One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 17, 2013 on OLTL

Matthew learned that Michelle was in town. A murder was linked to Dani's overdose. Téa agreed to help Todd find Victor, unaware that Todd intended to kill his twin. Natalie was livid when she learned that Clint had driven John away.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 17, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, June 17, 2013

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Destiny was asleep at her desk when Jeffrey knocked on the office door, calling out for Viki. Destiny woke up when Jeffrey entered, and she was relieved that he wasn't Viki. "Right back atcha," Jeffrey agreed. She wondered what had happened because Jeffrey looked upset.

Jeffrey confided that Viki had invested a lot of money in a fund that was about to be taken down by the SEC. He admitted that the worst part was that he wanted to write the story before anyone else had it, but he had to tell Viki first.

Destiny wished she could help, but she had to go because her shift was over. She was almost out the door when Jeffrey stopped her. He invited her out for some coffee.

In front of the coffee shop, Jeffrey tried to figure out how to break the news to Viki. He related that the situation almost made him glad that he wasn't rich. He regretted the hit that the Banner would take. Destiny wondered why he needed to be the one to tell Viki. He answered that, though he hadn't known Viki for long, he cared for her and felt loyal.

"That's a good quality in a man," Destiny commented. "A good woman should expect nothing less," Jeffrey responded. She didn't want him to lose his job for telling the truth, but he thought that if his job was the cost of being honest, he would live with it.

There was police tape around the entrance to Shelter, and Bo and Bruce talked about the shooting as Cutter looked on. Bo called Cutter over and asked what he knew about what had happened the night before. Cutter insisted that he only knew what Blair had told him. He added that he hoped the club would survive after having to shut down and turn customers away.

One of the officers believed that the club had been the intended target, not Todd or Blair. Bo mentioned that it wouldn't be the first time the mob had sent a message to a new club owner. Bo wondered if the blackout had been intentional or due to faulty wiring.

Bo's phone rang, and he answered it. He was only on for a minute and hung up. He relayed the news that the crime lab had tested the oxycodone on which Dani had overdosed. He continued that the pill that had looked like a normal dose had actually been four times the strength of a normal dose and that Dani could have died had she not been taken to the hospital so quickly.

Jack and Dani sat in the coffee shop and discussed their crazy family. Jack wondered when he could move into Dani's apartment with her. "Never," she stated. Dani made Jack promise that he would never do drugs. She related that she'd almost died and that she had literally been scared straight.

Dani had a computer in front of her, and Jack asked what she was working on. She was writing a paper for her abnormal psychology class. Jack thought that, with their family, she would definitely get an A. he admitted that he'd failed English, so he would be in summer school. He was all right with it, though, because he would be with all the "bad girls."

Jack wondered how Dani's love life was. "Zero, nada, nothing," she replied. "You live with two dudes," he said. "That doesn't mean I sleep with them!" she told him. "Do you want to?" he asked, disgusting his sister.

Jack reminded Dani that Matthew had been after her for forever. "That was then," she said. He noticed the disappointment in her voice and began chanting "Dani likes Matthew!" He stopped and promised that her secret was safe with him.

Matthew pulled through the front gates of a large estate. He parked and got out of the car, holding a bouquet of flowers. He walked up the front steps, practicing what he would say when Michelle opened the door. He finally rang the doorbell, and a woman answered. "Can I help you?" she asked. He told the woman that he was a friend of Michelle McCall, but the woman knew of no McCalls in the neighborhood.

Matthew made sure that the woman really didn't know Michelle and instantly deflated. He apologized for bothering her. She hoped that he found what he was looking for. He thanked her and handed her the bouquet of flowers.

Matthew pulled out his phone and called Michelle. He left her an angry message telling her that he was in Toronto. "Surprise," he said, "joke's on me." He continued that she had played him, and he couldn't figure out why.

A short while later, Matthew's phone rang, and he answered it by saying, "Michelle?" However, it was Dani on the other end. She wondered how his meeting with Michelle had gone. He admitted that he had gotten played and felt like an idiot. He couldn't believe that he had let himself fall for it.

Smiling, Dani expressed her sympathy. She told Matthew to hurry back because the apartment wasn't the same without him.

When Dani got off the phone, Bo entered the coffee shop and sat down at her table. He thanked her for meeting with him, and she told him that she'd just gotten off the phone with his son. Bo wondered where Matthew was. Dani only told him that Matthew was on a road trip and would be back soon.

