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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on GL
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Reva comes home and find Jonathan getting drunk and trashing her house. When she confronts him, he tells her about his mother, Marissa, being found dead in the ocean. A shocked Reva tries to console him, but he just brushes it off by saying he could care less. He says that he's happy she's dead d and Reva should be too since it was her abandonment of him that set the horrors of his and Marissa's life in motion. Reva is still shocked over Marissa's accident, and Jonathan implies that it was no accident. Suddenly, Nate arrives and lets himself in. When he asks what happened, Reva tells him about Jonathan's mother dying. As Nate tries to offer his sympathies and sweet talk Reva into letting him stay, Jonathan just stares intently at Nate. Finally, Jonathan asks Nate if he's going to ask how his mother died. Jonathan informs Nate and Reva that his mom was killed, he knows it. He knows it because his mother was afraid of the water. Reva asks if he thinks his father killed her. Jonathan tells her that he doesn't want to believe that, but the more he tries to talk himself out of that, the more Reva believes it. Reva makes plans to locate Alfred. Jonathan quickly tells her not to; he could just be jumping to conclusions. Nate agrees with Jonathan, but Reva is intent on finding Alfred and making him pay. Suddenly, Josh calls and Reva leaves the room. Alone with Nate, Jonathan asks if he has anything to hide regarding Marissa's death. Nate doesn't answer and states that he isn't leaving until he gets what he wants.

Holed up in New York, Mallet informs Harley (who he's still cuffed to) that he learned that Frank arrived and arrested Gus. Harley figures out that Gus threw the police off her trail and is bent on turning herself in in order to save Gus Mallet tries to talk Harley out of it, trying to convince her that she needs to stick it out. She finally concedes when he asks her if Gus would want her to turn herself in. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door-it's Andrea Wallace who has read her brother's note. After telling her he'll take care of it--Mallet takes the note. He and Harley are both shocked when it names Alan as the shooter. At first, Harley can't believe it since it doesn't make any sense--why would Alan kill his own son? But Mallet points out that Phillip was becoming a monster and maybe Alan had to "dispose of the problem." He theorizes that Alan was so intent on making Harley pay because he was afraid she's uncovered the truth. He points out that Alan is running scared which makes him very dangerous. They conclude that it's guilt and desperation that are driving Alan now. He's punishing everyone who drove Phillip (and himself) over the edge. Mallet unlocks Harley's cuffs and informs her that she's free to go. But Harley doesn't want to go without him. They decide they need to head back to Springfield and prove that Alan pulled the trigger.

The Bauer Barbecue is in danger of being rained out. Although it definitely looks like rain, Rick and Mel decided to wait it out and go on as scheduled. Danny asks Rick if he's heard anything from Michelle since she and Robbie were supposed to arrive today. Mel mistakes his concerns as an indication that he still has feelings for Michelle, which Marina overhears. While Danny and Rick go out to fire the grill, Mel literally bumps into Marina who is standing next to the kitchen door, listening. Mel knows that Marina heard everything she said and isn't apologetic. She believes that Danny and Michelle belong together although she doesn't want Marina to get hurt. At the same time, Danny is informing Rick that he doesn't want Michelle back and asks him to inform his wife of that. Later, Marina tries to talk about what will happen if Michelle shows up but they are interrupted by a surprise guest---Alan. Alan was invited by Rick and informs everyone that he's there to take Phillip's place since Phillip loved this holiday. Alex (there with Buzz) tries to talk Alan out of staying, but he's insistent. Suddenly, Frank arrives and informs everyone that he arrested Gus--and Gus alone. He then incurs Alan's wrath when he states that Gus asked to talk to Buzz, not him. Alan demands to know what Gus said to Frank, but Alex pulls him aside before he can get into an argument with Buzz. Alone, she tells Alan to let this go and warns him not to hurt anybody. He warns her not to make him. In the meantime, Frank has decided to stay a little at the barbecue since Gus is still being processed and Buzz can't see him right now anyway. While there, he gives Marina some advice regarding her "testing" Danny to see what would happen if Michelle arrived. Marina goes to apologize to Danny when suddenly, who runs through the door but Robbie! Meanwhile, outside with Zach (who is missing his mother), Buzz points out that the sun is starting to peek through the clouds.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

This is not a Bauer Barbecue that Ed and Maureen would recognize...Alan's presence has added a whole new and very tense dimension. He overhears Alexandra talk to Buzz and remembers Alex's threats toward him. He is also disturbed when he hears Olivia and Bill talk about changing Emma's last name to Lewis. He is absolutely incensed when Olivia tells him with great delight that Bill's adoption of Emma has been made legal. Alan yells at them that Phillip would never have allowed it. Buzz reprimands him for being too loud. Alan changes his tune immediately and talks about how the name Lewis doesn't quite have the ring the name Spaulding has, but still, it is all about Emma's happiness...

