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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Brady tells John he's glad Marlena's not there so seeing Marlena side up with Roman again won't hurt his father. Abe no sooner tells Roman that he knows he's still in love with Marlena when Marlena rounds the corner demanding to know why she wasn't told about the hearing. The lawyer asks if she's still willing to testify and she replies yes, much to Roman's dismay. Roman and Marlena argue about her being there as John and Brady walk out of the conference room. She tells Brady she belongs there and is upset John didn't tell her about it. Brady starts mouthing off and John orders Brady to take a walk. Marlena goes into the conference room and John follows so they can talk privately. They argue. He can barely look at her as he busily glances around the room. Brady's brainwashing on John has worked apparently. He tells Marlena she's too late as the hearing's over and she can't help exonerate her ex-husband and father of her twins. Marlena is so angry she doesn't trust herself to talk, just tells John not to go behind her back again. The lawyer knocks and tells them the arbitrator will hear Marlena's testimony. Brady and Marlena exchange glances as she leaves the room.

Marlena explains at the hearing about the misunderstandings and family friction going on at the time in question. Brady keeps interrupting and the arbitrator tells both Brady and his lawyer that he'll have to leave if he interrupts any more. Marlena tells them how she was worried about Brady's anger and concerned his anger may be taken against her 16-year-old daughter. She consulted with Roman being a police officer and also the father of her twins. As like other couples, it was hard to discuss with her husband, Brady's father. Brady stands up denying he'd never hurt his sister. Marlena agrees that she knows that now after talking with the train engineer and examining the evidence. She takes responsibility for pushing Commander Brady into the actions he made. She doesn't want Commander Brady's career destroyed because of her. When asked, she says she will give the same testimony at a trial if necessary. She leaves after the arbitrator does, without saying anything. Brady tells Cameron he didn't know Marlena would show up, but says it's a true gift that she did.

Belle and Mimi chat about Chloe. Mimi tells Belle that it's clear that Shawn is attracted to Belle, but Belle shrugs it off and splits to talk about cheerleading practice with another gal. Jan rushes up to Mimi when Belle leaves to show her a copy of the web page design and Philip walks up and takes it out of Mimi's hands (it's folded). Jan grabs it and puts it in her purse, saying it's some medical information she got from Mimi as she missed her period and knows she's not pregnant. Poor Mimi is uncomfortable as Philip tries to reassure her. Belle pops over and offers her help to Philip after his house burned to the ground. Mimi figures he's not homeless after his house burnt down and he tells them his father got a new place, he's just worried about Chloe.

Philip finds Chloe and tries to apologize. She refreshes his memory about how he changed his tune about her last year after seeing her in the red dress. She tells him how superficial he was and not to call people names. Susan hears Chloe defending her and tells Philip to call her whatever he wants, just don't tell anyone he saw her at Chloe's house and walks off. Philip smirks, Chloe fumes. Jan overhears. Chloe explains why she's upset and he tries to tell her how much he loves her and will try to change his behavior. She finally forgives him, not used to having anyone care for her so much and kisses him.

Belle says hi to Susan in the hall and Susan walks by quickly, saying hi back. Jan and Mimi join them and Jan tells them Gigantor is Chloe's new friend. Belle can't believe that Mimi puts up with Jan. (me either!) Belle knows they're up to something. The kids announce Gigantor coming down the hall and Mr. Wood tells them to knock it off, threatening detention. Belle tries to stop Susan to talk to her, but she doesn't. Chloe, Belle and Philip talk to Mr. Wood as to what they can do to stop this from happening. He tells them the other kids are their peers and to think about it. Belle asks Chloe to talk about their friendship and Chloe would like that.

Jan shows Mimi the website and Mimi is shocked Jan is charging for people to see it, wanting a credit card number.

Glen shows up at the hospital for the DNA test. Brandon's at the desk and when Larry tells Glen that it'll be a few minutes, Brandon walks to the waiting area with him and hears Glen's whole story.

