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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on GH
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Mac wants to know what Georgie and Maxie were doing in the garage attic. In order to get her dad away from Jesse's hideout, Maxie tells Mac that she was showing Georgie a safe place for her and Dillon to have sex. She knows Mac doesn't want to hear this, but this is where she and Kyle came to have sex so she thought she would tell Georgie about it. Mac is obviously put in an uncomfortable position and suggests that go talk to Felicia about safe sex, as they leave. As Georgie and Maxie escape Mac, he confronts Dillon and tells him he better not catch him and Georgie ever having sex, attic or elsewhere. After Mac leaves, Dillon wants to know what's going on. When Maxie tells him about their cover story, Dillon is upset that they would cover for someone who took him hostage. He wants to know if Maxie is willing to risk everything for someone who may be lying through his teeth. Dillon storms off to tell Durant where Jesse is hiding, and Maxie goes to check on Jesse. She tells him that Dillon was headed to find Durant to tell him about Jesse. He panics and tells her she must stop him. Maxie tells him that he is scaring her. Jesse asks for her car keys, but Maxie says no. He says he thought she was trying to help him. She says he was, until she began to think he was guilty. Dillon confronts Durant and tells him that Jesse was framed and wants to turn himself in. As a police officer comes to talk to Durant, he asks him to arrest Georgie and Dillon for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Alcazar wants Carly to be appointed head of the hospital's endowment fund, in exchange for him fronting the money to settle Bobbie and Durant's lawsuit out of court. Tracy is appalled that he would think Carly could take over Lila's duties. The Quartermaines pull together in their disgust at Alcazar's suggestion. Tracy tells him that they don't have a deal. Skye interrupts and tells him that they accept his offer and Carly can be the head of the charitable endowment fund. At the hospital, Tracy confronts Bobbie and tells her about Alcazar's plan. She says that Carly will not get her birthright as head of the hospital's charitable endowment fund. She tells her the hospital won't settle the lawsuit out of court, and that perhaps Bobbie needs to borrow some money from her son-in-law. After Bobbie leaves, Luke explains to Tracy that Alcazar won't let Bobbie be ruined, so he will come up with the money to get the hospital out of the suit. When he does, the hospital board is going to ask him what his terms are, and Carly will end up with Tracy's job.

After Carly knocks Reese out, she tries in vain to unlock the lockbox. Reese wakes up temporarily to find Carly prying at the lockbox. As Carly tries to open the box, her bracelet falls off, unnoticed. Since she can't get it open, Carly leaves with the lockbox. When she arrives home, Carly tries to find a locksmith but is interrupted when Alcazar calls her. He says he left her several voicemails that she didn't return, so that makes him think she was up to something. He wants to know what it is. Carly sidetracks him and Alcazar tells her his plan to get Bobbie out of trouble, meanwhile keeping Carly out of trouble. If the hospital accepts, Bobbie's lawsuit will be settled out of court. This will give Carly a hobby that will keep her busy, but away from Sonny. She is thrilled.

Meanwhile, Jason warns Sonny about Reese's intentions. Sonny tells him that he's watching Reese like a hawk. Jason admits that Carly's theory does hold some merit. As they argue, Reese calls Sonny. She tells him that someone broke into the penthouse, before she passes out. Jason and Sonny come to check out Reese's penthouse. They can't find anything missing. Sonny wants to know who could have done this. He promised Reese she would be safe. He says whoever did this will pay. Sonny says he will send a message to whoever did this to Reese. He promises her she will be safe in the penthouse. As Reese consoles him, Sonny glances over and spots a piece of jewelry on the floor. Reese lies and tells Sonny the bracelet is hers. He wonders why the thief didn't take it, but Reese tells him that anyone can see it is costume jewelry.

While Sonny stays with Reese, Jason goes to find Carly. He interrupts her and Alcazar, asking to talk alone to Carly. She tells him she'll call him later. He says he will talk to her now, in front of Alcazar or alone. She tells him to go ahead and speak freely. He tells her he knows she broke into Reese's penthouse 15 minutes ago, hit her on the head and robbed her, and wants to know why. Carly denies that she was in Reese's penthouse, but Jason persists. Alcazar steps in and says he was with Carly this afternoon, giving her an alibi. He demands that Jason stop bullying his wife, and warns him to never call her a liar again. After Jason leaves, Carly admits to Alcazar she was surprised he lied for her. He tells her that he doesn't like Jason bullying her. He does, however, want to know if Jason's story had any truth to it. Carly tells Alcazar that unless Reese comes after him, she has no reason to be involved with Reese. She tells him that she was looking for a book series that she has been reading to Michael since he was little. She starts ranting about how much she misses him, and Alcazar seems to believe her story. Suddenly, she remembers the board meeting where she will be appointed director of the endowment fund and tells Alcazar she must go get ready. She is amazed that he made a trailer park girl like herself, feel like a queen.