When Ross and Blake arrive, he is complimented on his editorial about freedom. Alan has a few things to say about this, too. He rants about freedom and justice and cannot resist telling the group that Harley deserves to be in jail. At this point, Buzz decks him and Alan has to pick himself up from the picnic table. Later, Alan tries to clean himself up in the kitchen. Alex goes to him to try to calm him down, but Alan insists all this is Buzz's fault. In fact, he even tells Alex - again - that all of the people at the party are the reason he was forced to kill Phillip. Alex tells Alan his paranoia is getting out of hand, just as Buzz enters the room. In the spirit of the holiday, Buzz offers his hand, "Truce?" Alan walks away. He goes to the patio and slams a knife into a watermelon many times. Buzz and Alex see this and walk away. The youngsters help Ross raise the flag and he talks to them about how important it is that they work together, and honor all the brave men and women who have died in protection of our country's freedom. He wishes all the servicemen and women a safe and speedy return and toasts, "To America." Olivia, however, is thinking about her sister Marissa. She wonders where the justice for her is.

Reva walks into her living room just in time to hear Nate threaten Jonathan, who has had more than enough of Nate's crazy schemes. Jonathan suspects Nate of murdering Marissa and doesn't want him anywhere near Reva. However, Nate realizes this and insists on keeping Reva near him. When Jonathan leaves, Nate tells Reva she must be careful with Jonathan because he is manipulating her. Reva tries to get Nate to join her at the Bauer Barbecue, but he declines. When she reaches for her purse, it spills on the floor. Nate helps her pick up some things, including her house keys. He hands her a number of items from the purse, but not the keys...

Reva arrives at the Bauers' just in time to hear Olivia ask Bill about justice for her sister, Marissa. Reva and Olivia join forces to find justice for Marissa.

Danny is very unhappy to see Michelle has sent Robbie home alone. She was apparently too busy in Africa to come home. He was unhappy not because he wanted to see Michelle, but because he wanted Marina to see for herself that his feelings for Michelle are gone. The two talk about it later, and realize they both have been feeling the same things.

Jonathan goes home and finds Nate is there. Jonathan wonders why he's there. Nate tells him there are a few things he needs to get straight and he proceeds to beat Jonathan unconscious.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Reva sees Jonathan has been beaten up but he covers for Nate and lets her believe he got into a drunken brawl. Reva chastises him, but he blows her off. Later, Reva runs into Nate and becomes suspicious when he slips and reveals he knows something about Jonathan's fight. He covers and Reva seems to believe him but later, unknown to Nate, Reva summons Olivia to confirm what she already suspects: Nate is really Alfred!

Jeffrey questions Cassie about why she's been avoiding him. Cassie reveals Edmund's demand to leave Jeffrey or be removed from her child's life. They decide Edmund can't bully them and with Dinah's help, they can press charges against him for kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Edmund is reacting to Dinah's ultimatum: she will continue her affair with Jonathan until Edmund offers her the affection she needs, by kissing her. Things begin to heat up quickly and Dinah fears Edmund will discover her fake pregnancy pad. But Cassie interrupts them. Alone with her, Cassie pleads her case to Dinah to help press charges against Edmund for the good of the baby. Dinah seems to respond. Later, Cassie tells Jeffrey the good news that Dinah will help them. At the same time, Dinah offers Edmund to keep the baby from Cassie if he stays with her.

Sandy returns home from his business trip to Cross Creek and gets a chilly reception from Tammy. He gives her a promise ring and though Tammy is pleasantly surprised, she is still convinced he has been cheating on her. They're interrupted by Jonathan, who has decided to quit Lewis Construction. Later, Tammy finally confronts Sandy about the affair she thinks he's having. When he denies, Tammy calls him a liar. Sandy is stung and says Tammy's the one who is being unfaithful, due to her obvious feelings for Jonathan.

Feeling lonely and lost, Jonathan breaks into the Lewis house and smashes a picture of Reva.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Edmund tells Dinah he will sleep with her, but he will be thinking about Cassie the entire time. Bill interrupts. He wants Dinah's help to surprise Olivia with a family photo. Dinah tells him she is a fraud and a liar. She turns him down for the photo but hugs him tearfully.

