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Monday, July 4, 2005

Hoping to save Fancy, Noah hops into a boat and races against time to the cannery after Fancy falls into a boat's huge collection of recently caught fish and heads for the cannery's huge chopping machine. Just after a passed out Fancy is poured into the holding bin, Noah finds her and pulls her out of the bin. He performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and saves her life. Eve and Julian end up in a low-class bar where they drink and reminisce about their past mistakes and current troubles. Meanwhile, Chad tries his best to calm a colicky baby and asks Whitney to stay when he fears there is something wrong with the baby. Whitney finally calls Eve for help. Sheridan blasts Alistair for helping Beth kidnap and escape with her child. Alistair reminds her that she's innocent until proven guilty and claims he was simply trying to help his daughter. Luis reminds him that he never helped Sheridan but Alistair insists that he has and claims that he hasn't the slightest idea where Beth has gone. When Alistair then starts badmouthing Luis, Martin orders him to back off from comments about his family but Alistair complains that they are keeping him from having time with his daughter. Theresa privately announces to Pilar that she is declaring war on Gwen and Rebecca and intends to get Jane and Ethan back, no matter what she may be forced to do. Pilar urges her to end her quest for revenge but Theresa refuses. Alistair later surprises Theresa with a passionate kiss and suggests that they are more similar than different. He offers to be "in her corner" for a price and forcibly kisses her again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

At the Crane Mansion, Alistair tracked Beth's progress on his computer map as Beth raced along the highway without being stopped. (On the road, Beth praised Alistair for giving her a car with GPS so she could find her way. She and Marty arrived at the secluded Crane cabin by a lake and found it stocked with all the amenities. She was surprised that this hide-away existed. She enumerated all the things she would have had if Alistair had known she was his daughter all those years. She told Marty that having him and Sheridan missing him made up for all those years of lack. Beth was glad that Marty was young enough that he wouldn't remember this later. She wanted to take advantage of all the benefits of being a wealthy Crane.) He watched Sheridan from the security feed in another window on his computer monitor. Katherine and Martin burst in telling him that they weren't going to let him get away with helping Beth take Sheridan's baby. He asked them how they dared to confront him and reminded them of their bargain. Katherine demanded that he tell Sheridan where he was hiding Beth and Marty and he asked if he should do that before or after he told her that she'd killed her own aunt. He told them that he'd go get Sheridan and they'd discuss it. Martin refused to let him tell Sheridan. Alistair told them that he'd tell Sheridan every detail if they didn't start honoring their agreement. He slammed shut his computer and stalked out. Katherine railed about it all being Alistair's fault for holding Rachel captive all those years and the light bulb went on for Martin. He was sure that Alistair was keeping Beth and Marty at the same lakeside house at which he'd kept Rachel, bur he was sure it was just a stopping point on Alistair's way to get her out of the country.

In the living room, recriminations abound as Sam and Luis were powerless to find Beth and Marty. Sheridan lit into Luis declaring that if he'd believed her, this manhunt wouldn't be necessary. She told him to stop standing around and go find them. He asked her, "Or what? If I don't find them, are we over?" She told him to just keep his promise and find her son then stormed off. Ivy volunteered to go talk to her. He told Sam and Ethan he was doing everything he could. They commiserated and Luis lashed back saying that what they were doing wasn't good enough. Sam checked with all the officers out looking for Beth and they had nothing new to report. Sam reminded him that she had Alistair's help. Ivy went to Sam and noted that he hadn't said two words to her all night. He stuck to the story that he was too busy with the search. She asked how Jessica was. He told her that she was in tight with Spike still and he could only think of wringing Spike's neck. He mentioned that Noah was home and she remarked that coincidentally, Fancy was home too. She said she hadn't realized he was out of grad school and Sam explained that he'd been out playing cards. He blamed himself for being a bad father. Ivy told Sheridan that she should go take a shower and she could wear some of her clean clothes. Sheridan turned her down saying she just wanted her son. Ivy reassured her that Luis would find him. Sheridan was sorry that Luis hadn't believed her. Ivy apologized and Sheridan replied that nobody had believed her, even putting her in the psych ward, but she'd known all along that Marty was her son. Ivy told her to live in the present and forgive Luis. Sheridan said she couldn't trust Luis. Ivy went to get her a sweater. Sam got a phone call about Spike's club and that Noah had been seen in the neighborhood. While Luis checked in again with the field officers, Sam asked Ethan to do him a favor. He told him about Noah being home, about Spike's club, and that he needed to go to the scene. He asked Ethan to go to the house and intercept Noah and make sure Jessica was all right. Ethan agreed, so Sam told Luis that he and Ethan had to leave, but they'd keep in touch by phone. Luis sarcastically replied that there was no sense in all three of them standing around doing nothing. Sheridan blew a gasket when Sam left; that he could possibly have anything more important to do besides look for her son. She asked Luis if he'd given up. He defended himself and reasserted his promise. She swore that someone had to know where they were! Martin and Katherine hurried in and he gave them a hand drawn map to the lakeside house. None of them had known about the place, including Ivy. Sheridan didn't want Luis to send the local cops in there because they'd spook Beth and lose her, so she and Luis jumped in the car and sped off with blue lights and siren. She was thankful for Martin's map.