During the pre-trial hearing, Durant tells Bobbie that this was permanent pay back for him leaving her. He never told her about Carly, and then gave her away to the first person who came along. Then when she saw him lying there on the operating table, she saw the perfect opportunity for payback. Before Bobbie can fight back, Durant tells them he is too exhausted to continue and they will have to reschedule the pre-trial hearing. After Bobbie and Durant leave, Alexis and Ric argue about Alexis's change in behavior. He tells her that the Alexis he knew would never stand up for Durant. Alexis says that even though Durant may be wrong, he still has a right to be legally represented in court. As they continue to bicker, Reese calls Ric and tells him that her penthouse was burglarized. He wants to come over, but she insists she is ok and Sonny has already been there to check on her. She wants to know how the hearing went and he explains about Durant's behavior. Outside, Tracy stands behind Bobbie, telling Durant that everyone in town knows how hard Bobbie worked to be where she is today and everyone knows that Durant is a corrupt district attorney. She says he will be laughed out of court. After he threatens another lawsuit, Tracy tells him to keep them coming. Before he is kicked out, Durant makes it clear that he is not interested in the settlement offer, despite Alexis telling him her doubts. Bobbie is shocked that Tracy stood up for her. Luke is also amazed at his wife, much to Skye's dismay. After Durant leaves, Luke comforts Tracy and tells her that she will get her dream job back. Carly will not hold it for more than two months. Tracy asks for Luke's support and wants him to go to the board meeting with her. As she walks in, she tells the board that she is stepping down as director and Carly can have the position if she ever chooses to show up and accept it. Alcazar steps in and says that Carly will be arriving shortly. Meanwhile, Reese walks in as Carly hangs up the phone from calling a locksmith. She tells her to hand over the lockbox and she won't tell Sonny that Carly was the one who broke into her penthouse. She hands Carly the bracelet, asking if she opened the lockbox. Carly doesn't deny it, but doesn't admit to it, either. Reese assumes that she's opened it, and tells her they have a lot to talk about.

Jason meets Sonny at his house and tells him that Carly was the one that broke into Reese's apartment. He tells him that this isn't the first time, either, and tells Sonny about the time he caught Carly in Reese's penthouse. Ric overhears Jason and Sonny talking about Carly breaking into Reese's penthouse. He steps in and says that he thinks Carly needs to be held accountable for what she did. Sonny agrees.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Reese is stunned that Carly hasn't opened the box yet. She throws the key at Carly and tells her to open the box, but Carly doesn't do it. Reese tells Carly that she holds memories of her past in the box. She tells her the box holds her son's lock of hair, a lost tooth, drawings, and a green truck he used to sleep with at night. She asks Carly for an apology, but she remains silent.

At Sonny's place, Jason tells Ric he has no right to say anything about Carly after what he did to her. Sonny defends Ric and tells Jason he is as paranoid as Carly is. Ric tells Sonny that Reese wouldn't hurt anyone and she doesn't deserve this. Sonny tells Ric not to worry, he will handle it. He tells Jason that he is too loyal to him and Carly. Jason says that Reese lied to Sonny once, and he deserves to find out if she's lying now, too.

Sonny interrupts Reese as she's going through old pictures of her and Carly back in high school. She puts the pictures away quickly and answers the door. Sonny came to tell her something, but she interjects with her own confession. She tells him that she thinks it was Carly that knocked her out. Sonny is shocked by her confession. She tells him she realized it was Carly when she saw the bracelet, and after talking to Carly she thinks she will leave her alone now. Sonny realizes that Reese lied to him again. Reese apologizes to Sonny and tells him the next time anyone attacks her, she will come clean. Sonny says he will talk to Carly. Reese agrees that she and Carly will never be friends, but they all need to focus on Michael right now. She promises she won't lie to Sonny anymore.

