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January 4 to 8, 1999
Cameron and Amanda announced their engagement. Matt warned Cass to stay away from Lila. Jake found Vicky and Marley. Marley was arrested. Remy was angry with Tito for ruining another night between Remy and Nick.
January 11 to 15, 1999
Stark involved Alli in his plan to stop Amanda's marriage to Cameron. Joe saw Paulina with Tito and was upset when Paulina lied about it. Stark, as David, gave Amanda a mysterious key in hopes in might jog her memory. Matt told Lila it was time they started acting like husband and wife.
January 18 to 22, 1999
Rachel had a plan to expose Stark. Grant pressured Marley to hand over the tape in exchange for him dropping the charges against her for his shooting. Vicky felt sorry for Marley but couldn't forgive her. Tyrone stopped Marley from ending her life. Lila and Cass tried to forget each other.
January 25 to 29, 1999
Felicia and Sergei agreed to a fresh start with one another. With Vicky's encouragement, Marley decided to get psychiatric help rather than go to prison. Cindy increased her blackmail demands on Josie. A furious Vicky confronted Cindy about Cindy's role in Marley's schemes.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
Test results led Paulina to believe Tito was her son. Lila asked Cass to help her and Jasmine flee Bay City. Cass visited Frankie's grave. Stark made plans to distract Cass from Lila. Jake and Vicky worked to get the truth out of Marley and Grant.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Paulina told Joe that Tito was her son. A mysterious woman who looked like Frankie Frame appeared in town. Cindy warned Grant that Vicky was plotting to put Grant in jail. Matt was angry at Lila for spending time with Cass. Paulina admitted to Joe that she'd sold her baby.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Alli told Amanda that Cameron was the father of Josie's baby, just as Amanda was about to walk down the aisle to marry Cameron. Amanda called off the wedding. Cindy took photos to prove Vicky was double-crossing Grant. Vicky and Grant kissed.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Matt asked Lila to tell him everything she knew about Lumina. Matt started to remember what had happened to him at Lumina. Cass thought he saw Frankie. Remy and Joe were both sure Tito was lying about being Paulina's son. Grant threatened Vicky after finding out about her betrayal.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Cass finally chased down the woman who looked like Frankie. Jake punched Grant after seeing Grant and Vicky kiss. Amanda ended her relationship with Cameron and gave back her engagement ring. Josie went into premature labor.
March 8 to 12, 1999
Felicia agreed to let Sergei stay at her place. Jake was concerned about Vicky's obsession with catching Grant. Josie told Gary that he wasn't her baby's father. Stark caught Rachel breaking into his office.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Josie and Cameron's son died of heart failure. Gary began drinking again. Cindy disguised herself as Vicky so Jake would think that Grant and Vicky were sleeping together. Cass delivered Matt and Lila's divorce papers. Joe arrested Vicky.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Tyrone kissed Marley. Grant gave a speech slamming the police department and demanding Joe be fired. Cindy warned Vicky that Grant planned to take Kirkland. Grant was killed, and Vicky believed she was to blame. Thinking she was protecting Vicky, Marley took the blame for Grant's murder.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Gary witnessed a close moment between Josie and Cameron. Despite the fact that Marley had already confessed, Donna turned herself in for Grant's murder. Vicky later confessed to Grant's murder, as well, and was arrested. Stark rendered Amanda unconscious.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
After Lila confronted him, Matt finally signed their divorce papers. Anne, the Frankie look-alike, helped Cass with his case. Felicia was shocked when she saw Anne. Evidence emerged that proved Vicky's innocence in Grant's murder. Toni took Joe in for questioning.
April 12 to 16, 1999
Josie told Gary she couldn't give up on their relationship. Cindy claimed to have seen Gary murder Grant. Cass and Anne saw Lila and Matt dancing together. Cindy threatened to keep Kirkland from getting his inheritance. Cameron interrupted Stark's evening with Amanda.
April 19 to 23, 1999
Tito tried to scam more money out of Paulina. Someone blackmailed Joe. Marley's family weighed the pros and cons of getting her out of Riverdale. Amanda, in a trance state as Amalie, was reunited with Stark. Rachel noticed Amanda's strange behavior. Toni searched for the missing strongbox.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Remy blasted Tito for making Nick think Remy and Tito were sleeping together. Anne found a file on Frankie at Cass's office. Lila and Cass got engaged. Amanda was angry her family had schemed to get her out of Bay City. Rachel fell victim to Stark. Paulina confessed to Grant's murder to protect Joe.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Paulina told Joe she really had killed Grant. Joe encouraged Paulina to let Cindy take the fall for Grant's murder. Matt rescued Rachel from the clock tower. Josie was upset that Gary was leaving town. Cass and Charlie shared time with Anne. Amanda didn't listen to Cameron's warnings about David.
May 10 to 14, 1999
Cass almost kissed Anne. Felicia tried to help Sergei get treatment. Vicky refused to testify against Marley. Jake was furious that Vicky took Marley home with her. Joe caught Tito breaking into Carlino's. Amanda found it increasingly difficult to fight Amalie's presence. Sergei feared deportation.
May 17 to 21, 1999
Paulina's trial began. Matt comforted Lila after she told him about witnessing her mother's murder as a child. Cass became suspicious of the judge in Paulina's trial. Rachel told Cameron that Stark and David were actually the same man. Stark rigged Lumina to explode with Alli inside.
May 24 to 28, 1999
David had no memories of the past six months. Anne told Cass that Lila and Matt had spent the night together. Cass, Matt, and Lila put aside their differences when Jasmine went missing. Cameron and Amanda gave their relationship another chance. Nick and Remy were in a car crash.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Paulina confessed that she'd seen Tito kill Grant and had protected Tito because she had thought Tito was her son. Joe had Judge Walker arrested. Marley considered returning to a treatment facility, thinking it would be best for Vicky. Doctors rushed to save Remy when her heart stopped.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Paulina realized Remy was her daughter. Lila gave Cass back his engagement ring and told him he needed to decide between her and Anne. Cass asked Lila to choose between him and Matt. Paulina confessed everything to Remy, and Remy forgave her. Vicky and Jake got one up on Cindy.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Joe was reinstated as captain of the Bay City Police Departmnet. Paulina and Remy bonded as mother and daughter. Tyrone and Marley confessed their love for one another. Cameron and Amanda married. Gary and Josie reunited. Vicky told Jake she was pregnant. Frankie's ghost paid Cass a visit. Carl returned.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Toni agreed to marry Chris. Vicky found out she was having twins. Rachel and Carl renewed their vows. Felicia and Cass ran into trouble at the zoo. Vicky and Jake asked Joe and Paulina to be godparents to the twins. Everyone celebrated at Cass and Lila's wedding.
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