Upstairs in the nursery, Gwen cooed to Rebecca about finally having her little girl. Rebecca warned her to stay on the offensive about Theresa. Gwen told her to relax since Theresa couldn't visit Jane unsupervised. Rebecca said it was like one of those scary movies where the psycho popped out when least expected. Gwen agreed that if Theresa tried anything she'd get burned. Gwen needed another blanket from her room for Jane and Rebecca went along with her to brainstorm ways to get rid of Theresa. When they get to her room, Gwen tells her that rule number one is that they have to be careful because they don't want Ethan getting wind that they are going after Theresa. Rebecca told her not to worry; he'd never figured out about the paternity story so why would he figure this out?

Meanwhile, outside the front door, Pilar discussed Theresa's plans with her to get Jane back. Theresa assured her that she wouldn't be getting in bed with Alistair Crane literally or figuratively. She said she'd never do anything stupid. Pilar warned her that anybody who got involved with Alistair lost their soul and that she'd regret. Theresa told her that she had a plan and it was going to work. Her main focus is finding proof that Gwen sent the story about Ethan to the tabloid because that's what he's holding against her. She was sure that Gwen would lose custody of Jane and Ethan would go to her if she got that proof. She headed for the mansion and Pilar held her back telling her that she couldn't go in there so soon after Ethan told her not to or she'd lose Jane permanently. Theresa said that this time she wouldn't get caught because she's be careful, discreet, and she had to find the proof. Pilar asked her how she could keep from looking in on Jane if she went into the mansion. Theresa's eyes gave her away and she said she'd only stop in for a second. Pilar despaired that Theresa would get caught and go to jail for trespass. Theresa said she could do it herself and Pilar went after her to help her from getting caught. Theresa and Pilar snuck in and Alistair watched them, telling himself that if she slept with him, he'd make sure she ended up with Jane and eventually she'd figure out that she couldn't do it on her own.

At the fish cannery, Fancy slapped Noah and he called her ungrateful. She stopped him mid-sentence and told him she wouldn't be thanking him. She exchanged sarcastic barbs with him about their families, money (or lack of) and criminal intent. He never wanted to see her again and she asked him to just leave. He said that there was just one thing before they went and when she asked, he grabbed her face and kissed her very well. She stood there enthralled when he stopped and he laughed at her when she opened her eyes for liking it. She said he was a disgusting pervert. He replied that she smelled like a bait store. She slapped him and stormed out gingerly favoring her sore feet. She tried to use her cell phone, but it was waterlogged. She heard someone following behind and hobbled off as quickly as she could. She stopped and yelled for help then turned and looked, seemingly seeing her follower.

Spike and one of his buddies discussed the club burning down (the word on the street was that Noah did the torching). Spike said he'd get retribution by hurting Sam Bennett's daughter as he stabbed her photo with a very sharp knife. His pal let him know that he had a younger sister and he wouldn't want Spike in the same room with her. Spike knew that in order to get Jessica even deeper he had to make her want him. He called her to say that he never wanted her around again and to call off her dad and Noah. She was in bed half asleep when he called, but quickly woke up and begged him not to end their relationship. He told her that as long as Sam and Noah were after him, she was dead to him. Jessica asked him what would happen if she could get them to back off. The friend confirmed that Spike was going to take out his anger towards Noah and Sam on Jessica. Spike said it would be worse and they'd be shocked at what he'll do to little Jessica.