Dr. Thomas explains to Sam that if Michael sees Sonny take part in therapy, he will be more willing to go. Sam agrees to talk to Sonny. Sam meets Jason and tells him that she just came from meeting Dr. Thomas. She explains that he wants Sonny to take part in Michael's therapy. Jason changes the subject and tells Sam about what Carly did. She's not surprised. Jason tells her that he thinks Carly may be on to something, but he doesn't trust what she may do. Sam thinks that Jason isn't being fair to Reese, because he's not objective when it comes to Michael and his happiness. When Jason leaves, Sam walks outside and sees Ric entering Reese's penthouse. As she mulls over her suspicions, Carly knocks on her door and asks to speak with Jason. She tells her that Jason is over at Sonny's house defending Carly. She erupts at Carly and finally tells her off, slamming the door in her face. At Sonny's house, Sonny asks Jason to leave Reese alone.

Georgie and Dillon tell Durant they don't know where Jesse is. They talked to him on the phone once, and thought he might call Maxie back since they met in the hospital. Durant asks them to sign an affidavit to that effect. They ask to make their one phone call. In an effort to get out of trouble, Georgie mentions how powerful Dillon's grandfather is and Dillon mentions the fact that Georgie is the police commissioner's daughter. Durant tells them that no one can get them out of an aiding and abetting charge. In the attic, Maxie tells Jesse that if he was innocent he wouldn't run. She is interrupted by her phone ringing. Georgie is calling to tell her that she and Dillon have been arrested so if she talks to Jesse, he needs to come clean. When she gets off the phone, Jesse guesses what Georgie just told Maxie. He immediately calls the station and asks to meet Durant at the hospital, and tells him that Georgie and Dillon had nothing to do with this. Before Jesse leaves to meet Durant, Maxie throws him her car keys. Before he leaves, Jesse tells her he's glad he met her. Jesse meets Durant in the elevator and stops the elevator. He tells him he is sorry for the shooting, but he has been framed. He wants to help Durant find the person who shot him. He knows a PC cop stole drugs from the evidence locker to sell. Durant tells him he has no evidence, and he's not a fool any longer. As the elevator doors open, Jesse escapes through the hatch at the top of the elevator. After Georgie and Dillon are released, they go looking for Maxie. Georgie wonders if Jesse took Maxie. But Maxie surprises Jesse by being in the back seat of her car. She tells him that she believes in his innocence and is going to help him prove it.

Alcazar makes another demand, asking to be a board member of General Hospital. The board is adamant that this can not happen, but Luke seems to take Alcazar's side. He agrees that Alcazar has as much right to try to buy Carly's position as anyone else does, and he's in more of a position to do so than the rest of them. Carly interrupts Alan's outburst, and demands an apology from the board. Alcazar asks to take a vote on his possible board position. After the board dismisses, Luke comes back to get his cell phone and finds Skye still in the boardroom. She shocks Luke by missing a chance to tell him how bad his lifestyle is. She is upset because she wants the love Alcazar and Carly share. Luke tells her she's the only one stopping it. Skye says that Alcazar is devoted to Carly and Carly doesn't have to jump through hoops to keep him. How wonderful that must be. Meanwhile, Carly is reveling in her and Alcazar's love, also. Back at their house, Carly says the only thing that could make her marriage more perfect, is if Michael would accept Alcazar as her husband.

Reese shows Ric the pictures of her and Carly. Ric marvels at the plastic surgery that was done on Reese. She's still upset looking in the mirror and seeing someone else. Caroline stole her life. Ric suggests she get rid of all the evidence of her past life. He tells her she needs to stop focusing on the past and start focusing on the future. She takes his advice and burns the pictures. He comforts her as she cries.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Jesse finds what he believes is a deserted cabin to hide out in. Unfortunately, while he and Maxie are arguing about what their next move should be, the owner makes an appearance. Pointing a loaded shotgun at the pair, the woman orders both of them to stay where they are. Jesse quickly explains that they thought the cabin was vacant and that they needed a place to stay. The woman, who later introduces herself as Jenna, listens as Jesse and Maxie quickly fabricate a story of them meeting at a mall, falling in love, Maxie's father being opposed to the relationship and eventually getting sick and dying. They go on to tell Jenna that when they married they didn't have money for wedding rings which strikes a cord with Jenna. She confesses to having been in love and broke herself. Sympathetic to the story, Jenna offers Jessie, whom Maxie introduced as Jimmy, a job working on the property and Maxie a job running errands for her in exchange for free board. They gladly accept. While alone, Jessie tries unsuccessfully to get Maxie to go back home. She flatly refuses, countering all of his concerns with reassurances that she has her meds, is taking them as ordered and would stress out worrying about Jesse more if she were at home not knowing what is going on. Later, Maxie returns with groceries for Jenna. After she hands them to her, Maxie walks into the cabin to find Jesse sans his shirt as he cleans up. He turns and smiles at a suddenly shy Maxie.

