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Ryan told Greenlee about the drug that David had given him. Babe stood up to Adam. JR freed Tad and Di from the pump house. Tad wanted answers from Di. David betrayed Di, who made a shocking announcement.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Brooke, Livia, Tom, Derek, Reggie, Danielle, Jack, Sam and Lily gathered for a Fourth of July picnic in the park. The festive mood turned chilly when Mimi arrived with her fiancÚ, Garret. Derek chafed when Garret referred to Dani as his "new daughter." Livia took Mimi aside for a private chat; each woman accused the other of doing harm to Dani. When Livia made reference to the circumstances surrounding Dani's conception (Mimi hadn't been sure who the father was, Derek or Lucas), the ladies were unaware that Dani was listening nearby. A horrified Dani returned to the crowd and asked Reggie if they could take off. They got permission from Jack and Derek to watch the fireworks elsewhere and left. Garret made a good impression on Brooke and Jack, who let Sam and Lily go off to join Reggie and Dani. At the beach party, Reggie tried to get Dani to open up to him as something was clearly weighing on her, but she insisted nothing was wrong. He didn't buy it, especially when she began tossing back drinks, but she told him to lay off. When Sam and Lily showed up, she became nervous when she failed to spot Reggie and Dani. To make matters worse, Sam then popped open a beer. When Reggie spied Sam with the drink, he laid into the teen for jeopardizing his sister's safety. Dani, meanwhile, met the acquaintance of Josh... Back at the park, Brooke and Jack lectured the Fryes on the importance of working out their difference for Dani's sake.

Opal showed up at Tad's and hounded him into coming to the picnic, ostensibly to try to help bring about a reconciliation between JR and Jamie. Meanwhile, Adam taunted Di that he had proof she's not really Dixie. JR and Di called Adam's bluff; he said the proof would come in due time, courtesy of Babe. Scoffed JR, "She'd tell you Winifred is my mother if that'd help her." Adam's attitude further cemented JR's decision to get a new house for himself, Dixie and Little Adam. JR, Dixie and a reluctant Adam then headed off to the park, where Palmer, Opal and Joe had joined the other revelers. Tad then showed up as well. Opal and Ruth fretted as the Chandlers and Martins started trading insults. The women decided to trust in Dixie's ability to work a miracle. In an effort to work one of their own, Tad's moms lured Tad and Dixie, separately, to the pump house and locked them inside.... When Babe arrived at the park, JR confronted her about the evidence she has that will supposedly prove that Di isn't Dixie.

While Ryan and Greenlee shared a romantic cuddle at the boathouse, Kendall was surprised when Zach expressed a desire to watch the fireworks. They took a stroll and chowed on some hot dogs, but their good time was interrupted by what sounded like a violent confrontation between Ryan and Greenlee (really, they were just playfully arguing over her refusal to disclose the surprise she hinted at having in store for him). Kendall raced to protect Greenlee from Ryan's "wrath" and blurted out that Greenlee had no choice but to do what she'd done. Ryan was livid with Kendall for sticking her nose into his marriage yet again and demanded to know what she was referring to. Zach helped Kendall cover and the Slaters left. The Laveries then discussed their difference of opinion over the drugs David prescribed to Ryan; Ryan insisted he needed them. They settled their argument with a tender kiss. Kendall, meanwhile, lamented to Zach that she'd once again made an enemy of Greenlee, "up there with bad highlights and carbs." Zach advised Kendall to tell Greenlee she supports her no matter what, so that when Greenlee's scheme inevitably blows up in her face, she'll have someone to turn to.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Reggie told Sam that he didn't care if he had a beer, but he had to set an example for Lily. Josh accidentally bumped into Dani at the 4th of July party and they immediately hit it off. Minutes later, Reggie found Dani and told her that they had to go, but she told him that she was having a good time and didn't take orders from anyone. Dani took her hair down and continued flirting with Josh and drinking beer. Josh asked her what she was thinking and she told him she wondered when he was going to kiss her. He told her right now and he kissed her. She heard Derek's voice and told Josh to get her out of there. Josh put a hat on Dani and they snuck right past her parents. Josh asked Dani how old she was and she told him that she was old enough. He said that parents don't usually go after 20-somethings at beach parties, but Danielle assured him otherwise. They again began kissing and she told Josh that if he knew what he wanted, he should go for it. He told her he knew exactly what he wanted and that it was her. Josh told her that if she didn't want to go any further, they would stop. She told him that she wanted him and they continued their passionate night.