At the Bennett house, Noah got to the front door just as Ethan was about to go inside. He welcomed Noah with commentary on how he smelled like cannery and smoke. Without actually accusing him, Ethan said it was okay with him if he'd set the fire on Jessica's behalf. Without acknowledging his guilt, Noah thanked him and asked why he wasn't being so "by the book." Noah welcomed him to the family. Ethan asked him why he'd come home. Ethan told him that he'd had a part in the closing of the first club.

Meanwhile inside, Jessica whined to Spike that he couldn't leave town. She went downstairs after her phone call. (Spike flashed his knife and implied to his friend that there'd be a Bennett tragedy making the front page of the newspaper,)She reamed Kay for all of them messing in her life. She said that Spike was the only good thing in her life right now and they would cause her to lose him. Kay was shocked that Jessica thought Spike was a good thing. She asked her what he'd ever done for her. Jessica said he treated her like a real person. Kay told her that he was using her and had a bevy of girls flocking after him. Jessica swore she was his number one girlfriend. Kay snorted that he told them all that. Jessica said she could trust him and that Kay is jealous. Jessica wanted to know where Noah was. She thought that nobody in her family gave her any love or attention. Spike was the only one who loved her. She said nobody could stop her from loving him.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Katherine asks Martin what if Beth and Marty aren't at the lake cabin, and Martin assures her that they probably are, since so few people know about it. Ivy says they just can't let Alistair know that Luis and Sheridan are on their way there just as Alistair walks into the room and wants to know what's going on. They don't answer him, and when he is momentarily out of earshot, Ivy says she hopes Katherine and Martin are right. Alistair returns and asks what Martin is still doing there. He asks if Martin isn't afraid of what his God is going to think of long-term adultery, and Martin says how dare Alistair even mention God-he is surprised Alistair isn't struck down where he stands. Fancy thinks she is being followed on her way back to the mansion, but it is only a dog and cat-or is it? She is followed by a man in black as she limps home. When she arrives at the mansion, she is enthusiastically greeted by her grandfather, who, as Ivy tells Katherine and Martin, adores Fancy. Fancy tells "Grampy" that she had a little accident at the cannery before she says hello to Katherine, who she calls "Grammy." Katherine doesn't like this and says they will have to think of a new nickname, but Alistair coldly tells her that Fancy can call Katherine whatever she wants. Fancy and Alistair talk while Katherine comments to Martin and Ivy that she has never seen Alistair love someone like this since Rachel was alive. Alistair is asking Fancy where she has been when he is interrupted by one of his employees, who tells him that he has important news. Alistair tells Fancy to get cleaned up so they can talk later, and threatens Katherine and Martin that they will pay if he finds out they helped Luis and Sheridan. Alistair leaves, and Fancy goes to pour herself a drink. Ivy goes to talk to Fancy, and notices Fancy smells like smoke. Ivy asks if she was in the nightclub that burned down. Fancy tells Ivy to leave her alone, and Ivy asks where Fancy has been and whose life she is ruining now. Martin tells Katherine he has a feeling Alistair knows what they did, and he and Katherine embrace. They worry about Luis and Sheridan. Katherine says that if Alistair is involved, no one will be happy.

Beth pours herself a drink and relaxes at the cabin while Luis and Sheridan race toward it, sirens blaring. As they get nearer to the cabin, Luis turns off the lights and sirens, so they don't alert Beth to their presence. He turns on music, and a song that he and Sheridan used to tango to reminds them both of happier times. He tries to talk to Sheridan about their future, but she doesn't want to. She can't think of anything but getting her son back. Still, he persists, saying that maybe when they get their son back, they can build a house outside of town. Sheridan says that if Luis had only listened to her from the beginning, they would have Marty already. She tells him that if he doesn't get Marty, they will have no past, present, or future to talk about. In the cabin, Alistair calls Beth and says he has terrible news-Luis and Sheridan are almost at the cabin. He tells her they are right outside and there is no way out-Luis even shoots Beth's tires out. Luis shouts for her to come out. Alistair says Beth will just have to give up, but Beth tells him that will never happen. She hangs up the phone and shouts out to Luis and Sheridan. She tells them that desperate times call for desperate measures, and she would rather be dead than have them take away "her" son. She threatens to kill Marty and herself if Luis and Sheridan don't back off!