Georgie talks to Dillon in the garage attic. She's frantic with worry after discovering that Maxie has not returned home. Convinced she's with Jesse, Georgie frets about what to do. Just then Felicia finds them in the attic and demands to know where Maxie is. Realizing she has no other alternative, Georgie tells Felicia. They are soon joined by Mac who is upset when he learns what has been going on. He goes to the police station to order an ATB. Officer Murphy overhears the order and approaches Mac to find out what is going on. He assures Mac that they will find Jesse and Maxie.

Back in the attic, Georgie talks to Dillon about how concerned she is over Maxie's welfare. Dillon surprises Georgie when he tells her that he trusts Maxie's judgment and doesn't believe that Jesse is a bad cop. Officer Murphy walks into the attic to hear Dillon's reassurance to Georgie. He questions the teens about what they know and then warns them that Jesse is a bad cop. Hoping to convince them that they need to cooperate with the police, he tells them that Maxie is in danger as long as she's with Jesse.

Jason tells Sam about Sonny's request for him to leave Reese alone. When Sam asks him whether he will or not, Jason doesn't hesitate. He has no intention of honoring Sonny's request. He feels that Carly's instincts are accurate. Sam feels that Carly would be suspicious regardless who Sonny is seeing but Jason is adamant. Carly is on to something in regards to Reese. Sam decides to share with Jason what she saw the previous evening. She tells him that she saw Ric visit Reese but is careful to remind him that they are business partners so it was most likely about business. Jason doesn't think so. He's even more suspicious than ever and tells Sam that he intends to look into it.

Lorenzo surprises Carly over breakfast by showing her the newspaper headline announcing that she's been appointed the new head of General Hospital's Charitable Endowment. Carly is thrilled when she sees it but then suddenly is filled with doubts, fearing she is not qualified for the position. Lorenzo disagrees. He is supportive as he encourages her to set her doubts aside. Later, Jason interrupts them as he walks into the room demanding to know what Carly knows about Reese. Carly quietly asks Lorenzo to leave and turns to Jason, demanding that he not barge into her home whenever he pleases. Jason points out that Carly has done just that to him for years, so she is hardly in a position to make such a request. Carly admits that she never respected his privacy before but she can now appreciate how wrong she was and intends to respect his privacy from that point forward. She expects the same courtesy from Jason. Carly also tells Jason to start showing Lorenzo respect and stop acting like her marriage doesn't count. She goes on to tell Jason how wonderful Lorenzo is to her. Jason listens but doesn't comment when she's done. He instead asks her about Reese, specifically why she's so worked up about her. Carly explains that her instincts tell her something is off with Reese. It's not about jealousy but concern over Sonny. However, she is done with worrying about Sonny. Carly tells Jason that from now on, any concerns she may have about Reese, she intends to share with her husband and her husband only.

After Jason leaves, Carly tells Lorenzo about her discussion with Jason. She worries that she was too abrupt with Jason but she sees red every time he acts like he can just snap his fingers and just assume that she will jump at his command. Lorenzo is happy that she spoke her mind and asserted her independence.

Nik watches Emily as she's sleeping. When she wakes up, she suggests that they enjoy breakfast in bed but Nik declines. He tells her that he has work to do. Emily senses that something is bothering Nik but he brushes it off and gets out of bed.

When Lucky sees Liz looking through a magazine and circling a particular toy that Cameron likes, he reminds her that they can't afford such an expensive toy. Liz is disappointed but understanding. When they discuss the money that they expect from the surrogate pregnancy, Lucky makes it clear that after they pay off his medical bills it's doubtful there will be much left. Liz smiles and tells Lucky that the things that truly matter don't come with a price tag.

At work, Lucky's financial woes cause Lucky's mood to turn surly. He snaps at Officer Murphy just as Nik walks in to tie up some loose ends regarding Helena. Nik talks to his brother about what is bothering him. Lucky admits that he's frustrated about not just the money but the whole idea of Liz being a surrogate mother for Jax and Courtney. He's still very uncomfortable with the thought of Liz carrying Jax's baby and he's secretly hoping that Liz isn't pregnant. When Nik tries to offer Lucky money, Lucky turns him down flat. He has no intention of borrowing money from Nik, regardless of the circumstances. As they talk, their discussion turns to the problems that Nik is having with Emily. He tells Lucky that despite their efforts to pretend otherwise, they are drifting apart.