J.R. demanded that Babe tell him what proof she had concerning Di(xie) being a fake. Adam told Babe that it was time for her to tell what she knew. J.R. told Babe that he would find out who was lying. Adam told J.R. that someone had to be level headed about Di(xie)'s true identity and begged J.R. not to let the fact that he didn't believe it was really Dixie come between them. Adam told Babe that there was no way he would get Krystal out of prison if she didn't tell him exactly what she knew. She told him that until her momma was on the other side of the bars, he would get a whole lot of nothing. Adam told Babe that she and her mother could rot and that he would find his own proof. After some more taunting from Babe, Adam agreed to get Krystal out of jail and get Di(xie) out of their lives for good.

Opal and Ruth locked Tad and Di(xie) in the boat house. Tad told Di(xie) that he and Krystal were planning to get married. Dixie told him that she lost the right to question his choices. She asked him what she could so they could find their way to some kind of peace. Tad told her that there was no way to make peace. Di(xie) asked Tad if he thought that she planned all this just to hurt him. She told him that the reason she stayed away was that she was afraid of hurting him again. She said if she could wish it all away she would, but she couldn't. Tad admitted that he was a jerk and that he wanted "his" Dixie back. He told her that he had no right to expect her to be someone she wasn't. He apologized and told her no more guilt and no more anger. Tad told Di(xie) that he failed J.R. and in that he failed her too. He told her that he still had the same feelings for her and she said she too felt the same way. J.R. then sprung them from the boat house and he asked her if she was alright. She told him that she and Tad talked and that it was over between them for good. She tried to talk to J.R. about how much Tad still loves him and that they need each other. Di(xie) told J.R. to meet Tad halfway and he told Di(xie) that he wouldn't even know where to start. Tad found Ruth and Opal and told them to quit scheming and Tad then announced to everyone that he was marrying Krystal. He told them if they couldn't congratulate him, then keep their comments to themselves. J.R. then announced that everyone was invited to Little Adam's baptism. He told Adam that as soon as he, Dixie and Little Adam find their own place, he would like Di(xie) to be Little Adam's godmother and Tad to be his godfather. Tad told him that he would be honored to be Little Adam's godfather.

Mimi realized that Dani overheard the conversation that she had had with Livia concerning her affair with Lucas and Dani's paternity. Reggie, Lily and Sam rejoined the picnic and Reggie told Brooke that Sam had taken her car keys and was drinking beer. Brooke took Sam and told him that if he thought that staying in Pine Valley was a free pass then he might as well pack his bags and head to California. She suggested he talk to Jamie about her list of do's and don'ts and number one on the list is not to drink and drive and also on the short list is do not steal her car. No buts, no excuses. Brooke told him that her little girl was killed by a drunk driver and nobody under her roof would take that risk. Sam apologized to Jack and told him he was way out of line and that nothing like that would happen again. Jack asked Reggie what really happened with Dani and Reggie told him that if Dani had confided in him, he could have helped somehow. Jack let Reggie know that Dani had been slammed between her parents all night long and that it really shook her up. Jack gave Reggie some fatherly advice about women and told him that it would be all better in the morning.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Jack tried to calm Mimi, Derek and Reggie, who were disturbed over their inability to locate Danielle, who'd been missing all night. Meanwhile, Dani woke up next to Josh, who helpfully provided his name to the regretful teen who had just lost her virginity to him. Dani got dressed in a hurry, so Josh asked why she was acting like she was fleeing the scene of a crime. "I wasn't your first, was I?" he inquired. Dani denied it then shared her doomsday views about how love is a joke, pointing to how her parents only got married because her mom was pregnant. Josh tried to get Dani's cell number since he had to go to work, but she made an excuse. After Josh left, Dani broke down. Before long, Garret showed up and told Dani he was taking her home. Dani was defensive when Garret gently tried to get her to open up but he won her over when he agreed not to tell Mimi about finding her inside a shack that a young man had just exited. Back at Jack and Erica's, Mimi lamented what has become of her baby girl under Derek's supervision, to which he took great offense. Derek pinned the blame for Dani's agony on Mimi and her "Denzel wannabe" fiancÚ.... Reggie showed up at the shack and Garret gave them a moment alone. Reggie apologized to Dani for their argument and pledged to stand beside her, deepening her feelings of guilt.... When Dani came to the penthouse, she was read the riot act by her parents for staying out all night. "Back off!" barked Reggie. Mimi suspected Dani wasn't alone the previous night, which Reggie dismissed as impossible. Garret stepped in and helped calm things down. In the end, Mimi and Garret decided to stay in town for a while.