Spike cuts up a picture of Jessica, calling it "practice" for what is coming next. He says Sam and Noah destroyed two of his clubs, so he is going to ruin one of Noah's sisters. At the Bennett house, Ethan congratulates Noah on burning down Spike's club. They walk in on Jessica screaming at Kay that she doesn't need their protection. She says she loves Spike and he would never hurt her, and tells Kay to go to hell. She says she is sick of people telling her what to do. She asks Noah who he thinks he is, and slaps him hard across the face. Noah is stunned and asks what that was for, and she tells him it was for burning down her boyfriend's club. Noah says she is out of her mind. Jessica shouts that she doesn't need them, that Spike will protect her. From where he is eavesdropping outside the door, Spike says boy is she wrong. Jessica says that Ethan and Noah don't even know her, and even if they say they're trying to help her, she doesn't think arson is helping. She tells them that it is her life and she'll do what she wants with it. Jessica storms upstairs and into her room, where Spike is hiding in the closet. Kay says there is no talking to her now, but even so, Ethan yells up to Jessica to come down and talk. Jessica screams at them to stay the hell away from her. She collapses on her bed, and Spike creeps up behind her, puts his hand over her mouth, and holds a knife close to her face.

Gwen is glad that Theresa is finally out of the mansion, but while she and Rebecca are getting Jane a blanket, Theresa and Pilar are sneaking into Jane's room. They panic when they realize Gwen and Rebecca are on their way back, but they quickly hide in the closet, where they can listen in on Gwen and Rebecca's conversation. Rebecca says that they have to find out how to make Ethan see Theresa for the trash she is. She says she is worried about Gwen, but Gwen says that what Rebecca should be worried about is Theresa uncovering the evidence that could bring them down. She asks Rebecca again if she is absolutely sure there is no more evidence, and Rebecca remembers hiding the disk before she assures her daughter that all the evidence has been destroyed. Theresa is determined to find out their secret. She tells her worried mother that they won't get caught-right before she accidentally hits one of Jane's toys, which starts making noise. Gwen hears the noise from the closet, and asks who's in there.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

At the Crane lakeside cottage Sheridan and Luis demanded Beth open the door. Beth threatened to kill herself and Marty if they didn't back off and let her escape. Sheridan told her she couldn't do that and Beth replied that she could "Sher Sher" and she'd rather kill herself and Marty than let her son be raised by Sheridan. Sheridan demanded that Beth not hurt her son. Beth said that if they didn't want her to hurt him they needed to leave so she could escape. They told her she could leave, just to leave Marty. Beth swore that if they didn't let them both go she would kill herself and the baby. Sheridan asked Luis what they could do and he told her to relax because Beth wouldn't hurt the baby. Sheridan asked him how he knows that-Beth was insane. She reminded him that he didn't think Beth was capable of kidnapping her and stealing their baby, but she did. Sheridan got more worked up and demanded that he get in there and get her son. Sheridan asked Luis what his hostage training told him to do in this situation and Luis said it was important to keep the hostage-taker calm. Luis went to the back of the house and Sheridan kept her busy asking about Marty to make sure he was all right. When he got to the back, he could see that Beth was bluffing about Marty since he wasn't in the room with her and he drew his gun to aim at her. He muttered that he was sorry, but he had to get his son back. Beth stood there figuring out what to do. Luis yelled "Freeze!" and told her to put her hands on top of her head where he could see them. Then he broke the window and climbed in, while Beth grabbed a knife from the drinks table and hid it behind her back. Luis unlocked the front door, and Sheridan came in and demanded to know where Marty was. Beth said she'd hidden him, he wasn't in the cabin and started sniveling to Luis that he couldn't shoot her because he still cared for her-the innocent little girl he'd taken to the prom, babysat Theresa and Miguel with, was going to marry-should have married. He said she wasn't the same person. She said she was, that she hadn't changed. She babbled that she was the same girl he'd gone swimming with and riding bikes and told that she'd be a good mother; and she was a good mother to their son. He reminded her that the DNA test proved that Marty isn't their son. Sheridan wanted Marty and Beth appealed to Luis that Marty was their baby; that he'd made love to her and she'd given birth. Sheridan again demanded Marty and Beth got crazy angry calling Sheridan a bitch. Sheridan called her a liar and slapped Beth. Sheridan heard Marty crying and started to go to find him, but Beth grabbed her around the neck and held her at knifepoint. Sheridan told Luis to shoot Beth and Beth said to put down the gun or she'd kill Sheridan. He couldn't get a clear shot.