Jax stops by Liz's apartment. He explains that Courtney is out of town. Otherwise, she would be with him and then tries to give Liz her first check. Liz refuses to take the money, explaining that she's not even certain yet that she's pregnant. Jax insists but Liz refuses to accept the money. Realizing that he's not going to change Liz's mind, Jax begins to leave with his check in hand. Liz stops him, offering him some coffee which Jax gladly accepts. As Liz goes into the kitchen to make the coffee, Jax sits down and picks up a magazine. After seeing a particular page, Jax has an idea. He calls out to Liz that he's changed his mind about the coffee and quickly leaves. Awhile later, Jax returns with a surprise. It's the toy car-wagon that Liz had circled for Cameron which Lucky said that they couldn't afford. Liz is pleased with the present and shows it to Cameron. She asks how Jax knew about the toy which prompts him to admit that he saw the picture she had circled and ripped it out of the magazine. Later, as Cameron is playing with his new wagon, Lucky drops by to tell Liz that he will be working late searching for Maxie. When he sees Jax and spots the wagon, Lucky is less than pleased. He refuses the expensive gift, telling Jax that he won't accept his handouts. Liz is clear that she will not throw Jax's generosity back in his face.

Emily pays Sam a visit. She tells Sam about the distance between her and Nik despite their efforts to get their relationship back on track. Sam advises Emily to be honest with Nik. In the course of their discussion, Sam brings up Jason's issue with Reese and how Sam saw Ric visit Reese the previous day. Sam tells Emily that he feels the visit was more than work. He suspects that Ric and Reese are in bed together so to speak. As Sam walks into the other room, Emily is clearly remembering seeing Ric leaving Reese's hotel room after their one-night stand a few weeks earlier.

Ric and Reese meet at the hospital. When Reese steps away to answer her cell phone, Ric pulls out a picture of Reese and Carly as teenagers in their cheerleading uniform. He obviously salvaged it from the fire unbeknownst to Reese. He is pensive as he looks at it. When Reese returns to his side, she is angry after having seen the headline about Carly's appointment as the head of General Hospital's Charitable Endowment. She is convinced that Carly will be in the middle of the lawsuit because of her new position. Ric is sympathetic and supportive as Reese vents her frustration over not being able to escape Carly's constant interference. Later, Ric talks to Reese about Sonny and Alexis as parents. He feels both Alexis and Sonny want what is best for their child but both have different ideas about what that means. He confides to Reese what ended his marriage to Alexis which prompts Reese to tell Ric that given Alexis's rigidness maybe they are better off divorcing. Ric points out that the problem is that he misses his wife. He tells her about how they were arguing outside of John Durant's room not too long ago when suddenly their baby kicked. As he felt his child kick, Ric realized "This is what I want." He wants to reconcile with Alexis and have his family back together. Later, after questioning a nurse, Ric steps away and asks at the reception desk if Emily Cassadine is working. Reese overhears and questions him about it, pointing out that Emily is not on the witness list. Ric initially is evasive, telling Reese that his desire to talk to Emily is personal and not about the case. He decides though that she deserves to know, so he pulls Reese aside and tells her that Emily could bury both of them. He goes on to tell Reese that Emily had seen Ric leave her hotel room after they had slept together and had overheard them talking so she knew exactly what was going on. Ric goes on to tell Reese that he spoke with Emily and explained it was a one time thing and that it would never happen again so she agreed not to say anything. Reese is relieved, figuring that Emily is a very honest person and will honor her word. Ric points out that Emily is loyal to Jason and if she finds out that he's trying to get proof that Reese is hiding something, she will tell Jason and Jason will in turn go straight to Sonny.