Tad thanked Dixie for talking JR into making him Little Adam's godfather and asked her if it would be okay for them to put together a memorial service for Kate, the baby they lost. She gave her assent. Erica visited JR at the Chandler mansion to discuss their scheme to split up Zach and Kendall. Erica was frustrated by JR's lack of progress. He explained that he'd been a bit distracted lately: His mother was alive. Erica then tore off to speak to Dixie. "Whoever did your work is an absolute artist!" praised La Kane as she took in Dixie's facial reconstruction, declaring it to be an improvement over the original. She then invited Dixie to appear on NEW BEGINNINGS. "Absolutely not," huffed Dixie. After Erica left, Tad asked JR to participate in the memorial service for Kate. JR sucked it up and agreed, even after Dixie stated that she wanted Jamie to be there. But JR and Tad agreed that forgetting what has happened between them is an impossibility.

Adam sat down for a chat with Krystal at the prison and told her about the deal Babe proposed: The Carey women proferred proof that Di is not Dixie, he'll get her out of jail. "Prove Dixie's a fake, and you're free," summarized Adam. Krystal refused to pony up the evidence until after Adam placed his call to the governor. But she might talk if Adam agreed to get JR off Babe's back, Krystal shrugged. Adam tried to play the "Dixie might steal Tad" angle to loosen Krystal's lips. When that failed, he pointed out that the imposter might do harm to Little Adam. Krystal began to spill the beans but Babe arrived and ordered her mom not to say another word. She then informed Adam that her offer was off the table. Adam walked out, so Babe and Krystal agreed to tell the truth even if they got nothing in return. Just then, Adam came back and dialed up the governor.

At the office, Josh told Erica that her family refused to participate in the splashy launch of her talk show. When Jack arrived, he explained that he would attend the event, just not on camera. Erica was further disheartened when she learned that Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee had also begged off.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Ryan shows up at Zach's office to pay back the money he owed the casino. He tries to drop it off and leave, but Zach questions whether they are really done with each other. Ryan wants to know if Zach really wants to go toe to toe over their issues again, especially since Zach has seen him in action. Zach notes that everyone saw him in action, and Ryan immediately blames it all on Zach. He then wants to know how it is that Zach knew about the fight club, and how he managed to just walk in and take control. After Zach makes a smug remark, Ryan takes a moment and pops one of the pills that David gave him. He then admits to Zach that he is finished with the fight club and found another way to deal with his anger. Zach misunderstands and thinks that the rage is totally gone. Ryan corrects him, and Zach asks about the miracle cure - and if it had anything to do with the pill he took. Before Ryan can answer, Zach fires away at him - saying that he originally assumed that Ryan was a screw up like his father and brothers, but is glad that Greenlee won't get knocked out for saying the wrong thing. He notes that despite what Ryan says, he had to be worried about it or he wouldn't have joined the fight club in the first place. He asks if Greenlee is aware of his new pill regimen, but Ryan is done talking about his wife. He brings up what happened with Kendall - how she barged into the boathouse, insistent that Ryan would hurt Greenlee. He asks Zach what it was about, and what he thinks he knows about Greenlee that Ryan doesn't know. Zach considers his words briefly, and then notes that since Ryan took a pill, maybe he could get away with letting him in on the truth. Zach finally tells Ryan that what everyone knows is about him, not Greenlee. They saw him in action against some anonymous stranger - can they really be assured that Ryan will behave any differently toward Greenlee? Ryan thinks that the analysis of him is hogwash because Zach doesn't know anything about who Ryan really is. Ryan tells Zach that he has found the answers to all of his problems, and that his marriage is better than ever. Zach lets another smug look seep through, and Ryan catches it. Zach tells him that he is simply content to sit back and watch Ryan show him how a marriage is supposed to work. Ryan warns him to stay away from him and his wife and to stay out of their marriage - and then he walks out of the office.