At the Bennett house Ethan, Kay and Noah decided Jessica needed to be left alone until she cooled off. Sam barged in and confronted Noah about the club fire. Noah said he was just joining the "big brothers club." Sam wanted to know what that meant and Ethan said he'd told him about breaking up Spike's first club. Sam wanted to know what that had to do with anything and they said they did it for Jessica. (Upstairs, Spike held Jessica at knifepoint. Jessica was panicking and terrified as Spike ran his knife blade along her cheek. He told her to keep quiet and asked if she'd missed him) Noah was lighthearted about the fire and Sam angrily threatened to charge Noah for confessing. He couldn't get away with arson, especially being the police chief's son. Sam asked Ethan if he condoned what Noah did, Ethan said no, but it was good to get Spike out of business. Sam said it didn't give Noah the right to take the law in his own hands. Noah started to protest, not knowing what to say and Sam said he'd had no problem lying about being in school and asking for money while he was running around the country playing cards. Ethan was shocked at that news. Sam handcuffed Noah and started to read him his rights. (Upstairs, Spike said he had no choice since her big brother burned down his club. He told Jessica they had to talk and she had to be quiet. He took his hand off her mouth. Jessica asked him if he was going to kill her.) Ethan and Kay interrupted Sam and said Jessica was a bigger problem. He stopped abruptly and asked what the problem was. (Upstairs, Spike assured Jessica that he just had the knife for protection from Sam and Noah. She said she'd been so afraid, but she could take care of herself. Spike shushed her soothingly in an evil way telling her that he'd never hurt her. He said she had something she had to do. He said her family was smothering her.) Ethan and Kay asked him to take the cuffs off Noah so they could all work this out. Sam unlocked them and then asked about Jess. They told Sam that Spike had called Jessica to tell her Noah burned the club and she was angry at them for ruining her life and called Spike her boyfriend. Sam was in disbelief, knowing what scum Spike is and how he's just using Jessica. (Jessica asked Spike what she could do to get her family off her back. She said he was scaring her. He asked her if she trusted him. He said they were a team; that she's his girl. He told her that she was going to have to leave her family and go far away forever.)

At the Crane mansion Fancy got cleaned up from the cannery stench only to be confronted in her bedroom by her mother. Ivy wanted to know whose life was going to be ruined by Fancy next. Fancy changed the subject by complaining about being up all night and Ivy said they'd all been up all night thanks to Beth kidnapping Sheridan's baby. Ivy demanded to know what Fancy was up to and Fancy said her mother always thought the worst of her. Ivy said that she was always up to mischief and whoever was unfortunate to be close to her ended up with their life in a pile of rubble while Fancy walked away Scot free. Fancy was surprised she had so much power. Ivy said Fancy had given her plenty of reasons to worry and Fancy claimed that her mother couldn't possibly know what was going on with her since she'd been raised by nannies and boarding schools (oh and a one hour get together every year). Fancy said Ivy didn't deserve to be in her life. Then she accused her of only caring about Ethan instead of her or Fox or her sister (unnamed) because he was Sam Bennett's son instead of their father's. Ivy told her that she wanted another chance. She admitted that she made mistakes and that Fox had started getting closer to her. Ivy begged for a chance and Fancy looked almost sorry for Ivy.

