The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on Y&R

Larry warned Nick that Sharon was in great danger from Matt. Brittany wanted J.T. to spread fake rumors about sleeping with Mac. Victoria and Paul rescued Ryan. Victor saved Sharon from 'Carter's' clutches. Tricia tried to commit suicide.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Ashley watches as Phyllis and Jack reconnect to each other. Then Jill arrives to throw cold water on the happy moment. Jill tries to reinforce the fact that Phyllis is nothing but trouble. Jill tries to get Ashley to side with her but Ashley tells Jill to stop because the more she objects the closer they will get. Phyllis and Jack leave to be alone. Ashley confronts Jill about her behavior and tells her that she is amazed at the pleasure she takes at other people's misfortunes. Jill tries to defend herself by telling Ash that everything she has done is for Jabot. Ashley tells Jill she does not want to have any part of her scheming. Jill expresses her discontent with way things have been going lately at the company with the spring campaign cancelled due to Raul's illness and now the reunion of Phyllis and Jack.

Jack and Phyllis are alone at Gina's and Jack tries to reassure Phyllis of his feelings. He tells her that he won't hurt her again. She tells him not make those type of promises. He tells her that he will do everything in his power for her not to regret taking him back. They decide to go to her place to make up for lost time.

Paul is with Victor discussing Tricia's part in the plot against Nick. Paul tells Victor that he saw the plastic surgeon who worked on Matt that he could not tell them what the new Matt looks like because Matt did not show up for his follow-up appointment.

Mamie meets with Neil at the coffeehouse and she tells him about the visits she set up with Malcolm and Nate. Mamie also tells Neil about Malcolm's plans to get visitation rights. He tells Mamie that he is on board to help his brother if he needs him. Neil asks Mamie if he knows if Malcolm is seriously seeing Alex Perez. Mamie tells Neil he needs to examine his feelings for Alex. Neil tells Mamie that he does not have any feelings whatsoever for Ms. Perez.

Malcolm and Alex are having dinner at Gina's and Malcolm tells Alex that he is not too convinced of his brother's willingness to help him. Malcolm and Alex discuss her future as a mother as she tells him when she has children she would put the children first and her career second. Malcolm gets on bended knee and asks her to marry him.

Warton meets with his parole officer who tells Warton that he has brought all of his troubles on himself. The parole officer leaves as Sharon and Cassie arrive. Warton speaks nicely to Cassie then Nick arrives for his visit. Cassie tells Nick she is afraid of him never coming home. Sharon and Nick try to reassure her that everything is going to be all right. Sharon visits with Nick alone and tells him that Carter told her that he has evidence that may help him. Nick tells her to find out whatever Carter knows.

Carter arrives at the cabin he rented with supplies and a camera. He goes in to set everything up. He begins to fantasize about Sharon arriving and drugging her. Then after having sex with Sharon that Nick arrives and he reveals his true identity as Matt Clarke. He snaps out of his trance and states that his plan is to record him and Sharon together sexually, exposing his true identity and sending the tape to Nick for Nick to see then his revenge will be complete.

Ryan calls Paul's office for help in trying to locate the address of the phone number that he has of Tricia's whereabouts. He arrives at the apartment and breaks the door open to find Tricia unconscious due to the gas fumes she inhaled while trying to kill herself. Ryan revives her. When she awakes, she tells Ryan that she wants to die and that she has been nothing but trouble. Ryan tells her that he cares about her and wants to help her. Ryan is begging her to go with him when Carter arrives and hits him with a baseball bat.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Sharon and Cassie return from the jail visiting Nicholas. Nikki wonders if the visits are good for Cassie. Sharon says it was Cassie's idea. Nikki is sure they are very close to solving the whole problem. They wonder if Tricia has been found. Nikki will ask Victor and report to her later. Sharon and Cody try to contact Carter to see what he knows about Nick's case but get no answer at his apartment. Sharon decides she has to do something to save her family.


Ryan tells Tricia he is taking her with him. He can help her. Just as she seems about to relent Ryan is knocked unconscious by Carter who proceeds to lock a screaming Tricia in the bathroom. He doesn't need this, Carter/Matt seethes, he has to meet someone very special. As the phone rings Carter/Matt ties and gags Ryan and dumps him in the closet. He asks a now quiet Tricia is she's ready to come out and be quiet. He lets the shaken woman out and tells her Ryan left. He promises her that they will start out a new life together. She then asks if it will start the same way it did the first time: with him drugging her. She shows him the lab report she had done on his 'asthma' medication. It's Rohypnol, the date rape drug. He claims he never gave them to her and kept them for himself to use as downers to wipe out his own short term memory when he got depressed. He kept it from her because he was ashamed and kept them in case he lost her. He tries to rush her out to Peoria in case Ryan returns for her to take her to the loony bin but she doesn't want to wait for Carter. He has an errand to run and will meet her in an hour. She leaves but stares at the lab report.