Getting down to business, Bo informed Dani that he'd tested the oxycodone pills that Dani had overdosed on. He told her that the pills had been four times the strength of a normal dose. He believed that someone had wanted her to overdose. He asked where she had gotten the pills, but she didn't want to get anyone in trouble.

Bo pressed Dani for an answer, and she finally admitted that she'd gotten the pills from a girl who sold drugs at school. Dani insisted that the girl had no reason to mess with her. He wanted the girl's name. Dani told him that the girl was named Briana Marland and made sure that Bo wouldn't tell the girl who had "ratted her out." Bo promised her that everything would be fine. He called the station and told them that they needed to locate Briana Marland.

Blair arrived at Téa's and immediately thanked her for talking to Jack. However, Blair admitted that there was another reason that she had visited and told Téa that there was something she needed to see. Blair took the notes with the tattoo symbol out of her purse and handed them to Téa. Téa was shocked and wondered where Blair had gotten them. Blair replied that they were Todd's and told Téa to read them.

Téa took one note out and read through the names of all of her loved ones. She told Blair that it looked like a hit list. Blair related that none of the people on the list were safe. She told Téa about the shooting at the club the previous night, and that she didn't know who would be next. Blair knew that Téa had a hard time trusting Todd but asked Téa to trust her for the sake of their children and Victor.

Blair wanted Téa to help them find Victor so that he could work with Todd in order to "bring the bad guys down." Téa told Blair that Victor hadn't told her anything, but she'd figured that he'd been captured and tortured due to his paranoia. She also admitted that Victor had left her messages. She had taken them to Bo, but he hadn't been able to trace them. Blair told Téa to think about any place that Victor would feel safe if he was in danger.

Viki was sitting in the living room when Clint entered and told her that she looked exhausted. Viki admitted to talking to Natalie all night about John. Viki still couldn't believe that someone had taken out a restraining order in her name and had faked a letter to John from Natalie. She prayed that Clint had had nothing to do with it. "With what?" Natalie said, entering the room.

Natalie needed to talk to her parents about John. She informed them that she'd gotten a call from John's supervisor at the FBI. He'd been assigned an undercover case and couldn't have his phone. All of his calls had been rerouted to his supervisor's office, and the man had returned Natalie's call. Clint wasn't surprised that John was "M.I.A. again."

Natalie said it meant that all of her issues with John were still unresolved. She wondered who hated John so much that they would keep him from his child. "I can only think of one person," she spat, staring accusingly at Clint. Clint wondered if she were accusing him. "That's exactly what I'm doing!" she exclaimed.

Natalie was furious over all the time together that she and John had lost, and all the time John had lost with Liam. "Tell me you had nothing to do with this," Natalie said to Viki, who profusely denied any knowledge. She insisted that she was the one who had told Natalie to call John and only wanted her daughter happy.

Natalie demanded the truth from Clint. Clint justified himself by telling her that he'd done it to protect her from someone who had cheated on her. Viki was horrified. Natalie wondered how Clint could possibly take a son away from his father. She knew that she and John could have gotten past his indiscretion with Sam if they'd had the chance.

"I'm done. I will never forgive you for this ever," Natalie stated and stormed out. Viki tried to chase after her daughter, but Natalie was gone.

Clint thought that Natalie would thank him one day. He urged Viki to see things from his side. "I do, and I don't like it at all," she responded. Just then, Jeffrey knocked on the open living room door. Viki told him that it wasn't a good time, but he insisted that he had extremely important news.

Jeffrey confessed to Viki that the Pellegrino Fund was going down and that the SEC was probably making arrests as the spoke. Jeffrey apologized for the bad news, but Viki appreciated his honesty. She told Jeffrey to go write the story because it could be the last exclusive story that the Banner ever had. Clint yelled on the phone to Frank, the financial advisor. He left a message saying that Frank needed to answer the phone and explain himself.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chapter 8, Part 2, Episode 28

At Llanfair, a frustrated Clint tried unsuccessfully to reach Frank regarding Viki's investment in the Pellegrino fund. Clint assured an ill-looking Viki that they might still be able to get her money out. "I have enough money to save you and the Banner one hundred times over," Clint promised.