Meanwhile in the nursery, Pilar and Theresa hid in the closet while Rebecca and Gwen stood on the other side of the door threatening to call security. Gwen called security and Rebecca grabbed the closet doorknob while threatening "whoever was in there" with going to jail. She made the logic leap that it was Theresa and promised that she'd slurped her last margarita since it wouldn't be served in prison. (Pilar was sure they were done for. The door was stuck because Theresa was holding it.) Gwen realized that the sound she heard was from a battery operated toy that the nanny must have left running, so called off the security team. Rebecca said they should get the new cute handyman to fix it (she wanted to get a look in his toolbox). Gwen and Rebecca were amazed that Theresa was so crazy anyway after everything that Ethan had done to keep Theresa out of jail; she'd gone right back to pressing charges against Gwen so she could steal Ethan back. (Theresa looked worriedly back at her mother and flashed back to Ethan trying to get her to stop the war.) They were glad that the court sided with them because she is too crazy to be a fit mother (Theresa damned her.). Rebecca said that Ethan would never leave Gwen for Rebecca. Gwen swore that she was so mad at Theresa; she'd kill her if she saw her. Gwen said that Theresa had some nerve telling everybody she was meant to be with Ethan (Theresa and Pilar looked shocked at the doorknob and pushed further back into the closet. Rebecca said she at least felt a little bad when she took Julian away from Ivy. Then admitted that she didn't really, but at least Julian wanted her. Ethan doesn't want anything to do with Theresa. (Theresa glared back at her mother). Rebecca reminded her that their motto is to not get mad, get even. Gwen started to go to take a nap and then opened the closet to turn off the toy and noticed what a mess it was. Rebecca said that it would have been clean if Pilar were still in charge, but they never wanted to see either of them there again. (Theresa and Pilar came out from under the pile of stuff. Theresa swore she'd get Ethan and Jane back.) Gwen and Rebecca worried about Theresa finding out their secret. Gwen said the other thing that worried her was Alistair. Rebecca said that she hoped she was never on his bad side because anybody who crossed Alistair might as well kiss their fanny good bye. (Theresa decided that Alistair is the key.) Gwen said she loved Jane as if she were her own daughter. Gwen and Rebecca left and Theresa and Pilar came out of the closet. Pilar said they were lucky they didn't get caught. Theresa said it wasn't luck. It was because they were doing the right thing. As they stood looking over Jane's crib, Theresa got a look on her face as she flashed back to Alistair telling her that she needed someone in her corner and Pilar told her not to do anything.

Downstairs in the living room, Alistair cornered Katherine and Martin telling them it was the end of the line and he was going to make Martin disappear forever. Alistair said it was time to end his "shanty Irish" antics. He flipped open his phone and said it was time he disappeared. Martin grabbed him around the neck and Katherine broke them up. Alistair reminded them that he'd tell Sheridan about Rachel. Katherine threatened to go to the police and show them Rachel's body in the crypt. Alistair said it had been reburied. He threatened them that he'd make the killing of Rachel public and Sheridan would end up in a psych ward. Alistair told them that thanks to them, Sheridan and Luis had found Beth. Katherine thanked God and Alistair mocked her. Alistair said that either Luis and Sheridan would get Marty or Beth would get away and Sheridan and Luis would break up. Katherine and Martin told him he should let everybody in Harmony just live their lives. Martin said he thought of Harmony as his own sociology experiment. He admitted he liked to control things so that his bottom line came out well. They wanted to know who he was going to destroy next and he thought back to earlier when he tried to get Theresa on his side to get her baby back. Katherine asked again who he'd locked into his sights and he flashed back to kissing Theresa earlier. He laughed at them.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Katherine asks Alistair whose life he is going to destroy now, and he remembers kissing Theresa on the wharf. Alistair changes the subject and asks why Martin is still at the mansion. He tells Martin to go home to his wife, and Katherine pleads with Martin to do what Alistair says. Martin is dragged off the premises after he and Katherine share a passionate kiss goodbye, each of them believing they can never see the other again.