Greenlee storms into the Fusion offices, intent on ripping Kendall apart for barging into the boathouse and almost blowing the lid off of Greenlee's "surprise" for Ryan. Kendall manages to wedge a gap in Greenlee's rampage and apologizes for what she did. She follows by telling Greenlee that she is behind her and her decision 100%. They hug, and just then, Erica walks in and notes that while they care about each other, neither cares about her. Erica goes off about how neither of them could be bothered to support her on the day of her launch party. Kendall tells her that her reason is because Zach wasn't invited. Greenlee begs off going because Ryan has been in the news a little too much lately. Erica, crafty as always, takes this moment to note that Dr. Madden told her about Greenlee's success in getting what she needed from his clinic. She assures Greenlee that she wouldn't tell Ryan about what she did, because that's what families do. Greenlee, slack jawed, can't believe that she was just blackmailed into going to the party. Erica blandly denies that she would ever resort to blackmail. She insists that she is supportive of Greenlee - because she took what was rightfully hers. Erica admits that she also thinks Ryan should be a daddy, and that's why she is behind Greenlee on this. She confirms that she value's Greenlee's privacy and would never use anything personal to con her into something. She just thought that on her big day, her family would be more than willing to be there to support her in return. Seeing how that isn't the case, Erica strides back out of the offices. After her departure, Kendall admits that she feels a little guilty for not going. She thinks on that a moment, and then discards the thought in order to refocus on Greenlee. She continues to try to convince her old friend that she really wants to be there for her, but admits that being a good loyal friend is not something that she is good at - and that it will take some time to learn. She recounts the anecdote of how Bianca loved the wonders of being pregnant, once she got past the horrors of what Michael had done to her. Kendall tells Greenlee that she only wants that same kind of happiness for her.

Jamie shows up at the PI office, where he finds his father. Tad asks why Jamie didn't show up at the family picnic. Jamie tells him that JR is messing with everyone's head and not only will he not watch it happen, he also won't help. Jamie notes that JR will do whatever, say whatever to get what he wants - and he thinks that this new warmer, kinder, gentler JR is just his latest ploy. Tad thinks that after everything that the family has been through, it's at least worth a shot to try to get back the JR they once knew and loved. Jamie isn't buying it though - he doesn't think that JR's soul has come back from the dead just because his mother did. Tad reminds his son that no one is innocent - they all did bad things, regardless of the reason, and they all need to make some restitution. Jamie thinks this is a good reason to be cautious but Tad believes just the opposite - it is the very reason they need to keep an open mind. Tad then tells his son about the memorial service for Kate - but makes the mistake of saying that JR is okay with Jamie attending the service. Jamie flips out again, livid that he has to have JR's permission to do things like go to medical school and mourn his sister. Tad corrects himself, saying that all he meant was that JR was giving a real family reunion a try. Jamie believes that everything JR is doing has everything to do with pleasing Dixie, and nothing to do with anyone else's feelings. Tad doesn't care though - he loves both of his sons, and he misses JR and the relationship they used to have. He has every faith that deep down inside, Jamie misses his brother too. Tad believes that it's a miracle that Dixie is alive, and that he is ready for another one. If he is being afforded an opportunity to get JR back in his life, he is willing to take the chance and run with it.