Emily is waiting for Jason when he arrives home. After Emily tells Jason that Sam went to meet with Dr. Thomas, she tells him that she stuck around because she had to tell him something. Emily then brings up the conversation that she had with Sam about Carly's obsession with Reese. Jason confirms that he does have suspicions about Reese.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Lucky gets upset when he comes home and finds the toy car that Liz circled in the catalog for Cameron is in the living room. Liz puts Cameron in his room. Lucky thinks they should return the toy to the store. Jax apologizes for buying the toy without consulting them both first. Liz asks Jax to excuse her and Lucky for a minute. He leaves instead. Liz tells Lucky off for insisting she return the toy. Liz points out that she can't return the toy after Cameron has already played with it. She tells Lucky that the toy was a gift from Jax to Cameron and that she isn't returning it. Lucky tells her he is embarrassed that Jax can buy things for Cameron and is going to pay her to carry his child because he can't provide for them adequately and because they are in so much debt. She asks him if he is going to have a problem with her being pregnant with Jax and Courtney's baby and if this is going to tear them apart. Later, Lucky comes into the kitchen and apologizes to Liz for his behavior earlier. She tells him that if she gets pregnant it will be to carry Jax and Courtney's baby and the money is to help them both. Lucky wishes that she could carry their child instead. She tells him that someday they will have a baby of their own but that the point is to have this baby first for Jax and Courtney so they can get the money to get them out of debt so they can afford to have their own child some day. They kiss and make up. Lucky pulls back when it looks like they are about to make love. He tells her that they can't have sex until after she is pregnant for Jax and Courtney. She kisses him back and tells him they will just have to use their imagination right now.

Maxie returns to the cabin to find Jesse bathing his upper body near the basin. She touches his bandage to keep it from coming loose. She notices the scar on his low stomach and asks him about it. Jesse doesn't want to talk about it. Maxie wants to know how he got it since they are pretending to be married and she should know at least where he got it. Jesse gets all defensive when she tries to pry and tells her it was never his idea that she tag along with him while he goes on the run. He storms out when she tries to get him talk about it. He returns later to the cabin with flowers he picked outside. He apologizes to her for snapping at her like that. He tells her that the scar is from a gunshot wound he had and that it is painful to talk about because it resulted in the death of his brother. He explains to her that he was part of a street gang and that his brother was shot when he showed up to find him and that the bullet that shot and killed his brother went through his brother and into him when his brother stepped in front of the bullet to save him. Maxie comforts him while he talks about it. They end up sharing a kiss.

Lorenzo Alcazar has breakfast ready for Carly. Lorenzo surprises her with the paper. The front of the paper announces that Carly has been named the head of General Hospital's charitable foundation. Carly is very pleased that Lorenzo did that for her and they plan a gala and invite the Quartermaines to it. Carly also wants to invite Jason and Sonny to show them that she has moved on with her life and thinks Sonny will give a huge contribution. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines argue about the situation with Lorenzo having to bail out the hospital. Alice, the maid, shows up to tell them that they received an invitation. Tracy grabs it from Luke's hands as he is about to read it. She reads it first by herself and tells everyone that it is an invitation from Carly to a charity gala she is giving to raise money for the hospital. Edward rips up the invitation and Alan also refuses to go to the party. Monica thinks they are being snobs about the party and thinks they should go. Skye tells everyone to listen to Monica and go to the party. Luke pulls Skye away from the rest of them and they head out to the patio to talk in private. Tracy watches them from the window and wonders what they are talking about. Luke tells Skye she needs to to go to Alcazar and give him the family's regrets about not attending Carly's gala. Skye leaves to tell Alcazar they aren't attending. Tracy finds Luke sunbathing and tells him he should be careful letting Skye go near Alcazar too much since she is attracted to Lorenzo like she was attracted to his late twin brother, who she slept with. Luke acts like he isn't bothered by Skye's flirtation with Alcazar and tells Tracy that Skye flirts with Alcazar to make him jealous. Tracy leaves him to sunbathe and Luke takes in what she says and is disturbed. Meanwhile, Skye shows up at Alcazar's to tell him the family won't be attending Carly's gala. Alcazar does not take the news well and tells Skye to return a message to the Quartermaines for him, they either go to Carly's party, or there will be severe repercussions if they don't attend. Skye returns to tell Luke what Alcazar threatened to do if they didn't attend the party. They go in and tell the family what Alcazar said. The family tells her they won't give in to Alcazar's threats. Alcazar shows up and tells them that he came in case Skye didn't give them his message. He tells them that they will attend the party and be gracious to Carly or they won't like what he does next. He leaves and Skye makes a comment about what he just did being an example of true love and says it while looking at Luke.