Fancy and Ivy continue their conversation. When Ivy says she wants to repair their relationship, Fancy says they can't repair what they never had, and, despite Ivy's insistence that she does, Fancy says she doesn't ruin lives. Ivy says Fancy doesn't realize what she is doing, but Ivy says she blames herself for that. She points out how much closer she and Fox have become and how they are better people because of it, but Fancy says she doesn't think Ivy had anything to do with how Fox became a better person. As they are talking, Alistair walks into the room, and he and Fancy hug. Ivy says that Fancy is Alistair's favorite, and Alistair agrees. He says it is because he and Fancy are so much alike. Fancy explains to her grandfather what happened with Noah tonight. She tells him that Noah said awful things about Alistair. Alistair asks if she wants the Bennetts to be taken down a peg or two, and Fancy says that would serve them right. Alistair says the Bennett family has been a thorn in his side for a while. He then asks Fancy to remain in Harmony, and after a little convincing, she agrees. He gets up to leave and Fancy tells him she loves him. Alistair replies that he loves her very much and he goes out into the hall, where he calls someone and says to invoke the "doomsday clause" in Sam's contract. Back in Fancy's room, Ivy wants to know what Fancy has talked Alistair into doing now.

Sam is filled in on what happened with Jessica. Kay says that she feels responsible because she never paid much attention to Jessica before, but Sam says it all started when Grace left. Sam wants to go upstairs to check on Jessica, but Kay and Ethan convince him not to. Sam says he feels like he is so close to losing Jessica forever. He thinks he is a failure as a father, and says what if Jessica makes irreversible mistakes? Ethan tries to reassure him. The phone rings, and Sam answers it while Ethan and Noah talk and Ethan briefly explains the Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa triangle to him. Noah remembers Theresa from growing up and calls her a hopeless romantic. Sam gets off the phone and says that was the mayor calling, and that he is being replaced as police chief, effective immediately. Noah is incensed and says that Alistair must be behind this. Kay says first Jessica calls Spike her boyfriend, and now Sam has been fired. She wonders if this day could get any worse. In her room, Jessica asks Spike what he wants her to do. He tells her to leave her home with him today. He says that they can get their own place. Jessica thinks this sounds wonderful, and says of course she'll go with him. She starts packing her things, pausing briefly to look at a photo of her family, and then she and Spike climb out the window.

Theresa talks to Jane and promises her that she'll get her back. She remembers talking to Alistair, and Pilar says she recognizes the look on her face. Pilar says that look means Theresa is thinking up a plan that will end in disaster and begs her daughter to forget whatever it is. Theresa says she's not thinking up any plan, and tells Pilar they have to get out of the mansion before Gwen and Rebecca catch them. When they reach the door, Theresa makes an excuse to stay in the mansion, saying she'll meet Pilar outside. When Pilar is gone, Theresa comes across Alistair, who tells her that he'll get Theresa what she wants if she gives him what he wants. In another room, Gwen and Rebecca talk about Theresa. Gwen tries to reassure herself and says that, after all, Gwen has Ethan and Jane, and all evidence that could be used against her is destroyed. She says she has won, but she worries that Theresa will do something outrageous and unexpected.

At the cabin, Beth holds a knife to Sheridan's throat while Luis points a gun at Beth. Sheridan screams at Luis to shoot Beth, but he can't get a clear shot. Beth tells Sheridan to shut up and says Luis can't shoot her because he loves her. She lies that Alistair forced her to kidnap Sheridan and Marty, and says she is the innocent victim. Sheridan manages to get away from Beth, and Beth runs away and locks the door behind her. Sheridan and Luis can hear Marty fussing. Sheridan yells at Luis for not shooting Beth, and then Sheridan realizes that Beth is going to take Marty across the lake. They race after her, and watch as Beth speeds away with Marty in a boat. Sheridan screams for Marty and Luis jumps in a boat. He tells Sheridan to wait on the dock, but instead, she gets a boat of her own and follows him. Luis and Sheridan try to catch up to Beth, and Luis radios for local police backup. When the police boat arrives, it tries to intercept Beth, but Beth cuts between Luis and the police boat. She is confident she has a clear path to shore, but Sheridan is gaining on Beth. As Sheridan catches up to her, Beth notices some logs in their path. Beth manages to swerve and avoid them, but Sheridan is not so fortunate, and her boat slams into the logs and explodes!

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