At the Chandler mansion, JR and Di prepare for Kate's memorial. JR says that they can call it off if she feels it would be better, but Di thinks that it's about time that they all start facing the tough stuff together as a family. In addition, she feels that she owes it to Tad, so they can all say goodbye and move on with their lives. Just then, David barges into the house. Livid, JR tries to grab his arm and haul him right back out, but to no avail. Di reminds David that she had ended their relationship, but David refuses to be pushed away by her as well. He notes that perhaps Di should send her son away so he won't hear anything she'd regret letting him in on. Not backing down, Di says that the only person who would have regrets that day would be David. Di tries to remind David that he can't change her mind no matter what he says or does, but it isn't until JR mentions the memorial they are having that David backs down a little. Wanting to be respectful of her daughter's memory, he asks Di to call later. When she refuses, and reiterates that the part of her life that she shared with him is over, he tells her that their bond is stronger than that, and that he won't go away just because she says so. JR is chomping at the bit to throw David out on his ear, but Di tells him that she owes it to David to make it clear that their connection is severed. David reminds her that there was a time she needed his help and his protection, so she can't cut him out. She replies that although she once did, she's alive and healing, and she needs to get to know her family again. Fed up, David tells her that there will be a day when she needs him again - and he might be there, or he might not. He then turns on his heel and leaves the house. When he's gone, JR asks Di why she would need David's protection. Di blows it off by saying that David wants to save her from a nice, normal life - and that in his small world it makes complete sense. She apologizes again for all the pain her involvement with David has caused everyone. JR questions again the need for the service and whether it's a good idea. Di assures him that it is, because they all need the opportunity to say goodbye together.

Babe and Krystal pace the floor in the visiting area as they wait for Adam to return. He does so in short order, and asks if what he has in an envelope is what they were waiting for. Babe takes the paper, and quickly reviews it, telling Krystal that their terms have been met - and signed off on by the governor. All she has to do is tell Adam what she knows about "Dixie." She falters a moment, and then reveals that "Dixie" is really Di Kirby, who once had a cell at the state pen, just like Krystal does now. Krystal gives Adam a brief rundown on Di: how she used to be a brunette, and how she was hired to play Dixie with the goal of softening JR up and getting him to agree to a fairer custody agreement. At first, Adam thinks that Tad is behind the whole thing, but Krystal demands he calm down. She assures him that Tad holds Dixie's memory sacred, and that the pain he's carrying around is real. She urges Adam to stop and really think about who would delight in causing so much anguish for him, his son, and Tad. A light dawns, and Adam alights on the truth: that David is the mastermind. He immediately leaves a message for David with the Carrey women: both he and Di will be arrested by nightfall if he has anything to say about it. Adam steps out temporarily, and Babe and Krystal talk more about what they did. Babe is worried that Jamie will be upset with her for keeping another secret, but Krystal is certain that Jamie will understand. They agree that they only kept the secret long enough to see that Adam went through with his side of the bargain. Just then, Adam comes back in and announces that the warden is considering the validity of the document. Babe is furious because Adam never told her that the warden could still deny the request. Adam, as genuinely as he can, says that he truly hopes Krystal gets out because he wants her to be there when JR and Tad find out that "Dixie" is really an imposter. Krystal starts to go off and make a phone call, to warn Tad about the impending heartache, but Adam stops her. He doesn't want Tad with any advance warning because there is no telling what he will do with the information. He then says that Krystal's fate remains to be seen - did she do something noble, or something stupid? Adam thinks that Krystal may have just handed Tad back over to Dixie's ghost. A short time later, the warden comes into the visiting area with an envelope. She announces that for all that she has done wrong, Krystal sure has a lot of friends in all the right places. With her sentence commuted, Krystal is a free woman. She and Babe rejoice, but Adam wants to cut it off - because they have places to go and news to deliver.

While the set up is still going on for the launch party, Erica wraps up a phone call with none other than Regis Philbin. During the chat with "Reege," Erica tells the talk show host to give her regards to his co-host, Kelly. Tongue firmly in cheek, she states that she has no idea where he found someone as talented as Kelly. As she chats, Greenlee and Kendall, having been overcome with guilt, make their way in to the party. When Erica hangs up, she is overjoyed to see that her daughters had a change of heart. Then, Ryan shows up and Erica greets him with glee. Before she can bask too long, she notices a decorating faux pas and runs off again, leaving Kendall to trail her, and Ryan and Greenlee to reconnect.