Viki was disgusted with Clint, but she declared that it was because of what he'd done to Natalie. She admitted that she couldn't even look at him. Viki and Clint argued. Clint reminded Viki that he had saved Natalie, but Viki was furious. Clint insisted that he'd only acted out of love, but Viki ordered him to leave.

Natalie and Destiny hung out at Natalie's place. Destiny declared that she was there for Natalie, who had offered to babysit for Drew. Natalie explained that she'd thought she had been doing well in forgetting John, until she'd learned that her father had ruined her chances at reconciliation. Clint had made it clear that he'd wanted to hurt John, but he'd hurt Natalie as well.

Destiny thought that both she and Natalie should move on, and Natalie confided that she was interested in Cutter. She'd almost had a date with him, but it had been cancelled. Natalie thought that she should ask Cutter out again, and she and Destiny agreed that a double date was in their future. Destiny decided that she would ask Jeffrey to be her date.

Bo found Cutter and Bruce at the club and broke the news that Briana had been found dead. Bo advised the men that narcotics would be watching the club, and he suggested that they give him a call if they remembered anything about the young woman. Bruce promised that he had Cutter's back.

Cutter proceeded to ask the sparse crowd if they had any information. Rama was curious as to why he had done that, and he confessed that it had only been so they wouldn't lose lots of money. Dusky was ready to perform and asked Cutter for a shot. He agreed, though Nikki didn't like it. Nikki stated that one could give too much away to the wrong person.

Téa visited Todd and Blair at La Boulaie. Todd wondered if Téa had any information on Victor's whereabouts. "I may know where he is," Téa said. She'd once heard Victor talking about several old motels in the Catskills where people would go to disappear.

The trio argued over who would go to find Victor. "I know a guy. He can find anybody," Todd said. He assured Téa that he wanted Victor alive. Téa disclosed that the place was called Willow Lake.

In another room, Dorian sat with Frank, who finally answered one of Clint's calls. He told Clint that he was as shocked as everyone over the funds. Once off the phone, Frank informed Dorian that people were losing everything thanks to a tip that he'd received from Dorian. She worried that Frank might have told people where he'd received his tip.

"Don't play me like this again, Dorian," Frank snapped. Dorian uttered that she couldn't believe her source could have been so wrong, and she guessed that one couldn't always trust the people in Washington. "Revenge is a soup best served cold," Dorian smiled. She opted for patience.

Jack and Sam wanted to go out to the mall, but Blair wouldn't hear of it. As her sons argued, Dorian walked in and agreed to "play warden" and watch the boys. Todd turned to leave. "Don't let the door hit you..." Dorian called out.

Dorian and David discussed the boys. Dorian thought that they might try to sneak out. Her guess turned out to be right when Shaun showed up at the front door with the boys in tow. They had climbed down the trellis.

Bo paid a visit to Matthew and his roommates, and he informed them of Briana's death and the information on the drugs. The group was dismayed, but none of them was able to provide Bo with any information on the girl. While Briana had provided Dani with drugs, Dani didn't know anything about her.

Dani and Matthew decided to go to the club, but Matthew left his phone behind. He missed a call from Michelle. Jeffrey decided to return the call. When she answered, he reminded her that he was the "first guy you tried to play."

At the club, Rama asked Matthew about the line of people waiting to get in. He informed her that there was no line. Rama mentioned the old guy that Briana had been with, but Dani noted that she'd only known Briana at school.

Matthew and Dani ordered drinks, but Dani was sorry that she was there. She decided that she had more questions than answers. She heard about Matthew's search for Michelle. The pair danced, and Dusky performed.

Michelle didn't want to talk to Jeffrey and wanted to leave Matthew a message instead. Suddenly a car alarm went off outside of Jeffrey's apartment. Oddly, he heard it over the phone too. Just then, Matthew walked in. "Michelle is in Llanview bro," Jeffrey informed him.

Blair and Todd went to his hotel suite. Blair was certain that the boys would not like being stuck at home, but Todd agreed it was best while they were all in danger. He promised that his man would locate Victor, and nothing would happen to Victor.

Blair was happy that Todd was there with them. Todd was flustered and asked Blair to have dinner with him. Blair asked that Todd call her when he heard anything, and finally, Blair decided to leave. Things were awkward between them.

Todd made a call to his man again. He urged him to find Victor and call Todd when he did. Todd wanted to see Victor before they killed him.

Friday, June 21, 2013

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