. Morgan insisted on going to the party as the clown hired by the Forresters. Tim begged Morgan to leave the Forresters alone and warned her that they were facing 25 years to life in a maximum-security prison for their crimes against them. Morgan insisted that she needs closure from the Forresters in order to put everything behind her, and eliminate the pain permanently before she can move on. Tim continued to try to convince Morgan to leave with him and threatened to call the police. As Morgan insisted that doing this would free herself, she and Tim drove away to the Forrester party.

As the party gets underway at the Forresters, Eric reminds everyone that this party is for the family and children and that there is to be no mention of the ordeal they have all just endured. Morgan, dressed as the clown, was allowed to enter the Forrester estate in the van. She asked Tim to leave with the van and get as far away from Los Angeles as possible. Tim tried once again to convince Morgan to go away with him and start their own family. Morgan insisted that the only way to solve the problem was to go straight to the source and, no matter what happened, it would be better than the pain she was feeling. She vowed to come out from the party free or not at all. A worried Tim looked on as Morgan departed to the party carrying a large box. While Morgan looked on from the trees, Brooke told the children that a clown was coming to the party. As Morgan congratulated herself for being in the presence of all the Forresters, Megan spotted her and chided her for being late. Stephanie announced that the party is meant to cheer everyone and suggests including all family members in all the activities. As each Forrester took turns toasting the spirit of the party and spring, Morgan reflected on each one of them as they spoke. As Tim looked on from the van, he wondered which Forrester Morgan was after and what she would do to them. As Stephanie spoke, Morgan told herself that she was the whole reason for everything that had happened and vowed that what started with her would end with her. As Megan introduced the "clown" to everyone, Morgan picked up Steffy and all the Forresters applauded.....

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