Zach makes his debut at the party, goading Erica by being over the top with his support. Kendall intervenes in short order and Erica thankfully makes her escape. Kendall immediately asks if Zach let the truth out, and he answers her with a silent glare. She apologizes and reiterates that she is very worried about what will happen, especially since Greenlee has deluded herself into thinking that everything will be okay once Ryan feels the first kick. Zach tells his wife that Ryan is in a very dark place, but he has himself (and maybe Greenlee) convinced that he is okay. He tells Kendall to stick close to Greenlee because she needs it now more than ever. Just then, the woman herself comes over and snags her on-again, off-again best friend. She pulls her to the side and tells her that she is so excited because she could have positive proof of her pregnancy very soon. Then, Erica pointedly calls Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan over. This doesn't stop Zach from joining them, and he looks on as Erica thanks the original three for being there to support her. Zach starts in with his effusive praise, but Kendall cuts him off and expresses her genuine pride in her mother. Ryan and Greenlee quickly follow suit.

A short time later, Di, JR, Jamie and Tad meet at a clearing in the woods to say goodbye to Kate. Tad delivers a moving speech about what they gained by having Dixie back, but how they have to go through the loss all over again for a little girl they never had the chance to meet. He believes that she serves as a reminder that hope is always alive, and that family is forever. JR then takes a moment to note that Kate has taught him that you can miss someone you never really had in your life - and to appreciate that he has his mother and his son back, and the joy that brings him. He notes that he will always love and miss his sister. Then Jamie steps up, saying that while he and JR lost a sister, and Little Adam lost an aunt, it needs to be noted that not only do Tad and Dixie have to remember who Kate was and what it meant to have her in their lives, but also what it means to lose her. When Jamie is finished, Di takes her turn. She tearfully notes that she wishes that she could give them a bigger miracle, but that she truly believes that Kate is still with all of them - in the purest part of their souls. She also says that they have each other, and that bond will help them through. Tad goes in to give her a comforting hug just as Adam enters through a gate, noting how sorry he feels for her. While the 4 of them look at Adam, Krystal and Babe appear behind him. While everyone looks on in confusion, Adam prepares to make his announcement. JR thinks that this is the wrong time, because of the ceremony they are having. Babe and Krystal agree and try to get Adam to hold off. Adam, however, thinks the timing is perfect since everyone relevant is present. He approaches Di and calls her out as a fake - and says he can prove it.

David arrives at the visiting area of the jail to find the warden picking up the area. She tells him that Krystal had been released and that she has no idea where she went. Then she drops the bombshell: Adam is the one who made it all possible.

Friday, July 8, 2005

At the memorial service, JR accuses Babe, Krystal and Adam of disrespecting his sister's memory and thinks his father is up to his usual "Dixie is a fake." Adam tells JR that she is fake and Jamie pipes in by threatening Adam if he took advantage of Babe and her mother. Babe tells JR that Adam did not use them and Dixie is a fake. Still refusing to believe them, Krystal tells Tad and JR that Dixie was her inmate and her real name is Di Kirby. Tad tells JR to be quiet after he rattles on about their scam and when Tad asks Di if Krystal is telling the truth, she says yes. JR immediately begins attacking Adam by telling him that he blackmailed Di somehow. Adam tells JR that David made up the entire plan with Di, from the planted fingerprints to the European make-over. Tad is shocked and David comes in and admits that Adam is telling the truth. JR tells everyone this plan is some type of set up and continues to defend Di. David tells JR about the first time he saw Di at the prison and her resemblance to Dixie. He says that Di said that she was Dixie and needed his help. Krystal tells David that he is lying and that he told her his whole plot. David says that Di used him and when he found out the truth, he had to go along with it. He even says that Di made him open up about Dixie and by the time she left prison, she had everything she needed to convince everyone she was Dixie. David even claims that Di stole the compact from him and convinced him to pretend to be a nanny before telling everyone the truth. David denies knowing anything about the European trips and other information. Di admits that she was in jail and did seek David's help, but that he paid her to get JR to give Babe more time with her son. David planted all of the clues and she told him that she was Di Kirby, not Dixie, she says. Tad asks her exactly who she is and the woman in front of him says that she is Dixie.