Hope and JT run into Lexie and Isaac at the hospital. A nurse comes and takes JT in for his check up and Lexie is happy Hope's there for support, being Abe's at the hearing. Hope tries to encourage Lexie that a court case may take years and she doesn't blame Lexie for doing everything she can to hold onto Isaac. Brandon and Lexie exchange glances. Glen rushes up to see his son and Lexie scurries him away. Glen apologizes to Hope, he was just excited to see his son for the first time. He asks Brandon to tell Lexie he's sorry too. Brandon looks for Lexie and finds her hiding in the storeroom. Lexie's crying and terrified that Glen will take her son away. She feels like she's going to faint and hands Isaac to Brandon as she sits on the stairs. He reassures her that he got a DNA swab from the lab this morning and will swab his own cheek and switch it in the lab while getting the tech talking about HMO's as that always sets him off.

She tells Brandon he's a Godsend. She mentions Abe's name again and he'd prefer she didn't. Back in the hall Harry the DNA tech takes Isaac in for his test; Hope overhears Lexie and Brandon mention a "swap" and asks what they're talking about. Harry returns Isaac to Lexie and Glen has his swab done afterwards. He tries to apologize to Lexie and tells her he understands after seeing Isaac why she did what she did at the lodge. On the way to the lab Brandon meets the nurse with JT. She gets paged to ER and hands JT to Brandon to return to Hope, saying his physical went great. Brandon has second thoughts about what he's doing. He returns JT to Hope and Lexie's worried that Hope might have to sign a release for JT.

She urges Brandon to make the switch and watches anxiously as he steps away. He goes in the lab, supposedly for a medical journal, and makes the switch, but one tech catches him putting something in his pocket and asks what he's doing. He tells them he was just getting a business card out to write his number on so he and Tony (the lab tech) could get together to party sometime. They buy that and Brandon leaves.

Outside the hospital, Glen tells Barb if that's his kid, he's going to fight to raise him. Barb agrees and will be honored to raise him.

Brandon returns and gives the journal to Lexie, telling her it's done. He flashes back saying he can't have his DNA sample on record and takes JT into the store room and swabs his mouth. Lexie hugs him and thanks him.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Belle meets Chloe to talk about their friendship. Belle wants to know where they stand, and tells Chloe that she doesn't think that she can trust her. Chloe doesn't understand why she has to open up about every little detail of her life, and Belle says that's what friends are for. Chloe points out that Belle hasn't exactly been honest about her feelings for Shawn, and Belle realizes that Chloe is right. Chloe admits that she finds it difficult to open up about her relationship with Philip, because she isn't used to being happy. Belle realizes that she had what Chloe wanted- a happy childhood and a stable family life- and that Chloe has what Belle wants- a boyfriend. Belle finally admits that she wants to date Shawn, and apologizes for being angry at Chloe. They make up.

Mimi and Jan check out the website again, but Mimi gets scared when she realizes the amount of trouble that the website could get them into. Jan assures Mimi that they won't get into any trouble for the site, because people only complain about something when they're not satisfied, and everyone is going to be more than satisfied when they see Chloe naked on the website. Chloe will be humiliated, and they'll even make a huge amount of cash in the process, Jan says. Mimi isn't completely convinced, but she calms down a bit and agrees to go along with the plan. They drive by the park and see Chloe and Belle hugging, and Mimi is amazed that Chloe has been able to get Belle to forgive her. Jan tells Mimi that when word gets out about the website, no one will want to be friends with Chloe.