Warton asks Nick to thank Sharon for letting him talk with Cassie and not make him out to be some sort of monster. He asks how his visit with his family went since he thought Cassie seemed depressed. Nick claims it's because her father's in jail and wonders if Warton never got to see his own father. Warton once again refuses to talk to Nick about any deal until their one-week deadline passes. Nick suggests that the mystery partner won't give Larry a chance to change his story. Nick's sure his friends on the outside will get him out but can Larry say the same? When Nick mentions that his family is also working with Carter who has info that implicates Larry. That gets his attention.


Brittany brings refreshments to Billy and Mac and wonders if Rianna is still with Raul. J.T. shows up and asks about Raul. They talk about Sean stopping by earlier wanting to talk with Raul about getting his permission to tell his story on the web. Brittany wants Billy to take her home but he wants to speak with Olivia first. When Billy is MIA Britt is fed up and insists that J.T. take her home. Billy shows up shortly and bonds further with Mackenzie when he gives her a massage to relax her tense neck. Billy tells her that things are much better between her and Brittany. For a while now she's been very nice to Mac. There's a reason for that she tells him. He thinks the crisis has helped soften her stance. He just wants everyone to get along. She asks him if that's what he really wants, to be friends with her.


Brad notices Ashley's upset and wonders why. John arrives and tells them that they don't need to worry about business yet but they want to get a jump on things. Jill is pessimistic as usual since they have virtually no money leftover after canceling the original Spring Campaign. Jill thinks it's a big mistake taking money from other lines to save the sinking ship. She doesn't think they should drop GLOW but there is one person who can salvage it: Sean. Later Sean joins the meeting and reports that the hits on the website or okay but sales aren't as good as they'd like. He hasn't given specifics about who's sick on the site yet. He's also ready to link their site with the American Diabetes site. He's sure that the public is so invested in GLOW that once the full story comes out it will be huge. He wants Raul to do a live chat when he's better about his experience to help educate. In the meantime the others could do a chat to talk about their experience. Ashley suggests focusing on summer. Sean's sure the audience will stay interested in the GLOW kids. The setting isn't important, it's the emotional investment the audience has in the kids.


Malcolm asks Alex what she thinks of marriage. He thinks he makes a great catch. She's not looking for a husband right now. They banter playfully with him insisting they will end up together but she is standoffish. He wonders if there's some other man in her life. Maybe someone from her past. She tells him she's never been married and wants to change the subject ASAP. He wants to get to know her better he tells her.

Abbott House:

Brittany is livid over the situation; Mac clinging to Billy and Billy wanting to stay at the hospital 24/7. J.T. should have tried harder to get Mac to go to Hawaii. J.T. refuses and implies that Billy is the one who wants Mac to stick around not the other way around. Britt won't believe that. Mac is trying to steal her boyfriend! She wonders if it might not be too late to make Billy think that J.T. and Mackenzie have been intimate.

Victor's Office:

Nikki updates Victor on Nick's progress with Larry Warton. He thinks Warton is waiting to be sprung by his mystery partner. There's no news on Tricia, but things look hopeful thanks to the picture he put in the papers. He tells her that the plastic surgeon who worked on Matt Clark never saw the finished product. They haven't told Sharon yet but he thinks it's time.

The Ranch:

Carter calls Sharon with 'good' news. He has the answer to all their prayers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

The Jabot board agrees to go along with Sean's idea to put Raul's diabetes' trouble as the centerpiece of the website now. Ashley eyes Brad when John forgets he asked Ashley to make a phone call for him. Later, Sean invites himself to Jill's for dinner. There, he starts to cook for Jill and eyes a photo of her son Phillip. Esther finds them together and smiles. Rianna gratefully holds Raul's welcoming hand in his hospital. Brittany tries to threaten J.T. to force him to start spreading rumors about sleeping with Mac. With Tricia secretly listening, Carter chats with Sharon over the phone and claims to have a tape of people admitting enough to free Nick from jail. He convinces her to meet him at a cabin and refuses to allow her to have anyone accompany her because he fears Victor and the police. Tricia reacts when he tells Sharon that his proof shows that Tricia's involved. In jail a worried Larry finally tells Nick that it's a trap concocted by Carter who is really Matt Clark. Nick doesn't believe him until Larry insists that Carter intends to hurt Sharon because he feels Nick has ruined his life. Victoria interrupts Nikki and Victor with her concern for a missing Ryan. Victor calls Paul and orders him to come to his office. Paul then gets the address of the call from Tricia. Victoria calls Ryan's cell phone and Carter disguises his voice, stating that he'll be calling her back because of a bad connection. Later, Paul accompanies Victoria to check on the address from Tricia's call. Carter leaves Ryan tied up and turns on the gas before leaving. Nick finally reaches his father with his shocking news while Sharon heads for the cabin.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