Erica's launch party for her television show is off to a success, although Lily stays in the corner to avoid the noise and crowd. Danielle walks in and Reggie eyes Josh greeting her. Zach tries to be friendly to Erica, but she threatens to take him down as Ryan steps over and volunteers to help her. Jackson leads Ryan away and reminds him not to do anything crazy to mess up Erica's party. Ryan promises to control his emotions, while Greenlee shows Kendall another pregnancy test that she wants to take. Kendall tells Greenlee that it might be too early to take the test, but Greenlee says she is right on time. Josh says hello to them and asks about Simone, but she is not at the party. Kendall tells Greenlee that Josh is the new producer for Erica's show and Kendall thanks him for keeping his mouth shut about their fertility clinic bust. When Kendall holds a plate of food in front of her, Greenlee starts to get sick and rushes off with Kendall at her heels. Danielle comes over to talk to Reggie and he asks her how she knows Josh. Danielle says that he is just someone she met at the beach party, but Reggie seems distracted. The photographers overwhelm Lily when they take her picture and Erica gives her permission to go home if she is uncomfortable, but Lily refuses and stays to support her family. Erica seems touched and prepares her for the press conference. Ryan finds Kendall in the powder room as Greenlee steps out of the bathroom, looking pale and unwell. Greenlee tells him that she is just nervous about the press conference. When it is time for the conference, Erica finds Lily very panicked and uncomfortable. Erica puts her sunglasses on Lily and she immediately calms down. Kendall tells Zach that she is worried about "Greenlee's condition" and Zach tells her that they will try to keep the focus off her during the press conference.

Erica takes the stage at the press conference and talks about her many careers or "new beginnings." She introduces her family and everyone stands at the podium with her. Zach takes over the microphone and gushes about how wonderful Erica is. Erica mentions Bianca and Miranda briefly before Jackson begins talking about their intimate wedding ceremony. Reggie jokes that it was about time they got married and Lily says that her favorite part of the wedding was the sneaking on the honeymoon boat. Erica calls Greenlee and Ryan newly weds but Zach steps in and counters that he is the newly wed. He even plants a big kiss on Kendall before Greenlee rushes off because she feels sick. Zach and Ryan follow. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee had some sushi before coming to the party and it is making her sick. Kendall tells him not to worry and goes off to care for Greenlee. Ryan tells Zach to back off when he asks him how his anger management is going. Greenlee emerges from the bathroom and tells Kendall that she is waiting for the results of her test. Erica comes and joins Ryan and Zach, then rushes off after she refuses to make peace with Zach. Greenlee gets the results of the test, which says she is pregnant. When she shouts it out loud and hugs Kendall, Erica walks in. Reggie tries to find Danielle, who is outside of the party talking to Josh. When Josh asks her what is wrong, Danielle tells him that she was a virgin before they slept together and Lily overhears. Erica is overwhelmed with joy about Greenlee's news and asks her how she will tell Ryan. Kendall tries get Erica to back off, but it does not work. Erica offers to get everyone together and tell Ryan the news, but Greenlee screams no. Danielle admits that she has a boyfriend to Josh when he tries to kiss her. She tells Josh that she is not going to mention their affair to Josh and he agrees. Lily tells Reggie that she saw Danielle hugging another man and that he almost kissed her. Greenlee tells Erica that she will tell Ryan about the pregnancy privately when the time is right. Kendall tells Erica to back off, but Erica persists that the entire family should be there to support Ryan. Erica rushes off to round up everyone for the news and Greenlee and Kendall rush after her to stop it. They get Erica and Lily, Reggie, Jackson, Zach and Ryan come in to hear Erica's big news.

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