Philip stops by Titan to ask Victor about Kate, and runs into Austin, who informs Philip that Kate is working at the diner now. Philip can't believe it, and heads off to the diner to confront Kate. Kate is doing quite well at the diner, pleasing all of the customers and getting some large tips. She's pleased to see Philip, but Philip wants her to go and ask Victor for a more respectable job. Kate refuses, saying that she wants to work her way up from the bottom, and Philip tells her to consider how his friends will react if they find out that his mother is working as a waitress. Kate is upset, and realizes that she has failed to teach Philip the value of hard work, just like she failed to teach Lucas. She tells Philip that she'll always love him, but that she is very disappointed in him and can't believe that her own son is embarrassed by her. Kate orders Philip to leave and go back to his mansion and credit cards, so she can get back to work. He does, but before she can get back inside, Philip returns and apologizes. Kate tells him that the damage has already been done, and it's going to take some time for her to be able to deal with what Philip has said about her today. She tells him to leave, and hides the truth about her living arrangements, instructing Philip to leave messages for her at the diner. Philip calls Victor and begs him to help, but Victor refuses.

Victor calls Austin in to his office to talk about how they're going to deal with what has happened with Kate and Lucas. Austin thinks that Victor is firing him, but Victor admits that Austin is a valuable asset to Titan. While Austin is in Victor's office, Greta stops by Titan looking for him. Nicole catches Greta and begins to taunt her about her relationships with Austin and Eric. Greta tells Nicole that her relationship with Austin is none of Nicole's business, and Nicole lashes out, saying that Austin could never be turned on by a boring person like Greta. Nicole also mentions that she is now Austin's superior, and that those long nights of work could lead to sex between Austin and Nicole. Greta leaves, but before she has a chance to get on to the elevator, Austin emerges from Victor's office. Nicole sees Greta watching, and calls Austin into her office.

Marlena and John begin to argue about her surprise testimony in the case, and Marlena tells John that he knows her well enough to know that she would do what's right, and that's the reason that he didn't tell her about the hearing. John realizes that she is right, and they kiss and make up. Meanwhile, Brady and Cameron tell each other off, and Cameron tells Brady that he'd better get used to being alone, because he certainly has a talent for clearing a room. Brady thinks he won't be the only person alone- he's sure that John is outside breaking off his relationship with Marlena. He's upset when he walks outside and sees them hugging. Back inside, the arbitrator says that there wasn't any negligence involved in this case- only miscommunication- and that the only person responsible for Brady's injuries is Brady. Brady lashes out at everyone in the room, and storms out. The arbitrator rules that Roman and Abe will not be held responsible, and that the department will pay Brady $50,000. Cameron gets the deal raised to $100,000, and the case is dropped. Cameron tells Abe she just made $40,000 in one day, and asks if he still thinks dumping her was a good idea. John refuses to shake Roman's hand, and tells Roman to stay out of their lives. Brady is nowhere to be found, which causes Marlena to worry.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

The police commissioner announces that Commander Carver and Captain Brady have been exonerated of all charges. Everyone claps and cheers, but Abe is looking down in the mouth. He tells Roman he is worried about the test results on Isaac, and is unable to find Lexie. They talk about the hearing, and Marlena. Once again Abe tells Roman he should back off from Marlena. Abe leaves to go home, and the commissioner stops to congratulate Roman again before he leaves. He mentions Marlena's testimony, and how they both seem to still care about each other. When Roman agrees, the commissioner warns him about his feelings for Marlena, and that Roman went way overboard in his aggressive pursuit of Brady, and that it had better not ever happen again.

Chloe and Belle are chatting about their friendship, they hug, gab a bit, then decide to go to to "load up on sugar." They spot Brady's van across the street, call to him, and as he crosses the street, we hear the screech of brakes. A car barely misses him; the driver is very upset as he has words with Brady. Belle goes to pick up some cleaning, leaving Chloe and Brady together. Brady dumps on Chloe all that happened at the hearing; he rants on and on how he's still going to make Roman and Marlena pay. Chloe talks him into laying low for a while.....these two are really bonding, as Chloe is very sympathetic to Brady's "poor me" routine. Philip calls to her, and Brady thanks Chloe for her support as she leaves.