At the hospital, Raul asked his friends to tell him why he was there. He seemed to be ready to talk about it, so Olivia told him that he was diabetic and explained the nature of the disease in an introductory manner. She was interrupted and not able to go into the details about monitoring and maintaining the disease with Raul. She brought the kids out into the lobby to tell them about taking insulin, watching his blood sugar, and balancing all that with diet and exercise. She told them that he would need lots of support over the next year and they all vowed to be there for him. They returned to the room and told Raul about Billy looking up his symptoms on the Internet and insisting that they wake him up, even though it may upset him. They continued with the story of how they found him unconscious and called 911. Raul could hardly believe what he heard and thanked them all for what they had done for him. He felt relieved and sure that life would go on as usual, but his friends all looked at each other making him wonder what there was that he was missing about the situation.

At the Chancellor Estate, Esther was clearly entranced at meeting Sean, to the point that she couldn't keep her eyes off of him and was annoying Katherine as she tried to bring in the luggage that they had planned to take to Hawaii. Jill told her that if she didn't stop gawking, she would have to charge admission! Those two left the room and Jill and Sean were able to have dinner in peace. They returned to the sofa talking about their relationship. Jill admitted that she had been trying to interpret his signals since the moment that she met him, and he quieted her concerns with a kiss. He told her that they were at such a pivotal point that they had to make a decision -- go to the next level or stop and savor the anticipation. He asked her how she felt and she said "Weak in the Knees." He agreed that he should leave, gave her one more kiss, and departed. Jill was left in the entryway, reeling with feelings that had long been suppressed and hidden away without a man in her life.

In Neil's office, Alex was busy writing notes to leave on his desk when Malcolm entered the room to surprise her. His purpose had been to talk to his brother about testifying for him in the custody hearing. He wanted to kiss her, but she held him back, worried that Neil would see them. He wondered if she was worried about him finding out about them, when Neil walked in the door saying that it was too late, he already knew. Alex made a quick exit, and the brothers talked. Malcolm could tell by his brother's tone that he wasn't going to cooperate, but Neil stopped him short. He agreed to tell the judge that it would be in Nate's best interest to spend time with his father. Malcolm thanked him, but wondered why the mention of his feelings for Alex made Neil so upset. . . .

Nikki and Victor called Sharon's house while they were on their way there to find that Sharon had left 30 minutes ago and that Miguel didn't know where she went, only that she was going to pick up some evidence that would help Nicholas. They arrived to find that Sharon had left her cell phone behind and that Cassie knew that she was meeting Carter somewhere on Deer Road. Nikki took Cassie into the kitchen for hot chocolate, and Victor left abruptly.

Paul and Victoria arrived at Carter's apartment to find the door blocked somehow. They broke into the apartment to find the smell of gas. Paul cleared the air before they turned on the lights to avoid an explosion. They looked around and heard noise from the closet. They found Ryan bound and gagged, but all right. Ryan told them what he had heard from Carter and that he believed that Carter had something to do with Nicholas' imprisonment. Victoria called her father to tell him the news -- he asked if Ryan knew whether Sharon was supposed to meet Carter on Deer Road North or South. Ryan was sure of the directions and Victor turned around in the other direction.

Meanwhile, Sharon arrived at the cabin to find no one waiting for her. She looked around, wondering where Carter was and feeling sorry that he had to live in that type of conditions. She wondered whether the evidence was already there, so she began opening doors and drawers. A bureau drawer held a picture of Matt Clark! She reeled at the sight of it and wondered what in the world it could be doing there. She remembered that Carter had mentioned that he had a picture of one of the people responsible for Nick's problems. She saw lights in the window and cautiously stepped out the door and down the steps. . .

Matt sped his way to the cabin, thinking that he couldn't be late and lose Sharon this time. He saw headlights in his rearview mirror and pulled over in order to lose the pursuer. The other vehicle was driven by Tricia who vowed that she was onto him this time. She sped past him unknowingly, and he continued on the road toward Sharon and his ultimate revenge. . . . .

Friday, May 4, 2001


Raul asks again what are his friends keeping from him. He doesn't grasp the long term seriousness of his illness. Rianna tells him that he'll need to make some changes. Diet, insulin, exercise etc. It's so important that he maintain control over his life. He worries about not eating enough or too much. They tell him about the monitoring kit he can use to watch his blood sugar levels. It's too much for him to think about and asks them to leave him for a while. Billy offers to take Mac home but she'll sleep there. She's exhausted he tells her and needs her rest if she's going to be there for Raul. Rianna will stay by his side. His parent swill be there tomorrow from Cuba. She looks in on the sleeping patient with concern. Later she enters the room when he wakes. he asks her to sit with him and she tells him his parents are on their way plus is grandma's operation went well. She promises that they will learn to live with his illness. He doesn't want it to be her burden. He's scared and wonders what will happen to him.