Cassie counts on Dinah turning Edmund in to the police. Jeffrey accepts Cassie's invitation to come to R.J.'s party. Cassie accepts Jeffrey's invitation to come to his awards ceremony. They realize the parties are on the same night. Cassie is touched when Jeffrey chooses R.J.'s party. She tells him it will be fine if he just stops by their house for cake and ice cream after the party.

Edmund stops by and invites himself to R.J.'s party. He plants seeds of doubt about Jeffrey in Cassie's mind. He tells her Jeffrey is incapable of commitment. Later, Edmund says Cassie's top priority is not Jeffrey. Jeffrey realizes Edmund believes Cassie will take him back.

Edmund demands that Dinah tell Cassie he never kidnapped her. Edmund kisses Dinah passionately and then leaves.

Olivia confirms Reva's suspicions that Nate is really her brother-in-law Alfred. Reva wants him to suffer. Olivia wants to call the police, fearing Alfred will hurt Reva. Reva refuses. Olivia realizes Reva has feelings for him. Reva explains that Alfred came along when she was needy and made her feel good about herself. Olivia says Alfred did the same thing with her sister. Reva wants justice for Jonathan and Marissa. She begs Olivia to keep Jonathan away from Alfred and to keep their plan a secret from Bill.

Jonathan tells a tearful Tammy that she is better off without Sandy. The girl Jonathan set up to make Tammy believe she was Sandy's girlfriend appears. She calls Jonathan by Sandy's name. Tammy realizes Jonathan used the girl to hurt her. He tells her that she wanted to believe Sandy was cheating on her. Tammy wonders why he is trying so hard to break up her relationship with Sandy. Sandy arrives and Tammy runs into his arms. Jonathan tells Sandy he took over his life because Sandy borrowed Jonathan's life for a while.

Sandy tells Tammy that Jonathan is still coming between them. He says they should take a break. Sandy attacks Jonathan. Reva breaks them up. Jonathan rebuffs her attempt to comfort him. Reva goes back to work at Alfred's bar.

Friday, July 8, 2005

At Company, Coop and Lizzie are preparing to spend the night together when Ross arrives and interrupts their plans. They try to pretend there is nothing between them but Ross is amused and tells them he knows they have feelings for one another. Lizzie asks Ross to speak to her mother about giving her a chance to do the right thing. Ross thinks it would be better coming from Lizzie. Coop agrees and cancels their plans until Lizzie has a chance to tell Beth about their relationship and gain her approval. Coop's phone rings and he discovers it is Harley. She asks him to make sure Company is closed for the night. Her life depends on it. He and Lizzie leave the restaurant to share a quiet evening alone in town.

Gus is in court for his bail hearing after being detained for helping Harley escape justice. Buzz arrives to offer his support but is interrupted by Alan, who overhears Gus thanking Buzz for being there for him. Alan makes sarcastic remarks about Gus turning to the Coopers again instead of his own father. Gus follows his lead and answers it probably would have been a good idea to go to Alan so he could pretend to help when all he really intends is to stab him in the back. Alan is grim and stalks away angrily.

Gus pleads with Buzz to help him stay out of jail because Harley needs him. Buzz offers his help but refuses Gus' request to fake a heart attack because he doesn't want to jinx himself. He offers to cover his bail with money held in trust for Harley's boys. Buzz reminds Gus the money is really from Alan since he is the one who set up the funds. Gus agrees to accept it as poetic justice.

Alan is at the Bauer's hoping to spend time with Zack. Before he finds his grandson, he imagines being on trial and found guilty of murder. Rick arrives to find Alan agitated and nervous. When Alan requests to see Zack, Rick tells him he has gone to bed for the night. He tells Alan to wait and he will bring him a drink. Instead, he goes in to call Ross and asks him to come over and see if he can figure out what's wrong with Alan. Ross arrives later and guesses Alan is remembering Phillip and having a hard time with his death. Alan admits he misses his son but laments the fact that Zack lives in the same house with 'these people'. Rick rolls his eyes, but Ross reminds Alan that Zack is getting the best care possible from good people. Alan prepares to leave as a messenger delivers a note which says, 'The truth will come out. And so will the murderer. Nine p.m. Tonight. Where it all began.'

Alan arrives at Company, breaks the window to get in, sits at a table and places a gun in front of him.

Across Springfield, Coop and Lizzie, Mel and Rick and Buzz receive notes with the message, 'History repeats itself tonight.'

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