Philip flashes back to Kate telling him off. He mumbles to him "how could my mother, A WAITRESS, do this to me." Belle comes up and convinces him to confide in her. As he tells her about Kate, Belle is surprised at how he turns it all on himself and how it makes him look. He tries to explain about being a Kiriakis, and a big shot at school and how embarrassed he is going to be when the kids from school go to the Hudson St. diner and his mom waits on them. Belle gets mad at him, and reads him a riot act. Philip seems to realize how judgmental he has been, and how bad he has acted. He then spots Chloe talking to Brady, and the green-eyed monster rears it's ugly head. Chloe comes, and puts off going to with Belle (so much for their bonding talk about friendship, etc) as Philip leads Chloe away.

Brandon calls Roger to find out when the DNA test results will be in and is told late tonight or tomorrow. In the coffee shop Lexie is worried and waiting for Brandon. Glen and Barb arrive and they all argue as Lexie turns into the mother bear protecting her cub. Brandon arrives, attempts to make peace and manages to get rid of them. He then tells Lexie how he used JT's DNA sample, instead of his own, which had been the original plan. Flashback to him getting the sample from JT. Lexie is very happy, and pesters Brandon to get the results from Roger now!

Abe's home and is looking at a picture of Lexie and Isaac. He flashes back to them bringing Isaac home and naming him. Lovely song plays in background throughout this....."Heaven Must Have Sent You From Above." Lexie arrives home in a terrific mood, exuding confidence and asks Abe to take her out to dinner. (Isaac is over at Celestes getting spoiled she tells him) She tells him all will be well, and he tells her about the hearing and it's outcome. Lexie flashes back to asking Brandon to switch the DNA.

Brandon goes to the lab and pesters Roger for the test results, saying how the adoptive mother is bugging him all the time. Roger agrees to do it now, sets up the computer and leaves his seat. As Brandon watches, the screen beeps, and a look of disbelief comes over his face when he large letters.......DNA Match POSITIVE.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Chloe and Belle are at Salem Place, joking about the "accident" in the science lab the day before. Elsewhere, Jan tells Mimi that they will launch the website right before the Last Blast dance. Mimi still has doubts about the site; she's worried that it will get them into a lot of trouble. Jan says that since they aren't going to show Chloe's face, they have nothing at all to worry about. Mimi doesn't understand how people will know it's Chloe if they don't show her face, but Jan says that Chloe's "other" physical attributes will prove it's her, especially to Philip (who Jan believes has seen Chloe naked). Jan explains that they will have to talk about the sight and have someone overhear their conversation, so that the news spreads over the school. Mimi reminds Jan that she'll have to change the background so that it doesn't look like the locker room, but Jan isn't too concerned, since she plans to have Mimi take the blame for the website.

Shawn is watching J.T. at the basketball court. Philip meets up with him, and as they shoot hoops, Shawn brings up the topic of sex. Philip admits that he hasn't had sex with Chloe- yet. Shawn warns him to be careful, and Philip tells him not to worry; the last thing he wants right now is a child. Philip tells Shawn that he'll understand what Philip is feeling when Shawn decides to "take it to the next level" with Belle, but Shawn continues to deny that he has any feelings for Belle. Jan and Mimi pass by the courts, and Jan takes off her sweater (she's wearing a low-cut top underneath) to show off for the boys. It works, and as Mimi watches Shawn and Philip drool over Jan, Mimi decides to join in and takes off her jacket. The boys just give her a weird look, and later, when Mimi and Philip walk off together, Philip tries to hint that she is a little over-exposed. He explains that it's different for Jan, because guys expect her to dress a certain way, and Mimi seems a bit jealous. She asks Philip to tells her what guys see in her, and Philip says he sees her as a great friend. Mimi wishes she could be seen as sexy, like Jan, or popular, like Belle; she wonders what guys see in Chloe. He says she's unique. Shawn and Jan get into a discussion about Mimi, and Shawn asks Jan why she insists on trashing Mimi if they are friends. Jan assures Shawn that she and Mimi are not friends- just partners-in-crime. Shawn asks Jan why she always tries to act so tough. Jan tells him to drop the subject, but Shawn reminds her that he is a great listener. Jan changes the subject to J.T., and tells Shawn she's never going to have kids- she doesn't want to give up her "great figure".