Victor races to the cabin where Matt has Sharon. He comes to a roadblock. A bridge is out and he'll have to double back. Vic won't have it and takes his all-terrain vehicle through the woods. He finally makes to the right road and vows to destroy Matt Clark.

Neil's Office:

Malcolm wonders what about him and Alex bothers Neil so much. He insists that he has no problem with them seeing each other. Malcolm apologizes for not coming to him earlier with the news. He thanks him also for agreeing to help him in getting custody of Nate and hopes that it could be a new beginning for them. Neil resents that. Just because everything is working out for Malcolm doesn't mean all should be forgiven. Malcolm expresses show much Alex means to him now. How she has helped him. Neil tells him that he's busy and needs to work. Malcolm is meeting him halfway and wants to know what is holding him back. Neil says withholding info his Malcolm's game not his and Malcolm leaves. Later, Olivia stops by to talk but he is not in the mood. She understands that he's upset with her but she needs to spend time with him. She tells him how hard Raul's case has been for her to deal with. Neil finds it odd that no doctor saw the symptoms. She doesn't want to get into it right now since there's something about the case she needs to look into first. She realizes that she's imposing and will leave him alone. She reiterates that she stands by her decision and hopes that they can be close again.

Alex's Office:

Malcolm updates Alex on his talk with Neil. The good news is Neil agreed to support Malcolm in court. The bad is that Neil seems to be bothered by their relationship. Neither understand where that's coming from. He regrets to being up front with Neil from the beginning. He suggest her talking to Neil to try to get through his head that it isn't about getting at Neil but just between them.


Victoria brings Ryan home but insists he should go to the hospital. He assures her he's fine and knows she wants to be home for her family. He's also worried about Sharon. They hope Vic can find her in time. They can't believe how Carter fooled them all. Victoria understand now why Carter backed out of supporting her claim against Tricia. Ryan insists that Tricia is the bad guy and explains about her trying to kill herself. He believes she wasn't as involved as Victoria thinks. Victoria can't believe that he feels sorry for her. She tells him that she wishes Tricia had succeeded in killing herself.

Nick & Sharon's:

Cassie wakes up and asks Nikki to stay up with her for a while. She asks if Vic's called yet but no word yet. They call him and he tells them that Victoria told him (thanks to Ryan) which road he should be on and is closing in. Nikki relays the info and Noah wakes to wanting to see him mommy. Cassie helps relieve his anxiety by getting rid of his bad dreams for him in the same way Sharon usually does. Cassie wonders why Sharon is in danger. Nikki is at a loss as how to explain it all to her granddaughter.


Nick is pacing. He wants to know desperately if Victor got in touch with Sharon. Warton gives him a tip: don't think about the outside world. You can't do anything to affect it so stop worrying about it. Nick won't hear it and blames Warton for putting him in this position. Warton tells him he stuck his neck out for him and that everything will be fine. Nick will hold Warton responsible if anything happens to Sharon. Nick then remembers the night he learned that Matt raped Sharon

Chancellor House:

Billy and Mac arrive and Kay asks how Raul is doing. They report that he's better. Kay has a friend with Diabetes and is living very well. She goes to bed leaving the teens to talk about their friend.


Sharon recalls Carter telling her that he has a photo of one of the conspirators as she looks at the photo of Matt Clark. She hears a car approach and goes to investigate. She calls out Carter's name and suddenly he appears. He didn't mean to startle her, he was getting wood for the fire. She asks about the evidence and he tells her he'll get it late but first they need to talk. What he has to say is important. He knows who framed Nick. She knows too: Matt Clark. She shows him the photo she found and he admits that Matt's responsible but that is only the beginning. He offers her some tea but she wants to know the whole story now. He promises that when she hears what he has to say her world will never be the same. She turns down the tea and he comments as he looks at the Rohypnol which he pockets that "it will be better without it". She wonders what he meant but he sidesteps the question. He talks about the anger that Matt Clark must feel towards Nick and Sharon. She doesn't understand how he can sympathize with Matt's point of view. He's ready to explain. He explains how Matt needed to get close to them and that he could do it by changing his face. It must have been worth it to him for revenge. She can't believe that she may have talked with Matt and not known it. She insists on bringing the evidence to the police. But he hasn't told her the best part: the eyes are the windows to the soul. He tells her to look into his eyes and tell him what she sees. She doesn't know what to say. He holds a picture of Matt next to his face and tells her to look again. Trembling, she realizes: "Matt?"

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