Meanwhile, Sonny talks to Michael. Michael tells him that Dr. Thomas wants to meet with him to talk to him in private. Sonny asks Michael if he is o.k. with him talking to Dr. Thomas in private without him around. He tells him that he wants him to talk to Dr. Thomas so he can see how good he is for him. Sonny agrees to meet with Dr. Thomas alone. Carly shows up to extend the invitation to her gala. Sonny tells her about how he is leaving to go talk to Dr. Thomas alone. Carly invites herself to come along. She tells Sonny that she would like them to be civil to each other again for Michael's sake and promises to leave Reese alone and move on with her life. They show up at Dr. Thomas' office. Dr. Thomas brings up Michael's recent incident where he smashed a frame with his picture in it in a rage. Sonny downplays it in front of Carly, who knew nothing about it. Dr. Thomas then asks Sonny if he has rages himself. Sonny admits he has smashed things in a rage and tells Dr. Thomas about his claustrophobia and how it came from being locked up in a closet by his abusive stepfather. Dr. Thomas points out that abuse is usually repeated by the abused victim onto their own children quite often. He then asks Sonny if he has ever hit his own children when he had those rages. Sonny tells him he never hit any of his children or any women in his life. Carly is quick to defend Sonny and tells Dr. Thomas that Sonny's rages were not psychotic and he never harmed anyone. He starts to ask Sonny more personal questions about his breakdowns with rage and questions his ability to be a good father when he has those rages. Sonny tells him he has never hit his children or any women in his life and stands up. He gets in Dr. Thomas' face and tells him that he would have no problem breaking him in two though. Carly tries to intervene before something happens.

Sam had shown up earlier to talk to Dr. Thomas as well. He upsets her when he insinuates that Jason may have taken Michael away when he was an infant to get revenge on AJ for causing his accident. He asks Sam if she knows why Jason hates him so much. She tells him that he didn't like any of the doctors that were treating him back then and doesn't think it is personal. When Dr. Thomas makes his accusations, Sam instantly defends Jason's honor and makes it clear to Dr. Thomas that Jason loves Michael and will do anything for him. Meanwhile, Jason talks to Emily about his suspicions about Reese and Ric being up to something. Emily doesn't end up telling him about how she saw Ric leave Reese's hotel room awhile back and how it was obvious they had slept together. She talks to him instead about how he should spend more of his time focusing on Sam instead of always coming to Carly's rescue. She tells him that he shouldn't take Sam for granted. Jason tells Emily that he has already forbidden Carly to come to his place unannounced anymore but that he still feels like he needs to help Carly because she is his friend. Sam returns home later, upset about her meeting with Dr. Thomas. She tells Jason what Dr. Thomas said about him and how he wanted to know why he hated him so much. Jason tells her that is the reason he didn't want Michael to go see him. He feels maybe he should not let his own personal feelings about Dr. Thomas interfere with Michael seeing him since Michael is getting better. They spend some time alone together and cuddle up and kiss. Sam leaves later and Justus shows up. He tells Jason that he talked to someone he trusts earlier (Dr. Winters) who told him that Dr. Thomas has been showing a more personal interest in Sam lately. Meanwhile, Michael gets a visit from Jodi, who tells him she ran away from both her parents and her grandmother thinks she is on a cruise with her father. Sam shows up to see Michael and hears him talking to someone on the other side of the door. She goes to investigate and Jodi hides behind the couch. She asks Michael who he was talking to.

Friday, July 8, 2005

A hurricane is headed to Port Charles as guests prepare for Carly's cocktail gala to benefit General Hospital's Endowment Fund.

Sonny surprises Reese with an expensive gift before the party. It's an elegant black floor length gown. At the same time, Lorenzo surprises Carly with the very same gift.

Reluctantly, the Quartermaines arrive at the party as well as Liz and Lucky who are guests of Jax. Carly is not pleased to see Reese accompanying Sonny to the gala especially when she takes in the gown that Reese is wearing. She suggests that Reese leave the party since she was not invited in the first place. Reese counters, suggesting that Carly go change since she is in her own home and has a wardrobe available to her upstairs. Sonny steps in and escorts Reese away before things turn ugly. With the guests assembled, Lorenzo formally introduces Carly as the new head of General Hospital's Charitable Endowment. Carly makes her speech, speaking with reverence when she mentions Lila and how she intends to pick up where Lila left off. Carly also mentions the poor job Tracy did during the time she was the head of the endowment without saying Tracy's name. Tracy doesn't let Carly get away with it for long. She stands up and tells Carly in no uncertain terms that she doesn't care what Carly thinks about Tracy's performance as the head of the endowment. She also tells Carly that she is nothing more than a figurehead and goes on to inform her that all the Quartermaines were blackmailed into attending the party. Lorenzo steps in to end Tracy's tirade. He orders her to leave his home and threatens everyone present that if they should continue to disrespect his wife he will make it his mission to ruin each and every one of their lives. Tracy walks out, followed by Monica and Alan. To draw attention away from the awkward moment, Jax opens the bidding for the donations for the endowment.