John and Marlena are still worrying about how Brady will react to the outcome of the hearing when Brady storms into the town house. John tells Brady that they will have to talk about what happened at the hearing sooner or later. Brady doesn't want to talk, and heads upstairs. He overhears Marlena say that Brady needs professional help, but Brady tells John that he's the one that needs help if he allows himself to continue to buy Marlena's act. Belle walks in with Chloe, and seeing Chloe reminds Brady of their earlier discussion about playing into Marlena's drama. He has a sudden change of heart, calms his tone, and calmly tells John it's just going to be difficult for him to get over the court defeat, and then calmly leaves. Chloe goes after him, and outside, congratulates him on handling his anger well. Brady quickly reverts to jerk mode and begins to insult Chloe's singing abilities once again, but Chloe throws him a few insults, as well. Inside, John updates Belle on the hearing. Marlena lets Belle and John know that she thinks things with Brady will only get worse now. Belle tries to defend Brady, and John says that he thinks Marlena should listen to Belle, since she knows Brady better than Marlena does. Marlena is visibly upset, and tells John that despite what Brady may believe, she DOES love Brady and she feels that she knows Brady- or, at least, that she used to. Brady walks back in, and John wants to continues their discussion, but Brady tells him that he thinks they should give each other some time to cool off, and calmly heads upstairs.

Jen, Jack, and Abby check out their new house, which Abby absolutely loves. The happy occasion soon takes a turn for the worse when Jack tells Abby that he loves her "twice as much" as Jen. Hope, Julie, and Mrs. H stop by with food, flowers, and gifts, and Jack is not very happy to see them. Julie doesn't try to hide her feelings for Jack, telling him that someone had to bring stuff for the house, since he definitely couldn't be trusted to provide such things himself. Later, she heads out to the car to get some more stuff, and meets up with Jack again; they continue to argue, and Julie tells Jack in no uncertain terms that he doesn't deserve Jen. She tells Jack that living in the same house with Jen isn't going to help Jack win her back, but Jack says he's only concerned with providing his daughter with a safe and stable environment right now, and that he will not allow anyone to stand in his way. Inside, Hope notices how stressed the new living situation is making Jen already. She suggests that Jack buy his own house in the same neighborhood, so they can live near each other but not WITH each other. Jen says she has to at least try to make this living arrangement work. Julie storms into the house, saying that she can't stand to be near Jack for even five minutes. Julie thinks the best way to solve this is to help Jen get back together with her mystery man, Colin. Jen snaps at Julie and tells her never to mention him again, but then apologizes. Jen tells Hope that she can't discuss Colin with Julie, and Hope tells Jen that she can discuss it with Hope if she wants. Jen finally agrees to tell her all about Colin later that day- if Hope swears NEVER to tell a soul.

Friday, May 4, 2001

Brandon is shocked when he finds out that Glen's DNA matches J.T.'s. He calls Lexie, interrupting her and Abe in bed, and says he needs to see her ASAP. Lexie covers for Abe's sake, and meets Brandon at the park. When he tells her the news, her jaw hits the ground. Now she really fears she's going to lose Isaac. She heads straight over to her father's. Meanwhile, Abe gets Celeste to babysit for Isaac because he wants to find his wife. And he believes she can be found at Stefano's. So Abe heads over to the DiMera mansion...Back at the Carver house, Celeste gets an unpleasant surprise when Glen, Barb and their attorney show up at the door... Needing some time away from Jack, Jennifer visits Hope. They start talking about Jennifer and why she ended up in Ireland. Jen starts to tell hope the story about her and Colin -- the man who changed her life... Sami remembers Carloine's advice -- not to chase after Austin. So Sami pretends to be disinterested when he calls to see if he can come over. Once he arrives, Sami acts like a friend, rather than a lover. Austin is totally thrown by her behavior, but Sami is pleased to see her new strategy is working...

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