At the hospital, Justus discusses Dr. Winters' suspicions about Dr. Thomas's feelings for Sam with Jason. As they are talking, Sam approaches them and interrupts. She tells Jason that she is uncomfortable with Dr. Thomas's attempts to gain her trust by being overly nice to her. Just then Dr. Thomas walks out with Michael, who is finished with his session. After Jason and Sam leave to take Michael home, Dr. Thomas's nurse walks up carrying Michael's backpack. She hands it to Dr. Thomas and leaves, hoping to make it home before the hurricane hits. Left alone with the backpack, Dr. Thomas takes the opportunity to search through it and finds a notebook. He flips through the notebook, reading what Michael had written.

The weather worsens as Nik finds Lucky in the stables during the party. Lucky is angry and frustrated after Jax made an off hand comment about money which brought home to Lucky how he can't provide Liz with the things that he should. Nik reminds Lucky that Liz isn't interested in wealth but it doesn't help. Lucky points out that Nik doesn't have to worry about providing his wife with the things that she would like nor is she carrying another man's baby in order to solve their financial problems.

Jenna sends Maxie into town for batteries to prepare for the impending hurricane. After Maxie drives into town, Jenna tries to seduce Jesse. She tells him about being in love 10 years earlier and how her fiancÚ died in a nearby field when he went to pick daisies for her wedding bouquet and was kicked in the head by a cow. Jesse is sympathetic but not to the point where he offers her physical comfort. Jenna decides to take a more direct approach and tries to kiss Jesse. Maxie walks in as Jenna has her arms around Jesse's neck and immediately demands that Jenna get her hands off of her husband. Maxie then proceeds to get physical with Jenna, pushing her around and knocking her onto the bed. It's all in an effort to snatch some keys from Jenna so that Maxie and Jesse could raid her stockpile of jams and other goodies. After they return, with their bag of pilfered treats, Jesse and Maxie kiss tenderly.

As Michael and Jodie, who is in his room hiding, talk about Michael's latest session, Dr. Thomas arrives with Michael's backpack. He mentions seeing Michael's notebook and a note to someone named Jodie. He asks Sam and Jason who Jodie is. Sam explains that Jodie is a friend of Michael's who lived nearby and has since moved. Dr. Thomas feels that it's probably for the best that Jodie moved as it seems she was not a good influence on Michael. Both Sam and Jason are taken aback and ask for him to explain himself. Dr. Thomas points out that since Jodie moved, Michael has shown improvement in his behavior. Michael, who is standing at the top of the stairs, hears Dr. Thomas questioning Sam and Jason about Jodie. He returns to his room to confront Jodie. Clearly Dr. Thomas doesn't know who Jodie is which indicates to him that she was lying about her sessions with Dr. Thomas. Michael demands an explanation for Jodie's lies.

The hurricane bears down on Port Charles. Max informs Dr. Thomas that he is unable to leave the compound as the roads have been closed.

At the party, Reese and Carly exchange words after Carly flaunts her happy marriage to Reese. Reese tells Carly that it's obvious that the only reason Carly has her current position as head of the General Hospital Charitable Endowment is because of her marriage. Carly counters, accusing Reese of getting Sonny's penthouse by earning it on her back. Reese responds by tossing her champagne on the front of Carly's dress and then saying "Oops" and making a token effort of pretending that it had been accidental. Seeing the action, Lorenzo orders Reese and Sonny to leave. Meanwhile, Carly excuses herself from her guests and goes to her room to change.

Upstairs, Sonny walks in on Carly as she's in the middle of changing. Half-dressed, Carly turns to Sonny who is there to tell her that he's leaving the party. He also tells her that he knows what happened with Reese and that Carly wasn't innocent in what had transpired. He feels they need to stop provoking each other through others. Carly agrees and kisses Sonny softly before he leaves. When he asks her what the kiss was for, Carly tells him with was goodbye to an ex-husband. When they break apart, they find Reese standing in the doorway, clearly having witnessed the moment between Sonny and Carly. Reese walks away after telling Sonny that she will be waiting for him downstairs. Sonny follows her but not before Carly warns him to knock the next time he comes looking for her in her bedroom or he may not like what he sees when he walks in.

Downstairs, Lucky walks in with the bad news that no one can leave because the roads have been closed due to the hurricane.

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